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Personal & Planetary Grid Healing Session

“Releasing the dark patterns that are stuck inside; manifesting”

Sunday Call:  11.17.2013
Hosted by: Wynn Free with Carla Rueckert and Dr. Terry Friedmann
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Channeled by: Terry Brown
Transcribed by: Susan Rush
Edited by: Terry Brown
Formatted and sent by: Robynne Olson


Wynn: Good morning everybody, or good whatever it is. This is 11:02 a.m. [11-17-2013], Wynn Free and Terry Brown in Sedona [Arizona]. We have Carla Rueckert in (Anchorage -I was going to say Alaska) Anchorage, Kentucky. For those of you that listened to our Monday call, we have Dr. Terry Friedmann in the background. He’s not feeling well, so I told him he can just listen in, particularly, because we’re going to read an excerpt of his book today, called The Man Who Walked with Jesus: Tales from the Sixth Disciple.

And I always say don’t believe anything. So I don’t believe it, you know, I mean Terry believes he was Matthew, the disciple of Jesus and he wrote a book about it. And he had all these revelations and when I say don’t believe it … I should say (I don’t believe it) I don’t disbelieve it but I think it might be true. You know what? Things like that will unfold over time. Just like I say with the Elohim, with the Ra Group – you shouldn’t approach this believing in anything. You should approach it being open-minded, open to the possibility and see how it resonates over time.

Because if something is true it will become apparent, even at the beginning stages when it looks like it could be true. See the thing is - because when you believe something before you know it’s true, you give up your power to your belief. Then, you stop your process of validating it for yourself because you think you’ve already validated it because you believe it’s true. So the best procedure on all this is to be neutral. To think that it could be true; it’s possible that it’s true and - let’s see where it goes.

That’s the approach I took for a few years when they started talking to me, I said I don’t know if they are who they say they are; I don’t know, it seems like they could be. I mean, jeez, they did a miracle – they did this ... But even that is not enough to give up your power. Because, in giving up your power – this is like a little bit of a tricky thing. Tricky, because this is one of those cosmic paradoxes where you do have to surrender. You do have to surrender but either … now what are the words for this?

Carla: Well, they call it the suspension of disbelief when you’re talking about literature …

Wynn: Yeah.

Carla: ‘so that you can believe the story.

Wynn: Yeah, when I say surrender, it’s kind of like “surrender,” to me means showing up and being neutral, okay? It doesn’t mean surrendering your free will. It doesn’t mean surrendering your self-sovereignty. It means having the disposition that something might be real and keep checking it out and being neutral. Don’t believe in it, don’t not believe in it; and within the neutrality, there’s an-openness. Then, see what happens when that openness shows up and see if energy moves inside of you, either in a positive way or a negative way.

There are certain circumstances that if you approach it and you’re neutral and you’re open, you’ll walk away from it and not feel well because you’ll have picked up a lot of garbage. Here’s how tricky this all is. This is how hard it is to figure out in your mind. There are certain circumstances that when you’re open and you’re neutral, you’ll feel this beautiful energy come in and say wow! I feel Love, I feel connection and then we say, we think that’s the Sources that are on our call. We think they’re able to flow in and make you feel that energy. But here’s how tricky it is because here’s the third situation.

The third situation is you show up on a call like this one, that at this point I certainly believe it is what we say it is, and that there’s a lot of loving energy on the call - both loving energy that we have for each other, that we’ve learned to have, and loving energy that comes in from higher dimensions - from Sources that we believe are positive and that are able to send loving energy into our beings, in a way that we can feel it. One of the things about that is, if you have a lot of karmic patterns that are holding you back, when that loving energy comes up, man, it can surface the karmic patterns. So you end up feeling worse instead of better, while those patterns are surfacing. So this is how tricky discernment is in this level.

Because if you’re looking to just participate in something and feel better, and it surfaces all your dark shadows that are inside of you, then that’s really good that they’re surfacing. But when you feel those dark shadows come up and it makes you feel sad, angry, tearful, depressed - whatever - you may be surfacing stuff and it may not be that there’s something wrong with the call. In fact, it’s actually very positive to surface that stuff. Because when you can surface it and it can release through you, you can be done with it. You see, the patterns that are stuck inside of you have to be experienced and surfaced.

That’s how you grow. That’s how you move through them and if you always - and this is like what happens in the normal world - people are not able to express those patterns, the dark patterns. They always have to look good. They always have to look cheery. They have to make pretend: how you doing; we’re fine, thank you, and underneath they’re not fine but they have to say that. You really can’t go around in the world dumping all your shadow stuff in [and on] everyone around you because they won’t stay around, they’ll leave.

So, like in this circumstance here, we have a-group energy and it can handle you releasing your stuff. You’re releasing it into that energy. It’s taken to the higher realms. No one has to hold it very much - I mean, I hold stuff - I can feel myself holding things for people; I know Terry can. But it’s kind of like it doesn’t totally overwhelm us. It just passes through. I’ve learned how to move stuff through me, usually, and if I have to go through a day of depression because I’m processing a lot of other people’s energies, then I’ll just go through it and the next day I’ll be fine again, hopefully.

It’s all transitory and it’s worth it because, you know it’s like helping people release things that are very hard to release. So this is at least how I see the process, to some extent. That, even some of you that come in on these calls that have a really, really light energy - and that are angelic beings coming in from higher realms – (and) I know you’re there, I can feel you. When you’re there, you’re helping with all this processing and some of you may experience, like after the call, being tired, wanting to go to sleep. And in a sense, you’re helping to process other people.

If I’m on George Noory again - I want to say when I’m on George Noory again - we’re going to see a whole bunch of new people on these calls and we are all going to be holding and learning how to process that energy that comes in. This is what I’ve learned after some years of doing this – how it works. It’s a group-energy processing-machine for our planet. That it’s not just [about] listening to Wynn, listening to Terry, listening to the Elohim, listening to Carla. We’re all part of a team and most of what happens - happens not in what I say but around the edges of what I say.

It happens in the spaces. It happens in the silence. You feel that energy rush in, in the silence? That’s always there.

You know we have Carla here and we have Dr. Terry Friedmann here and I want to introduce them to each other. But Terry is not going to talk he’s just going to listen. Of course, for Terry - this is an introduction to Carla. She is a legendary figure in the world of channeling, transformation … and there’s probably tens of thousands of people that have been influenced by her work which started in 1981 when a voice came through her that said I am Ra.

She was channeling this Intelligence that said it was a group soul from another dimension, made up of graduates of this realm [3D], that helps lower level planetary populations evolve. Her channeling partner was a PhD, a very bright guy, and he was asking all the tough questions and they were answering. And she brought through a bunch of information that has never been in this realm before, ever. It turned into five books and it has astounded people. The way - it went [on] for like four years and it was totally coherent, consistent and congruent.

