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Personal & Planetary Grid Healing Session

“You are more powerful than you realize”

Sunday Call; 11.10.2013
Hosted by: Wynn Free with Carla Rueckert and Terry Brown
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Channeled by: Terry Brown
Transcribed by: Susan Rush
Edited by: Terry Brown
Formatted and sent by: Robynne Olson


Wynn: Good morning everybody, this is Wynn Free and it is November 10, 2013 at 10:00 a.m. Wynn with Carla Rueckert and Terry Brown and this is our Sunday morning (we used to call it a grid healing) planetary and personal healing session. We welcome you of all, and all of you listening on the phone, all of you listening on the Internet and all of you listening to replays. No matter how you’re listening, there are amazing things that happen on this call, energetically. And actually, before I say that, I wanted to mention that Duane had an idea and I wanted to make sure that it had a voice.

He’s been studying football games and finding out that some of the fans are doing rain dances to make their team win and he thought that’s a good idea for us. So I thought he could share it, so if any of you want to do a rain dance in-between calls [Laughter] to heal the planet and you think it’ll work, then … Duane, are you there?

Gijs: Hold on, let me un-mute Duane, I know where he is. Duane?

Duane: Yeah, I’m here, don’t worry about it. I mute myself, by the way. Well, [Laughter] down in Arizona this conversation’s really going to be a hit because a rain dance or any kind of dance is a celebration, you know? That’s an indication of joy. That’s all it is. Once you illustrate that to the Universe, it’s all taken care of. In fact, Lucy did a big thing this morning before the recorded call you know? She just had a thought and it was all taken care of - Lucy - nice work.

That’s in reference to The Philippines. I don’t know what you expect me to say, Wynn. [Laughter] I know the history and all that but the key thing is this – I think I would like everybody to please understand one thing. Your intent is all that’s required. You don’t need to do anything, just have a good thought and all of a sudden Ra jumps in there and takes care of the details. Trust me - that’s the way it works, and Wynn knows that.

Wynn: You know what? If people remember during the course of the day, anybody can do this. If you’re willing to connect with the frequencies on this call - you can always just take a moment and just send Light to the planet for healing. It’s your intent that works. Now of course, if Gijs starts doing rain dances his wife is going to put him on the street. [Laughter]

Duane: Probably. [Laughter] Also, I want to remind you of something Wynn. You have two incredible first time caller stories that are just worth every bit of the time so, I’m going to mute myself and bail.

Wynn: We have two first time caller stories … you mean two people that are on the line today for the first time?

Gijs: That is correct.

Duane: Yes.

Wynn: And they both have good stories?

Duane: Yes, Wynn. It is okay, go for it.

Carla: Hey bud, thanks a lot for the idea.

Wynn: Thank you. Carla, do you think Jim would mind if you did a rain dance here and there? [Laughter]

Carla: Oh, I’m sure he’d love it.

Wynn: If you did a rain dance you would be healed, wouldn’t you? [Laughter]

Carla: Especially if I let him do it with me.

Wynn: Right. [Laughter] But you know the key to these calls is being able to connect with the energies of the higher realms, the positive energies of the higher realms and perhaps the positive energies of the highest realms. The highest realms, who … you know we have Sources that have been communicating with us that say, that’s where they’re from and I don’t tell anyone to believe that’s true until it makes sense to them, ‘til they have some kind of experience.

But what a rare situation, to be having an-intelligence from the highest of realms, not only, apparently, communicating with us verbally, as you will hear as the call goes on but have the ability - so they say - I say “so they say” because all of this stuff you can’t prove scientifically. But you have to prove it in your own laboratory. If I told you to “believe it” before you had your own experience then we would be a religion and you would have to believe it on faith because I say so. Or Carla says so or someone else says so. But pay attention just in case we’re really doing this and see what happens.

See if you can get some kind of personal validation. Now what would a personal validation look like? Well, we’re in the middle of the call and suddenly you feel all these beautiful energies around you, you feel a shift and it’s hard to explain for those people that haven’t experienced it until they do. We can only tell you that lots of people have experienced it. There’s an energy that comes in and you could call it God, you could call it the Elohim, you could call it Ra. It doesn’t matter what you call it – it might be all of the above – but it’s an energy that pervades us, that is around us and suddenly there’s a shift.

What a lot of people experience is that, in that shift, not only do you feel something – it feels really positive – usually there’s a shift in your energy that stays. Like your depression goes away or you’re more enthusiastic or the people around you start treating you differently because there’s a loving energy coming  through you that wasn’t coming through before. The truth of all of this is, that was always in you and it is you but most of us need it woken up because we’ve spent so much time in this realm that we’ve lost that connection and we’ve contracted ourselves into a smaller energy field that is - what is the paradigm for this realm--to be contracted.

So once you start to un-contract, even if it’s on this call, (it’s not that this call is it) it is you, it is accessing a higher part of you that you can get used to and it can become part of your daily life - a new way of being you. And that’s really true. Who you are, is not who you are. That’s who you are in this moment. But when you feel the same way day in and day out, day in and day out, then it does seem like that’s who you are and you operate within those constraints. Once you start feeling an expanded you, more of who you are, you’re bigger, you’re more loving, you’re more powerful, you’re more effective, you have less fear. Once you can start living inside of that, you have a totally new life, because you attract new things to you, new people; new opportunities. You start to understand how synchronicities work. Not that you can completely understand it, I can’t understand it.

I mean “understand” is not the right word but, you make the connections that, when you’re expanded things happen that wouldn’t happen if you’re not expanded. Things happen that look like impossible coincidences. Things happen that look like miracles and you start having friends, not only in the physical, but in the metaphysical. You start having friends that are (we think, this is what I think) in these group souls that have the ability to project into this realm, have this ability to connect with you and they’ve said that. They’ve said that they’re there, they say it all the time and they also say that you have to ask for them because they don’t violate free will.

