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Personal & Planetary Grid Healing Session

“Fly, Like an Eagle; Mantras; Opening Up to Your Power”

Sunday Calls: 12.08.2013
Hosted by: Wynn Free with Carla Rueckert
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Channeled and Edited by: Terry Brown
Transcribed by: Susan Rush
Formatted and sent by: Robynne Olson


Wynn: Good morning, it is 11:05 a.m. [Sedona, AZ time] on December 8, 2013 and this is Sunday and we are all traveling together in a timeline for a dimensional shift. God, that didn’t sound that together, what I just said.

I’ll try to do better next time but I’m into eagles today because there is this wonderful You Tube video where an eagle picked up a camera that was focused on a river. He thought the camera was something to eat, I guess and the camera was supposed to be photographing crocodiles. And the eagle is now flying with this camera and the camera is on and it’s like you’re flying with the eagle. It’s like you can see its wings flapping – it’s kind of amazing. Finally, apparently he went 70 miles; they only showed like one minute on the video.

Finally, the eagle puts the camera down and then starts staring at it and his beak is tapping the lens of the camera. It’s extraordinary because it’s like you are with the eagle. [Laughter] I could feel what it was like to be up in the air with that eagle with this camera. You know, we had a sign-up form for people that wanted to receive notices to our conference calls and if you’re listening on the Internet or on the phone and you never got that sign-up form, please email me and I’ll send it to you.

So you’ll get notices of all our conferences. We have another thing that you can get – an email with the link to the audio of the conference, automatically, on the same day usually, after the call is over; I thank Robynne for doing that. Some of you may wonder where you can sign up for these and I don’t know because I haven’t put it up on the web where I know where to find it. But I will do that – it’s on my “To Do” list – where are the links to these forms? And if you email me and say I want to sign up, then you’ll get both. Either I’ll sign you up or you’ll get the form and you’ll get notifications of our calls and after the call is over you’ll get the audio of the call, automatically.

On the notifications, sometimes I put interesting little things, like today I had that video of this eagle. At other times we have great sayings and quotes from people. So it’s not just a notification, there’s something of interest on it. So, because I’m into eagles I went and researched my favorite Eagle’s song, Fly, Like an Eagle. Remember Fly, Like an Eagle, Carla?

Carla: Yeah.

Gijs: Sammy Hagar, Van Halen.

Carla: Beautiful.

Wynn: No, no, well maybe Sammy Hagar. It was originally done by Steve Miller, Steve Miller Band, but it was a great song. You know what? When I was looking at it this morning, or listening to it, I heard the lyrics – so many of these songs have phenomenal lyrics and they so fit-in to the time we’re in right now and the work we are doing on this call. And the interesting thing is songs that had great lyrics and great energy had great energy in the song because the lyrics were so good, and I missed the lyrics years ago.

I mean I remember the lyric fly like an eagle, fly like an eagle but I didn’t really pay attention to the other stuff and this morning I listened; I hope you can hear them on our Lo-Fi telephone system here. Some songs come out good and some songs come out mediocre and if it’s horrible I’m going to just cut it off. Because usually songs that are more rock ‘n’ rollie and with big audio wide band spectrums get in trouble on the telephone. Okay, [laughter] the telephone is not equipped to handle that. But here we go, Fly, Like an Eagle with Steve Miller. Here we go.


Alright, that was Steve Miller – I sound like a disc jockey this morning. Carla, did you ever fly like an eagle?

Carla: I have listened to that song and just drifted with it into the wind. I certainly felt as though I were flying. It really is a great song.

Wynn: There’s the metaphysical way of interpreting that song. You know, music is a trigger to other dimensions; it doesn’t necessarily have to be the highest dimensions. You know I have gotten an intuitive understanding of this, that … I’m going to talk about something that I don’t think I’ve ever talked about before. But all of us are a track - we have a timeline that we’ve learned to be familiar with and we hover around that timeline. We go in and out of it, we go up, we go down but there’s kind of a general medium.

The question is how do you make that timeline operate at a higher level or, where time moves differently? Because when you’re flying like an eagle you lose the track of time. You are in – approaching, if not totally in – the here and now, the moment. You know, some of you may have experienced going into kind of an ecstatic trance when you’re listening to certain music. I used to do that, I did it a little bit when I was listening to that song. It motivates you. It gets me going, it makes me feel – yeah, go! Just as I was listening just then, I went into that.

Maybe some of you felt that. It’s like a very … How would we say? - Transporting of dimension song - the power of music to transport you into another dimension of experience. Why does this work this way? This is my theory of it but I’m pretty sure this is true. There’re many aspects to music that simultaneously hit all of your bodies, simultaneously. And of course, different music is going to emphasize different areas.

Carla: Music can take you someplace. You hear music, you hear a song and you’re a number of years from the past all of a sudden when it was meaningful to you and you heard it for the first time and you’re there. It brings a lot back, not just a little bit. But it brings the whole memory back to you.

Wynn: It’s like everyone when they fall in love – not everyone but many people have a song that they played that they connect that with that first time they fell in love. Or that moved two people to get close and get out of their resistance patterns. But what I was going to say is that if you look at music - let’s look at music as frequency. Let’s just take a common song like Fly, Like an Eagle, what do you have? First, you have boom ba boom boom ba boom boom ba boom, that’s the bass drum and the bass, ba boom. What’s happening? It’s a slow rhythm that’s hitting your solar plexus, ba boom ba boom, it’s a solar plexus deal.

That’s why music - rock ‘n roll, soul all has boom ba boom ba boom - gets people going in their solar plexus. But then simultaneously you have all these other rhythms going on, da de dah [etc.] and it’s going up higher. And then you have the guy’s voice, which he’s singing that song with heartfelt conviction, all these frequencies in his voice, the guitars, [and] all the melodies on top. And if somebody makes a really good piece of music, if they do that, it transports you because it’s hitting on your solar plexus, your heart, your head and other realms.

