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 Personal and Planetary Healing Session

“Why Service to others is so Important”

Sunday  Grid Healing 12.01.13
Host: Wynn Free
Channeled by: Terry Brown
Transcribed by: Rick Vornbrock
Edited by: Terry Brown
Formatted and send by: Robynne Olson

Wynn:  This is December 1st of 2013: Wynn and Terry in Tempe, Arizona, next to Phoenix, and Carla in Louisville, and all of you everywhere.

And who do I see here? I have to tell you when that when we do these calls, we get a screen that shows everybody and I see Vaughn in North Hollywood, Chris, Michael in San Diego and Tracy.   I didn’t [say] everyone’s name, but few people.

Alright, I started the recording.  And Carla, did you see what our topic was today?

Carla:  I did not. You tell me.

Wynn:  Well, I was thinking of you when I made the topic up and I said, “How does service really work? How is it a path to say, higher consciousness or God-realization?” I know some point in the past when I heard the idea of service-to-self and service to others, I use to think, well, whether you’re going to choose to be good or you’re going to choose to be bad, right? Whether you’re going to choose to be nice and you’re going to choose to be not nice. Service to others just seems like you just have to walk around and be a nice person all day. And that’s easy for you and it’s not so easy for me. But understanding why this idea of service was a path. How it worked. I thought about it and I came up a lot of insights as to it. First I was thinking about you. Carla Rueckert, for those of you that are not aware, was the person who was the voice for the Ra group, probably still is the voice for the Ra group on some level. But in 1981 till 1983 she did an extraordinary series of question-and-answer sessions with a voice coming through her that said it was Ra and her partner, Don Elkins, making up questions.

Don was very deep, he was a PHD, he was probing for the deepest questions in the Universe, trying to understand who this Ra group was, what they did, how they operated. Those sessions which you can get on Amazon under “ Ra, the Law of One, Carla Rueckert,” those sessions, many people regard as one of the most extraordinary examples of channeling on this planet. And also, Carla and I every so often are doing a workshop called, “The Law of One Made Simple” where we actually go through Book One of the Law of One, the Ra Sessions and talk about them and interpret them. Because they’re very complex, very deep and when you actually read them you can spend quiet a lot of time on one paragraph just penetrating to what it really is saying, what the depth of it.

So some people get dizzy reading it so we decided to [do] an interpretation and try to make it simple. And it actually worked. We got a lot of emails that [it] succeeded. And the reason it’s valuable to study this material, my take on this, other people may have other reasons, but my take is that Ra is the Ra group is one of the highest dimensional intelligences interfacing with our realm. When you study them, you can’t help but move your own timeline into the dimension where they are. Now let me just say I should say that differently. Some people will move their timeline into the dimension where they are or a higher dimension. They explain events and history of our solar system in such a way that it could trigger cellular memories. One of the things about us is in spite of the fact that all we see is our little bodies here in this realm, most of us have had many, many, many, many life times going back into other planets, other star systems for God knows how long.

And the Ra group has been an assistant for planetary populations for millions of years. For example, there was a planet called Maldek which exploded into asteroids. And according to Carla’s material the Ra group actually moved souls from Maldek to Earth to continue their evolution.

So here we are, all of us, stuck in this repetitive cycle of reincarnation, repetitive cycle of returning into this realm. And some of us actually graduated and came back to be of service here--many of us, I would say, in this group that would be true for.

So once we do that we forget all that we knew except we carry the hologram. We carry the computer, our large computer that’s carrying the wisdom and the space of many lifetimes in other dimensions in it. But we don’t tap into it, though we want to tap into it and how do we tap into it? Well, the Ra group says one of the ways to evolve in this realm, in fact perhaps the fastest is through this service-to- others path as oppose to the service-to-self path. And I have some really strong insights about why it works that way. And it’s just not about just being good and that somebody’s going to reward you. See, I think this is the way I would have thought about this in the past. You’re being good and when you’re good God’s going to reward you, so obviously you’re going to go up a ladder of evolution.  And it’s got to be more than that to be scientifically intrinsic embedded in the nature of evolution; not just a matter of being good, being service to others, and somebody who is going to reward you for being nice.