Asking can look like prayer. That’s one way of looking at it, but since we’re not a religion we don’t use the word prayer. But you can if that works for you; that’s like in your own personal dynamic. But the “asking” is just asking a friend to help because it’s something you can’t do yourself and they can do and if they’re a friend, maybe they’ll do it, okay? So it’s that simple. It’s making friends. It’s not prostrating yourself – now there’s nothing wrong with prostrating yourself if you have to create a model of God that you are lower than and that you have to worship; then if that works for you, it is okay. But it’s not necessary.

The criteria for the interface here is: asking, honoring free will, and for the highest good of all concerned. And if things fit into that model and you’ve made a connection, often times something will happen. We’ve seen on the line, the people that keep coming into the line, often times, they will ask for something and then a miracle happens. Something happens and it’s not me that’s doing it. It’s you that’s doing it. It’s you, by expanding your connections. So the goal of these calls, at least my goal, is to create some wisdom so that you can see how things work, to create a portal for the energy of the higher dimensions to come into the space. It’s kind of incredible. We have people all over the world and they’re having an experience wherever they are.

Let me say hello to Ciija in England, she always says hello at the beginning of these calls by email, and she’s a sweetheart. And we have someone at the bottom of the Grand Canyon. So if you’re making a picture of how this looks, you could see this huge energy, and this is one way of looking at it, and that is sending down these rays or beams of energy to all of us wherever we are and creating an energy field, into Earth. I think we’re actually doing that. If we had enough people doing it, which we don’t, we would shift the entire planet. But at least we’re shifting ourselves and, as you truly make a shift you end up shifting the people around you; but you don’t even do it; they shift because you have shifted.

When I’m talking, I’m not shifting anything, I’m just talking and I’m holding the frequency and many of you can feel a shift as soon as that starts. And I only learned this serendipitously. It’s not something I said, this is what I want to do. I know how to do this because I just kept going and doing these calls and watching the impact on people. It was very consistent and happened every time and it doesn’t seem to matter whether I’m feeling … If I start the call - I mean, I’m human, I go up and down. I’m moody. Anyone that knows me and around me knows that is true [Laughter] and especially in the morning, I’m particularly moody. Jim will certainly agree to that.

But regardless of how I’m feeling, when I show up on this call, I shift as well as you. It shifts me and it changes me, it cheers me up and if I was moody or depressed, my depression lifts. So it’s a system that works and it’s free and you don’t have to go to any expensive weekend workshops. You shift the energy right in your home, right where you live. It’s an amazing thing that we’re doing this, amazing to me anyway. So somebody said – now we’re going to make the new people on the line, very self-conscious because somebody said I should ask them to tell their story.

But, let’s see - Eva, are you there? Do star *6 Eva, so we can hear you, if you want to, and if you want to stay in the background that’s okay. Hello Eva? Okay, see what you got me into Duane? People are shy and reserved and I’m not so sure they like suddenly being put in a spotlight. It’s scary.

Carla: You know it’s hard to talk in front of people that you don’t know, especially if you haven’t done it much.

Wynn: Right, right. You know somebody said ‘the only fear that people have that’s worse than the fear of death is the fear of public speaking.’ Did you ever hear that Carla?

Carla: I never did. [Laughter] Now, you want to unfold the logic of that one?

Wynn: Well, I can tell you what it is. Do you want to know what it is?

Carla: I would be delighted to. [Laughter]

Wynn: Well this is what I think. They never explained it. I don’t know where that came from but I heard it more than once but it’s probably some kind of study and that is that when you speak publicly, you’ve got x-number of people listening to you and everyone is going to remember everything you said and it’s in the Universe, so if you screw up, your public screw up keeps going and going and going and going. Then you may not want to face people afterwards [Laughter], I mean I know there was a period of time when I would much rather address …

It’s similar to – I just thought of this – there’s the saying that a prophet’s not recognized in his own town, right? I think it connects with the same principle. It’s like in your own town people have known you – you see people create mental thought forms of who you are and it’s very hard to change a thought form that’s been established for over a long period of time. That’s why sometimes when some people grow into a new place inside of themselves they have to leave their old friends behind. Sometimes they have to break up from a relationship, because the old stuff keeps holding them into their old way of being.

So this idea of how people hold you in their consciousness is a very powerful idea. Which means if you publicly speak and everyone who hears you is going to hold you in their consciousness, then if you screw up, you’ve got a screw up that’s duplicated umpteen times, you know? So I think that’s what’s behind it.

Of course, I was on George Noory and I spoke to millions of people but what I’ve learned for myself is that this is not me speaking. If I thought it was me, every time I talked I’d be scared silly - I just let go and let it flow. And I learned (I didn’t know this) if I did that, it was always okay. Because I was totally accepting myself moment to moment and I learned to totally accept when the phones screw up, when Terry can’t find the mute button. It’s like working around whatever happens and people go with it, okay? They go with it because I go with it. But if I got afraid, then everyone would go with that. You know when I was a kid I was taking piano lessons from this guy, Mr. Birdwhistle, of all names [Laughter] and I was going to play piano for my school assembly and I picked the hardest piece that I had to play. The hardest one …

Carla: Really?

Wynn: I remember sitting next to Mrs. Smith. She was the – I forget. She played piano at the assemblies that we had - and I totally screwed it up, totally. I mean I was stumbling and making mistakes and finally came to a place where it seemed like it could have been an end, although it wasn’t and I quit. And I walked and sat down in my seat and everyone next to me was saying oh, that was really good and I knew they were lying, [Laughter] and trying to make me feel good. If I didn’t have to go to school, I would have quit school on that day.

I wouldn’t have ever gone back to school again because it was so embarrassing to do that in front of a whole assembly. So that’s why public speaking is so scary because if you screw up, it’s in your face for a long time. Did you ever screw up Carla?

Carla: Well you know, (I don’t – I guess) I’m sure I’ve screwed up a lot but I just never have thought of … I think of people as being extremely kind and wanting me to do well and forgiving me for anything that I might do that seems a little bit off and I just feel completely upheld when I’m in front of a group. Whether it’s a few people or a whole lot of people, I just feel all the Love that is coming from them and I feel the Love in my heart for them and I just focus on that and, I guess I like a crowd.