Now some songs can be directed towards just higher frequencies in them. A lot of New Age material has that impact where it’s just higher frequencies. You know, one session we did, we talked about mantras. A mantra is an Indian word, a Hindu word, that usually they say it’s a repetitive sound that if you keep saying it, it brings you closer to God. I’m sure many of you have heard different mantras. There is [Singing] “Om,” there is “Yu” and then there’s “Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna, Krishna, Krishna, Hare, Hare” …

Carla: … yeah.

Wynn: [Laughter] and one of the things about singing a mantra or saying a mantra is that it starts to vibrate your body. Maybe we’ll do this [on] this call. We did this once before. It starts to put vibrations in your body and where the energy is stuck … You don’t have to believe in anything, you don’t have to believe in the magic of the words. But sometimes if you have an-identification with Krishna, as your God form or Jesus, as what holds that center of energy focus helps you connect to the higher realms, then a particular song that uses that particular focus will probably work better for you.

But, even without the particular focus there’s the vibration of the words just like ba boom ba boom ba boom ba boom ba boom. It’s like a heartbeat. Ba boom, that’s the bass - Rock ‘n Roll and American popular music is based around ba boom ba boom ba boom ba boom ba boom. Can you feel the energy when I go ba boom ba boom? That’s the foundation. It goes to the solar plexus, it goes up to the heart and then … See, let’s take a thing like Om, which is probably one of the more famous mantras or sounds and if you look at the word Om and if you say it in the right way, or if you make the sound in the right way, you’ll see Oomm, starts in your solar plexus.

Oooooo, but that’s just O but then we get into the Ooommmm and moves into your 3rd eye, your 6th chakra. Ommm, and when you get to the “m” sound, it vibrates the top of your head. So what you’ve done is you’ve put a physical sound into your chakra system. You all might try this because when you’re out of balance and you want to get in balance, it’s one way to get in balance – to keep repeating a sound. Now when you’re doing it, if you’re going to do it, you have to make sure that you’re not cheating.

Cheating is when you’re making the “O” sound and you want to get it into your solar plexus you’ve got to make sure that you’re doing that. You don’t have to, many people talk and they don’t get it into their solar plexus. They’re talking from their throat area and the solar plexus is what brings the grounding energy. So, for example, I’ll do an “O” sound (let’s see if I can do it) that’s not in my solar plexus. [Weak O sound] Then I go into my solar plexus, it goes Oommmm. It would be like a guitar string.

If the string was vibrating but there was no guitar behind it – the guitar creates the resonance that grounds the energy of the string – and so if there was no guitar, the string would just be very thin – the sound of it. The body of the guitar around the string makes the sound deep, resonant; with lots of frequencies. Of course I was a musician, I am a musician. Carla is a musician. Carla, at one point – you used to perform publicly, didn’t you Carla?

Carla: Yes I did, I loved it and I always tried to throw my voice from my chest, from what you said, the solar plexus, because it has full resonance that way. Most people either throw it through their throat with [it] very tight or through the nasal cavities which is the country music sound. Very nasal and you’re not expressing your deeper emotions or your deeper feelings very well. You have to throw your voice from down … Well, if you can just imagine down, down, down, down, down and just feel the voice coming from your chest or your solar plexus. Then, instead of it sounding thin then it sounds resonant. And I think that most actors do the same thing and they really work to open up that whole range so that you can Oooooommmmmmm [Up and down] and to just be able to go through the whole range and be able to find beauty in all of the sounds. But the absolute beauty starts with throwing the voice from the chest because that really opens up everything, and it gives you much more breath. You can sing for a lot longer on one breath if you take in a good deep breath and you’re projecting from your chest. If you’ve ever wondered how some people have nicer speaking voices than others then it’s a matter of where you throw your voice from. It’s as simple as that.

If you throw it up through your nose [nasally] you know like a country person, well, you know that has a certain sound to it but it gets irritating fast. And if you’re talking with your throat, it is a tight sound and it’s a thin sound and it gets irritating. But if you’re talking from the chest, then you sound nice, you sound resonant. You have some vibration to the sound and whatever you’re saying it seems to have more truth, more energy - more goodness to it. I remember the first time I heard myself on tape. It was way back in the 50s, back when you had to lug huge machines around and you had these 15” reels, remember those?

Where you ran them and my Dad would … He was a musician and he had a group, he was a drummer and played Jazz; and he would listen to Jazz sessions at his home to see what the group sounded like, to make it better and I heard myself on the tape in between takes saying something to my Mom and I said, “Oh my heavens, is that me?” And my Mom says, “Sweetie, yeah [laughter] that’s the way you sound.” It was real high, it was a little girl’s voice, very soprano. She said what you have to do is to throw your voice from your chest. It was the best thing that she ever taught me. It really, really helped and my voice descended into [laughter] oh, I guess about two octaves down into where it’s pleasant to listen to and you can listen to the voice for awhile and not get irritated with the voice.

Wynn: Well, your body is just like a guitar …

Carla: Yeah, you can do things with your body. My body’s my instrument and I’ve got a joke about that.

Wynn: Yeah, it’s the resonant chamber. It’s the chamber just like the guitar. If you take a string and just vibrate it without a guitar it sounds really weak because the guitar is like this chamber that puts the energy behind the little string vibrating and your vocal chords are in your throat. And you can speak just from your vocal chords but if you’ve closed off the energy from your throat to your solar plexus, that’s the area that’s like the guitar that makes the vocal-chord vibration have this resonance.

Carla: [It just sounds so] tight.

Wynn: Yeah, and you know when I was in college, when I started writing songs the first time, I was so closed up. As a young person I was closed, my energies were closed – I was still in my child trauma and self rejection and absolutely no worthiness …

Carla: Aw.

Wynn: ‘and I started writing songs and I was able to express these deep things inside me that I had never expressed before. And when I would play them for people, even though I couldn’t sing, [making whiny high pitched noises] I was singing like that - the lyrics would create a response and it was amazing to me because I said, “Jeez, I put something in a lyric that touched somebody,” and - but I couldn’t sing. I couldn’t imagine what to do with all these songs.

Carla: You couldn’t do it justice.


