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Personal & Planetary Grid Healing Session

Lead underwear; expansiveness, why it’s important to know stuff, etc.


Sunday Call:  01.05.2014
Hosted by: Wynn Free with Carla Rueckert
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Channeled by: Terry Brown
Transcribed by: Susan Rush
Edited by: Terry Brown
Formatted and sent by: Robynne Olson


Wynn: This is January 5, 2014, Wynn and Terry in Arizona … See, we were talking about being forgetful and when I said Wynn and Terry in, my mind went blank for a moment, [laughter] I said where am I (then Arizona)? [Laughter] Carla Rueckert in Kentucky, Gijs in Magalia, California. How did they name Magalia?

Gijs: That stands for “the cottages” in some foreign language, like in Greek or something.

Wynn: It’s not Native American, huh, no?

Gijs: No.

Wynn: This is our Sunday call and we were all having a discussion just before we started the recording, on memory and the difference between men and women. Carla was saying how she gives directions differently to a man or to a woman when they are coming to her house. Because men are more sensitive to mileage and specifics you know, I think linear and women say look for the liquor store, look for this - look for that, look for landmarks. Isn’t that the essence of what you were saying, Carla?

Carla: It is.

Wynn: Yeah, so, well you finally proved it Carla. Many women are different [Laughter]

Carla: Golly Moses, am I the first? [Laughter]

Wynn: What’s that book, Men are from Mars Women are from Venus, right?

Carla: Yeah.

Wynn: So, I sent an email out today – I swore I was going to do some Fukushima alerts and/or updates. I think it’s important to mention this because from all that I can see, the media is not covering it. The proportions of it, even right now and even its potential in the future could be pretty intense and it’s one of those things that the awareness of what’s going on can make a difference. If it couldn’t, it’s still good to know about things, I mean there are things that we can’t make a difference about but in that case, in terms of the dangers of Fukushima there are certain things that you can do to protect yourself.

Who knows how good that’s going to be but I would vote for doing what you can, just in case. I’m going to talk a little bit about that and I’m going to compile some things that I think are the best recommendations and send it out in an email.

Carla: But you know what Wynn, when everybody says well, you can’t do anything about that, I don’t care, you can still pray.

Wynn: Absolutely, absolutely you can pray and there’re certain supplements which diffuse radiation in your body. You know, in Japan they’re selling, get this, lead underwear. [Laughter] I don’t recommend it. It’s probably beyond everyone’s price range – I think it is $800.00 dollars [laughter] for some lead underwear. But, if I was living in Japan I might consider getting lead underwear, if I was convinced that it was going to help protect my private parts, okay?

But, you know on last Wednesday, someone asked a question and I don’t know if all of you were listening to the Wednesday call. There are certain people that like one call and other people like another call, and some of you are listening to all of them. Of course, [of] all the calls have – certain calls are classic. There are certain things that are asked and channeled answers that are given – something happens that is amazing. And then also there’s such a wide band of stuff that happens on our calls, you never know when one little sentence is going to change your life.

I’ve had that for me when I was younger. I would read all kinds of things and go to all kinds of spiritual events. Many of them had really good energy and [were] uplifting and occasionally there was one sentence that struck me where I lived. And I kept thinking about it because it was like a catalyst for a big shift, that one sentence. You know what I’m talking about Carla, you have that experience?

Carla: Oh, very definitely.

Wynn: Yeah. You never know on these calls, like the thing that shifts you is not going to be the same thing that shifts someone else or someone else. So it’s kind of … lots of people, people that are at different levels, people that have different gifts, people that are working on different issues inside themselves. So there’s a huge amount of stuff that you never know what is going to strike you. One aspect of the calls which is good for everybody no matter what you’re going through is this sense of camaraderie that happens here, number one.

And number two, this sense of connection, the vibratory connection to the higher realms and having an interface with them. And that’s like I know, one of the reasons people keep coming back to our calls is because they’re feeling that sense of connection. They’re feeling like this is a family. They’re feeling like – I get emails all the time from people that have been listening to our calls for quite some time and I don’t know who they are.

They’ve never sent me an email before and they suddenly out-of-the-blue send me an email and say Wynn, thank you so much, I can’t tell you how much being on these calls has meant. And I know the reason that they’re feeling that is because of the camaraderie and because the energy of the call is so expansive that it reaches and touches people. Not in their minds. You know, most things reach you in your mind. Most things that are on the radio reach you in your mind.

Everyone is appealing to your mind, your emotions. These calls have this extra [laughter] – what’s the word for it? Since it’s kind of a rare commodity in this realm, so there’s not great vocabulary to just say “boom,” you know?

Carla: “Expansive” is a good word.

Wynn: Expansiveness. Expansiveness, well, you know we have a theory that what we’re creating, a-group energy and we have these group souls in the mix of the group energy - they are with us in the group energy - and that we are learning to feel each other and feel them in a very, totally non-material way. We can’t see each other, we can’t smell each other, we’re all over the world and yet, people are having this experience. So, that’s my explanation, that’s what they would say.

If you’re not having that experience [and] you’re listening to the call, I hope you keep coming back because we’re not a bunch of loonies. Well, most … some of … a few of us are loonies. But most of us you know, are thinking, real people, intelligent - and it takes everyone a certain period of assimilation for their mind to get enough out-of-the-way so they can have that experience. If your mind is thinking about it - if you’re in your mind - it will tend to block the experience.

Because your energy is focused and you’re trying to figure it out, in your mind, and you can’t because it’s not a mental thing. I mean we may say something that (as I said, triggers you) is the perfect thing for you to hear, that’s going to give you the key to shift your life. But beyond that, there’s this energy. This energy that flows into the space that comes from outside of our bodies and interlinks us all in a way that we can feel it and that is a precious experience. It’s a reason to keep coming back because it’s teaching us - teaching me, teaching you how to experience other dimensions.

