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1. Wynn is the principal author of the best selling       metaphysical book The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce?, which presents the compelling case that Cayce is back in the world and the same Source who spoke through Cayce is now giving the best description and the most wise guidance regarding the Mayan Calendar 2012 end date.  Most readers believe the case is made. The book has been endorsed by Edgar Cayce Groups, new thought Ministers, University Professors, and syndicated columnists.

Comment: The book can be a door opener for millions of people who have been influenced by Cayce. I have already succeeded in a small way, proving this with very little outside support. I have gotten full page newspaper articles, a cover story on the National Examiner, been a guest on George Noory’s Coast to Coast Radio Show, done public talks and drawn over a hundred people (in small cities) who didn’t know who I was and who came to hear the author of the book which proves that Edgar Cayce is back in a body. The subject of the book has garnered a huge public following with millions of visitors to his website and a keynote speaker at many expos.  When I address a crowd, I am able to share my story and a credible explanation for the “shift”. Of even more importance, my Sources are able to beam love/light energy into the room and make direct connection with those in attendance. You can read the testimonials below.


2. Wynn has personally been in communication with an intelligence that began speaking to him in 2002, that identified itself as the Council of Elohim. This started during the period Wynn was writing The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce?, when his new girlfriend spontaneously and unexpectedly started to channel. This contact has been ongoing for 7 years and has included miracles of healing, hundreds of question and answer sessions, very accurate future predictions, and a second opinion from the Elohim on all the premises in the Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce book concerning the dimensional shift, 2012, and ascension.

Comment: My personal story of the contact with the Elohim is very compelling and believable. You can’t write it off and the more you study it, the more evidence there is that it’s real. I’ve had comments from people who would normally be skeptics like; “I used to be an atheist but I’m not anymore.”


3. As a result of hundreds of hours of communication with inter-dimensional sources, Wynn has learned a new way of understanding the cosmos, how soul evolution works and who those sources really are whom mankind has identified as God in the course of history.

Comment:  Many individuals are incarnate now who have very old past tracks. The cosmology I present tends to awaken cellular memories of those people. Many have made comments that I am presenting a far more coherent understanding of the workings of the universe, than traditional religious ones, although one can easily see how religion would be a simple way of attempting an explanation for these more intricate cosmologies.


4. Wynn cognized, over time, that the Sources who he was having verbal communications with, also had the ability to project “love/light” energy into this realm, which many people reported feeling in his lectures and even on his conference calls.  The Elohim group honors free will and would only do this kind of projection if asked.

Comment: It took me a while to have the courage to say this, but what’s true is true. They have said they are paying attention to everything I’m doing and they don’t miss a chance to beam into the space. Often times, they will be present in a room where I am speaking and if Terry is channeling it gives a voice to the energy people are feeling. They’re even paying attention to my mailings on message a day. (message a day is a daily emailer with excerpts from”their” messages) Once people feel their energy, it becomes akin to a kind of initiation and the experiencer has the beginnings of creating their own relationship. Once you can hold a connection with a positive source outside this realm, it is my understanding that when you die, that connection will still be intact, which is one way to get off the “wheel of reincarnation”.


4. Wynn holds an ongoing series of conference calls and a free daily email message series ( where he is introducing his work, presenting live channelings and giving support. Many participants feel the energies during the calls.

Comment: The utilization of “message a day” and conference calls, allows me the potential to reach and support an unlimited amount of people. Because the Elohim can work with many people simultaneously, from their vantage point, outside of time and space, people on the calls in various locations around the world have reported feeling their energies and cultivating their own connections.


4. His work is influencing many people around the globe. You can read their testimonials below.

Comment: I am well suited to bring the introduction and possibility of connection with higher dimensions and the understanding of the dimensional shift to the public in a spokesperson kind of role. I have many years experience as a singer/songwriter. I am an excellent speaker. I can address all kinds of people and adjust my presentations to fit their level of awareness. I am also internet savvy and continuing to learn how to utilize the internet as a way of reaching out. The world is on a very short fuse right now and I want to be utilized to the maximum.


Prior to writing The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce?, Wynn was writing songs, poems and articles. You can hear and read some of his earlier manifestations at the links below, as well as current web sites radio interviews, etc.




