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Personal & Planetary Grid Healing Session

How do you know when to give to somebody and when to let go?”


Sunday Call: 01.12.2014
Hosted by: Wynn Free with Carla Rueckert
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Channeled by: Terry Brown
Transcribed by: Susan Rush
Edited by: Terry Brown
Formatted and sent by: Robynne Olson


Wynn: This is January 12, 2014. This is our Sunday morning healing call. Carla and I both are [songwriters]. Are you a songwriter, Carla?

Carla: I am a songwriter and a song singer.

Wynn: ‘and a song singer, and I’m a songwriter and I’m a song singer. Carla has this deep – I don’t know if I would call it unfulfilled desire. That’s not the right word to say it, but she has a great joy of singing and I don’t know if she’ll do it but would you like to sing a song to start us off, Carla?

Carla: Sure.

Wynn: What’s it called?

Carla: It’s called “Take my life,” and I sing it every single day when I get up in the morning. [Singing]

Take my life and let it be, consecrated Lord to thee, take my moments and my days, let them flow and see His praise.

Take my hands and let them move as an emblem of my Love, take my feet and let them be, swift and beautiful for thee.

Take my voice and let me sing, always only for my King, take my intellect and use every power as thou shall choose.

Take my will and make it thine, it shall be no longer mine, take myself and I will be e’ver only all for thee.

Wynn: Alright. Hey, let’s see if we can get some applause. [Applause] Alright, Terry, do you have a song to sing?

Carla: Yeah - I want to hear Terry sing …

Terry: Not right now. [Laughter]

Wynn: Let me see, there was a song that I wrote - remember I said this crazy song? I’m probably not going to remember the lyrics. Maybe I’ll try a verse. It’s a blues - [Singing]

Well Ms. Marigold came in with a dip stick in her hair,

I said honey, what’s the dipstick for and she said what’s that - dipstick where?

And I said that dipstick in your hair …

It just keeps checking the oil in my brain, keeps me from feeling that human pain and, then she started singing, she said I am everybody, everybody is me.

I am everybody, everybody is me. We may be stuck in separate bodies but we’re drinking from the same cup o’ tea. [Laughter]

Terry:  Great.


And then came Jack the Ripper, a dolphin named (Flicker) Flipper, Mack the Knife and his Harlequin wife … then came Buddha, and then came – who else? And they’re all sitting around the table while trying to be cool …

[Laughter] Never mind, that’s it. We’ll just do another chorus …

I am everybody, everybody is me. I am everybody, everybody is me. We may be stuck in separate bodies – we’re drinking from the same cup o’ tea.

See, that was from my period where I was playing in bars. [Laughter] And I don’t think anyone understood the lyrics, including me, but they liked it anyway..

Carla: I bet everybody loved them.

Wynn: ‘So, I got an interesting email from somebody. They wanted me to ask a question of our Sources, and I’m going to keep the person anonymous, and I think it’s a very interesting question. We might have them answer the question as well. Usually we do this on Wednesday but I thought it was such a good issue that the person was up against and I was thinking how I would handle it, and I was going to email her back but I didn’t. I thought I’d read it and then I’d have you and Terry comment how you would handle being in this situation. Is that okay?

Carla: It’s alright with me.

Terry: Okay.

Wynn: It’s okay? Okay, so the person, and if you’re listening thank you for submitting this and I hope you don’t mind that I’m reading it. I’ll keep you anonymous, okay?

I hired a person to help me remain independent, a chore provider. She asked and received financial help from me over and above the agreed upon wage. In an attempt to extract myself from a difficult situation, I hired another agency to provide the help I need. The first helper keeps coming around. How does The Law of One apply to a predatory situation like this? If she asked for money again I would probably give it but I would be resentful and feel as though I was being used. I have tried to distance myself from her but she just keeps stopping by. I feel awful about not inviting her in when she stops by, yet I feel the need to protect myself from her.

So Carla, how would you handle that? What would you do?

Carla: I would tell the lady the next time that she stopped by that she was welcome for my cup of iced tea (that we all share) but she wasn’t going to get a single penny from me and if that suited her she was still welcome to stop by.

If that didn’t suit her then she was welcome to go on.

I think sometimes you have to draw a line, make a boundary and say, ”I don’t want to be used, I want to be help – I want to be a helper, I want to be a servant of The One Infinite Creator. I want all these things,” and the first few times that this had come around, I would probably have helped. Thinking to myself, “Well, we all have our times when these things happen and so I’m going to help.” But there comes a time when you realize you’ve come up against the end of what you want to do or what you can do. It depends.

 [For] some people - there’s no problem. They have plenty of money – it’s no skin off of their nose, they just say. “Look how about this, I sit down - I give you a monthly stipend and I instruct my lawyers to write you a monthly check?” That’s if I had all the money in the world. But most people don’t, I don’t, and since I don’t and since there’s no way in the world that I have any interest in being taken again, again, again and again, I would just say, “Sorry but that’s the way it is. The well has run dry.”

Wynn: Now did you have the experience of being taken?

Carla: I have had that experience in my life and I have drawn the line, yes.

Wynn: Yeah, me too.

Carla: Not right away, but eventually.

Wynn: Did you want to add something, Carla?

Carla: No, I just was clarifying that I’d had the experience of offering it but not right away. It’s just - eventually, it got to the point where I couldn’t do it anymore.

Wynn: Okay, and Terry, what would you do?

