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Personal & Planetary Grid Healing Session

The importance of building the energy/frequencies; dark night of the soul


Sunday Call: 02.02.2014
Hosted by: Wynn Free with Carla Rueckert
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Channeled by: Terry Brown
Transcribed by: Susan Rush
Edited by: Terry Brown
Formatted and sent by: Robynne Olson


Wynn: Welcome everybody, this is February 2, 2014; and this is Wynn Free in Phoenix, Arizona, Terry Brown in Sedona, Arizona and Carla Rueckert in Anchorage, Kentucky (near Louisville). This is our Sunday morning personal and planetary healing session.

Those of you that have been paying attention to our calls for awhile know that we are a seat-of-the-pants organization. This is like built-up from the ground. We are not broadcast quality, not that I’m against that. It’s just that we’ve had to put things together that we could do for very low budgets and make this happen. So thank you for putting up with us, for being slightly … what’s the word? What’s the right word, Carla? How are we?

Carla: Um, I would say – flustered.

Wynn: Flustered, okay. [Laughter] And, you know Every so often I get an email from somebody that says why are you talking? Where’s the channeling, come on? Let’s go, Terry would you channel right now? Come on let’s see what the Elohim have to say. You see? People say that. They think that the value of this work is in channeling. I won’t say it’s not true because it’s kind of broadband. You can get things out of every part of what we do and there is so much incredible information that comes through channeling.

Both - wisdom comes through, guidance comes through and understanding about how things work in other dimensions that a human couldn’t possibly ever figure out for themselves. But often times that information is so deep and so profound and it encompasses other information. It’s not like taking something away and saying: don’t believe this, believe this. It usually is a more encompassing explanation of things that are more traditional.

Carla: Also, I think it’s important to point out that this is tuning the group. As we are talking about things that just seem normal and natural, we are collecting the whole group in and gradually, the group begins to feel unified.

Wynn: Right.

Carla: And, the group begins to feel that they are All One and the energy begins to coalesce and soon, we begin to be able to pull-in a much more interesting channeling. The more that we prepare, the more that those of us on the ground, in the midst of all of the confusion, talk about it and sympathize and share love and confusion and whatever else it is that happens in a normal conversation, the more we are guided to a more really high vibration - unity.

So we begin to be ready to receive information that, if at the beginning of the time together, we would not be entirely ready, as a group, to receive. We’re gathering the group together and Wynn is absolutely, bar none, the best I’ve ever known at being able to do that. It’s a gift. You can’t study it. You can’t learn it in school. You can figure certain things out about it, but nope, it’s a gift. So let’s hang out and enjoy each other and get ready for the channeling.

Wynn: Thank you, I was going to say that and I was leading to it but I’m glad you mentioned it because I might have forgotten. [Laughter] But yes, the channeling – some of you may think the channeling is the high point--but right now you are learning this process of coalescing energies. You’re learning that by watching it. As you learn and watch it, every one of you is going to be able, at your own level, to make that become part of your life. I have learned so much about the idea of coalescing energies.

Where the moment, at a quarter ‘til 10, when people start checking on and Gijs so warmly greets everybody and extends genuine care for you – he really cares – and you can feel it when he says hello, there’s a moment of care, and that starts, right there, the building of energy. It starts in that moment and then another person comes on and another person comes on. There is this building of frequencies. Each of you is adding your frequency to – I call it “a-group energy.” Carla said we’re building a-group energy, and we can feel as the energy builds, this sense of upliftment amongst all of us, and this sense of connection.

As we build that sense of connection and that sense of feeling good, we are actually creating something in another dimension that we can’t see. We have to figure what we’re creating by reverse engineering. Do you know what the word reverse engineering means? You look at what’s created and then you say how did that get there? Then you look at it again and how did that get there? And you keep looking at it and if you keep getting the same data on how that happened then you start to see the cause and effect of it.

Whereas, usually we don’t see the cause and effect, we just arrive somewhere in our space and you say how did I get here? So like we’re breaking it down here and looking at the cause and effect and that’s what I’m telling you I observed. Because I’ve observed this and I didn’t know how to do this, I learned it by observing cause and effect. The same things we’re doing here, work in your life. There are certain things that you will be able to carry over and (at a certain level) learn to build group energy.

What I’ve noticed - like in terms of building group energy, and this is not so obvious until you start to do it and you say this works - every time you do something an authentic expression of care, it starts to build energy. It’s not a random event. Now you can’t do it manipulatively. You can’t say I’m going to do this because I want to build group energy because then this will happen. You can see how it works, but you have to do it authentically. Like for example, I’ll just give you an example of something in my own experience.

Where I get very, focused on projects and I don’t like to be disturbed. I mean – because when you’re in a creative project, you get into a zone and if I do any little thing, I break the zone and sometimes it’s hard to get it back again. So in the course of a day, if I’m in the middle of a project, I don’t want anyone bothering me: I don’t want the door to knock, I don’t want to phone to ring. Then I’ll move to another project. It’s like, say for example if I am creating an email to send to our group, if I’m creating that I have to get into the zone of that – I have to get into the energy of the group; I have to move into feeling people.

Then, when I write the email, I’m connecting – I can feel the energy as it moves through the words of the computer into the consciousness of the people that are paying attention to us. But it’s an incredible amount of concentration because I’m not in that space 24/7 – I have to move into it and then I have to move out of it. If I can’t move into it, and I don’t always - sometimes I’ll send an email and I don’t do it, then it doesn’t come out as well. Now it doesn’t usually come out bad but it doesn’t come out as well. It comes out more intellectual.

Whereas, if I can get into the energy of it, when people read that email, they’ll feel the energy. So this is still part of creating group energy. But what I was leading to was, when I get into a zone and I don’t like to be disturbed, sometimes I have to disturb myself. Because there’s a point of real need somewhere and I go through the resistance of it and then I make sure the need is handled. Something is wrong. Terry is flustered. [Laughter] If I don’t go in and show her how to do something, she’ll continue being flustered for hours.

