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Personal & Planetary Grid Healing Session

One of the reasons the world is in such a calamity right now is because of channeling of non-positive sources, More about the Elohim

Sunday Call:  01.19.2014
Hosted by: Wynn Free
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Channeled by: Terry Brown
Transcribed by: Susan Rush (04.11.14)
Edited by: Terry Brown
Formatted and sent by: Robynne Olson


Wynn: Hey everybody, this is Wynn Free. It is January 19, 2014 and thank you all so much for being here.

The last time I was on George Noory, a little over a year ago, it was scary because we had all these people coming in on a Sunday, like this, right after the show and I said oh, my God, how am I going to handle this? One of the things that I go through is feeling this sense of responsibility. Like oh my God, I’m giving all these people hope. How am I going to fulfill that? I remember, I think I did an okay job, that particular Sunday but over the past year we had so many people that came in and started attending our calls.

Prior to that I would say there were maybe 30, 40, 50 people, 30 people coming into the call, 20 people and we were doing them for a long time and suddenly we went through the roof. There wasn’t time to individually connect with people, like answer emails. I still try to do that and I felt like that was an important part of the process, but so many of the people that started coming into this call and our other calls, have gone through changes. Really amazing changes and we’ve seen kind of these miracle things happen on the planet.

And it’s like, those of you that attend the calls - and you have to do it semi-regularly - you can stop any time of course, but at least give it a shot because there’s an energy on the call that is unlike anything you probably ever have experienced. It’s unlike anything I have ever experienced. When you first are listening it’s like your mind is thinking where’s the energy? What’s going on? And you kind of have to get yourself out of the way and go into neutral.

Don’t look, don’t not look, just be neutral and one of the things that works is having fun. [Laughter] It’s like when you’re having fun … There’s a sacred aspect to this but there’s also the aspect that we’re all human and that when we enjoy ourselves, when we are having fun, it opens the door to higher frequencies – higher energies. Some of you … I think I said this story when I was on George, about how my sister had that healing. But three weeks before she had the healing I started calling her everyday and telling her jokes.

I didn’t know what I was doing at the time. That was just me being a caring brother. She was in the hospital and she had to tell the jokes to the nurses (that was my deal) and I called myself the “cheer up committee.” Then three weeks later she had to go in for testing and her Lupus disappeared from her test. And I asked them how did you do that? They said we just projected a filter into her blood and took the Lupus out. This was like in my first four to five months of this experience talking to these guys and I was as skeptical as the next person, I wasn’t a believer.

They didn’t ask me to do anything. They just said ask us questions and I just asked them all kinds of questions and was recording them all. It had an unreality to it – I didn’t know where to go with it, I didn’t know what to do with it – I was writing the book with David Wilcock and [laughter] it was like a little bit embarrassing because you know I’m writing a scholarly book. I hope you’ll all read it. It adds another dimension to everything. It helps ground the energy. But, it was a scholarly work. It was like I was documenting David, I was studying Edgar Cayce.

Then suddenly I have a new personal relationship that’s saying those guys want to talk to you [laughter] and I’m taking out the tape recorder and I’m asking questions. It was embarrassing. It was embarrassing because suddenly I wasn’t like in my scholarly intellectual role and I’m not sure whether I can trust them. One thing I’ve learned after all this stuff is that regarding channeling, there are huge amounts of negative sources in other dimensions that will speak through people and they will sound positive and they are not. They have agendas.

In fact, one of the reasons the world is in such a calamity right now is because of channeling, because of channeling of negative sources. That they talk to people in churches, they talk to people in cabals - they talk to people God knows where. They usually will start talking to you and build your ego up and say you are our blessed one. I mean, let’s assume you’re positive, because if you’re not they’ll come in and talk to you and they’ll reinforce your negative [side]. Like somebody like Hitler was probably doing that.

But if you’re positively disposed they’ll talk to you and kind of play up to you. So I knew that was true and it took me a long time to think that maybe this was a positive source. I didn’t think they were negative but I had to be open, I had to somehow know inside myself. Even after my sister’s healing I kept testing it. That was not enough – a negative source can maybe do a healing and maybe that’s the way they ingratiate themselves. So I had to keep testing it.

Part of that thing about the cheer-up committee, she needed to be happy in order for them to do work on her – in order for them to enter her field – I know that’s true, I can see how it works. So the key to the work we’re doing on these calls is to feel good and to uplift each other. I come from a background--I didn’t talk about this on George, but I’ve come from a background of being a singer/songwriter.

I’ve had songs recorded. I’ve written songs with famous people and I used to hitchhike around the country [laughter] playing in little coffee shops. So I learned to love the public. And so, I have an artistic part of my nature that looks at this work as a work of art. Every moment is a work of art. Every moment is a new moment to be created. So, not to rest on my laurels or, because Okay I’m talking to the Elohim, I’m a big deal. I’m not a big deal. I’m a guy [laughter] that ended up in a lot of circumstances that said okay, this is real and this is important.

If you’ve studied the story of all this, I’ve had to push through, years now, of how do I do this? How do I put this out into the world? How do I get people’s attention? How do I not sound crazy? You guys are coming in, right now, at a point where I think I finally have a little mastery over the whole thing. And I’m always constantly, still learning, constantly. As we’ve been doing this there have been people that have come forth that are volunteering. We don’t really have an organization, we’re very loose knit.

Things have just come together because people have kind of … Like Gijs, who was on the phone saying hello to everybody. Probably about four years ago, I was late showing up to a call (and we just had a small amount of people) and Gijs would greet everybody and he just kept doing it. [Laughter] You know actually, that really, really helps because he helps ground the energy and he’s friendlier than I am. [Laughter] It was very nice for him to come on and do that. I’ll be talking about some of the other people, but you know what?