Wynn: Then I took a singing class in college from this fat European German lady, Mrs. Jones. What she would do is she would walk around the room, [of] all these people that she was teaching to sing, you know, ooohoo, ooohoo – all these exercises and she would put her hand in my solar plexus and push-in really hard. She said, ‘Mr. Free, get that muscle to tighten down there!’ You have to get the muscle to tighten and when you know it’s tight, you know you’re coming from the solar plexus, okay?

You can try it yourself. Everybody put your hand in your solar plexus. Push it in and go ehn, ehn, ehn; now go uhn, uhn. Feel how the solar plexus jumps? So you can test yourself. When you’re coming from uhnnn, uuuhhnn there’s a tightening in your solar plexus. And learning how to do this has far more benefits than learning how to be a singer, far more. Because, as you start putting these tones and frequencies through your body, and as you do a mantra or a sound or whatever you want to call it - and let’s suppose you normally don’t have your solar plexus open, or you normally don’t have your heart open, or you don’t have your 3rd eye open.

As you put these frequencies into those areas, they’re actually vibrating, okay? It’s easy – it’s easy to understand, it’s easy to learn how to do. It’s actually putting vibrations in those areas - you start to open up those areas and it’s something you can do every day, anytime. Maybe you don’t want people listening to you so shut your door (or tell the people) and we’re going to do one. We’re talking about it so we’ll have to do a mantra on this call. We’ll open up the lines and we’ll do it together.

So one benefit is just learning how to open up the frequencies. Open up your heart energy to graduate this realm your heart has to be open, so this is one way without going into a lot of fancy esoteric stuff to help get your heart open. As you start to open these frequencies, things in your life will change. Because not only is it the sound but you’ll hold the energy in that area open, you’ll learn to keep it open, and then people will respond to you differently. As you learn to talk and have more resonant frequencies from your solar plexus up to your crown chakra - it’s like people will hear your voice and they will respond to you differently.

It’s easier to get jobs, you sound more confident. You sound more present. It’s easier to get girlfriends or relationships. It might even cause healings in your body. You got to experiment with it.

Carla: Children respond to it.

Wynn: Pardon me?

Carla: Children …

Wynn: Children, yeah.

Carla: They’ll respond to a person that’s talking quietly and you know from the chest, because it’s gentle and it’s soothing and it feels good and children respond to that much more than they respond to the higher ranges which involve mostly shouting. And, from teaching Kindergarten when I was a younger woman, I remember taking kids to a swimming pool and having absolutely no problem whatsoever controlling my children. They were doing just fine until my volunteers started weighing in with their high shrill voices and their shouting and getting the kids all riled up and all upset. Then, of course, there was crying and there was upsetness and people ascribed it to the children – it was their own fault. They just needed to hush, to be quiet and to talk to the kids like people and kids were glad to respond to that and were glad to help you out.

People are always glad to help a teacher out. I was always sorry when I heard we were going to have certain helpers because they wouldn’t help, they would just hinder. They did not know how to talk to children.

Wynn: I just walked into the other room to see if Terry was on the call. Are you there Terry?

Terry: Ah yes, I’m there. I’m here, yes.

Carla: Good morning girl.

Terry: Good morning. Yes.

Wynn: Good morning to you. Now I don’t know if you’ve noticed this Terry but from the time we first started doing calls and everything, ‘til now, your voice has changed tremendously.

Terry: I know it has.

Wynn: Did you know that?

Terry: It’s gotten lower, not so squeaky, more from my chest area.

Wynn: Mm-hmm and you’re more empowered.

Terry: Yes, I feel that, yes.

Wynn: You’re getting more and more power. You know when we talk about 3rd chakra, 4th chakra, 5th chakra sometimes people get the idea that power is bad and we’re moving into the heart, we’re moving out of power and I don’t think that’s exactly accurate. I think we move into all of the things simultaneously. You move into your heart, you move into your power, you move into your 2nd chakra, your 1st – survival, your psychic centers. And the more that you’re open, the more balanced you are, the more functional you are and power is an important aspect of it all.

Carla: Fly like an eagle is a symbol usually of power whether it’s a Celtic symbol of power or whether it’s an American Indian symbol.  It’s a symbol of power. In Celtic lore it’s a symbol of the Sun.

Wynn: Yeah. After I looked at that video I started looking at some pictures of eagles and it was quite amazing to look in their faces and feel their power, to feel how they feel. It’s kind of awesome, like the majesty of flying and their wingspread and spreading out so much space. You know I used to drive a motorcycle and I loved driving a motorcycle and I would imagine that when you’re driving a motorcycle it starts to approach maybe, that feeling of an eagle because you feel unhinged from the physical world. It’s like the [Sound of wind] wind in your face [schwoooo] …

Carla: It’s a lot like riding a horse actually because you have all the wind through your hair and the speed and you have the power between your legs. It’s very sexual. It feels good to have all that power you’re sitting on and you’re straddling it and you own it and it’s wonderful to be out on the road – I love riding motorcycles, absolutely. It’s a wonderful feeling.

Wynn: Have you ridden horses? It sounds like you have, yeah?

Carla: I have. Terry, have you?

Wynn: I think I’ve ridden a horse one time but I can’t remember it but I can imagine it.

Carla: Yeah, I rode when I was a child. I loved it – I thought the horse was the best animal ever. You know, they’re so intelligent and they’re so loyal and - they are so loving and they’ll just do anything for you. You connect with a horse and you’ve got the best friend in the world. I can’t express it. Somebody else that rides has to talk about it in order … But it’s just a wonderful feeling. Horses are so intelligent and they understand so much of what you’re saying and will do just about anything that they can once you’ve made connection with them. I used to have horses, of course, I grew up partially on a farm and we had horses that were renting pasture room in one of the pastures and one of my jobs was to exercise the little retired ponies. We had one retired larger horse by the name Jitterbug and she was very worthy of the name. She was a very nervous horse. [Laughter] And I didn’t ride her, I rode the little ponies and how they loved me. They would let me actually sit backwards on them. They were usually overweight by the time they got to be old and retired – they had put some weight on and it was so much fun to take a book and turn around and read on their haunches and you know put my elbow on the … and when the horse wanted to be exercised and it was tired of doing that he would just flick the book off with the tail [laughter] and I’d turn around and we’d ride bareback around the pasture for awhile.