I think when I was younger and I read about other dimensions and I would read about out-of-the-body experiences and I would think that that’s what it meant - that when you go somewhere else and you would leave here and float in the astral to somewhere else. Now, that is possible. There are a lot of people that do that. Do you do that, Terry? Are you unmuted Terry? Hello Terry?

Terry: Yeah, I do. I close my eyes at night and I’m watching the lights and I’m watching like in other cities and I’m watching a snow plow – and I just look at stuff.

Wynn: But are you experiencing yourself leaving your physical body where you are and going somewhere? Or are you feeling it from the context of being centered in your body?

Terry: It’s like I bi-locate and I can focus more and more on the area like of the snow plow and I can, like a camera, can focus in on the snow plow and then focus back and be in my body. It’s like I can be more than one place at one time.

Wynn: Well, maybe you’re just all places at all times and you’re just deciding which one you’re going to look at.

Terry: [Laughter] sometimes yes, it seems that way.

Wynn: Yeah, but you know I don’t think, what you’re describing is not astral traveling, although maybe it’s close to it. You’re still here and there. It’s like what I read about astral traveling, it’s like people are actually vacating their body. They’re connected to their body with some kind of thread of energy and they’re going somewhere else. That’s how it seems.

Terry: I’ve done that, yeah. Tethered …

Wynn: How much … tethered? It’s like tethered to your body …

Terry: Tethered to my body by a cord.

Wynn: How about you Carla? Is it something you’d want to share? You have experience - you think? …

Carla: Well, sometimes I am good and solidly connected to my body. A lot of times I’m not and it’s a matter of: Earth calling Carla? [Laughter] Earth calling Carla [Laughter] you know, and after a couple of seconds I’ll dial back in. But for the most part I think I’m intuitive enough that I am in all places, all times, all everywhere all at once and I have to orient.

Wynn: I think that’s closer to my experience. And when you say you’re in all places at all times, it’s not like you’re beginning to consciously be aware of it. It’s a feeling of just a great expansiveness. And, that when you’re in that expansive state and you think of something, your consciousness selects that point in the time-space-matrix and goes there. Then, you get impressions from it, like I do this with people. That’s like I can be thinking of a person and suddenly it feels like I’m with them. Then I check with them and they have the same feeling and they will connect with me.

So when you are moving into this expanded matrix, when you’re having that feeling of that expansion, at first it just feels like an amorphous something. You don’t know what it is, it’s different. It feels good, it feels really good. But what is it? Well, it’s like consider the idea that perhaps you’re expanded into the All That Is matrix or part of it, or a bigger part of it and that if you select something in the matrix that it’ll suddenly – your energy will be with what you select.

Then you can get impressions from that and that’s what people call Remote Viewing I think. So this is why we can do these healings. Like one of the things I realized is that I’ve done a lot of traveling and if I pick … It sometimes comes up spontaneously, I think of a location that I had grounded my energy to and if I’m in an expanded space and I contemplate on that location, it feels like I’m there. And I think I am - I think my energy is there. And I think that when we’ve traveled we have the ability to move our energy into those areas where we have spent time.

We are doing this as a group on our planetary meditation. We’re moving our energy into areas that could be beneficial for the upliftment of the vibration of that area. So, the fact that Terry can do it and Carla can do it and I can do it – we come together and we set a field up here. And if you guys were not doing that previously, you kind of jump into the field and you’re doing it also. You’re sharing it and learning how to do it. Because you are – what was that book? You are a spiritual being having a human experience.

Because we share that and because we’re growing into that, we are having the ability to look at our lives from a much greater vantage point. For me, it helps because on this particular planet, at this particular time, there’s a lot of s h i t [spelled out], pardon my language, hitting the fan. If you didn’t have that perspective, it would be really easy to go into extreme fear about stuff. And a lot of people are holding that vibration of fear. There are certain negative forces that want to do that because fear is how people are controlled.

Carla: Wynn, I would say that that is a very good point for people who want to learn remote viewing - not just to pick it up and say well, you know I have had these feelings and Carla and Wynn and Terry have had these feelings – I’m just going to go with it. No - go to a group that has had a lot of experience at remote viewing and can train you bit by bit by bit. Go for the training so that you do not get your mind caught into a negative time-space problem. It’s really important. The training on these things is so specific and so, I don’t want to say erudite or - you know very, very carefully done.

Wynn: Have you had training on that?

Carla: No, I’ve stayed carefully away from that because I had the fortunate … You know, not too many people get the luck of having the Ra Group give you advice [laughter] and the Ra Group gave me the advice: Never, ever to go out of body, just don’t do it, because I had too much problem. I had too much of a downside waiting for me if I did that.

Wynn: If you did that.

Carla: Yeah.

Wynn: Well, you know what, thank you for clarifying that. And that I know when one talks about things that seem to give one a certain sense of power, like remote viewing, people say I want to experience that phenomenon. And I really was not encouraging people to want to remote view. I don’t want to remote view. For me, it’s more like feeling this expanded matrix and having the ability, mostly, to go to places in an energetic form - not necessarily getting data - and people that I care about, people that I love, being able to expand into the space and share energy on the inner levels.

Of course, not violating free will, but that’s automatically so built-in to the system that if somebody didn’t want an-energy shared, it wouldn’t happen. Or being able to move to a location like where I was born or where I was brought up or where I worked when I was in high school. It’s not exactly remote viewing. Although what’ll happen is, if I do that, without trying I sometimes will get impressions, just coincidentally. Like if I’m thinking about somebody I care about, I might get the impression that they’re a little depressed today, I’m going to give them a call, and that’s about it. You know, I don’t want to get any more specific, I don’t want the details. I don’t care about the details - I just want to go where I can share loving energy. Does that make sense Carla?