I’ve never been scared of any kind of public speaking or when I had to play a part or sing or anything like that. It always seemed to me like oh neat, well now I’ll share and then it’ll be time for somebody else to share and we’re all just sharing this Love. So I guess maybe I think about it a little differently.

Wynn: Well, you know what? I don’t think thinking about it is it. It’s that you had - (I didn’t have the ability) … I mean I grew into having the ability, but for a long period of my life, here’s where my own personal evolution took place. Because I’m an artist, because I’m a creator, I would always create things that were way above what I was able to live up to.

Carla: Uh oh. [Laughter]

Wynn: Pardon me?

Carla: I said uh oh. [Laughter]

Wynn: Uh oh, and so I was always in a dilemma ‘cause my personal self was such a mess and yet … like you’ve heard my songs, I mean I was writing …

Carla: Oh, your songs are wonderful.

Wynn: ‘beautiful songs and it’s like I have one song that’s called “The reason I am here is to love you,” and it’s really a beautiful song and it touches people. But there were a lot of times when I couldn’t sing that song because I didn’t feel that. [Laughter]  I felt I couldn’t live up to that, although, at the essence, I can see now that that was true. And you know, I was bumbling around – you met me when I was bumbling you know? But you were so accepting - you were cool.

Carla: Yeah, but I thought you were great.

Wynn: You thought I was great but that’s … you know what? That is one of your mastery’s. It is Terry’s as well. It’s a beautiful mastery and it’s becoming my mastery as well. The mastery is being able to always see through the garbage in somebody, to who they really are. And by doing that over a long enough period of time, the person will very likely shift into being who they are. You know we all would love to be in a totally loving environment where we’re totally accepted and when that happens, it’s so much easier to be-loving, to grow and to not see your own obstacles. But in most cases in this realm, people don’t focus in on the best of who you are, they focus in on your weaknesses.

They focus in on your faults and then, you have to feel ashamed of your faults, of your difficulties and it gets you stuck. It keeps you stuck in your faults. Now you know if this is resonating with some of you and you’re saying yes, that’s true for me, that has happened for me, no one gives me encouragement, I’ve never found a good support system, here is the key to getting a good support system. Listen carefully. This is a big one. Be a good support system for someone else. You can’t help but get it for yourself if you give it to someone else. Learn how to see through someone else’s faults and tune in to the beauty of who they are and, if you do that, you will become a force for their growth.

A contribution to their growth – and you will become their loving environment and they will have to become your loving environment, just because of the way it works. Start to do that and you’ll suddenly find that you’re getting it. Instead of thinking I didn’t get enough love from my parents, my so and so left me and I’m just looking for love and where is love out there? Push yourself through and find a way to truly love someone else. You know it doesn’t mean fawning over them, it doesn’t mean being sickeningly sweet. It just means holding the focus of love inside your-self no matter how they project themselves. No matter what they do, that you can see the love in them.

Now this does not mean that you have to make them your friend or be nice to them because certain people will abuse you. That doesn’t mean you can’t love them, it means you can’t let them abuse you. You hold the loving space. There was an Indian guru that I went to years ago. His name was Swami Satchidananda and he said something that I still remember. He said extend unconditional love and he said unconditional love is like the Sun. It just shines and it doesn’t decide who it’s going to shine for. It just shines and those people that want to be in the Sun will be in the Sun and the other people will go inside and put roofs over their heads, but that is the nature of unconditional love, to shine.

Now that’s easier said than done because all of us have these hurts and damaged parts of ourselves and fear of being vulnerable. And so, instead of just shining we look around and say who is worthy of our love? We make special relationships and say I’ll give it to you if you give it back to me (and they get to know each other). But that’s not unconditional love – it is okay, it’s not bad, it’s not wrong. In fact, if you need that, you need it and you’re doing it. But get this image of the Sun shining. Get the image of you shining. Just hold that image and maybe you’ll grow into it.

You know, on Wednesday’s call I asked a question and there was something extraordinary that came through and I don’t know if all of you picked it up but I did and I was thinking about it for two or three days. I don’t think you’ve ever attended one of our Wednesday calls, Carla but people submit questions and then we go into a space and Terry answers them live, channeling. One of the questions, I think it was from Don Herman, was what’s it like at the center of the Universe? They gave an answer and, of course, if you’re at the center of the Universe, you’re beyond time and space and we think of the center of the Universe as being far away.

And I asked a question and the question was, well if the center of the Universe is beyond time and space that means that we are at the center of the Universe, if we go there. We don’t have to go somewhere, like travel somewhere, to be at the center of the Universe. Each of us is at the center of the Universe and that’s why, when we do these calls, perhaps we are all moving into our own center of the Universe and we suddenly are together, because we are all in the same place beyond space and time at the center of the Universe, which is not a location. It can’t be a location because if it was a location it would be in space.

It’s not a location. It’s a state of being. That when you say God is inside you, then that is when you are at the center of the Universe. Christianity uses the term “alpha omega,” the beginning of the end. But what that really means, at least what I’m saying is that if there’s no time there’s no beginning and end. There’s only time because we’re stuck in it. So now, once you get the connection of being outside of time, simultaneously with being stuck in it, then you can be a portal for bringing the energy into the stuck place and starting to loosen it up. Did that make any sense to you, Carla?

Carla: Yeah, it makes sense. Sure, just sort of relax into it and there you are.

Wynn: Yeah and by the way, I get loads of reports that you and Jim did a great job last week in spite of the fact that I only gave you a half hour notice which [Laughter] Carla chastised …

Carla: I could’ve used a few minutes more, I will admit. [Laughter]

Wynn: See I’m always thinking we’re at the center of the Universe so what’s a half hour? [Laughter]

Carla: Well my attitude came in real handy then because I thought oh well, we’ll just let it fly and everybody will be very kind and it’ll be okay. [Laughter] Yeah, Jim is a wonderful help, always. Jim is an incredible being …

Wynn: Right, right.

Carla: ‘and I’m so lucky that we work well together. You know we sort of finish each other’s sentences and I suppose after all these years it makes sense. But we love each other a lot and that shows.

