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Personal & Planetary Grid Healing Session

What is your dilemma?”

Sunday Call: 12.22.2013
Hosted by: Wynn Free
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Channeled by: Terry Brown
Transcribed by: Susan Rush
Edited by: Terry Brown
Formatted and sent by: Robynne Olson


Wynn: Good morning, December 22, 2013; Wynn and Terry in Sedona [Arizona], and all of you everywhere all over the world. Thank you all for being here. Thank you, Gijs, Carla, Joel and who else? Who else was helping cover us on a couple of calls, did I miss anybody? Jim McCarty who was on a Wednesday call – and we are back after a very interesting trip, not always easy, but interesting trip to the east coast. Let’s see, I’m going to play a song to start off.

[Music playing] Alright, that was a song by Bob Dylan, probably about 40 years ago called “I Shall Be Released. I remember when I first heard that song it really resonated with me and I guess on some inner level I was tuning in to the shift, graduation. I didn’t have all the understanding in my head but on some inner level I understood it. That song really spoke to that aspect that we all pretty much, most of us on these calls have assimilated and connected with as being real, “I Shall Be Released.”

Here we are on planet Earth in the middle of the shift and every day we see the evidences, both positive and negative as to what is unfolding. Many of the things that are unfolding very much duplicate things that I wrote about in The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce – I started writing that in the year 2000. And I remember saying to myself, as I was studying the readings of David Wilcock at that time, can this be real? Can there really be a group soul made up of graduates that’s overlooking us? Is our planet going through a shift? Is there going to be a division of souls? How do you prove that to yourself?

Well, I couldn’t prove it - I said okay, I’ll go along with it. Then, of course, entered Daphne in 2002 and I’m asking all the questions about the book I was writing and I’m getting exactly the same answers. It was like a second opinion. I remember having a little bit of shaking in myself – was how do I be responsible for this? I didn’t know - I had to finish the book first. Then, even when the book was finished I didn’t know. I still don’t know. [Laughter] I show up and I know that there’s an aspect of what we’re doing that’s working, that’s changing people.

That’s giving them opportunities for their own shift that might not have occurred otherwise and I see the evidence of it every day from the emails that you send me. Thank you so much to all of you that take the time to send emails because I really appreciate it because it’s the gratification that the time and energy and money that we spend to make all this happen, really makes a difference. If a tree falls and no one’s there to hear it fall, is there a sound? [Laughter] So, if we do these calls and no one is having any positive results, does it make a difference? So it motivates us.

You know this particular past week some of you know that we were back in New Jersey and Atlantic City and Philadelphia. Of course Philadelphia is my home town and it was really interesting to be there because, for a good portion of my young life I couldn’t wait to leave. [Laughter] Philadelphia represented a place to get away from - that represented a reality that I wanted to get away from. That I didn’t know where I was going but I knew that the reality systems in Philadelphia were not resonating, on some level.

It really wasn’t Philadelphia - I shouldn’t say Philadelphia - I should say within the context of the family that I grew up in. Those were the reality systems that were prevailing and then, the peer groups of my family, my religion, and everything else. But, I didn’t know what I was looking for – I was looking for something – I was looking for a reality system that matched who I really was inside myself. But I didn’t know what that reality system was inside me, even and I didn’t know where to find it. So a good portion of my life was thrashing about [laughter] going hither [and] thither, writing music and even mastering many different (I guess) what could have been careers or jobs that I didn’t want to do. [Laughter] But I got to the place where I mastered them and then I walked away.

When I was younger I was working in T.V. stations and I had really good jobs – I had a commercial radio license and I was making a huge amount of money for the time and I said, “Well, this is what I’m supposed to do.” But I didn’t want to do it - but I didn’t know what I wanted to do. But in any case I know that many people have that as a dilemma. That was my topic that I picked today, what is your dilemma? What is it that is in front of you that you’re supposed to choose that’s your best choice?

And that one gets stuck because often times we find ourselves in a circumstance where there’s no best choice. At least, we don’t know what it is. So I thought that that particular topic can fit anyone anywhere regardless of their level of consciousness, their level of wisdom. We all have the dilemma of what next? While we have the dilemma of what’s next, we’re living on a planet that we don’t have control of we have control of our own choices, to some extent. But we don’t have control at least not directly.

Perhaps we have a level of indirect control, because we’ve seen things shift because the consciousness of people shifts because we make a request on this call and we get support from other dimensions enabling some kind of shift. But for many years of my life I kind of embraced the New Age idea. It seemed like yes, a world that was Loving - a world where everyone loved each other. And that we’re coming into this new paradigm, so to speak. Yet, I watched New Age people, many of them kind of blind sighted and not willing to look at what goes on in the world.

Things like chemtrails. Things like GMOs. Things like going into another country and killing hundreds of thousands of people for – not sure what reason – and justifying it in some way. Then you know, one of the things that I personally was aghast at (I think that’s the word) was how we went into Iraq talking about weapons of mass destruction (WMDs) and we had to destroy them. We went in and pillaged the country with “Shock and Awe” and killing, God knows how many of innocent people and finally at the end of it saying we’re sorry there were no weapons.