Before I go on let me just see if Carla has any comments or points of view about this.

Carla:  Sure. Service has to do with doing work. We came here to make choices. We make choices as to how we want to do stuff. And one thing that we primarily make choices about is how we want to treat other people. And if we want to treat other people in an honorable way, then we look for the love. We try to figure out in any situation, where is the love? Where is the love in this moment? And when we’re working to magnify the love in the moment and to help other people with the idea of loving them and therefore wanting the best of them, then we are helping ourselves as to do work. And that work is polarity. And the more work we can do the higher our polarity goes, the higher our ability to do work and consciousness goes. And the more powerful we are as people.

So if we want to be of service to others, then we’re looking to find out where the love is for us. How is this going to help me? And we use the other person to help us. That’s the way we see other people, we see them either as useful or not useful. Sort of like pawns, you know, men on a chess board. Are they useful to us? Oh, good! Let’s use them, let’s bring them to our side and  . . .

Wynn:  Carla, if you’re using someone else, are you still service to others?

Carla:  No, you’re not being of service to them by using them.

Wynn:  Ok. Just want to make sure.

Carla:  You are being of service to them if you want the best for them and you are looking for the way to maximize the love in a relationship between you. You want to love them; you want to treat them as souls. And you see that every soul is this incredible person, this part of the Creator. You honor each other person. Everybody on this call is part of the Creator and the soul is part of the very stuff of creation, and so you see each of them as lovely and beautiful as part of the Creator. And you want to do whatever you can that would help them and be loving towards them. And you really try to treat everybody like that; all of your relationships are loving. And you try to maximize the love in every situation. And if you don’t see love in the situation then you try to bring love into the situation.

Wynn:  Ok. Go ahead.

Carla:  Service is a way of working. It’s the way we gain power. And if we are trying to serve other people over half the time, we’ll then graduate this realm. We’re trying to achieve that faraway goal of treating everybody like the Creator.

Wynn:  Ok. I want to take a look at that. I think I’m going to come to it to the same end point but I want to break it down into energy. Everything is energy. We are all energy. We all have a computer which you could call your soul. Or another way of saying it is you have a track that’s memorized in the Universe, you have a track that’s memorized in the Universe from the time you first individuated to right now. Follow that?

At one point you couldn’t exist as an individuation. You were part of all that is and at some point there was a moment that you existed separated from all that is or not separated, but individuated.

Carla:  Right. It’s when you start making choices because of your own feelings instead of going along with what everybody else does.

Wynn:  So you are creating now trajectory, because you can think and choose independently. Prior to that, there was no you to think and choose independently. Now when you first start on this track, as I understand it, even though you’re thinking and choosing independently, you know you’re part of all that is. You’re still that close to everything that is a huge infinity. But as you move along your track, as you kept making choices, as you got involved into the physical realm, you kept making choices, all your choices kept changing your track so that you’ve arrived here now and many people in this realm, if not most, have forgotten, lost track of, the fact that they’re part of each other, they’re part of all that is and that they have a track from when they first individuated to now. And yet that track is going to keep moving with you forever. It’s an eternal track that never stops changing.

Now, the key is, as an individuation from all that is, how do you make your track so that your future is more comfortable, perhaps, than your past? Or that your future is more of service than your past. Why is it that service has such a positive potential to change this track for the better? That’s the question. How does service cause this track to change?

Well, as you move on into your life, everything you do, every single thing you do is affecting this track. The fact that you’re on the call right now is affecting the track. The fact that you decide to call your grandmother when you hang up and say, “How are you doing?” is affecting the track. The fact that you bring flowers home to your wife is impacting your track. It’s like you are constantly in a state of creation of this invisible part of yourself. And that as you become more conscious of the rules by which it works, you can make better choices in your life to make your track better. You make your track better and your future lives are better. Your future life this life is better because the things that are happening to you, this life, are connected with this track that you carry with you and are creating right now.