I’ve known Carla - because as I was studying [for] the book The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce, David Wilcock referred to this same group soul and the implication was that Edgar Cayce was channeling this group soul and that there were numerous references to the work of Carla Rueckert. And I had read her materials; I went out of my way to meet her, I was trying ... Again, I was doing my due diligence trying to see if I could believe all this stuff. You know, as I was studying it, there seemed to me to be a fairly good indication that this group soul made of graduates was actually the principle Source that was working with Jesus (when he said Father).

But this - of course there’s not anything historical (on that). In fact, Carla never said that; I don’t even know if it ever occurred to her but, because she was/is a Christian. What’s your church, Carla?

Carla: Episcopalian …

Wynn: What is it?

Carla: Have you heard of it?

Wynn: I’m sorry, you dropped out.

Carla: The Episcopal Church.

Wynn: Episcopal, Episcopal. Now, Terry Friedmann is also a Christian and I believe he’s a Presbyterian, okay? Yet, I was drawing the conclusion that the Ra Group was very much connected to Jesus and, in fact, when I asked that question in my own channeling, they said, the Ra Group was [connected with Jesus]. But that’s not enough for me to believe it. Of course, for years I never mentioned [Laughter] any of this to Carla because we were friends and I said this might upset the apple cart.

But then, in the middle of all of this, I’m talking to the Elohim which is another group soul - and the Ra Group in Carla’s material would constantly refer to the “logos” and the logos, was The Creator, the original beginning of the hologram. They would say the logos, the sub logos, the sub-sub-logi. Humans were the sub-sub sub-logi that stepped down from the original first cause and, I never tried to get Carla to acknowledge my work. I mean I would share it with her but I never wanted her to legitimize it because that would come as it came.

So, over the past couple of years Carla has been on our Sunday call and we are bringing in these energies and she is a super, super support, even when I’m monopolizing the call. Her energy is so powerful, to be present on this call helping to anchor the energy. This is like an exploratory thing because I’d been telling Carla about Terry Friedmann and this morning I read something from Terry’s book and I asked her does that sound legitimate to you? She said it did and I said I think I’m going to read that on the call today.

Because this is really extraordinary to have such phenomenal beings on this line, [Laughter] as well as these group souls and we’re actually collaborating. We’re actually not having any ego. We’re not competing - none of us care about the attention. We just care about the service we’re providing and I mean, to me that’s a miracle and it’s so hard to get that to happen on this planet; and that we’re doing it, and that you’re here and you’re part of it, and you’re doing it with us – helping with this group energy that we are creating.

You know, I told Terry at some point he may want to end up saying something (Terry Friedmann) but I might have him as a non-moderator?

Gijs: He is a moderator but I did mute his line.

Wynn: You muted his line? Okay, well, leave him quietly in the background and Terry, we hear you. Well, at some point we’ll un-mute your line and you don’t even have to talk, but if you want to you can, okay? Carla, anything you’d like to say, now that I’m monopolizing everything?

Carla: No, I love what you were saying about silence and how the little pieces between words and between sentences are really more powerful than the words. I think that silence is far more powerful and far more interesting than anything we can ever say or write. Because as long as I have spent seeking the silence and being the silence I’ve never gotten bored. As deeply as I have gone into it, I’ve never gotten the feeling that that’s all there is – I always have the feeling that there’s plenty more if I could just go deeper. It seems to be infinite.

Wynn: Um hum.

Carla: And certainly everything comes out of it and logically, that would be everything would come out of the silence.

Wynn: You know whoever organized the Quakers, I think really had a good system. You know the system of the Quakers, when they go to their church every Sunday?

Carla: Well I do, because I have a deaf friend, Barbara Broadski, and she worships with Quakers and it’s beautiful because they never say anything so she never misses anything.

Wynn: Right, right. [Laughter] Well they’re quiet but then I think people just speak up when they want to speak up, right?

Carla: Right, and there’s someone to read, I think. So there are readers that read from divine works. But the service itself is silent.

Wynn: Yes. So what I was going to do – I was reading Terry’s book – and Terry’s book which is now sold out on Amazon, just about – you know that Terry? The Man Who Walked with Jesus: Tales from the Sixth Disciple. And I had Terry on last Monday and those of you that missed it should go back on and listen to it because we did an interview with him. Terry Brown and I had a kind of a spontaneous synchronistic connection with Dr. Friedmann in a conference – in an expo in Sedona a couple of weeks ago.

And I felt he was legitimate but I was going to check him out and then he gave me his book and I picked it up, The Man Who Walked with Jesus, because as you’ll learn if you listen to the Monday call, he had this experience in 1995. Now, notice how I use this, I say ‘he believed’ he was connecting with Jesus; and Jesus was telling him that he was Matthew and that he wanted him to write a book about it and he would help him with the downloads.

Now those of you that have listened to us over time know that my first impulse about an experience like that would be something like, is this really Jesus? Is this the negative making pretend they’re Jesus? Are they trying to trick me? Are they trying to fool me? And as you know, even if you decide that it was Jesus then you have to keep asking that question to make sure it’s Jesus next week, next month – that it doesn’t change. That if we’re talking to the Elohim, we have to make sure, ask all the time - test it to make sure that we don’t end up giving up our power to a negative source.

The interesting thing about positive Sources is they never ask you to give up your power and the negative source is very subtle. You know somebody had sent me a channeling – or, it wasn’t a channeling – it was a woman who channeled. I’m not going to say who it is or the organization and I’m not even condemning everything they do because of this. But there was an amazing thing that they sent me in this – and they were very enthused about it. They’re probably listening now and they said the woman said something like you have to give up your free will for a higher purpose or something like that.

All my bells and whistles went off because everything we’ve ever heard from our Sources always reinforces the idea of free will and sovereignty. Now you know what? All of you have made a choice to come here today and you’ve made up a choice to come here, not because you’re giving up your free will. But because, on some level you have made the decision there’s something valid here. That you get something out of it, that you give something to it and you make that choice. No one said you’d better show up here for the good of our planet.

Then that creates a choice made of fear. It makes a compromised choice. So when things are coming from the highest there is always never … how would I say it? ‘Never anything else but free will. And never like you should do this, or you should do that. You know, the word should, in of itself, every time it’s used, and this might be true across the board, every time the word ‘should’ is used there’s an element of judgment. There’s an element of you knowing what’s best for someone else and that’s not true.

You don’t know what’s best. Even if they have to spend another thousand lifetimes in lower realms, that’s what they need to do. It’s their choice. You can present something to somebody but not in such a way to create fear. But to create something in such a way that causes them to be curious to reach back and if you touch them at a higher level, there’s a good chance they’ll reach back. But if you touch them on a … you should listen to this guy Wynn Free. You should come to these Sunday conference calls because then you’ll graduate this realm.

