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Personal & Planetary Grid Healing Session

A bit of background of how Wynn met Carla (for newcomers); how we grow


Sunday Call: 01.26.2014
Hosted by: Wynn Free with Carla Rueckert
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Channeled by: Terry Brown
Transcribed by: Susan Rush
Edited by: Terry Brown
Formatted and sent by:  Robynne Olson


Wynn: This is January 26, 2014 and my name is Wynn Free, and we have Terry Brown and we have Carla Rueckert on the line. We’re so glad to have Carla and for those of you who are not aware of Carla (I know we have new people on), Carla is one of the people that has created – how do we say it? If it wasn’t for Carla, I wouldn’t be doing what I’m doing. If it wasn’t for Carla, David Wilcock wouldn’t be doing what he’s doing. Some of you may have heard David Wilcock talk about The Law of One, the Ra material.

In 1981 through 1984, Carla was in a little channeling group and she went into a deep trance, didn’t remember anything she said and this voice came through her that said I am Ra and I am here to answer questions, that there was a calling for or something like that. So her partner at the time was Don Elkins who was a very smart, bright, PhD researcher on paranormal phenomena and for the next three years Don asked questions of this … although it wasn’t an entity, at least it identified itself as another group soul. It’s not the Elohim group soul.

It identified itself as the Ra Group. They called themselves a social memory complex. You know, to make it simple, this group soul was composed of beings that had gone through a 3D (we’re in 3D, this level is 3D) – not necessarily just on Earth, but other planets, who had gone through a series of 3D incarnations -perhaps a thousand, perhaps more and they were able to graduate this realm. Graduate – get off the wheel of reincarnation; get off the wheel of karma. They didn’t have to have any more lifetimes in 3D.

They eventually joined together as this huge group soul of hundreds or maybe billions of them. They acted as a team in order to help planetary populations at lower levels of evolution like us – people who are still trapped in 3D. They acted to try to assist those people on how to graduate and Carla introduced them to our planet with probably more precision and clarity than has ever been done in the history of our planet. In fact, as I was studying them (we have some of these calls in our archives) there were indications - I’m not saying this is true but there were indications that the Ra Group was involved in the manifestation of Jesus.

It was involved in some of the more positive things that happened in Egypt. It doesn’t always identify itself as the Ra Group so they don’t always want to tell us when they are – how can I say it? – making a contribution. But their signature is The Law of One and usually, if somebody is talking about The Law of One … that’s not necessarily [true], because the negative can adopt these things and then make you think that they are that when they’re not. But The Law of One has to do with the whole Universe being one-energy and each of us is the same energy.

Each of us is part of each other and I’ll just give Carla a little plug here. Her website is and she’s got loads of things that are free there, including all of her books. Even though her books are available on Amazon, she gives free downloads. She has probably thousands of channeling sessions on there. She has influenced, in her own small unassuming way, more people than you could believe. People who ended up becoming leaders of consciousness. And I put myself in that category because I am sure that I wouldn’t be doing the work I’m doing if it wasn’t for Carla.

Carla and I first met when I was doing the research on The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce where David Wilcock had said his source had a connection with this Ra Group and I was trying to put all the pieces together. My mind was saying can this be true? There was an amazing thing that came up and I had read many Edgar Cayce books years ago. Edgar Cayce, in his books, talked about a lifetime he had as an Egyptian high priest in 10,000 B.C. and Edgar Cayce said that that Egyptian high priest built the pyramids by levitation.

Then I was studying Carla Rueckert’s material and in her material this voice that identified itself as the Ra Group said that 10,000 B.C. there was an Egyptian priest that they had an-infinity with and, that they built the pyramids by levitation. That kind of floored me because I was trying to make heads and tails about David Wilcock, Edgar Cayce, the Ra Group – how it all fit together – and suddenly there was this footprint from two separate sources that seemed to point to the same event. So I decided I had to meet Carla Rueckert; I went to Laughlin, Nevada because she was speaking at an expo there.

I just had to look at her and I had to decide … I was being like a detective. Believe me I was having a very hard time integrating this material - believing it. I don’t believe things. That’s why I tell you guys: don’t believe any of this, just study it and see how it integrates because if you study it with an open mind it does integrate. There’re no loose holes in it. It fits together, all these different kinds of sources of information all coming through with things that point to each other, totally independently.

So we’re not going to do this call dedicated to Carla although we have done many calls with Carla. Carla and I do a series where we’ve been going through her Ra material. It’s called Ra, The Law of One (it’s published on Amazon) and we call it The Law of One, Made Simple. Because many people have said that the Ra material is so complex they don’t understand it. So we kind of pull it apart and we do these 3-hour sessions and we’ve done about seven of them so far. You can stay tuned because eventually we will be doing another session. This is all really mind blowing stuff.

On this call we are connecting … and let me say that you have to figure this out yourself but the voices that we’re connecting with, the intelligences, identify themselves - one of them is the Elohim obviously - and the Ra Group in Carla Rueckert’s channelings never talks about the Elohim but they use the word Logos for the creator of this realm. And it does seem that what they mean when they say Logos is Elohim. They describe many of the things in the same way - and the Ra Group.

These two group souls have their own specialties because you know everything is based on its experience up to this moment. So the Ra Group has huge, huge wisdom and understanding of this realm because they got stuck here and they graduated. The Elohim Group, their wisdom seems to be more vicarious, I mean they have been watching everything for trillions of years. Of course, to them it’s not trillions of years because there’s no time – very little time. But they have a lot of vicarious experience and they can feel us so they know what we’re going through.

But they didn’t get stuck here. Getting stuck here is a totally different experience as many of you know you can feel imprisoned in this realm, you can feel totally stuck. So the Ra Group has gone through those kinds of experiences and gotten out of it, so they have certain ways of looking at things that the Elohim Group doesn’t have. And I’m very, honored to have had Carla coming into our calls for a few years now and have her as a friend and I thought I’d turn it over to her and let her say whatever she wants.