Terry: Well, I think it would depend on the other person. Like in my past I had one boyfriend (whom I went out with one time) and then I refused his calls after that because he was definitely unethical and taking advantage of me. He happened to be extremely charming and extremely good looking. So I kind of fell for him at first but I just let him know that I didn’t want to continue anything at all. Now that’s a little bit different circumstance than where she’s actually had the person in her life for a period of time.

I think I would try a little bit like Carla said, inviting her in for some iced tea and spending a little bit of time with her, seeing if I could get to the bottom of what was going on with her. Did she have other friends? Did she have other means of support? And then, drawing the line as far as time [like] I can only spend 15 minutes or a half hour and then standing up and moving toward the door and letting her out. In the short time that she was there – seeing if I could get her talking and get to the bottom of something that was going on, and playing it by ear. I think that’s how I would tend to handle it.

Wynn: Okay, I think this is a rather important issue. I’ve watched other people and how they deal with it and it’s not always where somebody’s asking for money. Sometimes people get dependant on your energy and they want to always call you and talk to you. But after awhile the energy runs down and there’s no energy being shared because it’s not co-creative anymore. It’s like they’re always going through a drama and they want you to get them out of it. I’m sure many of you have had an experience like that. Yes, Carla, is that true?

Carla: Oh yes, very definitely.

Wynn: Then, on the other hand, when somebody is reaching for something, if you can turn it around - I think what happens is one starts to feel controlled because someone expects something of you, on demand, and they don’t even realize it because that’s the way they are used to relating.

Carla: It’s just like they’re sitting there waiting for the next pearl to drop from your mouth.

Wynn: Right, exactly.

Carla: And they’ve got this puppy dog look. Like “Oh, oh I want to hear the next pearl, I’ve got my ears open, oh, you’re so wonderful. Tell me anything, I’m listening,” and it’s exhausting.

Wynn: And they try to kiss up to you. As if, “Oh Carla, you’re so wise [Laughter] what would I do without you?” [Laughter] And, the thing about it is when it gets to that place, it’s really important to figure out how to switch it. Either switch it around or put a boundary up. I know that I can think of, in the past few years, a couple of situations where I allowed myself to talk to people, regularly.  I did it out of my free-will choice - because they were so desperate that I … How can I say it? You know, like they might have died. It was real, it wasn’t artificial. It was real.

They were very ungrounded and they both had kind of higher energies tapped-in but not their grounding energy. So, in a certain way, I was allowing myself to help them be grounded and [get] the energy sustained – and when the energy stopped, I stopped. You know, I just wasn’t there, I didn’t answer the phone - I didn’t talk to them anymore. But, in both cases – and one person is still, you know has really, I think, gone through a lot of positive changes as a result. So has the other person but I don’t talk to the other person anymore because they would be kind of bi-polar. [Laughter] It was driving me crazy.

One time they would talk to me and it was all copasetic and the next time they suddenly called me to be mad at me, [laughter] for one reason or another. They would keep going back and forth and I told them I don’t need to talk to you. I don’t need to get these calls where you’re mad at me. But the sustenance that I did with that person actually helped them move to a better place. They were so out of it. They were living in a camper. They had no money. They were stuck in some place and they were really, really desperate.

And I said you know if someone doesn’t talk to this person - they had no one to talk to – (if someone doesn’t talk to this person) they might fall off the deep end. Now maybe I was wrong. Maybe the need of the situation would have attracted something else to them that would hold for them. But the problem was part of them was kind of activated in their higher chakras and most people would be just scared to be involved with somebody like that who was so desperate. Yet, I chose [to be involved].

You know there’s a point where you can let something go and “let the chips fall where they may” because if you’re feeling a sense of guilt or obligation then that’s not the right energy. You have to feel a sense of constantly choosing the circumstance and watching it from moment-to-moment. As soon as you’re not choosing and as soon as you’re feeling imposed upon, it kind of goes down the tubes. But for some people, being there for them for a period of time on your own terms can make a huge, huge contribution to their life and, their life eventually switches around.

But you don’t know that, it may not switch around. You don’t know that, so (if) you’re kind of taking a gamble that maybe it’ll be worthwhile and maybe it won’t. One of the things I said to myself from looking at this kind of situation is that since it was a gamble, then you couldn’t risk more than you could afford to lose. I mean if you use the money analogy – you say you could give somebody $5 dollars or $10 dollars but if they needed $500 dollars, you may not be able to afford to lose that. And that doesn’t mean you should be giving them the $5 or $10 dollars, either.

It has to be looked at in a real way. In the case of this person, when they were giving, they didn’t want to give. They were feeling used and they were feeling they would be resentful.

Carla: I got a few things to say there, 1.) Some people feel a sense of entitlement like the world owes me a living and after all I am really serving the Creator and so I ought to get this money, I ought to have a way to live because after all I’m serving the Creator and there’s that feeling of entitlement and that is a mistake. The other thing is, you put it in the form of money – money is easy. If you don’t have money and people keep asking you for money, you just have to tell them look, I don’t have any. But what blinds me a lot, or used to more than it does now, is maybe it is false modesty, I don’t know? Maybe it’s just me but I would miss, completely, the fact that somebody was sucking up my energy because it would not occur to me that I would be worth protecting.

I was just an innocent person that didn’t need any protection. People always were kind to me and always good to me and that’s just the way it had been in my life and I wouldn’t catch, at all, the fact that I was being used. Now I catch it a lot more now, not because there’s been a change in what I think is how great I am, I don’t think I’m any greater than I did fifteen years ago. But I get the energy pattern real quick and I know the energy pattern won’t work for me. I get worn out really, really fast and it actually hurts me physically.