We didn’t find any, it was a mistake. Then, as far as I know, kind of moving on; and I don’t recall reading anything about reparations to that country, formal apologies. And yet it was pretty clear from the newspaper reports, which I don’t know if we can always believe them, but that we had just done an aggressive act going into another country killing lots of people, destroying lots of property with a premise that was not true. How can that happen in a world that’s fair? One of the things that has become obvious to me is that terrible things can happen to innocent people. It’s possible.

How do we cope with that individually, being innocent people on this planet and knowing that terrible things have the potential to happen? Well, I think that really there’s only one answer to that. That is, there’s enough evidence that graduation is a real thing. That if we make the grade, which is keeping our hearts open, and how do we do that? Everyone’s got their own challenge but the simplest way is learning how to care for other people, genuinely care. Not do things out of fear. Not do things because we want to graduate. Not do things for any other reason than caring.

Caring, automatically, alchemically triggers the Christed energy, automatically. So if we are caring we’re starting to build the bridge to higher dimensions and the pathway to graduate this realm. What does graduation mean? Well, for different people it’s going to mean different things. But the general idea is that your soul is going to continue after your body drops. And the way it continues, where you end up, is based on where your hologram is, where your anchor points are. For some people it will be what’s called 4D, other people 5D, 6D.

It’s kind of like there’s this huge expansion out there of dimensions, planets, possibilities, beings, angels, high realms, Ra Groups, Elohim Groups and everything is possible. Where are you orienting yourself? Where are you expanding into? You know what did Jesus say? There are many mansions and that’s what he meant. There are many potentials and it is your creation right now that is going to create your future possibilities, you know from the higher Sources point of view, from Elohim/Ra Group.

You know we look at each day and we look at the people in this realm and the people we care about and we’re in 3D and this is one lifetime that seems totally all pervading. And after this long period of having conversations with them – and maybe some of you have embraced this – this is just one little planet, one little lifetime over many, many, many. Many of us have been on other planets, have had lifetimes on other planets, and we’re in this crazy system where we keep coming back and we don’t remember anything in the past. Except we carry the energy of that. We carry the cellular memory of it.

Some of you have had this experience - when you hear about a past epic in the history of the Universe that you happen to have been involved with, it triggers something. You may not remember the details of your experience in that epic but you will feel a resonance. You’ll feel a connection. There’s a memory inside of you in spite of your conscious mind not remembering, there’s a memory in your subconscious of everything you’ve ever done, every lifetime you’ve ever lived, every planet you’ve ever been on, every epic that you’ve ever participated in.

Some of you were around in the time of Jesus. Some of you were around in the Old Testament. Many of us were on Atlantis or Lemuria or something and we can’t remember but when we read about it, it triggers. Some of you were around in Egypt. Some of you were in Greece. Some of you were in the Revolutionary War. I know when I was back in Philadelphia – of course that was the birthplace of the Revolutionary War. At one point, in one of the readings, they said that I was around in that period of time and I developed the resonance as I studied it.

When I was back in Philadelphia – we didn’t spend much time there - we spent just a couple days there but I could feel the resonance, I could look at some of the people on the street in downtown Philadelphia - and look at the little row houses that were very old, some of them probably a couple hundred years old. Maybe some of them going back to the Revolutionary War and I could look at the people and I could say I think that person was there then. There was a resonance, I could feel it.

I’ve learned how to feel when somebody is an Elohim soul – I may be wrong but I’ve noticed certain characteristics and it partially was the result of when they sent me to the Mormons in Mesa [Arizona], for those of you that have read the book. As I’ve tried to question why the Mormons? I didn’t understand it at the time (I learned) and I said this before and I’ll say it again that there was a number of Elohim souls that were willing to volunteer to come into this realm. And part of the idea of creating the Mormons was to create a religion that would remind people that Elohim souls could be born into that religion and their religion would remind them of why they were here.

And that the first born of the Mormons seemed, at least according to my questioning, were Elohim souls. If you know Mormons and usually not people who were converted but people who came from the lineages – father’s and grandfather’s and great grandfather’s were Mormons. They’re different. They have a-certain centeredness. They have a certain high vibration to them. You look at Donnie and Marie Osmond, a good example, but they don’t have the wisdom of this realm in the sense that somebody from the Ra Group who took a body again – has this wisdom of the realm.

An Elohim soul in this realm … Now it’s interesting because this is just my take on this but we know the Elohim are paying attention to this realm. We know – we speak to them – and they are wise, they’re very wise from the levels they come in at from higher dimensions. But the one thing that the Elohim don’t have that the Ra Group has (now this is my take; you know I may be missing something) – that when you come into this realm, you get trapped here. And the challenge is how do you un-trap yourself? You can go for many, many lifetimes feeling trapped.

If all our information is valid, then the Ra Group is a group of souls that untrapped themselves. That mastered getting out of this realm. They have the inherent wisdom of how to un-trap yourself. Whereas the Elohim, they have the wisdom of observing, and vicarious knowledge of observing for trillions of years, but not being trapped. So Mormons don’t have the wisdom of this realm. They don’t have – if you’re a Mormon, please excuse me, I don’t mean to … I’m saying positive things but I’m just saying how it is – looks like for me.