So if that’s the way it works, everybody says, “How can I create a better track? What do I have to do? What’s the fastest way? What’s the fastest way to make sure my future lives are going to better that my past lives? What’s the fastest way to have the experience of the connection with all that is? What’s the best way of having that experience?” And we’re going to set the idea that being of service to others, true service, is the fastest way to move that track into a higher state of evolution, fastest state of evolution.

Carla:  Something that Ra said goes along with that. It says that,

“The purpose of polarity is to develop the potential to do work. This is the great characteristic of those, shall we say, experiments which have evolved since the concept of The Choice was appreciated. Work is done far more efficiently and with greater purity, intensity and variety by the voluntary searching of mind/body/spirit complexes, (that’s people), the lessons of third density.”

So what you’re trying to do is create work of greater purity, intensity and variety by continually looking at your environment and asking yourself, “Now how can I impact this environment in such a way as to help others, be of service to other people?” And everything that you choose, it doesn’t really matter whether it works out as much as it has to do with the purity of you intention. Intention is everything. What you intend to do? And so you just sort of create much more of an individuality.

I remember Ra was asked once about so and so, and the person couldn’t remember the name. And Ra said, “We don’t need a name because each person has a very clear vibration and we recognize that vibration, it’s just like a name. It’s your identity, it’s who you are. It’s more accurate, actually, than just a name because that vibration has everything in it about who you are.”

So you’re basically working to lessen the distortions between the way you think and the way the original thought of love works. And the more you can think like that, in terms of unconditional love, then the less you’re distorted. So you might say that service or polarity is a way lessening distortions.

Wynn:  Well, here’s some of the ways that I’ve come to understand it. And I’m trying to look at it totally originally, even though I’ve read the Ra material, looking at it like I want to know this on my own experience, I want to see how it works. And the way I see it is that there is this idea that we can blend energies that we can of our freewill blend energies with each other. We can temporarily become one or at least approach oneness without any sense of trap, any sense of glomming. Love is the experience of oneness. Love is the experience of someone else is you and you’re them. And their needs become your needs and your needs become their needs. In the highest form of love, say a partnership of marriage, people are handling each other’s needs out of the sense of joy. Not out of the sense of drudgery. Needs are not bad. You know, in this world today I think there is a distortion that says you’re not supposed to have any needs, you’re supposed to be perfect. And when you love yourself then other people will love you. And that’s probably true but on the other hand when people love each other they’re teaching each other to love themselves. You don’t have to wait to love yourself to be worthy of love. But you need evolved people, you need people at a certain state of evolution that can look at someone that’s distorted and see through it and see who they really are. And this is true in every form of service, that when you can look through what is seemingly wrong with a person and go underneath that, you start moving into their track, you start combining with their energy and  . . .

Carla:  The more and more that you love yourself and that you have fallen in love with yourself, your imperfect self and you see, “Ok. I am very imperfect from any way of looking at things.” And yet I love myself. It makes it far more easy to love other people who are being imperfect because you see right through all of that. You’ve been through the process of falling in love with yourself, now you can fall in love with everybody else.

It’s on the same point that you see through the imperfection to the god-self, the self that is one with the great original thought of love. The way we were all sort of thrown out from creation to start gaining experience and being witnesses and being of service and learning and just witnessing and coming to more and more conclusions and choices, and so with every choice you make you become more individuated.

Wynn:  I know that on these calls we are kind of demonstrating to a certain degree what we’re talking about. Because we come together, we feel each other’s energies, we feel a connection and at the end of the call, invariably, there is a lifting of energy which I feel just as well as you do. Depression seems to dissipate. Some people have healings. Let’s look at the energies and the mechanics of this call, that this call is a microcosm for what we’re talking about. They’re a model, maybe not a microcosm, but a model because why does this happen? How does this work? What are the circumstances when you get on a phone line and the energies shift?