But they’re just very lovely beings, they really are. It’s no wonder that horses still have a great, you know, love among many people who can afford to own them. They’re expensive to own. They’re big animals and you know when you call the vet for a horse you don’t exactly just take the horse in? [Laughter] The vet has to come out and they’re just expensive to take care of - and the food and so forth. They’re big animals so not too many people can afford to own them unless they just already happen to own the land and have food right there. But if you’re fortunate enough to be able to, it’s a wonderful thing.

Wynn: Alright, Terry, are you there?

Terry: I’m here, you reminded …

Wynn: You ever ride a horse?

Terry: I rode a horse twice. Once when I was three and somebody put me on the horse and held onto me while the horse walked just a little bit and it was very quiet and it was a very exciting experience for me. The other time I rode a horse it was a wild unbroken pony and I got on it and it kicked up its legs in the air and then it twisted in the air and came down a few feet to the left side and left me sitting on the air. [Laughter]

Wynn: I see.

Carla: And that was probably the end of that, right there.

Terry: That was, that was my last horse ride. [Laughter]

Wynn: That was klutz horse, but listen, you know what? I’m going to open up the mikes or the muting and let us do an “Om” sound which is probably the classic of all sounds. We will all do it together, those of you that want to join. Remember, pay close attention, put your hand in your solar plexus – see if you’re getting it in your solar plexus. If you’re not, it might be very self conscious at first but force yourself. Ah, Uh, Eh, Uh – force yourself to get that feeling in your solar plexus because it’ll be worthwhile.

I will tell you if you practice that and practice it you will learn to change not just your voice but your frequency, so you have a more full frequency. You know if that didn’t work, why would they make music with the bass drum, right? They would just have somebody sing acapella. But it needs all the frequencies. You know, a great piece of music, a great song is when everything is congruent. Where you have the bass (ba boom ba boom), you have the guitars that are doing rhythm which are like more up from the bass, in the middle frequencies.

Then you have a person singing that has a full resonant thing; and then you have violins coming in and working at the ethereal … The higher the frequencies of the music (I believe I can say this - the higher the frequencies), the higher the energies go in your body – like the crown chakra and the 3rd eye. Violins and flutes have the overtones in that area and so everything’s got a rhythm. The bass is going ba boom ba boom ba boom, the violin’s are going [high pitched sounds] you know like a background like that and you know you can’t put this together with your mind. You know, I mean I can’t.

It’s like one of those things where if you’re writing music and trying to put music together and arrange music, you have to be accessing the higher aspects of yourself and unfortunately the negative uses this as well as the positive. Because some of you, if you’ve never studied it, there’s a whole bunch of negative control patterns. You know, what we call the secret societies that are involved in music (and people use satanic symbols) but they use this ability to open people up so that they can insert negative things into their space. And they don’t get opened up to the highest of realms or if they do, they collapse it and they try to control people from the experience.

But music, mantras are ways that you can speed up the openings of your own energies and learn to vibrate inside yourself because if you can get the sound vibrating in you then the energy opens up in that area. Just as, if you listen to music and it’s really good music like Fly, Like an Eagle that, for me, opens up frequencies and by the time the song is halfway through, I’m spinning around, I’m  dancing, [singing] Fly, Like an Eagle. And then the lyrics are so beautiful like:


Time keeps on slippin’ slippin’ slippin’ into the future

I want to fly like an eagle, to the sea

Fly like an eagle, let my spirit carry me

I want to fly like an eagle, ‘til I’m free

Fly-y through the revolution

Feed the babies, who don’t have enough to eat,

Shoe the children with no shoes on their feet

House the people living in the street

Oh, oh there’s a solution

Tick tock doo doo doo, tick tock doo doo doo doo doo

It’s like tying it all together with such a compassionate message. But we have to fly like eagles so that we can work in the lower realms and help the people in those realms from the high place so you don’t get caught in those realms. That’s the trick. How do you support those people that are growing when you’re not anchored in the higher realms and you always get pulled into the lower realms and you lose your own ability to fly? I have done that many times in my life – getting caught up in somebody else’s stuff.

So I’m going to unmute everybody. Is that okay with you Carla, to do an Om?

Carla: Sure.

Wynn: Yeah, Terry?

Terry: Yeah.

Wynn: Now remember …

Carla: Just a straight Oh?

Wynn: Om. Remember, take a notice – the Om’s got to come from your solar plexus and the “mmm” goes up to your higher chakras. And see if you can feel the sweep of energy, all of you, as we do that. See if you can feel the energy opening up from your solar plexus to your higher chakras. If you do and even if you don’t, you can practice this. Practice and practice until you do because it’s one of the oldest techniques in history to do this. Of course, if you’re listening to somebody talk about Om from the spiritual point of view they’ll say it’s the name of God or the sound of God.

You know, when you open up all your chakras, you open up to All That Is so you are connecting to God. You are connecting to your power. This is a simple tool to do it that doesn’t cost you any money. You don’t have to leave your house. You just have to risk the people in your house thinking you’re crazy. Wait ‘til they’re not home or you can go in your car. [Laughter] Do it then no one can hear you. But do it for at least 10 or 15 minutes. We’re not going to do it that long now. But do it as a technique if you want to open your energies up.

Do it for 10 to 15 minutes and put your hand in your diaphragm and force that diaphragm to feel tight. Force the vibrations to go there and just notice the vibrations in your body as you do this.

Did you ever attend a Hare Krishna group, Carla?

Carla: Yes, I have.

Wynn: You have.

Carla:  I’ve been to several of the Hare Krishna group events. It was great.

Wynn: Yeah, I did too.

Carla: Mm hmm.

