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Monday Call 11/11/2013
Host: Wynn Free
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Producer: Gijs Minderhoud
Channeled by Terry Brown
Transcribed by Michael Snider
Edited by Terry L. Brown
Formatted and sent by Aharon ben Or

Wynn: This is November 11th, 2013. This is Wynn Free and Terry Brown in Sedona (AZ). Gijs is our...what are you? Are you our "Producer" Gijs?

Gijs: It sounds good but I call myself “the Greeter" (he chuckled).

Wynn: The "Greeter-Producer" in Magalia [CA]. Magalia, is that right?

Gijs: That's right.

Wynn: We have a really special guest tonight...Doctor Terry Friedmann. Are you in Scottsdale or Phoenix [AZ]. Terry?

Dr.Terry Friedmann: Phoenix.

Wynn: You are in Phoenix...that is what I thought. Terry Brown was starting rumors, saying you were in Scottsdale [AZ].

Terry Brown: (Terry laughs)

Dr. Friedmann: I used to be...I moved to Phoenix.

Wynn: You moved...Ok.

Dr. Friedmann: I am about two blocks from Scottsdale now.

Wynn: Two blocks...well that's close enough. You are on the wrong side of the tracks? Right?

Dr. Friedmann: Yeah, right you've got it!

Wynn: (Wynn chuckles) If you saw my announcement today for this Call, which most of you on the Call probably get tired of reading my announcements, because I send them just before the Call...but Terry Friedmann in this lifetime has quite a distinguished past. He is a Holistic Medical Doctor, but you are a Medical Doctor, you are not an Alternative Doctor?

Dr. Friedmann: I am a Medical Doctor but holistically inclined!

Wynn: Yes...and he is an expert at formulating "essential oil formulas.”

Dr. Friedmann: Yes.

Wynn: He was one of the people that helped Gary Young start his company called-Young Living Essential Oils-which is a multi/million dollar/multi level company, which many Alternative Health Practitioners use his products. He was also one of the founders of The Holistic Medical Association.

Terry Brown and I were sitting in the lunch room last weekend at this event in Sedona [AZ]. Terry Friedmann was across from us with this beautiful young lady and he started saying some things and I started jumping in and saying, "Wait a second". I didn't know who he was. I said "I am an expert on those things" (Wynn chuckles). I think I was a little "brash"...but somehow we ended up having a really good conversation and he came to my talk and then he gave us two books that he wrote. One of them was "The Man Who Walked With Jesus: Tales from the Sixth Disciple". That [disciple] was MATTHEW. On the back of the book there were some comments on the book of them was from Gladys McGarey who was the wife of Dr. McGarey who was the most renown Edgar Cayce doctor, I believe, in the country. Dr. William McGarey, was that his first name... William?

Dr. Friedmann: Yeah, right.

Wynn: In Phoenix and years ago...this was years ago Terry [Brown] and I were selling multi level marketing/vitamins-a product called “Cernitin”--and we actually came to Phoenix two times where they used to do a show every year. Do you remember that?

Dr. Friedmann: Yes.

Wynn: Yes, and we were there. We had a table there and of course I was very much into Edgar Cayce. I was excited to go to this show.

[This year] it was really exciting to meet Dr. Friedmann at the event [in Sedona].

This is an incredible story because he believes he was Matthew--The Gospel- according to Matthew.

I went on the internet earlier and looking for some quotes that were in the Gospel according to Matthew and let me see here if I can we go, yes [here are some quotes]:

"Judge not yet thee shall be judged";

"Your heart will always be where your treasure is".

Now Terry that was actually you quoting Jesus, right? Or were they from Matthew himself?

Dr. Friedmann: Actually...they were said to me [by Jesus]. [Jesus said]:"You are just quoting me and you are nothing but a scribe.”I said "That's alright; I love to be a scribe".

