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Personal and Planetary Healing Session

Sunday Grid Healing 11.03.13

Host: Wynn Free
Guest: Carla Rueckert
Producer: Gjis Minderhound
Channeled by Terry Brown
Transcribed by Rick Vornbrock
Edited by Terry Brown
Formatted and sent by Robynne Olson


Wynn:  Good morning, this is Wynn Free in Sedona, Arizona on this November 3rd, [2013].  When you go into the timeless universe it’s hard to remember dates and time.

Terry and I are doing a workshop at an expo, we have a booth here. I’m sitting in the outside patio of the Hilton Hotel and Terry’s inside sitting at the booth and she’s doing really well except she talks to people too much and she’s too friendly. No, that’s not true, but she’s doing really well. We did a great workshop. It was actually a little bit of a breakthrough because we live in Sedona and Sedona is kind of a New Age Mecca, but we are a little bit off beat. I think that we are kind of engaging a little bit with the crowd that’s Sedona people for the first time since we’ve been here which has been quite a few years. We met some awesome people hanging around. Some of them I might bring in on as guests, they’d be fun guests and some new blood to introduce to you and to introduce us to them that were here at this conference.

So I was just going to talk for a little bit and turn it over to Gijs and Carla.

Carla, we have some audios of the meditations that could be played, we have an audio of a channeling that could be played that Terry did. Or you can bring through something and see what happens and you and Gijs can just, you know, Gijs knows how to do all of that, so you can just go with the flow . . .

Carla:  You’re breaking up.

Wynn:  You can go with the flow, can you hear me? Did you miss everything I said?

Carla:  I think I got everything you said, yeah, just talk slowly and we’ll get it.

Wynn:  Okay. So like I said there’s audios you can play, there’s all kinds of stuff and you can also play it by ear and I’m sure we have a wonderful group of energies on the line supporting whatever happens next and if . . . Gijs, did anyone check in? I don’t think anyone checked in from our calls. Did you notice anyone check in?

Gijs:  No. I don’t see any strangers, so to speak.

Wynn:  Yeah, I didn’t think they would do it today, but just in case. Everyone knows the routine and I’ll just come in for a moment here at the beginning and hold this space to bring in the highest of energies in the universe possible for us to access. Take a moment, shut your eyes, feel the space, feel the connection, feel the love, feel the environment. Just a reminder, you are part of all that is temporarily contracted into the human body. And many of you volunteered to come here to hold this space on the planet and in your own environment.

I’m going to turn it over to Carla and Gijs and I’m going to hang up so giving them the hour to control to continue on this call. And I thank them so much for doing that. And we’ll see you tomorrow, some of you.

Gijs:  Thank you, Wynn and all the best to you and Terry at the show today. So here we are.

Carla, thank you for being here.

Carla:  I am very glad to be here. You’ll be delighted to know that I have recruited my husband who is the co-research partner and the other one of the three of us of the original L/L Research group that channeled the Law of One material back in ’81 through ’84, Jim McCarty. Jim say, “Hey”.

Jim:  Hey.

Carla:  So Gijs, we have the three of us and I know that all is well. Although I must say it has been a very strange Sunday. Wynn called me this morning and he said, “You wouldn’t mind taking over the show, would you?” I said, “Oh well, of course not. I guess that would be fine.” And of course I have great trust in Spirit. And one thing that Wynn said to me that really struck me and that was empowerment.

Jim, what would you think of when you think of the word “empowerment”? What does empowerment to you?

Jim:  Helping your natural abilities to come forth.

Carla:  Helping your natural abilities to come forth. And Gijs, what do you think our natural abilities really are?

Gijs:  You know, I think that we are created in the image of the one infinite Creator, so by nature we have all the power to create what we desire. It is within us, that’s what I believe.

Carla:  I think so, too. I really think that’s good. I think it’s within us and I think that what happens is that we get so involved in our day to day activity that we put stumbling blocks in our way, you know what I mean? We think to ourselves, “Oh golly, I’m not doing well at this.” Or we think, “Oh well, this is not happening very well.” Or we think, “I don’t like my job.” or we think, “I desperately need a job,” or we worry. Basically what it is, we worry. And how to keep from worrying is really, really, really hard.