It’s like I have to move into doing it out of care and not out of (offensive) being irritated like she’s bothering me, and then it switches the energy. It’s like anything you do with real care starts to build group energy. That can be as simple as smiling to a stranger. It can be as simple as a kind word to someone. It’s like every day you can observe yourself and see what you’re doing out of care. Say, “What could I have done that I didn’t do today?” Take inventory of yourself. You become your own teaching mechanism.

Because every time there’s care there’s a building of energy units and there’s an amalgamation of vibrations. The more we amalgamate (I don’t know if that’s the right word: amalgamate) - blend our energies - the more cushion there is for the higher group soul energies to blend with us and we create a zone, a space. Learning how to do this is more important than listening to their words or equally important. I mean on an individual basis everyone gets something different. So if you’re one of the people that get a tremendous amount out of their words, I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with that, that’s fine.

But learning how to be a creator or a facilitator (is a better word), you’re not creating it, I’m not creating a-group energy here – I’m facilitating it. The reason I’m good at this is because I’m very sensitive and I can feel your energy. Terry sometimes talks about remote viewing. If you’ve listened to George Noory, you’ve certainly heard people talk about remote viewing. Supposedly, in remote viewing you can project yourself into a space somewhere else and you get impressions. Terry calls it “visio” of what that space looks like.

And I’m not really [a remote viewer]. Terry seems to be able to do that and I would never call myself a remote viewer. But I know that I have the ability to project myself into a location. In fact, all of you are learning on these calls when we create our group energy and we go all over the planet and we intend energy to be somewhere and you’re probably thinking are we really doing that? Or are we not? I thought that at first and I came to the conclusion we were doing it. And, I came to the conclusion that one of the things I am good at is being able to expand into another location.

So I can expand into a space outside myself; I can expand into feeling like I’m with you and I can expand into feeling with Terry, and I can’t explain this. It’s not logical. It’s just that I know when I do it and there’s love, I can feel the love come back. This is like remote healing so to speak. But then you add to this, the amalgamation of energies from the other side, and that you expand and you allow that energy to work through that and it’s very powerful. Some of you, I know, feel that energy on this line.

The energy you’re feeling is not me expanding – I can’t do that. I can do one person at a time, but I can’t do everybody at one time. But we have these group soul friends (we’ll call them friends) and, that they have a whole team and they can do that really well. They need someone to (how can I say it?) - I don’t impose, they don’t [impose]- it’s a free will association and they need someone down here to call attention to them … that we start to look for them. Because otherwise, even if you felt some energy, you wouldn’t even know what it was – it might be scary, it might be confusing.

So it’s like we’re taking the role of holding their space and letting it flow into your space. And, that you’re taking the position of learning how to feel those energies and some of you may have already felt them. I’m sure you have before you ever discovered us but you didn’t have a name for it. You didn’t have an understanding of it but you knew that there was something out there that you could call on, that you could feel and you know it’s a mystery because: is that me, what is that? What is that energy I feel?

They don’t come in like they’re separate from us. They don’t come in and sit on the bed and say Hi Wynn, it’s nice to see you today. [Laughter] They come in as being one with us, being one with our energy. We create a oneness of energy, just through our intentions and they come in to the oneness. Now you know I think one of the ways that I learned this was when I would perform and play music. Because I had all these different songs of all these different kinds of -they were really different.

I mean my songs were all kinds of different moods, points-of-view, expressions and I would write songs that would connect with people. So sometimes I would be with somebody and I would feel the song that would reach them – I mean it was an automatic process and I’d write a lyric and it was really written to connect with that person. Kind of like when I was in this bar and I was playing to all these drunken people and I wrote the song “Do it ‘til you’re sick of it.” [Laughter] It became really popular and they would all sing: “do it, do it …” when we got to the chorus, hitting their beer together.

So I became very sensitive in front of an audience and I’d look at the audience and I’d say what song is going to reach these people? Then I would find if I ordered the songs in a certain way, I could build it so … Whereas if I started out with something really sensitive, the first thing, nobody would listen. But if I built it, by the time I was into the 4th or 5th song, they would listen. So, I didn’t really understand what I was learning but when I looked back on it I can see that I was learning how to exchange energy with a group.

That’s been an invaluable talent that goes even further in this work that we’re doing here. Because, reiterating the first point, why do we do all this talking? Why are we talking now? Why don’t we just say have them talk to us? Well, because they’re going to talk to the energy we create. If we don’t create it or if we create a lower level of energy, they will talk to that energy. So, this building of the energy is part and parcel of how this all works. Now keep in mind, if you’ve been a fan of channeling in the past, most channels don’t channel group souls. How do we know they’re group souls?

When it comes to channeling, everything that comes through in a channeling has to be evaluated. It has to make sense. It has to be workable and it has to be something you can apply to your life and, in some way or another, be useful. Something that makes you better, makes you more alive; makes you more connected; makes you more loving. It has to be something like that. If it’s just intriguing information, that’s okay. It’s okay to have intriguing information. The problem is where is it coming from and are there any hidden agendas in that information?

Any hidden control patterns? Because often times there are and what did Jesus say? ‘You have to be wise as foxes?’ You know that one Carla. What did Jesus say?

Carla: Wise as a serpent …

Wynn: Wise as a serpent?

Carla: ‘and innocent as a babe or something like that.