So I have to watch that very carefully and now I do but I didn’t use to. So those are the two things I wanted to put in there. 1) You don’t catch it because you don’t realize that people are considering you as being miss wonderful and 2) You don’t realize that some people have an absolutely sure fire belief in entitlement. They are entitled. And as soon as you believe that somebody is entitled then somebody says well why shouldn’t I be supported because I’m serving? Well, I’m sorry you know, so are plumbers and they need money to pay their bills.

Everybody needs money to pay their bills. If what you’re doing to serve, if what you’ve chosen to do to serve does not bringing you money then you need to learn how to do plumbing so you can pay your bills. Because you’re responsible for your own bills - the Creator is not responsible for your bills. Now, it can be said you know that the Creator will provide and so often I’ve seen it happen that the Creator does. But it isn’t because of an entitlement. It’s because of the miracle of the Creator.

Wynn: It’s like you pull in a synchronicity. You pull in something that is going to take care of you. I mean, I’ll tell you guys the truth, for a good portion of my life [laughter] I was like those people. Which is why I can feel like really … How can I say it? Special compassion when somebody’s in that situation. I mean I remember there were times - both Terry and I have known each other for a long time and there were times where I was so out of the life flow – the grounded life flow – and Terry was looking over my shoulder. She was fixing my car; she was doing all these things. She tells this story, and I don’t know if this is true but the pattern might fit it. She says she remembers when we were both in other realms and we were friends in spirit form and that I jumped in to the physical Universe and I didn’t come back. And she said I better go look for that guy [laughter] and so she jumped in and it’s probably millions of years later and here we are.

Now I don’t know if that’s true but her totally unconditional loving and caring for me stands out. It stands out. It’s beautiful to know that someone cared for you to that extent.

Carla did something - I don’t know if she remembers this, she might remember. But I started talking to Carla when I was writing The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce? And I had met her in Laughlin [Nevada] and we kept up a conversation. Then I met Daphne and Daphne started to channel and I would be calling Carla saying what do you think of this? What do you think that?

Then, at a certain point Daphne left, she was freaking out over the whole thing. At that time I was despondent and I remember Carla saying, “Hey, you could come here if you want.” Do you remember that Carla?

Carla: No, I don’t remember that.

Wynn: Well, you did.

Carla: Well I’m glad I did.

Wynn: You did and I didn’t go there but it made me feel that Carla was a rare friend because most people would never do that. They wouldn’t want to get involved with someone who was despondent. It’s not easy to get involved with someone [who’s despondent]. I’m sure you all know. No one wants their energy preyed upon and someone that’s down and out, either financially or emotionally, can easily become a burden. So there’s a fine line that we have to make with people, can I handle that or would they be a burden?

And, if I did that, would it push them to the next level? Or would they just stay dependent on me for the rest of my life? And when I finally cut the tendency, they’d get mad at me. I mean, I don’t know if you guys noticed but if you let anyone become dependent on you in any way, shape or form and suddenly you decide this isn’t working for you, most people will get mad at you. They’ll get angry with you. Because this is what Carla was talking about – what’s the word you used, Carla? Entitlement - when somebody feels entitled.

Do you guys know what entitlement means? It means somebody just feels the world owes them everything. Or that someone owes them something and when someone gets close to someone that feels entitled, they’re going to put that on you. And if they make you feel that you should do something then you do it but the energy doesn’t hold. You see, every transaction has energy in it, every one. If you are on a spiritual path, the ongoing relationships in your life have to be co-creative on some level.

Carla: And I think that’s probably why I had no fear in inviting you to come [and] stay for awhile, because we had always had a completely co-creative relationship.

There had never been any … The ball had always bounced back. We had always supported each other and realized very quickly, in an unusual way, and deeper and deeper very quickly, that this is a fine person. This is a person that … The thing that struck me about you was that no matter what we were talking about, you would bring it to a very deep level very quickly. And I love that, more than almost anything, is somebody that can talk and not just blab, but go diving - go diving at the deep end. You do that almost instinctually.

So I respected that and I knew that you wouldn’t let me down. There wasn’t any question in my mind. That there would be a time while you were getting your feet under you and then you’d have your feet under you and that would be it.

Wynn: Terry, would you like to say anything?

Terry: Well sometimes I had a situation where I’d felt like it was very important for me to get somebody and help them on their feet. Like my brother – I invited him to stay with me in Oregon when I first graduated from college and I got a job. So he came there and he seemed really different than me and he had beliefs that I didn’t have, and he was just somewhere else. But I was hoping to get him on his feet and eventually he left of his own accord and went back to New York.

I was kind of sorry he didn’t stay, because I really hoped that he could … Well, he actually got a job and I hoped that he could get a girlfriend and he could move into his life. But it didn’t happen. But there’s a situation where intellectually, we didn’t have a whole lot in common, but I just felt like it was important to get him back on his feet. I’ve seen Wynn do this with a couple people, to help them when they didn’t have anything. Like, even stopping on the street and giving somebody a dollar.

He’s a very caring person and kind of an example to me, how the people that he has kind of taken under his wing and helped, it’s helped them eventually get something going in their life, and other people started helping them, then. That’s what I wanted to say.