Carla: Yeah, I think it makes a whole lot of sense and you are particularly good at it because I think you really care.

Wynn: Yeah. Terry happens to have – and sometimes – I’m not sure if she’s got it or not but sometimes she does have the ability to get really very specific visuals and stuff in an area and I don’t always check to see if it’s correct. Sometimes it surprises her when it ends up being correct. But she seems to be able to do that with a certain kind of impunity. It doesn’t seem to screw her up. Is that right Terry? You don’t get screwed up, hmm?

Terry: Yeah, it doesn’t screw me up. It’s just like if something happens and there’s a place in the world like - about a month ago I was just trying to do a reading and I kept going to a train wreck. There was a huge train wreck somewhere back east.  So I just went to [the] train wreck and watched the train wreck and did prayers over the train wreck. So when something’s going on - and to take the focus of the people in general, like the cold front, like a snow storm - something like that - then there’s so much energy focused on it in the society that I tend to go there and be there and - look at things.

And then if there is something about it that needs prayers, then I can do prayers – that kind of thing.

Carla: And the reason that you are protected is that there is nothing selfish in your attempt at all. You’re totally unselfish. You’re totally service-to-others. So that orientation protects you.

Terry: I think that’s right.

Wynn: You know, Terry listens to George Noory all the time and a few years ago I used to get upset with her listening to him. Because they were talking about so much negative stuff and I was always afraid that she was going … And this does happen a little bit. When you’re a channel and you pay too much attention to everything, invariably, some of that stuff that you paid attention to is going to impact your channeling.

I know that when Carla was first doing the Ra material, they wouldn’t let her even see what came through her. Because they didn’t want her conscious mind to get involved. Is that right, you go along with that Carla?

Carla: Talk about frustrating. Yeah, that’s exactly right and Don would not let me take a look at any of the material because he was afraid that if I saw the material that somehow I would become involved in the material and it would mess up the material. It wouldn’t be the same. That could have been true throughout the entire episode of my channeling Ra. Except that I finally got Don to ask the Ra Group if it was okay for me to read the material and the Ra Group said sure, it’s perfectly alright. She’s got nothing to do with this channeling. She’s nowhere near where any of this is taking place. We have her safely in our orientation.

Wynn: In a loving energy field.

Carla: Yeah, in that energy field - and we are using her body.

Wynn: If you notice we’re talking to all of you more casually and more transparently about this stuff. The reason is because so many of you are having experiences related to your participation on our calls and I think it’s coming through. I didn’t decide I was going to talk about this, but because I wanted to try to help you understand your own experiences. And to me, the great potential is not to want to remote view so you can know what everyone else doesn’t know.

That’s like power, you know? God, I know this, I know that. If you do it like that, that’s negative and you could end up in negative places. But if you use this idea of expanding your field into this matrix of All That Is and then you can pinpoint areas where there’s love and people you love. And, that you hold that space of that love in that matrix - that’s a great service. It’s a great service to you because you are now … You know it’s hard to feel worthy in this realm, especially when you are going by human standards. If money runs out, you don’t feel worthy - it just goes with the territory.

If somebody rejects you or you lose your job, there’s something wrong with you. This is a way of, between you and God, between you and spirit, of doing work and you know you don’t necessarily get a lot of rewards for it. You know if you call the person up and say did you feel me? [Laughter] It’s like you’ll probably screw it up. But if you can send unconditional loving and you can move to the matrix point of where you want to be, where there’s a-receptivity to your energy – and this is different than hugging people and telling people you love them. This is – how would you say it? It can be very unrewarding in the 3D level. No one knows you’re doing it and yet you’re doing it and if you keep doing it …

Carla: You get a certain satisfaction – the satisfaction strictly because you feel satisfied that you’re doing it.

Wynn: Right, and it starts to build your self-worth. The biggest self-worth you can have is not the worthiness of everyone saying wow, Carla you’re great! You’re awesome, you know or Wynn, you’re great. [Laughter] If you’re looking for that kind of response, it’s like you’re missing … what’s that?

Carla: I said, take up something else. [Laughter]

Wynn: Yeah, move off of that, okay? Because that is 3D and it’s like it will pull you into negative realms. It’s like when I do these calls, I have to not think about the response – I mean, I do get emails from people and I used to get more of them because we were in a sense of discovery. People were saying, Wynn, you’re awesome. Wynn, you’re great. Wynn, you’re this and I had to accept those compliments graciously, and I did. But, if I was looking for worldly recognition, I would have started to feel controlled.

I watch a lot of people who are doing spiritual work, fall for that. Because once you fall for it you now then are always playing to your audience. You’re playing to the audience and wanting to win more of their approval, more accolades and you lose the purity of your expression.

Terry: Yeah, one of the things is, if you are looking at that area, it’s egoistic. And if you bring ego in or your own personality or your own hang-ups or your own distortions, then you don’t get a clear picture to bring through to other people of what it is you’re trying to bring through. Because it’s not about you at all, it’s about whatever you’re bringing through. So it’s very important to not get involved in your own look [view] at stuff – your own distortions, your own ego, your own desire for accolades or anything like that because it’ll just take you down.

Carla: Right.

Wynn: Another thing is if you’re really doing this and you’re doing it from a pure place inside of yourself, you can’t help but emanate energy from your heart because it’s automatic. For those of you that are thinking, am I going to graduate this realm? It’s like that’s one of the ways to help keep your heart energy open, more. And, just to have that silent sending of Love and care to those people that you care about. We do that every Sunday on the call but you all can do this, you know, [laughter] during the course of your coping in your 3D life.

