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“How to Tap Into Your Wise High-Self and Grief”


Sunday Calls:  11.24.2013
Hosted by: Wynn Free with Carla Rueckert
Produced by: Gijs Minderhoud
Audio Link:
Channeled by: Terry Brown
Transcribed by: Susan Rush
Edited by: Terry Brown
Formatted and sent by: Robynne Olson


Gijs: ‘and a blessed Sunday to you all. We have the phone lines still open and I welcome those who’ve joined in over the phone lines on the conference call. It is ten o’clock and Wynn, I give the mike to you, ready or not. [Background noise]

Wynn: What is that sound in the background?

Gijs: I will tackle it.

Wynn: Good morning everybody. It is Sunday, November 24, 2013 at 11:00 a.m. [Sedona time; 10 a.m. PST] and I’m going to start out with two songs. Carla?

Carla: Yes?

Wynn: I have not forgotten you.

Carla: Okay? [Laughter]

Wynn: I know you sent me a tape of some of your songs, right?

Carla: Mm-hmm,

Wynn: Your music … and now I have to go back and search it, and I think they’re all on one audio, right?

Carla: Mm-hmm,

Wynn: So I just want you to know, when I play somebody else’s song, to my ability to feel guilt – I feel guilty [laughter] because I say I have to play Carla’s music.

Gijs: Another thing you need to feel guilty about Wynn is that you didn’t send an email out.

Wynn: I did, I sent one out last night.

Gijs: Last night?

Wynn: Yeah.

Gijs: Yes, but for today’s announcement.

Wynn: I did, that was today’s [call] announcement.

Gijs: Okay – I don’t see it.

Wynn: Really? Ah, hang on a second. Oh my god!

Gijs: I’m right here.

Wynn: It was getting really late … and I see it here. Wait a second, and I didn’t push the send button. [Laughter]

Terry: [Laughter] Was that just before you came to bed at six o’clock? [Laughter]

Carla: Oh my goodness.

Wynn: Okay, now I’ve got to send the email out. It’s all ready to go, and it was really a good one, okay? Hang on.

Gijs: It’s never too late.

Wynn: I’ll tell you what. While I’m sending this out, I am … I can’t believe it’s going to let me do this, hang on. I’m going to play a song, alright? I’m going to open this up – how many of you remember Laura Nyro?

Everybody: Yes, I do; I do; yes; love her. I met her.

Wynn: You met her? Who is that?

Gijs: It sounded like Julia.

Wynn: Was that Julia?

Female voice: Pam?

Wynn: Well, in any case. I don’t know. But Laura Nyro was this very fragile, singer/songwriter/piano player who … Carla, do you know who she is?

Carla: I’ve heard her music but I can’t tell you precisely who she is.

Wynn: How many of you know who Todd Rundgren is?

Carla: Well, me - I love Todd Rundgren.

Wynn: Okay, first I’m going to play a three minute little cut of Todd Rundgren talking about Laura Nyro, who I think he produced one of her records which I didn’t know. Then I’m going to play a Laura Nyro cut called “Save the Planet”  [Audio clip]

This is Wynn. It sounds like life today, doesn’t it? Somebody has to drive you to the edge before you get it together. [Audio clip, continued][Music clip]

Gijs: [Silence] Wynn - can’t hear you.

Wynn: She died, she died young. If any of you want to listen to any of her music, it’s “Laura Nyro.” Plenty of songs of hers are on You Tube; N y r o, and this is in 1970 or so when all that was happening, 1970- ’75. In fact, that last thing that I played was “When I Die,” she made that in her little apartment in Manhattan I would guess and that’s what got her, her record deal. Carla, did you ever hear those songs?

Carla: Yes, I did and I loved them.

Wynn: I mean, she was … how do I say it? So wise and so courageous just to be one person going out and being that vulnerable in her music. In any case, I was up late last night – I started going through You Tube looking for some songs to play or actually, I was looking for one song to play. That was Todd Rundgren who was talking about her before I played her songs and I just [laughter] was up until six a.m. listening to Laura Nyro. Many of her songs were recorded by other people.

When I Die” I think was recorded by Chicago that group called Chicago. It became a big hit. Another song that was famous was “Stoned Soul Picnic.”

So, in any case, I was listening to that music when I was a kid. And an interesting phenomenon occurs because you don’t really realize – I was too dumb to realize how deep she was at the time – I just know she touched me. Her songs are universal and you know, I play it now [choked up] and it still touches me. I got my audio out, I mean, what did I get?

I’m getting fragmented, just a moment. Let me see here. Gijs, is Terry Friedmann on the line?

Gijs: I have not seen him, no.

Wynn: No? Well I thought he was going to come in. Okay, alright. Or Adele - is Adele on the line? No. Now I can’t mute anybody. Hang on, okay.

Gijs: I’ve got it.

Wynn: I got it, thank you. Or you got it, alright. I was having an interesting conversation with someone who’s been coming into our calls for a couple years and she was telling me some of the things that were her obstacles. You can hear all these ideas and you can feel the energy on the line and you can know or have a pretty good feeling that this is real and that we’re actually connecting with who they say they are. It took me a long time to believe that.

It took me a long time to realize the potential of connecting with the energies from the higher realms into this realm. Then you’re off the call and of course you remember it, you remember the feeling. She was saying she keeps trying to make it happen with her mind, as if your mind can say now, do this, do that whatever I told her, she said you should talk about it on Sunday and now I can’t remember what I told her. But I can recreate the situation and the key to this is you can’t will power your way – I won’t say you can’t, because maybe somebody can – it’s very tricky to make an all encompassing statement.

But it’s been my experience you can’t will power your way into a situation where you make a connection. You can do things, you can create intentions but how do you get beyond your thinking? I mean all your life you’re thinking, you’ve got a voice in your head, you’re talking to yourself - you’re talking to others. We so identify with our thoughts and our words and yet all of this is beyond words, it is in-between words. How do you do that?

Who is making all that noise? That is Terry. Terry, we just muted you. Keep an eye on her Gijs because we’re going to look for her later and she’ll be muted. Hang on a second, let me unmute her and ask a question here. Terry, can you hear me?