I woke up this morning and I was doing perfectly well and then Wynn calls and he says, “I would like for you to take over a two hour show and do these, you know how it goes, Carla, I’m sure you’ll be fine and Gijs will be there.” And of course immediately I was was plunged into worry. Like, oh sure, I have no trouble talking like Wynn does just off the top of his head and having everything come out perfectly, I have no trouble doing anything like that, I’ve never done it in my life. I generally don’t speak unless I got something specific to say. I have trouble rambling. And Wynn really starts out rambling; he starts out talking about, “Well, I woke up this morning on the wrong side of the bed.” And he’ll just start talking and somehow one thing leads to another and before you know it, you’re right in the middle of deep and important material.

I think it’s a wonderful thing. It’s a gift.  I’m not sure that Wynn realizes what kind of a gift it is. It’s as though he knows how people think, he’s got his finger on our buttons and he grasps the connections, you know, what can lead to what that can lead to what. And he can bring us very gently and very quietly and very sweetly and very gradually from joking and having fun and just really passing the time of day to the most heartfelt subjects. We all have our gifts, it just doesn’t happen. I would say it wouldn’t happen to be one of mine. I can certainly just say, “Spirit, what would you like to talk about?” And then take a moment and Spirit says, “Well, why don’t you talk about empowerment?” So that brings us back to the empowerment.

We have it all in there. It’s not that we’re searching for it. It’s that we’re hiding it from ourselves. And we have all these ways of hiding it from ourselves. And then the fog clears for a minute. Some way or another we are given a moment of the most spectacular awareness, this epiphany. And it’s very clear to us, we are the creator, we are love, we are everything that we ever hoped to be or to know or to have to help other people with, or to help ourselves with. We have all that. And what’s keeping us from knowing that? It’s the things that we’ve tossed up in front of the very simple essence of ourselves.

What distracts you the most, Gijs from remembering that you’re a child of love and that you can give love and share love with other people?

Gijs:  I think life on earth is a pretty tough, tough place to be.

Carla:  It’s boot camp, isn’t it?

Gijs:  Yes, and it is experience either because you go to an experience even if it’s negative or it’s positive. From the greater perspective it doesn’t matter because what you want is gaining experience. And if it’s positive or negative, the more experience, the more advanced you get.

You know, we are in many ways we are blinded by the light. All the negativity, I think.

Carla:  Sort of dazzled by all the oncoming catalysts like the headlights of oncoming cars. It seems like it’s hard for us to stay in our lane and avoid all of the traffic.

Gijs:  Yes, even you know I believe and for myself I know like what I said earlier that we all have the power within us. It’s very easy to say, but then to create those desires that many people have is  . . . you know you have many obstacles that you have to go through and setbacks and that’s the way life goes here on this planet.  I think you have to keep on going and experience as much you can and just know you that you create your own future. I think acceptance is a big tool for yourself to be able to cope with it, with whatever happens to you.

Carla:  Yeah, it surely is. You just don’t know what’s coming and say it’s suddenly you hear it from the doctor that what you thought was just a cold has turned out to be something that’s far more serious. And it scares you. So you spend time being scared because you just were fine and now all of a sudden you’re image of yourself is that you might not be so fine and you don’t know how to find your balance. You get sort of out of balance. Jim, have you ever had that happen to you?

Jim:  Oh, sure. I think that we all had this happen to us time and again. And it’s so easy to feel like a victim in that we’re being put upon, set upon and somehow attacked. But you know I think that we realize before we came into this third density illusion that there were going to be opportunities for us to learn and for us to really be able to learn and for what we learn to carry a weight in our total being, we’re going to have to forget a whole lot of what is true that we are the Creator, that we have these infinite potentials within us and that we can basically do whatever we want to do. When we come into the incarnation we forget most of that so that we can rediscover it. By rediscovering it through the toughest of times, then we build a strength that wouldn’t have been possible if we had already known all of this.

So on the one hand, we are responsible for everything that happens to us, and on the other hand it seems like somebody else is responsible because we’re victims. And I don’t think we’re victims at all, but it is a long hard road of discovering that we have all of these abilities within us, and we are the creator and we’re here with lessons to learn and there’s a purpose for our incarnation and that just because things are going difficultly or maybe we’re in doubt. It doesn’t mean that we’re not still the creator and not still on the beam and have all these infinite possibilities with us.

