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Monday BBS Call

How the Elohim Created the Universe and More


Monday Call 02.03.14
Host: Wynn Free
Producer: Gijs Minderhoud
Channeled by: Terry Brown
Transcribed by: Rick Vornbrock
Edited by: Terry L. Brown
Formatted and sent by: Robynne Olson

Wynn:  This is February 3rd, 2014 and Wynn and Terry in Arizona and all of you. I was just making a comment just before [we started recording]. If you guys that are coming in now have not come in early it’s worth it, but it’s different. You find out the makeup of all of us because we have a lot of individuals that come on the call and it’s made up of individuals. When somebody just comes in when the call first starts, there’s this perception that can happen that: “Oh, Wynn has a bunch of followers.” I hate that idea because I’m a follower as much as you guys are. Because I just jump in and I’m here and I’m not looking for people to pay attention to me, I’m not pandering to create attention. I certainly appreciate it because we are developing as a group. We’re learning how to work with what I call group energy.

See it’s very tricky because those of you that are aware of the negative agendas certainly have heard of NWO, and all that stuff, one world government. Someone could think that, if they’re not paying very close attention to this, that because we talk about the Law of One that somehow that means we relate to one world government as I’ve come to understand it out of closely doing huge amounts of research to figure out what’s up from down.

 Just because we talk to these guys in other dimensions does not mean we don’t have to do research. We have to research them. We have to consider everything, we have to consider what happens if a negative source comes through Terry? What if suddenly there’s a lot of responsibility. Most people don’t do live channelings like this to the public. The reason is, and it’s a good reason, is that we can’t take anything back once it goes out. If you do something in private then you can say, “I don’t like the feel of that,” or “Terry sounds a little spacy or we were not on today. Let’s just throw this one away and do the next one.”

So doing it publically like this makes a certain transparency that it’s pretty obvious that we couldn’t make it up. Somebody did say, “Maybe Wynn gives Terry all the questions before hand and she studies the answers.” Well, that does not happen. We don’t have time to do it. We’re not charging for this. So, how much time do we have? It’s enough to take the time to come on the calls. We’ve been doing it for a long time, three times a week.

The only reason I’m doing it, and I think I can speak for Terry, is because we have seen how much people are benefiting from the connection. This is a reality system which is out there and the first time people are exposed to it, not everybody but many people, they get really catalyzed. Suppose I said, “There’s a separation of souls. Some are graduating, some are not graduating and in order to graduate you have to have your heart open. I’ll see you later.” And then you don’t hear from me again. What does that do? For many people it would strike fear into their hearts because they’re going to say, “Geez. What if I don’t graduate?” So at some point I said if I was going to say that I have to create everything possible to make sure those of you who actually believed that didn’t have to be afraid and an environment where loving energy could be present that you could participate in and that that becomes a reference point for an open heart. Often times people are needy. And you know what? It’s part of the human condition to be needy.

It’s nice to be able to find other people that you can co-create with and collaborate with and fulfill the needs, if the need is to have money to be able to do that to make money and if the need is to have intimacy that you have someone to create intimacy.

Those are all good things. Except many people, particularly people who are wanderers, have a lot of challenges getting their needs met on the human side because they still have needs. One of the reasons it can be hard for a wanderer, it’s not true for everybody and if you’re listening you may have on a personal level your needs working, you’re making enough money, you have a good relationship, you have family and you’re really happy and I appreciate you being on the call. There are a lot of people that are very advanced and the problem is they’re more advanced in their consciousness than the people that they find in their lives.  When they go to find a way to get their needs met, they have to contract into a consciousness that’s smaller than theirs.

Now, this is not an ego trip. This is not being superior to someone, it’s not about that at all and if you take it that way, you’re taking it in the wrong way. It’s just the way it works, but you don’t know why. You don’t know why you’re different, you don’t know why you don’t fit in, you don’t why you’ve been a rebel, and you don’t know why you hate authority.