Carla: [Laughter] now how do you follow that? [Laughter] But I will say that it’s been a pleasure to meet Wynn, to get to know Wynn (a long time past now, probably over a decade) and to work with him. There is nothing is Wynn’s heart but the desire to serve and there’s nothing in my heart but the same desire. So we get along and I am very privileged to be able to come here. I can’t go to church right now because I’m in bed with some health difficulties that are limiting me in a way that is very educational.

This is a treat that I couldn’t have hoped for, to be able to join Wynn in sharing information that may or may not be of service to those on the call. And I still pray, I still hope that something that we say today can touch you and help and if there’s a question that you have, write it down and use the email that Wynn offered at - will get it to me and we’ll answer it on the air. We’re here for you. We love you. There’s nothing that we want but to serve you and what a privilege it is to work with Wynn.

Thanks Wynn, for the introduction and thank you for talking about those of Ra and I know they’re right here as is Don and hopefully spirit will help us to bring some things through today.

Wynn: Well thank you. Now Carla doesn’t channel on these calls, just for your information and she doesn’t have to channel anymore this life. She has so much stuff on her website that you could spend the next two years reading her website. Let’s not talk about the Ra material now. Today, I was thinking I wanted to explain to everyone the way that we grow. I had all these thoughts coming through my mind before the call and I know we have lots of new people coming in and trying to integrate what we’re doing. And I know that there’s a first impression and it’s pretty awesome.

Then, as I’ve watched the patterns, for some people it’s intimidating and they’re afraid they’re going to give their power up or some ET source that knows it all is going to tell them what to do and nothing could be further [from] the truth. I wouldn’t say that I would trust every person that ever channels because there are sources that would tempt you to give your power up. If you pay close attention to the work, the way we present it, the way the Sources communicate – I believe they would say that you’re not supposed to give your power up to them.

They want to support you in your own power to create your own life in the most fulfilling way possible – the most loving way possible. With the proviso that you’re operating for the highest good of all concerned and honoring free will. Those are the two most important things and in which case they can add to your energies. That’s what I was thinking about – I had all these thoughts in my mind – how to explain this whole process in the most simple way? And I think that’s why they’ve chosen to work with me because I’m a good translator of taking things which are very esoteric …

And in fact, over the ions [these things] have been taught in secret to special people and converting all of this in a way that we can all understand it, including myself. So let’s look at the Universe and look at everything in the Universe and think of everything as radiating a frequency. There’s one-energy that flows through the Universe and every piece of the Universe taps into that energy and converts it into a unique signature which is them or it. When I say them or it, it means that this work is not just for people or animals.

It works for rocks, it works for water and what did Jesus say? This is not an overtly Christian group but I’ve learned a lot from studying Jesus and Jesus said something about the rocks, talk to me? What did he say, Carla, you know that, right?

Carla: Well, he just said that ‘the rocks jump together and sing.’

Wynn: Yeah, so the principle here is that everything has a set of frequencies. This is a simplification. Everything starts out as All That Is or white light or all the frequencies and then, as this energy moves through everything, each of us has a unique prism that takes that energy and converts it to who we are. This all happens outside of our conscious awareness. But nonetheless, it works. All of us have this idea of wanting to - we don’t say it this way but I’ll say it in the way that fits this concept – we want to expand our frequency range. We want to feel more frequencies than we do. So how do we do that? One way is we have life experience.

Everyone we meet in our life is also a frequency generator, different from our frequencies. In some areas they may be the same and in other areas they may be different. Where the difference is, is when we connect with the person who is different and we exchange energies with them, even just being next to them, we can start bringing in their frequencies into our life and, they can bring our frequencies into their life. As this happens, on an ongoing basis, both of them change.

Because they are now integrating new frequencies and eventually each of them will start to hold some of the frequencies of the other even when they’re not around each other, because they’ve learned through resonance, feeling each other, how to shift their frequencies. See, everyone is saying I want to grow, I want more, I want to be enlightened, I need this - I want to connect with the Elohim. It all boils down to something very simple. How do you shift and open up to new frequencies? We’ve all known that experience.

You know every time we do something – if you go to a music event and you feel all the music and you feel the musicians, you feel the people in the crowd, you’re opening up to new frequencies. Why do people like to be in love? Because in a love relationship you have the most maximum connection with frequencies that are different from yours and that in that connection you are constantly learning how to integrate these frequencies and make them your own. It’s not like you’re making the other person your own, that person is just an expression in the physical of all these frequencies that are in the metaphysical and they’re radiating those frequencies in their space.

When you have an intimate connection with somebody you get a soul interface of frequency exchange, for better or for worse. Often times people – I’m sure many of you have had this experience where you go into a relationship and at the beginning of the relationship it is awesome because there’s this romantic phase and as the relation goes on, you lose it. Why is that? It’s because at the beginning of a relationship nobody knows what’s going on [laughter] and when nobody knows what’s going on that’s when the maximum amount of energy exchange happens.

Unfortunately - out of our need for security, out of our need for control, out of our need for habit, we want to know what’s going on. And that thing of wanting to know what’s going on, wanting to control the situation, it usually causes the energy exchange to break down and it becomes now, a ritual. That doesn’t mean there’s no energy in it, but certainly not at the romantic level it started at. You know, in these calls it’s like I didn’t know I could do this. I understand the principles of it but to be able to jump into the call and start talking and not know what I’m going to say and trust that it’s going to come out and that you jump in and before we know it …

It’s not about what I’m saying - it’s about the frequency exchange on the call. We are exchanging and sharing our frequencies in the moment of this call. You are learning frequencies that you may not have been familiar with, aside from what I say, aside from what our Sources say, aside from what Carla says. There’s an aspect of this call where frequencies are being shared and we can feel each other. It’s hard to explain that linearly. It doesn’t make sense because it’s not how we would normally define ‘feeling’ each other. But it works nonetheless. So this idea, that we are (in our lives and we are) looking for how to expand our bandwidth.

How to expand our frequencies? We are constantly learning. Hopefully, we’re learning from the people in our lives, from our life experience, because other people have the frequencies that we don’t have. We’re more narrowband and somebody else is narrowband but they’re on a different narrowband. So as we integrate with each other we learn from their frequencies and they learn from ours. This is a learning that doesn’t happen in your brain. It doesn’t happen like a student or a scholar it’s not that kind of learning. It’s ‘a learning’ from resonance.