All of that is no good. It implies judgment. It implies you taking power over someone else. You have to say it in a different way. You have to watch your language carefully, because within language there’re a lot of things that sneak in that you don’t even realize that are sneaking in. You know I have learned to do this on these calls and I have learned to pick my language carefully. Now that does not mean that I won’t make a mistake. I am sure that if you go through all my calls and listen to things you could make a whole book of mistakes that I’ve made.

And I have to give myself room to make mistakes. It’s okay. But in general, you’ll never hear me say (I hope I’ve never said it) you should come to these calls because it’ll help you graduate this realm or you should come to these calls to help the planet. I’ve said these calls, I believe, there’re things that have happened that have proven to me that they make a difference on our planet and they make a difference to people, personally. That allows you to move into the space, not my space but a space to say let me see if he’s right. Because I never, to the best of my ability, I don’t tell you what’s right for you and Carla does not tell people what’s right for them. We create a zone and a space that someone can move into.

The key is someone has to move towards it and then the energy is there. If the person doesn’t make a movement, then even if they show up … how can I say this? It’s kind of like - it’s been said in this work - the higher Sources say they don’t do miracles anymore. Well, they do, do miracles. We’ve had miracles, but they don’t do miracles as a public show because it causes people to give up their power. It causes people to follow something without co-creating with it and the goal here is to co-create with the energies.

What does co-create mean? It means mix energies. It means our energies come together and we become one-energy or partially one-energy and we can do that out of the strength of knowing we’re not stuck there. It’s only a momentary experience of oneness. Then when we go back to our lives we have to do that with everything else around us, with our husbands, with our children, with our family. It’s like you’re not stuck in a-oneness on this call but, it creates a reference point and it creates something that you can tune in to.

Because the energy of the oneness stays somewhere in the ethers, even when we’re not on the call. But it’s always free will. You’re not stuck there and that’s my experience of it. Well, Jesus did miracles and how he did them we still don’t know, I could guess. Was he working with the Elohim and Ra Group? Were they working with him? Did he know that? Did they just use the word God and that was enough for him? We can explore this sometime with Terry Friedmann - it would be interesting - on one of our Monday calls and see what he remembers of that.

But in Terry’s book, he talks about some of the miracles Jesus did and I had read this to Carla this morning and she gave it an okay so I thought I’d read it to the call. It has to do with manifesting and within the context of this I found as I was reading it I was triggering myself and learning something about manifestation. Because I can see that there’re areas of manifestation that I have not accomplished yet that I want to accomplish. Carla, can you relate to that?

Carla: Oh, certainly. I’m just a beginner myself.

Wynn: You’re just a beginner … Well Jesus was quite a manifester, okay? Terry, let’s bring you up out of your submarine, [Laughter] are you there? Terry?

Gijs: He’s muted Wynn, hold on one second.

Wynn: I have to encourage Terry. She always has great things to say but she will stay in the background. [Laughter] You know her conscious self … the interesting thing is – when I was younger I did not appreciate how sharp I was or how good my intuitions were. I would have them but I would never have the courage to talk about them and I would think this is just my opinion. As I grew I started to have more confidence because I saw that the things that I was seeing as true would hold over a long period of time.

Sometimes other people’s ideas didn’t, they were just kind of like transitory. So I started developing more confidence in my stuff and Terry has huge vision … Terry, are you there yet?

Terry: Are you talking to me or Terry Friedmann?

Wynn: I’m talking about you.

Terry: [Laughter] Okay.

Wynn: Terry has really huge depth of vision of seeing people. But I’ve known her for a long time and she didn’t have much confidence – I don’t think she had like lots of confidence in that. But when you get her talking it’s like wow, she sees all that stuff.  She sees things I don’t see. Carla Rueckert has huge vision of things – being able to see things fairly clearly, about how they are but she’ll talk about it.

But Terry needs encouragement so Terry, is there anything you’re supposed say? [Laughter]

Terry: Well you know I was really amazed and so glad to have Terry Friedmann on the calls because he has great insight into areas which people don’t normally have insight into.

Wynn: Um hum.

Terry: And it’s a real joy to have him on the line. I’ve noticed one thing similar between Carla and Terry Friedmann and that’s I can really spot their presence on the call, I can identify their energies and see how aware each of them are. It’s like a real presence for each of them being there. So I’m thankful that they’re here with us. It means a lot.

Carla: That is so sweet. Thank you so much, I really appreciate that.

Terry: You add a lot.

Carla: So do you girl.

Wynn: I told you guys Terry would say something that [Laughter] was deep. You may think that I’m being especially nice to Terry Friedmann because you know he’s … how can I say it? ‘Because he has done great things in the past but that’s not – I can feel him on the line, I can feel his energy. And I don’t know if Carla can yet because she’s never talked to him but I think that’s coming. It’s great to affiliate with such phenomenal people on this call. Now some of you – I can feel Gijs on the line, actually I can feel lots of people on the line but Terry [Friedmann] and Carla and Terry Brown are huge.

You’ll learn … some of you can feel them. You know if I say something, I can feel them responding; I can feel you responding and the energy comes right back to me. That’s why, you know … yes, silence is important but when I say something or Carla or anyone says something and the energy flows immediately back to me and to you, and back and forth, and then there’s silence, the energy is established in that silence. So the words help trigger the group energy.

But then when the group energy is here, which it is right now, the words become less important to do that and it allows the words to go deeper and to talk about the experience of the moment. You all have these qualities and you can notice them in the people around you - the people that can respond to your words and their energy moves when you say something – and the people that just respond quietly. And - how can I say it? - in their mind. Because most people just respond to words in their mind, they don’t respond energetically.

Look for those people that can respond energetically and those are the relationships that you can build your life around. By the way, we haven’t mentioned this other person on the line [Laughter] but we do have another saint on the line, I believe – I don’t know if they believe it. Former saint, I should say and that is … do you know who I’m talking about, Terry? Terry Brown? Terry Brown, did we lose you?

Terry: No, I’m trying to (I’m muted) think of who you’re talking about. I don’t know.

Wynn: I’m talking about Jim!

Terry: Oh right!

Wynn: You know Jim moved … I’ve said this once before but I’ll say it again. It’s good to repeat it. Jim moved into our house about 14 – 15 months ago and I was not really intending to have him move into the house. He was at a loose end, his life had fallen apart and I had been talking to him on the phone, and I told him I’d help him get established in Sedona. He plays music and he was playing music at old age homes, nursing homes and there’re quite a few nursing homes here. It’s a small town so it’s easy to get around.