Wynn: Well one thing that you and Jim did that I don’t think you did it of recently but I think it was quite amazing that you did it. I mean it blew me away when I heard this - is that Carla would do channeling sessions and she was doing Q’uo. Q’uo was speaking through her and for those of you that are not aware there’s probably a thousand plus Q’uo channelings posted on her website in addition to all the Ra material and in addition to all her books and she gives all her stuff away for free. You can still buy it. These are like PDF downloads but the books are available on Amazon and her website.

But she would channel Q’uo and then she’d turn it over to Jim and without missing a beat (I think without missing a beat) Jim would continue the channeling and they would jump from Carla to Jim, as being the spokesperson. How did you discover that Carla?

Carla: Yes. Jim is the best at channeling that I ever taught. He is my best student ever and he started learning in 1978, so it’s a long time. But you know the whole idea of channeling is that you’re not making it up, you’re receiving what they’re offering and so what they’re offering is coming through you but it’s not coming from you. So if it’s coming through you and then it’s coming through someone else – well, you know the filter might be a little bit different because the person’s different and I know Jim’s answers are always shorter than mine. [Laughter]

Because he isn’t a talker like I am. You know, every word counts. Jim very seldom speaks so when he does speak then every word counts. Whereas I can just sort of chat, you know a little bit more. I mean, nothing like you but you know I …

Wynn: Not like me? [Laughter]

Carla: You’re a wonderful talker. You can just start talking about how you feel and you end up talking about very deep stuff, very quickly. I always enjoyed that about you.

Wynn: Well, I wish I knew how I did that. But you know, one of the things that – I think I’ve told this story before; this is a short one. You know, when I was a kid I used to go to folk music concerts and Carla used to play at folk music events. Didn’t you Carla?

Carla: Yeah, I used to sing at …

Wynn: Yeah, yeah.

Carla: ‘it was a different Jim. It was Jim DeWitt but Jim and Carla sang - we had our day. [Laughter]

Wynn: Do you remember people like Eric Andersen and Tim Hardin? Do you remember those people?

Carla: No, I don’t remember those people.

Wynn: Who were your peers at that time, or idols?

Carla: Well, I think Peter, Paul and Mary – I really enjoyed them and I really enjoyed Bob Dylan; I loved Judy Collins … golly, let’s see.

Wynn: Do you remember Bob Dylan’s song …

Carla: I loved the Kingston Trio. [Laughter]

Wynn: Do you remember Bob Dylan’s song “Whoo-ee! Ride me high?”

Carla: Yep.

Wynn: Now I always thought that was about ascension, graduation.

Carla: Oh. Could be.

Wynn: Remember? The chorus went Whoo-ee ride me high, tomorrow’s the day my bride’s going to come. Oh no, we’re gonna fly, down in the easy chair.

Carla: That’s nice.

Wynn: Now - rain’s so swift, the clouds won’t lift. Gate won’t close, the railing’s froze. Take your mind out of the wintertime. You ain’t going nowhere. You see how I made the connection?

Carla: Um hum. Yeah. Hello.

Wynn: In any case, when I would go to these folk music concerts – these people were doing these perfect performances with beautiful voices and then their guitar string would break. And when their guitar string broke …

Carla: Boing oing oing.

Wynn: Yeah, they had to like wing it. They had to suddenly, spontaneously engage the crowd. They had to do something outside of their plans and what I noticed was - that was always the most exciting part of their set, okay? [Laughter] How they dealt with the broken guitar string, right? [Laughter]

Carla: Yeah. Yeah.

Wynn: Somehow I made the connection that how about if you just talked and your guitar string was always broken? [Laughter] How engaging would that be? So that’s my model.

Carla: That’s a good model, yes.

Wynn: Did you follow that?

Carla: Uh-huh.

Wynn: So because it’s always spontaneous, it’s always off the wall, no one knows what’s happening next and when you’re not-knowing what’s happening next and you’re holding a high intent with spirit, that’s when you open the doors to higher dimensions, okay?

Carla: Uh-huh.

Wynn: Yeah, now let me see if I can get Terry to say anything. Terry, one day you’re going to shock me and you’re going to say I have something to say! [Laughter] You’re going to butt-in and - because you know even when I cajole you (is that the right word, cajole?) …

Carla: It’s a nice word.

Wynn: That’s it. ‘cajole you to say something, you always have something beautiful to say. You know Terry – those of you that haven’t figured this out – Terry is definitely an angel in a body and has been misplaced in this realm. And the only thing that rouses her is an opportunity to express the highest love possible from spirit into this realm. You know, she’s not good at small talk; she’s not good at lots of stuff. In fact, she can be bumbly in her human side. But as soon as that energy strikes her where she can really contribute something of real loving energy – Vroom, she’s there.

Now she’s embarrassed. See now I’m saying all this stuff about her. [Laughter] Usually I complain about how bumbly she is on her human side and how forgetful she is. [Laughter] You know it’s kind of like Terry goes out to go to the store and she never can remember to take her cell phone, okay? [Laughter] And I can tell her every week …

Carla: I’m glad I’m not the only one. [Laughter]

Wynn: Do you forget your cell phone too, Carla?

Carla: Not only do I forget the cell phone, I forget my list, I forget - you know. [Laughter] I forget everything but the car keys - you’ve got to have the car keys.

Wynn: Right. [Laughter]

Terry: That makes me feel better. [Laughter]

Carla: Then I say oh my god, I forgot my list, I don’t have the menus, why am I here? Ohh … [Laughter] you know you end up making something for dinner.

Wynn: Right.

Carla: It all turns out okay. [Laughter]

Wynn: Right, right. Well, in any case, you know Terry’s like that and now we know Carla’s like that as well [Laughter] and even I can be like that, okay?

Carla: Nooo. [Laughter]

Wynn: But probably a little less so than Terry. I mean, my mind keeps tabs on things. I’ve got like a computer up there and I put things in - and I don’t have to pay attention to them. Usually it just pops out - I remember it at the right time. It blows me away how many things I can keep track of. But Terry, you want to say anything about it?