Like if you went to a music concert that was really touching and moving, you could say you are learning to feel all those frequencies that are in the music. But how could you do that in your brain or in your mind? You know it doesn’t happen on that level. It happens on the level of your being. So now, we have this idea that all of us have different frequencies and we flow through life and we’re constantly learning from each other’s frequencies. Learning, because we feel it, the frequencies that we don’t have and we start to integrate them from the people we know, back and forth, back and forth.

Now, we’re interested in seeing another idea and that is that there’re frequencies in other dimensions. There’re beings in other dimensions that radiate frequencies into this dimension. Mostly they’re invisible. Mostly you can’t see them. You can’t feel them. You can’t hear them. You don’t know they’re there. And by some - how would I say it? [laughter] set of strange events in my life I learned that they were able to use me to connect with other people. Like they could connect with my frequencies and I would let them connect. Now I didn’t know this was happening, I mean this was a learning experience on my part.

And that when I would talk, we developed a rapport where they could connect with my frequencies. Then, through my frequencies they would connect through your frequencies and, that as you made the connection, I wasn’t really needed any more. I was just like a guy that was opening a door and saying check out these frequencies. So the real value of these calls and this work is not that it’s a teaching or something to learn in your mind - it’s like an open door to frequencies in other dimensions that, through all of my discernment, are very positive. That when you learn to - how would I say it?

Assimilate them into yourself, make your own connection - suddenly you start operating on more spark plugs. You have more power to make things happen. You have more ability to radiate love into your environment. You start to have synchronicities. You start to learn how to be more than you thought you could be. You start to let go of your depressions. You start to attract things that you think you could have and they suddenly come into your life. We’ve watched this occur for so many people who have been coming into these calls.

That’s the value of these calls. That is, that every call, in its own way is bringing in frequencies that you can assimilate and use to propel you into a more expanded you. In many cases, there’s this veil around our planet and that veil has blocked frequencies from going in or going out and we’ve been trapped here in that veil. It’s my belief that we’re bringing in frequencies that are on the other side of that veil. Now you have to be very careful about this process. You have to be careful because – because something is on the other side of the veil and it’s a frequency that you’re not familiar with, does not mean that it’s positive.

There is a lot of negative stuff on the other side of the veil that you can potentially tap into. So that’s why we invoke so much protection on this call. Because we want to move through the frequencies of what we could call the negative or service-to-self because that will try to grab us and hold us and control us. Just like this realm, to a great extent, has been under the auspices of those frequencies that want to control everything – and control you. We want to get out of those control patterns and you can’t get out of them by resisting them. Because that just polarizes you with them.

You have to get out of them by going above them. So we want to make a tunnel through all of these frequencies to get to the most, purest source of – they call it Love Light energy and learn how to stay connected with that energy. Of course, this is a new energy for all of us. So repetition, repetition, repetition and that’s why we hold these calls so often, and because I came to the conclusion that that was the greatest service. Then, there’s this other aspect which has to do with the shift and many people are talking about it.

When I was first studying David Wilcock, it was my first introduction to this concept that the Earth itself was raising and lifting her frequencies because we were at the end of a cycle. The Earth was going from 3rd chakra to 4th chakra and that in order for a human to continue with the Earth in her expanded journey, the human had to have their 4th chakra or their heart chakra open slightly more than half. Otherwise they wouldn’t fit in to the energy of this new Earth. They couldn’t move to this next dimension with the Earth which meant that something else would happen.

It was explained, and I believe this was in the Ra material - I think that the Ra Group actually would move people who were not going to graduate with this Earth to some other planet and some other realm so they could continue their 3D existence, their 3rd dimensional existence. Now, from the Universe’s point of view, it doesn’t matter what happens. All of us here today have been in a 3D existence. We’ve gone through many lifetimes but we can’t remember. Here we are and it’s just the process, it’s the way it works.

But, that if you can establish yourself in higher frequencies - if you can incorporate some of these frequencies in other dimensions, in the people around you then, you can speed up your evolution. And you can graduate and not have to be a cycle-repeater. That’s what we’re attempting to contribute to those people on this line - the ability to tune into the frequencies – and some of you don’t need this. Some of you already have established yourself. See the thing is you don’t really have to understand all this to graduate. In the email I sent out today I put a quote from The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce? which I thought was very appropriate for what I was going to talk about.

Let me see if I can find that quote. Well, if I don’t find it I’ll do my own paraphrase of it. Let me see, let me see. Alright, I’m not finding it. Oh wait - I know where it is, just a second here. Okay, this is from The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce and this is David Wilcock channeling: “Yet whether or not you choose to believe in a coming dimensional shift is not nearly as important as living each day with an open heart, in joy, without fear.”

You get that? Yet whether or not you choose to believe in a coming dimensional shift is not nearly as important as living each day with an open heart, in joy, without fear. You know sometimes people discover this material and they discover all this stuff about a dimensional shift and all these group souls that are so exalted and you know what they do? They start to feel superior to other people and say well, I’m on the inside - I know what’s going on. That is the worst thing to do in terms of relationship to this material, because The Law of One is not about feeling superior to other people.

You don’t need to know all of this to graduate this realm. You don’t need to know almost any of it. I believe there’re plenty of very simple people out there that have open hearts that will graduate this realm and never heard of all this stuff. They don’t need to. It’s just that we are the ones who are the sophisticated ones and we need these sophisticated explanations for it to penetrate. For example, I mean if somebody stopped me on the street and said come to my church, Jesus is going to save you, I wouldn’t have gone. I’d have said, what do you mean, I don’t understand that?

