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·       How can one deal with a black magic curse?

·       What about intervention in Fukushima?

·       What can we do to help get more light workers involved with Wynn and Terry’s work with Ra and the Elohim?

·       Can our sources tell us the significance and value of mudras?

·       Could sources offer more guidance on stepping out of our anchor points?

·       What affect will comet Ison have upon earth?

·       Can I get some insight into meridians?

·       Is there a connection between meridians, chakras, and DNA?

·       Who spoke to me before I was born?

·       Is that pressure on top of my head from the Elohim?

Wednesday Call 11.20.2013 
Host: Wynn Free
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Channeled, transcribed and edited by Terry Brown
Formatted and sent by Gary Brownlee


Wynn: This is November 20, 2013 with Wynn and Terry in Sedona and everyone every where else, all over the world, all over the country and welcome, this is our call where you submit questions and we have our sources answer them. Thank you for being here. Thank you, Terry. Thank you, Gijs.


[Wynn calls in the light]


Father/Mother God, we ask for the presence of the light to surround and protect Terry, myself and everyone on this line and any negativity be taken to the highest realms of light and transmuted for the highest good of all concerned. We see ourselves in the flow of energy radiating from the center of the universe, through the galaxies, through the Milky Way, through the solar system, through the outer energy fields of planet earth, through our bodies into the center of the earth and right now we invoke a group energy connection while maintaining the sovereign integrity of our souls and we invite those sources that are positive, service to others, honoring the Law of One to join with us and we create a protected space that only the positive has access to anything not of that nature must leave now.


Do we have our sources present?


Ra’An: Yes, this is Ra’An. We greet you in the love/light of the one infinite creator. This is the 20th of November, 2013 and we impart our love to each and every person who wishes to be connected with and we see the desire of you to be connected with and to receive and to give love and we are here. Do you have questions?


Wynn: Yes, we do. I’m going to start out with a question from Jyoti and perhaps other people have this same question. She believes she is suffering from black magic that was put on her many years ago. How can she deal with that? Who can she go to? “What is the action (this is me phrasing it just in a question) that someone can take or is experiencing or believes they are experiencing some kind of curse on them?”


Ra’An: Thank you. Someone that uses a curse often uses other beings to hold the curse in place and holds the curse close and puts on the line hooked energies to keep the curse in place. If you, Jyoti, during the calls sense the higher realms, sense us, then you move out of the arena where the curse is and in the higher realm of pure love, you can take a look at the vectors involved in the curse and dissolve the vectors. You, of course, need to wish for the curse to dissolve. You need to let go of holding on to negativity that comes toward you and be willing to step out of that arena and in order to do that, you need to let go of any unworthiness that you feel. Even when you can do it for an instant, you have set the paradigm for the change, for in doing it, even to sense it for one instant that you do not need to hold on to these things to handle your own energies, to keep your own potentials for black magic, to keep your own angers subdued, if you can for one instant feel clear, you can begin to break free. For in black magic, there is both a give and a take and it takes stepping aside, stepping out of that black magic energy to then see that you can be clear of it and even sensing it for one instant, breaking free in the higher realms, riding with our energies for a moment where you do not need those energies and those energies are below you, beyond you, then ask for the dissolving of those energies from all vectors, self to self, others to self, self to others, others to you, just letting all those vectors go, and letting the curses just dissolve and so in that high arena, they can not sustain. So get just even an instant of an experience of seeing a dissolving or partial dissolving of all of those dark energies and you are on your way out of it.


Wynn: Thank you. I have a question on Fukushima and if a bigger sense, interventions from higher realms. We do have the idea that there can be interventions and in the course of our work, we have seen interventions happen or what certainly seems like interventions even though usually no one takes any credit there’s a seeming cause and effect for something that is asked for or discussed on the line and something that happens thereafter.

We have something going on on our planet which some people think is an extremely dangerous situation, Fukushima that’s releasing radioactivity and that the potential is that if some disaster happens in Japan, it could be, some people say, “Curtains for North America.” In this kind of situation if there was going to be an intervention how can we understand scientifically how that would work and what would we need to do on our end as a planet to be worthy or to provoke that kind of intervention from the higher realms? Thank you.