Terry: Yes, I can hear you - I was wondering, you were talking about someone (is it?) that was trying to make things happen with their mind but I missed who it was.

Wynn: Well, they asked me not to say, so ... [laughter].

Terry: Oh, alright.

Wynn: So listen, are you using the white headset right now?

Terry: Yes, it’s very good. That’s my fault, I made a noise.

Wynn: Okay, because you can mute it. It’s easier for you to mute it than for us to mute you, okay? You know with the little button?

Terry: Yeah, I will.

Wynn: Because otherwise we’ll come looking for you …

Terry: [Laughter] and I won’t be here.

Wynn: You won’t be there, right.

Terry: Okay.

Wynn: Now of course, you know with most people, it’s really hard to get them out of their mind. And in your case, it’s hard to get you into your mind. [Laughter]

Terry: Yeah well, you know what? I’ve been working on what are the elements of the mind, what does it consist of and how can I eliminate it? Because the mind, I think it creates a sort of a robotic-ness - a must do this or must be this way or set the patterns where a person responds in a certain way to things. And if I can learn how to set all that aside and let it go so that I’m just there and I’m responding and I don’t have all this circuitry that goes now I’m supposed to …

Wynn: Yes. But you are there – more than most people.

Terry: I know, because I’ve let all these aspects go. It’s like silently, like every time I meditate I check-in and I see if there’s any other circuitry that I can dismiss. [Laughter]

Wynn: I see. Now Carla … anyone who channels has to go out of their mind but Carla has a very sharp mind but I have a feeling that she had developed the ability to get beyond her mind, early on. Carla, am I right?

Carla: Yes.

Terry: That’s wonderful.                               

Wynn: Is that all you’re going to say? [Laughter]

Carla: That’s it [Laughter] …

Wynn: Listen, I just gave you a cue [laughter] and you didn’t take it.

Carla: It’s not necessarily a good thing because if you don’t know you’re doing it people are sort of like where’d you go? What are you talking about? [Laughter] And really, you can’t trace from here to there – where you got – because there wasn’t any logical way.

Wynn: Mm-hmm,

Carla: It’s just, that was the way that was. [Laughter] So, I’m not sure that it’s a good thing. But at any rate, yes, and I do it all too frequently.

Terry: Well, that’s like going into a full-body trance where one goes to the other side and then when they can’t come back, they don’t exactly remember where they’ve been. [Laughter]

Wynn: What a good show, we’re talking to everybody about going out of your mind, right? [Laughter]

Terry: There should be a song written about it.

Carla: It’s not exactly an accurate phrase as you’re not going out of your mind, you’re going …

Wynn: ‘through it.

Carla: ‘beyond it, I would say.

Terry: Beyond it is good.

Wynn: Yeah.

Carla: Yeah. And it isn’t intentional sometimes, it’s just what happens.

Wynn: I’ll tell you one thing – you know we did this one time and it was really quite amazing, and that was we did an exercise on one of our calls, live. We’ve never done it again. I should – I should do a workshop on it, as a matter of fact, and I had people - the exercise was what would your high-self tell you if it was looking at your life and giving you counsel? What would it say? Then I picked a couple of people who I thought could do it, that never did anything like this before and I said what would your high-self tell us right now? And I actually told them to say I am Ra to start, and see what would come through after they said that.

Every single person that did it was just profound, beyond words. Were you on that call Terry, when we did it?

Terry: I was and I was totally amazed and Wynn, at the end, he said, Oh Terry, you can take a vacation now. [Laughter] But they were good.

Wynn: They were really good.

Terry: Yes.

Wynn: And one way you all can do this … you can do this exercise - it’s doable. You don’t need anyone else. And I don’t know if Carla likes people saying I am Ra, because that was what the Ra Group said when they started talking through her. But the idea is – take a piece of paper and say, “What would my high self say to me in terms of counsel?” Get in a very quiet, still space and start writing and don’t think about it. You have to write faster than your thoughts, faster than your ability to censor.

But you feel self-conscious and I’d like to hear emails from you. In fact, if you want you can just send me what you wrote, if you feel clear. But I’d like to get emails and tell me, if you do this, what came up. Because it is phenomenal how wise you are or your high-self is or a part of you is that when you actually get out of your mind – because your mind is in duality – your mind is in … How would you say it? It’s got a grip on everything, and when you start writing or talking faster than your mind can think that’s when you slip through the cracks and get some wisdom out.

Because you know how to counsel yourself, you know what you need. You know there are people, I’m thinking their names but I’m not going to say it, but I would love them to do this because they are stuck in some kind of life’s drama, some kind of dilemma. They keep bouncing back and forth, back and forth - back and forth. I realized when I wrote songs I did this process and I had this one song that I wrote which was actually the story of a past lifetime of mine. At the time I wrote it I didn’t know it was a past lifetime, I thought it was a fantasy.

So this is a way – and this is not automatic writing, because you’re not asking some spirit to take you over because that can be negative. That can be dangerous. This is you, counseling yourself, from your high-self. We call it your high-self or the part of you that’s in another dimension. It’s watching you, it’s there, that knows everything about you, that is always attempting to give you guidance and, it’s the voice of your intuition. It’s the voice – and I mean if you’re really evolved – who knows, you may end up having some really, really high Source come through.

But don’t look for that, don’t look for channeling. Keep it in your own field and find out how wise you really are – how you have the answers for your own dilemma, right inside you. This is one way to stop the mind – is to let it just come through so fast. You know another thing I did this week, and this was the email that I just sent out, is, most of us have grief. We have grief. What is grief? Carla, you’re the good vocabulary here – what’s grief?

Carla: Grief, as in sadness?

Wynn: Yeah.

Carla: Well I think that we all are sad about something that’s happened in our lives. Sometimes it’s happened in such a way that it overcomes us and it’s almost impossible to get past it.  I think that’s when it’s the most difficult of all, is when it’s simply impossible to get past it. But grief can put a stop to that higher-self coming through because it is an emotion that has a lot of fear in it. It’s a limiting emotion. I know from experience, having a lot of grief, that there’s a self limiting, very damaging part of that that wants you to stay right there.