I thought I would start out just to – let’s see if this works today – I was going to play a song. This is like low-fi, okay? But it’s great energy and at the end of the song I’m going to have everyone who wants to … I’m going to open up the mikes and we can sing a chorus of this song, it just kind of fits. [Song:  I Just Called To Say, I Love You” by Stevie Wonder] Alright, thank you Stevie Wonder. Wait a second, I’m just going to open up the lines (and here we go). I’m going to go 1, 2, 3 and we’re just going to all sing together, [laughter] “I just called to say I love you.”

Because that’s the bottom of all of this (it makes me cry to hear it say that). [Choked up] To think we’re actually doing it. So, hang on a moment. If other people can hear you, they might think you’re crazy. If you don’t want to sing, it’s okay but hang-on. Wait a second, not yet, hang-on. Okay, 1, 2, 3 [Everybody singing].

Alright, thank you all so much for participating in that. So I’d like to introduce you to some of the people who have been supporting the work and if you come into our calls, you’ll get to know them.

Read the book first because it’s a really, really good introduction.  We have an archive [site,] of our calls with hundreds of these calls on them and it’s free.

The bottom line of all of this is not to make you believers in something on the other side. That will come, or not, as a natural resonance. On many of these calls we have live conversations with them. They will be talking to you before this call is over and they’ll introduce themselves to you. But the bottom line is for all of us to learn how to be truly loving in the highest way imaginable. More than you ever thought was possible.

Everybody comes to the table with I guess what you could call karma, with obstacles. Some of you are struggling, some of you are sick. Some of you are lonely. Some of you are deeply hurt. And it’s like, that’s not you. None of that is really your essence. Those are things you’ve taken on as a result of being a human in this realm - having a body here. I’ve learned without a shadow of a doubt that reincarnation is real. As you listen to our calls, there’s enough evidence - not just a belief, not just because some source on the other side says it, but I have personally had a tremendous amount of validation, personal validation. And I’m not going to tell all those stories today but they’re in our archives, loads of them. Well, let me introduce some of the people, if they’re on the line who have been helping to hold the energy for this call. Let me start out with Gijs who says hello to everybody at the beginning of the calls and helps engineer the call. He watches the console. He makes sure I’m recording.

There is an archive of our calls on BBS Radio, besides on our own site, so it possible to listen. They’re not very well cataloged, so you just kind of have to let me see you know what’s on here and see what you end up with. But Gijs are you there?

Gijs: Yes, Wynn.

Wynn: So just tell people a little bit about yourself and your experience.

Gijs: Alright, I was raised in a Christian family and that was just a no-no for me that didn’t make sense - how that was hanging together. So I pushed that away from a young age and I was just a disbeliever for a long time until I saw the movie, The Secret. I became interested in what else was out there and did a lot of Internet research. Then I got a hold of your work Wynn and that was like in 2009 [and] started participating in the conference calls and … You know I want to share one thing, what happened back then [when] we did [live] personal healings at the Sunday call.

Somebody was asking for wart[s] on his thumb to be removed in the call. Just the day before, it was the 1st of January, my son (he was 7 back then I think) he came to me and said oh, pop my number one wish for the New Year is for my warts to be gone. He had warts over his hands for like a year and a half, two years already.  So you know just for me, [it was] a great point to tag on to the other person’s request. That was on the Sunday call. So in the meantime I checked with my son, I said, “Hey Eddie, can I put it in the Light? Which I did – he agreed – and I did.

The next day, Monday, I was at work and my wife calls me and she says I can’t believe this, Eddie’s warts are disappearing. So how much of a better evidence can you have – that, I mean I was convinced already, but this made me really you know, see the truth of all of this. And it took like another two weeks or so and all his warts, were no traces left on his hands, so it was pretty amazing. So, that’s what I can share with you and you know it’s a blessing for me to be here right now and to have as many people participate with this call.

I hope you all can hang in there and see if it, you know, resonates with you over time, because it’s just something magnificent. So I thank you all for being here and really, I love you all. Thank you.

Wynn: Thank you Gijs. Let’s see, is Terry on the line?

Terry: Yes, I am. I’m here.

Wynn: Okay, so just a little bit of background. I’ve known Terry for at least thirty years and we have been (the) best friends and we have worked together. We [laughter] did businesses together. [Laughter] At one point we were trying to make money … I’ll tell this funny story. I met her at a point in my life when I said I need to make a lot of money and I thought I was going to do multi-level marketing. So I met Terry in a multi-level marketing [MLM] company. She was giving a talk (she tells this story) [laughter] and she was kind of awkward and she was very shy, but she was very passionate.

At the end of the talk everyone stood up and she thought they were all going to walk out on her and [laughter] she got a standing ovation! So she is awesome and she has, you know, kind of been totally supportive of me for years and years. Like one time we were doing this one product that supposedly – it did grow hair. I had somebody that I gave the product to who grew all their hair back - it was an MLM. We were living in Los Angeles and we went to Westwood and I had made up this little cassette tape of all these testimonials of people who are having their hair grow back.

Now don’t email me and tell me you want to know what the product is, we’re not doing that anymore. This was thirty years ago but we would stand in an alcove … Westwood was like a little shopping center next to UCLA that had a lot of foot traffic and we would stand in an alcove and look for people that were losing their hair. And I would see somebody – I’d jump out and I’d give them the cassette tape. It was called “Gone today, hair tomorrow” and they would have to give me their phone number – and I didn’t tell them it was for hair growth, I didn’t want to embarrass them.

But they would give me their phone number and I would call them back and I would sell them this product. So we called ourselves “The Bald Busters.” [Laughter] So I ended up, actually, making an income in that company. I’m just giving you a little background on Terry. Then, when I ended up in this channeling experience – and it wasn’t with Terry, it was with someone else – you know the story I told on George of driving to Portland and saying does anybody want to talk to me, and she suddenly starts channeling?

This was in the first six months, from April of 2002 to September of 2002. Then, she was freaking out over the whole experience. She was having what I learned were negative attacks and she left.

Terry: I was the other girl, that wasn’t me.

