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Personal & Planetary Grid Healing Session

“What it truly means to be of and in service to others”

Sunday Call: 12.15.2013
Hosted by: Gijs filling-in for Wynn Free with Carla Rueckert, Jim McCarthy
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Channeled by: Terry Brown (replay)
Transcribed by: Susan Rush
Edited by: Terry Brown
Formatted and sent by: Robynne Olson


Gijs: Good morning, this is December the 15th [2013] Sunday, the grid-healing-call. Wynn is with his family in New Jersey and we are here. We have our guests Carla Rueckert and Jim McCarthy who will be here this morning to talk about – let’s see what shall we say, what are we talking about? - About soothing stuff, about interesting stuff. [Laughter] Okay, I’m going to also turn the mute on. So here we are, it’s the three of us here now, Carla, Jim and myself. Carla?

Carla: Yes, my love?

Gijs: It’s so great to have you with us.

Carla: Oh, I’m so pleased to be here.

Gijs: Alright.

Carla: It’s a real joy to be part of this call. You can feel the energy starting to lift higher and higher as everybody gets into it. I love that. I love being part of that.

Gijs: Yes. That is fantastic. We did talk earlier this morning that with Christmas being around the corner, one thing that we would like to talk about this morning is about the man who lived a couple thousand years ago. His name is Jesus, I guess he was actually Jeshua but what we are celebrating here in this month is his birth. He was a pretty significant person to have here – I think he might have changed the world.

Carla: It’s very possible that he did. He certainly had more to do with changing the way people think than anything else - I think for the last two thousand years, definitely.

Gijs: Yet, I think it’s very interesting, also, particularly when we were talking with Dr. Friedmann. He has his own experiences that he is aware of and that he shared with us. There are several channels that have books out – like you get insight, not knowing if it’s true or not but it’s always interesting to read about – Jesus, his life. There are different qualities about Jesus. Him, being this person who lived his physical life and then what we know of as the Christ Consciousness that surrounded him, that was with him and which was the energy that made it possible for him to do the miracles that we know of. Now Carla, I know that you follow a Christian religion.

Carla: I do.

Gijs: Which is of course, directly connected (very much so) with Jesus.

Carla: Well, let me put it this way. I follow Episcopalian – the beautiful singing and the way of life that is given to us in the life of the Christian year. Moving from the beginning at the birth of Christ and moving through that life into his resurrection. I tend to call myself a resurrection Christian because of the fact that I have no interest one way or another in whether or not all the stories of his resurrection are true, I don’t think it’s important.

I think what’s important was the Love that he had, that he carried with him, that was so much and incredibly strongly his offering to us all. I mean, think about it like this, when you have the Old Testament you have rules, not just the Ten Commandments. There are only Ten Commandments and so it’s not too complicated. But if you are going to get into Leviticus - all of those books in the Old Testament that they give to set up the rules. My gosh, in order to be a decent Christian these days you’d have to be slaughtering goats and various other animals [laughter] depending on you know your sin. God help us if we didn’t have those things.

I don’t really understand how Christians that believe that every word of the Bible is true can honestly say that because of lack of goats to slaughter. [Laughter] It’s just amazing how many of those sin-offerings and different kinds of offerings there are to make depending on what the priest is going through. So there’re all these rules. There are rules about kosher foods, what to eat, how to act, how to live, how to behave. Many, many rules and they’re summed up if you will in the Ten Commandments. Don’t do this, don’t do that.

Well, Jesus said that the whole law of the Old Testament was filled up and substituted by two laws: Love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, all your mind, all your strength; and love your neighbor as yourself - those two things. They were love - love of the Creator, love of yourself, love of everyone around you – the belief that everyone is part of that wonderful Christian vibration that engulfs us all and makes us all one. Now Jesus didn’t say go think of me (Jesus) as a saving grace all on my own.

He was always trying to say that he, if you looked at him; you looked at not him but the Father. If you looked at anybody else you looked at that which was his because he was an heir through hope of the promises of Christ. So he did definitely feel that one should follow his way, but he always made it very careful to be understood that his way was the way of the Father. He was simply following that which was already shaped with the Father, the Lord, the Father; and the worship of Jesus the Christ, as Jesus kept trying to tell us, [was] the worship of the Father.

If you see me don’t see me but the Father that is in me. So it’s always been a bit of a difficulty to me when people start saying that you should drop everything and just praise the Lord and that’s it because Jesus asked us not to praise Him but to praise his Father and if you saw Him you saw the Father. Then he would say, “Well, if you saw the least of these, my brothers, you saw the Father. If you saw the man in prison and you went and you served him and you tried to do him good you were serving not him but the Father.”

Jesus was trying to explain to people, this is all The Creator and when you serve people, you’re serving The Creator. There’s no way, there’s no one that you can serve that’s not The Creator. He would explain how you needed to serve. You needed to see the prisoner in prison. You need to go see the widows and the orphans and people that were having a hard time according to the ways of the world. These were all the face of Jesus. No matter who you looked at you were looking at the face of Jesus. I remember one time – Jim, what was her name? The nun who became so famous?

Jim: Mother Teresa?