And it takes a lot of courage to move beyond grief so that you can see not only the truth of your grief, but [the] beauty, the clarity, the radiance of it. I know that after Don died in 1984 I was totally overcome by grief and it took me six years to move beyond that and to like myself again. That was how limiting it was. So grief can be a very damaging emotion. At the point of emotion - is that people think well, now that’s bad so I need to stuff that, I need to put that someplace so that it doesn’t limit me so that I can move on with my life. But actually, you need to work with it and acknowledge it and accept it and explore it until eventually you are able to purify it and refine it and see the beauty of it.

That’s pretty much what my process was [in] grief --was to filter out. Not because I wanted to, but because through the processes of meditating on it and considering it and looking at it and so forth, I began to see the beauty of it; I began to be able to appreciate it. Now when I look back on Don, I have tremendous amounts of grief, but it’s like a crystal – it’s a dark one – but it’s beautiful. Absolutely beautiful and I think that’s where we are all trying to go with our emotions. Not to stuff them out of sight but to be unafraid of them and to work with them.

To invite them in to the self and work with them until eventually, you’re able to be a part of that, have that, and at the same time have the maturity to see that grief in its beautiful form, and feel that grief in its refined form. So it’s a purified emotion and there’s nothing there but love anymore. So I think that’s the beauty of working with your emotions and not just stuffing them down somewhere because if you stuff them down they’ll just come back.

Wynn: And they stay in your way. They keep you from tapping in to what we’re talking about.

Carla: Right.

Wynn: You notice when you were talking Carla (when Carla was talking?) … One of the cool things about working with Carla is that we don’t have to say Carla, let your high self come through and just start talking. [Laughter] It’s like she will just do that automatically and God knows what else is mixed in with [that], which is influencing her communication. And you could feel it and you could hear it and it was all perfectly formed. It’s like unselfconscious and not worried about what she’s going to say next.

One of the things that keyed me into talking about grief is – and this was the email that I did send it out – I just sent it out after the call started. If some of you got it, thanks for being here. But check out that email, even after the call is over because I discovered (crying just thinking about it) some You Tubes [] a couple of days ago – I discovered one and I just started crying and I was realizing, I’m letting out my grief. Then I did another one and the same thing happened. So I put them together, there’s four videos and what they are, is there’s some kind of TV show in England.

Now I don’t think in my entire life I ever watched American Idol and I don’t know if this show was like American Idol. But in particular, there were four judges and the shows that I chose, or the shows that triggered me were [choked up] people that had some kind of infirmity, some kind of difficulty in their own persona. I think that’s an infirmity. Is that an infirmity, Carla?

Terry: Infirmity.

Wynn: Infirmity, not affirmity. They had all gotten over their infirmity and walked on stage and sung and each one was totally different. There was one guy who was gay and his parents kicked him out of the house when he was eighteen years old and he sung this song – it was kind of an operatic song – and he brought the judges to tears [choked up] and at the end of the song one of the judges said, “Hey, you’re now part of our family,” and he meant it. He was taking the guy in. Because the guy was angelic, he was beautiful and his parents kicked him out.

Another one was a young woman who was bullied all the time and always felt lesser than and she sang a song she wrote and while she was singing it she was crying. I mean she was able to formulate the words but you could look at her face and she was expressing and releasing all this pain and, she brought down the house.

Then another one was a ten year old blind autistic kid. He was not on the show, he was singing somewhere else. But he was singing this song about seeing the love in your heart – I think that was the name of the song, seeing the Love in Your Heart, and this was a guy that was blind.

For those of you that have grief, which is probably everybody, these are really good to watch. I mean, I’ll go watch it again just because it surfaced things for me and let me release stuff and you know when I did that, I felt like a purging and it’s not stuffed, it’s letting it out. So we’re working on two ends of the spectrum. One is purifying the human vehicle, the human experience and the other end is interfacing with the celestial realms, the non-human experience; interfacing with intelligence that doesn’t have bodies – so they say. Interfacing with a loving energy that is available 24/7 to radiate, to shine on down on you, personally. An intelligence that is huge with many, many, many, many, many individual intelligences. And they’re big enough to have time for you and to be there for you and that while we’re going through our human experiences we can have that loving energy, from the higher realms, available - shining on us, being our friend.

You can call it God, you can call it the Elohim, you can call it Love, but whatever you call it - it’s here on this line. It is here and making its self available to you to open up to. Each of us has the challenge on the human side to make ourselves empty and open and by “empty” I mean neutral, to get our grief out of the way. When we have an overwhelming “something” that is occupying our physical experience, whether it’s a chatty mind that won’t stop talking, whether it is grief, whether it is unworthiness – that’s a really common human trait, unworthiness – it’s not your fault.

None of this stuff is your fault – some of it might be. Some of you have done things to create patterns that make it come back on you but it’s easy to release those now if you go into it. But stop feeling guilty about what’s wrong with you and understand that it’s just an experience that your lower body is going through. It needs to cry so let it cry, it needs to eat so let it eat and do the things necessary to empty yourself – be an empty vessel so spirit can flow in. It’s there. This is kind of like the leap of faith I suppose although I don’t usually like to use the word faith. It’s faith that if you let all the other stuff go - something will take its place.

Because I can see how it’s so hard to let stuff go, even possessions, surrounding yourself with possessions and things. It’s not that you have to give them all away. You don’t have to give any of them away, but you have to be detached. It doesn’t matter. You have to be ready for the next thing. You are not your possessions. You are not your mind. You are not your grief. You are not your belief systems and as you clear those, spirit comes in. Did you feel it? We just did it. It’s there; it’s waiting. It’s - let it go. What’s that saying, letting go and letting God? One thing that I have to insert here is letting go and letting God.

There’re a lot of New Age phrases which I have a little bit of argument with or I think they can mislead you. Because you’re supposed to let go to let spirit come in, to let the energy and Love of the higher realms flow through you. But you’re not supposed to become passive with that. In fact, there’s a great deal of responsibility when you start having that experience because you are the creator of your life. You are the creator of your choices. You are the decider of your choices and no one else is supposed to make your choices for you.