Wynn: That wasn’t Terry. So a few weeks later I called Terry up and I said, “Listen I’m having a broken heart, I know I’m a scoundrel and a cad but would you consider coming over?” She did and in the middle of the night she woke me up and said [to] get the tape recorder out and this voice came through Terry that said it was the same Source. I didn’t believe it, I thought Terry was jealous, I thought she was making it up, I thought she wanted to be important to me. But for the next two months I kept having conversations and I decided it was the same Source. At a certain point into this, I said I think they might be who they say they are.

And I would ask questions, I would ask questions about other people and they said that … They were answering questions and they just demonstrated the ability to know everything about the person and I was really amazed. And I finally asked them, I said is there a benefit from asking a question and getting an answer other than just the knowledge, the wisdom of the answer? They said there was. Because when they looked at answering the question they would move into the person’s field.

When they moved into the person’s field to look at the person, they would leave an energy track which the person then could follow back if they chose to and make a connection with them. Now remember, I’m still learning. I’m still skeptical. I’m asking questions. I’m a year into this and I have no idea how to work this. Then at one point, and this is probably – there’s a number of things that occurred that made me say okay, uncle, this is real. One of them was when I asked the question was Terry ever anybody famous? They said look up St. Catherine of Siena, who I never heard of.

So I did a Google search on St. Catherine of Siena and I found the story of this young woman, 14 years old, who would go into the local church in Siena, Italy and they would write down everything she said because they thought God was speaking to them through her. St. Catherine’s dialogs with God are an official part of Catholic history and are still available on Amazon. But you know okay that sounded like pretty coincidental that they pull a name out of a hat and the person happened to be a channel that was going into the local church.

But what’s really amazing is that Terry was the spitting image of St. Catherine. You can look that up on my website and you’ll see how incredible the resemblance is. And I had already learned when I was writing The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce that people looked like their past lifetimes. The reason is, when you die your soul memorizes your DNA, it’s carried in your soul matrix. So when the soul decides to come into a new body, it programs the fetus of the new body with the old DNA.

Since that time, I have numerous people that I’ve run into that I’ve reason to believe they were somebody and they all looked like the person they were supposed to be, including me. But I’m not going to talk about me but I’m sure that’s a valid principle.

I’ve known Terry for years and at some point in our relationship she was interested in channeling. We were living in L.A. and there was a lady in Culver City named Cheryl Taylor who was a channel. Terry used to go to her house and I would sometimes drop Terry off – I would never go in – I was not interested in channeling.

I didn’t even want to expose myself to it. [Laughter] The lady was actually teaching channeling – she was teaching it. There was at least one or two times when Terry got up in the front of the room and she apparently channeled. But I still was not interested. Of course it was in the end of 2002 where suddenly Terry wakes me up in the middle of the night and said they want to talk to you and I’m engaged in a channeling experience. So Terry, is there anything you’d like to say to introduce yourself to everybody?

Terry: Yes, I am delighted that everyone’s here. It’s wonderful. When you were speaking Wynn, I thought of the time when I was speaking before a thousand people at the multi-level conference and I didn’t have a lot of experience doing it and suddenly they all got up and in a body and I thought oh oh, maybe the place is on fire and they’re all leaving. And I started looking around and I didn’t see any flames or smoke or anything and I thought well, maybe I said something wrong and I tried to think through everything I said and I couldn’t think of anything that I said wrong.

I finally realized they were giving me a standing ovation. It was my start of an experience of talking before a lot of people. I had a little experience acting when I was in high school when I took one of the major parts in the senior play.

[Later] I was a librarian for Tektronix – I set up the library at Tektronix in Portland, Oregon. And I got a master’s degree in library science and I got a Physics degree from Lewis and Clark College. At that time, I was really, really interested in how things worked. What was it? What’s going on here? How come things exist?

I was really looking for answers but then I decided that the answers weren’t in the field of physics because they described what happened but they didn’t have anything metaphysical. So I was really searching for answers, so I was really interested in Cheryl Taylor and the work she was doing in the 90s. She was a police psychic. She would find out who did the crime and turn it over and the police would investigate and find out it was that person.

Once, she found a lost submarine.  The FBI came in the middle of the night and took her in and said you’ve got to help us with this. She wasn’t even sure what she was doing but she gave the coordinates they were asking for and they found a lost submarine. She was kind of amazing.

One day, somebody dropped their cane into the flower garden, a story below, and we were all down there looking, parting the flowers and looking and looking. There was about four of us looking for the cane and we couldn’t find it. She came out and she put her hand to her head and said you’re doing it wrong.

Here’s how you do it and she just put her hand to her head and then she came and pointed to a place and that’s exactly where the cane was. So I was really interested in learning more.

I gradually developed the memory of my past lives, so I remember a lot of my past lives and I remember being St. Catherine. In this life I would always feel like I had a wedding ring on but I couldn’t understand why I would feel that. I could actually feel the wedding ring on my finger. As St. Catherine I had that invisible wedding ring on, too that was connecting me married to God.

I didn’t have any desire at that time to have a relationship or a marriage. My family was always trying to marry me off. But I remember being St. Catherine and having a number of experiences like levitation and things like that.

When I met Wynn, he was a lot of fun and always interested in a lot of things and so we had a strong connection. We were both ham radio operators when we were kids and there’s just a really strong bond with Wynn and everything that we’re doing. We’re on the same page, as bringing things through. At first he would say let’s go and do a channeling and I was very, very slow at it.

Because they would say something to me and I wouldn’t want to say it. Like the question [from someone] would be, what’s the most important thing in my life? And the answer would come in for that particular person ‘to establish communications with his teenager’ and I’d be having long pauses.  During the long pauses I’d be asking them questions] like how do I know he has a teenager and how do I know this or that and so there was a couple years of time when I was trying to integrate this all and to be able to trust it. It’s really been a great growing experience for me.

It helps me grow and for the connection on Sundays to channel and to ride, in a sense, with the Elohim. To see the Earth from above, to look down at the locations and see the different locations on Earth, to connect with the people, and I set myself aside so that I’m bringing through them, I let them come through and connect. It’s a really great experience and I’m honored to be able to do this. Thank you.

