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Personal & Planetary Grid Healing Session

Using the tools of connection to access the higher aspects of yourself


Sunday Call: 12.29.2013
Hosted by: Wynn Free
Produced by: Gijs Minderhoud
Audio Link:
Channeled by: Terry Brown
Transcribed by: Susan Rush
Edited by: Terry Brown
Formatted and sent by: Robynne Olson


Wynn: We are on - good morning everybody. Good whatever it is. In Arizona it is 11 a.m. on December 29, 2013. Tuesday is New Year’s Eve, right?

Gijs: Yes, on Tuesday, correct, yes.

Wynn: Right, right, right and thank you for being here. Carla’s not here today. She’s got Christmas with her family today. So, she’ll probably be here next week. Well let’s see if the music is playing.

Gijs: It’s not Wynn.

Wynn: It’s still not playing?

Gijs: Correct.

Wynn: Hang on a second, let’s see …

Gijs: Try it because it worked once last week.

Wynn: Nope, not playing.

Gijs: Right.

Wynn: Terry, maybe you should sing a chorus of Beat It.

Gijs/Terry/Wynn: [Laughter]

Terry: Oh God. [Laughter] Michael Jackson, where are you? [Laughter]

Wynn: Alright. Well, if you notice today, I sent out an email with kind of a cryptic headline. It was really cryptic because I even misspelled it. So you have to go in to figure out what I was saying. Now I didn’t misspell it intentionally (that was interesting) I just misspelled it. But I did – all it said was … Let’s see if anyone noticed. Did you notice what the email said, today?

Gijs: ‘it’s political Wynn, ‘Tax You.’

Wynn: Tax You? [Laughter] Is that political?

Gijs: Well, tax you – yeah. I’m being taxed by the government, right?

Wynn: Oh, tax you. Yeah, right. Actually, it was supposed to be taxi. [Laughter]

Gijs: Yes.

Wynn: And you know there’re lots of things happening simultaneously in the world, lots. Probably, a lot of it you guys don’t know about and even a lot I don’t know about but I might know a little more than many of you because I pay attention. Because you can watch this balance between positive and negative unfolding and you know if anyone has their eyes open, they certainly see the negative, certainly.

Yes, it can be, if you’re into fear - it can be scary, and if you’re not into fear, and it’s not easy to make a mental choice about that.

So, I don’t know. So there are some really cool things that are happening in the world right now. Actually, there’re loads of cool things, loads and loads we don’t usually hear about and then occasionally something hits the news. Then very occasionally something hits big time. When we look at the way things blend and how they look from the other side, which we get a chance to find out about, some time ago, probably two or three years ago, I asked the question about this realm.

And I said well how are we looking and they said something to the effect that Facebook was really helping. That Facebook was being a vehicle for people to share love with each other, for people to connect with each other. Now I’m sure not everyone uses Facebook for that reason. But in general, it was a tool that was happening spontaneously to create flow of energy between people. People don’t have to know about the Elohim, they don’t have to know about the dimensional shift.

Every time people have a genuine shift of energy between them, it changes the Universe a little bit and it changes our planet a little bit. It changes the dispensations on our planet a little bit and Facebook was one of those things that was doing that. They picked Facebook because Facebook is obviously one of the most popular social networking sites on the Internet. But I know there’re many, many others. There’re people that are gathering in meditation. There’re people doing Sunday meditations like ours. There’re people that are gathering in homes.

There’re little communities developing. I have a friend in Los Angeles, Sam, who I’ve known for years and at some point he decided to be a (I forget what he calls himself). In fact, he was doing this before he named himself, and that was he was sending emails out to people all the time about various events that were happening in the L.A. area. Things that he thought were good for people, mostly spiritual events. There’s another guy named Roy in Pasadena who’s been sending emails out for years - about things they might want to know about, events.

Roy sends out things about health issues, things that are changing the world. What happens is, those people, over time, start to create a sense of community around just what they’re doing. It’s all these little things, trickle, trickle, trickle that adapt together to make the possibility for a world change. Now, there’s no guarantee they’ll be enough of them, but we’re going to aim as if there are. If there aren’t, we’re still going to graduate this realm and, either way it’s okay because you have to be detached from results. When you do unconditional love you have to be detached.