As you start to do this and you experience that it works, you really get that life continues. This is one life in many, many, many, for all of us. And as overwhelming and as dramatic as all of the challenges of 3D can be, you start to have a sense of detachment. From a sense of detachment, you have a much better way of dealing with calamities and you don’t have to approach them with fear. You can say alright, I’m ready to go. It doesn’t mean you’re ready to go, but it’s not “We’re all going to die, so why bother being afraid of it. When it’s your time, it’s your time.”

In the meantime, [laughter] you know I was going to give some Fukushima updates. It’s really good to create this loving energy so we can talk about it in a way without making pretend it’s not happening. Because for some people [laughter] they just blank out, they blank out about the way the negative works - the negative agendas in this realm. Really, I can understand, it can be scary. It’s easier not to look at it.

But when you can look at it and you can look at it square in the eye and you can- not-be-afraid, now you are moving into the place where you can energetically surround that stuff and help make a difference.  Does that make sense? I think so.

Carla: It does Wynn and one thing I wanted to congratulate you on was your use of the word “update,” instead of a word that would increase fear. Update is just well, here is some more information. If you say – what was the word you almost used before? I can’t remember it. At any rate, there are other words that you can use that mean, okay here’s more information so that we can be careful and this is, well this is just an update so that we have information. It’s much less scary.

Wynn: One of the emails I got (I’m going to send this out to the group) from someone else was reporting, someone was showing a number of reasons indicating that the media is not telling the truth or not releasing the information about what’s happening. That’s fairly common that [laughter] we don’t get the right information. I mean, there’s that thought that people can’t handle it. People will get afraid, or people will get angry – I mean, actually, there’re reasons to get angry because this danger with nuclear reactors has been around for a long time.

In our country we still have at least a hundred or more nuclear reactors that all have the same potential of breakdown as Fukushima. Particularly if there’s an earthquake or something like that, which no one wants to believe is going to happen but is always a potential – then there can be disasters like that. Terry was telling me that in Russia, after Chernobyl, which was a terrible catastrophe and loads of people died from that and loads of people got cancer and it’s still happening – that, who is the head of Russia that was dealing with that, Terry?

Terry: It was the fellow with the birthmark on his head.

Wynn: Putin? Not Putin.

Terry: No, it wasn’t Putin. I forget his name right now.

Gijs: Was it Gorbachev?

Terry: I think so.

Wynn: Maybe Gorbachev. In any case, he made the decision to start disassembling all the nuclear reactors in Russia. Is that correct? Have I got that right, Terry?

Terry: Right. And he not only did that, but he made the decision to take – he had 2700 nukes that could cause more devastation than at Chernobyl and he started dismantling those.

Wynn: Fukushima, from everything I’ve read, is worse than Chernobyl in terms of the amount of radiation that’s being released. If you have read the news you’ll know there’re four reactors and the one that mostly gets in the news is reactor 4 which has not been able to be capped, and is apparently dumping loads - not only radiation into the air - but hundreds or thousands of gallons of radioactive water into the Pacific.

This means that the Pacific Ocean is getting terribly polluted. I got an email from somebody, and I won’t give their name, but somebody who knows someone - let me just see if I can find the email here – knows somebody who understands this and it’s like … where is this? Here we go. Let me see. I have a client who is a radiation consultant … and I hope it is okay to say this. And she asked him some questions and he went on a rant about how there’s radiation everywhere. He said the radiation at Fukushima is not as bad as people think.

Then I asked him about the ecosystems in Hawaii that are dying and fishermen are losing their livelihoods and it is an ecological disaster. And he said you are speaking about the effects of plutonium. Plutonium is extremely toxic. Yes, you are correct, plutonium will kill the fish. There is plutonium in the Pacific from Fukushima and the conversation kind of ended at that point.

Was it you telling me Terry, how somebody was saying all the fish, they were going across the Pacific and all fish were not there? Did you tell me that?

Terry: Well there’s a fellow, he travels by boat across the Pacific and every other trip before he has found plenty of fish that are visible as the boat goes across and this time he didn’t see any fish, except for one whale that was lying on its back, floundering around and had a tumor. He said it was very quiet out there and that there was like lots and lots of garbage in the Pacific from the tsunami. That’s what he noticed when going across the Pacific, recently.

Wynn: Now my friend was saying that Hawaii is becoming a complete biohazard. I’m sorry if you live in Hawaii - I don’t want to tell you this. People are happily vacationing there while I’m hearing reports that entire villages of fishermen have nothing to catch. The fish are dead. This will come to light in 6 to 8 to 12 months. So, just having that information, I can tell you immediately that you should be very aware of fish that you eat and make sure that it doesn’t come from the Pacific Ocean because there’s a really good chance that it will be radioactive.


Carla: One more thing about radioactivity - and that is that there are far more bombs stockpiled, not just by Russia and by us, but by places like North Korea where there’s a truly crazy person in charge right now, who has threatened to bomb the United States because of some popular music that has been playing that he does not like. [Laughter] When it gets to the point of, you know, the ultimate danger is us, it isn’t the bombs – it is us.

And it is true about everything, including things like – I’m sure you’ve seen pieces on – like for instance, the bottles that we drink of water and then toss the water bottles away. Or the caps, and then the fish swallow the caps and then they can’t eat, so they die and they wash up on the beach. There are so many ways in which we have been careless and ignorant; and we don’t want to hear about that because it would mean that it would be less easy for us to follow our way of life. Why is it easier to grab a bottle of water than to run a bottle of tap water? I don’t know.

But for the most part, we have chosen, at least as a nation, to say well, yeah that’s easier. It means that we are using a tremendous amount of materials that cannot be used up again. You know, they can’t be … what do you call it when you can’t dissolve something or you can’t use something up? [Sustainable]

Wynn: You know (I’ll add) something important to that. One of the reasons bottled water is so predominant is because there was a huge marketing effort, a huge marketing campaign on behalf of bottled water, probably some 30 years ago. And I remember when they first started selling bottled water - I was thinking why are people going to buy water? [Laughter] and yet they do. The two issues about bottled water is number one, it’s come out recently that in many cases, the plastic in the bottle - not only does it create you know huge refuse - [it] also leeches chemicals which are not healthy into the water, in many cases.