Wynn: Thank you; and you know I’m looking at our board and we can see some of the people on the line. There’s Anna Couchman in Berkeley who I slept in her living room [Laughter] one time when I was doing a talk in the San Francisco area. There is Gary Brownlee who has volunteered for a few years now, who met us when I gave a workshop in Huntington Beach, and he helps coordinate the sending out of all the emails. You know, there are a lot of things that have been developed, each thing …

You know, we were operating for the longest time with a negative cash flow and putting money into this, knowing it was important to get out. And Gary was one of the people who was helping. Are you on the line Gary, you want to say hello? Star*6.  [Silence] People are shy ... I know you’re there. Okay - Gary? Never mind.

There’s people doing the transcripts, there’s Pauline Cheung, Susan Rush, Michael Snyder (and then there’s) Todd Humphries who are helping – all volunteering. You know this is kind of like a virtual community because it has no buildings. We’ve been doing it all on conference calls and the Internet and emails and it’s just been evolving and evolving. One of the things that I have learned is that humans tend to be compressed in this realm and why can’t we remember our past lives? Why can’t we feel the higher dimensions? Why is there so much mystery? Of course, for most people, if they can’t validate it in some way, they dismiss it and they’ll say it’s not real. Now in the case of our work, there’re enough things proving that there’s something going on. You do not have to believe things on faith. You might sometimes have to believe something I say in my experience, except even that is all pretty well validated. We have a track record of things that have been going on for years.

We have my sister’s healing. Some of the things that have happened on these calls are beyond the beyond. I mean, you’ll learn about it but we have learned – and let’s see how I can express this. The general human condition is to feel trapped, to feel compressed in your body. And for most of our lives, for many of us, we’re trying to find ways to uncompress us. Being in love, having a great love relationship, if you’re lucky enough to have it, can uncompress you and make you feel complete. But that’s not easy to find.

Sometimes you can stand on top of a mountain and have a breathtaking view and that makes you feel complete in a moment. There’s all this invisible stuff in other dimensions that we don’t have a clue exists. Through this work I’ve been learning (learning by experimenting, by trying, by seeing what happens) that it’s possible for a human to expand beyond their limitations. Your body is limited but your spirit, your energy field, is not limited. Your energy field moves, all the time. In fact, for many of us, when we think of something our energy field moves to what we think of. That’s why remote viewing works.

When we think of a person in a loving way, our energy field moves to that person, and that our energy fields follow our thoughts and our intentions. That, what I learned on these calls, was that it was possible to create a thought and intention that would cause your energy field, our energy fields, to expand. And, that we could actually experience loving each other even though we couldn’t see each other’s bodies, even though we didn’t know each other. We could create a-group energy. It’s a momentary thing – it’s in the moment. When it’s over, it’s over.

But the principle of creating a group energy is never over because as you learn how to do it on the calls, it’s a learning how to do it in your life. That each of you is a potential co-creator with All That Is. That the higher Sources, the higher positive Sources, need us – it’s like they need grounding in this realm. And there’s a principle called The Law of One and in The Law of One the idea is that everything in the Universe is one-energy, and it’s all subdivided through a multitude of fractals until it gets to be you and I; and in this realm, it’s not easy to have the experience that we’re part of each other and that we’re part of All That Is.

So when we connect with these group souls - the Elohim group and there’s another group soul that we’ll get introduced to - it’s like they are actually us, in a higher dimension and we are them in a lower dimension. They’re not better than us – we’re not supposed to kiss-up to them – it’s learning how to experience the energy of the connection, so that we can hold that energy in this realm. The way things work is that when there is a group intention there can be things that happen in this realm that would not happen otherwise.

Sometimes you could call those things miracles. But they’re not really miracles. It’s working with … you know, within our planetary realm there are laws, laws of physics, and they’re not usually violated. They’re fixed and they work, but when you start working with laws of the higher realms, when you start doing that you can transcend the laws of this realm. In the higher realms, things happen easily. Then, when something gets planted in the higher realms, higher dimensions, it can matriculate down as a manifestation in this realm.

This principle can be used by both the positive and the negative, and the negative is certainly using it. Because, if you’re listening to George Noory, you know that this realm has got a lot of negative things going on – a lot of control patterns. So if enough people can tap-in to the higher realms and shift energies up there, because of a group intention, then things can shift down here. Now what I’m describing is the process which normal religion would call “prayer.” And I don’t like to use the word prayer because this is not a religious group.

It doesn’t have to do with faith, belief – there’s an experience to be had just by being on this line and feeling the energies. I’ve watched this – learning how to be a ground for the higher dimensions. Let me just see if Jeffrey is on the line. Because he had a great experience and I don’t know if he’s on, I sent him an email but I didn’t get a response. Let me see if I got a response, maybe I did. Jeffrey, star * 6 if you’re on the line. Are you there Jeffrey?

Jeffrey: This is Jeffrey.

Wynn: Hey Jeffrey, thank you so much – I know you’re … Are you kind of shy?

Jeffrey: Yeah, yeah I’m a little awkward in the public eye. [Laughter]

Wynn: Okay, that’s okay. [Laughter] You know we have a lot of people that are on the line that are trying to integrate what I just told you into their lives.

Jeffrey: Yes.

Wynn: And Jeffrey had sent me an email oh, I guess 6 or 8 months ago, right?

Jeffrey: Yes it was, prior to the school start.

Wynn: Right, and what did you tell me in your email?

Jeffrey: Well, I actually – I thought that was one where I put in your prayer for the Light prayer? I just wanted to have a peaceful school bus because I know it’s not an easy job.

Wynn: You drive a school bus in one of the more dangerous areas of – was it Minneapolis?

Jeffrey: Ah, it’s inner city Milwaukee.

Wynn: Milwaukee! I got the “M” right. Yeah, and that people were coming on your bus and they were unruly and …

Jeffrey: Oh yeah.

Wynn: ‘and they were having fights, right?