Wynn: So you were writing all those things down and then you put them in the Gospel of Matthew. I tell people we are not going to believe that Terry [Friedmann] was Matthew. We don't believe anything. We look for resonance. So we are going to find out his story tonight-of how he feels connected to Matthew. And if he was responsible for bringing forth some of Jesus’ greatest messages in The Gospel of Matthew. Am I right Terry?

Dr. Friedmann: I believe so, yes.

Wynn: as I was reading the book I found out that you were a Tax Collector!

Dr. Friedmann: That's right.

Wynn: And Jesus discovered you and said: "Give up everything and come with me," and you did it, or Matthew did it! Is that in the Bible that Matthew was a Tax Collector?

Dr. Friedmann: Yes.

Wynn: It is?

Dr. Friedmann: Yes.

Wynn: Why don't we start out by having you how you made this connection to Matthew?

Dr. Friedmann: Sure! Why not? I was a practicing physician for the last thirty years. I was a Medical Doctor located in Scottsdale, Arizona and I must say my life has been very, very unique in that I have had many unique experiences and I have gotten an opportunity to go to many, many countries and do a lot of traveling as well.

So I have had a very rare chance to be, you might say, to be educated just as Jesuha…they call him Jesuha, because we all spoke Aramaic at that time. We did not speak Hebrew or any other language. We basically spoke a tongue that is almost unknown now-it is called Aramaic.

Basically, having done this I decided that being an author is much more fun than practicing medicine all day long so when I received a calling from “Him”, in 1995, he appeared to me and asked me if I would write a book about the “True Life” that he expressed two thousand years ago!

Now, I had always been a Christian, and in fact I am an Elder in the Church and Presbyterian as a matter of fact. I felt very connected to Him but still I had no knowledge of how deep this connection went.

But when he appeared to me in 1995 and asked me to write a book about his life...I said: "Well I am very honored and humbled about your request however...I must say I don't know anything about your life except what I have read in the New Testament." He thought and said "You will remember." He said on top of that, "I will download while you sleep my whole life before your eyes and you are asked by me to please write this down." I said, "Well then I am just a scribe.” He said "That's correct.” He said "That's a big job". I said: "I agree, I shall take on the task.” But at that time I still had a medical practice in Scottsdale Arizona so things went very slow. So after I retired in 1997...

Wynn: Excuse me. Terry let me ask you a question...and that is: when you had this vision of Jesus, can you share; like was it a voice in your head? Could you see? Did you have a vision of seeing him? How were you sure that it was actually Jesus, if you were [sure]?

Dr. Friedman: You know...even though I am analytical in my daily life, I still let my heart lead me and I knew immediately. Nobody had to tell me. I knew I had affinity. I heard him. He was talking to me just like you are talking to me now! When he's talking to me quite loudly...and this hasn't been the first time either. I've had that when I went to Egypt in '92. However, he spoke to me very clearly and distinctly and said: "You will remember, you will remember." And I had...not the time, at that time, to complete the book. So it took me seven years to write this book about his life. And he during that time...I spoke to him frequently, he would call me "Mattai." I said, "Where does that come from?" He said: "That's the Aramaic name of Matthew." So he constantly said to me: "You were Mattai, period!” I said: "Yeah, I might have been that but I don't think I was really him." "Yes you were him"! [Jesus said.]

Wynn: (laughs)

Dr. Friedmann: So...I accepted his words and wrote this book about, from my perspective as Mattai, “the Sixth Disciple”, and I remembered meeting him [Jesus] when he and Five Disciples came to a small town by Nazareth. They came into a roadway there and it immediately caught my attention. So I began to get close to him [Jesus] and learn more about him. But I indeed was a Tax Collector. I was very much a...I had a Roman heart. I liked the way the Romans lived. They had a very well educated, you might say, a view of a lot of countries. They would conquer the countries then bring back much of the culture that they had learned from those countries. So, I kind of put myself on their side and spent a lot of my time in Rome. However, once he [Jesus] asked me to join him, my whole life changed!