Well, you know, Quo is always asking, “Where is the love in the moment?” And I think that that’s probably the question that we could ask ourselves to a great advantage if we could remember it; if we could just remember to do that when things are difficult, confusing and even traumatic. And that’s the whole reason we’re here is to see if we can remember the truth under difficult circumstances.

And the more difficult the circumstances, the better we are able to remember it then higher our, shall we say, grade is, the higher our accomplishment is and the more spiritual muscle we’ve developed.

Carla:  Yeah. And it is sort of like using your muscles to remember just to take that inch at a time and say, “Where is the love in this moment?”  And a lot of times when you ask that question, there isn’t any. You cannot find any love in the moment. It’s horrible. It just seems like things are falling apart all around you. And you suddenly realize, “Oh my gosh! I am going to have to be the love in the moment.” And then you’re focused at last on something positive which is how do you go about sharing love when everyone about you is in a horrible mood and is in a fight and is basically not at all interested in calming down or in finding a balance or peace, anything like that. It just seems like it really is boot camp, it’s really tough here to prove to somebody who just plopped into incarnation in the middle of all this that you are love. And that so is every other being in that room that is fighting tooth and nail. That person is also love.

How do you get from seeing everybody acting out in these ways to seeing them as souls? I wonder how you can even see yourself as a soul when you’re under siege like that. It’s so harsh and I thank God for the moments that I have in my life especially with Mick as a husband where I have no quarrel. There is nothing but love, there is nothing but harmony. And if there is even a moment of disharmony then we look at each other and we go, we got to talk. You know, we’re going to have to sit down and talk this out. And we do, and we talk it out and we go to bed and there’s nothing between us anymore, we’ve talked it out in maybe five or ten minutes, Mick, don’t you think?

Jim:  Oh yeah, usually pretty quick.

Carla:  Pretty quick when you really want to do it. But what do you do when nobody wants to do it? How do you reach people? I think maybe one thing that I’ve always been able to do is sort of like work with people’s energies. If there’s anything, anything that is the least bit positive about a person, I can usually help that out, encourage that. Say, “What did you mean by that?” Really pick that out of the morass of confusion. But what if you can’t do that? What if the only thing you can do is just sit there and radiate the love that’s within you, if you can find it in the midst of all that confusion? How do you go about finding it in all of this negativity? Even listening to the news, isn’t it hard even sometimes to listen to the news?

Gijs:  It absolutely is. Because it’s pretty much all the time with everything it’s about negativity rather than positive things happening.

In the meantime, we have about like twenty five minutes into the call and I haven’t said hi to Jim yet. Jim, hello Jim, I’m so glad you’re here. Thank you for being here.

Jim:  Glad to see you.

Gijs:  I want to say also, Jim, it was a pleasure to have you jump in for Carla a couple of months ago on the Saturday call. I think you a great speaker and I greatly appreciate that about you Jim. I thank you for that.

Jim:  Well, thank you. I appreciate that. Always glad to help out Carla. She’s a trooper and we’re a team.

Gijs:  Yes, fantastic.

Carla:  It’s amazing, go ahead, Gijs.

Gijs:  Well, what I want to propose that we do here in a moment, unless you folks want to continue talking still, I do have a session where Wynn speaks which is recorded some time ago. It’s a great session for personal and planetary healing that we can play here in a moment.

Carla:  I was going to suggest that we have his meditation because I love the way he brings us up.

Gijs:  Yes, and that will all greatly increase also the energy here on this call and then we will take it from there.

Carla:  That’s a great idea, Gijs. Why don’t we do just that?

I found a piece from the Q’uo  principal member of the Q’uo, Ra is a member of it. Hatton is a member of it and Latwii is a member of it. And I thought it would be nice to read towards the end of the program since we’re going to be able to have Terry. I asked Wynn, “Is Terry going to channel today?” And he said, “Well, no because it’s hard for her to prepare herself to channel when she’s in the middle of working with all these people at the convention.” And I could certainly see that, but that left us without Terry, and I love to listen to Terry channel.

Gijs:  I also do have recording from one of Terry, her channelings that we can play sometime after we do first Wynn his personal session.