You don’t have to drive very far and I was thinking I would help him get established, I’d help him find a room to rent you know? And he ended up moving in and he ended up cooking dinner all the time, particularly for Terry. He loved cooking for Terry and he didn’t believe in our work. [Laughter] That’s the interesting thing. He said I don’t know what you guys are talking about. But he was going through stuff and a couple of months ago I went on Google – because I’m pretty well convinced that Terry was St. Catherine – ‘too much, tying that together.

And I said someone must have been holding energy for St. Catherine when she was around, and I said maybe that was me. Maybe that’s why I’m connected to Terry. Maybe I was a minister in the church that she would go to - that was my thought. So I started doing Googling about that and I found this guy whose name was Raymond. Apparently Raymond was a higher-up in the Catholic Church. The Vatican was hearing about this woman, Catherine, who was kind of rambling on about [Laughter] God and they weren’t sure who she was, if she was demonic, and but they were a little concerned because all these people were paying attention to her and apparently Catherine had all these followers.

There were all these women who would go follow her around everywhere, had loved her and so the church sent this guy, Raymond to check Catherine out. Raymond apparently gave her a good bill of health to the church - said that I think she’s legitimate, and ended up becoming her assistant, would go with her everywhere, kind of like take care of her. And one of the interesting things was that Catherine was anorexic and she didn’t eat very much, and I suppose Raymond was kind of concerned about this. Eventually, Catherine died because of starvation. She didn’t eat.

Raymond wrote the book about St. Catherine [25 March 1347 – 29 April 1380], wrote her biography. If you look on the Internet, you’ll find it. It’s somewhere and you can get it for free or you can get it from Amazon. [Father] Raymond de Capua, I think his name was but just look up “Raymond, St. Catherine” and you’ll find it. Raymond came from a well-to-do family and he went to law school – very smart and he gave up his law aspirations to work for the church and then finally to be Catherine’s assistant. So, guess who looks like Raymond? But Jim, okay?

Now imagine if you were … you can kind of get the feeling of [how] reincarnation works, okay? See it doesn’t have to do with believing in Jesus or being religious – there’s something in the cellular memory. Because when Jim found Terry, all he wanted to do was cook for her and make sure she had enough food. Now imagine how that works with someone who was with someone that was anorexic that finally died. So Raymond was eventually sainted because of his work with St. Catherine, I guess and it’s all just very interesting.

So we’re honored to have Jim on the line as well. The one picture I found of Raymond looked just like Jim. At least as much as I could extrapolate how Jim must have looked as a younger man, because the picture of Raymond was young when all this was going on, probably in his thirties, or younger, I don’t know. So it’s all very interesting. So I thought I was going to … What, Terry?

Terry: One of the things is, Jim writes, he loves writing. He also used to have a restaurant in New York, kind of near the Catskills, north of New York City, near Beacon. People loved his restaurant because he loves making people happy. He would always have specialties (that people could have) and he would give more and so his restaurant became very, very popular. He eventually sold his restaurant but he also used to play piano and entertain on cruise ships. He’s very, very entertaining. It’s like when he goes to the store he gets everyone laughing; he knows all the clerks by name. They really enjoy it - they light up and brighten up whenever he comes through and he’s just got an angelic side to him.

He loves cooking and loves cooking for Wynn, too. He just loves making special dishes that people would enjoy. So he’s a delight to have around and when he plays piano it’s very similar to Liberace and when he plays for the old age homes, the women just sit there swooning. They just love it and when he ends they say No! [Laughter] When are you coming back? [Laughter]

Wynn: Now I don’t think Jim’s on the line right now.

Terry: I don’t think he is either, I heard him in the hall.

Wynn:  So he’s missed all of this. I have to tell him to listen.

Terry: You know I was thinking some time we could play one of his pieces and if he gets a piano maybe he could just play something for us all.

Wynn: Um hum.

Gijs: He did check-in initially though.

Terry: Yes.

Wynn: Did he? I hear him talking in the background, in the other room so he’s talking to somebody.

Terry: I didn’t hear the phone ring but he does man the phones here.

Wynn: Yeah. Jim!? He’s not answering. Alright, well you know what? It’s just interesting to see the way spirit works. Because I probably would have told Jim he had to move, in the first few months, he was driving me crazy. He was processing so much stuff and Terry kept saying, “No, no, no, no - don’t.  Let him stay. So I went along with that and it’s just - the workings of spirit are so amazing. It so blows my mind, the way people synchronistically, get connected to each other and you don’t even know what’s going on. Probably many of you have people in your life and that you’ve had great things in the past and you have no memory of it. It’s good not to have the memory, it’s good.

You know if I knew this, what I just said to you, when Jim first moved in, it would have worked against it. But I had to discover it in the right time and of course, this lifetime Jim didn’t even believe in God, I don’t think [Laughter] you know. It’s how you can be something in one life and have a certain disposition to your manifestation and another lifetime it’s a new creation.  Each life is like a new creation. It’s like, the way that I see it is, you have this canvas and you have the paints. And the paints are what you bring forward from your past lifetime and the way you paint the canvas is a totally new creation of this lifetime.

Then, when you die you get new paints to carry forth from what you’ve added but unless you draw on the paints, you miss it. You know you can go into a lifetime and have total havoc, no matter what you’ve done in the past. This is why the Ra Group has said, through Carla Rueckert, that there’s tens of millions of members of the Ra Group who have chosen to take bodies again in this realm and 90% of them get lost. So when you find something like we’re doing here, it’s like very powerful in realigning you with your highest soul-purpose, if you’re a Wanderer.

I’d be willing to bet that most people that are coming into our calls regularly are Wanderers and you don’t know it. [Laughter] You have no memory. It’s like you’re painting a new palette. Let me read this thing I wanted to read from The Man Who Walked with Jesus. Which Terry Shepherd Friedmann wrote – who had this memory and this visitation by Jesus or what he thought was Jesus (in this lifetime) and that I say let’s keep exploring that. If I say he had a visitation from Jesus and you believed that without getting a resonance, then you start to give up your power.

You know it’s interesting how someone could have been Jesus’ disciple and then come into this lifetime or another lifetime and have totally different manifestations. Totally different and sometime we can talk about some of Terry’s other lifetimes and this lifetime. You don’t always remember – you don’t have the memory of what you did. So you have to find something that stirs that memory. So here we go. This is the section in the book he wrote about the loaves and the fishes.

I was beginning to understand but the big challenge for me was about occur. Yeshua’s next teaching was at a spot outside of Capernaum on a hilltop where he can be seen and heard and indeed many came, nearly three thousand people. They listened attentively but as the day progressed I noticed their restlessness. A few of us disciples went down into the crowd. We circulated among the people inquiring about any problems they might be having.