So, the book got really going when I retired in 1997 from my medical practice. I could devote to full time my creating this book. I must say that a big part of that was having purchased a beautiful cottage in a city up there in Northern Colorado, where I moved after I retired. And there by the creek I had my days cut out for me. During the night the information was "downloaded" to me. In the morning I would get up a write for hours and then walk in the National Forest up there. It's a beautiful mountain...Colorado...

Wynn: In Colorado...what city in Colorado?

Dr. Friedmann: That was in the city of Estes Park!

Wynn: Estes Park?

Dr. Friedman: It is a resort city up there [surrounded by The Rocky Mountain. National Forest.] We bought a wonderful house there along the river, near downtown Estes Park and I used to spend weeks on end up there. Essentially by myself, creating this book!

Wynn: Now...when you got the "downloads" from Jesus did it wake up memories in you? Like did you say, "Yes, I know that?"

Dr. Friedmann: Little by little it did. But the major thing that woke up my memories was actually writing the book! The first chapter is devoted to my first meeting of Jesuha [and the] five [Disciples], a motley crew. Of course, I considered myself, more sophisticated and worldly, having spent most of my time in Rome, but coming back to this town of Nazareth, and collecting taxes and so forth, I was very much aligned with the Roman concepts; the Roman ideas, and considered myself one of the better educated of the Disciples.

Wynn: Now...Jesus did this with all of his Disciples? He would just walk up to them and say: "You are supposed to come with me." And then they just went along, right?

Dr. Friedmann: Well...some did, and some were hesitant at first, but eventually joined the group. It wasn't spontaneous for everyone. I think it was one of my brothers, Thomas, who said something like..."Well, I have to go bury my parents" or whatever it was. Jesuha said something to the effect: "Let the dead bury the dead, come with me now."

Wynn: You know, one of the things, that was striking, when I started thumbing through your book, and by the way it is called THE MAN WHO WALKED WITH JESUS. Is it available on Amazon, Terry?

Dr. Friedmann: Yes, it is. It is available on Amazon and it is also available in my web site which is: You can go to Amazon or Barnes & Noble has some of my books, but not all of them, but that one I know is on Amazon and you can get it on my web site.

Wynn: It seemed to me as I was thumbing through your book, that Jesus kind of liked to party!

Dr. Friedmann: He did, he was a very lighthearted guy. He performed Yoga every day, he loved Yoga and he ate very, very smartly and very healthfully and tried to get us to join him, but of course we were on the road a lot with him so we basically ate what he ate. He was a very lighthearted man and a very human man I must add.

Wynn: And you were there, when he turned-water into wine. Right?

Dr. Friedmann: I hadn't joined yet. No, I didn't see that, that part of it.

Wynn: You didn't see that?

Dr. Friedmann: But he was dancing pretty wildly there at the wedding party and then the master who was putting on the wedding party actually said: “We are ready to hand out the wine, we have many more guests than we anticipated," and asked Jesuha...actually it was Mother Mary that asked him: "Please, son, turn this water into wine." So he did. It was the top quality wine to and I am not necessarily a wine connoisseur but I do like wine and I think that my understanding is that it was a good grade of wine.

Wynn: When I was reading your book, it sounded like he didn't do it to show off or to do a miracle. It was because they needed wine, right?

Dr. Friedmann: That’s right. In fact he was really reluctant to reveal himself. It was his mother that pushed him.

Wynn: How about...were you there for any of the other miracles that happened?

Dr. Friedmann: Almost every one after that. In the very early time of his life on this earth [I was not there] but for the rest of the time I was pretty much involved.

Wynn: What is it that you think about Jesus that no one knows about that you have some memory of that would be neat for people to hear?

Dr. Friedmann: I think you hit it on the nail there! That he was really a guy who loved life: who played tricks on his dear Mother and he was a little bit of a...and by the way he never liked carpentry. He never got involved in carpentry [as] mentioned in the Bible or mentioned somewhere, and it is believed by many Christians that he was a real carpenter. He never liked carpentry. He just didn't feel drawn to it. He thought his work was higher than that in the sense of spiritually, the message that he had to bring to the world. It was his brother John who worked with his father in the carpentry shop.