Jeffrey: Yes, they were - I had interaction with people outside the bus, too. It’s pretty tough. When you start a school bus, you don’t have any choice of schools so you sort of get the school that other drivers don’t want. So the school I have is a special school for students who’ve been kicked out of the regular school.

Wynn: I see.

Jeffrey: So yes, it’s very unstable.

Wynn: Did they carry weapons?

Jeffrey: Well, I had a big 9” butcher knife that I’m not sure it was from my bus – another bus driver came up to me – he said he didn’t know if my rear tire hit it but he thought it came from my bus. That was the only time I saw anything of a weapon but I’ve seen whiskey bottles, handcuffs, I don’t know what they’re doing with that. Good Lord. I don’t think they … oh, they have metal detectors in the school so maybe that’s why they shot that knife away, if they indeed did that.

Wynn: Right, and so you know he asked me he said what am I going to do? I go on this bus everyday – I think you were scared a little bit, correct?

Jeffrey: Oh yeah. [Midwestern dialect]

Wynn: You were scared. You know I told him something and not everything works so I’m not here saying/knowing - I said I don’t know if this is going to work; this is what I think you should do. Now he’d been coming into our calls and he’d been feeling the energy of the call. And so I said, why don’t you go into your bus a little early and just call in … the terminology we use is “calling in the Light.”

It’s just like creating your intention to connect with higher dimensions. And call in the Light and surround your bus in this energy and as each person got on the bus, just put that energy around them and see them in it, and see if that works. So what happened, Jeffrey? Tell us.

Jeffrey: Well, I’ll tell you, it got stable very very quick and right now I wouldn’t dare drive without doing my Light prayer - my Light invocation - morning and afternoon. The bus is actually very stable. Now, I’ve had some students come on there - they’re new and they don’t want to say hi to me - they’ve got to maintain their tough image, but some of the nastiest ones that pretty soon they’re all saying “goodbye bus driver.” [Laughter] And something just happened, I was off one day for medical and not many of the kids went to school and I asked one of them how come you didn’t go with the substitute driver? And they said I don’t want to drive with no blank-blank lady drivers. [Laughter] That was actually a compliment [laughter] but now the bus is like a library and these are the roughest kids. The regular schools have more trouble than I do!

Wynn: Alright, well thank you so much for sharing that.

Jeffrey: Yes, I’m really grateful for your Sunday calls, I truly am. It’s changed my life, I feel so stable - I feel like I have a dad watching over me almost and we’re partners. Thank you.

Wynn: Thank you, thank you so much Jeffrey for sharing. And many, many people have had that experience. Sometimes people learn how to do that and their marriage changes, their relationship with their children changes. You know sometimes people want somebody else to change and often times we’re in a life circumstance where we’re with a partner or someone and we’re always finding what’s wrong with them, and your children are not doing what you want them to do, and your friends are not doing what you want them to do.

What happens - this doesn’t happen every time, because there is free will - somebody can be rigidly stubborn and it’s not going to work. But when you start learning how to bring-in these energies and it creates this kind of loving energetic bubble around you, and (that people) that you can learn to not respond to other people’s negative stuff, and you can hold the energy regardless of what they’re going through. A little bit, it’s like having a friend in a higher dimension or friends – it is like that.

They are friends and that you can bring them in and feel them and then they are in your space, and other people feel them. You actually shift the reality where you are, and that’s something that happens for many people on our Sunday calls. Of course, the first thing is you have to be able to shift your reality. Sometimes people hear this and they just want a miracle – give me a miracle, heal me, heal me, do this, do that, and I wish I could do that. [Laughter] I can’t, I don’t know how to do it.

All I can do is show up, be authentic, be transparent - tell you how I see it working, because it’s you who have to shift your reality. And, what we’re doing is creating a liaison, a friendship with intelligence that in all my analysis seems to be extremely positive, extremely high intent. They’re going to be talking to us later and you can decide. They have the ability just as I said, if you think of something, your energy is there. If you think of a friend in a loving way, your energy is with that friend. Some of you might have had the experience of thinking of someone and the phone rang and the person saying, “You just popped into my mind.”

Well imagine if there’s a huge intelligence in another dimension that if you thought of them, you were there and that you could feel them suddenly with you and it was loving and open. Regardless of what was going on in the world around you, you’ve got a friend. You’ve got an energy friend that can help you feel loved. And I only say that because we’ve seen it happen, as Jeffrey was saying. We’ve seen it happen so much. You know this happens for lots of people in all different kinds of groups, I don’t have a monopoly on this experience, and there’re spiritual groups - whatever.

What is unusual in our group is that that energy is present and also the intelligence of that group, that does that, is talking to us! We can ask them questions. And, you’re in the position to not only feel the energy but to feel the intelligence of what I believe is the Source creating that energy. And, that [we] experience them on a sense of equality, not out of a sense of deference or [of] prostrating yourself. I would say, from their point of view, this realm has gotten really screwed up and they want to make a difference. On some level they have some responsibility for creating the realm and giving everything free will.

They do not want this to be happening, they don’t want everyone to be suffering and having all this stuff. But they don’t know how to make themselves known. [Laughter] People don’t know they exist! [Laughter] Or often times when somebody does a manifestation that’s very positive, that causes people to believe they exist … Say for example, let’s say Jesus was one of those people, and I believe he was, and after that person is gone the negative just jumps on it and says hey, we can use this to control people.

They take away to a great degree the experience that was supposed to be had and turn it into a belief pattern, and then, turn it into fear: If you don’t follow this you’re going to go to hell. That happens all the time. So, right now, we’re in the middle of that experience, all of us. We have a rare opportunity to not only change ourselves but to change our planet, I don’t know if that’s going to happen. But what I do know is whether the whole planet shifts or not, that, one of the things they keep saying that started out with David Wilcock and then it continued …

You know, what happened was when I was studying David Wilcock’s channelings - and this has nothing to do with how David is presenting himself now - and don’t think that the book is a reiteration of what David’s doing in the world now. I met David when he was posting all his channelings on his website and he was trying to impact the world. At a certain point, he made a right turn and thought that he would have a greater impact by being scientific than being a channel. He was getting a lot of negative flack from people for saying he was Edgar Cayce and that he was a channel, a lot. People thinking, you know all kinds of things about him.