The key is to be able to open up, to let that flow from the higher realms come in that allows you to make better choices, to be of more service in this realm, to get the experiences that are blocked from you. I know there’s people on this line that were trying to get a job for a long, long time and they started coming into these calls and they started opening up to exactly what I’m talking about and boom, they got a job. It’s not magic. It’s not like the Elohim got them a job or the Ra Group got them a job, they got the job.

What they did was they opened up their energies so they would go somewhere and people would say - instead of seeing this sign - I mean, here’s what happens ... They go looking for a job and you walk in the door and you’re carrying this sign that says “I’m not worthy; I’m not loved; I’m worthless. Excuse me, can I get a job?” [Laughter] And people wonder why they don’t get a job. [Laughter] But it’s not easy to put those signs down. It’s not easy to feel worthy and the only authentic way of feeling worthy in the spiritual sense is to open yourself up to the energies of the Universe and to allow them to flow through you.

Suddenly you have this experience that you are a child of the divine in this realm and that starts to change your energy flows. And when your energy flows-change you start to radiate worthiness, and when you start to radiate worthiness other people respond to you and you become a mover and shaker in your own little Universe. Your friends respond. You get jobs. You get lucky. People are doing favors for you and they don’t know why they’re doing it but you’re a walking blessing. You overcome all those things - the chatty mind, the grief - and it doesn’t necessarily go away like boom, it’s gone.

It doesn’t work that way. It goes and then it comes back. There’s a theory of reversibility - I don’t know if that’s the word. But the way things change is - and change is not a fast process - at least for most people it’s not. Maybe for some people it is but for most people it’s not. It’s like you reach a level and then you go back to your old stuff, and then you reach the level again and you go back to your old stuff. Each time you go back and forth, you end up staying in the new level for a longer period and the old stuff gets less and less. You know truthfully, I don’t think the old stuff ever completely goes away. It just gets smaller and smaller and the new stuff starts taking its place.

It’s so subtle that, some of you that have been in our group and on our calls, you’ve gone through immense changes but you have to go back and remember how you were two years ago or three years ago and you have to re-create it. Because you are always sitting in the moment and as you’re going through changes, you don’t have something to compare it to because it was too long ago. But when it first starts, it goes up and it goes down. The first thing people feel is a sense of upliftment, on the calls. They feel a sense of connection.

They feel like somebody understands. They feel like they’re in a family (you are in a family) you’re in a spiritual family. We are sharing unconditional Love with everyone who listens. We didn’t know we could do this – I didn’t know I could do this. Man, if someone told me I was going to be doing this, ten years ago I would not have believed it. I would have not believed I had the ability to do it and yet, here we are doing it. Everyone knows how shy Terry is - and Terry, are you there? Hello Terry?

Terry: I’m here. Yes.

Wynn: Okay, I’m talking about you. You want to talk about yourself? Did you believe you’d be doing this? …

Terry: Yeah and one of the things is I’m able to step aside and let the Sources come in so I can keep being shy, I can just step aside. [Laughter]

Wynn: But you know, I told this story before but I’ll tell it again because I met Terry years ago, one of the times my life fell apart, which was more than once, but I decided I was going to make money in multi-level marketing. And some guy I knew gave me this pill - it’s called Cernitin - it’s (called) flower pollen and I put it in my mouth and I said, “Jeez, I can feel energy from this pill.” So I went to the meeting and I walked in and here is this … there I met Terry and she was selling that same product. That’s how we met, selling multi-level marketing (MLM) products. We had adventures. One time we had a product that grew hair and we were going to Westwood and looking for bald people [laughter] using a cassette tape with testimonials and we called ourselves the “Bald Busters.” [Laughter]

In any case, Terry would give talks for this product and she told me the story, the first time she gave a talk for this group of flower pollen distributors - when she was finished … You know what? It’s kind of like there was something so radiant and authentic about her. She wasn’t a normal good speaker and she was awkward but she got up and she got over her mind and her resistance.  She gave the talk and she got a standing ovation. And she tells me …

Terry: I remember that. [Laughter] I was so unfamiliar …

Wynn: She thought everybody was walking out on her.

Terry: Yeah, when they stood up I thought, “Oh-oh I’ve said something wrong. They’re all walking out.” And then I thought back over what I’d said and I couldn’t figure out what I would have said wrong. Then I thought, “Oh, maybe the place is on fire and they’re all leaving.” [Laughter] Then they all started clapping and yelling… [Laughter]

Carla: Wow.

Terry: [Laughter] … it took me awhile to get it. [Laughter]

Wynn: So, and that was probably at least 30 to 35 years ago. Isn’t that right, Terry?

Terry: It was 1982. It may be ’84, something like that.

Wynn: That was 30 years ago, okay?

Terry: Yeah.

Wynn: So, it’s amazing what you can … Were you scared when you got up on stage to talk?

Terry: Yeah, I was really scared. I spoke one time - I think it was in San Francisco, Marin County or somewhere in there. They had us do an exercise of go out and find people just on the street that we could tell about flower pollen. So I went out and I was scared out of my mind of talking to anybody and I would talk to somebody and they would just be speaking Spanish [Laughter] and wouldn’t understand anything.

Or I’d [see] somebody else – I would be too scared to talk to them and it would be another distributor that was already in the room that I thought would make a perfect distributor but I was too shy to say anything. And so they videoed me, giving a talk about my experience and I was so awkward and so funny that one person said, “Well, this isn’t a talk on that, this is a comedy skit.” [Laughter] Everybody was laughing.

Carla: Thanks a lot, huh? [Laughter]

Terry: What?

Carla: I said thanks a lot. [Laughter]

Terry: No, [Laughter] I really enjoyed making them laugh. [Laughter]

Wynn: Yeah, so you know this is a really good call because there’re a lot of keys here and things you can do to move through your stuff. Lots of them and I hope, those of you that feel stuck … You know, Terry brought another one in, kind of. It’s like when you’re feeling lack of self worth, and don’t feel bad about it, everyone’s (I’ve gone through that) gone through that. I don’t know if Carla has, I won’t assume she has but most everyone - it’s like a huge thing on the human condition. In fact, what I’ve learned in recent times, this lack of self worth people feel is actually something that’s been programmed into the collective so you can be controlled.