Carla: Yeah, Mother Teresa. Mother Teresa once said when being interviewed - and she was in the streets of Calcutta taking care of, to the best of her ability those that came to her on the street. She didn’t have much to give in the way of medicine but what she had she gave freely. She would nurse and she would cleanse the faces and try to medically take care of those that she was serving. And somebody said, “How can you even stand to look at this person? The person is so ill and so ugly to behold and it’s just so dreadful to look at, I don’t see how you can do this every day.”

She said, “Well, when I am looking at this entity I know that I am looking at the face of Christ.” So every day that bolstered her belief that she was serving Jesus the Christ. Once that belief was lifted upon her then it made it possible for her to do those things that otherwise would be difficult. Because indeed people when they’re full of disease and have a hard time – they’re starving and they just look terrible but she was not looking at a person, she was looking at Christ. So that’s how she made it all the time, every day, day after day and year after year.

She really was a remarkable woman and she never claimed to be a remarkable woman at all. She said she was simply following her belief and you could find any number of other people who did the same thing. Which could well be true but she was just the one that caught the notice of people who were in the offices of print and other media making reports for over the world. So she became so well known to people that I think she is going through the process of Catholic sainthood. I don’t know where that stands right now but it’s really a beautiful thing.

Gijs, the thing that gets me about Christmas is that we are all a part of that scene, that beautiful scene that we’ve seen so many times. It’s precious in so many places around the world with a child - the newborn Christ nurtured and held by the mother, sitting there in the stall of an animal, using the manger as a cradle for Christ and nurturing that child who had no place in regular society. It was full-up [laughter] but some kind person found a place in a stable for her. She and her husband Joseph went through the process of birth there, had Jesus, and nurtured the infant there.

There are all kinds of stories that have grown up about what happened in that stable. The rough straw that Jesus slept on and that angels flew over and celebrated and there was, all sorts of glory going on in the heavens. The shepherd came and lay his crook down before Jesus as the only thing he had to offer and knelt in worship there, I think that’s a beautiful thought, along with the cows and the horses [laughter] and all the other animals that live in a stable.

But my goodness, if we are all shepherds that are worshipping in our own stable, if we all can find that inner room of prayer within us and open to it, we open the door to infinite beauty and the quality of love that is unconscious and yet completely full – that unconditional love. It simply makes that stable within us, glow.

Gijs: Talking about Christmas time, what it makes me think of also is The Law of One – the oneness you know with so many people globally remembering this – that the oneness is stronger and that we’re all sort of on the same frequency.

Carla: Absolutely.

Gijs: Also that the oneness - when you mentioned Mother Teresa, that she’s being one with those she was taking care of.

Carla: Yes.

Gijs: And the oneness that Jesus was reflecting and that we are part of God and God is in us and if you can experience it that way - that you can feel the oneness that we are – that can be a very satisfying feeling that can give you a lot of strength which is highlighted around Christmas I think.

Carla: It can be and I think one problem that people have with Christmas is that they really don’t like anything about standard religion. But that’s okay. Jesus would never have been trying to be a part of a standard religion. He grew up Jewish, in fact. But I think if we want to follow what he said and just listen to what he said then we are all one in that beautiful, completely full Love that he offered to all of us. We are all part of The Law of One. What The Law of One says is that the Creator created all of us as part of himself or itself and tossed us out into the world – I mean millions and millions, all of us, to gain the experiences that we were here to gain.

To bear witness to all that we were here to see and to make our own choices as to what we wanted to do about each and every one of these things. There was hope that in each time that we made a choice it would be to serve others and not to serve ourselves. So it’s always so helpful to realize that you can disconnect Christ from any particular religion and still have the man who was carrying shall we say, the cloak of Christhood, and that cloak is unconditional Love - absolute and unconditional Love. So, we all are part of that Love. It’s within all of us, the same because we are all part of that vibration of Jesus the Christ in that we are all part of that unconditional Love. Though I think it’s always good to say Christ Consciousness because that disconnects people from the societal, cultural ways of traditional Christianity, Judaism, etc., etc. – disconnects us all from any particular way of expressing who we are [i.e.] well, I’m a Christian. Well, that’s good for some of us - it’s not good for others.

But you don’t have to be a Christian in any cultural or usual sense in order to follow that Christ Consciousness that somehow moves into meaning even for those who do not consider themselves Christians in any way, shape or form. Jim, that’s where you are, isn’t it?

Jim (a.k.a. Mickie): Right, I was raised in the Presbyterian Church as a Christian and I guess when I went to college things started changing and I started thinking for myself more. And I think your priest, the fellow who married us, described me as a spiritual pagan; and I think but I guess I can appreciate so much more of what Christ had to offer and see it in other religions as well that I can feel a unity with others more easily now than I could when I was what would normally be called a Christian.

Carla: Yeah, I think that Presbyterian’s or whatever, they don’t teach us that all are one and all are equal and all are equally beautiful and all are equally members of Christ. They teach that you have to believe this, this, this and this or you’ve missed the boat somehow, you can’t be part of their church. So there’s a big area of judgment there and in Christ there wasn’t any judgment. There was acceptance. Let him who is without sin cast the first stone he said in one of his most famous parables, and you know nobody would.

That’s how he saved the life of a prostitute because when he put it to people that way, nobody could swear they he had never sinned. Consequently, nobody threw the first stone and she was supposed to be stoned to death. So he saved that life because he challenged people. Well, are you really without sin? Do you really want to judge anybody? That’s such a beautiful way of expressing that beautiful difference between Christianity as it is known in the regular sects of the Christian church and Christ as Christ is known as a person and also as a consciousness.