Wynn: Yeah, and part of the reason you have to be wise like that is because it is really hard to perceive all these hidden agendas. Things will present themselves … I mean I was having a conversation with somebody yesterday and they were saying ‘Oh Wynn, you’re saying the same thing as this person, as that person.’ They don’t really know what I’m doing, but they get it on the surface. That I wrote a book, it’s got all these ideas in it and from their perspective once you mention Love and Light and once you mention the word ascension and once you mention a number of different buzz words that people use – if you mention that, you’ve passed her test. That is how the negative gets influence into your space, because they can channel. This is in the Carla Rueckert channelings and the Ra material where they said, very specifically, the way the negative comes in is they will cater to a person’s desire to be of service. And they will make them feel that they are being of service by bringing the voice in and it’s hard to know -I mean, if somebody tells you that …

Suddenly hearing a voice in your head that says, “Oh, you’re so wonderful; you’re our chosen one. We’ve come here to talk to you and we’re going to use you to deliver a message to the world.” Then, that voice does a psychic phenomenon, they do a prediction. They do something that indicates that they know more than the average person, which the negative can do, easily, in other dimensions. They can tell past lives. They can do all kinds stuff.

That’s why, even when I was first having the experience of that newspaper headline being predicted in advance, I was not ready to lay myself down for this Source. I’m certainly convinced that it wasn’t Daphne, that is was something outside of her because she couldn’t do that to my knowledge. [Laughter] But I had already studied enough material to know that that was not enough to follow something. In fact, they didn’t continue doing that. They didn’t do that on demand – I couldn’t say, “Well, what’s the headline next week?” They did it one time.

They did it, I think, so that I would really give my attention to studying it all, which I did. But if I ever tried that in the future, it wouldn’t happen. If it did happen in the future and kept happening, I would have probably almost certainly had a negative source. Because, when a source can do that, when they can predict things with precise accuracy, it would make me give up my power and I’d be talking to them all the time and saying what should I do here and what should I do there and what do you think of this person?

And, tell me, is so and so, a good teacher; can I trust him? People ask me those questions all the time; I get questions about other people and they want me to say my opinion about that person. Why in the world would I want to put myself in that position?

Carla: And when somebody asks me that, here’s what I tell them.

Wynn: Yeah.

Carla: May I do that?

Wynn: Yeah.

Carla: Okay, when somebody asks me what I think of such and such, and I’ve had this over a course of 40 years, I tell them to trust themselves. To tell them – they have their own discernment. If something makes you feel expansive, if something lifts you up, if something gives you joy, if something is opening up for you inside, then perhaps you ought to read a little bit more and see what you think.

If something is pulling you down, if something is making you fearful, no matter how many times I say: I love you, I love you, I love you, if you get that sword in the heart that says be fearful – be very afraid, then you know that this is a lower vibration. The higher vibration entities do not do this. So that’s one easy way to do it but the best thing to do is follow your own discernment. So, whatever you’re reading, whatever you’ve come in contact with, don’t ask anybody else because you already know. You simply have to trust yourself.

You’re worthy. You’re as worthy as anybody else on the planet. ‘We are a nation of priests,’ it says in the bible. We are all ready for the next thing, whatever that is. So when something hits you, don’t ask somebody else is this the next thing? Ask yourself: What’s it feel like? Does this feel like the next thing? Does this feel like something I want to go to? Then go there. If it feels like well, you know it kind of does but I’m getting kind of scared ehh … red flag. [Laughter] That’s what I tell people.

Wynn: I think it can be such a fine line to be able to read things carefully. But one of the most important lessons to learn in this life is discernment. If you depend on someone else to make your discernment for you to tell you what you should do, what you should follow, who is good, who is bad; who is service-to-self, who is service-to-others – if you depend on someone else to make those decisions you are not learning your discernment. And it’s better to make a mistake because that will teach you more than following someone else’s opinion about what you should do.

What happens if, when you die (and I don’t know if it happens this way but I’m just saying what if) and there’s all these choices to go to and all these different paths … if you go this one, this one, or this one and depending on which path you take you’re going to end up with a bunch of future lives on that path. There’s no one to ask and if you don’t develop your gut level instincts, what are you going to do? You might not make the best choice and that’s okay. Because that just means that you’ll go on that choice and you’ll spend a bunch of lifetimes and you’ll learn there. But right now, this is one of the greatest opportunities for you to figure all this out, because I do think we’re giving here, a really good guidance system.

Before the call I was thinking about what I was going to talk about and people are always asking: What do I do? What should I do? And you get stuck against the wall.

Do you know, I read a book one time that was saying that … there is a Christian concept – now this is not a religious group in the traditional sense, it’s a sacred group but it’s not religious. We’re not working with any belief patterns. We’re not saying believe or be saved. We are having a direct experience, many of us, with these energies and we can feel them, we can validate it. We’re learning how synchronicities work. We’re learning how miracles happen and we’re learning from a direct experience, not from believing anything. I’m learning. I don’t know any of this stuff. Maybe I knew it somewhere in my subconscious.

But I certainly - when I started this work and I started writing the Wilcock book, it was far from the surface of my consciousness and, it was like being in a Sci-Fi movie. I said there must be something wrong here. So it took me quite some time to integrate it – to say hey, I’m at the point where I know this is real; I know it’s positive. And I could see, taking baby steps, how it was benefitting people and I started to understand why people where getting benefitted. So I said how do I do this more and bigger?

Of course, we’re expanding. We’ve got a whole bunch of new people listening to us and I tell all of you to just keep kicking the tires. Keep checking it out. It has to come to an experience in you. One of the things I wanted to say, and I think that both Carla and Terry have applied this principle to their life, and I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again because sometimes the most, simplest things escape us. We think we know it, we think we’re doing it and we’re not. I would believe that almost everyone on this line wants to grow spiritually.

They want to expand their awareness. They want to get over their negative habits and their negative patterns. They want to feel Love, the highest Love possible. Some of you are up against the wall and you feel stuck and pinned. You don’t know what to do next. Sometimes it feels like you could be ready to die if you’re in that position. There was a very interesting book I read some years ago. It was talking about – I think it was by a guy named Paul Ferrini? What he said was that in order to get to the highest level of yourself you have to be ready to give up the lower parts.