They can easily trap themselves and they can even become negative. They can become like we’re the best religion. They can look down on other people. This can happen in any religion, by the way, and why we have religious wars. Even the guy who started the Mormons didn’t have full understanding of what he was doing or how things worked because he became a Mason, which many of you know is one of those - I hope there’s no Mason’s here that I’m offending - things that have gotten corrupted.

Even the Mormon religion has gotten corrupted as has the Catholic religion and most religions. And, why do religions get corrupted? They get corrupted because as soon as you have a group and as soon as you have the need for a building and a need for a job you have those people that are in the building and having jobs suddenly attached to the physical and start losing sight of the metaphysical, or the connection with the higher Sources and it becomes a belief rather than an experience.

Once religion has become a belief rather than an experience, it is corrupted. Because suddenly it’s all about do you believe in Jesus? Do you believe in Mohammed? Do you believe in Buddha? The essence of all these teachers and teachings was not to create a belief – it was to create an experience, an experience of the connection between you or the human and intelligence infinity. That you didn’t believe it was true, you knew it was true. You validated that it was true. It became your personal experience and once that happens, it has nothing to do with a religion anymore.

It has to do with you and God or you and the higher forces and it becomes a working relationship. A workable relationship where you know that you’re not alone and you know that there is inter-dimensional assistance and help there for the asking. And then learning how to ask, learning how to work it, learning how to make it real. So, some of you are having that realization. Some of you are having it because you’ve been attending our calls and something has rubbed off on you. Some of you came into the calls with that realization and this has only amplified it and giving you a community to participate with.

And some of you know that we’re legitimate but have not had that complete experience yet and are reaching for it. Of course, my challenge is how do we put forth what you need so that you can have an experience? This is why we keep coming into these calls. Some of you have an experience on the calls and can’t maintain it in your life. What is the dilemma? The dilemma is where you’re stuck. You know, I looked up the word “dilemma.” I was trying to see, what is the real meaning of dilemma? Now let’s see, here is the Merriam Webster dictionary.

Dilemma: an argument presenting two or more equally conclusive alternatives against an opponent; a hugely undesirable or unpleasant choice; a situation involving such a choice; here I am brought to a very pretty dilemma, I must commit murder or commit matrimony; [laughter] A problem involving a difficult choice. An example: the dilemma of liberty versus order; a difficult or persistent problem. Now, we are all at some level in dilemma, every one of us. Including myself, including Terry, I mean if I looked at my own dilemma it’s like I know that what we are doing is powerful. It’s been proven to me. You’ve proved it to me by the difference that we make. For certain people, their lives change as a result of connecting with our work.

And that every day I have a certain amount of hours in the day and how do I spend those hours? I have lots of choices and I don’t have enough hours to do all the things that I want to do. One of the things is that we have to earn a living and we have this little business that we’re doing with the pendants that takes a certain amount of my time. Another thing is that we’re doing our conference calls and we know these are [an] important anchor for keeping things grounded. Then I said but how do other people discover us?

How do more people – of course so many people came out of George Noory and I got a feeling that that will happen again in the not too long future, I hope so. And I think that many, many people will end up on our calls next time I’m on George Noory.

For the past month when I tried something and I went with a PR agent who was charging us and we just managed to come up with enough extra money to pay him and I’ve been getting on radio shows. But not metaphysical radio shows by and large, and I was saying am I making a difference doing that?

You know [laughter] sometimes it’s funny because trying to figure out where to start - where to talk - where you enter … You know, the key is how to enter the reality system of where someone is at and then maybe shift it a few micrometers [laughter] where they move and their audience moves? I don’t know if I’m succeeding at that doing these shows at this point. I’m working on another book. You know how do I write a book, from what perspective do I write a book? That again, the goal is to hit the reality system of where someone’s at and then move that system to another place where they can start opening up and reaching.

It’s a dilemma of what to do, how to do it and how to have enough hours in the day to do it, how to delegate, etc., etc., et cetera. Of course we’re doing all this with very little money comparatively, and if someone out there has a million dollars, we know how to spend it. And it will greatly augment our reach in helping people to find us. So what’s your dilemma? Your dilemma is – of course it’s going to be different for everybody – where are you stuck? What do you keep thinking? What are you going to choose? What are your choices in front of you? What are the choices in front of you that are so difficult to make? You know I want to give you some guidelines that really help in making choices – helped me anyway and I think it might work for you.

One of the things is – you don’t have to commit in making a choice. If you’re not sure of how a choice is going to turn out then don’t commit to it. Put your foot into it, test the waters. For example, I’m doing these radio shows and I’m testing to see if I’m effective but I can stop doing them at anytime, I can say this is not working. Whenever you’re making a new choice – now this is my way of doing things and it may not work for you – but I test the waters carefully before I commit to it. I put my foot in, I take a little step and I watch things carefully and if I’m making a good choice then usually there’s some kind of expansion that happens as a result. That’s in choices.

The other thing is I started out talking about care and there’s something I was thinking about before the show started, that I wanted to say about that. I mean we think we know what these words mean “show care.” Well, on one hand showing care in the wrong way can turn you into a doormat. It’s ‘throwing pearls before swine.’ So if you’re going to show care, at some point there needs to be gratitude coming back. It may not happen immediately. You might have to test the waters. It’s one of those things you can’t know for sure until it occurs.