Ra’An: Fukushima is an example. It is a test case wherein individuals can then see the results of their ineptitude in handling energy. If an intervention was made and the problem was totally cleared then all the countries would say, “See nuclear energy is safe and we should have lots of nuclear plants,” however nuclear energy needs to exist if it does exist in an arena of safety where there can be cold shut downs and where the plants are not sitting ducks for a tornado, such as happened in Kentucky in the last several days where it hit a nuclear plant.


As long as nuclear plants exist without proper shut down and Fukushima is an example of a plant that existed without proper shut down. There were all kinds of improper building, putting the rods way up in the air, having the plant at the bottom of the hill where tons of water move down the hill in an area where there are typhoons and a lot of rain. Even if this had been built at the top of the hill, it would have provided a safer place for it. It would not have gone down from the tsunami.


In the event of further earth changes, the problem could be very much worse, 100 times worse and the nuclear industry needs to learn the lesson, needs to have an example as they are not dealing with the situation in the sanest manner. Now to get to your question, “What would have to happen for an intervention?” We have done some intervention there and in the channelings in the past, we have overlaid our energies over the nuclear planet in Fukushima and there have been some visions given of pink energies over Fukushima. These energies have mitigated the problem to some degree.


To another degree the media is making a big light out of everything they can to create fear so there is information which is not correct which is being broadcast in order to make fear. There was information that they had halted the dismantling, the taking out of the rods, however they are working diligently to take out the rods in building four.


They have not dealt wisely with some of the issues, for instance, building the retaining wall to keep the water in and not go into the ocean which then tends to collect the water and to undermine the foundations of the buildings.


In order to have a total invention there would need to be a transmuting of the molecular structures involved. The nuclear materials in the rods and in the core are difficient in electrons and are tremendously seeking to fulfill that, to replace electrons that have been stripped from them and if they would have that replaced, then the materials would calm down. This is a technology that has not been explored to its fullest. There could be taking of electrons and moving them into the area of the cores to help calm down the materials in them in an intervention. That is our answer.


Wynn: Thank you. “If more people were praying, does that mean there is significantly more chance of that kind of intervention?”


Ra’An: It is, however, if a few people in the nuclear industry would approach the situation with more sanity, this would tremendously help to increase the soundness of the nuclear industry which would rub off on Fukushima.


Wynn: Next question from Carolyn in Alaska: “What can we do as a group to help Wynn and Terry get the word out about Ra and the Elohim and attract more light workers?”   


Ra’An: Thank you. One of the things would be for volunteers for the transcription project to help transcribe Monday and Wednesday calls. This would be a tremendous help in that transcriptions could then be put up onto the website: and continue the work that was done by Connie who stopped doing transcriptions in June so that Monday and Wednesdays are not generally being done and we thank Michael for doing a couple of the transcriptions since then. The Monday and Wednesday transcriptions would be very helpful to have a volunteer to transcribe. They could contact Wynn or Terry on how to go about this.


There are other things: To pass out thumb cards, letting people know about the Sunday call and thumb cards can be gotten from Wynn. Writing to George Noory asking to have Wynn on the program again, could also help expand the work.

Wynn: Thank you. I’ll make a comment and that is that I know that my feeling of freedom to do things is very important. I have to do things. People wonder how things get done. A lot of things get done because Terry and I are doing them and there’s a point where you get to the place [where] there’s so much to be done you can’t possibly get it all. Terry will stay up all night but then she’ll crash for a few days.


If I was going to put on my wish list, I’d wish for someone who is a very good coordinator of other people, because we have a lot of people that would volunteer for stuff, and then they need to be coordinated and that creates another demand on my time and one of the best uses of my time is going out and knocking on doors and getting on radio shows and talking about this to people and building relationships with producers of shows because every time I do that people are attracted to our work and I get more into a flow inside of consensus reality. It’s kind of like our work is outside of consensus reality but to get a footprint in consensus reality that can build and build. It’s one of the things that I’m able to do. I have the verbal communicative abilities. So any amount of freedom on my part, any amount of money that comes in on my part, we have to do other things to make money and there’s a point where there’s no more energy, so that’s one of the things that I see from my perspective. Thank you.