There is a real difference there and it’s a strongly important difference. He was always trying to say that when you see me, you see not me but the Father. He was always trying to get out of the way of him as a person so that people could worship that Christhood, that aura of unconditional Love that he carried with the blessing of, I’d guess you’d say the female side of Christhood which was Mary, always could see the nurture of Christ’s unconditional Love, that absolute nurture and Love (of a little child) of a little baby.

Now I think what always gets to me is that we are all in a manger when we come into life, into incarnation. And of course, we’re going to grow up however roughly as a human being but my question to everyone is can we focus on that being within that is that little tiny infant, Christ, that vessel of Love? Can we keep that Christ within as we grow up, can we keep that Christ within as a creature of unconditional Love as Jesus wanted us all to see him, not him as a person but him as a vessel of unconditional Love. This time of year, I find myself kneeling in the rough straw of that stable and praying for strength that I might nurture that spiritual self within that is fed by the Spirit itself, so that we can offer our life as one which is a life of service-to-others and a life of service to Christ Consciousness or to The One Creator.

Gijs: And it’s something that each individual can do in his or her own way?

Carla: Oh, definitely.

Gijs: Like myself, I grew up also in a Christian family where [it was] pretty strict you know where most of them went to church three times every Sunday in black clothing and you know you had to be saved because you were born in sin. So me, as a child I could never believe that. That couldn’t be right so I was never interested in it and I never believed any of it, I didn’t think there was a God. I just put it next to me and it wasn’t until when I started with these calls - got to know about Wynn and his stories he had and being open to it that I started to see that Jesus was just not what I thought he was.

Then I started to realize the great energy that He reflected and also the oneness that is coming through your work, Carla. It’s something that has sort of called me that I feel connected with All That Is and knowing that you don’t want to look up to find God but you need to find God within yourself.

Carla: So true.

Gijs: Yes, and that these times where people are getting on the same frequency around Christmas, that’s when you are able to open yourself up to it, to tap in to it, that you can feel it and that’s a great joy. That’s a real celebration.

Carla: Yeah, I really do feel that, too. Mickey, when you became able to see that Christ Consciousness how did it develop for you?

Jim: Well, I guess it developed the most vividly and fully as we were going through the first sessions of the Ra contact. Ra was so good at making that illustration of how we’re All One that came alive for me. Somehow, in just the wording in the first session where Ra’s talking about there is no right or wrong but there’s simply you are everything. That everything that you consider right or wrong will eventually be reconciled; that we create these distortions that we go through in our life to learn certain lessons and they’re not necessary if we just remember All Is One.

But we can learn a lot from going through those distortions. But in the end it all came back to how we’re All One and that in everything that we do, that this can be reflected. That if you’re alert and you look for this rather than becoming entranced with the illusion of separation that you begin to see how everything is working together for the well-being of all, for the Creator to be able to learn more about who it is. And we can become more aware of the Creator by interacting with each portion with all other selves.

For me I guess, first it’s conceptualization that came from Ra’s profound and precise use of language that sparked something in me, a recognition of words I think that are supposed to be direction pointers. They point us in a certain direction to get us to thinking and to being there and to become open to concepts and to more than just that outer shell of the word. So the way Ra uses the words is very important to me and it helped me to get to deeper truths within myself that I discovered were always there, always available, and had, in some degree been used throughout my life but if I were more conscious and careful this type of an experience, of the unity of all things, could become available more and more. Really, you know totally impact the life – it totally changes the way you look at things so it changes your life.

Carla: Gijs, would you say that that was true for you?

Gijs: It came, I think more subtly over time, the connection grows and you know it is for me mainly, the oneness that I experienced with initially just a simple rule of treat others the way you want to be treated. When you go with that then you sort of create a flow and then you feel that connection and it just grows. And that’s just the best feeling you can have and, of course, it’s not you say, “Okay,” all of a sudden you have it and then you’re there. No. Many times where I sink in a hole where I don’t feel it and that I just forget about to think about it but then other times, particularly when either I wake up or before I go to sleep when I invoke the Christed Consciousness and I ask for the oneness, and that I can really, like you know, feel the energy waves going through my body and those are the best times.

Carla: They really are. Now Ra said that we were all vibrations and that Love was a vibration. So the challenge was to match more and more the vibration of unconditional Love in what we did every day. Or as he put it, to lessen our distortion [laughter] …so we’re trying to lessen your distortion so that you are more and more like the vibration of Jesus the Christ. And literally going with that flow, as you said Gijs, and trying to be One with unconditional Love and loving as you would be loved, caring for - as you would care for.

All those beautiful things that, put together, make up a life of service. My golly I pray every day may I be of service but I think the truth of it is that you can be of service, according to Ra anyway, because of the fact that we are all one. So that you don’t really even have to do anything, you simply need to be a certain way. To have your heart open and let the love that we live as part of, comes in through our feet into our chakra system, up through our chakra system and out through the top of our heads, or the gateway to intelligent infinity.

Some call it the 8th chakra, that white light that balances like a candle on the top of the head and goes back out into the creation through that. If we are shaping ourselves to be of as much service as we can then we are coloring that light that is coming through us. So instead of our just having that light come through us, the white light, we are letting that light come through us and as we bless it as we serve then we’re coloring that light or making like stained glass windows of ourselves so that we’re creating something beautiful with our lives.