You realize that there are forces out there that want you to have no power. That wants you to be passive. That want you to watch television and just be programmed - downloaded from everything they tell you on television. So lack of self worth is not your fault. It’s part of the conditioning of the collective. But one of the quick fixes for lack of self worth is to push yourself to do something where you can’t be rejected and your self-worth will come through when you do it. Help someone that really needs help. See, when you create true value for another being, your self-worth automatically shows up.

When I talk to you guys and I know I’m creating value, my self-worth comes. There it is, it is right there. It’s true with Terry, it’s true with Carla. Well, all you’ve got to do is do something where somebody needs you and can’t become co-dependent on you. [Laughter] No one wants anyone to need them because they might become co-dependent and then what are you going to do? But go where you can show up, and I’ve said this, go to a convalescent home … go to homeless people and give out dollars.

Go visit one of your old relatives, who is probably lonely and sit with them. Take them to dinner. Man, your self-worth will come up! Then, if it works make it a habit, okay? Say you’ve got grief – let yourself cry. Let yourself experience your sadness. Your self-worth, you’re getting out of your mind. Start doing writing from your high-self, guiding you. Find out that you’ve actually got the answers and you’re wise inside and then, allow yourself to feel the Love of the Universe – the Love of the celestial realms, whatever you want to call it.

The Love of Ra, the Love of Elohim, the Love of God … we can’t even distinguish it. But we know there’s a Love that comes down from up-high that can move through our body and we’re going to do that right now. We do it every Sunday – that can move through our body and help us purge things and we know we are cared for. We know we’re a child of the Universe. We know we are a part of divinity. We know we’re part of the Oneness. And everyone can do this. No one is denied, no matter how difficult your circumstances - your situation is. Carla?

Carla: Yes.

Wynn: Would you like to add something to that? Did I cover all the bases? Did I cover most of the things that are blocks?

Carla: I think you did. I think that low self esteem is Universal; I think that however it shows up, it’s in everybody. I don’t know what Universality it has. I think maybe it’s simply because it’s important for parents to maintain control. They want to have control over their children so that they won’t come to harm and that basic fear creates in them the desire to control their children. In some cases it goes different ways. In my case I was taught how to be a young lady and a young lady does this and a young lady doesn’t do this and blah, blah, blah, forever and ever, onward and onward. In other cases it’s if you do this I’ll smack you, you know, and you can be hurt. You can have a physical abuse. It gets ugly.

So it’s hard to say precisely what kind of reasons there are for the low self esteem, but I think it’s something that we all have in common, for whatever reason. And it comes out in different ways because we’re different people and it’s painful. No matter who has it, no matter how it happens, no matter what the genesis of it was, it ends up being …

Wynn: You know, I think it’s … I mean, I’d have to go look up my references for this, but I think low self esteem is programmed intentionally, into this realm by the negative, intentionally. It’s not just a happenstance thing. It’s like, you watch television and you think if you don’t have money you’re worthless, that you need to have certain kinds of clothes. You need to have a certain kind of beauty to be acceptable, to reach a standard. You know the negative forces want to keep us in a diminished state of mind because we’re ineffective.

You know, one of the reasons almost all religions have prohibitions on sex is because sex is empowering! It makes people feel good, it makes them feel powerful and if you tell people don’t have sex, or feel guilty if you have sex you totally screw up this process of self-regeneration that exists within the context of our physical bodies. So it’s a whole realm that’s programming you, it’s programmed your parents. It’s programmed your grandparents. It’s been happening for thousands of years and there is an intention behind it.

I mean Jesus said the sin … I don’t like to use the word sin but usually it’s quoted with the word sin and then I’ll translate it into the way that I would prefer to say it. Excuse me, bible translators, but the sins of the parents are visited upon the children. The sins of the parents … And what that means to me is that a parent has - some of you are parents - and so, that one reason to purify your energies is to get your children out of the lineage of sin. Although, I said I was going to use another word because sin makes a lot of self-judgment and in this particular case it’s that the energy patterns are translated down from father to son, father to son, father to son. So if a parent is unworthy, they’re going to transmit that to their children. If a parent is prejudiced, it’s going to translate that down to the children. If a parent is mean or greedy, on some level the children are going to be in that energy field and it’s going to affect them and we don’t realize it. But we are carrying the energy forms that we were brought up in. It was like, when you were a kid and you came out and you were born, you’re energy was clean. It’s pure. Even, I think it probably doesn’t have karma attached to it. I won’t say that’s true for everybody but for many people, children are born with a clean energy field.

Then they’re brought up by their parents and their parent’s energy is impacting and programming them and their energy field starts to model their parents. Many of you (and I have this) had great issues in overcoming certain things that your parents laid on you. Terry talks about it all the time--how her mother was, you’ve heard her talk. You’ve heard me talk about my father who was very oppressive. Yet, one of the things that helped me with my father … I’m just going to say this one last thing and then we’ll go to our visualizations.

One thing that helped me with my father – I had a horrible childhood – I was never good enough. It was like I couldn’t wait to leave home. My father would never, even when I did things that I thought he should be proud of me, because I was always trying to make him proud of me - never worked. And I learned from a reading that my father had killed me in another lifetime and that he owed me a life and I wanted to be born and I wanted to be born in Philadelphia. [Laughter]

So I ended up coming up in that family, choosing that family because I wanted a life and it took me a long time to reprogram myself – probably still reprogramming certain aspects of the way I was brought up and the energy things that I assimilated. One of the things that really helped me and this might help you, those of you that have issues with your parents. One of the things is, even though I can’t remember it, taking responsibility for choosing those parents. The other thing was, saying to myself, “If I had to do that again, knowing all I had to go through, would I make that choice?”

And I came up with a resounding, yes! I’ve learned so many things this lifetime that I wouldn’t have missed it and if I didn’t make that choice I would have missed it all, I wouldn’t be here now. So forgiving my father because he didn’t know what he was doing. People can’t help it when they’re mean or when they’re sad or when they’re angry or when they’re inflictive. They can’t help themselves, in most cases. You can help yourself because you can bite your tongue. You can feel things but you don’t have to put them out in the world. So those are ways that I helped work around my parents, my father.