Hey, I did all of that this lifetime. Believe me, the fact that I’m doing this now is only because I’ve done all of that and  . . . the only time, the time that I really felt fulfilled is was when I was hitchhiking around the country playing music and it was a very humble existence and I was just glowing because people were giving me all this love and I was loving them back and then I would go to the next city and do the same thing and I was a nobody. It was everyday miracles of synchronicities. I didn’t understand how it was happening and why it was happening to me. I did it for three or four years. Whenever I would stop, I would fall into the reality systems, I’d have relationships and I couldn’t make them work. People would acknowledge the fact that I was a good artist, a good songwriter and I was able to generate love on a stage, but I didn’t know how to convert that into a human experience because every time I did it I would contract, I would feel like I didn’t belong or they didn’t understand me. It took me a long, long time to get through that and I went through a lot of stuff. So I understand how that feels.

If you’re going through that, I do understand it. You can be so out of it and contracted and then you can start closing down and your heart closes down.

So on this call what I see happening is this amazing experience where there is loving energy on the call that’s not dependent on another human to give it back to you. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have that. You should. But when you include a connection of the love of the higher realm in the relationship of another human how does that look? The way it looks is that you can see that other human as not just a fulfillment of your needs. You can see the divine in them; you can see the God in them. When you can see that, then you can have a really, really successful relationship with another human. But if you can’t see that, maybe you’ve connected with divine in yourself, in the groups, whatever. But the key is to take this perception and make it so that you can live it. And usually you have to go through a certain amount of stuff before that happens.

So part of the goal of doing what we’re doing is to hold a stable anchor of loving energy that you can relate to. It’s strong enough that if you need it, not everyone needs it, but if you need it, it’s here for you and it’s to help you to learn how to hold that energy in your life. I thank you all for being here.

Not everyone fits that profile. There are all kinds of people. There are people on this line that have dealt with a lot of these issues and they are helping to hold the energy for the other people. Maybe they don’t know they’re doing it but I know they’re doing it because the more people that hold the energy, the easier it is for us. I’m just a focal point and you all, who are doing it, are helping to hold the energy. Those of you who are feeling needy can take this energy in and learn how to become more balanced, to learn how to bring the things into your life that you need without getting caught in the karma of it. That’s one of the pitfalls of needs because when you have needs and you go out to fulfill your needs, on the lower levels it becomes an exchange. “I’ll do this for you and you do this for me.” “I’ll work every day”, this is from a guy’s point of view, “I’ll work every day for some money and you’ll give me the intimacy, the sex that I need to stay balanced so I can go out the next day and work again” And that’s not wrong and as long as everybody is in balance with it, it works. Except as soon as one person falters like, “Honey, I have a headache tonight”, and then the other guy gets angry, and then he can’t get out of his anger and he approaches his wife or his girlfriend with the anger and she doesn’t want anything to do with him. “How come you’re not loving?” “I’m not loving because I didn’t get my needs fulfilled,” and then it becomes a stalemate.

That’s what happens in relationships of obligation that everyone is weighing: “Did I get enough.” Is it balanced, is it fair? Relationships that are divine or . . . and I don’t even want to use spiritual words. [In] relationships that are at the highest level, people fulfill each other because they care about the other person and they want to make the other person feel good. Needs are not bad. Needs are part of the human condition. When people can fulfill each other’s needs and they do it out of the Law of One. In other words, you’re me. You’re an aspect of me. I’m an aspect of you but your needs are different than mine. So when I help meet your needs and you become happier, I become happier. That is the Law of One in action. Mutually collaborating, co-creating on giving each other what we need. And it’s easy when you start doing it.

One of the things people are taught is to feel shame for their needs. You’re not supposed to feel that. You’re not supposed to do that. You’re supposed to do this. Spiritual people are supposed to be this way. If you’re feeling that way, you must not be spiritual. I need to go find someone that’s spiritual. And it’s an endless drama that never ends.

So I’m going to end that, I’m going right into our topic tonight: “How the Elohim Created the Universe,” to give you the three minute explanation because some of you are probably listening for the first time. This is information that makes a lot of sense. But I certainly can’t validate it. So you have to take it and integrate it and see how it fits in with everything else you know.