The other thing was...Jesus was not poor. His great uncle was Joseph of Arimathea and Joseph of Arimathea was a wealthy, wealthy trader who sailed his ships around the oceans: to India; to England; to Scotland; in fact to the United States and traded with all types of people and he got to know a lot of these countries quite well.

In fact, the big thing was when Jesus reached twelve years of age he went with his uncle, Joseph of Arimathea, and became a "Deck Hand", and learned to be a Man and a Sailor all at once. But [he] learned along the line about people throughout the world--that was known at that time, which included, as I say, India. He learned many things from going to India as well as going to Tintagel in Northern England and he visited the Native Indians in Mexico at that time. So a lot of these things he’d found out from the wonderful education that could only be given to him by his wealthy uncle. So he wasn't poor by any means but he was in a very humble life and was never much for luxuries.

Wynn: When Jesus's Disciples were tromping around was Joseph of Arimathea footing the bills? They obviously had to eat and sleep somewhere? Were people taking care of them? Or were they staying in the Motels of the time? (Wynn chuckles)

Dr. Friedmann: No, a lot of times we slept out under a tree outside and don't forget that this part of Israel was a very good climate. We occasionally saw snow but that was pretty rare. It was only at the higher altitudes. But mostly people were very kindly and accepted us and took us in and fed us and things like that. If not, we did with what we had. Dried fish...we were around the Sea of Galilee for quite a long time which we were able to get abundant fish from that area.

Wynn: The work that we are doing has a connection to Jesus. Part of the connection is--and there is a huge amount of evidence to this--I don't know if you have looked at it but that Terry [Brown] was [St. Catherine of Siena]. Are you familiar with St. Catherine of Siena?

Dr. Friedmann: I have heard of her, yes, but I am not that familiar with her but I have heard of her, Yes, absolutely yes.

Wynn: Here is the story. St. Catherine was a young woman in Siena, Italy and she would go into the local church and they would write down everything she said because they thought God was speaking to them through her. And apparently she was talking to Jesus because Jesus said "You are now my”...Terry do you want to share that part?

Terry Brown: Ok. This is what I remember. I remember the feeling of being married and having the dream of a wedding ring and that I was married to the Father-Son-and the Holy Ghost. And that is where I made my commitments rather than in a worldly marriage. I thought that I was married to the Father-Son and the Holy Ghost. I have other memories of that life, too and the thing with memories is that [as] you have mentioned, because you wrote the book, you remembered more and more. The things that I found, is that I remember more and more as time goes by.

Dr. Friedmann: Yes. Not only that, before I published this book in 2002 I decided to go on a trip to Israel and see for myself the places we had visited and see what it is like today and I did do that. That brought things to a real foundation or meaning to me because I saw things as they are today and then I remembered more things about how they were before, when I actually saw Peter’s house, and so on and so forth, which is said to still be standing. So when I saw these things and sailed on the Sea of Galilee, it opened up a lot to me. And my memory came back a lot quicker at that time. So right before I finished the book I did include that as a final chapter, so that really made a big difference into bringing everything to me at that time, meeting some herdsmen, who spoke Aramaic and lived in the tents of the skins of animals and went around the villages and went throughout the country feeding their animals. This also helped me gain a lot of knowledge about the language and much of my work at that time or play if you want to look at Jesus. We were more serious than he [Jesus] was I think. He had his hands full teaching these twelve dumb guys about life, I think. What it [life] is all about, because we were certainly going against the grain, when we began to discuss these things.

Wynn: Now I remember when he brought Judas on, you weren't too pleased with Judas, were you?