Wynn: This is a really good topic because if you have studied Jesus, which Carla has, you know there are these things that Jesus said: As you do it to the smallest of these, you do it to me. Or, do unto others as you’d want others to do unto you. It’s easy to take that counsel out of context because he also said don’t throw pearls before swine. [Laughter] I shouldn’t use the word “swine” but that’s the word Jesus used

You see, really, two totally opposite points of view. Because somebody is needy doesn’t mean they’re a person of high integrity. It doesn’t mean they’re a person that is even approaching the idea of being spiritual. There’s a certain point where you have to let somebody go and let them have their own unfoldment according to their projection. Because they will pull things into their life – it may not be good things but that’s the way it works. The hard part is sometimes it’s your children or someone you have a family tie with and you still have to let it go.

For those people that want to graduate this realm, I think if you hold on to those kinds of relationships, and if you think you can save another person, it could be something that could bind you to this realm. Because you can’t save someone else, everyone has to save themselves. But you can help somebody by any kind of act of co-creation with that person. Co-creation, and so how do you turn something around and give it more of a chance to be co-creative? Before we go into that – let me see, do you have anything you want to say, as to what I said, Carla?

Carla: No.

Wynn: No? Okay, I thought I’d maybe let some of you tell a story in this vein that we’re talking about. If anyone has something to share that’s related directly to this topic – and what is the topic? The topic is how do you know when to give to somebody and when to let it go? And, how can you do that without feeling guilty? Because usually, as the person that sent me this email was describing, she had decided that the person was predatory. Now I’m not saying the person was but she made that decision.

Then she said if they ask for money, I would give it to her but I’d be resentful as though I were being used. Now in that case, if I had felt that way, I would have handled … I haven’t talked about how I would handle that situation. Because I thought about it and the situation brings up lots of possibilities and possibility vortices. Because when you’re involved in a situation like that, you don’t know how it’s going to turn out.

But, if you’re feeling resentful - you have to not feel resentful - you have to be really firm and hold your ground and see if there is an opening for something real to occur between you and that person. Because they’re presenting themselves to you and it’s a difficult situation. And if anyone wants to share an experience or make a comment, do *star 6 and you’re on. Especially if you’re scared and you’re shy, this is a really good chance to come front and center.

Lucy: Yeah, this is Lucy from Orlando. I was a nurse for many years – I was a private duty nurse so I know a little bit about … Anyway, a private duty nurse – it’s not proper for you to even let your client know that you need something because usually you’re getting paid for the work that you do. So there’s that aspect. Now in the world there’re always people that want and some people that need and some people that need to give and some people – there’s different people in the world. Now if you feel that somebody is taking advantage of you, well, the best thing to say is no.

Nobody will take advantage of you if you don’t let them. If you let them, they will. That’s another part of psychology that people … But sometime people who are good and like to help and this and that, it’s good. If they, like you say Wynn, if the energy’s there, but if the energy is not there it’s become negative. That’s my point of view. But as a private duty nurse, [they shouldn’t] even think about that – asking your client for money or anything - anyway - thank you.

Wynn: So you were going to people’s homes and taking care of them in their homes, right?

Lucy: Yes, and you get paid for it.

Wynn: Yes.

Lucy: The client should tell the agency of the behavior because it’s not ethical and it can bring a lot of abuse and all kind of stuff that people, when you’re sick and weak you know, you want to help but it’s easy to take advantage of people like that. Some people would do that. And she should report to the agency that she had, of the nursing agency that she had that the person worked for – maybe give her a warning like Carla was saying. Just tell her what’s going on and maybe she can refer her to a social worker or social program that they have to help her.

Wynn: Right. Okay, thank you Lucy. Anyone else want to share something?

Michael: Well this is Michael in San Diego, can you hear me?

Wynn: I hear you Michael.

Michael: I had my phone on mute and I actually had some of this going on in the background so, while I’ve been doing some other things, so I want to make sure I got this all right. But what it sounds to me is like you’re talking about personal energy management. There are all kinds of ways that people connect with each other - usually it’s done with cords of energy. It just appears to me that the conversation was going in the direction of somebody doing it to you. And usually when you’re in some type of relationship with someone, whether it’s business or otherwise, there’s an agreement that goes on.

And the agreement means that you either make a concession in your space for someone else or they connect to you with a cord. And anyone who is a mother understands what I mean when I say connect with a cord. Because mothers connect to their children - to their babies - and sometimes by the time they’re adults, with cords, from the 1st - 2nd chakra for survival. But what happens is when people communicate to you, they’ll connect to you with a cord. Some people will violate your space because they’ll do that because there is no agreement and they will simply try to run their energy through you.

Now some of these are probably new concepts for people, but what I’m getting to is that much of this is how you manage your agreements and also, can you manage your own personal energy space? That takes some training and that’s not something that is simply communicated via information. But it’s communicated by someone who can actually give you an energetic reference for what that is and because we all know what it feels like. We all know when someone has violated our space and either we’ve allowed it to happen, we haven’t agreed, or that that person is just that type of person.

Sometimes you have people out there who are psychic vampires. And I really hesitate to create an “us and them” situation because it’s really all about you, anyway. It’s all about how you’re managing your energy and not about what they’re doing. So, because if you simply didn’t care and allow it to either pass- through you or around you or whatever, if you had no resistance to that energy, it wouldn’t be an issue. You’d basically tell it to go away. But if you have a resistance to it or a-resentment to it … The definition of resentment is when you take the poison and you wait for the other person to die. You expect the other person to die. So this is really all about taking control of your own life and that’s about where I’m at – I’m done. So [Laughter] …

Wynn: [Laughter] Okay, thank you. It’s easy to say, take control of your life, but one of the reasons people don’t do that is because of fear. And what is the fear here? The fear is: what is someone else going to think of me if I do that? That means the fear is what’s controlling you, even more than the other person. Because if you didn’t have the fear, you would just communicate, outside of worrying about the consequences, but it’s tricky.