Terry: Well, I was thinking as we were talking, some of the things like when I was little, like about three or four, I had a major role in a play at the church and my mind was totally blank and so instead of saying my lines, I reached out to the audience, to the person that had coached me and then said hey Mary, I forgot my lines. What am I supposed to say? [Laughter] Then when I was giving a piano recital at Eastman School of Music, I was so nervous and I was playing this difficult piece and (one hand) my right hand started going faster and faster and my left hand kept tempo.

And I knew that it would really sound bad if I stopped and reset and got my hands together so I just kept going that way and it was really hard. It was like two different parts of my brain were controlling the two hands. [Laughter] The right hand went faster and faster and finally it finished the piece without any errors except that the timing was totally off between the hands, the coordination was off. The left hand just kept going at the normal speed and finally finished and when I got up afterwards, like somebody jumped up and ran up to me and said that was absolutely beautiful. [Laughter] I said it was not! And I left the room - I kind of went off by myself in one of the halls where nobody was. And I told my instructor, I’m not playing before people ever again. [Laughter]

So then I took a lead in the senior play and I thought that it was really great because I didn’t have to be embarrassed because of not knowing what to say in a situation because I knew all my lines and I knew how people were going to respond to me. And then it really made me mad because afterwards somebody from the audience came up to me and said you did absolutely beautifully. That part was made for you and I really didn’t even like the person [who I was playing] and the part. [Laughter] I thought it was interesting that I could feel more comfortable on the stage than I did in real life.

And I think that’s one of the reasons I can channel because I can set myself aside and let the guys come through - let the Elohim come through and the section of the Ra that sometimes comes through with the Elohim – and then I feel kind of almost more comfortable then than I do just interfacing in real life. So those are some of my experiences. So I can really sympathize with Wynn in playing that difficult piece before the other people.

Wynn: I wanted to mention, I know some people are thinking out there why do they do all this talking when we’re doing such important stuff with our healing sessions and bringing through these communications from these high Sources? Why do they spend 45 minutes to an hour BS-ing like this, before that starts? Some of you know, but if some of you don’t know, whatever we’re doing now is really the beginning of that. It’s kind of starting to interweave energies - we’re interweaving our energies with each other. We’re interweaving your energies with us and with each other.

We’re not doing it by trying. We’re doing it just by creating the space for that to happen, creating a lot of comfort, a lot of relaxation, a lot of acceptance. I think that the three of us - Carla, myself, and Terry - are demonstrating an interaction that doesn’t have ego present. There’s no competition. There’s just a loving intention to bring forth the very best to all of you and we all put any of our lower selves stuff off to the side so we can do that and we demonstrate that in the way we relate to each other and the way we talk to each other.

Then it creates a model for how people can interrelate without having some of the lower-level things that impede relationships, okay? So, on that note, that’s why we do it. It’s a pooling of energies together and often times there’re things that come up, because (we are actually - I’ll speak for myself) I actually feel you. I feel you, I feel the space of all of you listening - I feel what you’re going through. At least I think I do and when I start to talk, I don’t try. It just comes out - things I can come up with from my own experiences that might help propel you through some of your obstacles.

I know many times in my life I’ve had people say something to me and it seemed so innocuous, it was just so off-the-wall and I couldn’t get what they said out of my mind. I kept thinking about it and thinking about it because it was something that related to an issue that I was still going through that I hadn’t mastered yet. So, I know sometimes we say those kinds of things on this line and it triggers and releases you guys. So, you’ll notice, even though we’re doing all this - it’s like our Sources are present.

They’re here, I can feel them paying attention. They are maybe not the front and center but they’re certainly on the edges. In fact, they’re always on the edges, they always are and if you start to tune in to the frequencies and go through your life, you’ll start to get that sense that they’re with you, that they’re watching you. That you can call on them as many people have done that and they’ve had things shift in their life. It’s always a bit of a mystery because it’s not linear and you can’t prove it. It doesn’t matter. It’s the results that matters, it’s not whether you can prove something or not.

If somebody said just call on Ra and they’ll do anything for you and then everyone said Ra do this; Ra do that. They wouldn’t do it [Laughter] because the people don’t have the resonant frequency of the group. They’re just doing a ritual. That’s the problem with rituals. That, rituals start with energy behind them and often times they end without the energy behind them but just with the form of the ritual. So we do very little ritual on this line. We’re demonstrating how easy it is to bring the energy in without ritual.

The only ritual we do is probably the calling in of the Light invocation. And other than that - that’s only a ritual if you don’t bring the energy in when you say it. It’s kind of like, those are words that are powerful words that invoke energies and as long as I’m in the center of invoking the energies, it’s not a ritual. It’s just a rehearsed way of saying something and bringing the energy in. It’s like when I played music and I played songs. There were times when I could play a song and sing it and if people were-believing the lyrics, I would sing fantastically. And other times when I just said the lyrics and nothing happened, there was no energy moving.

So a song is like a ritual of condensed energy but you have to move into the center of it and recreate it and sing it as if it’s the first time you ever sung it and the first time anyone ever experienced it. It’s like that with calling in the Light. It’s like that with our meditations. Every time is like the first time and we’re recreating the energy, the first time. On that note, let us start. We have a lot of things in the world that are going wrong right now and I want to spend some time working on them with you. Carla or Terry, do you have anything else to say before we go and do it?

Carla: Well, let’s just let everybody feel the Love that surrounds us all and just relax into it.

Wynn: Okay, so we’re going to do a personal healing. Now you know, the truth of the matter is, there’s no such thing as “personal” and “planetary” ultimately, because All Is One. As you shift something in yourself, you shift it on every level around you, to everyone you meet and (you even) many of you are extending out into the Universe and shifting things in the Universe by shifting it in yourself. We are all bigger than we know how to be, all of us, me included. We all have connections to All That Is. We are all the center of the Universe.

We are all a part of God, in a physical body. Or, a part of spirit or, a part of Love Light or, a part of the Christ Consciousness, whichever word you use. And that the Universe is at our command for the highest good of all concerned and honoring free will. So we’re learning how to be that. We’re going to start out … You know the basic principle, the most fundamental principle of the Universe, and this came through Carla’s Ra material (although other people have said it throughout history) but the Ra Group calls it The Law of One. That the Universe is one being and we are all subsets of that one being.