Now what is gratitude? Gratitude, to me is a divine attribute. It’s not appreciation. It’s a higher octave of appreciation. It may look like appreciation but it’s more than appreciation. It’s when you feel … I’m trying to say it without reusing the word gratitude. You feel on a psychic, intuitive level the response from another person for something you’ve done. Appreciation is like: Oh, thank you so much for doing this, thank you for that, thank you for this, thank you for that. That’s appreciation. Gratitude is far deeper than appreciation. It’s a resonance. You know you’ve touched somebody’s heart. You feel it and the energy comes back to you.

If you’re going to express care, you have to watch and observe very carefully for the signs of gratitude and you have to be willing to risk the care for a period of time, understanding that gratitude may not show up. The person may just think you’re a fool [laughter] and if they think you’re a fool and they’re just taking advantage of you then it’s not a good idea to continue the care - I don’t think so. But if there is gratitude, then the gratitude is a huge reward inside you for what you’re doing. It is a demonstration of The Law of One in action. It’s like you are helping a part of you that’s in someone else. You’ve extended yourself and when that is within the context of The Law of One gratitude comes back.

So when you are making decisions, when you’re in dilemma, when you feel stuck, then test the waters. Figure out where care can create gratitude and if care leads to gratitude then you are building a heart foundation and that is going to lead to your graduation from this realm. That is the essence of it. If you’re just trying to be nice to everybody and think that that’s what having an open heart means, you may just be everyone’s fool and they take advantage of you and it’s not the same as an open heart.

If you’re interacting with an open heart, truthfully, and if you’re paying attention, gratitude has to be there or you’re wasting your time. But, it may not come instantly. You may have to do something for awhile – it’s like taking a risk on doing it and see if the gratitude comes. How long do you do it? Well, you have to decide. You have to look for the signs but watch for the signs that someone might be taking advantage of you. Because if they are, then you’re throwing pearls before swine and you should move on.

What’s your dilemma? It’s like should I love this person, should I love that person; should I get this job, should I get that job? I’m stuck and I’m not feeling well, should I do this? What should I do to get unstuck? I have all these gifts and I don’t know how to put them into the world. How do I put them into the world, what should I do? Well, keep trying. Keep trying ‘til you figure it out because many of you do have gifts and it is important to express your gifts, not only for your benefit, but for our planet’s benefit.

Again, when you’re expressing a gift, look for the gratitude. Look for the gratitude from the people that are receiving your gifts. One of the things that happens for people with gifts, I had this one for a long time, is they confuse recognition for sharing. Recognition is ego driven. Recognition may be a by-product of sharing your gifts. It’s not bad, it’s okay. It’s good, in fact, but if the by-product becomes the main product … In other words you’re always seeking recognition, you’re always seeking exposure, you’re looking at numbers of people instead of I’m so glad I have this opportunity to share. Then, you are turning your gifts towards a negative. You are turning them to something which is self aggrandizing instead of sharing, instead of gratitude.

When you tune-in to how people really need your gifts and you let yourself experience how that works and then you do it, it’s gratitude. I share this because at the time when I was playing music and of course writing songs was a gift – I confused those two things tremendously. I confused recognition with sharing and I think it’s why (one of the reasons) I wasn’t able to be successful. Not because I didn’t have gifts or talent but because part of me was looking for recognition.

It’s interesting because in the work we’re doing now, and Terry is included here, we are definitely getting recognized and you guys are recognizing us. We’re bringing forth really great things and you are receiving them. But I’m not attached to the recognition, not very much (anyway I notice it) but if I was attached to the recognition I’d feel controlled. If I felt controlled I couldn’t be transparent, I couldn’t speak spontaneously like this, I’d be worried about what people thought of me and am I doing this right? Then I’d be more constrained.

Instead, I’ve learned how to trust spirit, trust the flow and jump into it and start talking and of course I do want to be appreciated, my human side wants to be appreciated, and we’re getting appreciation. But the real joy comes in the sharing, being in the moment, feeling the energy move back and forth between us, in the spaces. Even right now and I feel that energy. Many of you feel that energy and that is The Law of One in action. That is gratitude, I am grateful for you and I know many of you are grateful for me and for Terry.

It’s different from appreciation. It’s in the silence, it’s in the spaces. And that each of you, in your life has the opportunity to look for that energy and to be willing to experiment. You know the reason we are doing this now is because we spent a lot of time experimenting. We did a lot of things that didn’t work or that partially worked. I got people mad at me because I was bossy or I didn’t do what they wanted me to do. And I’m not against doing what someone wants me to do, if it resonates. But often times, people see something as power rather than Love and they want to jump on it to get the power of it and they miss a loving energy behind it. So we have failed many times or succeeded very moderately and had to work how to make ends meet, how to have money coming in, how to pay the bills, what do we do next? And I’m still in that position thinking what do we do next? How do we make this work? What works – I do this, I do that, I do the other thing and looking for the click, the chemistry.