Dr. Friedmann: No, he was kind of an outsider because most of us were from around Northern Israel. We were from the cities there, Nazareth or whatever but Judas was brought in from Jerusalem. And he had a different agenda, God love him, he had one of the toughest jobs there. I say that because his idea was: "Hey, we should challenge Jesus here publicly and he will stand up and break through the bars of the prisons and show that he is stronger than anything...well, we can chase the Romans out of our country who are now occupying the state of Israel.” This was his belief and he was very, very defined on that belief, that, that was the way things were. But, he was only one of the twelve of us and we all had slightly different perspectives on things. As I said, myself, I was kind of aligned with the Roman Empire so that didn't interest me at all, what his ideas were.

Wynn: I have heard this story before about Judas because normally it's historically he is thought of the guy that betrayed Jesus for silver, but in fact, I have heard two other stories. One was that he wanted to put Jesus on the line so Jesus would stand up and the whole world would recognize him. Which, is what you are saying and the other was that Jesus in fact wanted this to happen because it was a way that he would reach people.

Dr. Friedmann: Yes. Well that is unique about him, that he was crucified, ascended and quite different than the other. I do know, death by the cross was quite common in that day. It wasn't just the three people on the hill overlooking- Jerusalem, a lot of people were crucified. If they tried to challenge the conquerors –the Romans, they were put to death! It is a very painful way-hung on the cross. So being on a cross is not particularly fun but it certainly wasn't uncommon and Jesus kept telling he said: "Whatever you do, take me down from that cross, I don't want to be up there, I don't want to be known as the guy on the cross, I want to be known for the Message I brought to the world which is: WE ARE ALL ONE-WE ARE ALL CHILDREN OF GOD. That is the important thing!" Not, not the message that: he died on the cross to save our sins. He said, “No, I didn't save your sins. I am not your sin savior, I am your SERVANT!” He told me that many times. "I am your SERVANT, I am not here to save you from yourself or the things you have to deal with that...I am here as your SERVANT to help you see things more clearly."

Wynn: Wow!

Terry Brown: (astonished laugh) that’s beautiful.

Wynn: You were there after he was on the cross and then you were there after he appeared resurrected. Am I right?

Dr. Friedmann: That's correct and it took him about six days, five or six days to ascend completely. He was put in the tomb of his great uncle. Joseph of Aramathea had saved that tomb and he was placed in there and then obviously he came down out of that tomb. He had the Shroud still around him. The Shroud of Turin is actually the factual Shroud that he wore and eventually that truth will be brought out. Right now there is some controversy of the view of the people who have control of that Shroud and by the way there is two pieces. There is a Facial Shroud and then there is a Body Shroud. So he basically claimed to me: "That is my correct Shroud, and you will find when your analysis is improved, you will find evidence of the frankincense oil still on that Shroud”-that he was prepared in death with, by the [two] Marys--Mother Mary and his TWIN FLAME, Mary Magdelene.

Wynn: I am just going to tell everybody if they are not aware of it-The Shroud of Turin- actually exists right now, and that there's an image on it of Jesus that's kind of burned into the Shroud and this controversy is what Terry [Friedmann] was talking about. Whether that's actually Jesus or somebody faked it or something like that but you can look it up...Shroud of Turin and read about it. Terry, who were your favorite Disciples? Who were your friends?

Dr. Friedmann: Oh golly...

Wynn: Matthew’s friends?

Dr. Friedmann: Yeah, Matthew’s. Well, actually, surprisingly enough I did manage to make friends with Judas. One thing about him, he was a little anti Roman but I learned that he was very educated, one of the most educated [along with] myself and I did like him quite a bit. Thomas was a good friend of mine and still is.

Wynn: You know him in this lifetime?

Dr. Friedmann: Yeah...but he came in a feeble body this life time. That was a good friend of mine then. As a group we stuck together, you know what I am saying, which often happens. We kind of stuck together...

Wynn: How about John -The Beloved?