And that is simply holding the light or holding the space for the lightening of planet Earth. If we can simply hold that space, hold that vibration of unconditional love. Then there really is nothing that we have to do in order for us to be of service. We are creating a place for our energy to serve. That attention that we pay to serve, to choose to do the best that we can in whatever we’re given, to love whoever it is that we are to love - to simply to allow the light to be, within us. I think that allowing that Light to flow through us is our first and most important service - letting that Light flow. The allowance of that Light coming through us I think, it’s hard to imagine that being enough.

You say, “Well, people never ask you, ‘Well, how are you?’” They always ask you “Well, what do you do?”  As if you have to do something in order to be of service. But in truth, your first service is to be the kind of person that holds that Light, holds that unconditional Love and allows it to flow freely to his or her consciousness. I think that’s hard to believe – “You mean that’s enough, really?” [Laughter]

But yes, it is and sometimes when I’ve been lying flat on my back all day and really can’t do too much in the way of outer service, I try to focus on doing the inner work: on Loving, on praying for, on counting my blessings and so forth. All the ways in which we are not coming into contact with anybody else and yet we are serving the Light and there are lots of ways to do that. That really lifts me up and gives me a lot of joy that I can actually be of service, even though I have no way of doing any outer work at that time.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll be able to serve in an outer sense, to write or to teach or to do something in an outer way. But if not, if what I can do is lie there and be there throughout the day then I just pray that I may live in such a way as to radiate the Light. Or hold that place where the Light can come through. Because I think we’re the only ones that can do that. Human beings are the only ones that can hold that Light. Animals can’t do it - they don’t know what we’re talking about.

It’s just us, us human beings that have the capacity to hold the infinite within this finite life and how wonderful it is to be able to do that. It’s exciting to me. There is endless service to be had even if you can’t move or you can’t work.

Gijs: Well, Carla, it’s just a blessing to have you here and a great pleasure and here you are talking to us here on the phone line and [to] those on BBS Radio. So I thank you so much for providing this service.

Carla: Thank you so much, Gijs.

Gijs: Alright and when you started talking here, a few minutes ago I thought of something that I happened to post yesterday on a Team Shift forum and I actually would like to read it. It’s a small part of channeling, I believe it is from Veronica Torres and the Sources were speaking, saying that this is about reactions, as gifts. It says:

When you choose your reactions to your experiences, you are not just straightening out your problems. You are contributing to the vibrational change on your planet; and offering those that you meet options that they may have never experienced before. Such a huge percentage of people on your planet don’t know there’s anything other than victimhood to be had.

When you show up emanating the idea that you are choosing your reactions to your experiences, you offer them a Light. It’s like a lighthouse, a beacon. You’re saying “there is another way.” You want to make a difference? You want to have some other opinion than what you see in the news or read on the Internet? That’s the way. That’s the path. That’s opportunity. That’s what you offer. That’s it, that’s the thing. Go and offer that. Go and give that. Give it to yourself and give it to others. Give it to yourself and you are a gift to others. In this holiday season when you traditionally offer gifts to one another, that’s the one we recommend.

And I think that’s a great thing that you, just by being yourself, having a positive intention, that you can choose happiness. I think that’s a great thing, that you are just being a Light, a beacon for somebody else by shining your Light.

Carla: That’s beautiful.

Gijs: Yeah. So, by being, by choosing to be a Light, by just being - seeing a solution, even in hard times and by just smiling at people when you walk over the street and, by just saying a kind word to somebody else - you can make a huge difference. That is what I believe makes this world a better place. That’s where every one of us can start making this world a better place.

Carla: That’s so true. Just a smile – you never know what a smile is going to do for people. Sometimes it can surprise them so much [laughter] that it changes their life. It’s just such a surprise, it’s a shock and it’s enough to make them start thinking another way.

Gijs: Alright. Yesterday I heard from Wynn that there is somebody who is joining into the conference calls here, frequently – that he is experiencing that giving – just what we were talking about. Just having the intention to bring in positive energies that it has made a difference in the school bus he is driving. He’s driving a school bus as a job and this person, his name is Jeffrey, he is with us here this morning.

When he came into the call I asked him if he maybe wanted to share his experience with us here today and he agreed on that. So Jeffrey, if you are here please press (star)*6 to unmute yourself and then share your experience with us please.

Jeffrey: Yes, I worked a normal warehouse job and I bought a HUD home and I needed a work-life balance, I needed time at home. So I went back to my old school bus driving job. So this is my first year back at school bus driving and when you start a job like that you don’t have any choice of where you go. So I knew from prior experience that it can be very tough driving a school bus. In August I filled out the “Light form” [at] and asked for peaceful children on my bus and Wynn said, “Why don’t you bring in the Light? You are better than a bunch of rowdy kids.” From day one, that’s what I’ve done on the bus. The school I have - it’s in Milwaukee, it’s called the St. Charles. It’s a special school where the kids who get kicked out of regular school - go to that school. There are about 20 small buses, they cannot take big buses. The most students on any bus might be 5 or 6 - that’s what I started with. Some buses have 3 kids - they’re just so volatile. Because my bus is so peaceful and my company knows it, I have almost 14! It’s never been like that before but that’s basically …

I guess I’m blessed? I ask for Light every single time I come on. I start with the Father Mother God we ask for the presence of the Light and when done with that prayer I thank everybody who’s with me and I apologize that I don’t know who’s all here but I’m grateful for their help. I always have gratitude and I add a little thing like, may I fill the bus with Light, may I surround the bus with Light. May we fill all the students and passengers with Light and let them realize they’re not separate from God and I go on my route.