We are all the energy that makes up that one being. Just as all the cells of your body make up the ‘one being’ of you. We are all the cells, souls of the Universe that make up the one being of all that is. In our realm, on the Earth, most of us have lost that connection. We don’t feel like we’re part of each other. We don’t feel like we’re part of God. We feel alienated. We feel unloved. We feel depressed and we’re going to do a meditation that changes that, will change that for some of you. Some of you are already changed. Some of you say no I already got that down. So you’re coming in and you’re holding the energy for the others.

Sometimes people email me and they say Wynn, you’re saying the same things, you’re getting boring. Well, they’re missing the boat because there is nothing new under the Sun. I’m not here to entertain you. I’m not here to constantly have break-through epiphanies. Sometimes we have that, we have that a lot, but when it happens it happens. But in the long run it’s a steady [being] there, bringing in the energies, being a reference point and, that’s more exciting to me than the epiphanies. Than the new understandings of how things work.

Although, all those things help validate that our work is real and authentic. So, in The Law of One everything in the Universe has an energy attached to it and that energy is not in this dimension. It’s like in a parallel Universe? Like we all have our souls, that’s the common terminology for the energy that’s attached to a human, and our souls and our spirits are, as it refines down - it’s uniquely us. But as it expands up, it moves and changes and affiliates with things. It’s a bunch of frequencies.

So we see the energy of the Earth and the Earth is alive. The Earth has chakras. The Earth has feelings. The Earth made the decision, at one point, to host humans and that we all exist in the field of Mother Earth. You know, as I’m talking, usually I say we’re going to talk to the Earth and feel the energy come through our feet. Right now, I’m just feeling the energy coming up from the Earth, all through and around my body. We send gratitude back to this energy, to this feeling of this Earth. Someday we might try talking to Earth and have her – see if Earth can talk to us through Terry.

We know that’s possible. We’ve never done it. But Earth, we Love you. We thank you for being there for us, for holding for us. We thank you for extending protection to all of us who are in your field, who are-loving you (and compassion for us). Let’s just feel that communion with the Earth. [Silence] So we feel the Earth’s energy moving through us, through our entire body up to the top of our head and now we’re going to go the other way. We’re going to expand into the celestial realms. This is a free will kind of exercise, so feel free to participate or listen. Or if you’re new, you can ask yourself what’s going on there? and just hold your energy in check until you feel cause to let it flow.

We move our energies through the top of our heads, through the crown chakras. Remember all those pictures of chakras where people have all their colors moving through their bodies and coming through the top of their head and it’s like a fountain? This is like that, those pictures. But we’re doing it. We’re moving the energy through the top of our head like a fountain and the fountain is just expanding into our room. Our room is filled with Love Light, that’s coming from our own system.

Now let’s smack the fountain back together again and move through the ceiling and through the rooms above you and through the sky and through the clouds and through the veil. You know there’s an energy field surrounding the Earth that’s hard to get through, that keeps people in check. That keeps people contracted. So imagine that your energy is moving through that veil and suddenly you’re above the limitations of Earth. You’re in space, you’re in the solar system and we’re moving up, up, up. We’re moving through time, we’re moving through space and we hit that place where we are one, where we recognize the oneness.

We could call it blending. We could call it communing. But we, all of you who are listening – and remember, we are outside of time so it doesn’t matter if you’re listening to the replay. All of you who are listening are touching each other, beyond time and space and we can feel that loving energy present. We can silently say we Love you. We are family, even if you don’t have a strong physical family that’s-loving you or supporting you, we are connecting as family. And we invite our Sources and these guys that say they’re group souls (they’re very loving and caring) to join with us.

They become part of the family. How nice … a family. You’re part of something. Now what’s nice about family in other dimensions is that they got a lot of them. They can assign people to people and they have angels. When they feel you and they feel the pureness of your intent, they can work with you. You don’t have to be on the line. They can feel your call, your energy. You are worthy of that. You know one of the things that people have is that they don’t feel worthy. They think,I don’t deserve that, I don’t want to waste their time.” Of course, you’re not wasting their time! What do you think they’re there for? We are part of the children of the Universe.

Many of us have gone astray. Many of us have gotten bypassed or have gone on bypasses and lost our connection. Now we’re making the connection and while we have this connection and this group energy take a moment and hold in your consciousness (in your thoughts) what you would like. Remembering honoring free will; remember for the highest good of all concerned. Don’t make it so huge like I’d like to win the lottery tomorrow. Of course, that would be fine if it happened, you can ask it.

But ask for a loving relationship with your children or your husband or your parents. Ask for an opportunity to have a way of earning a living that activates your loving nature. Ask for something in your body to heal so that you have more ability to be of service in this realm. Ask for someone you care about. I’m going to be silent and you hold the energy, the intention, for what you would like to happen. [Silence] We have a healing page here. Let me go through this page and people who have made requests. We have …

Debby in South Blooming Grove, New York please hold my sweet daughter in your heart and send loving light and healing energy to her. She continues to have more good days than bad. I am grateful to all of you and I thank and I bless you. And then we have …

Tammy in Playa del Rey, California … is requesting healing energy for my Mom, Dad, brother and myself. Thank you in full faith, love to everyone. Take a moment and let’s just hold the space for Tammy’s parents and her brother.

Barb in Oregon … medical issues and financial issues. We put your medical and financial issues in the Light. And then we have …

Madden in Twin Falls, Idaho … she puts her sister Pat into the Light and her brother Bill and his nursing home issues, and her friend Kevin and her own issues, especially with anxiety and peace of mind. Peace to all beings, thank you Wynn and global family. And we have here …

Michael in San Diego, California … healing for Michael and his cold and for his cat Sam and gratitude for everyone who’s holding the space for Sam’s healing and also to my little buddy for accepting this healing.