Wynn: I did too. You know the guy that started that group … I’ll bet you don’t know this. I used to live in Berkeley and he was just starting and he had a storefront in San Francisco. He was like starting with all the hippies and I used to go see him. At least two or three times I had seen him and I realized, I don’t know if I understood it then, it looked a little bit like a cult (like believing in Krishna). But if you ever go to a Hare Krishna group and you start chanting with them, if you forget everything else, you’ll notice those people really do get high.

They really do get exalted while they’re chanting. This guy had the idea that if he could get the whole chanting Hare Krishna, he could change the world. Recently, I did some Internet research on him and it turns out that he actually knew what the illuminati was in that time. He was like aiming to raise the frequency above that frequency with his Hare Krishna movement and that kind of blew me away that he had that awareness. Of course, I didn’t know what that was at that time so it wouldn’t have made any difference. But we are going to unmute everybody. Are you all there?

Michael in Watervliet, New York: Hello, Wynn?

Wynn: Yes. Michael, don’t get me into a conversation now. We want to make sure – we’ve got a few minutes – I want to make sure we do this. If you start doing it everyone’ll start talking and we won’t go into, the planetary healing session which is one of the most important parts of this call. So excuse me Michael but don’t get me into a conversation. I want to know if you guys are all ready now to do this.

Everybody: [Resounding] Yes.

Wynn: Yes, okay and thank you for understanding Michael. Alright, so I’m just going to start. Carla will do it, Terry will do it and we’re all going to hear each other. We’re all going to be equal volume, so do it as loud as you want and Om …

[Everyone Om’ing] Thank you all. How many of you noticed the energy?

Everybody: [Resounding] Oh yeah!

Wynn: I mean that is a tool that you guys can use. Now one of the beauties of doing it as a group (I’ll just tell you) is, and it’s really great if you’re in a room with people doing it, if you have somebody to do it with, you get the beat frequencies and the overtones of each of you beating against each other and it becomes really magic. Do you know when two people have voices that come together and their beat frequencies start working – you may not know what beat frequencies are. Beat frequencies are, scientifically, if you put two frequencies together … Let’s suppose you put 20 cycles and 21 cycles and they’re both together, you get additional frequencies present aside from those two frequencies.

You get the addition of the two frequencies and the subtraction of the two frequencies. This is my old physics background. So you get 20 cycles and 21 cycles would give you one cycle, that’s the subtraction; and it would give you 41 cycles per second which is the addition. And then you have these new frequencies which create more frequencies – they start to get lesser intensity as it goes up. This is why musical instruments can all play the note A but they sound completely different, because they have different harmonics going up.

So when two people are doing it together they create these beat frequencies that bring in all kinds of things from other realms. For example, if you look at John Lennon and Paul McCartney, when they sing together, how phenomenally energetic their voices blend with each other because they bring in the beat frequencies. It becomes much stronger than each of them individually and if you recall those early songs with the great choruses where they would belt out. [Singing] It’s like the way their voices came together was so majestic and that’s what causes you to start to have that feeling like you’re flying like an eagle.

Because you’re tapping into all the harmonics, the beat frequencies, the frequencies that vibrate your solar plexus, your heart and before you know it you’ve changed your state.

I think is enough on that topic, it’s 12:03 p.m. and Carla and Terry, do you have anything to say before we go into our personal healing meditation?

Carla: No, now that we’re all vibrating so well and ready to serve.

Wynn: Right, right.

Now you know what? On the higher frequencies, when we put our energies together … You see, when we do these healing visualization sessions, all this first hour is to handle all our lower frequencies. You could even consider your crown chakra a lower frequency because it’s still in your body. It’s only as you expand through that and suddenly our frequencies are combining in other dimensions, in other realms, we’re creating beat frequencies. Then we have our Sources coming in creating frequencies, adding to our frequencies and then we are actually not just radiating from our bodies into the physical world, we’re radiating into the Universe.

This is like a huge thing to radiate into the Universe as a group from this little planet like Earth. Now I think that’s true; I have been observing this now for ten years. You know before I understood how to work this, before I was doing anything like we’re doing now, I had asked the Elohim the question how do you notice us? How can you distinguish us? How do you notice us? I was curious, I mean I was clueless, to tell you the truth. This voice starts talking to me and says they created the Universe and I had the miracle with my sister and I asked them how do you notice us when there’re so many billions of people on this planet? They said they notice when someone moves through the veil, when someone starts lifting their frequency it distinguishes their energy from everyone else. And I believe that what we are learning to do on these calls is distinguish our energies.

We use each other - we help each other through the integration of energies, through the co-creation of energies. We help each other project through the veil and we become very visible to these higher Sources. And they then, come in and touch our energy. See, as I’m talking about it you feel the shift? It is kind of like it starts to happen and really unusual for someone in the physical Universe, on Earth, for a group to be able to learn how to do this over a telephone line - to not to have to be in the same room.

It can be easier in the same room and the reason it can be easier is because, as our physical bodies radiate energy, it radiates to the other people in the room, they radiate back and it starts to ground the energy in the physical. We’ve been learning how to do this on a phone line. To ground the energies on the phone line and create this weaving, blending of our own energies to create space where those higher intelligences can connect with our energies. That’s when people start having miracles, when they start having epiphanies, when they start having synchronicities, when they start flying like eagles.

And your job is to learn how to integrate this in your life, which you can do. You are the creator of your life. It’s an expression of your intentions, your own connections. So what we’re doing on these calls is helping you learn how to make the connection - learn how to make it so it becomes a reference point but then you have to do the homework. On these calls we’re teaching you things to do. For example, saying “Om” every day and learning how to get those vibrations in your body. For example, taking a moment of quiet and meditation to learn that even when you’re not on this call, you can bring these energies in.

We have something called Team Shift where small groups of people get to know each other over a phone line, usually 5 or 6 people. They get on the phone line everyday and they call in the Light and they put things into the Light. It’s like on this call there’s no time to do that individually. We used to do it, you know a couple of years ago we used to do it all the time. People on the call – you know we had 12 or 15 people on the call and there was time for everyone to put something in the Light and say something and we’ve gotten too big for that.

