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How and Why Do People Give up Their Power?

Wednesday Call 12/04/2013
Introductory Notes by Wynn Free
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Channeled by Terry Brown
Transcribed by Connie O'Brien
Edited by Terry Brown
Formatted and sent by Aharon ben Or

1. It has been said that people should not give away their power. What power do people potentially have? What keeps them from realizing and using their power? How can people reclaim their power?
2. Does one really have to be desireless to be enlightened?
3. What is our personal power to overcome some of the plans, intentions of what we call negative?
4. Are there are certain words and sounds originating from an ancient sacred language that serve as protection?

Wynn: This is December 4th, 2013. We’re almost a year after December 21st, [2012] and the world is still here. This is our evening where everyone submits questions. You know what? Some people on the internet may not be getting on the list of how to submit questions. I should mention that just write it down; if you have a question on Wednesday night send it to ‘questions (at) intelligent-infinity (dot) com’.

Sometimes people send questions on another email address. I try to catch it but sometimes I miss it. That is the email address that I look for to find questions we have for tonight.

It’s a very good thing to ask a question. I got an email last week from somebody that had asked a question; I should read it. I don’t have it handy, but they were saying that when I asked their question they could feel the Elohim come into their space; they could feel a shift in their energy. We would have to think that if they’re looking at someone to answer a personal-type question, then they would have to come into your space and into your field and check you out.

A long time ago I asked a question: the question I asked was “When we ask a question on somebody’s behalf” – this is actually when Terry first started channeling. This was in 2002-2003, and I was experimenting. I didn’t know they could know everything at that point; I didn’t know what the outer reaches of this was.

I started asking questions on behalf of other people and they gave me answers. I asked them once “Could I ask this question?” and they said “Okay.” I would ask the question …

Terry, are you in the kitchen?

Terry: Yes, I’m getting a drink of water.

Wynn: I won’t tell anybody it’s you; we’ll keep it a secret.

I asked some questions. Then I asked the question – the question was – “When we ask a question on behalf of someone else, is there a benefit to that besides the answer to the question?” In other words, besides the guidance and the wisdom that comes through, is there any other benefit? Their answer was “When you ask a question on behalf of somebody, we have to go into their field and check it out to answer the question.” When they left their field they left a track that the person – if they chose to follow the track – could have more chance of making an energetic connection with them.

So when we offered this here … And even if you ask what you think is a dumb question – something that’s going on your life that you think “I don’t want to ask that. I don’t want anyone to know that” – I suggest take advantage, swallow your pride. Let it hang out and send in your question because it’s such a rare opportunity to make this connection.

On that note, we have our questions for this evening lined up. Thank you all for asking questions and sending them in tonight:

Father Mother God we ask for the presence of the light to surround and protect Terry, myself and each person on this line. Any negativity be taken to the highest realms of light and transmuted for the highest good of all concerned. We see ourselves in the flow of energy radiating from the center of the Universe through the galaxies, through the Milky Way, through the solar system, through the outer energy fields of Planet Earth, through our bodies and into the center of the earth. Right now we invoke a group energy connection while maintaining the sovereign integrity of our souls. We invite those sources that are positive, service-to-others, honoring the Law of One to join with us and we create a protected space that only the positive has access to. Anything not of that nature must leave now.

Do we have our sources present?

Ra’An: We greet you in the love light of the one infinite Creator. This is the 4th of December, 2013 – Planet Earth and the third dimension. We take a moment and we connect with the energies of the planet and from there we connect with the individual people.

We see the telephone lines and we see the radio waves. We – only the voice is coming through that – we are coming directly. When we first started channeling over the BBS Radio, we were working on how to access everything. It was a feeling for us of a deadening, by coming and utilizing the wires. So, we come directly to you and we – only through the voice – come over the BBS and over the telephone.

We thank technologies for being able to provide a means for us to come together within the sound of the voice, as Terry sets herself aside that we may take this moment in time to come in and be with you. Do you have questions?

Wynn: Yes we do. First question – this from Don Herman: Don, thank you – every week you submit a really good question. Thank you for your good questions.