Lori in Santa Fe, New Mexicohealing on all levels and medical care for Bryan from the accident, particularly his left side. And healing for me on all levels, especially my left side, mostly left hip. Thank you and many blessings. And then we have here …

Lys in Rimrock, Arizonaperfect cure for liver, bladder, intestines. Perfect cure for myself and my daughter for all our problems; healing of the lingering belief that pain and suffering are helpful or necessary. Understanding that love, comfort, peacefulness, joy, abundance, health, safety, power, compassion, harmony and happiness are our birthrights as beings of this Universe, as we are divine expressions of the completeness of Beingness – living expressions of All That Is. Let’s just shut our eyes and surround Lys with Love.

Anna in Seattle, Washington … sends the Light to her friend Nyle who has AIDS and this drug has been his last chance and it doesn’t seem to be working. Anna, look up on the Internet, ozone machines. They’re not legal, but they’re available and find a doctor. See if it resonates and recommend it to your friend, okay? It’s a process where they put ozone into your system and there’re numerous cases of AIDS going away when people did that because the ozone gets into the bloodstream and kills the virus - ozone machine. There’s a book by Ed McCabe called Oxygen Therapies [and Flood Your Body with Oxygen] where he goes through all the people that have had success with that way of healing. Buy that book, Oxygen Therapies by Ed McCabe.

Terry: Also, I would like to say there’s a clinic in Seattle that has some experience with knowing what that basketball star did to handle AIDS and knows something about the subject and so if you want to get in touch with Wynn or myself we could give you the telephone number and name.

Wynn: Well, if you get in touch with me I’m just going to pass it on to Terry because I don’t know what she’s talking about but …

Terry: You can email me at


Wynn: Yeah, let me just do, a disclaimer here. We are not involved in any way, shape, or form financially with any of these things that we recommend. You know make your own decisions on it based on your own investigation and don’t blindly do it because I say so. I’m starting to read Oxygen Therapies - there’s a lot of really good stuff for not only AIDS but other really disabling diseases. This is in Europe - it’s a legal therapy that many doctors use. So check it out.

Marsha in Panorama City, California … asks for help to stop or cope with ongoing continuous attacks from neighbors and lies they are telling the police and authorities to discredit her. We just send blessings to her home and for her safety and well being. Also, Marsha is sending the Light to Jim Cole who has his first trial tomorrow to get back the millions in stolen property and money confiscated during a raid. We just ask for justice and equity in how he’s dealt with.

Okay, so we’ve gone through the list and let’s hear the message from our Sources in higher dimensions as brought through Terry.

Father Mother God we ask for the presence of the Love Light to surround and protect each person on this line and any negativity be taken to the highest realms of Light and transmuted for the highest good of all concerned. We see ourselves in the flow of energy radiating from the center of the Universe, through the galaxies, through the Milky Way, through the solar system, through the outer energy fields of planet Earth and then, through our bodies and into the center of the Earth.

Right now we invoke a group energy connection amongst all those present who would choose to be part of that connection. We invite those Sources that are positive, service-to-others, honoring The Law of One to join with us and we create a protected space that only the positive has access to and anything not of that nature must leave now. And I give the floor to our Sources as they communicate to us through Terry Brown. Thank you.

Ra’An/Terry: We greet you in the Love Light of The One Infinite Creator. This is November 10, 2013 and we feel the Love. We connect. We are here for you. We connect with each and every one of you who wish to be connected with, who wish to be touched. Relax and take a moment from your worries and your troubles and know that you are not your worries; you are not your troubles. You are not the situation. You are a beautiful child of the Universe and we Love you and you are so loved and know, that within the center of yourself there is strength and there is Love and you are not the situation. Put a little distance for a moment between you and the situation. This distance that you put between you and the situation can (give me a minute). Jim? Jim? Give me a moment, I went out of trance. Someone was in the kitchen … just a minute for me to get back.

You are not the situation. You are the source of your power. You are the source that can handle the situation and if you see the situation as something different than yourself, this will give a little distance between you and the situation and give you a little leverage to be able to handle the situation. When you put a little distance between you and the situation, you know in your own self that you are the power, the source that can start to see ways to handle the situation and by looking at it from a little bit of a distance you can get some leverage, to be able to see other solutions.

For when you are sitting right in the middle, square in the middle of the situation, what you see is the situation, you see the problem and you see the situation as something that is overpowering. Now the answer comes from something bringing in something from outside. A different tact, the answer, the solution to come in and change the factors of the problem and begins to put the situation into a change that can begin to bring in the factors that you would like to come in, into the solution.

The solution is from outside and can, as you look at the problem, (you) have one force that is countered by another force. Something you wish: a good economic situation that is countered by a situation that is not what you wish. It’s like a standoff. So to get the situation moving and to get out of the standoff, you can begin to bring in elements from outside of the situation, which can then alleviate the situation.

We take a look into various things you have put into the Light and we send Love to Sam Cat and to Michael. We see the Love that Sam Cat has for Michael and the factors that this plays in Sam Cat’s healing. We know when Sam Cat sometimes has been on the line that Sam Cat has been enjoying the energy of the people on the call and feeling the energy.

We take a look at Lys and see her liver and we see it healing and Gary for the healing and getting stronger. We see Pat getting stronger. We see Bill beginning to heal, finding other alternatives and ways to heal. For if whatever you are doing is not working then, reach outside of that situation and see what other possibilities there are to bring in for your healing. We see the care and concern of those you love that you have put into the Light and this makes a difference. The individual you have put in the Light to heal can become supported by that energy of healing and Love that you have started and you have put there and put in the Light.

And others then are putting it in the Light and this is creating a Light -an actual physical Light within the space that the person can choose to help to be supported by or if it is their path to move into a different transition, then they will move on past it. But your support has been there for them. And make the support unconditional so that if they do decide to move on (that) they can still feel supported by you.

We love you, each and every one of you and it is a rare opportunity for us to make this connection and, it is a sacred moment in time. And we give you our profound thanks for your participation and the ability and opportunity to connect with Love. Thank you.

Wynn: Thank you. We’re going to move back into our group energy. Or I should say move back into the awareness of that energy because it’s been here all the time. We’re working on the principle that our realm is created, first, in the dimensions above this realm that download and coalesce into the physical reality. And, that shifts and changes start above and as they trickle down into this realm, things can shift that appear to be miracles in this realm. But in fact, they’re not miracles at all it’s just accessing the higher way, the higher plateaus of creation in the Universe.