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Everything You Touch becomes a Part of You (movie soundtrack)

Everybody Loves You When Everybody Loves You (movie soundtrack)

The Reason is to Love You

Dig the Spaces (movie soundtrack)

*Travel at the Speed of Love (movie soundtrack – theme song)

Give More than you take – (movie soundtrack)






Daphne doing unexpected Council of 12 channeling in the Don and Wynn Show


Terry first live talk from Elohim at workshop in Santa Barbara

Terry doing Light Body Activation




The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce? (download of) – 4 chapters

*Questions and Answers with the Elohim



National Examiner (Wynn didn’t write this)

Why we Suffer

*perfect Moments not Perfect People

Transforming Function into Flow

Original Interview with David Wilcock in Spirit of Ma’at September 2001


Radio interviews:

*Linda Pannell

World Puja

Short Talk at UFO Expo

Adam Abrahamson interview



Testimonials, reviews, and comments


Reader’s responses to an emailed query: Has the book changed your life in any way? (these are answers received from people who purchased the book on our website - )


“It made me aware of what was important in life. I think we live and work towards goals that do not address our spirituality. I see myself in a completely different way than I have in the past. I now know that I have a purpose which was unclear to me before.”


“Your email got me thinking a lot about your book again.  How do I order another copy?   I DID read 75% of the book before passing it on.   I skipped around different sections.  It is an excellent book!”


“It reinspired me.  It helped to put me back in touch with a source I had "way back then".  It's hard to explain what I'm trying to say.  Not that I thought I ever lost the connection because I have seriously meditated and touched base on a daily basis for over 35 years.  I know it has truly sustained me and I'm grateful.  ….I do recognize truth when I see it and I am somewhat intuitive.  I tell you this for whatever it's worth, because it does feels to me like this young man is the soul who was Edgar Cayce.” 


“I have been a seeker for 14 years now, have read many books, and your book made me realize that some of this 'stuff' may just be true!   Sometimes one wonders as one seeks....Sometimes the world seems so nuts that one begins to wonder if there is ANY truth out there.  YOUR book helped me in that arena.”


“Completely changed my life.  Now I understand what I've always felt and understood but couldn't articulate.  I understand my purpose here now.  Everything finally makes sense.”


“I found the book you refer to excellent.  I am one of those lucky people who was introduced to the metaphysical world when someone gave me "There is a River " which was aout Edgar and his life.  As far as I can tell David is certainly being guided by Cayce even if you don't want to accept that he is truly the reincarnation of him.  The book for me stands on its' own as far as the information is concerned.”


“It gave me better focus on what's likely to come.”


“I haven't finished it yet because I am savoring it, so I am going to keep your email in a special file and answer it when I am finished!  ………the subject matter is absolutely fascinating to me and I think it's a great service you have done for all of us!”


“Yes. It connected me to the reality that I am not alone with the answers I have found and the things I have come to believe in my heart as true and that my enlightenment must have been channeled as well...not surprising really, truth is truth.”


“It has expanded my knowledge and comprehension of the makeup of Creation.”


“I LOVE this book. …… The book is written clearly and follows along the path of the Cayce readings that I have been studying since the 60's and 70's when I first read "The Sleeping Prophet". I would give it a 10!”


 “Some of the most lucid and loving spiritual advice wisdom I have ever read.”





More Reader’s Responses to The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce?


 The true mastery of  "The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce: Interdimensional Communication and Global Transformation" lies in the skill with which author Wynn Free weaves the disparate threads of Cayce's readings and life, David Wilcock's biography and channelings (including the revelation, from Ra himself, that he is Cayce reborn), and Rueckert's Law of One material into a single, tight braid that convincingly intertwines to reveal behind the many faces a single voice, the voice of Ra, calling Humanity to awaken.” – Chris Tannalund


“I really couldn't put the book down, it is really well written by the way. The more I read the wisdom contained within the book, the more I realized that whether or  not David Wilcock was Edgar Cayce had little relevance to anything. The setup of the book is just perfect as it has a little bit of everything summed up quite nicely.” – Nathen. (17 years old)


I have almost finished reading your book and am so blown away is the most informative and enlightening book I've read so far on  human evolution and planetary changes. ………………. Sabina



“The Book is thoughtful and precise; it sticks to the job of convincing and does it well. It is filled with good scientific facts backed up by modern academic research from a wide international field of the highest caliber and the way the story is told he brings a new dimension to Darwin’s Theory of Evolution on a Spiritual level.”


Message a Day - responses:


“After just having lost a beautiful daughter, who has an advanced soul, the message felt like it was directed at me. It is the sort of message so many could receive comfort from, since so many people are going through some very rough times these days.”


“Just finished listening to the first message. What you are doing is absolutely fabulous. There is no doubt that you are bringing us a great gift. Thank you so much!!!!”


Thanks so much! I just wanted to applaud your work. Everything is amazing!!


“…people do need to know these things and I'm sure you'll deal and have dealt with much skepticism which is okay cuz it gives more chances for proof that you're not fake or crazy.”


“Thank you so sincerely for the workshop you held. So many doubts and confusions were cleared up for me yesterday. Sometimes from the information you gave which rang so true to me during the workshop...sometimes later as an insight that would pop into my head about something I may have thought about for years! What a gift yesterday to get a resonance experience first and then my mind getting that order. (It's a lot less work!) I slept so well last night! I am so looking forward to the continuation of this "learning process". Thank you again for your tenacity in getting this information out.”