Is Jesus saving people? That’s another talk. Is Christianity saving people? That’s another talk. But is our work saving people? Well, what does it mean to be saved? If you go back to that idea we were talking about - about the dimensional shift and there were going to be those people who would graduate this realm and those others who would be cycle-repeaters and repeat this realm - perhaps you could say that graduating this realm would be comparable to the idea of being saved, in traditional Christianity. Many of the things Jesus said …

This was kind of blowing my mind when I was first studying this material because I had studied Jesus, I had studied the bible, I wouldn’t have called myself a traditional Christian but I was learning from – I identified with some of the things Jesus said from my own experience, so I understood it. You know, Jesus said ‘one will be taken and one will be left behind’ or ‘the meek will inherit the Earth.’ Things like that - and what did he mean one will be taken and one will be left behind?

Well, suddenly there’s this esoteric explanation and the explanation goes like you have to have an open heart to graduate this realm, to move into the space of the new Earth. It sounded like this is a sophisticated view of exactly what Jesus said. Then you start taking the Ra Group … and I was doing all this investigative work. Here was the Ra Group – implications that Jesus might have been a member of the Ra Group who then came to this planet to do a mission. Of course, once he got here he had to be reminded what he was supposed to do?

Then, you have the implications of Edgar Cayce saying things like he thought it was the Christ speaking through him, right? Then you have a thing in The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce where this voice through David says we came to you in Christianity but we don’t often speak in those terms anymore because of the way religion … I’m paraphrasing it, they didn’t say ‘screwed it up.’ But [Laughter] that’s the way I remember it, because of the way religion screwed it up.

The reason religion screws things up is because, instead of being frequency generators, instead of bringing through what we could call the frequency of the Christ energy … and that doesn’t mean all religion is like this; I’m sure it’s not. But in many cases people lose the frequency and it becomes a mental belief where you believe in Jesus and you’ll be saved, instead of integrating the frequency of Jesus, the frequency of the Christ. Of course, when you say if you believe in Jesus you’ll be saved, there’s a lot of control in just saying that.

You better believe in my religion or you’re doomed. That’s like separation. You look at what Jesus said - he said ‘as you do it to the smallest of these, you do it to me.’ He didn’t say, as you do it to those that believe in me, you do it to me. He didn’t say that. He said ‘as you do it to the smallest of these’ which was The Law of One. Everyone is part of the same energy. So Jesus was tapping into the frequencies of what you could call the Christ, which are frequencies inside each of us. But not in a religious way, in The Law of One way, that we’re part of each other. ‘As you do it to the smallest of these, you do it to me.’

So, if we have it right, those Sources are bringing their frequencies through on our calls. Some of you have already felt it; and for some of you, you’ve got to keep coming back because your minds are in the way. You can’t believe that’s true. You don’t feel anything and it takes awhile to break that stuff down in yourself. For example, if you’re skeptical then the skepticism itself is going to be a resistance. It’s just going to create a block to energy. On our call yesterday somebody had said (I’m not going to say her name) and I don’t think they’ll mind me repeating it but I want to make a point.

They said ‘Well, I lost something and if they tell me where it is (the item that I lost) I’ll be a believer.’ At least that’s what I understood they said. Now you know they don’t want to do that. They do not want believers. They want people to feel their energy and create a co-creative energy exchange which has nothing to do with whether you’re a believer or not. That’s my experience and I’m going on and on and on and Carla always has great things to add when we have these kinds of discussions. She probably forgot everything she was going to say. She kept thinking I should have said this - I want to say that, but go ahead Carla.

Carla: Well actually, I haven’t thought of something to say that you haven’t said, but I’ll say what you said in a different way. In the Ra material it says that – Don said ‘What do you have to know in order to graduate into 4th density?’ The Ra Group said it is important only that you realize that it is impossible to know anything. It is impossible to know anything. That is the key. You let it go. Let go of knowing and begin to trust your own feelings. You have discrimination. You have perfectly good discrimination. You have strong, true, honest feelings.

So you simply need to open up to those hunches and those intuitions and those insights, that say “yes” when you see one piece of material, and “no” when you see another. That is how you build your own path. The people on this call most likely have not been able to connect with the traditional belief systems of their forefathers. I’m not talking about Mom and Dad, because Mom and Dad couldn’t connect with that stuff [in fact] that nobody’s connected with - Christianity or Judaism or any of the traditional ways for a long time, at least in this culture. I’m at the age of great grandparents to the kids these days and my generation was going away from traditional Christianity.

I believe we left traditional belief systems behind somewhere around WWII, which was the last honorable war. If you think war and belief systems aren’t connected, well, they really are. You could no longer believe what people said. You could no longer believe what was said by politicians. You could no longer believe what was said by economists. So you sought a new way. So we are all building our spiritual paths. The only tool that we have that we can really trust is our own discrimination.

So don’t worry about knowing. Worry about feeling in your heart that this is right for you. Then, go with that until it no longer feels right for you. Then when it no longer feels right for you, seek until you find the next inspiration for you. And there will be one, because there are an enormous number of amazing sources of inspirational literature on this Earth and somebody is going to tell you about one of them. Here on the program … pay attention to street signs, pay attention to ads on TV, pay attention to the most peculiar things you can imagine.

Because when you open up and you’re saying: alright, I’m ready. Okay, load me up – I am not going to believe I am just going to feel. Load me up with the next inspiration. You’re going to get all of nature working with you. Because we are the only category of being that is not in full awareness of what’s going on. Every rock knows what’s going on. Every animal and plant knows what’s going on and they all turn towards the light and away from the darkness and this is what we are basically trying to do - turning towards the light, within ourselves, within others - within the Universe itself - and away from the darkness that there is around us. We don’t have to analyze it. We simply have to feel that we’re ready. Then just pay attention and let things happen and the synchronicities will start to build. It’s amazing, once you are ready. Once you say okay, I’m ready to jump out of this box. Would somebody please help me?

There’s going to be spirit all over the place trying to help you - in nature and in every design and way will help. So don’t try to believe. Don’t try to believe us - I would be the last person to say believe me. When Don and I, first, back in the 60s – believe it or not [laughter] decided that we were going to be a research organization, we decided that our goal was simply to collect information. And if we thought it was interesting enough we would publicize it for those to whom it might be helpful. There was no other thought in our mind except to share it.