So Team Shift was a way that you could develop your own little group of people and feel personally acknowledged – it is important to feel personally acknowledged. It’s important for people to know you and for you to feel someone cares about you if you don’t have that already. It’s through caring for each other that we resonate our frequencies, blend our frequencies. Why am I here? I’m here because I care. Carla is here because she cares. Terry is here because she cares and we care about you even though many of you we haven’t talked to or met.

We know so many of you are going through such amazing transformations as a result of being on this call. We don’t have to know you personally. Sometimes that gets in the way, often times it gets in the way. Because people when they know you they just – they try to talk to you … Jeez, a couple years ago I said I’m not going to ever talk to anyone that’s in my group because every time they talk to me they leave. Because there’s this idea that I’m always perfect and so when they get to meet me they find out I’m not perfect, in fact, far from it. It’s okay not to be perfect. I’ll never be perfect but I do have a really high, perfect intent in these calls and the work we’re doing and I don’t have to match up to it in my human side, a hundred percent. I don’t have to. I won’t.

All I have to do on my human side is not let the negative part of me run the show, which it would do if it were given a chance. That part of me is always going to be there. You know there’s a part of the human that’s a human. You know it’s like you always are going to have a 2nd chakra, a 3rd chakra, a survival chakra [1st]. You know when we run something and a bunch of money comes into our account we can look at it and say wow, look at all that money coming into our account. That’s not that often but it occasionally happens and when it does it’s awesome.

But that does not run me, it doesn’t run the work I’m doing. I’m not doing this for money. Carla is not doing it for money. Both of us have decided early on that we had to post all this stuff and make it available to everyone because money should not be the obstacle that prevents somebody from gaining access to this material. So the other thing I learned was that there’re a lot of people that do really good workshops and they usually charge $200 – 250 dollars for a weekend workshop and I think some of those are very worthwhile.

But by doing this on the phone as opposed to a physical location … When you do something in a physical location - when you leave that location and go home you usually go back to your old patterns, but you know what? We’re not doing this at a physical location. We’re all in our homes and you’re doing it in your home and I’m doing it in my home and we’re grounding the energy right where we live. So there’s a really high potential for retention to integrate these energies into your life. The advantage of doing it at a public location together, which is fine, is first of all you have to charge for it because you have to pay for a room, you have to go somewhere.

You can’t do it for free. You can’t even do it for a low amount of money unless somebody’s funding you because it’s too expensive to do it. The advantage is though that you can feel the energies in the physical from the other people as it radiates. When we do this call on the phone, we are not in the space where we can … Actually, I feel your vibrations. It’s actually like - that’s not exactly true because I feel the energies even though we’re not in the same room together I can feel your energies. But for some people it’s harder to have that experience on the phone line or on the Internet. It’s harder. Because when you feel the energies in the physical space with another person - it’s more intense.

Now this can be more intense too, even though whatever I say is not true because it’s just easier sometimes to get started feeling it in a public place where everyone’s together in a room. Once a year Carla does a homecoming - and the other advantage of doing it where people come together is they get to meet each other. They get to become friends with each other. They get to feel a connection after the event. That’s very important. If we had the resources we would be traveling around and [if] we had enough people that would show up, we would be traveling around.

Because the people that would show up would create a lot of space for people to network with each other so that when we left a particular area people would know each other and they would have met at a high place.

So, right now we’ve already got it. We can go through this fast because we’ve been building the energy. The principle is that the Universe is one being. We are subsets of that being. Most of the time we don’t feel a connection - many of us don’t. Some of you do. But right now we’re going to go for feeling that connection. We’re going to experience ourselves as center of the Universe – the center of the highest Universe.

Do you know we can do that because when we talk about center, we’re talking about physical location? And we’re going to a place that doesn’t have a physical location. No physical location. It exists somewhere else without a physical location. And when we go there we have all these group souls there as well, on some level. You can’t see them but you can feel this energy around you. You are the center of the Universe; I am the center of the Universe, because there is no center. The word “center” implies physical location. The Elohim have said they can come into our space. They don’t have to go through portals. They don’t have to go through sacred geometry. They have the backdoor program to everything. So they can just go vroom and they’re there. Because they’re at the center but we’re at the center and we extend our energy down from our bodies, into the Earth. The Earth is a center of the Universe. Everything is a center of the Universe and we extend down into the Earth and we feel the energy from the Earth. The Earth is alive; the Earth can feel and we can feel her. We let the Earth bathe us in her energy.

Not just through our feet coming up all around us, through us, through our body. We let the Earth be part of our healing, of our connection with All That Is. We move through our body up to the top of our head, up through the sky, through the clouds, probably through the chemtrails, through the veil. Everywhere is the center of the Universe. There’s no physical location. So we’re actually expanding from the center into physical location. We aren’t moving through physical location going somewhere; we’re expanding from the center into the lower realms.

But we’ll make pretend we keep expanding and boom we find a place where we’re all together. But we’ve already been there on this call. We’ve already created the energy of connectedness. Feel the connectedness. Take your hands and hold them palms up to the sky, to the ceiling. Feel the energy coming down into your hands – through your body. You can mock up this image of all of us, everyone on this call, holding their hands up and that they’re all connecting. Now take your hands and instead of holding them palms up, hold them perpendicular, sideways - feel the difference? When I do it the energy is not as high, not nearly. Now take your hands and point them downward, downward to the Earth and feel the Earth. Let’s tell the Earth we Love her. Now take your hands again and turn them upward. You feel the difference now? If you’re by yourself and you’re meditating, you might try holding your hands upward (your palms upward). [It’s] definitely a different energy than holding them downwards or sideways. Let’s let that energy - come through our hands, through our arms and into our bodies.

And to fill those areas in our bodies that are closed and ask it to move around. Remember, the energy follows your request. This is not an outside Source. This is an inside Source that looks outside. You are in your body and your body is in you. Maybe that’s a better way of looking at it. Your body is inside you. Just think, each of us is bringing in this energy and we’re all over the planet. This is the energy that if enough people on our planet did this, our planet would shift. Or huge amounts of people would shift. Huge amounts of people would graduate this realm. We would be able to use our intentions to grow this energy bigger, as more people would find it. See that happening. Let’s see it happening, see us all connected.