Carla:  Well, if you like that and then if we have time I’ll also do the Q’uo thing . . .

Gijs:  Let’s do that first before we do Terry, so what we do then is start in just a moment with Wynn’s session, it takes about 28 minutes and then after that you continue with that session from Q’uo, Carla?

Carla:  Alright.

Gijs:  Alright. So let’s all be relaxed, well seated. We take a deep breath and we count to ourselves and here’s Wynn’s voice with a recording.

Wynn:  (healing session)

Gijs:  Alright. So and here we are back live. Thank you, Wynn for having the recording for us.

Carla and Jim, are you back here live with us?

Carla:  We are here. And while Wynn has us so high and connected to the earth and connected to higher realms at the same time, let’s focus a little bit on various parts of the planet.

I think what’s calling to me the most right now is the ring of fire. It’s huge. It’s bigger than you could possibly imagine. In the first place the Pacific is the biggest of all of the oceans, all of the seven oceans. It’s the largest one. And the ring of fire encircles it all the way from the bottom of South America to the lower part of to the right of Australia, about , I don’t know what it looks like, about a thousand miles and ends at the Kermadec Trench, all the way from there to Alaska. So let’s just sort of gently go up the coast of South America now; Peru and Chile. They’re the ones that are on the coast and there’s a trench there and there’s a great deep valley there deep under the ocean. And that’s where two of the plates of the surface of the planet overlap. And they’re moving, they’re always moving just a little at a time. And we don’t know when they’re going to move more than a little at a time. So let’s just be thinking, please move just a tiny little bit at a time. Let those tectonic plates move very slowly over each other so that we don’t have the tsunamis, so that we don’t have the earthquakes, so that we don’t have all of these tremendous disasters that we are able to have.

Going up Chile and Peru; and now we’re going to come up to the equator and north of the equator is Middle America and going up to Puerto Rico and we’re coming up to Baja California and now California. And there’s a tremendous concatenation of different different faults that all combine on California’s coast which makes it more likely than other places to have earthquakes small and large. And so let’s ask for California, all the places that you know of in California from Baja up to Los Angles.

Wynn is a Californian; he’s lived there a lot. He knows all these places, I don’t. I’ve only been there to change airplanes and so I know nothing. I know that Mt. St. Helens is a very active volcano that where many things come together here. And so we’re going up through the western coast of the United States, coming up to Oregon, up into Washington, up into the beautiful places around southern Canada and then up all the way to Alaska which is a long, long trek, through the Yukon to Alaska and all the way across Alaska to the Aleutian Trench. And you know that takes in all those little islands that almost link us to Russia. And Russia’s huge, even bigger than we are at the United States or even North America. But it doesn’t quite reach Russia. It starts going down around Japan.

And there’s one trench after another so that all those little islands of Japan are tremendously vulnerable. And we go down to the Philippines and the Mariana Trench. All these trenches are places where the tetanic plates are sliding across each other. And we’re asking, “Please slide slowly. Please slide gently across. And please, if there has to be an earthquake, a tsunami, or some disaster in the middle of the South Pacific, please let it be where there are no people. Let it be where there is a complete lack of population. In the ocean simply have a huge surge. By the time it gets where people are it’s lost its anger and it’s safe.

We’ll go all the way down pass the Philippines almost but not quite to Australia and then it takes a sharp right goes east to the Bougainville Trench just below the equator. Comes down, down in the South Pacific, down in the Tonga, many tiny islands that we don’t know and wouldn’t recognize that are only on the trade routes of those local shipping concerns that go across the South Pacific.

You know, my mother who is no longer in this realm adored going to the ocean on a shipping boat that would only have locations to go to in the South Pacific. Because they always had four or five extra cabins that they would rent out to people who weren’t crew. She said you always got the best food and she absolutely adored the ocean. And she loved going to these tiny little islands that no one had ever heard of. And she was such an adventurous. She’d walk past the the villages where her port was and she’d go up and climb the cliffs overlooking the ocean and find a nice place to sit and do a crossword puzzle and just feel the winds and feel the ocean. She was such an adventurous person when I come down into the South Pacific here, I think of her. And I know she’s an angel now that’s overlooking this part of the Ring of Fire and making sure that people don’t get hurt. It goes all the way down close to Antarctica before the trenches end. That’s how big the Ring of Fire is.