I’m doing these radio shows with this PR guy and I actually picked him because I thought he was very compassionate for someone that does that. Usually people that do PR, it’s a job (and there’s nothing wrong with a job) but they don’t care about what they’re representing or they’re talking about. They are doing the job and they’re making money and they just do it. And I thought this guy was really a sensitive, intelligent, compassionate guy. Actually, he had physical disabilities and he made himself a successful PR company outside of his disabilities.

He wasn’t metaphysical at all. [Laughter] He had another job being at wrestling matches and being a caller. Nonetheless, it’s been an interesting experience because I’m ending up on these crazy radio shows, some of them, there’s been a couple that have been extraordinary. There was a request from USA Today to write an article – I don’t know if they’re going to print it but I wrote it and that could reach millions of people.

[Wynn imitates a high pitched radio announcer voice] Hi, we’ve got Wynn Free on today. Wynn, we hear that ah … [Return to normal speaking] There’s that tone of energy which is in the public consensus reality and I have to go into that and talk to those people and I may not connect. In fact, in many cases I don’t think I did, I think I could’ve been invisible and they can’t wait to get rid of me. But there was something about me that [they] wanted to put [on] a show - and then, there’s something that pops up where I do feel a connection. It doesn’t necessarily come from somebody that’s metaphysical or esoterically sophisticated. It comes from somebody that cares.

There was some guy that had a radio show in the Midwest and he’s built a following and people love him. He’s just a lovable, really friendly warm guy and he had me on his show and most of what I talked about was new to him but it was very comfortable because he cared. So I have to be willing to jump into the frying pan of all these guys that are Harley riders, motorcyclists (there’s nothing wrong with Harley riders – I drove a motorcycle). But wild and wooly Americana people who I may not connect with. Or you know maybe I’ll find (a better) as I do it, as long as I’m willing to do it and I don’t care what they think, I’m learning how to connect better. And then, I find someone who I do connect with.

So I have to be willing to go all through those things of not connecting until I connect and that’s okay, as long as I don’t endanger myself. I say this for all of you when you’re picking your choices, don’t make dangerous choices. Realize that it’s okay to take risks and if you’re going to take a risk, don’t risk more than you can afford to lose and this is how you learn – by taking risks. For example, what do I mean by don’t risk more than you can afford to lose? Well, for example, let’s suppose someone wants to have a relationship.

If you’re a woman and you meet a guy and you think this could be a potential relationship and the person wants to experience you and he wants to sleep with you. Can you handle that if it doesn’t work out? Or are you going to be totally bonded to that person and if it doesn’t work out you’re going to go into despair? You know different people are different. You have to decide what kind of person you are to say I can’t sleep with someone until I know we are committed to each other and I have an emotional connection.

Or, I’m able to sleep with somebody and if it doesn’t work out they’ll be my friend and I can just say I’m glad I had that experience. If you see what I mean, you have to look at your own nature. Or another example would be somebody needs money and you feel for them and you want to help them. How much can you afford to give them? Maybe it’s a loan, how do you know they’re going to pay you back? You don’t. So you have to test it. You have to say I can only afford twenty dollars, I can write twenty dollars off. But I can’t write five hundred dollars off.

Because if I give this person five hundred dollars and my rent is due in two weeks and they tell me they’re going to pay me back and they don’t pay me back, then I’m on the street. So you have to risk what you can afford to lose. You have to be willing to lose it. You have to enter into these kinds of situations with open eyes and no self delusion, understanding that people don’t always pay money back. Even, they’re sometimes well-intended and they think things are going to happen and circumstances are going to occur where they can pay it back and then they can’t. And you loaned them more than you could afford to lose. So now you’re screwed because you can’t pay your rent.

So you have to make these decisions on a moment by moment level about the amount of risk you can take in any situation and what you can afford to lose and what you can’t. Then you can start experimenting. Then you can start moving into new possibilities and resolving your dilemma of being stuck; [and] the same thing with your gifts. Find a way to share your gifts and learn to do it, not from recognition but for gratitude. Gratitude sustains you, gratitude keeps your heart open and recognition does not. Recognition may not help you graduate this realm, but gratitude will.

And, on that note I think I’m going to play another song. Carla, by the way, is not here today. We’ll put her in the Light. She was having an arthritic flare up and let me see – and then we’re going to go into our visualization. Hang on, where is it? I know what song I wanted to play – here it is. A good song for dilemma is “Change My Heart.” Hang on - this is an instrumental by Gary Grant who was on the line earlier. Gary is one of the best session musicians in Los Angeles – played music for so many famous people, including Michael Jackson and he plays trumpet. Here he goes – we hope.

Gijs: It probably says “please wait,” Wynn, right now?

Wynn: It is saying please wait, yeah, that’s what it’s saying.

Gijs: It’s not going to work. They’re upgrading the program, the whole layout this whole weekend apparently so unfortunately and then you’re stuck right now. You cannot go back and try to play another song.

Wynn: You’re right. Gee, I must’ve lucked out on I Shall Be Released.

Gijs: Yes, yes. You know Wynn, while I have this opportunity, you were just mentioning to share our gifts and that is so much what we are all doing here on this conference call because we have the gift, each individual does, to create the future by shining Light on those issues that mean a lot to us. That is what we are doing here on this call and I just, from my heart, I want to thank you all for being here.