Everyone has to go into their intuitive side and figure this out for themselves. Because sometimes, if you’re dealing with a pattern, you could say,Don’t have fear,” but if you got it, you got it. It’s like you can look at it, you can notice it but it doesn’t go away, necessarily, because you notice it. I find when I am in the space of really - really trying to contribute to the other person that often times they will feel my intent and that it will make them shift a little bit because they feel the intent to care. But that doesn’t mean doing what they say.

[What] I was thinking about this particular situation here – is, I think if somebody knocked on my door and said can you give me money, can you give me money, I would, similar to what Carla was saying, I would say … First, I would talk to the person and I would ask them why is it they’re having trouble making ends meet? Are they not getting enough business? Then I’d say what does it take to get more business? Do you have those, like cards up on bulletin boards saying you’re available? What are you doing?

Then, I would kind of, for a little bit of time, act as a coach, of sorts. Then I would tell them: listen, I’m going to give you ten dollars, but I’m not going to do this again and I don’t want you to knock at my door without calling me first. If I can give you something or share something or give you an idea that helps you, then I’m really helping you. But if you’re only patronizing me so that I’ll give you money all the time, that’s not going to work. Then I’d say, see you later. [Laughter] That way, if I did that with the right intent and with no fear and letting the person know that if they crossed me, I’d never talk to them again. That would be it.

It gives a person room to shift to the intent that I’m putting out, which is care. But caring is not being a fool. If I think I can contribute something to someone and I think they will change their life over time, even if it’s just talking to them, then I’ll keep talking to them. But if I think they’re just pulling on my energy all the time and they just want to be a vampire of my energy, then it will not work. People respond to me talking to them strongly and friendly, they respond because underneath, they know themselves, what they’re doing. When you address what they’re doing, the game is up because they know, you know.

On the other hand, there are times when people just have a really bad situation and they need help and support, either emotionally or financially, ‘til they get through it. You have to monitor what’s what. You have to decide what it is and you have to decide what your willingness out of your free will choice is, to participate in a situation like that. Like, if I have extra time, which I don’t have very much, I would talk to lots of people. Because I actually like talking to people and I know that often times I can say something or see something in themselves that helps them see it and, often times people will make a shift.

But you know what? I have to decide it’s not in my highest good to do that. Because that’s why we do these calls, that’s why I decided to do all these conference calls because I know people need a lot of support and they’re going through stuff. And that, by doing the conference calls, we can talk about these things as a group and I don’t have to talk to everybody individually. So, it was a huge responsibility, it is a huge responsibility, to do what I’m doing – I take it as a responsibility.

And, kind of giving people hope that they can shift; giving people the belief that there are Sources in other realms that can love them and care about them. It’s like that does not mean your life suddenly gets completely together, unless it does. For some people it does. Everything snaps in. Many people, actually, suddenly see where they need to go, and they see the areas of themselves more directly. So it’s giving a group - where those things can be worked out. At least, that was my thought when we started doing conference calls.

Of course, there’s still people out there that’ll occasionally say Wynn, you’re an ego-maniac and you love to hear [laughter] yourself talk, and I don’t think that’s true. I don’t feel a sense of ego about this, but I do feel a sense of … what’s the word?

Carla: Service?

Wynn: What’s the word, Carla? A sense of …

Carla: ‘need to be of service?

Wynn: A need to be of service is a better way of saying it. And yet I don’t need to be … I mean I spent years being a bum, traveling around and having a blast. I think the way to say it is, if you give somebody hope, you have to stand behind that to the best of your ability. Because giving somebody hope and disappearing, most people will fall back to their old patterns. They won’t grow. They need [a] consistent reference point of energy and support and this is true for all of you.

It’s one of the reasons it’s so hard to talk to other people about this work, because you are the center of what you’re sharing. It’s like do I really want to be responsible for that? Because it has to do with walking your walk - once you start standing up and talking about the kinds of things we talk about, no longer can you compromise in things. You have to walk your talk or else you get plastered. [Laughter]

Carla: I think too, you have to surrender because you aren’t responsible in the end for the things that you say – okay, I’ve got to think this over … No, you say please – and I put 15 minutes of tuning before I get on this call. And I’m not asking for, you know, for being smart. I’m asking for spirit to come into me and let me have information on the level of the unconditional love of Jesus, the Christ. And I’m setting my intention to serve at that level if I possibly can. And I just over and over and over again, I am praying that prayer. Then I come on and you know [Mouth fart sound] splat, you know? [Laughter] you know I’m not particularly - ‘don’t think I hit it every time. I think I hit the sidewalk from you know 87 stories up, just as much as anything else. But, you know, I try. That’s the thing - is the opportunity to try and that’s what these calls are, is you open yourself up to the opportunity to try to be of service.

Wynn: Okay …

Terry: There’s another thing, that if you make your space and you set your boundaries in your space, then other people will eventually give you that space because they know that they can’t take your space. They can’t move in past the boundary. So eventually, if you keep making your space and setting the boundary, they will get it. If you aren’t, because you would like to have them like you or have you in a good image or something like that, then they will sense that - and you aren’t making your own space by doing that.

So I would say, the first thing is to be true to yourself and then, make your space and they’ll have to respect your space.

Wynn: And you know you have become so much better at that, in recent times. You know that?

Terry: I know I have.

Wynn: Yeah.

Terry: I wasn’t good at that for a long time.