Let us just imagine that it is going to be quiet for this next little while. And if anything does happen, then it won’t happen in populated areas, and it won’t hurt people. I do indeed hope and pray that it will not.

There are lots of places where this indeed the hurricane season. It may take place in the Atlantic Ocean for the most part and often in the bay of Texas and along the southern islands that we so love to go to when it’s cold here, Puerto Rico and Bahamas and all those places. Let’s pray that as the time for tropical storms and hurricanes heats up. Then it too will mind the population and please, please we know that you have to express the energies, the heat that we have put into this planet by all our energies of war over all these centuries and the centuries of empire and suffering and anger. Let’s hope that it’s just possible to find places where there are fewer people so if they do happen they happen in a quieter way and a gentler way, in a way in which people are not hurt.

In fact, perhaps it’s a good idea just to think about ourselves and our governments for a minute and how much anger we are capable of creating in our own lives, in our family lives, in local politics, in the politics of our own nation state of the United States. And then all the little wars that have occurred throughout the world recently. I haven’t read recently what the statistics are. But there are many, many small wars being fought in the Third World now that we don’t hear about. Our news of the world does not take them into consideration very much. And yet for the people that live there whether it’s in eastern Europe or whether it’s in Africa, in the little countries of Africa that are sometimes fighting to kill everybody within a certain tribe or everyone who has a certain religion. And of course we know something about what’s happening in Israel and all the surrounding countries there. The desperate fighting and threats of fighting that have gone on.

Let’s pray on the personal level, on our local level, on our state level with politicians find to threaten that they are tending more towards the energies of talking and working things out and compromising instead of threatening to use the weapons of war that are so incredibly destructive and indeed include weapons that where we could actually destroy our entire planet. Other planets in our solar system if you want to believe the information of the Confederation have done so. Mars did so. And even though it did not destroy the planet, it took away its ability to make life for third density human beings. And so those among us very well could be from Mars at one particular time. We might have come from Mars. We might have come from someplace else in the Universe where third density was not able to play itself out. And at least here, third density has been able to play itself out. And now we’re living in the dawn of fourth density and what a wonderful and exciting thing that is.

So we’ll thank heaven that we were able to come through without removing life on planet Earth as we know it. We have succeeded in some small way and for that I surely do give thanks.

Let’s see, Gijs, you said that there was a channeling from  . . .

Gijs:  Yes. And I would like to thank you very much, Carla. Do you want to first do a reading from Q’uo or do you want me to play the recording from Terry?

Carla:  Alright. Well, why don’t I do the reading from Q’uo and then we’ll finish as we always do of the reading from Terry.

Gijs:  Sounds good.

Carla:  In this reading which took place in November 13th of 2010, the question had to do with the feeling that so many of us have, and I’m quoting here:

“When we wonder if we’re doing what we came to do in the spiritual sense of this incarnation. Q’uo, could you speak to us about that type of wondering just what the spiritual significance is of the question of whether or not we are doing what we came to do?”

I won’t read the whole thing because it lasted an hour, but I will go down to the end here where one of our faithful members Raman was asking the question. And he said, “I have one question on this topic, Q’uo. Earlier you mentioned not to attempt to serve from the yellow ray center and I did not understand the context. Would you say it in a different way?” And Q’uo answers like this:

“We are those of Q’uo and are aware of your query, my brother. When we speak of loving from yellow ray energy center we speaking of willing oneself to love. The energies that you are given with your physical body are finite. They can be exhausted and we do not encourage the attempt to love and to serve from the yellow ray. Let us give you an example, my brother.

“Say that a healer wishes to heal another who is ill and the healer has a good deal of personal power, a real gift for healing. The healer can do one of two things, it can work from the yellow ray or it can work from the green ray. If it works from the yellow ray, it does not engage the open heart. It is not ascended it to the gateway of intelligent infinity to ask for help from Spirit. There is simply a decision that a person needs healing and it’s going to be done. And so the healer engages with the one to be healed and perhaps touches that patient and perhaps is even able to reduce or eliminate pain for a given period of time.