Wynn: Gijs - thank you for being here [laughter] and helping. Gijs is part of the creation of this call. He’s been coming in for quite some time and you know everything we’re doing has kind of developed itself organically. I learned [laughter] after a lot of observation that within organization and structure there’s good news and bad news. The bad news is so often, high levels of organization create hierarchies, create jobs, create the need for money, the power and it gets corrupted.

Gijs has been volunteering and coming to almost all of our calls helping to hold the energy for, you think it’s three years now Gijs, or longer?

Gijs: Yeah, since ’09, sometime in late ’09.

Wynn: This just happened because one day he just started doing it [laughter] and it’s pure, and there’s gratitude. I know he’s grateful for the opportunity to do it and I’m grateful that he’s there and thank you Gijs. Let us then – we can’t play music today – so we got our one shot and we did it. Gary Grant - next time, okay? [Laughter] Thank you. Let’s do our personal healing visualization, and I think it’s quite amazing, what happens when we do this.

This is very interesting. This was a gift that I didn’t know I had. [Laughter] I just kind of stumbled into it on one of the calls some time ago and I felt the energy and I said I think other people felt that energy. But I wasn’t sure, but I thought so and then I started getting emails from people that said they felt the energy. Then of course in our channelings the Elohim said that was us. That was us - you opened up to our energies. Now it took me quite some time to be sure that it was all happening that way.

I mean that’s an incredible idea, that here we are on a phone line with all of you, all over the world and we have a group soul at the beginning of creation that has the backdoor program to creation and can come into our space, no matter where we are, in a way that we can feel them, many of us can feel them, I’m sure there’re some people on the line that are saying what’s he talking about? Well, one of the things is to keep coming back and we are not a cult, we are not telling you to believe anything. But it’s been my experience that there is a very intense loving energy that can be connected with on these calls, particularly our Sunday call. And, that most of us, if not all of us, are looking for love in this realm.

The only way we’ve learned to feel love is from other humans. There’s nothing wrong with that. Human love is a beautiful thing to feel, however, whether it’s intimacy, whether it’s friendship, whether it is any other forms of expression. But unfortunately we can’t always have it when we want it. [Laughter] Some of us have backed ourselves into a corner where it’s really hard for us to feel that love from another human, from even our parents.

So the neat thing that we have learned is regardless of the human love that’s in your life, these Sources have the ability to tap into you. Your energy field and that they can share energy with you in a way that you can feel and it’s always available! There’re multimillions of them and that’s what they do, that’s what they’re there for. They don’t need power, they don’t need money - they don’t need your energy. But we are part of their creation and there’re a lot of things about this creation that have gone south. [Laughter]

They are really happy to be able to touch into this creation in a real way and help make adjustments and they need us to do it. They need receiving stations. In fact, that was the original idea of the Mormons was, as I get it, to do that. To create Elohim souls in this realm that could be receiving stations for the celestial Elohim which would allow a lot of transmutation to occur in this realm. And I’m sure Mormons are doing that to some extent. But in general, when we were at that meeting, if you ever read the story, Terry and I went to Mesa [Arizona] and I was telling my story.

Maybe I should just say, Elohim is the word for God in the Mormons and I was telling my story to a group of Mormons. They sent me to a Mormon church by street name and in the middle of telling my story (and this was early on - this was 2003) up to that point, Terry interrupted and said, “They want me to tell you something. They want to say something. Is that okay?” Terry, as you know is very shy, and for her to interrupt this meeting was really unexpected. But of course I said go ahead and then I crossed my fingers that it was okay.

All she said was they want you to know they’re hearing your prayers. Then afterwards she said they were seeing all these Mormons reaching upwards. And if all that I said is correct and they’re Elohim souls, they have the potential but within the context of their church, the direct connection with the Elohim got lost or became more difficult to connect with. That all these Elohim souls were attempting to reach and it’s one of the things I’ve noticed often times.

I’m not trying to tell anyone not to be a Mormon or not to go to their church - I think they should. But when Mormons come into our line they feel the energy – they feel it really strongly. Really strongly, and I get emails from them and I don’t even tell them this story – I don’t usually tell it because I’m always afraid I’m going to offend somebody. So I hope I haven’t but they’re Elohim souls and they have a really quick resonance with Elohim energy when they find themselves in that presence. So, bless all you Mormons that happen to be listening and my apologies because I don’t think we’re better than anyone else and we’re not a religion.

So this has nothing to do with changing your religion. In fact, if you happen to be a Mormon and you connect with the resonance of the Elohim on these calls, you don’t have to tell anybody about it, just hold that resonance in your church and it will automatically connect other people to the energies. You don’t have to tell them because then it becomes like do you believe this, do you believe that and this is not about belief.

Right now, we look at ourselves - we feel the energy flowing through our bodies. Normally our energies are contained inside our body or around our body like an auric field, but we are going to move into the place that our energies are not finite. Like, our bodies are finite. Our energies are infinite. Infinite – potentially we are the Universe - centered in our body and we are everything. Everything is us, on an energy level, not on a physical level but on an energy level. We start off expanding this energy that centers in our body and we expand it through our feet, into the Earth.