Another thing is that the standards for bottled water, apparently, are not higher or very much higher (I don’t know, I’d have to study this to give exact right information). But that the bottled water is not necessarily healthier than the water that comes from your tap. And, it can still have some of the contaminants that are in city water. Now of course you have to check your brands out. You have to check it out carefully. But there was a number of websites that were drawing that indication.

So we drink bottled water – it’s convenient and we pay for it and you could probably use a reverse osmosis filter and get as good or better quality water than is coming from bottled water. But yet, you know, we do it, because somebody wanted to make money and did a great marketing campaign and created a whole consumer demand for bottled water.

Let me just say one more thing about Fukushima. That I was talking about reactor 4 which is still spewing plutonium out into the water and, apparently killing loads of fish.

Somebody told me, if you take a Geiger counter and walk up to the Pacific Ocean in the west coast, it starts going off like crazy. So don’t go swimming on the west coast. [Laughter] That’s another little thing – I don’t know if any of you are swimming. The other thing is - there’s another reactor that’s been spewing steam, on and off.

People are putting articles like: it’s going to blow and if it blows it’ll be worse than the other one. Then they’re saying there’ll be a plume of radioactivity that’s going to blow over from Japan to the west coast of the United States that could be very dangerous.

Of course, it’ll keep going once it hits the west coast. If that happens, there’re things you can do. Like, put duct tape around your house. I’m going to send this out - I’m going to compile it. Put duct tape where things can enter your home. Stock up on food so you don’t have to go out, until this plume passes.

For those of you on our Wednesday call, you might want to go check it if you haven’t – somebody asked the question, they said, Is the Elohim able to stop the radiation from Fukushima? They asked, are they able to?

The answer was very interesting. In fact, a little shocking but it was interesting.  The answer was to a great extent, we are able to, but are we willing to? They said your realm has been going through this for millennium and how are people going to learn their lesson if we fix everything? Then they said that they had done some intervening with relationship to the steam or the reactor that was supposed to go off. And we need to get more people …

Terry: It was reactor 3.

Wynn: Reactor 3. Thank you. So we need to get more people on these calls. [Laughter] We need to spread this. Because there’s way more people out there that would be sensitive to these energies on the call. But they’ve never discovered it. As you all know, what I’ve learned is people discover this kind of stuff through serendipity, synchronicity, accidentally clicking somewhere. It’s like you try to hammer somebody and you tell them you’ve got to come to this call, they’re saving the world – they’re doing this - you know, you’ll be an outcast in ten seconds. [Laughter]

So it’s kind of like creating opportunities for synchronicities and obviously I’m going to make a big pitch to get on George Noory soon, and share some of the stuff we’ve done since the last time I was on. Because I know many of you that are listening now, [who] have had life changing experiences, discovered us through George Noory. So you might just send him an email: Don’t just say put Wynn on the show, don’t just do that. Say something from your heart that you’ve experienced as a result of being lead to this work, because that will have impact, not just you know saying to put me on the show.

And I thank Carolyn in Alaska, she has copied me - she sent George a really good email and it was heartfelt (from her). Make it heartfelt. People feel your heart. Ciija Hill in England is saying it’s really lovely to have Carla back. She has been in my thoughts - I hope she’s feeling well.

Carla: Oh, thank you so much.

Wynn: I’m sure many of you are thinking that as well, and I’m glad to have Carla back and - what else here? Jeffrey in Milwaukee …

Terry: If somebody wanted to keep track of the radiation readings across the United States, there’s a site called and …

Wynn: Terry, it is

Terry: Well I’m looking at it right now and it says

Wynn: Oh, then they must have both, okay?

Terry: Yeah, and they probably got both. The other thing was concerning they would throw in a video of a guy in San Francisco. And he had a Geiger counter and he was walking to the beach and he was getting the readings as he walked toward the beach. The readings, like it started out about – I forget exactly where it started but then where I started paying attention was where it hit 40 and as he walked more and more towards the beach … which I think 40 was about double of where it was further inland. And as he walked towards the beach it went up and then it went up to a 100 and then his alarm went off on the Geiger counter and he walked further toward the beach and it went up to 150. Then, as he walked more and more on the beach and to the water, it went back down into the 50s. So, like there is a range, where he was. Where the radiation, in a ring, was higher and then as he went toward the water, it again got lower. If you want, I could find that and send it to you, Wynn.

Wynn: Okay, send it to me and I’ll put an email together about this stuff. And, is put together by an independent group and they have people with Geiger counters, independently measuring radiation all over the country. They feed their Geiger counters into a computer and the computer updates every two minutes. So you can see probably, maybe 40 or 50 places of radiation and what it is …

Terry: ‘probably 70 at least.

Wynn: Or maybe 70. A lot of states are not represented like Idaho, Utah, Montana, Wyoming – I don’t see anybody there. But California, New York, Pennsylvania, Oregon, Washington– Colorado is represented, and it’s kind of interesting to pay attention and make note of the readings. Unfortunately, they should have a graph that shows changes (over) from one day to the next. They don’t have that.

They just show the readings in the moment. But you can tell if there’s an alert or if it’s dangerous because that particular Geiger reading is in red. So it’s  Anything else anyone else wants to share about this particular topic?

Terry: North of Sacramento, radiation is really low up there according …

Wynn: Sacramento, yeah? Interestingly enough, it looks like Denver … What’s that Carla?