Not convince anybody but just hey, if you’re interested, take a gander. Take a look. See what you think and that is still the way it goes. That’s the way it has to go. That is positive polarity; that is working as if we all believed in each other - as if we all thought each other were worthwhile beings. We are all worthwhile. We are very worthwhile beings, every single one of us. It doesn’t matter what the world thinks of you. It only matters that you know in your heart that you are one with All that there Is and that includes Creator. So you are a child of Love.

You are an heir of all good things and all you need to do, simply, is relax into it and let these very interesting synchronicities build up in your life and start directing you here and there. You’re going to find that you’re on a fascinating journey and that you don’t need somebody else to tell you where to go, where to look, what’s what. You’re discrimination [discernment/personal GPS] is going to be everything that you need.

Trust yourself; trust your feelings; trust your hunches and your intuitions and let yourself not know. Feel the Love. Feel the joy. Feel the stones dancing. Feel the mountains singing. Feel everything - alive and dancing with you, if you will dance with all of it, today and every day, always.

Wynn: Thank you, Carla. You know, one of the things that happens every so often is there is someone who has been listening to our calls for awhile and then suddenly a bunch of new people come into the call and they say: you’re repeating all the things - I heard that before. Why don’t you just tell them to go to some website and read all of that? [Laughter] I don’t want to hear it again and you know what I get is those people are missing the boat, because the truth of the matter is …

You know we do say a lot of the right things but what’s more important than anything we say are the frequencies that are on this line, and the integrating of those frequencies. It doesn’t matter if you heard something before because it’s not about integrating it in your mind. I remember when I used to play music, (and I’m a songwriter) it’s like I could play the same song over and over again to different crowds. And if the people were hearing the lyrics and I could feel myself saying the lyrics, it was like the first time I played the song, even though I might have played it a thousand times previously.

Now this is something that I believe is true but you can’t prove this. On this call, there’s an-integration, a blending of frequencies. There’s an energy connecting us. That, even though I may be the speaker or Carla may be the speaker, or the Elohim may be talking to us, all the time there are frequencies being blended and connecting. That when we feel those frequencies we feel a sense of upliftment, of balance, depressions go away, healings occur because we’re suddenly not in the prison of our own frequencies anymore.

We have new frequencies that are more expanded than the ones we’ve lived with most of our life. Now, we’re not supposed to follow those things, we’re supposed to integrate them. But that takes time and repetition because it’s something new. You may have been on the same frequency track for like a hundred lifetimes. And lifetimes changed but you were running the same programs. And suddenly, something new comes in that can shift the program and you have to integrate it and you have to keep repeating it until you get it.

So you come to these calls and the frequencies are on the line. Eventually, and many people have had this happen, the calls become less important. But they still come and – they’re less important for themselves because they started to integrate the frequencies. But, do you know what? When there’s a bunch of new people on this line, now we have a bunch of new frequencies that are trying to integrate and expand and the people that have expanded, that are holding these expanded frequencies, actually help hold the energy on this line for other people.

You guys may not realize this, but when we are talking, when Terry is talking, and probably Carla (I’ve never asked her this) but we are like connecting with your energies. We are feeling your energies. When you’re going through a lot of processing and release, often times after a call I have to sleep for awhile, sometimes for a couple days. Particularly at a live event because we have all become one and now we’re separating and as we separate, I’m still processing the energies.

So you have to watch this for awhile to get the feel of it. I’m trying to explain it but pay attention to it. But those of you who have been on the calls and have learned to hold the energy on these calls, you are helping with processing these people. I believe it’s the religious science people that understand this principle. Because when they do a service, they don’t do it on the phone, but when they do a service they have what they call practitioners that have learned to hold the energy.

Their practitioners are spread through the congregation so these guys can learn to hold the frequencies and then bring them into the room so they spread out and so everybody can feel them. Because some people hold them and some people are feeling them in church and then they lose it again. So here we are on this call and no one is getting assigned a role but we have, similar to those practitioners, those people that are anchoring the energies and they’re helping.

I’m just saying this because I want them to know they’re helping hold the energy for this call. Even though they’re not talking and they’re spread out all over the world, you know who you are when I say this. See, we’ve been doing this all the time we’ve been talking and now we’re just going to focus on it. Instead of focusing on the words, we’re going to focus on the silence, feeling the frequencies, feeling the energies, feeling each other, feeling these invisible beings in other realms that seem to have - I won’t say seem.

They’ve demonstrated their ability over and over again to project into this energy field that we’re generating, so we can sense them. Some of you who are sensitive to energy know that as soon as I say something like that, there’s a little shift in the energy. It’s kind of like, the way it feels to me, is they’re waiting. They are there all the time, when the call starts. They are there and there’re enough people on this line that are holding the energy so they can start affiliating themselves with our energies.

But as soon as I focus attention on them, my experience is, it gets more intense. The integration of energies becomes stronger and you all start to feel it. It’s an amazing phenomenon because I’m not doing that. I’ve watched this over and over again. [Laughter] Remember, I was a physic’s major. [Laughter] I say that, I talk about them – am I projecting that? Could I be doing that? It couldn’t be. There was no other explanation than that they were there and they were really happy to have an opportunity to connect into this realm.

I should say this – some people say Wynn, why don’t you shut up and just let them talk to us, right at the beginning? And I would do that if it worked. My experience is that when I talk, I’m helping to weave and integrate some of the Earth-bound energies that we all have, creating a blending of energies. It’s within that blend that it creates a cushion for them or a pathway for them to come in and without that it wouldn’t work. They don’t have anything Earth shaking to say. [Laughter] Excuse me guys, I better say that another way. [Laughter]

They do have Earth shaking [laughter] things to say. But more than anything they say is creating this connection so that you can learn how to co-create with the higher realms. You can see how, in the past, you could call this God and it would work. Except, they don’t really. When I asked them directly (in the book) I said do you guys like to be worshiped? They said no, we just want to be your higher level friends. In fact, many of us were them, who volunteered to come here to do just what we’re doing today.