Giving up the lower parts usually creates pain and suffering because we have become familiar with those things. So, if they’re there, there is not the space for the higher thing to come in. So what he said, there’s something called the dark night of the soul, which is a Christian term … But in the more, broader sense, the dark night of the soul is when someone has made the commitment to go through their garbage and let it surface. When it surfaces, it’s not usually pleasant. It’s painful because you’ve carried these things inside of you.

They’ve been blocked up, they’ve been locked up and now you’re going to let them come up and so you have to experience them. Like guilt. Maybe you’ve done horrible things in the past, which most of us have so don’t feel bad about it. [Laughter] But we’ve done horrible things and you don’t remember what it is that you’ve done and you don’t have to. It’s just that there is this guilt inside of you and it’s been locked up because you didn’t even know it was there. It was in there just crunching your energy.

Or maybe somebody did you in, this life or another life. Or you did someone else in and you know what? We’ve all done it. So don’t think you had to be perfect. We’ve all done people in – people have done us in. We’ve all been thieves, we’ve all done (I won’t say all but most of us have done) what we would look at, in our logical mind, as being despicable. So if we’ve done those things, on some level, everything you’ve done has created a counterpoint in your consciousness. It’s not in your conscious awareness that you’ve done these things.

But it’s in your subconscious and it’s holding your energy tight. It’s creating failure. It’s creating disease [dis-ease]. It’s creating anger and that you don’t want to deal with these things. I don’t blame you. No one does. Because once you decide to deal with them (you really decide to deal with them) and you tell yourself I’m ready to deal with them, then they’ll start coming up. Now you have to know how to deal with what comes up. The way you deal with what comes up is observation and not judgment of yourself and not wanting to know what anyone thinks.

When it comes up you may not look good. You’ll look in the mirror and you’ll see all these distorted views of yourself. So just stay home that day. [Laughter] Don’t go out. Or, you know most people aren’t going to have a clue of how to understand why you’re going through this stuff. But this guy Paul Ferrini (I think it was his name) he said that no one would ever consciously choose to go through a dark night of the soul. You only go through that when you’re up against the wall and you have nowhere to go. You have no choices and you then, have to deal with it because it’s coming up.

So some of you, who are up against the wall, right now that are listening to this, if you can look at that as being a blessing rather than a curse … If you can look at that as being finally, I am going to surface all my garbage. Then, as the stuff comes up learn to observe it no matter what it is. Learn not to judge yourself. Learn to be neutral at a high level, even [though] at a low level you’re suffering. Separate yourself from the suffering.

Look at it and as you let each thing come up and release, [know] you are finally freeing yourself of this baggage that you may have been carrying around for lifetime after lifetime after lifetime - that was stuck. So as you learn to bless the idea that you’re in a dark night of the soul, that very idea of blessing it starts releasing a lot of the angst and the pain. And you can say ahh finally, it’s coming up and I’m letting it go. That’s the power of observation. That’s a tool that is priceless in terms of working things through.

Whether you’re in bed and you’re feeling sick and you’re suffering, you’re in a bad relationship and you don’t know how to be yourself – you know all the things that we can have around us that compress us. Whether you feel guilty all the time, whether you feel anger, learn to let it come up and flow through and you will get to the other side of it. I speak from my own experience. There is no doubt about it. If you want to have faith in one thing, you can have faith that if you let these things come up you will eventually get to the other side of them.

You will not carry them forward into the rest of your life and into your future lives. So there’s no better time (than) to face your-self than now. You can put it off but if you put it off, it’s put off. It won’t be surfacing. Now I know Carla has had a lot of experience with this and I think Terry has as well. So you want to share any of your experiences on this idea?

Carla: Yeah, I think my favorite image that I have used working in this exact area is something I read first in a book by Dion Fortune called Psychic Self-Defense.

Wynn: What’s it called?

Carla: Psychic Self-Defense.

Wynn: Psychic Self-Defense. Thank you.

Carla: Yep, anyway, Dion was talking about a dark night of the soul that she was having. It was so bad that it had put her in bed. I mean, not because of a physical thing but she was just sick at heart, literally. As she awoke from sleep, she saw a wolf, a full grown wolf snarling at the foot of her bed. And somehow she had the courage to think: alright, I’ve been working a long time, what does this represent? Somehow she knew.

She opened up her arms and she said come to me and I will love you and I will accept you and I will respect you and I will redeem you; and I will accept you as part of myself and I will give you good work to do. Come to me. And the wolf leapt towards her and nestled down into her heart. She hugged it and it disappeared into her heart. Then she was free. Through love, she had enabled herself to accept the part of herself that she did not like. That she did not want to recognize as part of herself, until finally, she was able.

So when I see something and I say oh, I don’t like that, I would never be that, I would never be that person, I don’t like that person, I know I’m looking at the wolf again. And I know that this person is a soul just like I am, is completely equal to me and, on the soul level, is my exact duplicate. It’s like a mirror to me. So I mentally thank [them] - I would never do it out loud because it would not be appropriate.

But in my mind I thank this person for allowing me to see a part of myself that I haven’t worked with enough and I open my arms to that part of myself - that thief, that murderer, that whatever it is I haven’t worked with. And I determine to heal myself of that and I take that into my heart with the full intention of healing it and giving it good work to do in the life and I ask it to be my grit and my determination. I ask it to be that part of myself that never gives up. All of those hard, almost harsh parts of yourself that you could say they were negative, but sometimes you have to persevere.

You simply have to keep going at it until you get it. It’s tough to do that and if you can say I’m not giving up, I’m going to heal myself of this, I’m going to love it, I’m going to balance it and I’m going to give it good work to do, then you just keep at it. It comes into your heart and dissolves. You rock it like the baby that it is. You promise you will give it good work, and you do and that is over for that one little part of yourself. There are many parts of the self that we haven’t checked out yet and sooner or later we will see them.