It has been said that people should not give away their power. What power do people potentially have? What keeps them from realizing and using their power? How can people reclaim their power?

Ra’An: Thank you.

Power comes about when there is a harmonious connection within the individual; within the connection with his body, within the connection with his/her mind, within the connection with his mentality, within the connection within the outside sphere so that there can be co-ordination and legitimate logical connection.

We look at the word ‘logical’; we don’t know that is the exact correct word. We may instead wish to use the word ‘workable’ and the word ‘sane connection’, although then it comes into a question of if it is power when one is making an insane connection, an insane pushing for something to happen it still is power. But, it is not logical power. It is not power that connects harmoniously making everything – all the factors – in synchronization so that you get the best results for the body, for the mind, for the soul, for the society and are able to walk through this with your own protection and growth.

However, when one wishes to instigate something that is not generally accepted but wishes to put it into effect, the expression of power then it comes into the question of ‘force’. [Force] sometimes can make a great sweeping change – for instance, Alexander the Great conquering part of the world, installing different mores, installing different oaths or ideals. Different religious figures can also make changes. These are a re-setting of current conditions which then people tend to fall in step and get used to and make sudden changes or install changes also in the world.

Power would come under all those categories and as one reaches growth, the ultimate growth, then they will be able to take all factors into consideration in their use of power.

Wynn: I wanted to make a couple of comments on that question. Then, I was going to ask another question.

From my experience when we talk about power, we would look at power and desire. In other words, desire means we want something. When we desire something, that thing that we desire has the potential to control us. When you’re controlled, you’re now under the direction of something outside yourself. For example, people understand how you can lose control because you desire a partner or someone to love, or you desire money. You do things because there’s a potential for money. Someone that has money has the potential to control you.

That doesn’t mean it has to be that way; it doesn’t mean you can’t deal with someone with money and not be controlled, or you can’t love someone without being controlled. But, there is a great potential to feel controlled by power, by things you desire. On the other hand, the things that you desire thrust you forward and they move you towards things that give you learning experiences.

The other aspect of power is when you move forward to do something, how many of your fuses, how many of your spark-plugs are sparking? You have a hologram and your hologram extends into other dimensions, and it even extends – potentially – into the area of where the Elohim group or the higher group souls are. Remember that everything is one; so, they’re you. You’re them.

They made an analogy one evening that it was like riding a bicycle that transfers the energy to the rear wheel which allows you to move much faster or have a lot more power. They were like the transfer of energy. When you start to pedal down here and you access their energy – or the higher energies – then the things you do, as long as they’re in alignment, have more attached to them. [They] have more ability to occur, because you’re now operating not just by the sweat of the brow as Jesus said. When you’re not accessing all of that and you’re doing things just in an earthly way you are operating by the sweat of the brow. Those are my comments about power.

The question came up in me as we were reading the question of Don’s had to do with desire, desirelessness … On one hand desire keeps us in a certain trajectory, keeps us gravitating towards things. Feeling need makes us reach for things that could potentially fill us.

On the other hand, if you read Buddhism then they would say the enlightened state is one of desirelessness, where one has no desire.

I would like to pose the question: How do we confront ‘does one really have to be desireless to be enlightened?’

Ra’An: Thank you.

First, we would like to comment that there is more power in alliance, true alliance when you have others aligned with you than in force and force indicates that one is making something happen against resistance. With people’s sensing they’re making something happen but they do not have the full co-operation of the people that they are working with.

When one has the full co-operation and one is aligned with those working with them in desire, so that the individual has a desire and it is aligned with the desire of those that one is working with, then it can be very helpful in working towards a goal. Where one gets into difficulty is when one desires something and then they have to over-ride their own feelings when the object of their desire does not come about.

When they cannot achieve the thing that they desire then there is frustration and then there is anxiety and then there is hopelessness. It catapults on into a range of anger and numerous feelings that if one was able to see all sides – the whole, the whole picture at the same time – then one could be desirous of something and if they could feel factors then they would be able to moderate or adjust their own matrix, their own view, to stay in synch with the now and to be able to move into their greatest opportunity and power because they are taking into consideration all of the others in the picture that help achieve a desire. If those others are not in alignment then they are simply blowing in the wind if it takes the others to help fulfill or achieve their desire.