Carla:  There’s so much love in between the people on this call.

Wynn:  That’s right. Then I watched where often times people try to get to know each other who meet on the call, who are on the call, they’re trying to get to know each other. And I watch this acclimatization or initiatory phase which doesn’t always work. Because they come together and their pattern has been to see what’s wrong with other people. So all they do is, “My god, I thought you were spiritual, you were on Wynn’s call. I know, you sounded so good, I said hello to you for months at the beginning of the call. Now that I get to talk to you, you’re a jerk!”

That may be a first kind of experience. And that is where you get to test yourself and your own spirituality. Because, can you readjust that view so that you can see who they really are in spite of the fact that they’re tempting you to judge them. Can you see through that? And at the same time, can you be sure that you don’t allow someone to take advantage of you because you’re just trying to be too nice because you heard me say don’t judge them. Not judging them doesn’t mean being a sap. It doesn’t mean letting yourself being inflicted upon. And this is the challenge, this is the putting the foot to the pedal and making it work because every single person here has a shadow side.

You don’t have to believe in Jesus to see how sharp his observations were of people. Where he said, see I just vaguely remember quotes and somebody can correct me, but something like, “Before you take the splinter out of someone else’s eye, be sure to take the log out of your eye.” Is that right, Carla? Is that a good paraphrase?

Carla:  Yes. That’s a fair paraphrase.

Wynn:  That’s a fair paraphrase. Ok. Thank you. Well, in any case that’s exactly what we’re saying here that when you’re engaging with someone and you’re looking for the perfect person, you will not find them. They don’t exist in this realm; at least I haven’t met them yet. I haven’t. And yet we want people in our life.

One of the greatest services you can do is to be able look through someone’s imperfections and find the place where they’re pure and reflect that back to them because they will have to then reflect your purity back to you. And it doesn’t mean everything becomes perfect evermore after that. It just means you have a person in your life that really knows who you are and you know who they are and you’re uplifting each other.

You know, you can generate this kind of rapport without someone understanding everything about you or understanding that Venus is in Gemini this month or understanding sophisticated metaphysical stuff. When people generate this kind of rapport, it radiates outwards and other people feel it.

You know, we happen to be staying at a hotel right now and there is this big black lady that was checking people in. She’s one of those people that has that joy that certain black people have, you know she goes to church or came from a church background. And she had her daughter sitting with her and her daughter had this frizzy hair and I could see immediately these two people had been together for a long time. And the daughter, at least from my perception, was more evolved than her mother. And they loved this mother and came in to nurture her mother and they were radiating so much joy that I looked forward to going into the lobby and just saying hello to them and I just saw all of this. They don’t know this; they don’t have to know it. They are the end result of it. But the experience of the two of them was incredible.

That is service, just there. I didn’t have to do anything. I’m just seeing the beauty of these two people and now they see the beauty in me. We were going to check out yesterday, supposed to check out at 1:00 pm and she said, “Oh, just check out whenever you want.” And it’s kind of like, it’s the way people reciprocate on a very deep level these unconscious perceptions. And they’re all there for you to have. You just have to start intending them, you have to start forgiving other people for their weaknesses, and you have to start forgiving yourself for your weaknesses and don’t settle for less than truth in relationships. And truth is affinity, it is vibrational interchange, it is care; that’s service. At least, the way that I see it.

Terry, would you like to contribute anything to all of this?

Terry:  I was really interested in what Carla was saying. That the Ra group brought through information about distortion and that one can lessen distortion by being of service to others and lessen their distortion between each other. Did I get that right, Carla?

Carla:  Yes.