Imagine that the Earth is alive and the Earth is aware and that it has an energy field aura, just as you do. That we all exist in that energy of planet Earth and it surrounds us right now. It always surrounds us, but most often we take it for granted, we don’t feel it, we don’t focus on it or, we’re even cut off from it. Right at this moment we are asking the Earth and ourselves to connect. Let’s experience that connection. Because when you’re connected to the Earth, you feel grounded. Let us tell the Earth we love her. We love you planet Earth. Did you feel an energy boost, when we said we loved the Earth? Say it again, just say, “We love you Earth. We are grateful for you hosting us, for our growth, over many lifetimes on this planet.”

We move that energy of the Earth through our bodies, through our stomach, solar plexus, our heart, our neck, up to the top of our head. We’re going to move through the top of our head – our bodies are the anchors. We’re always in our body but we’re expanding through the top of our head, into our room, through our ceiling, into the sky. We are riding this energy that we’re projecting, up through the clouds, up through the veil around the Earth, up through the planets. Up through not only space but through time. We live in a hologram.

Our bodies are in the middle of a hologram and we can move through the hologram with our intentions. But we are not astral traveling, we are not leaving our bodies. We are always at the center, expanding. This is how remote viewing works - where you expand your energy into a space where something else is, and people have developed the ability to interpret that into some kind of vision. Terry can do that.

We move through the veil. There is this energetic construct around our planet that is designed to keep the energies contained in the planet and we’re going to penetrate that veil.

We keep moving into the place where we connect with each other. As we move through space and time, there is a point where it all converges, [from] where we all emanated. We are all part of this amorphous field of energy or Light and we individuated. We became a separate awareness unit who then moved into the physical Universe to gain experience. Since time is an illusion and all time exists simultaneously, then as we move back in time we approach that point of our original individuation and we are innocent, we are pure, and we have no experience.

As we all become in that place, right now, our energies can combine and we can feel each other. So take a moment and feel everyone on this line, everyone on the Internet, everyone on the replays – there’s no time. We are all present in no time, at this moment. Some of you might notice that when we were connecting with the Earth, it was a beautiful feeling but it’s different as we connect up with the higher realms. You might notice energy around your 3rd eye or the top of your head. Let’s just tell each other we love each other. Let’s invite the Elohim and the Ra Group and any positive Sources honoring The Law of One that wants to share in this energy that honors free will. We give them the invitation to join us and we tell all those higher Sources we love you. We are grateful for your presence. Right now, as we are tapped into this field, this is an opportunity to put your intentions into the Light.

Remembering, this is for the highest good of all concerned and honoring free will. Is it a healing? Is it an improvement of a relationship? Is it the need for a job? Whatever - think it. Hold it in your mind, right now. [Silence] We have things that people have put on our healing list. If you’re listening, sometimes people don’t know how to put things on our healing list - get your pencil out - That will bring up a form that you can fill out and we get it.

So Debby in South Blooming Grove, New York … puts Light and healing energy to Possum, Dioji, SweetPea and Mollie. I’m grateful for your help, thank you and bless you.

Michael in San Diego, California ... healing for Michael’s teeth; healing for Sam-Cat’s respiratory cold and review changes in Sam’s protocol. Then we have –

Barbara in Twin Falls, IdahoI put into the Light, gratitude for all blessings and safe and joyful travels for myself and all my loved ones during the holiday season. Peace and Love to all beings on our beautiful planet Earth, everywhere, especially in war torn areas and peace everywhere in 2014. Then we have –

Lys in Rimrock, Arizonaperfect cure for lungs, heart, liver, bladder, intestines; perfect cure for myself and my daughter for all of our skin and mucous membranes to heal. I’d just like to, right now, let’s do a silent meditation focusing on Lys because she is really working on a lot of issues. We all focus our intentions (a.k.a. prayers) in her and her daughter’s direction, for perfect healing.

Cindy in Golf, Illinois … asks for healing for acute back pain. Cindy, go on the Internet and look up – there’s a special heating pad that uses infrared that does miracles for back pain. I think it’s called “thermo” something. Just do: “thermo heat pad.” It’s worth trying if you’re in that situation. You can try a regular heat pad but this one, if you read the testimonials, it’s very impressive.

Right now we’re going to finish our healing list. We’re going to stay in this place where we’re all connected, where we’re all part of each other. Where we’re all part of the Universe, where we’re all tapping into the one energy of All That Is. The Elohim Group, the Ra Group and we’re going to invite them to talk to us through Terry. Are you there, Terry? Hello Terry?

Terry: Can you hear me?

Wynn: I hear you.

Father Mother God, we ask for the presence of the Light to surround and protect every person on this call and any negativity, be taken to the highest realms of Light and transmuted for the highest good of all concerned. We see ourselves in the flow of energy radiating from the center of the Universe, through the galaxies, through the Milky Way, through the outer energy fields of planet Earth, through our bodies into the center of the Earth. Right now, we invoke a group energy connection while maintaining the sovereign integrity of our souls and we invite those Sources that are positive, service to others, honoring The Law of One to join with us and we create a protected space that only the positive has access to and anything not of that nature must leave now.

We turn it over to our Sources as they communicate to us through Terry Brown. Thank you.