How can you do unconditional love if you’re attached to results, because with unconditional love, you put love out and it may not come back. In fact, people may get really annoyed with you. So unconditional love is an example of being detached. It’s being able to put love into the space to keep your heart open, into a space, whether people get it or not. Sooner or later, some people are going to get it. When people get it, it starts building those energy … How do I say it? There is a word that somebody used years ago called accretion level.

Accretion level, I wonder what that means? I knew what it meant when I read it but Accretion: the process of growth or increase typically by the gradual accumulation of additional layers or matter. Actually, accretion: the formation of planets and other bodies by the collection of material through gravity. Well, that was not a good definition of how it was used. It was used – let’s see how I’m going to express this. Every time love occurs, we know there’s an-energy around that. It’s not just an emotional feeling, there’s an-energy connected with spiritual love.

That energy flows between things that love each other, it flows between them. And that, if one was looking at our planet from the higher realms, they have indicated that they can see or feel or sense that energy of love that goes back and forth between people here. When we do our conference calls we have a movement of Love between us all that’s visible from the higher realms. When people are on Facebook and they just say something in a genuine way, like, “Hey, I was thinking of you, just thought I’d say hello”, there’s a movement of energy.

Every time that occurs there’s a build-up of energy. And, as more and more people do that, that energy keeps building and building. Accretion means when you hold the energy it sticks and then you build on top of it and there’s more and there’s more and more. If there was enough accretion of this kind of energy on our planet, the entire planet would change and shift. It would shift and everyone would somewhere be feeling this energy and that is one of the reasons I started doing these Sunday calls and, learning that we could actually do that, on the Internet and on the phone lines. I remember when we did our first conference call, ever. Do you know the phone line kept going off, it kept cutting off, people couldn’t get in – all these problems and I was considering shrugging my shoulders and saying this isn’t going to work.

But I didn’t and I think it took about a month to stable the lines and when I asked questions about it, they said they were learning how to put their energies through the phone lines or to work around the phone lines to make connection with people. Like it took some effort or special attention on their part. Do you remember that Terry?

Terry: Yes, I remember.

Wynn: Yeah, and then we did it on the phones for awhile. Probably a few years, two or three years, before we did our first Internet call – putting it on the Internet. But I asked them, could we do that on the Internet? Could we get the energy over the Internet? We could feel – I could feel the energies of the Internet - I don’t know how to explain it. You know I can tell when energies flow and when it doesn’t, I can tell when we’re connecting and when we’re not and I could feel all the resistance of the Internet when we first started doing this on the Internet.

It’s easier on the phone lines. Then we had to go through the energy of BBS [Radio]. It’s been a building and onward and upward process that we have been succeeding in. To be able to do a call like this, have the Elohim and the Ra Groups working with us and having them slowing their energy through all of this, I think it’s a miracle. I think it’s a miracle that it can be done.

Terry: I remember when we first started and we were on the telephone lines, and I get not only the concepts but I get the pictures and they would be (and I would be watching) like in a maze of telephone wires or in the maze of the machinery, the computers. All of the energy or a lot of the energy would just be absorbed by the wires or by the equipment, the transmitters. It would just kind of deaden everything and it was a process to learn how to just disregard all that. Because that’s not important, it’s just how the voice is transmitted.

The important thing is the direct connection and so to discard all of the maze of wires and everything because the information with them is instantaneous and it doesn’t depend upon all of those wires. It was really kind of interesting and I used to get so tired at the end of the call because it was batting up against all these maze of wires. [Laughter]

Wynn: When you think about it, how many things have you ever experienced through the media that carry this kind of energy? I can’t think of any, I don’t think. Can you think of any Terry? I don’t watch everything and you know I know there’re other people doing spiritual calls and maybe some of them have it, I don’t know, I hope they do. But it’s like probably this blending of also, my personality, my being willing to step into the middle of all this and start talking and trusting that the right words will come out.

My ability to feel energy and Terry’s ability to feel energy, on the human side, makes this really unusual. Well, I’m always looking, observing things that create increases of accretion levels. I want to thank everybody that put something down on Share. If you don’t know what Share is, I can’t give you a web link – I should put [up] a web link like but I don’t have it ready yet. I wanted to create a vehicle for you - I did create a vehicle for you - to share things back with us and back with our group.