So staying in the moment and staying up to the momentary viewing of all factors involved will help one rather than hanging on to a desire that is not happening because the rest of the world is not in alignment with it. It doesn’t mean that you have to be in alignment when you are trying to make something happen because change can start from one person’s view – one person’s intention and one person’s desire, but – for the change to happen it has to have the harmony, the coming aboard of others to have it situate and anchor and take hold.

Does that help?

Wynn: Yes, thank you.

There are two questions here: one from Don in Chicago and the other from Anna in Burbank. I’ll read them both together and then I’ll read them separately. There’s a connection between them, and it has to do with ‘What is our personal power to overcome some of the plans, intentions of what we call negative to hurt us, to do us in, to kill us?’

Over the period of the past years, many people have brought up ideas that there is an intent to do away with a large part of the populations on our planet, and that there have been – you can look this up: some things like AIDS that some people say were artificially produced as part of that. And, things like chemtrails, where they’re dropping things on us that other people analyze and say “This is not healthy, what’s being dropped. There are things in it that are detrimental to one’s health.” No one has ever made any claim as to why these chemtrails are there.

If you’re one of those people that doesn’t know what chemtrails are, please go look it up because it’s very important for everyone that’s responsible to know there is something happening in our sky. Basically, there’s these airplanes going back and forth; at first glance it looks like it’s a contrail which is the vapor trail of the jet plane – but, it doesn’t go away. It even spreads and starts to look like a cloud. The sky can be filled with these things.

Someone was on George Noory talking about them the other day – the sky is filled with this – there can be multiple planes; this is somebody’s very huge project. People have captured these; at the time that there’s a lot of this going on in the sky people have done tests on the air and found these toxic substances.

I’ll start off with Don Mason, and Anna thank you for being persistent on getting your question through. I’m going to ask it tonight, coming up.

Last night I listened to Coast to Coast and the guest was Evelyn Paglini [who] said there was a certainty of a huge fatal form of flu that would cause large-scale death affecting all ages with lots of body bags by this spring. This flu will not respond to any of our medical treatments and will attack all ages. Evelyn Paglini is kind of this person – I think she has been on Art Bell – I think she declares herself to be a witch. I don’t know about her credibility, but I do know – regardless of whether Evelyn Paglini has said this as a prediction – there have been events in the past that don’t seem to have wiped us out. We’re still here. There were things that seem like they could have been way worse than they ended up being, things like Mad Cow Disease, AIDS and other things.

In any case, going onto the question: This flu will not respond to any of our medical treatments and will attack all ages. If this is true, is there anything we can do to protect our loved ones? Is this part of a design by higher intelligence to control/limit the human race?

I don’t think it’s a design by higher intelligence – but they can answer that – I think it’s something that’s intended by lower forces. I don’t know if this prediction carries weight. So, I turn it over to our sources to deal with this. Thank you.

Ra’An: Thank you.

We see substances that are being dropped from the airplanes which one can monitor by looking up [at the sky], can check the groupings of the white trails in the sky that tend to appear over freeways that the white sometimes appears to be dripping powder, almost a little bit like powder raining down, dripping off the clouds. When one takes a look at that, it can be an indication that one should place as much protection as possible for themselves. If they were to get foreign DNA testing of their mouth saliva, they may be able – after driving a long distance through this chemical smog – to see foreign substances, DNA, in their saliva.

When one is driving particularly to have a purification device in the car to purify the air; to have that in their house also. If you will listen – when you listen – to your TV or to speakers, see whether their voice sounds raspy or not, as the instance of lung infections is on the rise and is one of the greatest causes of death in the United States.

What are these people doing, and what can be done about it? If one first of all looks up and gets a sense of what might be going on, when this is the first thing – the first step is recognition. The second step would be to get together – point it out to other people – and get it known; maybe in a neighborhood just getting together: Did you notice the sky right now? Did you ever think about what that is? People don’t often think about it.

If there became a voice – a unified voice – that would call out against it and as the time goes by there is more of a boldness in presenting the chemical trails sometimes when a voice would cry out in the papers “People are getting sick north of Los Angeles because of the chemtrails”, then the chemtrails would stop for three months.