Terry:  I was thinking that when one is service to self, then they tend to have a division between them where a service-to-self person thinks that if somebody else has something that they won’t get, they try to get it for themself. If you are service-to-others then the other people will get it and then they will share love more easily, they’ll share the material things more easily. So there wouldn’t be so much need to be jealous that somebody else has something the service-to-self person doesn’t have. And there would be more love coming in between them because they were sharing energies rather than being more isolated. And the service-to-self person would tend to be more alone and having the feeling that there’s a separation and they aren’t getting as much, that they need to get more. They would be creating that by their own attitude.

Wynn:  I just had an insight and you guys can tell me if this sounds right, I think it is. Everybody needs energy, everyone wants energy, and whether it’s energy from a tree, energy from your friends, energy from . . . we need energy. Maybe I’m wrong; maybe some people don’t need energy. But most people like energy, energy interchange. And the difference between service-to-self and service-to-others is how somebody goes without getting that energy in their life. Within service-to-others, it seems to me that there is a co-creation going on, a reciprocation energetically. And with service-to-self, there’s an acquisition going on. The problem with an acquisition is that the energy doesn’t last. With co-creation, with true co-creation, the energy can last for a long time.

If you look at our calls, we’re doing three calls a week, we’ve been doing them for years and co-creation doesn’t mean it’s a partnership like I talk then you talk then she talks and he talks and everyone gets their point of view. It means that there is an energy on this call that we are creating together. Even when I’m talking, everyone is part of creating that energy. And because it’s working that, because I have a very strong intention for it to be that way, the energy doesn’t run down. It’s like we can come in over and over and over again. A few years ago I would have never believed that I could talk this much and still sound interesting and that I had all of these insights that other people were interested in. I didn’t know that. Yet I did not want feel like I had to perform on these calls. I used to have to feel like I had to . . . I was a performer. And performance is different than what we’re doing on these calls.

But this is a co-creation and within co-creation, when you stay in the co-creative energy, the energy doesn’t die. And true service has to be co-creative, it’s where you’re giving and the other person’s giving back and the energy bounces back and forth, back and forth, back and forth and it just goes on and on. Whereas service to self tries to pull energy towards it, tries to enslave it, the energy dies and has to go on to something else and to something else, it keeps pulling, it’s an insatiable appetite. That’s why the Ra group says that if you want to graduate this realm by service to self, you need a 95% dedication because you have to keep acquiring energy, pulling energy in; everything has to focus on you. And service to others, you only needs slightly more than half, because the co-creative energy doesn’t create that demand to keep pulling energy towards you. Because there’s the give and there’s a take and there’s the give and there’s a take and doesn’t die, it keeps alive.

Now, I never heard anyone say that before, so to me it makes a lot of intuitive sense. I thought I’d let Carla give if that resonated with her. And then we’ll go into a personal planetary meditation. Carla?

Carla:  Yes.

Wynn:  Does that make sense to you?

Carla:  Yes, definitely.

Wynn:  That’s all you’re going to say?

Carla:  Let us indeed go into a meditation.

Wynn:  Terry, do you want to say anything about that idea?

Terry:  I think that that’s very well said.

Wynn:  I originally read The Ra Material and I read that you need to be 95% service to self to graduate this realm and 51% service to others to graduate. You know, you tend to accept that and say they know what they’re talking about, but why is it that way, why? I think over a long contemplation, it has to do with co-creative energies or not, or co-dependent energies. You know, co-dependency is kind of opposite of co-creation because co-dependency, the energy doesn’t last. When people are co-dependent they start fighting with each other, they go through all kinds of stuff, they get bored, they resist, they cling and the energy doesn’t sustain. Co-creation, the energy sustains.

The next hour we’re going to be putting in to affect what we’ve been talking about. We’re going to put in to affect co-creation of energies. And I’m just doing a guided visualization. . . .


Wynn:  Ok. Now we’re in the space, we’re in the zone, feel the energy. I’m going to call in the Light and we’re going to get a message from these intelligences that are talking to us through Terry.