Because we have a lot of people that are paying attention and every one of you has something to share. Even if it’s just like hi there, I bless every one of you. Every time you do something like that, you are increasing the accretion levels of energy, every single time. So we’ve gotten a bunch of them and we’re compiling them and formatting them and we’re going to start sending them back out to everybody. So watch your emails when it says “Share.” We’ve gotten some beautiful things and they’ll be more opportunities, if you haven’t done this, to send things in so we can put them up.

It’s one of the things many people do now on the Internet. They find things they like, they find sets of pictures they like - they find YouTube’s they like []

So some people sent YouTube videos and someone sent a video of this guy that went to a public area and he held a sign up that said free hugs.” [Laughter] At first he was lonely and everybody was walking by him and then somebody came up and hugged him and then another person came up and hugged him. Then, what he would do, when someone was particularly enthusiastic - he had more than one sign, they were all held together - he would take one of the signs and give it to another person.

So now there were two people holding signs - then there were three people holding signs. And everybody was walking by and getting a free hug. It was really touching. Those are the kinds of things that change the world.

The reason I called today’s thing “Taxi” is because I had discovered this new company that is popping up all over world. Somebody came up with a brilliant idea, now of course he’s a techie and it’s an Internet idea. But if any of you need jobs, listen carefully because I think this is one of the coolest things I’ve heard of in a long time and it’s actually succeeding in a huge way.

So what it is - is anyone that has a nice car can become a driver and there’s a smart phone app that the driver gets. Now, anyone that needs a ride gets the smart phone app and they can look on their smart phone app and see all the drivers in their area and essentially they get a ride. So in any case, they are in multiple countries, they are in multiple cities. Google just loaned the company, invested in the company.

Anyone can get a job and I should say, with the proviso that they have a modern car, a good looking car and their drivers are making a thousand dollars a week, in some cases. So, if you can imagine that. The driver makes approximately 80% of the fare and the main company makes 20%. And people (I’m going to send out an email) love this, it’s so novel. I mean, it’s like [laughter] whoever picks you up is not a regular taxi driver.  He’s somebody with - just a regular guy that decided, he had a nice car and he was going to do this.

I think you don’t even need to know the city because it all uses GPS and tells you where to go. So, it’s like people that can afford it [laughter] are calling – getting rides to go get ice cream [laughter] and go home again. Maybe it’s just the novelty of it but whatever it is, it’s really cool. Because if I had nothing better to do and I needed to make money, it’s exactly the kind thing that I would say I want to do this because it’s a Wanderer’s job, if you can see that - driving around picking people up. It’s kind of like a hotel concierge or something like that and I just heard of it last week but it must have been around for at least a year to get as big as they’ve gotten.

I should say the company’s name so if somebody’s out there thinking I want to get a job with them they know. It’s called “Uber,” and one day I’m going to use them – I don’t think they have any cars in Sedona, but I’ll bet they do, soon, I’ll bet they do. They’re giving the local taxi companies a run for their money. So, and it’s one of those ideas that is increasing the accretion level. I can’t explain it, but just the excitement, the enthusiasm that everyone has of getting a ride with them. It’s a different experience.

It’s like going to a boutique hotel or staying at a Bed and Breakfast. It’s something that uses technology in a very sophisticated way but it’s constantly bringing people together in a very human way and I think that’s where the future has to go. I was thinking how can we use that? Do we have an Intelligent Infinity app? [Laughter] Can we get the Elohim to work through that app?

This idea that we are working with this energy, this intelligence that wants so much to make a difference down here and that they can flow through things, they can flow through telephone lines. I don’t know if “flowing through” is the right word, I don’t think they’re flowing through the lines. But they can use whatever. If we put a construct together and hold the space for that construct, they can flow through it. They can do that. I don’t know if you guys have figured this out but I’m going to mention this. I’m not saying this is true, it’s just hypothesis on my part.

Given that they can flow through a construct that’s physicalized … Now you know, all through history people have used symbolic objects as connection points to higher realms, from alters to crosses. Jewish people use mezuzahs, these things on doors that you’re supposed to touch when they enter a room to remind them. Maybe at some point those objects were charged by higher Sources so that people could keep connecting with the energy. And maybe if someone has the right attitude towards those things – then it works today, where they’re charged. In many cases, the timeline between the original idea and the connection with the energy gets lost.

It’s like when we call in the Light, you know there’s different levels of intention of different people and some people do it better than others, because they are able to hold the intention. That’s the one we’ve done that’s ritualized here because usually the rituals get corrupted, usually. They become form and lose their function. Well, I have this feeling, now I’m not saying this is true, I’m just saying it’s possible, that we have our Sources working through our pendants. Now of course, the pendants have a technology to them and they work.