Sometimes my bus is like a library with a little soft chatter – that’s absolutely unheard of. [Laughter] Sometimes it’s like a silent monastery and my bus is peaceful. I did have trouble, of course, the first few weeks - I think all students like to test the driver. But, and I also have the 2 pendants that Terry was marketing and I have the one that’s for harmony and peace, not the energy one, but I always wear that. When I’m going on my route I feel peaceful, I feel safe …

And if a student stands up, some of the other students now they say, “Hey, sit down!” I mean, they are trying to – the students themselves are trying to keep a peaceful bus for whatever reason. I’m not sure – I think that’s all I have to say Gijs. But I’m very grateful to Wynn. I’ve started listening when he was on Coast [C2C] in June of 2012 and I listened to Carla’s Law of One workshop – the first one, I have them all. But it’s been an immense help and I’m very, very grateful for your Sunday calls.

And when I got the email this morning from Wynn that he wanted me to say a few words, my body froze, I was just shaking in fear. I felt, well I’m just a low level small potato here - I don’t have any titles to my name. How could I speak on the Sunday call? But I thought about it and how could I not? I mean Wynn, Terry, Carla - you’ve all been a real boost to my life.

Gijs: Thank you so much Jeffrey. I think that’s just a wonderful story that you are sharing. And a question I have, like when you invoke the Light to surround your bus is it like the first thing in the morning as soon as you step into the bus? Are you by yourself and do the silent prayer, is that correct?

Jeffrey: Absolutely, it’s when I’m by myself. I may have started the motor and if there is a little turbulence I might do an Om – I kind of match the engine. The students can’t hear me, or I might silently say thank you for the Light and it pretty much is a calm bus. I’m very lucky, I’m very blessed. I mean any other school bus driver, we might casually ask what school do you have and if I say “St. Charles” they go, “Oh, my God,” and they jump back a little. There’s one more thing I might add. The average bus driver might say, “Oh, St. Charles, those kids are monsters.”

But if you start your day thinking you’re going to be dealing with monsters, you’re doomed. You’re not going to have a successful day.

God is everywhere. There is nowhere that he’s not. Even in a trouble maker on the street - he has a spark of divinity in there and that’s what I like to see within these young people. And I’ve had students who used real vile language throwing punches and they walk off the bus saying, “Bye bus driver.”

Gijs: That’s awesome.

Jeffrey: I just don’t expect that.

Gijs: Bless you Jeffrey. Man, that’s absolutely just awesome. That’s a great story, thanks so much for sharing that.

Jeffrey: Thank you and I’m grateful for all of you.

Gijs: Thank you, Jeffrey.

Jeffrey: Yes sir.

Gijs: That is beautiful to hear. Carla, don’t you think so?

Carla: I think so - I think it’s wonderful to be there no matter how it expresses itself, whether anything is said or not. It’s just wonderful to be open hearted and open to giving that beautiful consciousness of Christhood. It’s just a beautiful way of expressing oneness however it’s said or not said. If you just Love with all your heart and let that be enough that’s just as good in a way.

Gijs: Yeah, I think it’s great what Jeffrey was sharing over here that you have the intention that you want to do it this way and just take that little effort to bless your circumstances and then having these awesome results and that is just fantastic.

Carla: Yeah, that’s an incredible story and you didn’t say anything at all, did you? You just let that be the consciousness that you were sharing.

Jeffrey: Okay, thank you – I don’t have anything to add other than my gratitude. I would not be able to do this job without the Light and without Wynn Free and Terry and Carla – from what I’ve learned. There’s no way.

Carla: That’s just beautiful.

Jeffrey: I’ve been in the Marine Corp, I’ve commercial fished - there’s nothing in life more-tough than school bus driving. But now it’s kind of a breeze and I think I’m growing at the same time.

Carla: That’s just beautiful.

Gijs: And you know we all have this power to do something like this. That is, to my understanding, also how we have been created in the likeness of The One Infinite Creator, that we are way more powerful than we can imagine. And I think, Jeffrey, that your experience that you’re sharing here with us is proof of that. So again, thank you very much Jeffrey for sharing this.

Jeffrey: Oh, it’s a great pleasure.

Gijs: Alright.

Jeffrey: You all have a blessed day.

Gijs: Okay, thank you very much, Jeff. So Carla, what I would like to do next is do a recording for a personal meditation, where after we continue with the rest. Hold on one second. So this is an 18 minute recording which I will play next, thank you.

[Recording from prior call:]

Wynn: When we do this something shifts and you have an experience of how it feels to be connected so we’re going to start out by putting our feet flat on the ground, parallel to the Earth. We’re just going to use our imagination here. You don’t have to believe anything. Just imagine that the Earth is alive. Imagine the Earth as energy just as you have an energy, and that the Earth can radiate her energy around her and that we can feel the Earth’s energy coming through our floor, coming from the ground, through the floor and into our feet.