When we see them, they will disturb us. But they do not have to disturb us because they are just part of ourselves that we have not yet dealt with - we have not yet worked with, until we can bring them into our self and - accepted them, respected them, loved them and given them good work … Redeemed them by saying be my courage, be my strength, be my absolute determination when things get tough. That’s how I feel.

Wynn: Thank you. You know each of you has an Achilles heel, each of you. When this call ends today, write down on a piece of paper, your Achilles heel and say alright, I am open to letting that come up and clearing it. You know as you talk to yourself, seriously, your subconscious does hear you. It knows when you mean business. Now one of the great things about letting things up and clearing them is that you guys have a support group. We are a support group.

When this stuff comes up, if you’re lucky enough to have a support group in your life of people around you that can care about you, that can let you go through stuff and hold while you’re going through it, you are truly blessed because very few people have that. That’s why they don’t go through it. Because the people around them think they’re crazy or they’re nuts, whatever. We’re attached to how we look and we don’t want to be judged. But this is a support group for you that you can come back to and know that there is an understanding for this process in this work we’re doing.

You can depend on it and you can count on it. You can use that as something to give you a little courage to face those things that are scary in yourself that you would rather not face. I think Terry wanted to say something. Did you want to say something Terry?

Terry: Yes, if there’s an aspect of a person that hangs up the energy when they say well, you know I am an adulterer and I can never forgive myself for what I’ve done or I’m a thief, I can never forgive myself for that. Then they’ve labeled themselves with that headline, with that category and unless they forgive themselves they can’t truly really get over it. Because if they can forgive themselves they can then change their image of them self and they don’t have to fight against it, saying okay, I’m never going to steal again.

Then they have to have this sort of a ridge against it that they throw energy against the idea of thievery. And then they don’t forgive themselves so it hangs up with inside them self and it can’t dissolve. If they’ve labeled themselves with something they can’t forgive themselves for then they are unable to dissolve that concept. They are unable then to truly get over it because they’ve developed a barrier of energy against it. Once they can forgive themselves and dissolve that barrier of energy (dissolve it totally) then they don’t have to pay attention. They don’t have to fight against it anymore and they can change their image of them self and they no longer have to be that and they can be free from it. That was my comment.

Wynn: Thank you and I have to say, I am so honored to have Carla and Terry helping to support the energy of this work. In fact, in truth they are equal partners even though I’m doing a lot of the talking. They’re holding the space and they’re holding their own levels of wisdom and I am honored to be in the presence of such awesome souls – if I don’t give them enough acknowledgment all the time. Even though Terry can’t remember how to unmute her phone half the time [laughter] it’s like …

You know it’s just a work around because she is awesome. I keep telling her this, she has some idea … Let me just give you an example of how it works. I’ll use you as an example, is that okay Terry?

Terry: Mm hmm.

Wynn: It’ll all come out good in the end. But Terry has this part of herself, which is something that lots of people have, where she’s afraid of not being good enough, she’s afraid of making mistakes. And that she tries to be perfect in a way that somebody can’t be perfect in this realm. As if, if she wasn’t perfect somebody’s going to yell at her. Probably in past lifetimes they cut her head off and she did things …

Terry: [Laughter]

Wynn: ‘and so she has the memory of those things. I can feel it – I can say there she is - she’s afraid she’s going to get her head cut off again. Also, she’s very sensitive to energies so if anyone has the least bit of anger or judgment towards her she is like you know, goes into a tizzy. So it’s kind of like – I’ll give you an example. We get emails in, and you know most businesses go 9 to 5 and then people go home. If an email comes in at 7 it goes to the next day. The person’s going off having a little relaxation.

Not Terry, she’ll stay up all night answering emails [thinking] because if I don’t do this they’re going to be mad at me and somebody’s going to yell at me and then they’re going to come cut my head off. [Laughter] I keep calling it to her attention in a gentle way, not a judgmental way and it’s getting better. But normally, no matter how much I call it to her attention she thinks I’m judging her in that or making her wrong. It’s kind of like, slowly but surely, fixing itself. But the first step is to look at the pattern.

Look at how that pattern is working you. Someday we’re all going to die and our inbox is still going to be filled. You don’t want to have to come back here [to] this realm to clear your inbox, in the next life. So what, let it be filled. You’ll never finish everything. I’ll never finish everything. None of us will ever finish everything. We are all a work in motion and allow your failings to flow just as well as you allow your good things to flow. That’s the way you get through it. That’s the way you grow. That’s the way you become who you want to be. That’s the way you rise to your highest occasion.

Everyone on this line has enormous tools to work with that all you have to do is work with them. Move into the working with them and test it. See if it works. See if things shift. See if patterns go away. Because I know it’s happened for lots of people. It’s happened for me. Truthfully, I had overwhelming patterns holding me into a state of compression on this realm. Things that I never thought I could release; I thought they were welded to my matrix and they probably were and yet I got through them.

It wasn’t fast. It doesn’t happen fast. It took quite some time. I’m talking about years. But you start out like a snail and you just work this process. Observation, observation; let things up. Don’t judge yourself. Don’t make yourself wrong. Feel the pain of pain. If pain’s coming up, feel the pain. Feel this, feel that. If you keep doing that you will get through it and once you get through it, you’re releasing this baggage forever. It’s no longer carried forth in the Universe for you to have to experience it in future lifetimes.

Maybe you won’t even have future lifetimes. Maybe you’ll up just being one of those angelic beings that can work from this level from the other side.

In any case, we’re going to do our healing meditations now. I thank you all so much for being here and helping us learn how this works because you are helping by being present.

I want to mention that my computer power supply blew this morning; and I have spares of everything because I can’t stand it when I go out of commission. I went to Phoenix (and I had a meeting in Phoenix) and I didn’t bring the spare computer power supply. So this morning when I went to fire up the computer to send my emails out it was a no go. So we didn’t send the emails out. We have the healing list but I can’t read them, but Gijs is going to cover for that.