But when we started selling them and we started putting them out, people would say these are the best things we’ve ever tried. They’re better than those $200.00 dollar pendants. And since we know that they can put their energy through something and that we’re pretty dedicated to their work here and that that’s a way of uplifting the vibrations of the planet … You know without turning it into a religious symbol or a spiritual object, I have the feeling that they are helping. What do you think, Terry?

Terry: So, they have the ability to just go directly, to not go through objects and not flow through things. It’s like those things are there, but they don’t flow through them. They are free agents that can just go there - wherever they’re going or wherever they want to go. So to have an object that a person can touch like that’s for the purpose of – I guess it can be a relay point that brings a person into focus. Anyway, that’s my take on it. That they just can go straight there without flowing through the telephone lines or anything like that because that’s just a distraction and a time delay.

Wynn: We definitely have to go through a period of assimilation to do this on a phone line. I mean, they were saying they were working with the phone lines and they’re working with the Internet. So it’s not that they were flowing through the phone lines.

Terry: No.

Wynn: They were working at getting around the phone line to including it, so it wasn’t an obstruction.

Terry: Right, exactly.

Wynn: Right. So it’s hard to find the right vocabulary for this so we are just conjecturing on it, but …

Terry: I’m not conjecturing because I have visions, I have the - like, the visual of what they’re doing. At first they were trying to follow the voice, going through the telephone line and the circuitry. But that just was a delay and didn’t work and so they just learned how to bypass all that and just go directly.

Wynn: So it’s very interesting, it’s like how can you use this information? Well, the easiest way is to go into a quiet space everyday and go into a meditation and say “Okay, I’m open to receive,” and keep doing it and make the connection. Some people set up physical things like altars. It’s not necessary but if it helps you … If you go to a certain spot in your room and say this is my sacred spot and you project energy into that spot, a chair and you say I’m going to shut my eyes. People that meditate don’t necessarily do this because often times when you are using a technique to meditate, and there’s many of them, you don’t get beyond the technique because you don’t have a reference point for the energy.

In the old days - and probably even today there’re many people that do this, there was this idea of initiation. Where someone who had made some kind of connection to higher realms and it doesn’t necessarily mean they made the connection to the Elohim but they made a connection to higher realms of some sort and they would have their initiate be in front of them and they would meditate. They would hold this connection for the initiate. In this case, the initiate, when they meditated, would be able to move to the realm of their teacher over a period of time.

Usually, when their teacher dies, the best of these initiates would become teachers themselves. Some of them would be working within the structure of that teacher and others would go off and do their own thing. A good example of this is the Self-Realization Center [SRF, self realization fellowship], Yogananda - probably the most famous of all the people from India that came to this country. I think he came in the 30s and he was this funny guy all dressed up in Indian garb with a turban.

He got the attention of a lot of well-to-do people at the time, who gave him a lot of support. He opened up – it’s called an ashram where people were coming and he was initiating people, teaching them under the umbrella of the idea of yoga. But yoga is not just one word. If you can think of yoga you can think of doing exercises and standing on your head and that’s called Haifa yoga. In India, there’re all different kinds of yoga. There’s Jnana yoga, there’s yoga wisdom, yoga of service, yoga of this – probably, as I recall, five or six different kinds of yoga.

I read “Autobiography of a Yogi” years ago and I think when we send out the mailing on this call, I’ll include a link to a download of his book “Autobiography of a Yogi” because it’s very inspiring because he would be traveling all over India and he had a teacher named Sri Yukteswar. But he was meeting all these Indian holy men and each of them would give him their blessing. And he would have all these amazing phenomena, even where some of these people could materialize in his presence. It was one of the first books I read that was “out there” and my disposition at the time – I remember when I was reading this book – I still had my father’s overlay and I said what’s the angle? But his picture was so sincere - I said how could he look this sincere and have an angle?

He’s probably influenced millions of people, but that’s how it works. Somebody has learned to hold the space of a higher dimension and then they can transfer that. Transfer is not the right word. A better word is it just gets transferred when someone around them has the intention to do it and then they really manifest their intention by saying something like I want to be an initiate. That means they’re reaching back and then they have a protocol and they go through what they go through.