Wynn: Yeah, it’s like Terry is so loving and open that [laughter] certain people would see her as - How would you say it? - Someone to use or take advantage of or whatever.

Terry: Right.

Wynn: So, in any case, I thank the person that sent me that email that provoked me to think about that situation. Of course, she was asking me to tell her what to do, or asking our Sources, and one of the things you’ll notice is that we don’t tell people what to do. But it did provoke a whole string of questions in my mind about that kind of circumstance. So I hope this has helped some of you look at those situations in your own life, because we all have them, and figure out how to deal with them better.


I recognized - this is a key for me - I recognized this a long time ago. And that was when there was a relationship that somehow fit into this kind of category, and maybe there was something I was afraid of in terms of letting go of that relationship. Because if I let it go, maybe I didn’t have that many people I was in relationship with. This is a tough one. So then you are tempted to compromise yourself because you’re afraid of, if you didn’t, if you said what you really thought, you’d lose the relationship.

What I learned is that if I truly said what was in my consciousness and I hit it right, in most cases, the relationship would get better. The person would not walk away. But I had the fear they would walk away and I wouldn’t say it, I was biting my tongue, so to speak. By doing that it started to build a kind of muscle inside of myself that said okay, it’s okay to say that. It’s okay to be totally honest. It’s okay to tell the person how I feel about what they’re doing. In most cases, the relationship evolved to a higher place.

In some cases, the person just disappeared from my life. But either of those things is a better outcome than being acquiescent and trying to please somebody. And for me, it’s a rush of energy inside me when I really stand up in a situation. It’s something that builds and builds and builds and now I feel like I’m fairly strong in that. But I can see that, that happened in lots of increments – increment [by] increment – and that it was not easy to do at first. So, I hope that helps, I hope that makes a contribution to some of you looking at your own process.

Why don’t we, if Carla and Terry don’t have anything to say – why don’t we go into our session, or personal healing visualization?

Carla: Let’s do that.

Wynn: Yeah, Carla, I wanted to ask you – I’ve been meaning to ask this to people. I was using this model of people holding hands, holding their hands out and imagining hands holding theirs. Did you like that model?

Carla: I like that model just fine, unless a person is feeling that that would be interfering with their private space. In which case, I would tell them to do it if feels good and not to do it if it didn’t feel good. I don’t want people feeling like well, gee you know I don’t I can remember, when we have study groups and meditation groups at our home, we go around the circle and we all tell what’s been going on with us, in the last day, week, months, year, whatever. We occasionally hit one person who just sits there and I say do you want to share anything? And he’d say no; I said okay, let’s move on. Then, you’ll hit the person that’s got a sense of humor and he says, “My name is Jack and I’m an alcoholic,” [laughter] just trying to pull everybody’s chain and ruin the genuine integrity of the circle. So you have to watch that. You have to say if this does not destroy your integrity, try imagining this and if it does then, try imaging that your essence is offered as a space and that you are a part of the circle, as your essence is part of the circle. But there isn’t anything physical about it and there isn’t any hand holding or any anything holding, but simply, the willingness to be part of the circle, just to make absolutely sure that the person is going to feel comfortable.

You don’t want to make a person feel uncomfortable and you are always very careful about that.

Wynn: Well, this is all free will and when we do this, I’ve come to the personal conviction that we are creating a-group energy. We are touching each other and, it’s something that we do in the moment. There’s no strings attached. There’s no cording. [Michael referred to a type of cording earlier.] There’s just the taking our own intentions - and for those of you that have been part of the experience, you know there’s an energy that comes in. But that’s anecdotal because you can’t prove there’s an energy that comes in.

But you know it’s interesting, I can’t do that energy if I’m sitting by myself. I can feel it as kind of an alchemy that we create and that the human energy field is truly infinite. It’s not limited. But we are used to being limited. So it’s an exercise in expanding yourself to as large as you can handle holding the space for.

Let’s start out and see the Earth and realize the Earth is alive and the Earth is conscious. The Earth is aware and she’s aware of you. Just as you have an energy field, she has an energy field. We’re going to put our feet flat on the ground and ask the Earth to meet us at the bottom of our feet. See if you can feel a tingling. If you want, you can tell the Earth you love her. You know, she’s always there. She’s always under you. For many lifetimes the Earth has hosted your energy in this realm. So we love the Earth. We have gratitude for the Earth.

We are glad to have this opportunity to give back. We see that energy coming up through our feet, through our legs through our thighs, through our groin, through our solar plexus, through our chest, through our neck and to the top of our head. We are surrounded by the energy of Mother Earth. Now we keep moving our energy. We’re moving above our head, through the ceiling, into the sky above our house. You can imagine this huge energy surrounding you, surrounding the Earth. That energy is you, just as much as your body is you.

You’re moving through the sky and you hit this veil that contains the energies of our planet that keeps us in a state of forgetfulness, amnesia. We move though the veil and we keep moving higher and higher. We’re moving through space and we’re moving through time. The Universe is a hologram of space and time, of different dimensions. But everything is in the now and you are in the now, expanding. As we do this, we come to a point where our energy fields touch each other or blend.

This is temporary, but in this moment we can feel the power of doing that. One of the reasons I think this works is because each of us has our own individual distortions in our energy fields and they’re all different, depending on your track. When we allow ourselves to blend energies, we temporarily heal our distortions. Because where you have a distortion, someone else doesn’t and someone else doesn’t and that we come together and we fill-in the holes for each other. And this allows us to thrust higher through the dimensions. Whereas normally, our energy fields (are blocked) block us.