Originally there was one awareness, something became aware and it separated because it was lonely and now there were multiple awarenesses. But the awarenesses were just energies, there was no physical universe, time was not in existence, there was the beginning of time. To be aware, there has to be time because awareness means there’s a before and an after. And if there’s no before and after, then there’s no memory, there’s nothing except being in the moment. As soon as you’re aware of yourself, then you’re aware of a continuity, and if there’s a continuity, it’s the beginning of time. But time is moving at different speeds depending on your awareness as how fast time is moving.

While the first awareness divided itself into a few, soon to become millions and multimillions of energies, which if we have it right, that’s who the Elohim are. And so now we have these millions of energies that are subdivisions of the One Infinite Creator and probably subdivisions of each other. They probably could divide themselves because they were mirrors of the first cause. And they are interfacing with each other but there’s no persistence, everything is in the moment. So there was the idea of how to create persistence and that became learning how to create frequencies. They call it spinning-ness frequencies that would coalesce, combine and where the frequencies would combine would become a point in space-time, i.e., a point in the universe. And they were using geometry, mathematics, sacred geometry and they were combining frequencies creating galaxies, planets.

As they were doing this, then there was consciousness in everything that was created. They gave freewill to every consciousness that was created to create the laws of the domains within its own domain. So everything had a consciousness and everything has a decision making ability to create the laws by which things would happen. So, for example, we’re on the Earth. The Earth creates certain laws; we live within the laws of the Earth. And we have children, we’re a sub-logi of the Earth, we create certain models of how to bring our children up and they grow up and then they take what they learn from us, they carry it forth and they have children and etc.

So it became a self-evolving conglomerate. And there was really no intent to control it. And when it first started, it was like an aquarium. The Elohim didn’t think of themselves as God. They were creating and this was their creation. And there’re a whole series of these talks. If this was interesting, I recommend you go to the  [and] do a search on how the Elohim created the universe. And you’ll find there’s about six or seven or eight of these conversations we’ve had with the Elohim on this. And it’s very fascinating because Terry couldn’t possibly make up these answers and they actually make sense, an intuitive sense.

What happened was the last time we did this, I think it was a couple of weeks ago, we had talked about how the creation of DNA, how the ameba was the first animal, meaning that it had DNA. That DNA was a microcosm of the Universe. That DNA could evolve and how it evolves, that’s another story. At a point there were animals or beings in this realm. I don’t know if they were animals or beings, we didn’t get it down to all the fine points. And that the Elohim could project and be with a being in this realm. Perhaps just as if they project with Terry and they project with those of you who feel an energy coming in when we do these calls.

When they project, they can be with us and then they can go back to where they were. And apparently early on, some of the Elohim projected into this realm and they would occupy beings, and I don’t know if they were animals or humanoids at that point. But they would experience sex. This was in Edgar Cayce as well, this very point. That sex drew them into the energy of the other being. And they got to the point where they couldn’t leave. They got trapped here and they got caught in cycles of reincarnation.

We’re going to continue from that point tonight and listen carefully because this gets very deep often times and you have to track what they say. And again, these calls are posted on the Spirit Channel,  usually within 24 hours after we do them. So, if you miss a call you can listen and if you want to hear something again, you can listen. It will download it to your computer automatically. Usually it shows up in the “My Downloads” section. So you get it permanently on your computer, you can listen to it anytime you want, you can move it to your smart phone and put it on as an mp3 file and listen to it while you’re driving to work. Many people have discovered that listening to these calls, repetitively, has been a great, great contribution to their working out their patterns.

So you’re all invited to do that and it’s all freely available. We have hundreds of calls on the Spirit Channel, and if you’ve been intrigued by what we’re doing, if you think there’s something to it, download those calls on your mp3 player or on your smart phone and just listen to them instead of the radio when you’re driving somewhere. And just check it out, see if it works for you, see if it helps shift and open your energies. Many people have said that it has worked that way.

So, Terry, I know you’re not ready, right?

Terry:  No, not really. I have to step aside [so the Elohim can come through].

Wynn:  Are you unmuted? You’re unmuted anyway.

Terry:  Yeah, I am. I just unmuted myself.