They told us that they were hungry but did not wish to leave and miss out on any of the master’s words. Yeshua, observing the matter, called us into a huddle and said “We must feed these people. After all, were they not hungry for my words? Now their physical bodies require nourishment.” He instructed us to walk through the crowd and collect all the food they had brought and bring it to him. The total amount we could scrounge up was two fish and five loaves of bread. Even so, Yeshua said “distribute this food among the multitude.”

I thought to myself, has he lost all his reason? Although I dared not speak my feelings aloud to him, (I said) I did say “that cannot be done. There isn’t enough food to go around.” Despite our skepticism and without hesitation he commanded us to break off pieces of both the fish and bread and give them to the people to satisfy their hunger. And to me, he requested that I stand with him. He looked at me and said “Matthew, you will be the cornerstone of this manifestation.” He made me visualize the Father standing next to us and to know that our loving Father God would fulfill our needs.

Then he instructed that I proclaim “it shall be done” and give thanks to the Father for his gifts to us, as if we have already received them. I did as I was told with enthusiasm and faith, as my brothers continued to break off pieces of food and hand them to the outstretched hands of the people, I noticed something very strange. The size of the fish and the number of loaves were not diminishing but instead remained the same. Yet the people were consuming the food and appeared to be satisfied.

My lesson that day was firmly anchored from then on: a bounty can be created out of a small amount. We can multiply material goods whether they be money, food, clothing or other treasures. The act of faith or anticipation of the abundance is the initial catalyst. Then comes the act of knowing and proclaiming “it can be done.” One must believe that it is already done and finally and most importantly one must thank God as if it is done. These are essential to seeing the completion of this manifestation.

I’m going to make a comment. One of the things that occurred to me as I was reading this is that Jesus didn’t just create fish and bread out of nothing. People donated what they had and we have a crowd of three thousand people and we have [Laughter] two fish and five loaves of bread and yet, the people that had that gave it up.

And I was thinking about how that might relate to the idea of donations when there’s this opportunity to give something and that some of you have done that and, even giving a little bit starts an energy going of manifestation that can help us and help you bring in a lot more. This is my little pitch for donations which there’s a little button on today’s email. I’m going back to the reading.

In order to manifest we cannot simply want for certain events to happen. It’s not wrong to want something or wish for it however, that is not the catalyst for manifesting. Instead, manifesting is acting in the moment of faith and declaring intent. We all encounter moments when we’re absolutely certain that a thing can be done and that’s the golden moment of manifestation. Along with my faith, it was my intent which helped to create the manifestation. The process of manifestation then becomes five simple steps.

One, knowing that the manifestation can occur, [2] proclaiming that it can be done, [3] setting intention to have it happen, [4] believing that it is already done and [5] thanking God as if it is done. My experience with the loaves and fishes answered many of my questions and simplified my role as a keeper of the money. I now felt that we were like a commune and I no longer had to hold tight to the purse strings. But I did wonder why we had to wait until we were in dire need of something before manifesting and then go through complicated ceremonies to get it.

Why not just manifest everything we need right here and right now? But Yeshua was quick to point out that we only need to answer this moment’s needs and reminded us that all abundance comes from the Father. Therefore, we must be grateful and show respect for all of our gifts. I realized that the episode with the loaves and fishes was my initiation by Jesus and that was what he offered me and that what he offered me had much to do with simply being and having faith in my own power. I became clear and knowledgeable about how to call forth a manifestation.

Not for the sake of Earthly glory for myself and/or others but for the sake of completing a piece of work that needed to be done. With the loaves and fishes I learned about what had to coalesce in order for the manifestation to take place. While Yeshua held the knowledge and the knowing, I was a key player. Yeshua called upon me to help create with him. Yeshua was the anchor. He asked for my vision and my faith and he asked for me to hold the power of manifestation in my breath.

There were two others involved in that we held unification. We blessed the loaves of bread and the fish in such a way that they would distribute themselves perfectly to feed all those hungry people. We often participated together in the manifestation in this way. This event for me was more awesome than any one probably because I had gotten it, I understood, I saw clearly that the manifestation would not happen unless I participated in it. I also clearly understood that I might have been the cause that kept it from occurring. What a powerful awareness that I might fail was an awesome fear.

But it did not stay with me long for I shifted into the absolute acknowledgement that when I hold in faith and command from the power I am, that God be present, all is given and is completely available, now. And so it was done and of this I was reminded, I am reminded, that I need to call that ability forth for everyone in my reality. Not to appease their egos need to show off its bounty but to fill the need inspired by God. Yeshua told me that God makes no judgment on the fancifulness of human life, for extravagance is provided as amply and abundantly as is the simple piece of bread for the beggar.

It is all given in equality from the Father so there’s no judgment about anything that life can offer. Whose power is it then that brings glorious wonderful things into one’s life? It is the unification with God that brings these gifts. Humanity has yet to see how this works. When people awaken and remember that it works within and through one’s self then there will be no more hunger in the world, no more cold, no more disease and that no one shall walk this Earth wounded again. A common pitfall one encounters in the consciousness is the need or desire to figure it all out.

That foray into intellectual territory actually keeps one from experiencing the wholeness. It is simply be, in the Beingness state, that doing comes naturally without any effort.

And thank you Terry, for those words. His book is filled with stuff like that. Terry, if you want to make a comment – Gijs, if you can unmute Terry – and if you don’t want to make a comment we’ll just unmute you and just say hello and  go back to listening but Gijs, can you unmute Terry? Hello Gijs, are you there?

Gijs: Yes, I am. Hold on, I have a little … I’m looking for him. Okay, he’s unmuted now Dr. Terry, if you want to speak?

Dr. Terry: Yes, can you hear me?

Gijs: Yes, we can.

Wynn: We can hear you Terry.

Dr. Terry: Well there isn’t much to say about this because it’s self evident and every word that I wrote I believe in. And even though he told me at one stage that I can do all the miracles that he did, he warned me about three things that might strengthen this or talk about the ego. Don’t do things that would just be for the purpose of doing them to show off or to encourage the blowing up of the ego. He said simply do the things that are presented to you and it all shall be right.

So there’s not much to say about this incident other than he picked an unusual hill where his voice could boom back and be reflected by the winds and by the stones behind it and that people could, without a loud speaker, people could hear him. So this is quite a day and he was able to get his ideas and teachings through to this crowd, even though there were many, many people here at this particular incident.

But for me it was a major change in my progression and my knowledge of what some of the lessons are that he was bringing to our world. But I need not say any more about this because it is self evident and very, very true. Thank you.

Wynn: Well thank you for sharing.