Notice how we’ve built the energy in all the stuff we’ve talked about. Notice how the energy is present. Notice how, when we build the group energy like that, just by talking about things in a loving way, things shift. This is absolutely true all of the time. That’s my observation of it.

So we are going to further enhance our experience of what they call The Law of One, that there is one-energy in the Universe. Everything is the same energy and we’re all part of that energy and everything is part of that energy. When we escape our bodies - and that doesn’t mean astral traveling - it means expanding yourself so you’re in the center of the Universe in your own body, because that is the truth. Each of us is part of All That Is, located in your physical body.

Carla: May I sing a song that takes 20 seconds because it’s just absolutely perfect for the way you brought it in.

Wynn: Go ahead. You got it.

Carla: I got it?

Wynn: Yep.

Carla: Okay, here goes. [Singing]

Surely the presence of the One is in this place. I can feel its mighty power and its grace. I can hear the brush of angel wings, see joy on every face. Surely the presence of the One is in this place.”

Wynn: Thank you. So we are each a body in the center of the Universe and how can that be? It’s because there is no Universe. [Laughter] The Universe is an illusion that we have moved into so that we can experience individuality. That we can experience being empowered and we can experience mastery. Right now you are at the center of the Universe. And how can we all be at the center of the Universe? Because there is no Universe [laughter] it all expands as an illusion from our physical bodies. But it’s a very pervasive, persuasive illusion.

You can’t dismiss it by calling it an illusion when you’re trapped in it. The way you get untrapped is to expand so your expansion includes the Universe. Did you feel the energy that came in when I said that? The expansion includes the Universe. You have no limitations. You have imposed your own limitations on yourself. So we’ve created the illusion of limitations. So right now put your feet flat on the ground. We’re going to expand into the experience of the different energies that partake in this illusion. We start out with the Earth.

The Earth has an-awareness, it is an-energy. It grows. It decided a long time ago that it was going to host beings on its surface, to allow them to grow with her and we’re those beings. We’ve had lots of lifetimes on Earth. Many times the Earth has been abused, taken for granted, hurt, disregarded. Just like we do to each other, humankind has done it to the Earth. She’s still here and we know she’s growing into our next step which is, if you’ve been reading our material, the 4th dimensional Earth.

The Earth that is heart-based, where the lessons are going to be in Love and compassion. Whereas the 3rd dimensional Earth, the lessons have been of power and individuality, and it’s not better or worse. Do you know if you’re a little piece of energy that’s thrown into this Universe and is going to grow, it has to learn that it is individual; it’s got to learn who it is. It has to feel powerful. Do you know in order to honestly Love something outside of yourself, you have to be able to have a-certain surrender.

In order to surrender you need to feel strong enough to surrender. “Surrender” may not be the right word. Coalesce, blend, let go, become part of each other. You know that’s what Love is. It’s losing your-self temporarily in the field of others; I say temporarily because you have to be strong enough to go back to your own center. It’s one of the reasons, sometimes, sensitive people are afraid to Love because they lose themselves and that’s not good. You have to come from your strength.

If you lose yourself in another where you lose your own sense of individuality and identity, you haven’t mastered 3rd chakra yet which is power and individuality. So the Earth is moving into 4th chakra [dimension/density/realm]. Now let’s imagine, for those of us that want to graduate this realm, that the Earth is in 4th chakra and she is-loving us. We are her children, so-to-speak. She has been nurturing us for many lifetimes and usually doesn’t get acknowledged, noticed. We think the Earth is just a bunch of ground underneath our feet.

We don’t think of her as being aware. Let us feel that energy of the Earth surrounding our energy. [Silence] I would imagine that if we learned to hold the space with the Earth, loving the Earth, that when she is moving, you’re going to move with her. We’re going to move this energy of the Earth through our legs, through our feet, through our bodies and just see your energy blending with the Earth’s energy and moving up through your neck, through your head, into your room.

So we can see this fountain (it’s like a fountain) coming up from the Earth through our bodies and up the top of our head and like a fountain in our room and through the ceiling and into the sky. Remember, you are not limited by your body. You are a spirit that occupies your body and now you, by your intention, can project yourself through your body into the higher dimensions as well as down to the Earth – you don’t have to leave your body. You don’t have to curse your body. You don’t have to say I’m ready to ascend, there’s too much pain here. You can have it all right now.

We move through the clouds, through the veil. We project ourselves into the planetary field of the solar system. We keep going to the place where we can touch each other, we can blend.

Now, are we really doing this? Don’t worry about it, just use your imagination. Think of it as a fantasy. Just notice what happens inside you as I say these words. Notice shifts. Notice feelings of expansion, feelings of vibration. We create a-group energy. We blend our energies. We flow with each other.

Just because everything we think creates a frequency. Well now we’re thinking of creating our frequencies to coalesce. Let’s tell everyone on this line and everyone listening to the replays: we love you; I love you. I love you. One reason to love each other is because, we, as a group are learning how to create the thrust; we need each other to create this thrust that moves us. We can’t do it by ourselves. Or we can, if we learn how to hold these energies (we can). But you know, even myself, when I feel the energy of the group, I cannot duplicate that by myself.

Then, of course, we invite our Sources, these group souls – the Elohim Group, the Ra Group and any others out there that are positive, service-to-others, honoring The Law of One to join with us. Let’s tell them we love them. Love is the glue that holds it together. It’s interesting, when someone is still working on their 3rd chakra (power and individuality) they have a hard time with our concept of what we’re doing. They think they’re going to lose themselves. So they have to stay in their own growth pattern until they have the confidence to go to the next place.