If the guy is a real teacher and the person is evolved enough to get it, they will incorporate these new frequencies, these new energies from their teacher. I think we’re doing something like that on these calls but in a less formal way. Many of you, I know, are getting it. You are feeling the energies and in a sense, it’s an initiation and that, as you learn to hold these energies in your own space, in your own consciousness, then some of you will be teachers in your own way for other people.

When I say in your own way, once you hold the energies, once you hold them, then it’s not that you have to duplicate the outer form of what someone else is doing. You can create your own form and the energies flow into it. You can even be doing things which seem to be mundane. You can have a regular job and you walk into your office and you’re holding that space and it transfers to the other people in your office. Terry used to do that when she worked for a legal firm in Los Angeles.

You are all having, learning the ability to hold these higher frequencies and to hold the space of unconditional love and not care whether people respond or not. That’s important because if you care whether people respond, you’ll hold your loving energy back. You will say I don’t want to be that vulnerable, I’ll get hurt. The truth of the matter is when you reach that place, you can’t get hurt or not very much. Or you recover very quickly. Because until you get to the place where you don’t care about other people’s response, you’ll always be guarded.

It’s not what you say; it’s not a verbal thing. It’s a projection of your energy into the space around you. Doing some kind of regular discipline every day can help you learn to speed up this process. In other words, doing a meditation and just saying, “Okay I am open to receive the Elohim, Ra Groups,” and just breathe [deep breathe] and see if you can get to the place where you can do that and bring the energies in. Then, when you do other things, over a period of time, the energies will just be with you for a good portion of the time.

It doesn’t have to be all the time and it won’t be all of the time. It isn’t with me - it isn’t with Terry but for an increasing percentage of time. Of course, as you keep doing that, eventually, people will show up in your life, that match that energy and it helps you hold it. Because now the Universe, the world is giving energy back to you that you put out – the unconditional love that you put out. Certain people will pick it up and you’ll know they picked it up, you’ll feel it. But you have to be really careful because you can’t necessarily talk about it.

Don’t try to be their teacher. Let it flow carefully and if you do that sooner or later there will be opportunities to make it more verbal in the understanding. But if you push it, you’ll screw it up. You’ll shut the energies down.

On that note, let’s go into our personal meditation. And I tried something on Wednesday, this past Wednesday, which was Christmas Day and we didn’t do our normal question-and-answer session. I did a meditation and I tried a different format and I thought I liked it. So I’m going to try it now and you guys might email me and let me know how you like it.

Again, all of this is an outward form to help make energy flow. The energy is always there. But as soon as we have an intention, we bring it to the surface. That’s why it’s important to do a daily meditation or a daily – I hate to use the word meditation because it’s not really a meditation. But I think you know what I mean, a daily - taking time to connect to the higher realms. It’s like exercising yourself. It’s like having the intention to move above your regular patterns - your regular 3D patterns and move into the experience of higher patterns, energy clearings in yourself, healings, and that speeds up the process.

So what we did on Wednesday is we started out holding hands. Now of course we’re not in the same room so we’re just going to use our imagination. Hold your hands up and just imagine that our hands are linking. See if you can feel energy radiating from your hands and that we have hundreds of people on this line and we could imagine we were all in a circle and our hands were touching. We can feel the energy of the connection. So the energy is flowing from our hands through our arms and into our body. We’re creating a group energy connection. As this energy moves through our body, we can send it down and we can send it up. So we’ll send it down into the Earth.

Put your feet flat and feel that energy move from your hands through your chest, through your body and into the Earth. We can tell the Earth we love her as we often do and we thank her for hosting us. The Earth is alive, the Earth feels us and we can feel the Earth. So we’re holding hands and we’re a-group energy and we’re sending energy down through our feet, down through our energy field, into the Earth. Now we’re going to center ourselves back in our body and send the energy up through our head.

Now when we’re working in energy we are working with the building block of creation. When we’re moving in energy we can move in space and we can also move in time. We move our energy through the top of our head and we keep moving through space. We move through the sky. We move through the veil. We move through the planets. Why does astrology work? Astrology works because our energies can expand into the planets energies and they are expanded, even when we are not aware of it.

Part of our energies, are connected to the planetary influences which are also all projecting energies, just like the Earth projects energies. It’s all the same energy but it’s subdivided so it differentiates. So when the planets are in different positions, we feel differently. That’s why astrology works. We keep moving beyond the planets into the galaxies, into the Milky Way and we’re moving through time. We’re moving through our past lives. In truth, there’s no such thing as a past life, because it was always the same soul.