Carla, do you have any comments? Anything you want to share? This is the first introduction …

Carla: No, I think that I would want to try to follow those words about manifestation accept to note that in The Lord’s Prayer we pray, give us this day our daily bread and it’s not give us a bunch of stuff that we can put in the bank. It’s give us this day, just this one day. It just brings forth a great importance of appreciating this day, you know this moment of now. And giving it full credit for what it is: A perfect moment in the progression of moments that we have in this particular illusion while we’re alive and while we can bring those manifestations forth. I think what you don’t realize sometimes is that there isn’t anybody to manifest but us, us humans. We think about human beings as being poor, weak and infallible and I would not say a word against that. I would just say that it’s all we’ve got. That the plants and the animals can’t do it; the mountains and the winds and the trees can’t do it.

The only thing that is a focus in-between the higher realms and this realm of third density [3D] of human beings, is us. So if we want to attempt to understand or to be a part of things, or to make a difference or any of those things, then it’s a matter of being so thankful - that here we are today, a day when miracles can happen, a day when things might seem alright with the world and all of today’s needs might be filled.

Wynn: Well thank you Carla. And thank you Terry [Friedmann] for sharing with us. We love you and we’re so honored to have your presence on our line.

Terry [Brown], you have any comment?

Terry Brown: Which Terry?

Wynn: Terry Brown.

Terry: Oh, I was thinking, like we have so much here and I was thinking of the little things. Like, that the carpenter ants have come into the ceiling and [are] going tromp, tromp, tromp to make themselves a nest and like oh no, another thing to take care of. But then I was thinking … I was looking on the Internet and those people in the Philippines – like there was one lady that was trying to figure out what to do about her house and it was just like a floor and three walls left, no ceiling.

And she was just looking at her house – you could tell she was thinking like, how can I make this back into a shelter of some kind? And I was thinking of how much we have here and of being thankful for what we have. Instead of thinking you know, wish there was all this more. That’s not to say to stop working towards the thing – having the carpenter ants move on – but we have so much to be thankful for and to send Love to those people.

You know that they can make something of their life again - can put something back together - who have been effected by that typhoon in the Philippines.

Wynn: You know, in The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce (this was in the year 2000) there was a channeling through Wilcock where they said that they saw that there would be great economic difficulties in the times to come. They said that this would be actually a positive rather than a negative. They said it would be positive because it would create the circumstances for people to help each other. And in the way that they learned to help each other, they would open their hearts.

When they would open their hearts it would qualify them to graduate this realm and that money, often times, causes people to build fences, to protect their possessions, to distance themselves from people and be separated. That the need for survival would cause people to open their fences and realize that they needed each other. And I thought that was rather profound and I also think that the reading I did from Terry’s book was very profound and I certainly can learn from that.

I’m still taking that in, this idea that we can manifest what we need. We can do that and you have to look at what is in your mind when you want to manifest. Is in your mind, the fear of survival; the fear that you’re going down the tubes; the fear that you’ll be homeless? Is that in your mind? Because if it’s in your mind you’re trying to manifest but you’re working against the fear, the fear of not manifesting. Can you move above all of that? Can I do that? Can each of us do that in such a way that we can align ourselves with All That Is and bring in the energies of manifestation?

But as you’ll note from the reading that I did that when Matthew got the idea, that he did it. That it wasn’t Jesus that did it. Jesus did it with him, that he was important to make that happen and I think that was critical. You know years ago Terry Brown used to go … some of you may have heard of Tony Robbins and Tony Robbins is a well known figure who is known for his motivational ability to get people motivated, to get them to accomplish things.

Years ago Tony Robbins, before he was famous, was doing fire walks and he would have groups of people walk across hot coals and they wouldn’t get burned. People that wouldn’t believe they could do it … Terry Brown - you want to relate that story?

Terry: Sure, I did it three times, twice in Los Angeles and once in Ohio. When I would get ready to walk across the coals I was very, very nervous and then Tony would talk to us for several hours before we would go out there and he would put non sequiturs in the conversation like he’d be telling us an interesting story and all of a sudden he’d throw in “thirteen” or something to break up the pattern of the thinking. So eventually we got so that we started thinking that we could walk upon the coals.

He was breaking up our belief patterns. So when I started out the first time walking on the hot coals it was just like walking on normal ground. But there were hot coals there so it was a little rough but it was like walking on normal ground and it wasn’t hot. So I thought to myself, well you know this has to be hot you know and I felt down through my feet trying to feel the heat and all of a sudden yikes! [Laughter] I was getting burned. So I said oh, I get this and I felt down to my feet again oh, it’s not hot with the total belief that it wasn’t hot.

So I went on to the other side but I did get a couple blisters from that one moment where I had thought it has to be hot and so the second time I did it I thought well I’m not going to do that again. So I went clear across thinking it wasn’t hot and didn’t get one burn and the third time also I didn’t get burned at all. So I was amazed at how my belief in what was going to happen affected what actually happened.

Dr. Terry: Ah Wynn, Dr. Friedmann here.

Wynn: Okay, we hear you.

Dr. Terry Friedmann: I’d like to comment on the typhoon in the Philippines if I may.

Wynn: Go ahead.

Dr. Terry Friedmann: In my latest book Ascension of the New Earth and Mankind I point out that right about now and through the last several years we’re going to have a lot of worldwide events that seem somewhat unrelated but that make a large influence, a large impression on people around. So I was told by my guides and my teachers that indeed these worldwide events that seem to be in some cases may not seem to be related to us actually are for us to gain experience from. In other words, why is that? Because we see a worldwide event we can think that as is in the external world also is the same thing happening within each one of us.

In other words, what you’re seeing - that chaos, that damage, that destruction that went through the Philippines is also happening at some degree, within each person on this planet so that we sustain the lessons [of] what we see publicly and apply them to our individual selves. And there are many ways to do that. For instance, by praying and offering support to the people who went through the hurricane and survived. I use the word hurricane although it was a cyclone - or a typhoon - it’s the name for that part of the world. But it’s like our hurricane.

If we look and see what’s happened to each individual, like you said Wynn, the lack of money or whatever, the lesson we need to get from that, we can learn a lot by their experiences. In other words, what happened to the people in the Philippines we may learn a lot in how we can react to that by praying for them and by supporting them [by] our intent. Our intent to help them is a very important aspect of this because in that way we’re in some way helping ourselves as well.

Now let me point out that not only help the living but it’s very important now to help the ones who expired and passed on to another existence from that experience of the hurricane, the typhoon. Because a lot of the Ascended Masters will tell you that to use one of my friend’s (Germaine) concept of using the violet flame on the people who have separated from their soul and their body and lie there motionless. By using that and by changing that energy it can actually help the Earth to free up a lot of the negative energies that might be surrounding the Earth at this time.