My mother was fine but my father was difficult so I had to forgive him, I had to make the choice right now to be born into this lifetime and knowing that all I would go through and that I was willing to go through it to get to here. And once I made that choice then it was easy to forgive my parents, knowing that I chose my parents, that for whatever reason, I chose them. So even if it was difficult, I made the choice and so I took responsibility for making the choice. If you go through those things – for me, it helped accelerate me outside of that feeling like a victim with my parents.

Or feeling that I had a horrible life, and I actually didn’t. For whatever reason, I managed to have fun, even in those days and I don’t regret anything.

On this note, I’m going to say let’s start our meditation. If any of you are listening for the first time, we spend the first hour or so talking about issues. Talking about things that ... how to get over obstacles in life; how to be who you want to be; how to tap in to the Love of the Universe, and experience that in your temporary human form.

Then, in the second part of our Sunday call we go through this guided visualization.

I learned over a period of time that these guys in other dimensions were paying attention to me and they didn’t tell me this (I had to figure it out) but I was able to be a reference point for their energy in this realm. So when we do these meditations people feel energy when we talk about feeling the Love of the Universe and we’re moving into the experience of that. Then we’re going to hear a message from them through Terry (and they’re going to give us a message) and then we’re going to do a planetary healing session.

We’re going to use our group energy combined with their group energy to put some intentions out for shifting things on our planet with the proviso that we are honoring free will and we are operating for the highest good of all concerned. Right now put your feet on the floor or on your bed if you’re in bed, parallel to the Earth. We are working with the principle that the Ra channelings called The Law of One … You know the Edgar Cayce channelings talks about the children of The Law of One in Atlantis. The Law of One is the signature phrase of the Ra Group and it’s the foundational principle of the Universe that everything is one-energy.

Everything is one energy subdivided umpteen trillion, trillion times and in the higher realms, the beings, the individuations of this energy are aware of each other. They’re aware that they’re part of each other. They’re aware that they are separated individuations that are part of the same energy. In the human form that awareness is more rare – being aware that we are part of each other and that we’re part of the Earth and we’re part of the higher realms. This is not a thought, it’s not an idea - it’s not a philosophy. It’s a truth that can be experienced.

Right now we are going to tune in to Mother Earth, and Mother Earth is part of the same energy. Earth is alive, it’s aware. It knows we exist. It’s hosted us for many lifetimes. It’s withstood the abuse of humans - the wars, the killings on her surface, the excavations of explosions, of mining (whatever). So right now we’re going to make a connection with Earth. We’re going to put our feet on the ground as I said and the Earth can send her energy and we can send our energy through our feet and feel the Earth in our feet. If you’re feeling that and even if you’re not, let’s just tell the Earth we Love her.

We thank her for her patience. We thank her for giving the opportunity to grow on her surface and sharing her energy with us. We apologize for all the things that the human race has done to create hurt for Earth. And that we know the Earth is moving, upgrading to a new frequency, a new paradigm, and we want to ride with you to this new paradigm through the force of Love. Earth is moving up our feet, up our legs, up our calves – that energy – up our chest, up our neck, and we’re letting the Earth Love us and we are-loving her back.

Now we’re going to move through the top of our heads, upwards through the space above us, through the ceiling, into the clouds, into the sky. We’re an expanding energy field. Our roots are in the Earth, coming through our body and rush, up into the sky. There’s an energy veil around the Earth – we’re going to move through it and so suddenly we’re in the solar system - keeping lots of protection around us while we do this. We’re moving through time, we’re moving through our past lifetimes. All time exists simultaneously, so everything you ever were - exists right now.

All the shadows are in your soul – we’re moving through them. We’re moving to the place – there is a place where every one of us individuated – where we didn’t exist and then we did. We separated ourselves from the one energy pool of the Universe, the field, and we individuated and we all did that. Not all at the same time in the linear sense, but we all did it, and that moment exists right now. As we move up and we move up to that moment, we can feel the field, we can feel our connection with each other – our brotherhood and sisterhood.

Sometimes I call this a-group energy. So here we came from the Earth shooting through our bodies, through the ceiling, and we have this wonderful group energy where we are all blending, temporarily connecting. We invite our Sources into this field, to join us. We have voices that have identified themselves as group souls. One is the Ra Group which is made up of souls that graduated this realm, and act as a team to help us. The other is the Elohim Group which, by and large, has not come into this realm, or the ones that did got stuck and are still here.

They’re a pure energy and they say they’re at the beginning of space and time and they radiate through all of creation because they were the creators of creation. The interesting thing about the Elohim Group is they have the backdoor program to creation. They can move into any space immediately, as radiant energy. So if you’re feeling an-energy right now in your bedroom or your living room or wherever you are (if you’re feeling it) you might consider that, that is the Elohim Group moving into your space and sharing energy with your energy field.

So we have this huge group energy, we have all of us listening on the phone, all of us listening on the Internet, all of us listening to the replays and since there’s no time, since time is an illusion then it doesn’t matter when you’re listening because the energy is present outside of these timelines. Do you realize what we’re creating - we’re putting all this on the Internet? And as long as there’s an Internet there’s going to be people discovering this, and that it’s going to change their template? Or it’s giving them an opportunity for their template to change.

Many of you know what I mean. Things that are outside of time are as relevant now as they were when they were produced. Like the Ra material of Carla Rueckert will be relevant thousands of years from now. Like the wisdom of the ancients, the wisdom in the bible. Not the whole bible but the wisdom in it will always be relevant. We are in this group energy field, it’s flowing around us – I should say it’s flowing around those of you that are open to it. Those of you that have let go of enough blocks and traumas to allow it to flow in, and it doesn’t impose on you. When people are first checking us out, and they should check us out, this energy won’t come near you until you ask, until you want it.