Dr. Friedmann: Honestly, because he was a homosexual, we didn't like his feminine ways. In fact on the painting of The Last Supper he is sitting next to Jesuha. He looks very feminine, he was very feminine but he's really a good guy and Mary was introduced to him by Jesus when [Jesus] was on the cross saying "Mother behold your son; son behold your mother." He [Jesus] knew that he could trust John. So what he [John] did, he took, when things got tough after [Jesus’] crucifixion he [John] took her [Mother Mary] to Turkey and went to a city of Ephesus in Turkey and got a place for her on the mountain top overlooking Ephesus.

Ephesus used to be a Roman city in Turkey at sea coast that was eventually silted in and is abandoned now today. But they are finding lots of interesting things in the library there and they are only about 3 to 5% uncovered by archaeological digs but it’s very marvelous finding of this life time when a lot of people respected Ephesus. But he put her in a mountain top retreat above Ephesus looking down over Ephesus so she could go down when she needed supplies and that's where she was for the last eight years of her life.

Wynn: So, John -The Beloved was gay? That's not in the Bible, is it?

Dr. Friedmann: No, none of us put it there. But I will say this, he did not practice. He did not practice it. He was really was committed to Jesuha's needing to get the word out; the message out through the healing, when we went around the country doing our healing; doing our work in the villages where we were generally well received by the people at that time. But we also had at times a very large entourage with us of people who were looking after us and making sure we had everything right, that everything was cooked properly and just the way that Jesuha liked it, and the times we did not spend in the house at night, we had the company of all these wonderful people who followed us where ever we went.

Wynn: I'll tell you a story that: years ago, I had a teacher that I was very influenced by. I would say he was the know at one period of my life I was going to Yogis and Masters and Gurus and reading everything and this one guy was awesome! He would give a talk and I could feel the energy land in the room. I could feel my depressions going away; I could feel there was something in his presence and I think I had that experience with him.

In recent times I show up and do things and people feel similar energy as I felt around this guy. He was like a role model. He used to say that he was, John -The Beloved, and I used to think “Maybe he was”, because of his ability to bring in this wonderful energy into the space! And probably about twelve or fifteen years into it he got into deep "doo doo" because it came out that he was having relationships with the four guys that were his assistants and they all got mad at him! So it is very interesting that you said: "John -The Beloved was gay.” It was really interesting because I don't think that anyone really...well there are people if you look on the Internet, there are people that mention it. And then some people say they thought that Jesus was having a connection with John- the Beloved. None the less, this guy, was awesome in his ability to transmute spirit and bring it into the room. I don't want to say who he is because his work got very damaged, because of this "gay thing" that came out and a lot of people left him because of it. But it is very interesting that you mentioned that.

Dr. Friedmann: Well, we made fun of John because he was kind of naive, and you know, but he would do anything he could to help Jesus in his works and so forth. There was nothing he wouldn't do. So he was really very faithful.

Wynn: We have about ten minutes left...we can go to twelve minutes, and there are two things that I want to do in the next twelve minutes. First off: I want to make sure that we fit in...and thank you Carolyn in Alaska for reminding me...we didn't even do it Sunday because I wasn't even paying attention to the news...we do a prayer or an intention for the Philippines-for the ten thousand people who supposedly died there and I am sure a lot of people are homeless at the moment. So we want to do a prayer for them, and Terry I hope you will join us for that. But before we do that, let’s just see if anyone has got a burning question for you? I will open the lines...and let us just see how much noise we've got here...hang on....

Donald Herman: I have a question!

Wynn: Who is that? Is that Donald Herman?

Donald Herman: Yep it is. I am just curious talk about Jesus's traveling and you said he went to South America. Do you know if, would have met Mayans, or do you have any idea who he might have met with there?