So that’s a very important thing that one could do to help the people who have passed over. Use that violet flame to put together the pieces that are chaotic and/or not together but get them back to a unity with our Father God. So I want to say that all these events and you’re going to be seeing a lot more, as I predicted in my last book, of these worldwide events. Whatever they may be they have lessons to be taught to everyone on this planet. Thank you.

Wynn: Thank you, thanks for sharing Terry. And Terry, this session that we do on Sunday is actually called “whole planet healing” and we’re going to be moving into that in just a moment where we actually work as a group and as a team sending energy and sending Love Light. Then there’s going to be a message from our Sources through Terry and I’ll bet they have something nice to say to you. So we’re going to move on from this part and I thank you so much for being here and the work you’ve done in your past lives. Let me just see if Carla or Terry have anything to say before we move on.

Carla: Oh no, I certainly don’t. I’m absolutely ready to move on to the healing.

Wynn: [Laughter] Okay, so right now we’re going to … We already have a-group energy present - just all of us listening, for the past hour and a quarter, has created the beginnings of a blending of our energies. We are going to start off with just feeling ourselves in our body and feeling the energies of how we feel right now in this moment. This is the principle of what the Ra Group, what Carla Rueckert calls The Law of One and, that the Universe is one being. And that we are all manifestations of that being. We are sub-sets of it.

The unique aspect of a human is that a human is not limited to their body. A human has the ability to expand their energy from their body into all the other realms. And, that from the Earth to The One Infinite Creator all is one. We are going to do, first, a visualization where we can experience that expansion and we start off with the Earth. We all live on Mother Earth and the Earth is alive and the Earth feels us. Usually, we don’t feel the Earth but the Earth is responding to all the things that happened on its surface.

So, right now we are going to greet Mother Earth and we’re going to ask her to particularly send energy through our floor. Put your feet on the ground and feel the energy of the Earth coming up through your floor into your feet. You might feel a tingling, an awareness. We can, at this moment, tell Earth that we Love her. Silently say that and feel that connection through your feet. And now, bring the energy of the Earth through your legs, through your calves, through your groin, through your solar plexus, through your chest, through your neck into the top of your head.

Your energy field is merged with the Earth and loving the Earth and feeling her Love go back to you and this is there all the time to connect with. That’s why she’s called Mother Earth because she can hold you. She does hold you in her energy field and she made the choice to do this so that we could grow and expand and have the experiences we need on our planet.

Now we move through the top of our head. We move above our head and we can feel our energy above our head, maybe a foot above. Can you feel that? You can kind of look at it like there’s a little light, a foot above your head radiating down into your body. Or you’re radiating up to it. Radiation goes back and forth, both ways and now we move that focus from the top of our head to the ceiling in our room. Now we’re expanded into our room. Our energy field is expanding out of our body into our entire room.

Now we go through the roof and we are in the sky, above our house. Just use your imagination. You don’t have to believe or disbelieve. Just go along with your imagination that you’re up in the sky and you’re keeping moving through the sky, through the clouds. Then there’s this veil around our planet that keeps the energies contained and we’re going to move through the veil and into the solar system. We’re not leaving our body. We doing this all from the center of our own being and expanding upwards and downwards.

We’re also expanding through time and as we’re expanding through time you can let the memories of your entire life flash by you - your childhood, your parents, your obstacles, and then, all your past lifetimes which you don’t remember. But they’re there. All those memories are in your palette, the artist’s palette that you use to paint your life. We’re pure energy and our body is just an anchor for that energy. As we keep moving through space and timelines and dimensions, we come to this place where we are one.

Where we are at Source and we all have the same Source and everyone on this line is moving into that experience. So now, we can say we love each other even though we don’t see each other. We’re in an invisible world where we can touch each other. Feel that touching. Now we can invite those Sources that are positive, in other dimensions - that can see us. You know, in one of my original questions in our Elohim book, The Creator Gods of the Physical Universe …, I asked them ‘how can you see us individually when there’re so many billions of people on this planet?’

They said we can see when someone lifts up above the veil. We can see the Light and we can tap into that and touch that. So we’re doing this now and they can see us and they can see you. You’re not anonymous to the Universe. You may be anonymous in this world. You may be alienated in this world. But you’re not anonymous to the Universe, to God, to the higher Sources. And they can Love you and you can Love them and experience that Love in your body, even when you don’t have the Love of one other person in your life.

What a great thing that is to experience. So let’s just take that in and feel it for a moment. [Silence] Now we are going to put in this field the things that we want to manifest and we’re going to see it as done. We’re going to see health, healing. We’re going to see it not just for ourselves but for the people we care about. Not violating their free will, but put the energy so there’s the potential for shift. We get so many emails from people who have relationships changing.

They put their relationship with their son in the Light and then later in the afternoon their son calls them. You see, we’re sending out a broadcast to the Universe and in particular, to our Universe. For those people that can feel the broadcast, they can be inspired and things can shift. Then we have some people that have put things on our healing list. And [now] we go down a couple of those things, I’ll just read them. We have -

Debby in South Blooming Grove, New York (thank you Debby) … who sends Love Light protection and healing energy to all beings on the planet who are being affected by the changes that are taking place on our planet at this time. And then we have –

Barbara in Twin Falls, Idaho … requests healing for my family members, Pat, Bill and my friends Sandy, Earl, Jackie, Chris and Kevin. May we all be grateful for the blessings and miracles in our lives and be open to our highest good for the best and highest good of all. Peace and Love to all beings everywhere. Let’s just hold this energy for Barbara’s request. And then we have –

Susan in Michigan … is requesting the awakening of more human conscious-ness; the healing of Mother Earth and peaceful resolution to conflict. And –

Debby in South Blooming Grove, New York again … thank you so much for sending Love Light to my sweet little Possum who is I think her daughter. I am so grateful to all of you. Please continue to hold her in your heart. We both thank you and we love you.

Thank you so much and I’m so glad that you’re receiving this energy and it’s working.

Lys in Rimrock, Arizonaperfect cure for liver, bladder and intestines -perfect cure for myself and my daughter for our skin and mucous membranes to heal from the flu; the complete removal from all of our bodies and levels of being of any and all lingering beliefs that pain and suffering are helpful or necessary. Total knowledge, experience, understanding that Love, comfort, peacefulness, joy, abundance, health, safety, power, compassion, harmony and happiness are our birthrights as being of this Universe; and a complete and total end to all weather wars.