It honors your free will. Shut your eyes and feel that Love. We can move this energy, it follows our intentions. So let it move into your body. Just imagine that in that field there’s intelligence. You could call them angels and let’s imagine that this energy is filled with beings that Love you, that have no other reason to exist other than heal you, help you heal yourself. Feel that energy surrounding you and let it work on you. Direct it. Ask for help in those areas where you need help. Remember that you are a co-creator with this energy and this energy is you.

It’s a higher aspect of you. It is home and you’re here on Earth and, so often we lose track of the connection but it’s always there. And for the highest good of all concerned and honoring free will, you can get help, assistance, energetic support, healing. You have to ask for it or you have to put the intention out. So just do it silently. The Elohim described it in one of our talks. They said ‘imagine a bicycle and the way of the chain on the bicycle transfers the energy to the rear wheel and magnifies the motion of your legs so you can get to places fast, with less effort.’

And when you start connecting to the higher realms, your body is like the bicycle and as you make the connection it amplifies everything you think - do - hope for. So we’re amplifying that connection now, and for those of you that need miracles, miracles are commonplace on the higher realms because they’re not miracles because everything is fluid. They’re only miracles in this realm because things are so solid and stuck and slow here. So we’re accessing the higher realms. We’re riding our bicycle, we’re moving fast. Think about the things that you would like to shift and put them into the silence, right now. [Silence]

We go to our healing list today, and I should rename it, not a healing list but our wellness list.

We have Debby in South Blooming Grove, New York please send Love Light protection and healing energy to all of the beings on the planet who are being affected by the changes that are taking place at this time.

Susan in Michigan may the Love Light shine on my kitty, Black E. If it’s his time to transition then may it be peaceful. If it is time for him to heal then may I be directed to - what he needs. Thank you.

Then we have Barbara in Twin Falls, Idahopeace everywhere on Earth and peace to all beings during this Thanksgiving week; I put into the Light gratitude for all blessings seen and unseen, especially Mother Earth for all her blessings to life everywhere.

Tracy in the United States please help me find a safe place to live immediately. Please help me to be able to start living again and not simply surviving.

Lys in Rimrock, Arizonaperfect cure for my heart, liver, bladder and intestines; perfect cure for myself and my daughter for all of our skin and mucous membranes, to heal from the flu, and experiencing peacefulness, safety, comfort and freedom from pain and suffering. Also, the complete removal from all of our bodies and levels of being of any and all lingering beliefs that pain and suffering are helpful or necessary, at all and replaced by the total knowledge, experience, understanding and expression that Love, comfort, peacefulness, joy, abundance, health, safety, power, compassion, harmony and happiness are our birthrights as beings of this Universe as we are divine expressions of the completeness of Beingness – living expressions of All That Is. Also, [please bring] a complete and total end to all weather wars.

And we have here - let’s see - 11:18 a.m. - we’re going back a few days. We have Maestro in Kaneohe, Hawaiiproblems with kidneys - Love Light to help in a thorough healing for the highest good; much Love and gratitude.

Wynn: And I’d like to put Gary in the Light for complete healing; Bogdan in the Light; Carla in the Light; Daphne in the Light; all of you in the Light - in this Love Light - who are going through any kind of infirmity, discomfort in your body, and I ask for complete healing now – Now! Let this Love Light permeate you and we’re going to take a moment now or longer than a moment - it’s up to them and hear from our Sources.

Father Mother God, we ask for the presence of the Light to surround and protect each person on this line and any negativity be taken to the highest realms of Light and transmuted for the highest good of all concerned. We see ourselves in the flow of energy radiating from the center of the Universe, through the galaxies, through the Milky Way, through the solar system, through the outer energy fields of planet Earth, through our bodies and into the center of the Earth and right now, we invoke a group energy connection (which we’ve already done) while maintaining the sovereign integrity of our souls.

We invite those Sources that are positive, service-to-others, honoring The Law of One to join with us as we create a protected space that only the positive has access to, and anything not of that nature must leave now. We turn it over the intelligence that speaks to us through Terry Brown.

Ra’An/Terry: We greet you in the Love Light of - The One Infinite Creator. Today is the 24th of November 2013. And we see that each person who has put something on the healing list, each person who is in the Earth plane, wherever they are, has an actual place where they are. And by “place” we do not mean physical place as much as we mean a place within their connection to the location where they are, and how they connect, how they are experiencing their life where they are at, what emotions they have and certain emotions follow certain conditions …

One of the things is that many of the things that people have put in the Light - that you have put in the Light - are connected. It is not just you, isolated out within your own problem. It is not only you, it is connected to society. Right now there are many people that are seeking to live beyond moment to moment, are seeking to have a better life, to be able to supply their needs within the 3rd density. There are and were areas within time where the society was very excited about goals, about going to the Moon or, about having a better job, or a better life.

Then, in or around the 1990s there began to be a campaign to bring the sense of fear into the media. And this has thrown everyone off to some degree. Individuals are working for their own good life, for their own good growth and they have been thrown off by the campaign of fear. Just changing that campaign of fear to a campaign of enthusiastic joy over certain possibilities instead of holding on to the status quo of there’s not enough of this or there’s not enough of that or there’s this threat or there’s that threat. Just changing that one thing could really change everyone’s environment and consensus reality. That they would then feel that they had a chance to build the better life.

So what do you do when there is this campaign? One of the things is to not put yourself down for being in fear, not put yourself down for being sad. These are emotions that are real emotions in response to something that is really going on or it’s fabricated by, say, society or is fabricated or created by ones belief system. It is a real feeling and it is based upon certain elements. For instance, sadness often carries with it the element of loss, don’t know what to do. Something has happened that is unacceptable and how to change that element of loss around so that you can begin to have a different outlook.

One of the things that happens as one begins to get a different outlook and get more grounded is that they begin to get angry; they begin to demand a different tact. And anger is not generally, in a lot of cases, accepted which beats the people back down to loss and sadness, and they don’t know how to break through the anger barrier. Once they can break through the anger barrier then there are beautiful emotions above that point. The emotions of cheerfulness, the seeing what actually is in the environment that is comforting and is supportive.