Dr. Friedmann: No, it wasn't South America. It was more like Mexico. Mexico is considered North America by the way and yes he met a lot of the Mayans and this group and they were still doing "sacrifices." Even though Jesuha and Joseph really enjoyed the wonderful tropical breezes, I think when they were sitting on the beach; they tried to influence the heads of the Mayan group or the Aztec group. I think it was before the Aztecs came about. The Aztecs were a break off of the Mayans. They tried to tell them that "God doesn't expect or doesn't even want or doesn't care for any of their sacrifices...that is wrong!” "Whether it be [sacrificing] animal or man, it is wrong!” “Let’s stop doing that!” That was the message that Jesuha and Joseph of Aramathea gave to these elders of the Mayan population who were at that time in Southern Mexico.

Wynn: Thank you. Let us see if we have another question. Anyone else have a question out there?

Listener: I was just going to mention there is a great book if he wants more information about Jesus and Mexico. It is called: He Walked the Americas-by L.Taylor Hanson and she spent all these times with the Native Americans in the area and they told of all the stories about being visited by Jesus that had been passed on. It's a great book!

Wynn: That's validation for Terry's story, too! Did someone else have a question? Terry, you wanted to say something...go ahead.

Dr. Friedmann: I just wanted to say that...Jesus came back as a "Winged Serpent" that's the way they [the Mayans] define him. A "Serpent" to the Southern Mexican people meant wisdom and winged showed that he could go up and down at will into the sky, so they tried to call him QUETZALCOATL, which was a name for "Winged Serpent." They talk about it today in the culture. That is correct.

Wynn: Terry, is Jesus, still, ever talking to you?

Dr. Friedmann: Yes...occasionally he does. He doesn't seem to be as committed as when I was writing the book, but he still talks to me, just as a lot of his close allies do, in the light form that they now exist.

Wynn: Tell him if he ever wants to say "Hello" to our group, we would love it! Ok. (Wynn chuckles)

Dr. Friedmann: I shall, yes...I shall.

Wynn: And let's see if we have another question. Anyone else have another question out there?

Listener: I do! Was Jesus a Vegetarian?

Wynn: Was Jesus a Sagittarian? Is that the question?

Listener: No! A Vegetarian? (the female caller laughs)

Wynn: (laughing) Oh! A Vegetarian!

Dr. Friedmann:  We had great discussions about that because some of us were Vegetarians and others were not. So he said "that is up to the source, to you guys, whatever you want to do, whatever you feel right about, you can be a Vegetarian or not. It is okay, because, we indeed rule these animals of our planet; however, we’ve got to respect them, and to be kind to them.” We ate fish, things of that nature. So most of us were not vegetarian but we were people that enjoyed the typical meal; yogurt and things of this nature of that time. Garbanzo beans that stuff, we ate that a lot, and as I say we ate the that is what we ate.

Wynn: Let us see if we have got another question out there?

Michael: (from New York) Yes. Terry, were you the one that came up with Essene’s oil originally?

Dr. Friedmann: Well, I am the one to come up with ESSENTIAL OILS?

Michael: (from New York) Yeah Essene’s oil.

Dr. Friedmann: No, not that I am aware of...although I was one of the first Holistic Medical Doctors in this country as Benjamin Rush and I brought a lot of that, God’s natural healing. God’s natural healing pharmacy is our plants and our oils, and I have pretty much been promoting that in Medicine. So I am kind of a different Doctor, even though I have treated many of the...whatever works I use it!

Michael: (from New York) That’s good. Thank you!

Wynn: Do we have another question? I think we've got room for one more question.

Carolyn: Yes!

Wynn: I heard that. That's somebody in Alberta, Canada. Is that somebody in Alberta?

Carolyn: Yes, this is Carolyn.

Wynn: Hi Carolyn!

Carolyn: Was Jesus married?

Dr. Friedmann: Absolutely he was! Mary Magdelene was his TWIN FLAME. He is with her today. And do you know what a TWIN FLAME is? TWIN FLAMES are two souls that actually join to become one and one is the mirror image of the other. So if I am thinking: "Golly we need to go to the show tonight," TWIN FLAME may say; "I want to stay home and watch TV." So you deal with that. You work out a relationship...but yeah, Mary Magdelene was his TWIN FLAME.