Because you are not losing yourself, you are gaining yourself. [Laughter] Love does not make you lose yourself. Or perhaps there’s a momentary shift where you lose your contracted self. You lose your compressed self and you suddenly become a bigger self. So we have these amazing energies surrounding us right now. Some people call it the field. Some people call it unity consciousness. Whatever you call it, feel it, let it move through you. Feel yourself as a particulate of All That Is. Right now, while we have this energy present, imagine that it can hear your thoughts; that that energy is expanded – it’s the cosmic you.

You can put your dreams, your hopes into that field like dropping rocks into a lake and watching the ripples. You’re no longer putting it out from your smaller human side. You’re dropping things from your super conscious side and you’re putting out intentions into the ethers before things manifest. You’re not trying to push the world around with your intentions after they’ve manifested because the world is rigid, solid and resistant. This is what the bible meant, I believe, when it talked about the sweat of the brow. It’s like putting things into the world: trying to move the world is the sweat of the brow. You can do it but it’s a lot of work. But right now the world starts in higher dimensions and then it trickles down and gets more solidified as we move into our bodies. So right now we are in that flow of the higher dimensions. If you put things in that flow, you put them in before it solidifies, while it’s still malleable. So think about what you want. Think about what you want to shift in your life.

Last week, I mentioned something about better relationships with your children and somebody emailed me and said, You know what, I put that into the field, I put it into the Light and ten minutes after the call my son called me.” Apparently, she hadn’t talked to her son in a long time. So what do you want to put into this energy - your health, a better relationship with someone - a boyfriend, a husband, children, the parents? You are your own creator. You are creating yourself. What self would you like to create?

Now I don’t have my computer so I couldn’t access the healing list and so Gijs said he would – are you there Gijs?

Gijs: Yes, Wynn.

Wynn: Okay, Gijs is going to go through the things on the list. Putting something on the list is a way of grounding your intention. It puts it out in such a way … and I mean they said they’re watching the list and you can decide if that’s true. But they want to help - they want to help you and the more you reach, the more they reach back. So, to turn it over to Gijs and - go ahead, maybe you could go through the first ten or twelve things and see how time goes.

Gijs: Alright, we start with Marsha in Panorama City, California. Love to you Marsha – you’re an old friend. She’s asking for help with her health and she is dealing with a mite infestation in her house after rescuing a possum. Her bird and dogs and her entire house is dealing with this. So send her house Love and Light and we ask our Sources to work with her and she’s thanking all of us. Thank you, Marsha. Next we have -

April in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada … she has been dealing with anger attacks. Also, last night until later in the night she was dealing with one again. She says a part of me feels liberated for not wanting to live a lie anymore, yet I do know this is not the track I want. I want the higher frequencies. I am breathing and focusing on clearing my 3rd chakra. So let us all see her 3rd chakra surrounded by the Love Light and we ask our Sources to work with her, and she’s thanking everyone. (That was April.)

Then, we have a person in Canada. I don’t know the name of this person [Hon in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada] who’s asking for his or her dad to be helped. He’s dealing with a tumor and he’s 83 years old and it’s stated that he is too old to go through radiation. So we see this person – his name is Hon Dac – surrounded by the healing Love Light. We have -

Serena in Rye, New Hampshire … she’s asking for healing for her 16 year old daughter who is at a new school this year – she is an only child and can feel lonely at times. I want her to feel embraced in Love and wisdom to move through this challenging time in her life. So she’s thanking us. Let us see this 16 year young girl surrounded by the Love Light and for her to be supported. Then we have -

Kevin in Colorado … who is dealing with fear and stress which he wants to have removed from him. He’s also working on a business project. He started a new business with a colleague. Let us see him being supported by the Love Light and we ask our Sources to work with him and his colleague to make this successful.

Judy in Rancho Cordova, California … who is asking for planetary healing - no particular thing she mentions - just in general. So we ask our Sources to work with Judy and all of us for planetary healing. We have –

Claire in Pacific Palisades, California who has a partner by the name of Lewis, has been diagnosed with prostate cancer and will have radiation and other radical therapies, if necessary. So let’s see him, Lewis, surrounded by the Love Light for healing. We have -

Joe in San Pedro, California … is asking for physical, emotional and soul related healing. He’s asking for healing for his clients and community and Mother Earth. So we see this situation surrounded by the Love Light.

Joan in Newport, Rhode Island … is asking for personal healing. No particulars are mentioned in her request. We have -

Holdren in Las Vegas, Nevadaplease help me - has been dealing with an immune system disease. Many things are going on with this person – infections, wounds and it’s hurting. This person, for a long time has wanted to help other people with music and wants to be successful with playing his music and helping other people. We ask for the situation to be surrounded by the Love Light and we ask our Sources to work with Holdren. Next, we have a request for –

Chris in Memphis, Tennessee … we ask for him to be surrounded by the Love Light and for him to be released from pneumonia, which he has been dealing with of late. Chris, we see you surrounded by this Love Light. Much love to you man. So I want to stop here with the healing list, Wynn and give the mike back to you. Thank you so much.

Wynn: Thank you very much. I wanted to mention to people that I have a friend who’s into alternative healing products and there was this one product that he’s been recommending for years that he says that 90% of the people that use it, that have the big C, get better. This guy is very credible to me so I’ll tell you the name of the product – and just do a search on the Internet and read about it. It works for lots of different things. It’s called “Cell Food”- they sell it in health food stores.

You can buy it online. But just do the name of that product and the problem you have - and testimonials. It’s not expensive and it doesn’t seem to have any side effects, so it’s worth trying. [Search] “Cell food” and the name of whatever health issue you’re working on. It even works for more energy. It’s like $20 dollars a bottle ($20 – 25 dollars a bottle) they sell it in health food stores. So I wanted to recommend that to you.