It’s just that each life form that that soul enters has no memory of this and has to rediscover it. But all of our past lives are present, right now and we’re moving above them. We’re moving to the place where we first individuated ourselves as a being, energetically. At one point there was no us. There was no individuation. We were just part of this huge energy – undifferentiated energy - this huge pool of energy that could individuate itself. So as we all get close to that great pool of energy in our first individuation, we are blending on the higher realms. We are blending in that place where we just existed, where we were pure, where we had no experience.

We can create a-group energy up there. We are creating a-group energy. So take it all in, feel it. Feel the connection in your hands. Feel the energy going down to the Earth and the energy going up to where we connect as souls, through the top of your head. Now we can invite our group souls to join with our group energy in the higher realms. We invite all those positive Sources, honoring The Law of One that would like to participate to become one with our energy.

So we’re touching each other in the physical and we’re touching each other – I should say we’re touching each other in the astral. We’re not touching each other in the physical because we are in separate locations. But our hands are touching each other in the astral and our souls are touching each other in the metaphysical. While we’re in this space, we can work on some of our lower patterns that have become obstacles for us. Take a look at a pattern that you would identify as an obstacle and take this energy and surround that pattern.

Don’t judge it, don’t evaluate it, just surround it and accept it in this flow. Maybe the pattern is a physical ailment, a health issue. Let it go into this flow. Maybe the pattern is something like anger. Do you have anger in you? Sometimes anger is there to motivate you and when you take the motivation and do something, the anger dissipates. Do you have some deep hurt? You loved someone and they abandoned you. You’re not talking to your children. Your children don’t like you or they’re mad at you. Take this energy and surround that aspect in yourself.

Don’t fight it. Let it be, let it flow and let it merge with this big energy. Is there something in life that you want that you have not been able to have? Flow this energy around it for the highest good. See it as done. See it in your space. Allow your own resistance to let itself down so you can bring in what you want. Maybe it’s money, a job, a friend, a partner. Usually, part of us is denying ourselves so we want something and then we sabotage it in our thoughts. Surround your sabotage.

You have the power to change your patterns by loving them, by letting them dissipate. Let’s take people in our lives that we want to shift - the relationship, the health - remember, honoring free will. Honoring free will, you can’t shift anyone else unless they shift back. But you can create the energy that creates the potential that gives them more opportunity to reach back. Let’s take the people that we care about and see them in our circle and just send them lots of this loving energy, honoring their free will and for the highest good of all concerned. If they don’t receive it, it is okay, it’s their choice.

Let’s take the people on our healing list and put them in the center of our circle. We just see ourselves taking this energy that connects up high, connects low, connects on our hands and embracing each person in this energy, as I read their name.

We have Marsha in Panorama City, Californiahealing and guidance to manifest finances, health and living environment. To be able to be more empowered to help animals and others in more powerful ways. To find the ways to help the people I care about, Jim Cole and Dan West; and for the ability to be of the highest service and have the way unfold forever more with grace and synchronicities overflowing to wherever is needed and led. Thank you and I love you.

Then we have Debby in South Blooming Grove, New Yorkplease send Love Light and healing energy to all of the beings on the planet who are being affected by the changes that are taking place on the planet at this time.

So we put Debby in the center of our circle and we put all the beings of our planet in the center of the circle that are reaching. We’re not trapping them though. They’re in a circle - they can leave if they want. [Laughter]

We have Susan in Delaware Love and Light to us all for a better New Year - for good health, relations, community, love and prosperity.

And Lys in Rimrock, Arizonabeing able to make myself be easily understood and being treated with respect, understanding, kindness, support, generosity, assistance, compassion and agape love. And also, the perfect living space and if it’s best to move to a new house, then we get the new house and all past interferences are immediately transformed and transmuted.

Let’s see Lys in the center of our circle, holding this energy, and we ask for Lys – perfect health for all her health issues and for the issues of her daughter.

Barbara in Memphis, Tennesseegeneral healing energies to help [release] my dependence on pharmaceuticals.

Chris in Memphis, Tennesseegrounding of the new planetary energies in and around Memphis.