Wynn: Now was Jesus...was it his idea, not to put that in the Bible?

Dr. Friedmann: Let me say one thing! They had a child, by the way. They had a child and Mary Magdelene took the [child]...after his [Jesus's] death she was seven months pregnant. The child was not born yet. When after his death she went on complaining that: "He left me and I am pregnant" and "bla,bla,bla". But eventually a beautiful female child was born by the name of SARAH and she [Mary Magdelene] eventually took that child and went to France with that child, and became part of the "ruling energy" there in France.

Wynn: Are you familiar with Lawrence Gardner?

Dr. Friedmann: No, I never heard [of him.]

Wynn: Lawrence Gardner wrote a whole bunch of books about this. I think: The Blood Line of The Holy Grail, talking about Jesus's blood line continuing in Europe. He is quite well known and his books have a lot of respect.

Dr. Friedmann: I must say, the word "Holy Grail", I am told by Jeshua that: "You can't find my cup today, it's not here, around here.”

Wynn: Right...all right. We are so "Honored" to have you on sharing this! I am going to...we have applause over the listen guys. Let's give a round of applause to Terry Friedmann for coming here.

Listeners: [a heartfelt round of applause from the listeners] Yeah! Thank you!...Thank you!...Thank you so much!...Thank you, Terry!...Very interesting!...Thank you!...Will you come back?

Dr. Friedmann: If Wynn would ask me to, I may do that.

Wynn: Well, you know what...I think that you have a lot to share with us. Not only about "The Life of Jesus" but people that have health issues...I have a feeling that you know a lot of things that work! And maybe sometime we will do another session. We’ll let people [ask questions]. We’ll call it, “Ask Terry!” And some of the people out there can get help from some of your knowledge.

Listener: I have one more question!

Wynn: I am sorry...we are not going to take another question right now because we only have a couple minutes and I want to do a prayer, a group intention, for the Philippines which had this very devastating typhoon hit it. So let us all just go for a moment...we will do it in more detail on Sunday.

"We bring in the Love Light Energy, we bring in our Sources, we create a Group Energy and we move it over to the Philippines...we surround their country with Love Light and we surround those people who are going through great deprivation now after losing their homes...we send this Love to those souls-ten thousand-that have passed that are on the other side...we ask for them to be Blessed and worked with and Angelic forces surrounding them and we ask our Sources to work with these people on the other side that passed and while we are at it we are going to send this Light to Terry Friedmann for his health, for his well being and let's all do that right now.".

And on that note, I am sorry we didn't take your last question. We will have Terry on again and we will just have questions and answers next time he is on. But if you are curious about what seems to be an "eye witness" on THE MAN WHO WALKED WITH JESUS: Tales From The Sixth's Terry Sheppard Friedmann M.D. and it is on Amazon and it is on his web site and on that note...Terry do you have anything to say, in closing?

Dr. Friedmann: No, I hope I haven't turned anybody off but I've got to tell the truth. That is one thing Jesus said "always tell the truth" so this is as I know it! The truth of what I saw and observed back in the days two thousand years ago.

Wynn: You know what? It was wonderful. It felt very real. It felt like we were there. I thank you so much for sharing it. I know we have lots of people listening that loved hearing this "first hand" account.

Dr. Friedmann: Now if you ask me back again...the web site is thank you!

Wynn: Every Sunday we do this "healing meditation" for two hours where we bring in that Energy and I am going to call you if you are home and would like to hang in with it, I think you will enjoy it. Terry you wanted to say something? Terry Brown?

Terry Brown: I just wanted to thank you, Very Much! I totally enjoyed that!

Dr. Friedmann: I am glad you did.

Wynn: So...I am unmuting everybody...

Gijs: Thank you very much Dr. Friedmann!

Listeners: Thank you! Hello, thank you!...Thank you!...Good night!...Thank you Wynn, thank you Terry!...Great show!...Love you all!...etc, etc.

Dr. Friedmann: You are all so welcome!

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