Wynn:  I just unmuted everybody else. Let me put it on lecture, that’s what I meant to do.

Father/Mother God, we ask for the presence of the Light to surround and protect each person here. And any negativity be taken to the highest realms of Light and transmuted for the highest good of all concerned. We see ourselves in the flow of energy, radiating from the center of the Universe, through the Galaxies, through the Milky Way, through the solar system, through the outer energy fields of planet Earth, through our bodies and into the center of the Earth. And right now, we invoke a group energy connection while maintaining the sovereign integrity of our souls. And we invite those Sources that are positive, service to others, honoring the Law of One, to join with us. And we create a protected space that only the positive has access to. And anything not of that nature must leave now. And I turn it over to our Sources as they communicate through Terry Brown and if they want to make any corrections on anything I said in this introduction, please take the floor and do so. Thank you.

Ra’An:  We greet you in the Love Light of the One Infinite Creator. This is the 3rd of February, 2014. And in a fresh moment of time we connect with the Earth realm and the Earth plane. We see that it is more packed with geometric forms and focusing, life focusing entities than in general in the higher realms.

We greet each and every one of you. We come directly to you, we don’t come over the telephone line and we don’t come over the computer. It is only the voice that comes through there. We are coming into your space for those that wish connection; we’re coming directly into your space.

As we intersect with the manifest realm, the energies of the manifest realm, we show the color pink, which is a very light color of pink. And it is the intersection of manifest realities that creates the pink based upon our frequencies as we intersect.

Do you have questions?

Wynn:  Yes. Go on on this line of topic, we know that there’s a lot of you up there. If you were going to do a census, how many Elohim are there? I know they fan out through lots of dimensions; they’re in councils, but how many individual Elohim entities are up there?

Ra’An:  We who are speaking, the part of the Elohim that is speaking through you, we have not made a count. There are millions of us and there are millions of us that are compartmentalized into different areas with different functions monitoring attitudes of grace, monitoring areas within the third density that may need help, monitoring areas within the angelic realm that may need help. We’re like a monitoring group that can step in and can help to get things going again when things are not operating correctly. So there are many departments and millions of entities within those departments that are working together on their own particular assigned paths.

Wynn:  As the physical realm was created and evolved, we know the Elohim were, I would imagine, carefully monitoring it as it evolved. And according to our last talk, the Elohim initially could come and go and they could occupy beings and then some of them got stuck because they chose to experience sex through a being they occupied. Of the ones that got stuck, did some of those original stuck beings, are they still in this realm still stuck or did they manage to graduate? And what percentage of them managed to graduate if you can see that?

Ra’An:  There’s a really small percentage that managed to graduate. And one of the difficulties in graduation is that when one is in an energy and is moving within an energy, it is very hard for them to escape that box that they’re in. And they keep looking within the box to attain their various goals: goals of survival, the goals of achieving of plenty, the goals of fulfillment. And it’s very hard for them to within the box with the materials of the box to imagine escaping from the box and going back into the higher realms.

Wynn:  In the course of humanity’s history, there are people that had roles of teachers, as starting religions. Were some of those people connecting with the Elohim as part of their manifestation? Say, for example, like Krishna.

Ra’An:  We see Krishna was connecting with other beings. However they were not of the higher Elohim where we are. Although he did have, like the tuning of an instrument, he could tune his body to achieve the higher vibrations and he, however, had particular vibrations that he tuned into: Past masters, past entities which have learned much. He particularly tuned into those rather than into the higher realm of the Elohim, however, his body as a tuned instrument, [was] able to sense frequencies in a very large range, was able to go in to the range of frequencies where we are.

Wynn:  I don’t want to take everyone’s inventory. Is there anyone that you can point to in history, the recorded history, I guess we’d have to say, that had very high affinity with the Elohim?