See this web of beautiful Light that we’re connecting right now through this energy that’s coming through our hands. While we’re connected to this field, I want to ask you all to put something that you would like to shift in your life or on the planet. This reality starts in other dimensions and I think we are accessing those areas, those other dimensions that are precursors to this reality. Put your thought of something you would like to happen, for the highest good of all concerned and honoring free will.

It could be a healing for your-self; it could be a healing for someone else. It could be a synchronicity that could bring in a job. It could be for a better relationship with someone in your life, whether it’s your partner, your parents - your children. Remember, it’s all free will. You cannot force anyone to change. You can only offer them the opportunity to change and either they reach back or they don’t. And you have to be detached whether they reach back or not. If you’re not detached, you get your emotions in it and it screws up the energy.

So let me go through our healing list for today. We have a number of you that have put in requests. Now you don’t have to put in requests on the healing list. You can just come on the call and then ask. But when you write something down it has a tendency to ground the energy. Sometime you might try writing something down and just writing requests down on a piece of paper. You might put it on your refrigerator, but not if there’s other people reading it. If you’re alone you can do it, but other people will look at it and screw up the energy.

Putting it on the healing list helps to ground the energy, even if I don’t read it you took a physical action. You put your fingers on the keyboard, you put it in and it starts a process. The Elohim have told me that they’re paying attention to the list whether I read it or not, which is kind of a neat thing. Is that true? I don’t know. I have lots of people that have had healings because they put something on that list and I never read it. There’s never time to read all of these things.

So, we have Lys [in Rimrock, Arizona] on the list and she’s got … perfect living space. If it would be best for us to move to the new house, then we get the house for our best interest and health and well-being. And we send healing to all of Lys’ and her daughter’s health issues which I’m not going to read. But take a moment and hold that space for healing.

We have Rosalie in Huntsville – is that Alabama? Let’s put all the people of Mother Earth (their minds and hearts) into the Light so they can let go of fear and open to truth and transformation. Alright, and realizing that not all the people want to do that. So that’s like honoring the free will for the people that are reaching for that. You would think everybody would want that but they don’t.

Then we have Rosalie [again] who’s asking for her friend Stephanie B. who works at the Arsenal – plans to have a tumor in the top front part of her brain removed soon. Let’s put her and her family in the Light.

My friend, Cliff had a hernia operation. We put his healing into the Light. And Patsy, Ron, Patrick Tretter and Leanna’s young triplet boys – we put all their health issues in the Light.

And Rosalie, thank you so much for caring about the people around you. And we have –

Bob in Chico, California … we put the state of depression that has plagued me on and off for quite a few years now. Bring back my joy of assisting folks [to] fix themselves through this awesome alternative health - involving mind, body and spirit. But I have been stagnant the last two years … sorry I got long winded. It’s okay. Thank you for moving to put your issue out publicly and I know there’re other people on this line that would say the same thing, and we send the same hope for them, to take the actions. Someday we’ll do a whole talk on depression and how to move through it. Then we have –

Cheryl in Huntington Beach, Californiamind, body and spirit healing on every level for Carla and may the highest purpose in her life be manifested. Thank you, Love and Light. Carla, somebody Loves you.

Carla: Oh, I thank you so much.

Wynn: Don in Brecksville, Ohioplease send healing and clearing and releasing of potential. Thank you. And Don, thank you for asking such good questions on Wednesday’s. Don asks the best questions. He always brings the call to a higher level.

Michael in San Diego, Californiacould our Sources check on SamCat to see if the changes in protocol are helping? Thanks and we send much gratitude for this connection and all the Love and energy. Big hugs! Thank you, Michael. We have –

Rick in Iowa City, Iowa for my brother in law in Dallas, Texas – he is terminally ill with cancer. Please send Love~ Light to comfort him and for any chance that he will get better. Thank you for the highest good for all.

Let me just say I hear stories all the time from people that had terminal 4 cancer that had healings. And there is one product though, that I don’t have direct experience of but somebody else has sworn that it’s worked -it’s not that expensive- that has helped people with cancer. If you send me an email, I’ll direct you to where to get that product or how to get it. Not that expensive. If it works, let me know. I’ll develop my confidence as I go.

Okay, well take another moment – hold all of your intentions in this space. Bring them up, put some passion behind it. This works. [Silence] You know, I’m going to call in the Light. Of course we already have the Light here but I’ll do my formal calling-in-of-the-Light and we will turn it over to our Sources speaking through Terry. Then we’ll do our planetary meditation.

Father Mother God we ask for the presence of the Light to surround and protect each person on this line and any negativity be taken to the highest realms of Light and transmuted for the highest good of all concerned. We see ourselves in the flow of energy radiating from the center of the Universe, through the galaxies, through the Milky Way, through the solar system through the outer energy fields of planet Earth, through our bodies and into the center of the Earth.

Right now, we invoke a group energy connection while maintaining the sovereign integrity of our souls and we invite those Sources that are positive, service to others, honoring The Law of One to join with us [as] we create a protected space that only the positive has access to. Anything not of that nature must leave now. We turn it over to our Sources as they communicate to us through Terry Brown.

Ra’An/Terry: We greet you in the Love Light of The One Infinite Creator. It is December 8, 2013 and we see your issues as you are, in a sense, wearing them. We see what you have asked for and what you desire. And that you desire to be back in the harmony and the Love and the acceptance and the feeling that you are worthy. We reach out and we touch each and every one of you who wishes to be touched. We see that when you are working with the issues, you have the issues about you and through you. And we run through the things that people have put on the healing list.

These are issues that are dealing with the area of the 3rd density, in main, and the desire to get back to the harmony and the Love and the free-flowing energy that is you and is the world which you have come from, where everything is okay and the desire to get back home and for everything to be okay. And when you learn when you can hold this energy that we are where we are, the energy of the higher realms which we are holding. When you can hold that energy and come from the place where you have come from and know that everything is alright in the All That Is where you are residing, where you are coming from.