I’m constantly in the arena putting that out and with the idea that sooner or later it’s going to come about one way or another, that somebody’s going to attracted to our work that sees the vision of it and is inspired to give it support in that way.


Question: This is from Joel Terry and in general he asks about something called mudras. Mudras are ways of putting your hands and fingers to create energy and it’s kind of a yogic thing, like putting your hands up, putting your hands down, clasping your hands like in prayer. “Can our sources tell us what the significance and value of these things really are? They are called mudras officially.”


Ra’An: Thank you. Give us a moment. We see when your hands are placed in certain configurations they activate chakra activity. There are more chakas than seven. There are chakras in your hands, in the palm of your hands; there are chakras in the palm of your feet. These chakras can send and give energy so you can augment energy deficient places in the body by placing your hands in certain positions that would then direct energy from the prana surrounding the body or from the earth into the body to augment the energy of the body, for instance, the feet, the chakras in the feet can take in energy.


There are chakras in the under arms so that you get some strange phenomena, for instance, some children in China being able to read by placing the writing material, the written material, in the vicinity of their under arm and developing the energies, the perception energies of sending and receiving energy and sensitivity to perceptions by activating these chakras in the body using the mudras. It is something that is not generally known in the west, however there are some sects that have developed this and have written down techniques using the hands to augment energies, bring in, and control energies within the body using these chakras in the hands. Thank you.


Wynn: Thank you. Next question from Don Herman: “In the Creator God Book, the Elohim stated when you step out of your anchor points; you have the potential to create from outside of creation. Could sources offer more guidance on the idea of stepping out of our anchor points?”


Ra’An: Thank you. We have covered this to some degree when we spoke of the situation of Jyoti moving out of the energies that she is sitting in concerning the element of sitting in the energy of a curse--to step out of those frequencies, to move into the higher frequencies. This is something that in listening to calls, you can begin to sense. We have a very high frequency, a pink energy that you can step into. It is a pure energy, pure love and as you move from your own body energies and with your light body to sense the higher energies as we do on the Sunday call you can be there in the higher energies and begin to experience what it is like to let go of the anchor points.


You do not need to let go of the anchor points, it is something that you may wish to experiment with, to test out when you move out of the anchor points one of the things that could happen would be to go exterior from your body and then be able to travel outside of your body and to see remotely, however, if you do not wish, or feel it is correct to do that, then you will not be doing that because one has to have some confidence and trust in that you will still be okay if you let go of that, and if you do experiment with that, do not let go of your tether with your body. If you let go of your tether then you may end up with a situation like Smokey Angel where he was experimenting at night with going out of his body and exploring and so one night he just kept going and so one needs to keep their tether, their tie, their anchor with their body when they are doing this, this will help them find their way back. If one did lose their tether they can still get back but it is harder. We realize that we are speaking in abstract terms but they are very real terms. Thank you.


Wynn: Thank you. Next question from Michael Adler in San Diego and the question is about comet Ison which is due to swing past the sun on November 28 [2013] and sometime in January [2014] the earth will pass through its tail. There’s been speculation that this will cause a major interruption in the magnetic field of the earth that could cause the entire power grid to collapse similar to an electromagnetic pulse weapon. Will our sources comment on the effects of this comet upon earth?”


Ra’An: Thank you. When this comet passes by the planets there is an interchange of energies between the planet and the comet and this can place a load on the electrical grid. We suggest, not even for this, but for reasons of sound securing of the grid to have transformers in readiness they can [use to] replace if some transformers would blow out, to secure the grid more tightly.


We do not see that it would cause a disruption of the grid. We do see that media and sources behind media are using this as a scare tactic however there are some real effects that could come into play with sun spot cycles and with things like comet Ison to place an extra load on the grid wherein there should be some securing of the grid to make it stronger, to strengthen it in isolated events that could occur. Thank you.


Wynn: Thank you. Jacqueline, I don’t have her city. That was kind of a personal question you asked. They usually request your city so they can tune into you. Your city is not on your email. She’s in Canada. We have that from her email. Let’s see if there’s something here I can ask. I’ll run this by and we’ll see what they say. If they want to pass then we’ll have to ask again.