Right now, everyone, I want you to move into the faith of manifestation that you are being heard, that you are the creator – that you are a part of The Creator – and that, hold the space in a moment of silence for the manifestations that you need to be present, right now. Healing, money, whatever, and gratitude for each day – hold it in this field of energy. [Silence]

Father Mother God we ask for the presence of the Light to surround and protect each person on this line and any negativity be taken to the highest realms Light and transmuted for the highest good of all concerned. We see ourselves in the flow of energy radiating from the center of the Universe, through the galaxies, through the Milky Way, through the solar system, through the outer energy fields of planet Earth, through our bodies and into the center of the Earth.

Right now we invoke a group energy connection while maintaining the sovereign integrity of our souls and we invite those Sources that are positive, service-to-others, honoring The Law of One to join with us and we create a protected space that only the positive has access to. Anything not of that nature must leave now. We turn it over to Terry Brown and our Sources addressing us in this special moment on Sunday. Thank you.

Ra’An/Terry: We greet you in the Love Light of The One Infinite Creator. This is the 17th of November 2013 and we give thanks for each and every person who is on this line and who is here, and for the opportunity to connect with those who wish to be connected with. We extend our reach to the whole Earth and for this moment, we hold the whole Earth in our energy hands.

We see those who are in extreme need at this time. And we feel, for the moment, their sadness that they do not know what to do or where to go. We are the recipient of their feeling, their asking - their desire. For the moment we are one with them and we see the divergence between what they need and what other people have and we impart to them the understanding of where they are at. And for one moment in time, face the potential that they will come through this, that they will find their way, moment by moment to manifest something.

One moment to the next moment, that they will find people that will be able to contribute to them that will be able to fill the need, to help them in conjunction with their intent, to be able to supplant this terrible need that they have come upon, to find the fulfillment. Although, they do not see, for the moment, where this will be coming from - that within the world there is manifestation that can be there for them. That can help them and find them - those with the intent.

In this moment in time we work with those people, particularly the people in the Philippines. We feel, we experience their sadness and their not-knowing what to do and we are there for them. We feel the rain on their face. We see their individual circumstances, individually, each one. As each one is praying or, you might say intending, for the life that they had and not-knowing how to get back there - and we are absorbing their emotions and experiencing their emotions and letting them know that we are there.

And that, using what little that they have, they can move back into a life that is sustainable for each and every one of them. And for us being there with them for this minute in time, they are now stronger and armed with the feeling that they are not alone, that they are connected and that they have not been abandoned and that there is more than just the current situation they find themselves in. For them, that can, to look at their children, look at the relatives that have survived and can find some comfort in the connection with those individuals. And we give thanks as they look to help that is beginning to arise. Thank you.

Wynn: Thank you and we’re going to continue with the planetary healing and hold this energy space with our Sources to bring Love Light energy into our planet, wherever it can be received. So we see ourselves as this huge amorphous energy, all of us on this line are part of the team creating this energy. Each of you, are donating your time, your space, your energy for this process. We see the energy of all of us and our Sources surrounding our planet, holding it in Love Light.

We see it as a pink color which is the color of the Elohim, mixed with all of our individual colors. Everyone on our planet that’s reaching up, looking, searching, opening, can be a recipient of this energy - to their ability to receive it. We see all those Wanderers, all those people who came in from higher dimensions who ended up getting lost again but who automatically have the resonant frequencies, the tuning forks inside them waiting to be activated – we see their activation.

We see our work spreading to millions of people who are waiting for something like this to manifest on our planet. And that the synchronicities come that they can find us, that the money comes to support our work, so we can put more out. [Silence] And you notice, when the energies get really strong and powerful how I just got bounced off the line and I’m back. That’s okay - it’s just a testimony to the power of what we’re doing.

We see our energies particularly surrounding the Philippines and we reinforce our Sources in bringing energy to all those people who are in dire need, in desperation. We see the example of how the opportunity is here for them to help each other and for us to help them. After this call is over, I’m going to put out an email to send donations … that an organization that seems legitimate where the donations go directly to the people in the Philippines, right now.

We see all over our planet, there are manifestations of desperation, of fear and we surround all of that with Love Light. We see the Earth going through her changes and the need to release and manifest in what can sometimes be natural disasters - earthquakes, hurricanes, typhoons, tsunamis. First off, we ask that each of us be protected, that we hold the energy in our space and the Love for the Earth that we might be strong enough to hold back some of those manifestations in our own physical location, where we are. Anywhere there is brewing typhoons, hurricanes – we ask for them to be directed, if they need to occur, away from population centers.

We go to The Ring of Fire [the Pacific Rim], the land masses surrounding the Pacific Ocean, which is the greatest potential for manifestations like earthquakes. We just saw the typhoon in the Philippines. We just visually see the map of South America, we move along the west coast. We project our energies into the Earth, around any places where there are fault lines where there are tectonic plates. We surround these with Love Light. Going up the coast of South America, the coast of Central America, the coast of California, the west coast – all the areas around The Ring of Fire.

Up through Oregon, up through Washington, up through Vancouver, Canada, the west coast of Canada, across to Alaska, and the east coast of Russia, China, Singapore, Hong Kong, the Philippines. We go to Japan and we ask for stability; we surround Fukushima with Love Light, ask for transmutation of the radiation and the finding of solutions to the radiation coming from the nuclear reactor at Fukushima. We go to Malaysia, to Australia, to New Zealand, to Hawaii and all the islands in the Pacific.

We jump quickly to the middle of the United States, what’s called the New Madrid fault line. It goes through five states around St. Louis and we anchor this energy all through that area for balancing of earthquakes, asking that any earthquakes be small releases and away from population centers. We ask for all earthquakes on the entire planet, have the same criteria attached to it as we ask our Sources and the Earth to work on this together for the highest good of all concerned.

We ask for rain in those areas where there is drought. We ask for interventions in, no nuclear weapons be allowed to go off. We ask that all artificial frequencies, phenomena that are in our space, be mitigated, countered with frequencies or whatever is needed to make them ineffective on humans. We ask for complete protection, right now, for our planet for the process of evolution. And all those sources that might be called service-to-self would have other designs that there’ll be openings to create synchronicities of blockage, of synchronicities of disablement so that the people of this planet have the privilege of entering this transition stage that we’re all in right now, with protection. We ask this and thy will be done.

It is 11:58 a.m. - it’s time to close the call. I thank Carla and Terry and Dr. Friedmann for participating with us today; I thank all of you for taking your Sunday morning and being here, so many of you who are supportive of the work we are doing - on the line, on the replays, on the Internet around the world. And we look forward to seeing you tomorrow, on tomorrow’s call. I’m going to unmute everybody, here we go.

Mel in England: Marvelous, guys.

Wynn: Thank you Mel.

Cacophony of Everyone: Thank you everyone; have a good day; awesome, thank you all; thank you Dr. Friedmann. I Love you everybody; Love you too; bless you all, thank you all.


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