Right now we are going to get a message from the other realms – this voice that says it’s a soul group that created the Universe and the other soul group made of graduates and we’re going to … 12:43, egad, I have to leave more time [Laughter] for this. I’ll have to do the personal meditation faster because we run out of time every week and I said I wanted more time for the planetary but …

Father Mother God, we ask for the Light to surround and protect each person here and any negativity, be taken to the highest realms of Light and transmuted for the highest good of all concerned. We see ourselves in the flow of energy radiating from the center of the Universe, through the galaxies, through the Milky Way, through the solar system, through the outer energy fields of planet Earth, through our bodies and into the center of the Earth.

Right now we invoke a group energy connection while maintaining the sovereign integrity of our souls. And we invite those Sources that are positive, service-to-others, honoring The Law of One to join with us as we create a protected space that only the positive has access to and anything not of that nature must leave now. And I hope Terry’s unmuted – want to do a quick check before I turn it over to you? Say something?

Terry: Yes.

Wynn: Okay, we hear you. Go ahead.

Ra’An/Terry: We greet you in the Love Light of The One Infinite Creator. We are delighted to be with each and every one of you this Sunday, February 2, 2014. And it is a sacred moment in time when we can connect and we have the opportunity to have a voice in this 3rd density realm. We say that perhaps the most important thing is to know that you, each one, are loved and when you are in the 3rd density it is easy to become identified with things that are not you: the financial situation, the state of the body; the difficulties – a place to live, a job; the matching of your energies with the 3rd density realm to bring in what you need for survival, of the body, of the family, the integration of you with the group in the 3rd density.

You are above all. You are your source and if you can set aside, for a small amount of time (a few minutes), the troubles, the body’s needs, the lack of money, the difficulty, the disharmony with others – if you can, for a minute, set all of that aside and feel the Love, then, having felt the Love, having the knowledge that you are loved, you then can revitalize yourself at source to then reconnect, rewire your connections with those around you - with the group, with your job.

You can become source instead of being overwhelmed by the situation and letting the situation take over - the lack of money, the lack of harmony. You can become the source and take over control. As you take over control you can then begin to rewire the connections and change the connections so that you are in control instead of these situations being in control of you. We give a moment for that to sink in. You are loved. You are your source. You have the ability to be in control. You have the ability to take control in your mind.

Perhaps at first, to take control of that situation, imagine that the situation is going well. Then, when you imagine the situation is going well, then you can connect up with things in your environment that will make it go well. If you are overwhelmed by a circumstance then it is the circumstance that is dictating to you your feelings and it is hard to make connections with other circumstances that are outside of the older one.

But when you can emerge and you can know you are source and you can reach out and make new connections, reset, rewire the situation, you will have other opportunities, other choices, other possibilities that you can see that you can then connect up with and start to put energy in those directions. And you can begin to be in control of the thing that has brought you into [a state of] overwhelm.

When it comes to the connection with others whom you are praying for, people that you dearly love - when you first of all look at the circumstances and accept the circumstances as they are, then disregard the circumstances - but to instead of fighting the circumstances, to look at the circumstances and say well, that’s how it is and I don’t like that very much. But I mean for that second (now) that’s how it is. Then you can begin to rise above it and begin to see other possibilities because you’ve stepped outside of the box of the circumstances as they are.

And perhaps the individual that you were concerned about needs to go through that pattern, express that pattern or experience that suffering. But when you step outside of it yourself you can begin to bring in new energy, new prayer, new Love to them that then you step outside of their overwhelm, and duplicating their overwhelm, you step outside into your own vision. As you look at the vision you then can begin to bring new energy, fresh blood into that situation.

And they can then perhaps sense it, sense that there is new energy available to them that they can grasp onto and can help them change. But when you fight a situation within the situation it is hard to bring in fresh energy, different energy that can change the situation because you are simply recycling the energy over and over and trying to step out of the box. And unless you are able to get outside of the box and bring fresh new energy in, it is hard to change the energy of what is already going on.

Thank you for this honor to be with you today and it brings tears to our energy eyes to be able to make this connection for those who wish to be connected with. Thank you.

Wynn: Thank you. Right now we are moving into the power of our group – our group energy connection. We step right in it. We realize that our intentions are connected to the Universe and we bring that down to our planet Earth. We surround our planet in this energy. We move and love Earth herself. We ask for any decisions on her part to defer earthquakes – that she might do that, to move earthquakes away from population centers. We ask for rain to end the droughts anywhere in the world, particularly California.

We send energy to all those Lightworkers, all those Indigo children, all those Crystal children who have come to Earth to lift the vibrations of our planet, many of them forgetting why they’re here. But they’re doing it anyway and you know who they are. We send energy to the economy, to the compassion of those decision makers that they might make compassionate decisions for the highest good of all and not for their self-serving smaller groups. We send energy again to ourselves, to our families, to our friends, to our cities. Believe it or not, you are learning how to anchor these energies.

Some of you have already done it. Some of you are learning … Try it, go somewhere, sit in a public place and say okay I’m here, you can use me to bring energy into this room. Sit on a park bench. Sit on a city street and watch the people go by and say that to your-self.  Say, I’m being of service right now. I’m anchoring the energy to this location. And see if you feel anything because this stuff works but you have to ask. We ask for interventions. We ask for no nuclear weapons to be allowed to go off.

We ask for toxic substances in chemtrails to be molecularly reconstructed. We ask for any synchronicities, obstructions to negative plots on our planet – we ask for [obstructions to negative plots]. We ask that there is chance and opportunity for this work that we’re doing and others like us to grow and prevail on planet Earth.

On that note, I thank you all so much for being here, for being part of this and letting us be part of you – letting us into your homes, into your emails and into your hearts and that it makes a difference. We can feel you. Bless you all. Gijs, you can unmute everybody, I don’t have a computer. Are you there Gijs?

Everyone: Blessings to all; thank you; marvelous everybody; God bless everyone; glad to be here; thank you everybody; thank you Carla, Terry, Wynn; love your selves.


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