Carla: I wanted to point out how many tools we have, if we can just be thoughtful enough to use them. We have far more tools than we can ever take in, understand and react to. So it’s a matter of paying attention.          

Wynn: I didn’t understand what you said. [Laughter] We have far more tools …

Carla: I said that because of the fact that we have the Internet and the worldwide web, we have far more tools - we have far more pieces of information than we can ever really use. So it’s important for us simply, to pay attention to the ones that come our way, because jolly Moses, if we just paid attention to those, how much good could we do just by sending our intentions out?

Wynn: Absolutely, I don’t know if I mentioned this – I was starting to make a point earlier about Terry listening to George Noory and you know I would be critical of her for quite some time. Then, I got why she was listening. She told me - she said well, I want to know things to pray about. [Laughter] And I kind of dismissed my anxiety about it at that point because I got that she was really doing that, you know?

So, by knowing [about] things that are off, by knowing about things that can be scary yet not being scared, and being able to surround them with our loving energy and then having more people doing that, it’s a way to make a difference. As opposed to sticking your head in the sand and making pretend none of this is happening, okay? Because, unfortunately, it is but fortunately it is. And in fact, really, one interesting thing about all of it is, that because it’s all happening (because I know it’s all happening and some of you know it’s all happening) it gives us a much higher intent to come in to these calls - to participate in a group energy and realizing that doing that makes a difference.

By coming into these calls and having your heart open, not only are we making an impact on the world, but we are benefiting personally. Because we are lifting our vibrations in this realm, we are opening our hearts, we are opening our chakras and we realize the importance of it. And I remember that one of the things that was in one of the Wilcock readings was, they said, ‘These things that are going to happen on your planet are, maybe, really difficult but ultimately it’s going to cause a lot more people to graduate this realm because it’s going to cause people to have the urgency to come together and care about each other, and that they’re not going to be able to depend on the outside structures. The governments, the whatever we look to - to take care of us - and we have to take care of each other.

Of course, that goes right back to Jesus’ stuff where you know, ‘treat your neighbor as yourself’ and as you do that, so it becomes and you start living inside The Law of One, instead of hearing about it as something in your head.

By the way, speaking of The Law of One, keep your attention going because, probably within the next two weeks, three weeks at the most, we’re going to do another Saturday Law of One session, if Carla’s up to it. You think you’ll be up to it, Carla?

Carla: Yeah.

Wynn: Yeah? We’ll keep monitoring her and – all these things are really great in balancing all your levels. The Law of One material works on understanding the Universe from a way bigger vantage point. It all fits in, it’s all congruent. So let’s go into a meditation and we’ve got the energy here already and it’s been present almost from the beginning of this call. And that’s just a test [testament] to how well we are all doing. It just happens because our hearts jump to gratitude to say ‘Oh wow we’re connected again’ [laughter] and the energy starts coming in.

But we’ll do the formal thing and if you don’t feel this, it’s okay. I’ll try – do it like last week. Gijs said he liked it and I did a little difference in the format of the personal meditation. What we did is we put our hands up, if you can do that and if you can’t, it is okay. But put your hands up and palms facing away from your body into space, away from your body (on either side). We are going to imagine that we are all in a circle and that our palms are all up. And although we can’t hold hands which some people do when they do these kinds of things, we’re going to hold energies through our palms, connecting to each other.

Some of you are going to feel that energy radiating off of your hands as we connect. You can do this with your eyes shut or your eyes open. You can try it both ways and see which you like better. So we’re creating this group field between all of us and it’s moving through our hands and through our bodies. Now we’re going to send the energy – we’re going to keep holding hands or holding energy hands – and we’re going to send the energy coming through our hands, down through our bodies, through our feet and into the Earth.

We’re going to make connection with the Earth. The Earth is alive – the Earth has an energy field and it’s a huge energy field. For many lifetimes, whether we were aware of it or not, we were part of the energy field of the Earth. Remember, it’s The Law of One. Everything is the same energy, subdivided. So the Earth and us - are the same energy and now we’re connecting those energies. We’re going to move the energy of the Earth up through our bodies. Remember, we’re still holding astral hands. Our hands are still up, hope they’re not getting tired. If they are, then just put them down (it’ll distract you). Just think of it instead of doing it.

We move the energies up from the Earth, through our bodies, through our solar plexus, through our genitals, through our chest, up to the top of our head. Of course, if you’re familiar with the term chakra, we’re moving through our chakra system. The top of the head is called crown chakra [also known as 7th chakra] which is the gateway to intelligent infinity. This is where we tap into the really high Sources. So we’re going to move through the top of our head and we’re going to move through space. We’re going to move through the roof.

We’re going to move through the clouds. We’re going to move through the veil. We’re going to be expanding and you know the Universe is a matrix made up of space and time. Neither one is a fixed parameter. They are both totally arbitrary and variable. Except when you are in a physical body in 3D, space and time have the illusion of being fixed. So we’re moving beyond that fixed illusion and we’re moving through space and time and we’re encompassing space and time. We make another connection with each other - we could call it a soul connection - a connection outside of our bodies.

Some of you can feel the top of your head tingling, you can feel the energy around what’s called your 3rd eye [or 6th chakra] and your crown chakra. So we’re making another point of connection as we leave our bodies – and when I say leave, we’re still in our bodies – we’re not astral traveling. We are expanding outside of our bodies through dimensions, through space and we come to the place where we can blend with each other. If you are succeeding, you will feel energy in the top of your head.

Now, we are going to invite those Sources that are also in these other dimensions, or beyond them, to join us. Let me clarify - those Sources that are positive, service-to-others, that are honoring The Law of One, operating in the Christed energy - those are the only Sources that can enter this field. So we can feel all these connections simultaneously. We have the energy connecting our hands in the astral 3D realm. We have the energy connecting our souls and, this is a free-will exercise.