Ra’An/Terry: We greet you in the Love Light of The One Infinite Creator. This is the 22nd of December 2013. We connect with each and every person on the line who wishes to be connected with and we are here for you and with you. We take a moment and we bring this connection forth. There are some people whom we are always connected with as they wish that connection. We bring Love to Michael and to SamCat and we take a moment and we bring healing.

We bring Love Light to each and every person, each Lightworker, each person who wishes healing, each person who has put something in the Light, whether they have written it down or whether they have merely asked for it in their mind or they have merely yearned for it. We take a look at the energy connections that individuals are making. And we see that there is a buildup of an energy residue that the person, then sits in.

Yesterday they were hoping for a new job, they were hoping for a change in the financial condition. And then today there is a carry over, a residue of that - that thinking that the situation is not working out right. Then they sit in that residue of thinking that it is not working out right. So in this moment of time, if you have something, an energy situation that you are sitting in, of energy that you do not wish to carry forward in your life – release it and let it go.

Let it be taken to the higher realms of Light and to be transmuted. Let it be dissolved. Let the new energy that you wish, to come in to your life – let that come in. The excitement of the new job, the excitement of the new people that you’re working with, the excitement of seeing your bills paid - the excitement of your family succeeding. Let the old energy go, release it. Let it drift off. Connect with the energy of The Creation, the co-creation that you are beginning to make, to bring the new change in.

If there is a disease and you have been sitting in the disease, and yesterday you were feeling the disease and the year before you were feeling the disease – now take that energy of the disease and release it. Let it drift off, let it dissolve. Begin to see a new energy that you wish to come in, to take the place of the old energies.

Do things that will get the energy moving within your body so your body can bring in new beautiful energy that you desire – [i.e.] a good walk, a good hot bath, a moving experience in talking with others; a reaching out of the old energy box into a new energy box; going out to a coffee shop, even and talking with a few people to get the interchange moving.

We send Love to Debby and her children. We send Love to Lys and the things that she is praying for - to happen, for the new energy to move in and the old energy to leave. We send Love to each and every one of you that the new energies that you desire, the co-creation of those energies can begin to take hold in your life, in this moment in time, in the now. And we are with you and we, for the moment, leave but we do not leave. Thank you.

Wynn: Thank you. Right now we regroup our energy team, our group energy for the next few minutes and we apply our intentions for planetary shifts and healing. We see our energies and we just use our imagination and see that we are now all centered in ourselves and projecting ourselves to a convergence point. We ask the Elohim to work with this, to be part of this, and the Ra Group to be part of this. And we have this moving point of convergence of all of our energies that it will move by our intention.

We are co-creators with the Universe. We are part of a-group energy at this moment, those of us that voluntarily choose to be part of it. We send this energy, this convergence around our planet, surrounding the Earth. It moves closer and closer to the surface - everywhere there is negativity, negative energy – it just moves around it. It’s coming close to all those individuals (on our planet) that are reaching for higher energy connection - the Wanderers, the Star Seeds. We take a moment and we see a connection being made.

We connect with all those people who are praying, no matter what religion, no matter what form. As we intermingle our energies with the energies of planet Earth, we see ourselves intermingling with things like chemtrails and molecularly reconstructing those energies, taking harmful ingredients - things that are negative to humans - out of the mix. We focus our energy on the Ring of Fire, the land masses around the Pacific Ocean. That is the most volatile earthquake zone on our planet. We just quickly look at that entire area and whatever we think - happens. Let’s just make pretend that’s true.

So we’re going to think a huge projection of Light hitting those land masses, from South America, Central America, Mexico, United States, Canada, Alaska, Russia, like a turbo energy penetrating through the Earth into those areas where there’re tectonic plates and surrounding them. We ask for balance, we ask for any releases be slow, we ask for the Earth’s cooperation. We ask that any releases be away from population centers.

We move our turbo beam to the middle of the country, to St. Louis, the New Madrid fault. And we focus, project the energy on that fault which surrounds five states and we ask for the same thing, to penetrate through the ground, surround the tectonic plates for balance. We move our energy field to the Mid-Atlantic fault - the same thing. And around the entire country or the entire planet and all those energies which have the potential for earthquakes, they be balanced, that we surround the tectonic plates.

Particularly, we go to Fukushima and for whatever good we can make we ask for the mediation, intervention in this dangerous radioactive situation from reactor # 4. And let’s take a moment and hold the space for that.

Terry: And for all the reactors there.

Wynn: For all the reactors.

Let’s ask for protection for the east coast and New York from any, for whatever reason, tsunamis earthquakes, anything - artificial or natural. We ask for protection, mediation, obstruction for the highest good of all concerned.

We ask for the principle of peace to surround our planet. We ask that new energies flow around all those groups that feel separated from each other, separated from The Law of One. Ancient grievances: the Israeli’s, the Palestinians. We ask for balance and surround those areas with this beautiful energy.

It’s time to leave this call. So we will bring this session to an end. Sending blessings and Love and care for all of you, a very Merry Christmas. 

We’ll see you all tomorrow because we’ll be on tomorrow. If you’re not there, a very Merry Christmas and thank you all so much for being part of this work. And on that note, we’ll see you later.

Everybody: Thank you; goodbye …




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