Okay, let’s keep all of those people … Now maybe you’re holding hands – maybe you need to go into the center of the circle. So if you do, just let go. Go in the center of the circle and let these energies that we’re all projecting – take it in, receive it. [Silence]

I’d like to send the Light to Gary Brownlee. He’s been one of the people that’s helped us in our sending out of emails – is going through a hard, difficult health time right at this moment. You can all think of the names of anyone that you’d like to hold this space with. [Silence]

Let’s hear a message from our Sources. Terry, are you there?

Terry: Yes, can you hear me?

Wynn: I hear you, just making sure.

Father Mother God we ask for the presence of the Light to surround and protect each person here and any negativity, be taken to the highest realms of Light and transmuted for the highest good of all concerned. We see ourselves in the flow of energy radiating from the center of the Universe, through the galaxies, through the Milky Way, through the solar system, through the outer energy fields of planet Earth, through our bodies and into the center of the Earth.

Right now, we invoke a group energy connection while maintaining the sovereign integrity of our souls. We invite those Sources that are positive, service-to-others, honoring The Law of One to join with us and we create a protected space that only the positive has access to. Anything not of that nature must leave now. We turn it over to our Sources to address us through Terry Brown.


Ra’An/Terry: We greet you in the Love Light of The One Infinite Creator. This is the 29th of December 2013 and it is nearing 2014. We look at the meditation that has just been done and is continuing here. We see the Light energy that is being brought-in to each person in varying degrees that they can accept, can resonate with and can bring into their lives. This resonance, this Light can come in daily when you call it in.

These Light frequencies can help lift you each day above the downer frequencies of frustrations, of not being able to progress as fast as you would like. It can lift you above the frequencies that hold you into patterns that you are trying to break through. It can be your leverage towards breaking through and keep your head above the frequencies that bring you down. It can help maintain you in your daily life. It can reset the energies that you are fighting against. You can simply move into the meditation, bring in the Light, we are there.

It is an-intelligence, it is not dead space. It is an-intelligence with Love, unconditional Love. To move into this space helps you reset at your own frequencies so that you can then expand those frequencies into your life and help dissolve the frequencies you do not wish to perpetuate in your life. It can buoy you up as you move through your day and then as you move through your week, as you move through your life. It can cheer you up and this can expand then to your children.

They are looking to you for an example and this can then be gotten almost by osmosis and picked up and help buoy these family members up also that you care so much about. This can then expand into the area of your body as you let those frequencies go that have been trapping you in health issues, that help you rise above the health issues and give your body strength, give your body more power as it is lessening the effect of the adverse disease frequencies. To reset your life daily will help you in general to rise above and to stay above the lower level frequencies that bring one down.

Each person is in the circle for the cleansing of the higher Light frequencies to wash away those frequencies that bring you down. It will then clear your space so when you deal with those issues that bring in those adverse frequencies. You are coming to the table with more support, more energy that helps to deal with those issues. And then see clearly what can be done, a little at a time, to move past those issues. We Love you more than you can imagine and we are honored to be here and we are your servants. We leave but we do not leave.

Wynn: Thank you. I would believe that every person that is listening to these words is being given tools here that you have the option to use and transform yourself. And be patient, because these patterns, these lower 3D patterns, for most of us have been repeating for many, many lifetimes. It’s a rare circumstance that you find yourself (however you got) here - through synchronicity, through whatever – [laughter] that you find yourself in the position to access (and we’ll call them tools, tools of connection with) these higher aspects of yourself.

You have to choose to use the tools. You have to use your intention. You have to use your passion. You even have to use your anger and let it thrust you to create the intention to become a new you, an empowered you – a blessing for those around you, that you can give them the same opportunity. So you are not only doing this for yourself, you’re doing this for everyone you touch, everyone you care about. You are even doing it for those people that you don’t know, that are acquaintances. You are needed to do this.

You are needed to be part of this transition. You are needed to be, not an effect, but a cause - a cause - to be the center point of your Universe. Not to be an effect of all those energies that-are projected towards you by the media, by the people around you, to judge those things. All of those things are the exact things that you need to rise above. They are the barbells and the weights are increasing and so your strength and intention have to increase so they don’t master you. But you master them.

We would move into our ability as a group to be of service to our planet and that we are tapped into these energies now. We are tapped into the group energy of all of us together and all those positive forces on the other realms. We have the power through our intention to focus those energies like a magnifying glass onto different areas of our planet. And that those energies can actually move to those areas and create opportunities for change and transformation that may not have been there unless we did this.