“But the energy with human intent without Spirit’s aid becomes exhausted after an hour or a day, the comfort that was desired to be given is given but then it is taken away because the energy is exhausted. Now the one who heals from the green ray empties the self of all but the intent to act as an instrument, for the infinite Love and Light of the One Creator. And it allows itself to be used as an instrument of healing by Spirit which moves through that precious nexus that you represent, that place where infinite energies can come into a finite world. That energy is intelligent; it knows where it needs to go and how it needs to work. There is no need for thought, there is no need for effort, there’s only the need to offer oneself as an instrument. Then infinite energy flows through which is never exhausted. It is the same way, my brother, with love itself. You can school your behavior to imitate loving others but you cannot force yourself to love others, for you become exhausted.

“However, if you open your heart against all odds sometimes, against the resistance of the surrounding ambiance, and simply rest in the open heart, love can flow through you on a continuing basis. Then your job simply becomes the reopening of a closed heart. And a heart can close in a heartbeat shall we say because there is fear, because there is danger, because there is destruction, because of so many things, whether the problems are with yourself, with others, with your job, with something that irritates you, or something that causes you pain, with suffering that you had to endure. There are as many ways to close the heart as there are emotions in the human breast and there as many ways to open it again as the remembering consciousness can find. But it is not necessary to will the self to be so and so, such and such. It is necessary only to intend to keep the heart open and serve and hold above all that frequency of the infinite Love and Light of the One Creator.

“May we explain further my brother?  We are those of Q’uo.”

And Raman says, “One other follow up question, Q’uo. I’m really touched by what you said and this question is somewhat close to the boundary of freewill. But I want to ask if one intends to keep the heart open, then is it usual for spiritual seekers or anyone, perhaps, to then sense or feel, or if there is some sort of inner knowing that one is actually doing it and the the heart is open? I’m guess I’m asking about either a physical sensation of an inner knowing that one is walking on the path.”

“We are those of Q’uo and are aware of your query, my brother. In a way what we are suggesting is a great deal like forming a habit. This instrument has read an article about such things, that a habit takes about three weeks to make, or perhaps three weeks to break. Those three weeks seem to be spent in failing to break the habit, wanting not to break the habit, yearning to go back to the old habit and so forth. Yet if there is the intention set to break the habit and there is a success in refraining from the behavior of the habit, gradually the mind becomes free to think of other things than the habit. The addiction has been downgraded as the one known as Ken would say, “to a preference”. And then the mind is free to take up a positive habit where before there was a habit of which it did not approve.

“We’re not saying that this habit of setting the intention and then allowing peace to overcome one takes three weeks to make. What we are saying is that it is to the patient and determined seeker that the rhythm of life will be given time to work.

“You see, where you put your energy, where you put your mind is vitally central to your experience. If you begin with an act of faith and say, “I think life is this way and I’m going to live as if it were this way”, then you caste yourself into the midair of faith, having no proof of anything but the simple feeling, the knowing that all truly is well and that the Universe does make sense. It is not meaningless and you are not alone, you loved, you are needed, you are full of purpose and you simply need to let go of any preconceived notions as to how that works and simply engage in life to the best of your ability as a conscious seeker that understands the power of choice, the power of desire, the power of intention. The Universe will begin to perceive you as joining the dance. You’ll begin to get synchronicities back. You will see repeating numbers, you will see your totem animal, and you will see the signs that what you are thinking is important. And that what you were thinking just now is as especially important to ponder it.

“The Universe will begin to help you. You will feel that feedback. And the more you lean into that, the more you will receive it. So that eventually when someone says, “Well, why do you believe the way you do?” You have almost no ability to explain because you are an old experienced hand at working with the game of life. You understand about choices, you understand about love. You understand about the hall of mirrors in which all things speak to you: people, situations and things. And you’re comfortable, at last, in this game and enthusiastic to play it. It is not that you have become one who controls your life; it is that you’ve become one who enjoys the surprises of life. And who knows, that even in the darkest hour there is light and love of plenty for one whose mind is stayed upon the truth of love. Each time your heart beats and sends the blood through your veins, it beats in love. Love is the essence of your being at all levels. Love is the health of your body, the strength of your spirit, the deepener of your emotions. Seek to love. And remember to allow yourself to be loved in return. No push, no pull, but arresting the contemplation of beauty and a devotion, a thirst and hunger for the Creator’s presence in your life.