Even if it is the green fields around the area or the beautiful majestic trees which are turning, in some cases if it’s not evergreen, to beautiful shades of fall and color, to see beauty in the environment. When you are in sadness and fear and worry it is very hard to focus upon supportive energies. So do not put yourself down for being sad or for being fearful. Or, do not try to change it in a twinkling because it is being held in place by certain elements in society, by certain elements in the ability to survive.

There is an area where when a person or a family has the elements, the resources for good survival it creates support so that the family can be more happy. So with the support of good financial resources - a good job, good friends - one can begin to move through the elements of loss or sadness. It takes time to move through sadness as one deals separately day by day with the elements that have created the sadness, if it is a chronic thing. Do not try to change it in a heartbeat. Move step by step to observe the elements that are creating the sadness.

Where is the loss? Where is the threat? Where is the lack? Isolate it out, see what it is and then work day by day to fill-in the cracks, to cement-up the foundation. And have friends that may be in similar situations or not, but friends that you can connect with and you can then have the support of friends. And we are here, we are friends and the people on the call are here, you are here and you are friends and you have friends. We hope this look has helped and can lead you little by little to being on firmer ground and working towards the growth, the fulfillment, the life that you wish to move into. Thank you for this opportunity. We leave but we do not leave. It is a sacred moment in time when we are able to offer the opportunity of connection. Thank you.

Wynn: Thank you. We are going over [Laughter] we have a few minutes …

Gijs: I just checked Wynn - we have an open timeslot at BBS after us.

Wynn: Oh, they have an open timeslot at BBS?

Gijs: Affirmative.

Wynn: So we can go a little longer, okay, good. So let me just mention that I apologize because the link to put things in the Light wasn’t working, in the email we sent and it goes to the calendar. Thank you Marsha for reminding me and I know Marsha would have put her home situation, her home environment, her neighbors in the Light, and her friends who are being persecuted for their alternative health products by the government; and so we put those in the Light.

Don Herman mentioned that Carlos Castaneda, who had a bunch of books out in the 60s and 70s I think (in the 80s) which I read, was influenced by and - Carlos Castaneda said ‘the mind is a foreign installation’ [laughter] which is a product of all your programming.

Hello to Ciija, I hope I’m saying her name right. Ciija [Spelled out] in England who is regularly holding the space of the energy on these calls for England. As is Mel and others of you in England that I don’t know who you are. Thank you for being there. In fact, thank you for all of you all over our planet who are here today, taking your Sunday to partake of this call.

We tune into this group energy, this field of energy that is the creation of all of us. Or perhaps I should say it’s always there to be formed and worked with. It’s the precursor to reality. It is prior to physical manifestation and we are in that field right now and we are going to drop intentions into it for our planet, for the healing of Mother Earth, for the healing of the human condition. And we see this field surrounding our planet in what some people call Love Light. We see the energy embracing Mother Earth and all the beings in it. We see it seeking out those locations, those people that are reaching upward and connecting with them and offering possibilities that may have existed otherwise.

We see this energy surrounding the dolphins and the whales and those beings in the ocean that are holding a grounded energy for our planet. We see this energy surrounding those indigenous people, the Native Americans who have known for millennium about the honoring of Mother Earth and holding the space of connection to Mother Earth. We see this energy surrounding all of those groups.

Gijs: Alright, Wynn just dropped out so if we could just hold the space in silence - we envision all those things that we want to put in the Light. [Silence]

Wynn: We see this energy … You notice how my call drops out, which it just did when we’re in the middle of this? The intentions and the energy is so high that I’m sure it’s connected.

We see this energy surrounding all those groups with what we could call service-to-self intentions and giving them possibilities and openness for compassion, for care - those anchors, those legislators, those company owners that have power in this realm, that have the ability to make choices that could change the destiny of our planet. We reach out energetically to their hearts that they might have an option to choose differently. We send this energy to the goodness of humanity, the goodness inside of everyone.

And to all those Wanderers who are alienated and haven’t found a real connection in this realm. We work on earthquakes and weather. We go to the Ring of Fire. We see the Pacific Ocean and all the land masses surrounding it, from the tip of South America through Mexico to the western coast of the United States. And we send this energy through the surface of the Earth into those areas where there are fault lines, potentials. We’ve learned that the Earth has to release certain energy in order to be in balance herself. It’s a way of balancing herself and the planet.

We go from California through Canada through Alaska through the western coast of Russia, China, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and this huge energy surrounding and penetrating through the Earth; and that any earthquakes be released away from population centers and in small increments instead of massive, high Richter scale devastations. We take a moment and just hold that space, right now.

We go to Japan and Fukushima which many people are saying the radiation is something which can be a great danger. We ask for particular protection for Fukushima (from that area in Japan) from any earthquakes. We ask that any unnatural attempts to influence earthquakes and weather be counter-balanced by energies from the highest realms so they don’t happen. We go to the middle of the country, the New Madrid fault, and we do the same thing. It’s the fault line that’s in St. Louis, Missouri and five states that could fracture the country if that occurred. We send balancing to this entire area. Sending Love Light, we can look at the map of the United States and just seeing this huge Light coming down in the middle of our country penetrating through the ground and surrounding any earthquake faults.

We ask for economic balance. We ask that the economy be held intact and that people for the highest good and that people find ways of coming together in their own communities to take care of each other. We ask for the lifting of fear from all those people, from all of us who have concerns for the future.

We have so many things in our space that can make us afraid, from earthquakes to tsunamis to financial deprivation. We ask for the balancing of all these things. And we have time to expand our group energy into our entire planet. We ask for interventions from the higher realms to not let any nuclear weapons go off, to counter balance all unnatural frequencies, viruses, bacteria, chemtrails - right now. Counter balance any negative impact on our planet.

We can imagine ourselves all over the world with this energy coming out of the top of our heads, linking to each other, making this blanket of energy, holding this space for peace, for divine connection, for harmony, for compassion, for care. We thank each other and our Sources to have this opportunity to come together in a group and experience our divine family, to experience our real nature, to experience who we really are in our highest aspects.


On that note, since we have the time I’m going to close with another song by David Pomeranz. [Music] That’s it. Thank you so much Carla Rueckert, Terry Brown, Gijs Minderhoud and all of you for being here and holding the space for this call and we’ll see you next time.

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