Which is if we were them, and we’ve come here, we have a predisposition to be open to their frequencies. Some of you know that. Some of you, kind of the first time you were on this call, the first time you hear me, those frequencies have come in and you say, what is that? Chances are very likely that you came from their realm and took some bodies down here and then got lost and suddenly you feel the energy and it’s like a homing signal for you. It’s like, wow, that’s what I’ve always looked for - I can feel it. Oh my God and that’s your soul family.

But you’re not worse than them. It’s just that in certain ways, the people that have come in from higher realms into this realm are the hero’s. Because this is a great sacrifice coming to this realm - to come in here and get lost and all the suffering that occurs in this realm. That you came here, on some level, they hope, you hope that there can be an-integration where they need people down here that can tune-in to the frequencies and be repeating stations to lift the vibration of this realm.

That if you came from those dimensions, here, and you feel the energies on these lines immediately, I would say, almost certainly you are in that category. And this is truly home and it’s a base for you to do more of your higher purpose than you were even aware of potentially. So we’re going to do a personal integration expansion then we’re going to hear some message from them and then we’re going to do a planetary healing.

To start of (with) – feel the energy right now in the spaces. [Silence] Now imagine that in that space is all of us and all of them, to our best abilities to project. Now, imagine if you were just alone and no one else was there. Could you feel that space? Probably not, that space is a unique configuration of time-space in this moment. Not only can we feel it but we can add to it. We can work with it. It’s an energy that can be worked with and we’re going to play with working with it right now and see what happens. We are working on the principle that the entire Universe – what a big space – is the same energy.

Of course, that’s not an unusual idea. A lot of times artists, songwriters present that same idea and what do they mean? Michael Jackson, “We Are the World;” John Lennon, “Imagine;” Barry Manilow, “I Write the Songs;” The Beach Boys, “(I’m picking up) Good Vibrations.” What are they talking about? They’re talking about The Law of One. It’s all one and we have separated ourselves, in this realm, where we have a hard time having a direct experience of that (many of us). So right now we’re going to move into the experience of it.

We’re going to take this energy and project it through our feet and we are going to meet the energy of the Earth. Put your feet flat on the ground. Or on your bed, bend your knees or put them on the floor and just see the Earth coming up to greet you. You know the Earth can feel. The Earth can think. The Earth knows we’re here. Most of the time, most people live their lives totally in isolation from the direct experience of the energy of the Earth. So let’s have a direct experience and connect with the Earth.

See if you can feel that energy in the bottom of your feet. Maybe it’s a tingling.

Let’s tell the Earth we love her and if my idea is correct, that the Earth has been hosting us for many, many, many lifetimes – the Earth has endured all of this corruption on her surface caused by men. The Earth has endured bombs. The Earth has endured excavations of minerals that probably hurt her. The Earth has endured pollution. The Earth can feel us.

The Earth can feel the pain all her inhabitants have gone through and they call her Mother Earth and when a mother feels pain for her children, so to speak, it’s real. Right now we’re expressing to the Earth, gratitude - gratitude for hosting us. See if you can feel a feeling of gratitude coming back from the Earth for being appreciated, which she usually isn’t. It’s a very good idea to learn how to have loving feelings with the Earth. Number one, if there’s Earth changes we could assume that perhaps the Earth has some say over the changes that occur.

Now we understand that there has to be releasing of energy and that’s going to happen. But if you have learned to have a loving connection with the Earth, and if a lot of people in the area where you live have that loving connection, and the Earth has any say-so over what could happen maybe there’s a chance that you might be bypassed in the event of a calamity. Did you ever think of that? So let’s just love the Earth right now. And stay in touch with the Earth. You know we’re not turning the Earth into a god, we’re turning the Earth into a host and she is a host.

If you stay in touch with the Earth and you love the Earth and the Earth graduates and moves into its next phase you’ll end up going with her. [Laughter] I mean it makes sense, right? So we move the energy of the Earth up through our legs, up through our calves, up through our thighs, up through our groin, up through our chest, up through our neck, up to the top of our heads. Now we’re going to move through the top of our head, into the space in our room, through the ceiling, through the sky, up through the clouds, up through the veil.

We’re just using our imagination and we’re going to pop through to the other side of veil. We keep moving until we finally hit the place where we converge, where we can touch each other, where we can combine our energies. This is a free will event. So if you’re on the call and you’re new and you’re feeling these energies, if you get a moment where it scares you a little bit, it is okay. You can say stop here I just want to watch; I want to make sure I can trust this and you don’t have to keep going and that’s fine.

In fact, it’s good because you should learn to trust this. We’re moving energies right now in other realms and if you haven’t come to the point where you trust what we’re doing then just stay neutral and it won’t hit you. But for those that are going with it, we blend, we allow ourselves to touch each other. And just as we said to the Earth that we love you, let’s say to each other, we love you. We are using our group energy to lift ourselves. Again, if you take it into Christianity Jesus said ‘when two or more are present.’ This is not magic.

This is, when we blend energies, if we go back to way we were talking earlier about frequencies, we are all sharing our frequencies with each other and each of us have missing pieces of the puzzle. When we allow ourselves to blend our frequencies, we complete the puzzle and we feel more complete. We’re going to go back to our old self but we have now the experience of those new frequencies and, we do this every week. As you keep feeling this you start to integrate it and you start to grow and you start to hold those frequencies.

So now, we’re going to invite our group soul Sources to join with our frequencies. So we make a group and let’s tell them we love them; thank you for being here. Some of you, if you take a quick look back down to your forehead and your crown chakra (the top of your head), you’ll notice a lot of energy around there. Some of you might be feeling it for the first time. We’ve got awesome emails from people that say I could feel my 3rd eye opening; I could feel my heart opening. How beautifully convenient - you’re in your own room (in your own bedroom or living room).

Here we are blending our energies with all these other beings and with these group souls and it didn’t cost any money. We’re hanging out, holding the space. Now we can look at this as if we are in the Universe zone, that our energy is falling into the space of time-space, outside our bodies. Some people call it the great ocean of love and mercy; some people call it the field. We’re all in the field. Our thoughts, our intentions can be like pebbles thrown into the water that can ripple out and change manifestations.