Ra’An:  There was the science fiction writer, Dick, who did connect and was quite delighted with the Elohim frequencies. There were entities within the Anunnaki who carried the frequencies and were able to tune in to the higher frequencies and have become in a sense, hybrided with the earth people and continue in their lifetimes within the Earth’s realm but have the capability of connecting with the Elohim. There were the masters of India who connected deeply with the Elohim and were able to bring through in writings the knowledge from the Elohim and to bring it in to ancient writings. The Dahl’ lamas were able to tune in, for quite a long time, lifetime after lifetime to bring through knowledge. The Upanishads was some of the literature has been brought through that is, to some degree, mixed but has some of the elements from the Elohim.

Wynn:  That was The Upanishads, right?

Ra’An:  Yes.

Wynn:  If we go back to the ameba, we understand that would have happened prior to the time that there were any Elohim in this realm. Could you tell us a little bit more about the story of: from the ameba to animals to humanoids, how did the Elohim get more interfaced? When the higher Elohim would be observing Elohim going into this realm and not coming back, why did they continue to come?

Ra’An:  Some of them wanted to find out what happened to their cousins and brothers, some of them wanted to experience things that when individuals [came back they talked about], other individuals who heard this wanted to go and to experience what it was like to be various animals or to be various people or have various lifetimes or what it was like. An exciting adventure would be one of the ways that it was looked at.

As far as the beginning, there were imaginations of what things could be like, like building sand castles in the air, and making within one’s own mind a manifestation of coming together of a thin life form that one could have has a companion and that one could play with, one could modify, and then learning how to impose that vision upon other visions of the potential of life and with great strength of creation of how to manifest energies that could begin to crystalize and could begin to then take shape and could then begin to be a faint image of a human or an animal. To crystalize the vision so that another could see the vision, it became a game of what could one envision. And then with different people working on the same vision, how they could get the vision to perpetuate. Then as each one would withdraw their energies and their creative visionary crystallization of manifest force, and when each one withdrew that then image would fade. And there were group imaging sessions. And they were quite delighted by this, as a game, as a creativity that gave them something to have as a companion and memory, someone to play with, so to speak.

Then there were great years of participation and experimentation with how to manifest matter and to form it into something that could be living and breathing. And then there was the excitement of having created an independent body that was able to move on its own. And other people became entities, energy entities became involved in this delightful project.

Some individuals have indicated they felt it was criminal to do such creations. But there was an excitement about making an entity, a manifest entity that could move on its own and could be made more and more complicated. There were great years of this experimentation and what would happen with this certain type of entity or a four legged entity or a two legged entity. And there was great sadness if one of these self-moving entities were to stop, as everyone came to love the entities that were being manifested. Does this help?

Wynn:  Yes it does. And when entities are being manifested and the Elohim were, how should we say, interfacing with those entities, were they doing it with the four legged creatures or the two legged creatures? I mean, did they get stuck animals like horses or bears or dinosaurs? How selective were they in which entities they would visit with?

Ra’An:  They would selectively, based upon the desires of the particular group working on a project, would four-legged creatures and the desire to create the four legged creatures would be to see if these would be able to survive more easily in an environment. And then the idea was thought of to have a two legged creature, a two legged creature that could learn easily, could be smarter, could think, and could have a number of the characteristics of the Elohim. And wouldn’t simply, stupidly run into walls but would be able to be set free into an environment and be able to psych out the environment, be able to think their way through to get food, to do the functions of the body as the body became more complex and had more functions. Then there were the life force within the body and the combined life forces within the body of the cells, of the organs working together to sustain the being, of the thought processes needed to grow food, to bring food. It built upon itself after years and years of millions, billions of years, it built on itself. There were certain beings that were more successful than others but some beings had very great abilities that other beings did not have. Experimentation still goes on today outside mainly of the realm of humans, however there are other alien races who are still experimenting. Some of the races over time did not continue the brilliant connection with the surroundings, the brilliant ability to survive, the body manifestation of being able to take the food and to utilize it for high energy and good thought and to create a long living creature. Some began to run down over millions of years and were not able to keep the genetic line without becoming diluted. Others were able to keep and hold the genetic line and remain strong. Those are our answers.

Wynn:  Thank you. Now the thought occurred to me, when the Elohim would, it’s kind of like engineered design beings in this realm, did they engineer the DNA and the DNA would become the being they engineered, did it work in that manner?