This gives us a reference point of how it feels to actually expand. We have this group energy that’s existing in another dimension and we believe we have Sources in those same dimensions that are positive, that are huge group souls. We call them group souls, individualities that are pure energy. That when we expand through the veil, they can see us or they can feel us and they can join us. So we invite them to join us. Only those beings that are operating for the highest good of all concerned, honoring The Law of One.

So we are tapped-in to the Universe field, the God field and each of our thoughts is like a pebble that we drop into that field. This is the time when you can silently project your thoughts, your prayers - your wishes for transformation, your needs into this field. Just see it moving into the field and let it go. This is the moment where if someone you’re close to is having a difficult time or sick, without a great deal of emotion, just hold their energy in this field. I’m just going to go through a few things on our healing list. From –

Marsha in Panorama City, Californiarequesting grace and synchronicities to evolve, manifesting capacity to be of highest service to graduate this realm and to live in health, balance, good environment and prosperity. And another one from Marsha – she’s requesting guidance, grace and all levels of help for her friend Jim Cole who is having a trial. And then we have –

Marilyn in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania … she’s asking a question and this is not really a time for questions, Marilyn. So I’m going to skip that, okay? That’s for Wednesday. And then we have –

Mel in Wolverhampton, Englandplease give me the patience and perseverance to complete my Life Design exercise and get it down on paper within a week, and then the knowing to manifest it into reality. Love & Light, Mel. Then we have –

Barbara in Twin Falls, IdahoI put into the Light all my gratitude for all blessings seen and unseen, and financial and prosperity blessings to be abundant now in my life and the lives of all my loved ones. I ask for grace to forgive a good friend of mine who hurt me this morning; I bless him also to the best and highest good of all. Peace to all beings on beautiful Mother Earth. Bless you Barbara. Then we have –

Jeannie in Citrus Heights, California … she puts the sale of her business in the Light. She puts her finances in the Light, and finding a new and better place to move into, and releasing blocks to abundance. We have –

Rick in Iowa City, Iowa … there’s a scar across his stomach from an operation and it won’t shrink. He sends Love and Light to that area and asks also what to do about it, as recently it has been bothersome. Thank you, for the highest good of all concerned.

Elly in Los Angeles, California … asks for personal healing of the body, finances and new company.

Hank in California … puts his health issues into the Light. Then we have –

Leah in Corsicana, Texasany assistance and Light for day-to-day living … 19 year old with 2 year old daughter, going to college and working two part-time jobs.

Charlie in Emhouse, Texas … puts in the Light extreme back issues and 3 surgeries already – continuous pain. Charlie, send me an email if you hear this and I’ll make a suggestion, okay?

On that note, we’re going to go into a message from Terry. If they want to address the question we brought up earlier in the call, they can do that. Not that I can give them permission, but I’m open to having them tell us, give their take on how they would deal with a situation like that.

Father Mother God, we ask for the presence of the Light to surround and protect each person here and any negativity be taken to the highest realms of Light and transmuted for the highest good of all concerned. We see ourselves in the flow of energy radiating from the center of the Universe, through the galaxies, through the Milky Way, through the solar system, through the outer energy fields of planet Earth, through our bodies and into the center of the Earth.

Right now we invoke a group energy connection while maintaining the sovereign integrity of our souls. We invite those Sources that are positive, service-to-others, honoring The Law of One to join with us. We create a protected space that only the positive has access to. Anything not of that nature must leave now. And I turn it over to our Sources to speak to us through Terry Brown.

Ra’An/Terry: Thank you. We greet you in the Love Light of The One Infinite Creator. This is the 12th of January 2014. We are delighted to make connection with each and every one of you, all at the same time, but yet each individually. Not through the telephone line and not through the radio. Not through the computer - directly from us to you, directly, without space and time. As if when we do the exercise of meeting altogether, we go beyond space and time.

Beyond the distortions of each and every one of you, to meet in the purity of whom we really are before we have taken on some of the distortions of the 3rd density or the 4th or the 5th or the 6th, the 7th, the 8th, the 9th and 10th. Yes, even us in the 10th density, we have taken on distortions to be in the time space continuum. When we move beyond the time space continuum into the nothingness of where we come from - who we really are - we are able to meet without the distortions, to leave the distortions behind. To not pick up another person’s distortion when we meet but to meet in the joy, in the love that is our essence that we use to create. That is a major tool for creation and viability in the dimensional Universe when we move in there, when we can move past, around, beyond our distortions, to see them in perspective, to give them the space to exist in, to dissolve, and to not be there anymore, to see our patterns and move beyond them.

We get a reference point that we can look at the distortions from. And know that we, in spite of the distortions, are a loved person – are a loving person, are worthwhile, are beautiful. It is a rare, sacred moment that we are able to exist, for a moment, moving from beyond the space time into the shining jewel of being able to hold intense Light. And to have this intense Light we are holding to heal our distortions, and feel the heat, the warmth, the Love moving in those areas that don’t get looked at, that don’t get shined at, that don’t radiate - that don’t vibrate.

And send health and loving and healing through those areas and allow those areas of us that have been distorted to heal. We let the healing spread through us. [Silence] The comment that we would make would be that all is not for naught. These things you are moving through, these situations - how to handle when someone comes in and you want to be friends but yet you feel resentment. This, as Michael has said, is your own energy management system and it is one of the reasons that you are here, to learn how to handle situations, to learn how to handle energy.