“And my brother, you will make that habit and you will feel comfortable inside your skin at last. Ask for help, you know we are there and you know many others are as well.

“We would leave this instrument at this time in the Love and in the Light of the One Creator. We thank you once more for the privilege and the pleasure of sharing our thoughts with you. Farewell my friends, farewell.”

Gijs:  Thank you so much, Carla.

Carla:  And back to you.

Gijs:  Awesome. I think somebody’s knocking at my front door. (doorbell)  Hello, Terry, you ok? Thank you.

Alright, it was Terry; she’s dropped off a tape here. This is a [12] minute tape recording from one of her channelings. Thank you, Terry. So let’s play it next, Carla?

Carla:  Alright. And then say goodbye.

Gijs:  Alright. So here we go, thank you so much.

Ra’An:  and we welcome each and every person who is on this call or will listen to a replay or will read the transcript later. The transcript or the replay will have the same energy and share the same frequencies and the same vibrations as you are hearing on the original call.

We have said the word “vibrations.” We have a very high vibration with the color pink. We are in the space of each and every person who wishes us there. We honor free will and when a person asks, as each of you who have asked today, either silently in your own heart or with an email to Wynn, we hear your call. We hear your plea and we see that you are a mixture of vibrations and we see that you each have a vibration within the 3rd density which connects you and grounds you to your surroundings and allows you to operate and to stay focused within the location where you are.

And we see that when you grasp on a certain vibration, a certain explanation, that it then affects your whole and your connection with your surroundings, with your body, with your health. The chakra system generates frequencies and it is either operational or you exclude, due to your belief systems, certain vibrations which damps the vibration of the certain chakra systems. When the chakra systems are operating fully and completely they bring to you, attraction of the things that can fulfill your life.

Some of the things which can damp your frequencies towards bringing you what you wish, health-wise, material-wise are belief systems that you have which fixes you into a certain vibration. One such example would be, “I have diabetes.” Another would be, “I have heart disease.” Another would be, “I have a congenital condition.” When you then fix that idea (that belief system) into the whole of what you are, it contains a frequency and it’s connected to the frequencies of all the other people, all the medical system and all their belief systems about that particular disease.

And you then, having that frequency/fixation in your space, attempt to heal—you are then putting a different frequency on top of the frequency that you have grounded there and is grounded with the medical profession and all of the belief systems of people concerning that particular disease. This makes a divergence—a gap—between what you wish and what is going on. When you bring into your belief system that you are now well and whole and all of your chakras are operating in a full-body manner and spinning in a clockwise direction and that your foundational chakra is expressing the note, the musical note of C, then you can begin to attract and pull-in to you the grounding that you desire.

If you have the belief that you have no home—no place to go—that you have not the financial capability, you begin to fray the vibration of your foundation chakra and the C note may begin to be absent from your foundation chakra. And then you find it harder to attract to you, to pull in the finances, to pull in the grounding, the home that you so desire. As we see that many of you on the call are concerned about your financial condition and we look at each and every one of you. We see which ones have placed this in the light and which ones haven’t placed it in the light but have silently placed it in the light.

And we see then the importance of restoring the vibration within your foundation of the C note, the vibrations that will then connect you to that C note within society and connect you up with finance and with home and with then, the higher chakras with loved ones, with the sexual experiences you desire in the next chakra up which will then express the next note up which is D. And then you can begin to have some power because you have support and you can begin to support those you love and move to the next note up, the next chakra which is E and then, being supported you can begin to experience the love and you can begin to give love and compassion to others because you have a structure that is supporting you.

And then you can begin to share it with the next note up, the heart chakra which is F and you can begin to express—that’s the next chakra up—the throat chakra, the expression chakra which is G. Then as you open yourself up to the next chakra, to remote viewing, to extend yourself out, to begin to see around you, you open up the next chakra which is in the forehead and that is the note of A. Then, on these calls, you have been opening up your crown chakra to the higher realms where we are - and that is the note of [B]. And we connect with you from the crown chakra and we send our … we see you in our light, if you wish it.