“I’ve been listening on BBS for six months and I’ve been quite fascinated by all that is unfolding for you and Terry and all who are connected. I would love if I could get some insight into the path of writing and discovery that I am on which involves many of the topics touched on in your show,” and then I think she has a health question, something about a “triple heater meridian block,” that’s obviously a Chinese medicine term, I think, triple heater meridian block, how her friend is trying to clear and does long distance energy work and some insight into the nature of meridians.” Thank you, Jacqueline.


Ra’An: Thank you. One of the important things within a body is to have the body parts line up so the energy flows freely through the whole body. Any misalignment in the structure can cause a meridian block. Other things that can cause a meridian block is a build up of edema, a build up of lymph, which doesn’t keep the liquids flowing through the body easily. There can be body workers who work with releasing lymph. Lymph can take off toxins and needs to be flowing. One of the things that help lymph flow easily is when one can move around and keep the lymph flowing. Exercise helps to keep the lymph moving. There are other things that can make meridian blocks and that is the hook up with the astrological configuration when the person is born can help set meridian flows between the body and the outer star areas and one may psychologically put blocks upon their own meridians psychologically because they don’t like the feeling of energy flowing in certain ways which might be understandable. For instance, during Mercury retrograde, it can create some negative flows which are uncomfortable within the meridian system wherein the meridian is connected with the outside star systems. Those are a few looks at different ways that the meridians can be blocked.


Wynn: Thank you. “Is there a connection between meridians, chakras, and DNA?”


Ra’An: It is all connected. The meridians flow through the part of the body between the skin and the bones, there is an area of meridian connection there and the DNA is to do with the structure throughout the whole body and the chakras are to do with the functioning of different areas of the body. These areas have different functions, however, when any of the areas are blocked and flowing in the wrong direction or are not aligned properly, for instance, with the DNA when the DNA is shut down as to several of the strands, it can then affect the chakra systems which do not synchronize properly and when they are not synchronized properly, then they do not synchronize properly with the meridian systems. We hope that helps.


Wynn: Thank you. A question for Edna: She feels a pressure on the top of her head, crown chakra, when she is meditating and sometimes it happens when she is driving or working. Is that related to Elohim, Ra working on my alignment? “Could you please provide me info to what is happening to me?” Thank you.


Ra’An: There are two things going on here. One is when we seek to contact you sometimes it is experienced as a pressure on the head and that is an indication that we are there and we have communications for you. You also, when you are driving or at other times are reaching out to us and are bringing in that. We suggest that you observe. See if there is communication, but do not try to go into this fully when you are driving.


Wynn: Thank you. Next question is from Dave Farringer. Dave remembers having a memory of a conversation before he was born and he was asked if he wanted to live this life or wait for the next because this life was going to be hard. So he asked, “Do I have anything to contribute to this life?” and the answer was “Yes.” And then he said, “I want to live this life then.” His question is, “Who was it that he spoke to? Was it his higher self?” And, yes, he had a hard childhood. Thank you. That’s Dave Farringer in Grove City, Pennsylvania.


Ra’An: Thank you. Before you were born there were guides working with you as you were in a higher realm and you were evaluating what you wished to do, whether you wished to go into this life or whether you wished to wait and the guides working with you were your angelic guides that were assigned to work with you. ‘Assigned’ is not exactly the correct word. It is a guide that works with extreme love and care and not because he is assigned. However, he is a volunteer angelic being working to help prepare you according to your own free will choice with what you wish to do with your future.


Wynn: Thank you. Do you have any closing comments for us?


Ra’An: We are delighted with each and every question, each and every reach, that those who have listened and have not made questions out loud. We are delighted with the connection with each of you and we are honored for this opportunity to connect with you, for you are not alone and you are loved. Thank you.


Wynn: Thank you so much. Thank you for being here. Thank you, Terry. Thank you, Gijs. Thank you all the volunteers and thank you all who are holding the space to do this call. We will see some of you on Sunday. We’ll see you next time.



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