You might feel a little buzzing or tingling on the palms of your feet. Now let’s imagine that that tingling is the Earth and the Earth is feeling us and we are feeling her. And that we can tell her we love her and we have gratitude for all the lifetimes we have spent in her field. Now we take the Earth’s energy and move it up our feet, up our legs, up our calves, up our thighs, up our solar plexus, up to our heart to our neck to our head. So it’s as if a finger of energy is coming through the floor through our whole body.

Some of you are feeling things release as we connect to the Earth. Now, we’re going to move upwards. We’re going to go through the top of our head and we’re going to go above our head, start off one foot. Now we are not leaving our body, we’re not astral traveling. Our body is the center of the Universe, our Universe and we are going to radiate from the center every which way. We’re going to move from the top of our head to our ceiling. We’re going to move through the ceiling, through the roof, into the sky above our house.

We’re going to move higher into the clouds and as we’re moving, we are moving through space; and we’re also moving through time. Remember that track I talked about earlier? The track, where we individuated and then we had all these lifetimes? Every time we had a lifetime we were changing our track, we were changing our computer. Until we got into this moment, right now, in this life on planet Earth. Well, as we move up through the top of our head and into the clouds and through the veil and through the solar system and through the timelines of all our past lifetimes – we move into that moment of individuation. We were just born. We were just born as a soul. Everyone around us (which is all those people on this call, who are doing this together) was just born as a soul. We are innocent. We’ve not corrupted ourselves. We’ve not harmed anyone and we can feel each other in our innocence. So let’s just invoke a-group energy. A-group energy means that we all combine our energies on the other side. We blend our energies. This is a temporary experience. We’re not glommed together. We can move into it and we can move out of it. But we on these calls have created something that persists and stays and that you can draw on 24/7.

Our group soul Sources are also in these same dimensions that we are visiting. We are going to invite them to come in and join our group energy. Some of you are noticing all this energy around the top of your head. You can feel the energy streaming through your crown chakra [7th] and around your third eye [6th]. Just take a moment and stay in that experience and breathe into it. We could stay here a long time. When people meditate often times this is really what they’re looking for, but if they didn’t learn the right way they don’t find it.

Because they can just bounce around in their own consciousness and never expand into these celestial realms. It becomes a technique of watching your thoughts (zoom), watching your breathing and we can do all that. But you know what? We have jumpstarted, we have moved back to Source and many of you are having the experience of that.

We are a team. Do you realize we have created a team? We have created a team right now that’s all of us - all of us that are listening, all of us that are listening to the replays, all those of the group souls.

This is just a premise, I believe they are here. They say they are here - they talk to us - all those entities that are joining with us. Because as a team we become powerful and we can drop intentions into that field of energy, this field of energy, conscious energy, and we are in the middle of it, all of us. The world is a manifestation that starts in other dimensions. Everything starts in other dimensions and then precipitates into consciousness, into matter, into form. The energy we’re creating is prior to the precipitation into form.

That’s why miracles can happen on this line. Because we are moving in those areas before things get solidified into the physical. So when we drop something into the pool it can change everything in the physical - keeping in mind that this all has to work with honoring the highest good of all concerned and free will. We’re not here to change or force any consciousness in the physical Universe, to do something different because we want them to – only if they’re touched and moved to do so.

So we’ll take a moment and bring this energy back down from this huge group conglomerate energy, as if we’re plugging an extension cord into it and rolling the extension cord down our track and coming into the top of our heads. Now we are just going to move that energy through our bodies. I want you to find the place in your body where the energy is most stuck, most blocked and I want you to take this energy we’re bringing in and put it right in the center of that stuck place. Let it expand from the center. Let it explode from the center.

Let it move out from that stuck energy until the stuck energy clears itself. It will clear. Stuck energy is part of your track. You are now above the track. Some of you might be putting that energy in your heart area and flowing through your heart. Some of you might be putting that energy in your head area; you have a headache and you’re getting in the middle of the headache with this energy. Remember, this is not just your energy. You are borrowing part of the energy of the group and the Elohim and all these group souls. At least that’s my idea.

We’re just moving it through and clearing the space. Where would you like to put this energy? You’re the director. You can move it around and you can feel - it’s like you’re giving yourself an energy massage through your body. [Silence] Okay, now I want you to imagine that in this moment your thoughts and your consciousness are being felt all through the Universe and by our group soul friends and I want you to ask silently - in just a moment we’ll read some of the requests - ask silently for those shifts that you would like to see precipitated from higher realms into your own physical life.

It could be a healing. It could be asking for a synchronicity. It could be asking for a job. It could be asking for help for someone else and that’s service right now. Remember though, you can’t violate their free will so their inner self has to be open to this kind of intervention or request. It might be for something on the planet that certainly needs it right now. You decide. We’ll have a moment of silence and just contemplate that. If you want to have a better relationship with someone, right now tune-in to their beloved side, not their shadow side.