We see you healed. We see your chakra systems open and working fully and we take the labels off you and allow you to set your own health, ideals, goals and those of those around you who wish that also. And we help unstick those frequencies where one gets stuck in certain lower level conditions and we open the whole thing up.

We leave you but we do not leave you. We are here with you and we—in this very meaningful sacred moment—touch those that wish touching. Adonai.

Gijs:  Thank you so much, Terry and thank you to our Sources.

So we’re getting close to the end of today’s call. Carla is there anything you want to share with us.

Carla:  There was something in the channeling that I wanted to share. And it wasn’t read because it comes at the beginning of every channeling. But it’s something that’s always good to hear. And it comes right after they explain that, well; it began this way in this particular instance.

“Thank you for calling us to your group, thank you for taking the time out of your hectic lives to seek the truth. It is our privilege to speak to you this evening concerning the wonderings that you have about the purpose of your life. But before we move into spiritually based discussions, we would ask a favor of you. (This is the Q’uo group speaking) And that is for you to use your discrimination and your powers of discernment as you listen to or read these words. Use what resonates to you and please, if our thoughts do not resonate then leave them behind and keep seeking. Keep searching for that resonance that means that you have found material that will excite and engage you. If you will monitor your responses to that which we say and take only those things that resonate, we shall be grateful for it will allow us to be sure that we cannot infringe upon your freewill or disturb the pattern of your seeking. We thank you for this favor.”

This is me (Carla) speaking now. You know how often Wynn talks about the importance of freewill. And I think that it is so meaningful that in the higher realms that belief in freewill is not simply nodded to or given lip service to. But it remains the single most powerful energy in the Universe besides love itself. We have complete freewill as to what we want to do with our lives. We have all decided to tune in this morning. I didn’t know what I was getting in for when I tuned in this morning but I am so glad I did. It’s been a marvelous experience. And I want to thank my husband Jim. Jim, are you there?

Jim:  I’m here.

Carla:  Thank you so much, sweetheart, it was wonderful to work with you. And Gijs thank you so much for guiding us along. We who are not those who like Wynn have such a wonderful facility in sharing hearts and minds and souls with you. And yet we stumbled along together in this time.

And it’s been a pleasure and a privilege to with you. But it’s been our choice, you know. And if anything resonated to you in this couple of hours that we spent together, I’m so glad. Take it with you, keep it with you. Don’t let it be taken away by what happens in the next week. Stay at these levels. Just a moment of thought and you can come back. Just a heartbeat of time and you can remember who you are, why you’re here, where we’re going. It’s such an exciting thing to be in this place at this time together. We are those who are holding the space, the light for fourth density to bloom on our planet. It’s an exciting time to be alive and we all are doing this together.

I know during these two hours we have built a dome of light that has touched into the higher realms and has called our unseen friends to us, whatever you wish to call them. They are the forces of spirit and how wonderful it is to know that we are that little place that is finite, that is born and dies. Yet we are here to hold the space so that the higher realms can come down into this realm and to bring it higher and higher until we all reach the higher densities.

We are those who have awakened or in the process of awakening or are thinking about awakening, breaking out of the box and saying, “I know there’s more to it than people told me. I know there’s more to it than just this belief system or that belief system. I know that beyond all words, beyond all telling I am a creature of love. And I will be loved and I will hold to that no matter what temptation comes to me, I will go back to Spirit and I will find it again, I will find that opening into the higher realms.”

Whatever it is we do it all starts with the silence, if we can get beyond the confusion and just have a moment to extend from the middle of the earth, as Wynn brought us, up through our chakras, up through our spine, up through our minds, up into our spirit, up through into the skies and the space and the realms beyond. We are all those things. And we connect the world as we know it to those beautiful things that are beyond the distractions of the here and now.

Let us together move forward from this moment and remember as we can those things that have resonated to us today.

Gijs, what would you like to say? I know we’re coming toward the end of the recorded part of this.

Gijs:  Carla and Jim, I want to thank you guys very much, much love to you and all those who are listening on the phone line, currently and on BBS Radio, it’s all of us who made this possible, who made this a great connection. I thank you all very much. But what I would like to do next here is just do a lot of group hug, just all together. Imagine the heart of each other that can also be when you listen to the recording later. So here we go, let’s give each other a hug right now. Awesome, I thank you all.

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