Ra’An:  They would work with the DNA, the DNA would form and depending upon the formation, the structure of the being, the DNA of the being would work together in a strong way or in a not so strong way. There are formations of DNA which give the body structure a very strong posture. With the Fibonacci series when the structures are developed with the use of the proper geometrical formations and the Fibonacci series of mathematics in the relationship and ratios between head and the trunk of the body and the arms and the legs, then the body makes a very strong presence and ability to sustain in the light of the different pressures that are brought to bear on it.

So there are formations that [were] discovered that when the physical body was developed within those relationships it became very strong and able to serve life and so there were some selectivity within the environment selecting those structures that were put together according to the Fibonacci mathematics that allowed those structures to survive wherein other structures which were not of that mathematical relationship within the structure did not survive as well. So it was a co-creative experience to learn what would be more survivable.

Wynn:  Thank you. Excuse me for interrupting but we have to check out from BBS. If you’re on BBS we might go for another few minutes on the call which you could listen to on a download or if you want to dial in now 559-726-1200, the code is 172746# and on that note we will tell BBS they can disconnect you and thank you so much. We’ll just continue for another couple of minutes here live before we end the call.

So the question, let me make the comment, that it seems to me that our realm as it exists today is a combination of certain engineering from the Elohim creation using energy forms, working with DNA, plus a lot of engineering from beings in this realm who learned the secrets of how to work with DNA and that’s, of course, we’re talking about trillions of years and lots of junkie stuff happening here. And here we are. Is that kind of an accurate way of looking at it?

Ra’An:  Yes. Evolution has gone over billions of years and there have been places where mankind has risen to a very high level. And there have been places where it has been taken down and had to essentially, practically start over. Places like Sodom and Gomorrah where the cities were nuked, in the Sinai Peninsula where cities were nuked in the time of the Anunnaki before the great flood. And there have been earlier times of such decimation of high advanced civilizations and is all within the memory, the Akashic memory of the Earth realm and the realm of this third density.

Wynn:  I understand that the Akashic records are actually energy fields that are stored in the energy field of the Earth energy fields. Is that accurate?

Ra’An:  This is accurate to this location. All locations have an Akashic aspect, an Akashic record.

Wynn:  Would there be a comparable Akashic record for the solar system, for Mars, everything that exists?

Ra’An:  Yes.

Wynn:  I would imagine that someone on Earth would have a hard time reading the Akashic records of other locations. Would that be true?

Ra’An:  They would need to be able to tune into it. And when an individual is familiar with an area, it is easier to tune into the Akashic records. There is a certain familiarity one has by being in a certain location and it makes it easier to read the Akashic records.

Wynn:  Thank you. Ok, we’d just like to ask that you give our planet the support right now while it’s going through this shift and that anyway that our group or any group can be alleviating the pain certain people are going through, connecting with the star seeds in this realm, giving us more time, putting off earthquakes. We’d like to ask for rain in California, just having a drought and that we can be of great service to this realm as a result of this unique connection we have with you and if you would like to make any comments on that? We’d appreciate it, thank you.

Ra’An:  Thank you. Asking is paramount to receiving so that when you ask for rain it makes it more possible that the rain will come. When you ask, ask also that the rain be not too heavy but of a nurturing nature, not flooding, not too much and not too little, but just right for what is needed. So tailor what you ask and it is good that you are getting other people into the knowledge of what can be done and the ability, the knowledge that it is alright to ask in that asking can make much possible. Thank you.

Wynn:  Thank you. Thank you so much for being here and trusting us with this connection and we will end this call and the recording will be posted on the sometimes this evening, sometimes within 24 hours. This is only getting done because we have people volunteering and Terry and I working really hard. So this is not a corporation, we’re still working really hard to make this happen. So if things don’t go right, if you don’t get an email answered, it’s like we don’t have enough hours in the day to make it all work. Please forgive us and understand it. And I thank all of you for being here and holding the energy for these communications to occur. And on that note, I’ll open the mics and let everybody say goodbye . . .

Everyone: Thank you. Love you all.

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