Move through their shadow and feel them in their radiance and ask for a better relationship, for the highest good. Now if you can’t tune through their shadow, it might not work. You have to tune through the shadow. Tune in through their soul vibration. [Silence]

Gijs: Thank you Wynn for this personal healing session. We are back live and I am going to the healing request list that people put up their requests. I’ll start with a request from -

Debby in South Blooming Grove, New York who is asking for Love and Light and healing energy for all the beings on the planet that are affected by the changes which are taking place. She asks also for Love and Light and healing energy for her daughters, Possum and SweetPea and her son Dioji. Next we have –

Lys in Rimrock, Arizona … She’s asking for the perfect living space, to find the right house for well being and for all past interferences to be immediately transformed and transmuted into Love and perfect action for the highest good, health, abundance and well being.

Peter in Canoga Park, California … is asking for Love Light and for healing for lower back aches. He says thanks and many blessings. Back to –

Lys in Rimrock, Arizona … she’s asking for the perfect cure for lungs, heart, liver, bladder, intestines; perfect cure for the daughter and the many ailments that are being stated over here on the healing list. Then –

Bonnie in Corona, California … personal healing for her mother who is in the hospital with issues with her intestines, her kidneys and let’s just imagine (to yourselves/ourselves) like energetically surrounding Bonnie, her Mom with healing and well being. Then we have –

Marcia in Taylorville, Illinoisplease bless me with divine direction, creativity, and harmony. And she’s asking for her husband to stop abusive behavior as she does depend on him since she is disabled and she does rely on him. Let’s see her being surrounded by Love Light for upliftment for well being, for betterment.

Carolyn in Taylorville, Illinois … asking for divine assistance and healing. She’s going through chemo and radiation. The requester is asking that she be open to alternative methods.

Ellen in Taylorsville, Illinois … personal healing – she has cancer so let’s see Ellen being surrounded by healing Love Light, by the Christed Love Light for healing.

Zane in Kihei, Hawaii … which is the 5 year old son of the requester – for healing. This 5 year old boy did suffer a stroke and lost his speech after routine vaccinations. They are working hard with the various therapies to assist him with healing and they thank us for our prayers. Let’s see this 5 year old boy being surrounded by the Christed Love Light. Let’s see him strengthening and getting back to 100%: So we will next listen to a recording. This is a recording from our Sources, Ra’An, speaking through Terry Brown. Thereafter, Carla, we’ll do a planetary visualization. Thank you. [Recording from prior call:]

Wynn: We are going to get a message from these intelligences that are talking to us through Terry.

Father Mother God we ask for the presence of the Light to surround and protect each person on this line and any negativity be taken to the highest realms of Light and transmuted for the highest good of all concerned. We see ourselves in the flow of energy radiating from the center of the Universe, through the galaxies, through the Milky Way, through the solar system, through the outer energy fields of planet Earth, through our bodies and into the center of the Earth.

Right now we invoke a group energy connection while maintaining the sovereign integrity of our souls. We invite those Sources that are positive, service-to-others, honoring The Law of One to join with us and we create a protected space that only the positive has access to and anything not of that nature must leave now.

Ra’An/Terry: We greet you in the Love Light of The One Infinite Creator. This is Ra’An - this is the 1st of December 2013 [replay] and we are delighted to be with each and every one of you. We take a moment and we connect and we spread our connection to each and every Lightworker, to each and every person on the call who wishes to be touched. We are with you. And we thank Carla and we thank Wynn and we thank Terry; and we thank each and every person on the call who is participating.

We thank Michael Adler and we thank all the volunteers that are working to help put this information out. We are honored that people are so participating. We see the things that you have put into the healing list. We see the need for companionship. We see the need for connection. We see the reaching out that each of you is making and the reaching to heal your issues and to make your life whole. Concerning SamCat, we see that SamCat very much loves you, Michael, and has healed himself to become available for the relationship again. However, you have mentioned the protocol that you are using and that it is not working.

There are many good things about this protocol. We see that there are some things that are not available in the protocol and we suggest to get more information concerning what it is that is causing SamCat to lose weight.

We look at kitty Black E. that another has put into the Light. What we suggest with Black E. is to connect spiritually with Black E., send Black E. love and unconditional love, as Black E. is undecided about what to do and is thinking of moving on. Simply touch Black E. and give Black E. love, and Black E. will have to make up his own mind. But this will help in any event.

We see the need for a place to live and the need for a more stable environment. We send stabilization and to keep your ears and eyes open for something that will help.

We see Tony is missing his mother and we send his mother stabilization as she is hanging around in Ireland. And we see that there are things that she is tied to and one of them is Tony. So Tony, you can help to release her – send her love. Let her know it’s okay and that you give her unconditional love, which we see that you do. It is hard if we’re missing someone so much and, she misses you, also.

We see all of the other requests. The request of Lys in Rimrock and we send energy and stabilization.

Lori, we send support for your family. We take a look at the topic for today and in the higher realms we see that if a person wishes to make it to the very highest realms that they need to be true blue. That they need to be straight [in the sense of having integrity], they need to have Love expressed and received and the ability to do this.

We cite perhaps an extreme example where one individual had been conning another individual and in the conning had not been letting anyone know that it was a con - had been hiding the con. When exposed to the energy of our energy - the higher realms - wherein we were able to see the con and to let the person know that we saw the con, they could no longer carry on the con. Because in the higher realms things are known and when one is doing an extreme con they cannot get away with it when the victims know that they are being taken.

This creates extreme isolation in the person pulling the con and it creates the more need that they have if they do not know how to give and take love to/for their con. Until they learn how to give and take energy in love they are caught in a trap where they do not get what they need and they become desperate with the desire for energy which other people would not willingly give them if they know they are being conned. It is a house of cards that can come down suddenly on one and leave them naked and alone, without support.