Father/Mother God, we ask for the presence of the Light to surround and protect each person on this line and any negativity be taken to the highest realms of Light and transmuted for the highest good of all concerned. We see ourselves in the flow of energy, radiating from the center of the Universe, through the galaxies, through the Milky Way, through the solar system, through the outer energy fields of planet Earth, through our bodies and into the center of the Earth. And right now, we invoke a group energy connection while maintaining the sovereign integrity of our souls. And we invite those sources that are positive, service to others, honoring the Law of One to join with us and we create a protective space that only the positive has access to. And anything not of that nature must leave now.

Ra’an:  We greet you in the Love Light of the One Infinite Creator. This is Ra’an. This is the first of December, 2013 and we are delighted to be with each and every one of you. And we take a moment and we connect. And we spread our connection to each and every Light worker, to each and every person on the call who wishes to be touched. And we are with you. And we thank Carla and we thank Wynn and we thank Terry and we thank each and every person on the call who is participating. And we thank Michael Adler. And we thank all volunteers that are working to help put this information out. And we are honored that people are so participating.

And we see the things that you have put into the healing list. We see the need for the companionship. We see the need for connection. We see the reaching out that each of you is making and the reaching to heal your issues and to make your life whole.

Concerning Sam Cat: We see that Sam Cat very much loves you Michael and has healed himself become available for the relationship again. However, you have mentioned the protocol that you’re using and that it is not working. There are many good things about this protocol. We see that there are some things that are not available in the protocol and we suggest to get more information concerning what it is that is causing Sam Cat to lose weight.

We look at Kitty Black E. that another has put into the Light and what we suggest with Black E. is to connect spiritually with Black E. Send Black E. love and unconditional love as Black E. is undecided about what to do, and is thinking of moving on. Simply touch Black E. and give Black E. love and Black E. will have to make up his own mind. But this will help in any event.

Tracy, we see a need for a place to live and a need for a more stable environment and see her request. And we send stabilization and to keep your ears and eyes open for something that will help.

We see Tony is missing his mother.  And we send his mother stabilization as she is hanging around in Ireland. And we see that there are things that she is tied to, and one them is Tony. So, Tony, you can help to release her. Send her love, let her know it’s ok and that we give her unconditional love which we see that you do. It is hard for missing someone so much. And she misses you, also.

We see all the other requests, the requests of Lys in Rimrock. And we send energy and stabilization. Lori, we send support for your family.

We take a look at the topic for today. In the higher realms we see that if a person wishes to make it to the very highest realms, that they need to be true blue, they need to be straight [as in true]; they need to have love expressed and received and the ability to do this.

We site perhaps an extreme example where one individual had been conning another individual, and in the conning had not been letting anyone know that it was a con; had been hiding the con. When exposed to the energy of our energy, the higher realms, where we were able to see the con and to let the person know that we saw the con, they could no longer carry on the con because in the higher realms things are known. When one is doing an extreme con they cannot get away with it when the victims know that they’re being taken. This creates extreme isolation in the person pulling the con. It creates more need that they have that they do not know how to give or take love to for their con. Until they learn how to give and take energy and love they are caught in a trap where they do not get what they need and they become desperate with the desire for energy which other people would not willing give them if they knew they were being conned.

It is a house of cards that can come down suddenly on one and leave them naked and alone without support. It is a lesson that some need to learn. When they come into the higher realms with the ability to give and take love and have an open heart, they have the tools necessary to survive and be supported in the higher realms and to take part, to be a full participant in the higher realms. It is one of the lessons that one learns. And it is aggravated within the third density by the need for material things to survive. So you are in a school, a school of learning and you are learning well.

And we love each and every one of you and we continue to support the things that people have asked for either silently or on the healing list. It is a sacred moment in time when we can connect with you and have this opportunity. And we leave but we do not leave and we love you.

Wynn:  Thank you.

(Healing session)

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