So that’s what we’re going to do right now while we have this open energy to the field. Remember, we’re operating on the principles: honoring free will and for the highest good of all concerned. We are going to put our intentions and drop them into this field. In some cases, some of you are going to see your reality change. So what would you like to shift, for the highest good of all concerned and honoring free will? Would you like a better relationship with your children? Would you like a better relationship with your spouse?

Would you like the Universe to bring you a new friend who you can have a heart- felt connection with? Do you need a job? Do you need something to heal in your body? Put it into this field. Put it there and let it expand and let it go. Remember, it’s for the highest good. Don’t put pressure. Just formulate it and let it go. Later on, after this call is over, you might bring this space in and write the things down on a piece of paper that you’d like to have happen, that you’d like to bring into your space. Remember, you are not a magician. You are a co-creator with All That Is.

You are learning how to co-create and bring-in the higher frequencies of spirit that are beyond this realm, that aren’t limited by the laws of this realm. You are a co-creator with All That Is. You are part of All That Is. God is everything. You can tap into the part of you, that’s part of God. Maybe you need a healing. Maybe there’s something in your body which is dysfunctional. Bring this energy in and focus it on that area of your body.

We have a healing list and for those of you that didn’t know about the healing list, it’s

You don’t have to put your stuff on this list but they say they’re paying attention to the list so you can try it. Of course, putting something into the physical and writing it down is a way of bringing it closer to manifestation. So I’m going to go through this list now. Usually, I’m just going to read your first name and your city, [state] okay? We have –

Barbara in Twin Falls, Idahogratitude to Mother Father God for all blessings. May the violet flame cleanse and heal Mother Earth and all beings everywhere; and blessings to all my friends and family and peace on Earth; it is so. Thank you, Barbara. Then we have –

Barbara in Memphis, Tennesseehealing of my bronchitis. Thank you. Then we have –

Chris in Memphis, Tennesseehealing of my lungs; I just got out of the hospital last night. Then we have –

Anne in San Diego, California ... to increase mental and physical energy and the world’s highest potential. It says “for her”- I’m not sure what you mean but okay.

Mary in Phoenix, Arizona Mary M. to fully and quickly heal from her illness.

Gijs in Magalia, Californiaputs Bogdan in the Light - for his health to improve; for him to become 100% soon. Thank you Bogdan for the great work you have done for all of us.

Of course, Bogdan lives in Sweden and he put up our Spirit Channel site – did it all on his own. Just, you know, I didn’t have time to even begin it and that’s become our most popular site. If you’re feeling energy on this call – that’s got hundreds of calls on it that you can listen to and many people do. Because this is the way to learn how to affiliate with these energies - the best - listening to the calls, the energies are on the calls and you don’t have to be live. They said that, over and over again. You do not have to be live to feel the energies.

Now we have an anonymous person in Van Nuys, California … who says this person has a debilitating eating disorder that has taken over her life. She doesn’t know how to get better. So we’re just going to send the energy to that person and we’ll assume that spirit can find it. And then another person –

Anonymous … asks for an intention for rain under the influence of grace for California to end the drought with only blessings and for harm to none. So we’re going to drop that into the field. We’d like to see rain in California. Now we have –

Mark in San Diego, California … is sending the Light to Helaman who’s in the hospital in San Diego after a heart attack. He has an infection around his heart valves and is unresponsive and he’s got 5 days until they pull the plug. So let’s send this energy to Helaman; let’s see him surrounded by angels and healing forces for the highest good.

I’m just going to read some people’s names here: Tu Hung in Austin, Texas. I’m not going to read what you asked but we got it. Ricky in Frenchburg, Kentucky; Roger in Austin, Texas; Catherine in Webster Groves, Missouri; Marilyn in Flagstaff, Arizona; Kathleen in West Hempstead, New York.

And just another quick moment - a quantum moment, a zero point moment … We are in the field and we project our intentions into that field for the highest good of all concerned. For those things that will make us healthy, uplifted; and for those people that you can touch, forgiveness for all of the things that we’ve done out of balance or have been done to us; forgiving ourselves. Right now we’re going to do our little calling in of the Light, which of course we’ve already done and have a message from our Sources.

Father Mother God we ask for the presence of the Light to surround and protect each person here and any negativity be taken to the highest realms of Light and transmuted for the highest good of all concerned. We see ourselves in the flow of energy radiating from the center of the Universe, through the galaxies, through the Milky Way, through the solar system, through the outer energy fields of planet Earth, through our bodies and into the center of the Earth. Right now we invoke a group energy connection while maintaining the sovereign integrity of our souls.

We invite those Sources that are positive, service-to-others, honoring The Law of One to join with us. We create a protected space that only the positive has access to and anything not of that nature must leave now. We are going to turn this over to our Sources as they communicate to us through Terry Brown. Thank you.

Ra’An/Terry: We greet you in the Love Light of The One Infinite Creator. This is the 26th of January 2014. And it is our delight to be with each and every one of you and to be there to make connection should you wish to make connection with us. We are the color pink and as the pink is generated by our integrating/uniting with the space that is also your space, our space plus your space equals the color pink which is the color of unconditional love. We surround each and every one of you who wish to be surrounded. We are a symbol of unity.

One of the things that helps when individuals in the 3rd density are having arguments and problems and are having dissention between one thing and another is to set up a meditation with the other person and connect with the higher energies. This brings a unity, a unity of spirit and helps place perspective upon the dissention, the duality - the different ideas in the 3rd density and helps then, the individual, from the unified perspective to be able to handle the dissention and bring it into perspective.

We are delighted to be here with you and we are mindful of the things that you have placed into the Light, whether you have put them on the healing list or not. We see that the individuals may have their own life path. The individual with the heart attack is deciding at this point whether to move on or whether to return, and at this point is looking at the prospect of a brand new life in total harmony and this is a joy and a beckoning. When one has other dissentions, diseases, things that create a disharmony within their life it also helps to meditate, to come into these calls also and to envision the pink Light, the unity, the Love.