So, but at the time I wrote the book I had studied his channelings up and down and I had been a big student of Edgar Cayce material and I had a reading from David at the time and I said, this guy is for real. Now David was not channeling the Elohim. David was channeling, what he said he was channeling, was a group soul that was made up of graduates of this realm. And, that they had been in this realm, not necessarily on this planet, but lots of planets. They would graduate and, getting off the wheel of reincarnation, they would act as a helper and a guide for planets at lower levels. That’s how they identified themselves.

Then they were giving all of this immense wisdom about how to graduate this realm, through David. When I was first exposed to David I knew he was Cayce and I kept saying can this be real? I mean, are they really a group soul made up of graduates? They were extremely wise - I could recognize their wisdom immediately. Then, I was two years into writing the book and I had that experience with DK and I asked all the questions. Initially, in my first six months, I was asking all the questions about the book I was writing, about all the premises of the book.

And I was getting exactly all the same answers as were coming through David, exactly. It was a little scary because suddenly it was like maybe this is real. You know it is one thing to be a scholar and studying somebody and it’s another thing to say this is the kind of information everyone wishes they knew they had. But as soon as you start talking about it they invariably think you’re a whacko. So I am so glad that George chose to have me on the show a second time. We’re going to go into our meditation/visualization planetary personal healing session in just a moment.

But what I wanted to tell you is, if you’re responding to this show we’re doing today – this session we’re doing – please email George and say I loved Wynn’s [Sunday call].  Just do it in your own authentic way but just tell him you loved the Sunday call because maybe he’ll have me on sooner than a year. Also, I want to say that next weekend we were going to do … Carla Rueckert – you don’t happen to be on the line do you? No.

Gijs: No, she isn’t

Wynn: Carla is another channel of this group soul made of graduates. We have ended up connecting with both group souls. Just for the way that I’ve come to understand it, the group soul that’s made up of graduates, has played a very close association with our realm for 20,000 years, at least, and when they talk to people big things happen. Sometimes religions start - and they’re very, very wise. In some ways they have areas of wisdom higher than the Elohim. Because the Elohim learns everything vicariously, they can watch things, they can feel things.

The other group soul learns things because they got trapped here, and we’re all trapped here. They learned how to un-trap themselves, and the Elohim has never been trapped here, although, they’ve watched people being trapped here. So we have access to both Sources. We have access to the wisdom of, they call themselves the Ra Group, but this is not the Ra of Egypt. You have to hear more about it to understand it. But the whole book, The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce

Is filled with their guidance and how to un-trap yourself.

It’s brilliant – they are brilliant in their ways they understand us. The Elohim book, [The Creator Gods of the Universe Want to Talk to You] talks about it from a whole other perspective. You could say it was from a higher perspective because they look at us as a mish-mash of frequencies and geometries that are also trapped here. They can work at/with – they use the word “un-sticking the geometries” – helping to work with stuck the geometries on the other side, and helping us release patterns in that way.

The Ra Group works on our minds and how to view ourselves. So the combination of the two is bloody amazing. So after you finish The Creator God book, read The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce? I’ll put some kind of blast out [email] suggesting it. Then we have immense resources that can help un-stick us all and even help un-stick the planet.

I think next weekend, we were going to do a Law of One workshop. We do that with Carla Rueckert, we’ve done about seven of them, and I think I’m going to switch it. For next Saturday we’re going to do a workshop with Terry.

We are going to focus for three hours on asking your questions. I’m going to make a really low donation to attend the workshop. Then, if you want to send in a question and have me ask it, it’ll be a higher donation. But not very high, it’ll all be really small compared to what people do when they do these kinds of things. If we get too many questions, we’ll do it again the following Saturday.  Just to get all the questions in, in the three hour session, until everyone has a chance. We do have a Wednesday call where you can ask questions and we get 3 or 4 or 5 questions of people but we can’t take as long on the answers.

But if you can’t afford whatever I’m going to charge to ask a question, which won’t be much, you can ask a question for free on a Wednesday call. But I would like you to have read the book before you ask a question. That’s going to be a requirement because you’ll have more of a context. Sometimes people ask questions – like for example, the most important questions are the ones about your own life.

Often times, people want esoteric answers about various things and they [the Elohim] don’t like doing that because it turns me/them into an expert and, to creating belief systems. Like for example: did Jesus really die on the cross? I think he probably did, but that’s the kind of question that they wouldn’t like to answer. Because there they are, going right into the middle of everyone’s belief systems about what they believe, and now we’re saying believe them, don’t believe the Bible, or don’t believe this person or, is this person positive? We don’t want to do that.

I want to believe at this point, that we’re positive and we want to give you the keys to untangle your own evolution, not to be the experts on everything that ever happened in history, although we probably know a huge amount, but it comes up in our regular conference calls. You can go through and listen to them on the archives [].

Terry: There’s another thing to think about when you’re reading the answers that are given to somebody else’s questions. The answer is specifically for that person. One has to remember when they’re looking at it that it is specifically for that other person and to not think that it is for you.

Now, there are things that can help you in the answers to other people’s questions but be careful to not take it as something gospel, for you, when it may not be that way.

Wynn: Right. You’ll notice if you watch the way they answer questions, this is not a psychic reading, this is a wisdom reading – look at your deepest processes. One of the principles is free will and very rarely will I hear them say something that says do this. They will not make a decision for you. They will give you the keys on how to make a decision, but they won’t make the decision. Like if you said should I marry Joe or should I marry John? They’re not going to tell you to marry John. They’ll say look at each person, feel the energy. Imagine getting old with them.

Are they really a friend? Feel the connection and then see if it keeps building, if you go into it and then you’ll know which, is the right person. I’m just giving an example but that’s how they look at things. They look at things from the point of view of giving you a choice.