These situations provide invaluable lessons. You are not right in one way of handling it, or wrong in one way of handling it. It is a work in progress. As you learn more about yourself and how to heal and how to relate and how to hold your ground, how to move through energy situations without resentment, learning grace, learning how to put your own essence into situations in the 3rd density.

You are your brothers and sisters and we are not better than you. We are all in this space and time learning together and we are available to help where we can. We love you more than you can imagine - each and every one of you. Thank you.

Wynn: Thank you. We are going to hold that space of our combined energies. You can imagine yourself at the bottom of a vortex spiraling up to the high heavens. All our vortexes are spinning together and our Sources are spinning with us. We are above the level of 3D and, just as we dropped our own hopes, dreams, goals, healings, into this field, we are going to move this field into proximity to our planet. We’re kind of like steering an energy car, so to speak and it can get bigger and it can get smaller just as we think of it. We see this field surrounding planet Earth.

We are very big, we are surrounding the Earth with - you could call it Love Light energy. As we move this field closer to the Earth, it has to move around the obstacles, negative projections, secret societies. It moves around all of that until it hits the planet. We’re going to focus it. We can make it smaller. We can make it larger, kind of like a flashlight with a lens on it that you can make a narrow beam or a wide beam. We’re going to see that field of Love Light surrounding those political capitals in the world: New York, London, Moscow, and Beijing – the places where decisions are made.

We’re going to ask the prayer that those people who have compassion in them and courage can hold space to shift some of the negative agendas that are going on, on our planet. We touch all those people on our planet who are reaching up for something beyond themselves, whether it’s God, whether it’s Love, whether it’s Jesus, whether it’s Buddha. People, who at their own level, have integrated the idea that they are more than their physical body, and we meet those people that would want to be met. We invite their high-selves, through their high-selves, that they join in these energies that we’re creating.

We move into the oceans of the world and all of those animal lives in the ocean. The dolphins, the whales – let’s just feel the dolphins. The dolphins feel energy, so they say, and whenever we focus on them I can feel the energy coming back. If any dolphins are suffering because of radiation, we send our compassion and Love to them. We see our light projecting around the Pacific Ocean, through the land masses surrounding the Pacific Ocean. From the tip of South America up through the west coast of South America …

What we’re doing is we’re projecting our Light through the ground into those places where there are potential earthquakes, where there are faults, where there are tectonic plates that could rupture. We send balance to all of these. [Silence] We go up through Mexico, through Baja, California, through Central America. We can picture the map of the world and feel the energies moving through the land masses. We go into California, San Diego, Los Angeles, up the coast through Ventura, to San Francisco and all the areas in-between.

We move through northern California, through the west coast of Oregon, Portland, Mt. Hood, Washington, Seattle, Mt. Ranier, Vancouver, Canada, up the west coast of Canada, across to the southern coast of Alaska, down the eastern coast of Russia, China, Hong Kong and Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia and New Zealand. Now we go back to Japan and let us see Fukushima surrounded with this energy. We ask that any radiation that can be released and transmuted in a manner which protects humans, the Pacific Ocean – we ask that it be done. We take a minute on Fukushima, holding the space for that. [Silence]

Now we expand our field of Light to the middle of the country, to what’s called the New Madrid fault centered in St. Louis, and we project down on that. We expand our Light to the Mid Atlantic fault and project down through the ground, through the land masses into the Earth. And anywhere on our planet we ask that we can balance those faults lines for the highest good of all concerned and honoring free will. We ask for rain where there’s drought. We ask for balance in the economy however that can be brought about.

We ask that the masses might become more aware, more enlightened, more centered and less fear. We don’t have to be afraid. This is one lifetime in many and we are all going to leave our bodies, commonly called death, and we will continue. We will learn our lessons for as long as it takes for that to occur. We ask for interventions. We ask for no nuclear weapons [to] be allowed to go off. We again ask for the transmutation of radiation from Fukushima. We ask that every person that hears this has their own personal intervention, for their highest good, of healing, of synchronicities. Hold space for that to occur.

Each day is a new day of creation. We are creating, ourselves, and we are creating our planet. We ask for health and blessings for everyone that’s on this line and the strength to hold your heart open.

Do you know what? We’ve talked about connecting through our hands. For those of you that would like that - make it optional - hold your hands out, facing right and left and feel the energy of all of us, of the Universe, of our Sources. Feel the loving service that we are providing each other by showing up here on Sunday morning and taking two hours out of your time and tap yourself on the shoulder for doing that because you’re important, you’re part of the connection.

Feel your heart energy radiating and emanating through your hands and through just the front of your chest, [Cleansing exhale] letting go of all the struggles, all the challenges. Feel the Love of our Sources reaching down and touching you. Take a moment each day, or more than a moment. Take a minute or as long as you want, tuning into the Love of the higher dimensions. It’s always there. It’s there for you. You have to reach back and ask.

On that note, we’re going to come back into our bodies. Thank you all, thank all the volunteers. Thank Terry, thank Carla. Tomorrow I’m doing a radio interview during the period of our call and Gijs and Joel are going to interview Carla. They’re going to find out something that Carla hasn’t told us yet, [laughter] tomorrow at six o’clock Pacific [PST]. Then in two weeks - two weeks from yesterday – we’re going to do session 8 of The Law of One Made Simple. I haven’t sent out an email but I’m just giving you all a heads up.

So that if you like that series, put it on your schedule. It’ll be from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., another 3 hour session where Carla and I take the Ra material apart. On that note, I’m going to unmute you all and we’ll see you next time. Thank you.

Everybody: Thank you everybody; Love to everyone; thank you very much; Love to all; marvelous; have a good week everyone.



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