This can also bring a new perspective to diseases, to problems and can help to - when you ask - to help channel the energy from us, the higher [realms], also angels into your life, that can help bring new energy, new life into your own sphere, into your own healing. We thank you for the opportunity to be with you and remember the color pink, light pink. We Love you and it is a sacred moment in time when we can connect.

Wynn: Thank you. We’re going to move right into continuing this space we have created. We could call it a-group energy. A-group energy affiliated with all of us and our Sources who are huge energies. We’re going to continue putting intentions into this energy field. For this part, for the close of this call, our intentions are going to be based around planetary healing. We know that this realm is composed of frequencies that flow into it from other realms, other dimensions.

It starts in other dimensions and then it is very floaty where it starts from and then it’s very solidified here. When we’re in our group energy we are actually accessing the floaty parts of where things start their manifestation. Things can be shifted and changed in that process but we cannot violate free will. That means those things in this realm that have crystallized, that have gotten solid, that are based on what we could call the service-to-self intentions of beings – we can’t go against it directly, we have to go around it. Which can be done and we do it.

So we’re surrounding our planet in this beautiful energy. It’s as if we are steering the energy for the highest good of all concerned and honoring free will. So if we say anything that doesn’t fit those two things, we don’t want it to happen. But we surround our planet, we move through the veil, come close to our planet. And we see all of those beings on planet Earth who have taken incarnations from higher dimensions. There’s tens of millions of them. They all have the ability to tune in to these energies but it’s never been exposed to them.

So we ask these energies to find them, to hold for them and that they might make this connection and if their high selves allow it, they join us right now – add to the energy of this call. Of course, we ask that the circumstances come forth that we’re out there so they can find us. Some of you, who are listening right now for the first time, fit into that category and you know it. You resonate. Now as we surround our planet with this energy, we move around all those places of darkness and blockage. We move into the oceans, we penetrate the ocean. We connect with the dolphins and the whales in the oceans.

We ask for transmutation of radiation, particularly in the Pacific Ocean that has become radioactive according to some reports. We take this energy, this huge energy and we bring it down around Fukushima in Japan. And we will hold the space on that for a couple of minutes. Fukushima is spewing radiation (according to reports) into the Pacific Ocean, but it’s not being publicly reported. Some people say it could be really dangerous. So let’s just hold this energy and see it like a blanket around Fukushima transmuting radiation. [Silence]

Now let’s move this energy down and around Washington, D.C. We can see it like a big cloud coming over Washington, D.C., and around all of the legislative buildings, the executive buildings, the judicial buildings. And ask for compassion, ask for courage, ask for decisions that are compassionate for the highest good. We can move this to other capitals of the world like London, Moscow, Paris and Winnipeg (I believe in Canada). We can move to Hollywood, California which is the media center of the planet – asking for positive projects.

You know there’re Wanderer’s, there’re interdimensional beings, all through the creative industries and that they can gain some control to bring through those positive things that can uplift others. Let’s work with Mother Earth to see about earthquakes. We know that there are tectonic faults all along (I don’t think they’re called tectonic faults) - tectonic plates (that could be faults) all along what’s called the Ring of Fire – the land masses surrounding the Pacific Ocean. Right now we just focus this Love Light energy through the surface of the Earth, into the ground underneath the Earth to balance [the] tectonic plates.

We ask that any earthquakes be small releases and away from population centers. We start with the tip of South America, up the western coast up through Central America, the western coast of Mexico, the western coast of the United States, California, Oregon, Washington, Mount Hood, Mount Ranier, up through Vancouver, the west coast of Canada, across the southern coast of Alaska, the east coast of Russia, Japan, China, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Australia, New Zealand and all the islands in the Pacific, including Hawaii.

We’ll take a moment and we will see a huge beam of positive Love Light energy coming from the center of the Universe (we are the guidance system, we are part of it) down to the Pacific Ocean surrounding everything. We ask Earth, if she can to limit any earthquakes to small ones, small releases of energy away from population centers. Let’s hold the space for that, a moment. [Silence]

Okay, we’ll move our focus to the middle of the country - to St. Louis, the New Madrid fault line area, which [consists of] five states.

We see our energy focusing through the Earth and tapping-in under the Earth and balancing the tectonic plates.

We go to Ohio. There was a whole bunch of things on the Internet yesterday about the strange lights over Ohio as being a precursor to an earthquake. So let us see Ohio surrounded by this energy, and the Mid Atlantic fault … And we go again surrounding the entire Earth. We ask our Sources to just pick and choose and find those places that have earthquake potentials and guide this energy in such a way for protection.

We ask for interventions. We ask for no nuclear weapons [to] go off; that anything be disabled - synchronicities, molecular whatever, molecular reconfiguration. We’d like to ask for no nuclear weapons to go off on our planet.

We’d like to ask for an economic shift that everyone says is coming, to be balanced if possible with redistribution of funds/money in an equitable manner.

We ask for chemtrails - whatever is hurtful and harmful to humans that are in chemtrails be molecularly transformed.

We ask for all those frequencies that we are being bombarded with all the time, be rendered harmless.

Right now, we ask for rain in California, which somebody asked for [on the healing list]. Right now we hold this sacred space of our connection. We bless each other. We move back into our own individuality, our own manifestation. Realizing, even when you’re not consciously aware, you are always a part of All That Is and as you focus and intend to have that experience, you will have it.

It may come next week, it may come next year, but it will follow your intentions. For those of you that are experiencing the connection, just unconsciously quietly hold the space of being the energetic grounding for these great energies in whatever physical area/circumstance you find yourself.

On that note, I thank all of you for being here – all of you for being part of this great experiment in energetic integration. Thank you for paying attention to our work and reading our materials. Special thanks to Carla Rueckert.

Thanks to BBS [Radio] for hosting these calls for us on the Internet - all of you who are listening. On that note, we will see some of you tomorrow when we do our Monday night call at 6 p.m. Pacific.

Everyone: Thanks Wynn, thanks Terry; blessings; thank you Wynn, thank you Terry; marvelous; blessings; love you all; thank you Carla; steamroller, Wynn, steamroller; thank you Terry, thank you Gijs; love to all …

Marvelous Mel: Love and Light to all.



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