So this is our planetary healing and in that oneness vibration, in that connection with All That Is with the higher group souls, with each other, we have power. We have power to shift things. Again, that doesn’t mean we can say abracadabra and something changes because there are negative forces with agendas that also utilize group energy and also have power and have their areas of free will. So we have to work around all that. We can’t stop them, we can’t kill them - we can’t change them. But we can work around.

So we see this energy that we are creating and we are directing with our Sources help – we see it surrounding our planet in a pink Light just like a cloud of energy and that wherever there’s anything discontinuous, evil, negative, whatever word - it just moves around it and keeps moving. It descends on the people of planet Earth and all of those people who are reaching upwards, who are reaching for Love, no matter what their situation. In their hearts they know there’s something else beyond this physical realm and we reach down and we surround them in this Love Light energy.

We surround all the dolphins and the whales. We pick up the frequency of all those people who are praying with sincerity in their heart and for the highest good we amplify their prayers, their energies. We make the connection to the higher realms so all those things that are being asked for, with the highest good of all concerned and honoring free will, are heard. We send the Love Light energy to all those Wanderers, all those people who have come down from higher dimensions to take physical bodies, who, once they’re here have forgotten why they came.

There’re multi-millions of them on our planet. They’re the people on Facebook – all the young people who love each other, that dance together, that are going to rainbow forums. Some of them have gotten distorted. Some of them are on drugs. Some of them are using their skills working for Internet companies creating networking opportunities. We just send our support and Love for all those people. Right now I would like to put into this field of Love Light – the economy of our planet, the economy of our world and the economies of each one of you, individually.

This is the period where there’s potential for economic calamities and that please, act as if it’s not going to happen but prepare as if it is, on a personal level. We just see that whatever happens there is a collaboration to find ways of going through it that have compassion for the masses. This is on a planetary scale. Now let’s go and do earthquakes and the Ring of Fire and the land masses surrounding the Pacific Ocean. We start in South America at the tip and we’re going to move slowly up the coast. We see our Love Light energy coming down like a laser beam going through the surface of the Earth and surrounding the fault lines, the faults that are out of view, for balance.

One week I said WD-40 and Terry chastised me and said you can’t say that. That’ll make them more slippery. So we just surround them for balance. We move up the coast of South America with our laser beam of Love. We go to Central America, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, (is that in Central America?) We go up the coast of Central America into Mexico and we go up the west coast of Mexico and to Baja California, which is also Mexico and into California – up through San Diego and Carlsbad and Orange County and Irvine and Long Beach and Los Angeles. We just see this Light energy penetrating through the ground and balancing the Earth … continuing to San Francisco.

We move over a little bit to Yellowstone National Park and for potentials for a volcano there and sending balance to that. Los Angeles, of course is next to San Francisco, with San Francisco one of the prone locations in our country. We send the Light to Los Angeles, to all those fault lines running under Los Angeles and all those environs of Los Angeles - Malibu, Santa Barbara, San Francisco and all the environs in San Francisco - Sausalito, continuing to move up - Mt. Shasta, Stinson Beach [and] Mendocino.

We continue to move up to Oregon and the coastline of Oregon and Portland, Mt. Hood into Washington, Mt. Ranier into Vancouver, up the western coast of Canada, across to the southern coast of Alaska, down through the eastern coast of Russia, down through Malaysia, China, the Philippines, Singapore, Hong Kong and Japan. Right now we are going to descend on Fukushima, surround that entire nuclear facility with our Love Light energy keeping it protected from future earthquake incidents and asking to transmute the radioactivity that’s being generated there. [Silence]

Then we go down to Australia and New Zealand and any countries that we missed on the way. Just include them in your thoughts if you think of one. We move over to the center of the country. We’ll go to the New Madrid fault centered in St. Louis and the five states surrounding St. Louis.

We go to the Mid-Atlantic fault which is off the shore of the east coast which could create a huge tsunami. We hold this energy for that area.

Now any earthquake faults anywhere on our planet, we see our cloud surrounding the planet and the energies moving into the planet in a loving way - in a way, creating peace and harmony, affinity, connection with people on planet Earth.

All those areas where there’re droughts, where they’re growing food. We put the health of all beings on planet Earth in the Light and, that those things like GMOs, chemtrails, whatever - are brought to the public’s awareness and eliminated. We ask for interventions. We ask for no nuclear weapons going off - nuclear weapons disabled. We ask for frequencies from the higher realms, counteracting any frequencies that are designed to control, manipulate, or damage our health in this realm. We send this Love Light energy to the compassionate side of all countries, all leaderships: The United States - Washington, D.C., London, Moscow, China – for decisions that are compassionate towards humanity.

We ask for awareness of the truth in the populations of our countries; the awareness and discernment to know what’s positive and what’s negative - who’s trustworthy and who isn’t.

There are many, many agendas before everybody’s eyes right now and we just ask for the blessings of discernment and that those things which are true become revealed. We’re coming to the end of our session. We’re going to now bring the energies back to ourselves, back to our rooms, back to our family’s, back to our cities (our own city) and that each of us is the center of the Universe, holding to the best of our ability, these energies, in our area, knowing that you are powerful, you can do this. Just in the course of a week remind yourself, hold the intention.

Of course there’s the added benefit, as you do this, you’re also creating yourself to expand in your own life, in your own possibilities and your own synchronicities that bring those things in that you need in your life.

I think we’ve covered it - it is 12:57 p.m. - I thank all of you for being here and participating in this. I thank Carla Rueckert and Terry Brown for so strongly holding the energies for this line; and Terry for bringing in the message today. I thank all those people that are volunteering and we’re going to wish you all, a wonderful day and a wonderful week and blessings. The lines are unmuted.

Lucy: Thank you Terry, thank you Wynn, thank you Carla. Thank you, have a good week. See you tomorrow.

Cacophony of everybody: Love Light to everybody all week long, thank you, thank you, thank you, love you, see you later, etc., etc., etc.

#  #  #

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