Now we are running out of time – I spent a lot of time talking. Usually, the first hour of the show, we talk and then the second hour we do these meditations. Now we’re going to do …

Gijs: Wait a minute. Quick, by “the book,” do you mean The Reincarnation or The Creator God book?

Wynn: The Reincarnation is the other group soul - half the book is the channelings of the other group soul that came through David Wilcock. It’s like $14.00 dollars on Amazon and it’s really a worthwhile read. We’re going to try to give a crash course on our calls over the next couple of weeks so that all of you that want to can get up to speed in all of this, quickly.

So, what we’re going to do is take a moment – and many of you feel the energy. One way that you can tell you’re feeling energy is that when I stop talking, the pauses are filled with energy. I’m not just entertaining you, I can stop and in-between the spaces is energy [silence] and that’s all of us and them in that energy. The principle is that the Universe is all that energy. Everything is that energy. Our bodies are that energy, the Earth is that energy. The Elohim is that energy. The table is that energy, at different levels of configuration.

So right now we are going to expand our ability to feel the energies. We’re going to start out imagining the Earth. You may have never realized this but the Earth is alive. The Earth has awareness. It has a consciousness. It has decision-making abilities, believe it or not. It has some say over where an earthquake is going to happen or where some catastrophe is going to happen. It has some say, and the more people that are in a loving consciousness, in an area, the more protected it is from natural disasters. So we are now looking at the Earth and saying hello.

We’re saying hello to that awareness. Now if this all sounds weird, just think it’s your imagination or my imagination. Don’t believe it. Just track it and see what happens to your energy field. The Earth can radiate energy through its crust and through the floor. You all have a floor, right? [Laughter] Put your feet flat on the floor or flat on the bed. We’re going to ask the Earth to send energy up to your feet. See if you can feel a little tingling in your feet. Just think right now: Earth, I love you. Did that tingling increase?

So just imagine that tingling is Earth connecting with you. We’re going to move the Earth’s energy up through your legs, through your calves, through your solar plexus, through your chest, through your neck and to the top of your head. Do you know we are always in the field of the Earth? Our fields are connected to the Earth’s field but usually we don’t notice. The Earth has been hosting us for many, many, many lifetimes. Right now we just thank Mother Earth for being our host and allowing us to have this experience on your planet.

We can ask for protection for ourselves, if she has any options in her choices, to keep any disasters away from us. Now, we are going to go through the top of our head, through our ceiling. Imagine kind of a light energy on the top of your head, moving through the ceiling, through your roof, into the sky, through the clouds, through the veil that keeps us enclosed in the field of Earth and, we keep moving up. Now we can’t see where we’re going. So we have a lot of protection while we’re doing this because we’re going through like minefields of negative entities.

But we are surrounded in the most pure protection and nothing can get to us as we accelerate our motion upwards. There’s this idea that the entire Universe is a hologram. That time and space, and I know this is true, are just constructs that were created so life could occur. We are moving through all the constructs. We are moving through time. We are moving through space. We are moving through our past lives. There was a point where we first individuated, that we didn’t exist as a separate being, but we were part of this amorphous energy of All That Is.

We come to the edge of that point - we don’t disappear, we keep our individuation but we were innocent then. So we are now all imagining that we’re there. We have the ability to create a-group energy. We already have a group energy but we’ll just focus on it – put our attention on it. Shut your eyes and imagine the idea that your energy field is blended with everyone else’s energy field on this call that would desire that experience. This is free will so any time this feels uncomfortable, say I’m out of here.

Some of you might feel this band of energy around the top of your head, around your 3rd eye and around your crown chakra as these energies connect. That’s one sign that you’re doing it. So, we are going to just – like we said I love you to the Earth – let’s just say I love you to each other, to everyone that’s on this line that would wish that experience, say I love you. What’s happening is – this is what I believe is happening – we have projected our energy above the limitations of our planet. We have become a shining energy point and that the Sources we deal with can see us when we do this.

And I don’t know if “see” is the right word, but sense us. I asked them, I said how can you see somebody down here with so many billions of people on the planet? They said we know when somebody has projected their energy through the veil and we can sense them and we can work with them. So they can see us and we can invite them to join this group energy. We’re just working in our imagination because we can’t see them. Is this really happening? You don’t have to believe it. Just go along and make pretend. They’re going to talk to us in a moment. Maybe Terry is just making it up – I don’t think so but you decide.

While we are in this field we can put our own hopes, dreams, intentions, into this field of this group energy. It’s like dropping a rock into the water, it creates ripples. So I want you all to take advantage of this and understand that you are doing it. An expanded part of you is doing it. You’re not giving up your power to something else but they will support it. So do you have something you need healing for? Ask right now. Just ask, say okay I want to heal this part of me. Do you have a deep hurt that you want to help release? Put this energy around the hurt.

Do you have a relationship that you would like to see improved? Put this energy around that person or those people, and let it go. Don’t, go like ahhh, eghads – just let it go in a loving way and let the Universe do its magic. At this moment I’m going to ask them to give their message to this group. We have already created a protected space. We’ve already created a Light energy. But I usually do an invocation for added protection before we bring a message in.

Father Mother God, we ask for the presence of the Light to surround and protect everyone here and any negativity be taken to the highest realms of Light and be transmuted for the highest good of all concerned. We see ourselves in the flow of energy radiating from the center of the Universe, through the galaxies, through the Milky Way, through the solar system, through the outer energy fields of planet Earth, through our bodies and into the center of the Earth.

Right now we invoke a-group energy of all those present who would like to participate. We invite those Sources that are positive, service-to-others, honoring The Law of One to join with us and create a protected space that only the positive has access to and anything not of that nature must leave NOW. And I turn it over to Terry Brown to bring through a message.