There’s no strings attached, that when we’re finished today, these connections go back to you and you are in your own sovereignty. If you’re feeling comfortable, we’re creating a group connection and so right now, we are moving into being co-creators with the Universe. We are tapping in to our bigger self. When we drop intentions into this field, we’re not just dropping them from our mind, into our mind - we’re dropping them into the Universe. So this is a chance for you to create intentions that are for the highest good of all concerned, that are honoring free will.

It’s like dropping stones into this huge ocean and creating ripples so that you’re intentions can be supported by this greater energy. So take a moment and just think in your mind – that’s where the stones come from, your thoughts – what would you like to intend: A personal healing - a synchronicity - a job - more opportunities to be of service. [Silence] We have a list here of people that have written down their intentions and I’m going to go through that list right now. Just a moment, here it is. Okay, we have --

Marsha in Panorama City, Californiapersonal healing and sending the Light to her friend Jim Cole. And for herself: manifesting funds and a good environment to live in. And then we have –

Carolyn in Sunnyvale, California … (Hi Carolyn.) help to heal completely from the flu and/or bronchitis and from grieving the death of my mother.

Carole in Lafayette, ColoradoKari has chronic, severe headaches. And Kari, I don’t know who Kari is but send that Light to Kari.

Scott in Ashtabula, Ohioa new career with better pay, for financial reasons, into the Light.

Terri in Boulder City, Nevadasends Light to her neighbor’s 3 year old niece who is suffering from brain cancer and is being treated with chemotherapy. Put her into the Light and ease her pain.

Michael in San Diego, Californiarequest for the radiation from Japan to cooperate and dissipate to non-harmful levels before it reaches the west coast. Michael again, is putting Albert Stiles from Ft. Wayne, Indiana into the Light to ease his transition and put Michael in the Light for skeletal and dental healing.

Gijs in Magalia, Californiais putting Francis in Concord, California in the Light who is having a hip replacement this Thursday. Please surround her with healing Light for the procedure and her recovery.

Stephen in Watervliet, New York … [please send Love Light healing energy to heal] leukemia, you would never know. Loves giving away Native American jewelry of beads he makes even though he is blind. He connects with people all over telling the story of the beads and the wonders of creation.

Teri in Fort McCoy, Florida … she is putting her mother [Nelda] into the Light for her dementia and her heart. Teri, if you hear this, send me an email, I know something that might work for dementia. I’ll tell you if you send me an email.

Rick in Studio City, California … is having a double hernia operation January 3rd which is complicated by Crohn’s disease. Thank you for the Light. I’m hoping for no cancer. So this is January 5th so we hope that operation … we reverse send the Light back to it. Rick sent that on December 30, okay? On that note, we’ll finish the requests that came in and we’re going to call in the Light, which is already here and have a message from our Sources.

Father Mother God, we ask for the presence of the Light to surround and protect every person on this line, every person on the replays - every person on the Internet for the highest good of all concerned. We see ourselves in the flow of energy radiating from the center of the Universe, through the galaxies, through the Milky Way, through the solar system, through the outer energy fields of planet Earth, through our bodies and into the center of the Earth.

Right now, we invoke a group energy connection while maintaining the sovereign integrity of our souls. We invite those Sources that are positive, service-to-others, honoring The Law of One to join with us. We create a protected space that only the positive has access to and anything not of that nature must leave now. And I should check to see if Terry is unmuted. Are we okay?

Terry: Yes.

Wynn: Okay, we hear you so we turn it over to our Sources. Thank you.

Ra’An/Terry: We greet you in the Love Light of The One Infinite Creator. We are delighted to make contact with each of you who wishes contact made. It is the intersection of our energy and your energy, for those that wish it, to increase your energy in the area of the things that you wish to see in your life. It is by the increase of energy and the electrical potential that these things can come about more easily. For as you increase the energy you increase the potential for work to be done in the area that you direct the work to be done, by your intention.

By focusing your intention, focusing the energy upon the object of your intention brings it into manifestation. You can thus control the energy going into the potential of what you wish to achieve. If you focus upon the negative and how it can’t happen and what is wrong, you then increase the energy moving to that potential and thus increase the chances that your goal will not come into fruition. We Love you. We Love each and every one of you and we are there to help and to see when you are focusing your intention towards the goal that you really want.

Then we can put our energies behind your energies and increase the potential towards making it happen - the object of your goal. It is the energy that will carry you through that job interview. That the interviewer will pick up and will be able to duplicate and get excited by that will then put your request for a job above other people’s request for a job.

We send Love to Gijs for all of his work. We send Love to Gijs and his family for the whole of his progress and his family’s progress toward their goals.

We send Love to Terri in Boulder [Nevada] for her goals.

We send Love to Don Herman. We send Love to Carolyn. We send Love to Donna who we send potentials to feel even better – to the area of the country that is experiencing such cold, to Marilyn in Michigan, to other people - to Chris in the colder area of Memphis. We send Love and Light and healing. We are there for each and every one of you – for Mel in England, for each of you - for Carla - we thank you for your connections and for the delicate healing that is going on.

We thank you for the opportunity to be with you, each and every one of you.

We recognize your concerns about Fukushima and what we recommend at this point is to, in paying attention to what is going on, to also pay attention to how the lessons of Fukushima can immediately be applied to all of the activity in the area of nuclear energy at this time. To the plants that aren’t even being thought of, and aren’t thought of as a problem until a potential problem arises. To foresee the dangers of radiation and to begin to put some pressure to bear, gently, upon what can be done to prevent problems in the future before they happen.

We send Love Light to the fish and we take a moment and view the Pacific Ocean. We see that the cleanup of the debris in the Pacific could help the Pacific recover. As the debris is a holding area for radiation to be reiterated out. We look at the whole area and we continue to monitor. Thank you, our brothers and sisters. Thank you for this connection.