Now, when there is a person talking about it on Coast to Coast they do not stop; they still continue. So, there is getting more bold about the presenting the dropping of the chemtrails. There is more concurrence within the government of the usefulness of this in the control of weather.

Give us a moment.

Concerning Evelyn and the prediction, there is some chance that this could be brought about, as there has been research and there has been an integrating of the research into what is actually applied and tested on certain towns, certain prison systems and then monitoring the results. That is a long-range plan of some of those – one has called it higher forces or intelligence – we would call it as Wynn commented: lower forces, lower-reactive. We say that again, ‘reactive’, people who are following an ancient pattern that has been laid in and they adhere to it as if it were God. It has been laid in as a truth and they are following that as a truth. If they are listening, take a good look at the reactivity responses in your mind.

We love you as we love everyone. The responses are but a one stop area in the moving past of these patterns that have been implanted and laid into the greater you, the you that knows what – in the overall scheme of things – is correct; these patterns do not have to be listened to because they are in your mind. These patterns have force, but they do not have the substance of the oneness; they do not take into consideration that men are your brothers. There is ego here.

Thank you.

Wynn: Thank you. What can a human do who’s living on this planet to override these elements that are trying to afflict them – if anything?

Ra’An: Well, one can observe; one can protect oneself when one is driving, when one is in one’s house one can get a purification system to take particles out of the air; one can get a purification system to take toxic metals out of the water. One can provide oneself with the best protection that they can in their daily life. One can get together with others, start a group – an observation group – that can work toward making known what is going on. There are only a few people that are bringing this on; there are only a few that are directing this. You are many more, and to know that you – your voice – can be heard, can make a change; if there was a viable change offered, these people would listen.

Of course, one would have to – in the first few seconds – make it clear how there was a better way. Thank you.

Wynn: Thank you.

Final question tonight from Anna in Burbank:

I’ve read there are certain words and sounds originating from an ancient sacred language that serve as protection. Then she gives an example of two words which can supposedly protect a person against evil when they pronounced correctly. Is this accurate? If so, do they protect against mind-control? Thank you.

Ra’An: Give us a moment.

Protection is important when one is under attack, a silent attack. Protection is important. There are words, there are vibrations that can be brought in by words that form a protection, a protective layer, and can let in information but can process negativity and make a space much like in the invocation at the beginning that all negativity be taken to the higher realms of light and transmuted for the highest good of all concerned. There are words of protection in the dojos, in the Martial Arts – there are words that can strengthen the body against attack.

So you are correct; there are words that when uttered – even when uttered – that vibrate the power chakra, the assimilation chakra, the third chakra and strengthen it so that the person has more willpower to move through whatever it is. And then aligns the chakras so that they are not merely reacting with power but they are bringing in their expression which aligns then with the power and fortifying the power chakra with the expression chakra and then aligning with the third eye so that one becomes stronger.

One has heard sometimes a person can suddenly get strong enough when the motivation is there to pick up a car to free someone underneath. Ordinarily they would not have this power. They have tuned into a strengthening of their whole chakra system and an alignment with the greater force that transmutes them for the moment into a being of great power that they can defend off, that they can protect, that they can survive.

Thank you.

Wynn: Thank you. I have another question but I think I better forgo it because we’re out of time for tonight. Do we have final comments?

Ra’An: We think this is a significant topic – the topic of power – as it is one of the things that is so useful to learn within the third dimension. When one does not align their system with what is the best for their survival and also considering in that the Law of One and the survival of all – when one does not align themselves they can suffer all manner of inharmonious disturbance by being taken over by the power of another, the words of another – and feeling resentful and unable to stand up with their own expression of their own opinion. There are people that would take advantage of other people and create this effect on them when they could.

It is a very broad topic and there is much to learn; one of the areas of great hope for individuals as they move through their live in the third density. We love you and we are beyond words.

Wynn: Thank you for being here, thank you all for being here. We’ll see you Sunday.

If you heard this call you have more understanding of the importance of our Sunday call. It’s time to go because BBS is ready for the next show.

See you next time.

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