Ra’An/Terry: We greet you in the Love Light of The One Infinite Creator. It is our joy to be with you today. This is Ra’An. We are a combination of parts of two soul groups. One of them is the Ra Group and the other is the Elohim Group. The Elohim Group has a very, very high frequency. We are coming in from just beyond the border of space time. Beyond us there is no space time. When we move into your 3rd density, things get very thick. Time slows down because of all of the coordination that is necessary for things to happen in the 3rd density.

So when we, the Elohim, move into the 3rd density it requires patience on our part for the flow of time and matter to take effect. When we move into your realm and we connect with each and every person here that is listening, both on BBS Radio and on the telephone line, we only connect with those who wish connection. It is like a flow belt. So if you wish us to flow into your space and you’re open to it, we can come in and connect with you. If you don’t, we do not violate your free will. We only come when you are ready and wish it.

We are in joy that we can have this opportunity to connect. We do not come through the telephone lines. We do not come through the computer. That is where the voice comes from. However, we come straight into your space, if you desire it, to the extent that you desire it. We are here. We are available to listen to you. We have, for those that sense the paranormal, we have a pink color. Sometimes this color, when we come through, shows up in the photographs. Pink, the Elohim color, is a color of Love, of pure joy - the joy of being able to connect. We are listening. We sense. We see. We hear.

We see the Light, the infinite Light of your soul and we connect where wished. We see the reaching and we see the Light that you are projecting. We see the energy patterns that you are projecting. When you wish something to change that you can grasp, look, sense - the energy which you wish to bring to you - it is the energy that needs to change to bring the change to you. In healing, often times the energy of the part that you wish healed is too low. When the energy is made higher than their body can use that energy for the healing of that part – when the energy is too low the part does not have the material, the energy to heal. Energy is very important.

We take a look at everyone that has placed a request on the healing list. And we have a healing list for those of you that haven’t heard of it before, where you can come onto the Internet and place your healing request. We monitor what you have put on there. Those that have merely asked and not put anything on the healing list, we also monitor. When you reach out and you ask, then we can come in and lend our support. When you do not ask, we do not know if this is something that you are moving through – a learning experience – something that you need to have to grow within your own-self, a balancing of karma.

So we allow you the free will to go through it. However, if you ask we lend our energy to the circumstance to help you be able to heal. We have a toolbox. We do not call them miracles. We have different things as part of our toolbox that have not yet been discovered in the 3rd density. Although, there are people now that are looking into how to heal with energy, how to heal with frequency, how to heal with sound. When one has a deficiency of energy they have a deficiency of certain musical vibrations in their sphere.

The missing musical vibrations - for instance, if there is a deficiency in their grounding chakra, their base chakra, then they’re missing some of the C note and  the C note can be supplied. It is not enough just to supply the C note, as one must wish to change. Because if one is suppressing their own C note within their fundamental chakra - the base chakra - if they are suppressing it, then to supply it will not be enough. They need to have the motivation to get their base chakra working.

We are delighted to have each and every one of you here. We have provided other channelings that are available on [where] you can go in and you can read transcripts.

We profoundly thank the individuals that are helping us with the transcriptions, to get those up there. We are honored by each of your presence and we look forward to further communication. It is a sacred moment in time when we can connect. Thank you.

Wynn: Thank you very much. This call has not been our normal format, not that we have a normal format. But we usually go into a planetary session and you heard them mention, we have a healing list, which they say they’re paying attention to. So if you’re interested in checking that out go to and it was in one of the emails – you got today – that email. Then the list is automatically posted on the web. Remember, it’s not only you but it’s on the web, but not many people look at it.

You don’t have to give your last name. It’s at and as they said, they are paying attention and usually we go through the list. We’re going to take a moment … we usually have a longer session for the healing of Earth but we’re just going to do it very quickly because we only have 3 or 4 minutes. Right now, let’s take our group energy - and the group energy of all of us and all of those positive Sources that are connecting with us – we create a- oneness of energy. Through our intentions we can give this energy, motion.

The higher Sources will participate in it as long as our intentions are for the highest good of all concerned and honoring free will. So we take this energy and we surround our planet with our energy. It’s ours, we’re co-creating. We are co-creators with All That Is. We’re not asking God for favors. We are a co-creation. We’re a small part in this realm connecting with bigger parts in other realms. We surround our planet with this loving energy and we bring it close to our planet. We see many negative blocks. We just flow around them.

We ask for any natural disasters to be away from population centers. We ask for awareness for the general population of planet Earth. We ask for obstruction to any of those plots of the negative that would dishonor free will. We ask for all nuclear weapons to be disabled, not be allowed to go off. We ask for the energetic connection to all those beings on our planet—that are reaching for this connection. We ask for each of you, for blessings, for your own connection, your own working through your own obstacles and learning how to become, if you would choose this, your own emissary on this planet.

On that note, I so welcome all the new people that are on the call today, I thank all our volunteers … If you enjoyed this call and you heard us on George, send us an email, or send George an email. Say something authentic. Just say that you got a lot out of it and you hope I’m on soon. - I think that’s his email. And watch for our next Saturday call with Terry, where we will have a whole session of questions and answers that you can participate in for a very low entry fee.

In fact, if someone can’t afford it, we’ll just give it to. How’s that sound? But we will charge to ask a question. On that note, we’re going to end this call.

We have a call tomorrow night at 6 p.m., thank you Gijs. Tomorrow night, 6 p.m. Pacific time, we have another call. It’s a different number. I’ll make sure that everyone that’s new from George Noory will be on that call or we’ll get a notification. And thank you all who have been supporting our work buying pendants and the pendants are also supporting people.

If you haven’t checked out our pendant site, – I want to tell you it took me two years to be able to announce that on our calls because I never wanted to sell anything and compromise the energy. But you know it was such great success [that] I’m doing it, so there. On that note, I’m going to un-mute you all, we’ll say goodbye. We’ll see some of you tomorrow. And I hope that you’ll consider making at least the Sunday call, a regular part of your week’s schedule. It’s a way to help ground this energy in your own life on an on-going basis. Thank you.

Everybody: Thank you; marvelous; love you; good bye, etc., etc., et cetera.



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