Wynn: Thank you and thank you for being with us. Thank you for working with us.  Thank you for working with the people who are on this line and listening. We’re going to move into … I just want to put two more names into the healing energy that I should have put on the list. One is Terry Friedmann, with his physical disabilities and his Multiple Sclerosis. Another is continued energy to Gary Brownlee and my nephew Danny.

Gijs: ‘and Carla.

Wynn: And Carla, yes - thank you, Carla. I think they’re getting Carla [laughter] even if I don’t say her. But you know I think that putting your name on the list makes a difference.

In 2003, when Terry first started channeling and I was in this state of wonderment, I was asking people I knew if I could ask a question on their behalf and they gave me their permission to do it, and then I asked a question. Part of me was trying to validate the Source.

Like, I’d never done that before, I never asked a question for someone else and I was amazed at how they demonstrated the complete understanding of each person’s issues that I was asking a question about. After a couple of months of this, I asked the question, was there any benefit besides the answer to the question, in asking a question? And they said that yes, there was, because in order to answer a question, they had to move into the energy field of the person,

and that, their doing this left an energy track with that person that the person could follow back and expand on and make a connection to the higher realms.

So that kind of blew my mind at the time - [Laughter] I was still trying to believe that it was real and I would take these answers and keep watching and observing. And it is real. I’m sure that it’s real at this point. And, that when you put your name on the healing list, when you speak up on these calls, you are getting them to move into your space and leave a track. So I just want to urge you all to take advantage of that. Now I believe that just because you’re on the call, (because you are on the call) and they are paying attention to the energies of the call that is happening as well.

But putting it out, in writing, in a physical way, helps to ground the energy. So let’s take a moment of silence and hold the space for a planetary healing. Just about 30 seconds and then we’ll be moving on. [Silence]

We see ourselves in this group energy we’re creating. We feel the connection. We know it’s real and we know it responds to our intentions. We know we have Sources in other dimensions joining us and we are working as a team. We’re going to take this huge energy and we’re going to surround our planet. We see our planet circled with this pinkish glow and we move this field closer and closer to the surface of the planet. We can imagine people all over the world who are reaching. Reaching for God, who are praying, that are praying for peace and love. We bring this energy in and touch those people who would be free-willing, to be touched.

We invite them through their high-selves to join us in this exercise. We see many points of negativity, many points of contracted energy, and we flow around them. We don’t judge them, we don’t confront them. We just flow around and we look for everything that will support this energy, everything that responds to it with gratitude. We touch all those people who are operating in mixed polarity that are in positions of power, influence. We surround them and reinforce their compassionate side and ask for their willingness to make choices that are for the highest good of all concerned.

Many of them are doing this even at the risk of their own careers. Sometimes at the risk of their lives, and they are making these choices. We ask for all those people to be blessed and supported energetically for their courage: the whistleblowers, the generals - the military people who are making choices against what would be their normal flow, but for more of their care and concern for humanity, and not just following orders. We move through people and into the Earth, herself, and we surround the Earth with this Love.

We know she’s hurting. We know she feels all the upsets that happen on her surface – all the bombs that go off. I’m sure she feels the radiation and we ask to balance the Earth, and send our gratitude for all of the support she has given to her children, which is us, for millenniums of time. We see all those tectonic plates, earthquake faults, all over our planet and we surround them with loving energy – Love Light energy. We ask that releases be done gently and away from population centers.

We focus for a moment on the Ring of Fire, the land masses surrounding the Pacific Ocean. And let’s do the whole Ring of Fire at once. Because we are big, we are together, we are powerful - our intentions hold. We just visualize the whole map from South America to Central America to Mexico, the United States, the west coast, California, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Canada, Alaska, down the eastern coast of Russia, China, Indonesia – blasting this with the most beautiful Love Light energy.

As we think about it, we are there, and [we are] asking all the volcanoes, the earthquakes, in that area, to be balanced – the energies to be balanced. That any releases should be moderated and away from population centers and we do this for every place on the planet that has this potential for earthquake release. We do it for St. Louis and the states around St. Louis for the New Madrid fault. We do it for the Mid Atlantic fault and anywhere on our planet, anywhere, that this can be moderated - we ask that it be done.

Let’s pay special attention to Fukushima. We take our entire energy of creation, that we’ve created, this energy that we’re moving and we focus it on that location of Fukushima. We ask for interventions for the highest good of all concerned to contain this radiation. That ways and means are found, either by the other side or this side, to shift the worst case scenarios. We ask that those people that have the decision making power, to look at all of the nuclear plants on our planet, particularly in the United States, but on our planet and that they find a way – they choose to disable them and find another way to generate electricity.

We go to the Pacific Ocean and we project our energy through the ocean to release it from radioactivity. We ask for interventions in terms of no nuclear weapons going off; the disabling of frequencies that are harmful to humans that are in the air - the molecular reconfiguration of chemtrails, so anything that is toxic to the planet or to humans is disabled. We ask for solutions to the economy that help make a transition into what’s very likely a failing economy, to something that will transition in a way that people can be supported, and that those who are in power, care.

We bring the energy back to ourselves and realize that each of us in our own physical location, no matter who you are, no matter what you are going through, are always part of this healing energy that you are transmitting, retransmitting, into the space around you.

And I thank you all for being here – I thank Carla so much, I’m so glad to have her back and Terry and Gijs and the people that are volunteering and sending out emails – Robynne, Gary – and we’re going to bring this session to a close. Thank you all very much. Let me unmute you all.

Everybody: Thank you Wynn; Love you all; thank you Wynn, Terry, Carla; thank you all; Happy New Year; marvelous, Love and Light to all; have a beautiful day everybody; thank you Terry, thank you Carla, thank you Gijs, thank you Wynn …

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