And to have that energy available to you so that you can oversee these issues that you have run into in the 3rd density. You can oversee those issues from the standpoint of who you really are, where you have come from, from the highest realms, from the Love that you are. When you can hold that and then from that standpoint can deal with the other issues that you run into in the 3rd density, with the physical issues. Such as Lys is experiencing and her daughter, with the physical issues of the mental body, with the depression such as Travis is experiencing.

And to begin to bring from the highest to balance that area then the excitement, the energy can begin to flow into your life and you can reconnect with the miracles. You can reconnect with the Love that you are bringing in, that you know that you are. We take another moment and we send Love Light to Bob. We take a moment and we send Love Light to Rosalie. We thank her for her connection to bring Love Light to the people of Mother Earth. We send Love Light to Stephanie who is involved with the issue of the tumor that she can reconnect if it is her desire with the higher levels and begin to dissolve the tumor. We send Love Light to SamCat that the blockage of flow can begin to clear.

We send Love Light to Carla and thank Carla for her invaluable work. We send Love Light to everyone on the healing list. We send Love Light to Rick’s brother-in-law in Dallas that he may make the choice of which way he wants to go and may climb out of the hole if he wishes or may start over a new chapter in his life if he wishes. We see the strong postulate of the connecting with the issue of the cancer and that would need to be set aside. We send Love Light to Rick for his caring.

We send Love Light to each and every one of you and that is our message for today - is to connect with the highest, the best within you and to know that you are loved. You are loved and coming from the highest place within yourself makes it easier to put into perspective those areas of your life that you wish to change. It is easier to change something when you are coming from the area where you are loved and you are in control and you are the master.

Then, you can see the issues and know that you are greater than those issues and you can put them into perspective and know they are not for all time and they are not all encompassing. You are greater than your issue[s]. We send you – we impart Love. Thank you. We leave but we do not leave.

Wynn: Thank you. Thank you so much for being here and supporting the work we’re doing. We’re going to move right back into our planetary healing. We come together as a group, a-group energy. Instead of using the energy for ourselves and healing ourselves and empowering ourselves, which is fine because the more empowered you are, the more healed you are, the more ability you have to contribute service and help for others and to take care of yourself and then take care of others out of the overflow.

You don’t have to take care of others out of being empty. Because if you become empty you are doing a lesser job! So you have to work from a feeling of fullness. We come together out of an excess of energy - just in this last ten minutes … We can put our hands upward again and feel that energy coming in from the higher realms. We can see a web of energy surrounding our planet – it’s all in the top of our hands. We’re a repeating station, coming, connecting with each other, coming down on the entire planet, surrounding our entire planet. We bring this energy to all those people who are reaching upwards and haven’t made a connection. We surround them with the potential to make a connection, to feel the energies, to discover our group, or some group that can hold this kind of space.

We see the energy spinning off our hands and radiating it [in] great waves around our house and through our neighborhood and through our planet. We are connecting with each other, with the Elohim, with the Ra Group, with those angelic realms - all of those beings that are operating in service-to-others. That are honoring The Law of One, that are honoring the Christed energy field, that are operating for the highest good of all concerned, that are operating honoring free will.

We are honored to be part of those who are helping anchor this energy on planet Earth. We send this energy to Earth. We send it to the Earth ~ Sun connection. We send it to the Sun. We ask the energies to move through the Earth, through the surface of the Earth, to all those places where there are tectonic faults, tectonic plates that could turn into earthquakes. We ask that any quakes be small, released slowly away from population centers and all natural weather releases be mitigated so people are not hurt.

Let’s hold these frequencies on our planet so if there’s any un-natural weather release/changes which we believe can be triggered, but let’s ask for frequencies that counter that potential. Whether it is tsunamis, whether it is earthquakes, whether it’s hurricanes, let’s just see that energy being mitigated and frequencies being generated that don’t allow that to occur. We send our energy to the land masses around The Ring of Fire from South American to Mexico, the west coast to Central America to California, Oregon - Washington.

We just see this energy penetrating through the surface of the Earth and surrounding those tectonic plates – up through Canada, Alaska, the eastern coast of Russia, China, Malaysia - the Philippines, Hong Kong, Singapore. And let’s stop at Japan and let’s surround Fukushima with this energy and ask for the transmutation of radiation from that Fukushima power plant. Let us see our Sources working on an atomic level to do what they can to shift this circumstance and have protection in that area from earthquakes, tsunamis and anything that can disturb what’s happening there. I want to take a moment of silence as we hold the space for that.

We ask that no nuclear weapons be allowed to go off on our planet for the highest good of all concerned and honoring free will. We ask for a smooth economic transition for whatever has to take place, because things do have to take place. Things will take place, inevitably, regarding the economies of the world. We ask for a high intent for whoever is arranging whatever economic shifts have to happen, that honor The Law of One, that honor people as divine expressions of God, whether they’re rich or whether they’re poor.

We ask that - bring this energy back to each of us individually. Bring it back so that you are into your own being – the center of the Universe, right now. You’re expressing this energy to your family, to your friends, to your neighborhood. You don’t have to explain it to them. You have to hold the space and the people that reach back will reach back. But don’t thrust it on anyone. They won’t understand it and you’ll lose ground instead of gaining it.

This is 12:55 p.m. on Sunday; and thank you all, for your part in holding the energy for this beautiful session today. If you didn’t look at the email, remember to look at that email of our eagle who took a camera and I’m getting emails already from people who are in awe of it. Remember, that if you are not on any of our mailing lists and you’re listening to this and you want to be, send me an email and you’ll get notifications of all our calls. You’ll get little interesting information items that we don’t put out elsewhere.

And I haven’t put out an opportunity for awhile for people to sign up on these lists, and I know some of you on the Internet would appreciate getting these emails. So just “reply” to any email that you’ve gotten from me and I will get it and if for some reason nothing happens, send another email again. Just bug me because sometimes something goes into my Spam [or] sometimes I think I’ll get to it later and miss it. So, on that note, we are going to close off again with “Fly, Like an Eagle.” Here we go. [Music]


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