It is a lesson that some need to learn. When they come in to the higher realms with the ability to give and take love and have an open heart they have the tools necessary to survive and be supported in the higher realms and to take part, to be a full participant in the higher realms. It is one of the lessons that one learns and it is aggravated within the 3rd density by the need for material things to survive. So you are in a school, a school of learning and you are learning well.

We love each and every one of you and we continue to support the things that people have asked for, either silently or on the healing list. It is a sacred moment in time when we can connect with you and have this opportunity. We leave but we do not leave and we love you.

Wynn: Thank you.

Gijs: Alright, this was a recording from December 1, 2013. Thank you to our Sources and to Terry Brown and Carla, if you are here still with us, then please take [over] the mike and do the planetary visualization.

Carla: I’ve never been very strong on geography and I always look through Google trying to find a good way to tell you about the Ring of Fire which is really the biggest danger when you talk about bad weather. Whether it’s bad weather that comes to us from the tectonic plates moving, which is like earthquakes and so forth or whether it’s bad weather that comes to us through the thing that happened in the sea – those horrible tsunamis and hurricanes and things like that.

At any rate, let’s hit the Ring of Fire first. I know that when we talk about the Ring of Fire, we’re basically talking about 25,000 miles of Pacific Ocean that is ringed by … Well, if you think about it – just starting in the south of the South Pacific. Then you’re going to go up from the edges of Australia to the western edge of South America: Chile – most often hit there and then Central America, then start into Baja, California and the part of California that belongs to Mexico.

And then to the United States and we go on up the whole west coast, if you can imagine just seeing all of the west coast – all of our great United States from the very south of California through all of California. Wynn always talks about the different cities in California and I never have lived there. So I do know the big ones like Los Angeles and San Francisco but there are a whole lot of places in addition to just those cities. You can imagine all of the west coast of the United States, all of California, all of - going up the coast of the U.S. and into Canada.

And going all the way up from the southernmost part of Canada to the very tip of the Yukon and into that place where the United States almost kisses Russia. You know, it’d be part of Alaska and the Aleutian Islands and walking across those very shallow parts of the northern Pacific and then starting to go down the Ring in different parts of Japan and then down into New Guinea and all the way down through the southernmost part of the South Pacific – those places that you don’t really even know because they’re much too small ever to be known by anybody but rabid geography students.

But anyway, it makes up in the whole, just a gigantic ring – a huge tectonic plate where one plate is slowly always shifting over the other and the other is always slowly shifting under that. And as they shift they cause terrible weather and weather events. When you track most of the earthquakes that are happening, they are happening somewhere in this huge Ring of Fire. So while we’re in this state of high vibration let us please ask that as the tectonic plates shift that they may shift in such a way that it is very kind to us. That it doesn’t shift in places where there are a lot of people, but places where hardly anyone lives at all.

Let’s hope that they all happen there and if they do happen in places that we’ve heard of, let’s pray that they happen in places where there aren’t so many people living and that it be gentle to us. Dear Ocean, please be aware of the people within your care, that you may be kind and leave that large number of people that come into the vibrations around the Ring of Fire and don’t happen in places in the United States where there are a lot of people but happen in places where there is mostly woods like in Washington, Oregon.

There are places where there are mostly nobody living – may they happen there, oh please. If they have to happen in places like Los Angeles, they happen very gently so that not a lot of people are affected. There are just so many ways in which people can hurt other people. It’s not just earthquakes. It’s not just other Rings of Fire. It’s all the things that we do to each other so let’s simply pray that we may be kind to each other today. Gijs, is there a reading from Terry that you still have to do?

Gijs: Ah no, we are complete. [Laughter]

Carla: We are all done.

Gijs: Yes.

Carla: In that case it looks like we’re done …

Gijs: Yes, it is noon over here so we’re going over. Thank you BBS [Radio] for letting us go over a couple of minutes. And Carla, thank you so much for being here with us, thank you Jim. This is Carla Rueckert from The Law of One and Jim McCarthy. It’s just a blessing to have you here with us. And I also want to thank Jeffrey in Milwaukee who shared that wonderful story with us with blessing his work environment with such a great effectiveness. And I want to thank the volunteers. You know, especially the ones doing the transcripts and the editing.

It’s a huge amount of work. There’s lots of information available on the (can’t think of the website right now). Anyway, it’s all available. Go online, Thank you all - those who are participating with this call on the phone line and on BBS Radio. Carla and Jim, do you want to say a final word to those folks before I open up the lines?

Carla: Just, I love you all – I love everybody here. Thank you so much for having me.

Jim: Blessings to you all.

Gijs: Thank you very much. The lines are open, thank you all very much. Love to you all.

Gary Grant and Everybody: Thank you, Love Light to everyone, thank you so much. Have a great day everyone.

Mel in England: Marvelous job Gijs.

Julia: Love and Light to everyone.

Mel: Love to Carla, Jim, Wynn, Terry, everybody. Have a great Christmas if I don’t catch you before.

Duane: Thank you Gijs.

Everybody: Thank you everybody; and happy New Year; [Laughter] thanks Carla, thank you Jim; thank you Gijs; thank you everybody.

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