So we see our energies blanketing the Earth, surrounding it. You know there’s that song “He’s got the whole world in his hands.” He and we are one and we blanket the Earth with this Love Light energy. We move closer and closer to the surface of the Earth, to all those beings on our planet that are directed, in some way, shape or form, for connection to spirit. To all those Wanderers, to all those Star Seeds, to all those people going to church and following a formal religious path - that are praying. We join with them and they join with us as we create intentions for peace on our planet, for the ability to love your neighbor as yourself, for the qualities of compassion and care.

Taking opportunities to help those in need - as our brothers and sisters, and always forgiving other people and ourselves for our weaknesses, for our selfish sides, for our jealousies, for our competitiveness, holding the vision of unconditional loving. We take this energy and we surround the city of Washington, D.C. and particularly all those people in that city who are open to receive. 

All of those people in our government, our administration, congress, the Supreme Court who have the abilities to make differences through legislation, for compassion. We go to Los Angeles and Los Angeles is the center of the media, movies, music. We surround Los Angeles and all those individuals that have the ability the create pieces of inspiration. That the media might be creating more creations that help people open their hearts and care. We do the same thing in London and in Moscow and in China.

We can just visualize Light energies surrounding the capitals of all these great countries. We ask for the balance in the economies of our planet. Many people are predicting an economic catastrophe sometime in the future. Now I hope that doesn’t have to happen but if it does, that new ways come forth to distribute resources in a compassionate way. We go to all the local governments and state governments who are in the same positions of finding ways and means to support their constituencies.

We ask that love and compassion prevail and that creative solutions come forth that hold new paradigms of ways of conducting business and legislation that take into consideration the divine nature of every single being on our planet. We work with the Earth and what we could call natural disasters. We ask the Earth for her cooperation to allow this transition to occur. And we do know that Earth has to release energy and that it comes out as earthquakes or weather changes or droughts or volcanoes. We just ask that all of these be mediated for the highest good of all concerned so that there’s time for these new energies to be planted and grow on our planet.

We see the Ring of Fire, the land masses around the Pacific Ocean which is the most volatile of all the earthquake areas on our planet. And we just see a laser beam of Love Light starting at the tip of South America, moving up the west coast, reaching through the crust of the Earth into those fault lines, into those plates, surrounding them with balance, with energy so that any releases that are necessary can be away from population centers and minimized in many short doses rather than huge devastating ones.

We go from the tip of South America, up South America, Central America, Mexico, up the west coast of the United States. If you’re in one of these areas, particularly hold the energy through your body and into the Earth. San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Oregon, Washington and then we have Yellowstone, Mt. Hood, Mount Ranier, into Canada, Vancouver, up the west coast of Canada, across to Alaska, the east coast of Russia, Japan [and] China.

Let’s focus on Japan for a moment and Fukushima and let’s take a minute of working with the radiation in that area and surrounding it with this Love Light. We ask for transmutation of radiation. The Philippines, Malaysia, Australia and New Zealand – we just see a huge laser beam of Light (huge) surrounding the Pacific Ocean as a whole. We move this to the center of the country and surround St. Louis and we penetrate through the Earth, the Mid-Atlantic fault. We don’t want this to blow.

People have said a worst case scenario is the water from the Great Lakes would flow down into the Gulf of Mexico. We ask for protection. We move to the east coast and we ask for protection of New York City and any earthquakes or tsunamis that might be generated in the Atlantic Ocean. Again, we surround our entire planet and any place anywhere in the world where there is an earthquake potential, we ask it to be worked with. We ask for this Love Light energy to surround the fault lines.

We ask for interventions. We ask for no nuclear weapons to be allowed to go off on this planet for the highest good of all concerned. We ask for the transmutation of toxic materials in chemtrails and we ask for frequencies to block any other frequencies that are detrimental, things from HAARP. We ask for the waking up of our planet, the waking up of all those beings on our planet who have the latent power to recreate the future. We thank our Sources for working with us and trusting us with the connections, all those people that have been volunteering and helping.

Terry, Gary, Oren, Robynne - everyone else and we’ll bring this session to a close and we thank all of you for being part of this great experiment. I don’t know if experiment is the right word - experiment in interdimensional connection and transformation. And we will see you next time or some of you, tomorrow. On that note, we will open up the lines.

Everyone: Love Light and Happy New Year to everyone; see you tomorrow. Happy New Year!

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