“Your daily message series is one of the best gifts I have ever received. This information answers much of my heart's lifelong searching. I feel like I have been waiting for a very very long time to receive this nourishment for my soul.”


“My response to these messages?….fantastic, awesome, and they so resonate with my inner knowing! There is no doubt these are vital messages you are sharing. Blessings to you for your work and your sharing with all that are awake and ready to hear. I look forward each day to your writings. I am sharing also with the spiritual groups I am involved in – well received! You are doing a great service, thank you from all of us.”


“I know you guys are sending something wonderful to me and I wanted you to know I am getting it :) Woowoo! I feel and even look better than I have in a long time.”


An email from someone who attended a live workshop with Wynn

I can honestly say I have never in my life felt that kind of energy, love, compassion, and wisdom, flowing so freely in one place before. It was beyond my wildest expectations. It has changed my life forever. I didn't want to leave that night, but I also knew I needed to release a lot of stuff, and didn't want to burden the wonderful people who were there. I wept for over an hour in my room that night. I have trained myself over the years to try to never view anything with contempt prior to investigating. If I would have read your material I would have thought, cool, that's pretty neat. However after experiencing and feeling the energy and the love, WOW!!! I have felt so different since that night. It is not going away either. I'm not the wisest man, or by any stretch the most qualified to say this, but it is no mystery to me why you folks were chosen to handle this work. May you continue to be guided by your obvious love and pure intent to continue to share the wonderful gift of reception and reflection you all were given. My God Wynn. Such an incredible responsibility you have taken on. And from my perspective you are handling it with love, and care, and respect, and humility. I say to you "Well done Sir, well done" Please continue to do what you are doing as it gives me incredible hope and strength as I go about trying to live my life in a manner that reflects the love, light and wisdom I felt that night...Doug, Racine Wisconsin

A comment from someone who's life was changed as a result of reading The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce?
"Not only has the book clearly answered questions such as why we are here, and what we are to do while we are here; it has also quenched and fulfilled an age old thirst and unfathomable hunger that has been with me since I can first remember, asking my mother at four years of age “If God made us, who made God?.........Ten stars for author Wynn Free on The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce as this book has removed this reviewer's fear of death and has opened her heart to the most profound source of love and light she has ever experienced. May it do this and more for all who open it's pages"... Maryel Mckinley, syndicated book reviewer

“I don’t want the book to end. I feel this excitement coming on; I'm trying to contain myself. That sounds really true to me. Oh, I think these communications are the best thing yet and we need them so much right now. Bless you for writing the book. Your story is really amazing too. Thank you for all of it.”


“I'm in the middle of the book and loving it. I feel about this book and what your writing like I did the first time I read "There is a River" there is so much evidence that helps one discern.”





The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce?

by Wynn Free with David Wilcock


Sondra Ray, spiritual healer, teacher, and author of Healing and Holiness and Loving Relationships
“I am just stunned by your book…. When I got to page 26, I had to close it for a minute and pray like mad that I could be of proper service to support this.”


bookcoverwynn 2 jpg                                                                                                                



Wynn Free


uri mic

Dr. Michael Sharp, Professor of Sociology and Author,

The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce is a piece to the puzzle that you are looking to put together. The Book is an extremely lucid and well written case book on the spiritual truths of this planet. If you had any doubts about the direction of this world, the nature of our work, and your role in it all, they'll be gone by the time you are finished. Bravo!”                                                                             




Reverend Beverly Craig, Sr Minister, La Crescenta Church of Religious Science

"I invite and encourage you to read Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce? and integrate the astounding information it contains into your own evolving spiritual path. This book may be the most important work in contemporary spirituality explaining how to maintain one's connections to divinity on a planet in transition".



                                                                           Edgar Cayce             David Wilcock                       























D.D. Delaney -Port Folio Weekly journalist, Hampton Roads, Va., contributing writer, AKA "The Thinking Dog,"

“Favorite Book Read in the Last 5 Years: I think it would have to be The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, but I was also taken by a sleeper, The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce? by Wynn Free and David Wilcock.”




Barbara Lamb, family counselor, past-life regressionist, and author


“It answers many philosophical and spiritual questions which I have pondered for decades.”










Dr Maryel Mckinley, PHD, syndicated book reviewer and host KABC radio show, Back Talk

"Ten stars for author Wynn Free on The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce as this book has removed this reviewer's fear of death and has opened her heart to the most profound source of love and light she has ever experienced. May it do this and more for all who open it's pages."




Emails received by Wynn after an Internet radio show  (World Puja)


I'm new to much of what you have to say, I find myself very open to listening further. Since December I've been experiencing things that are not familiar to me and have been lead in your direction, as well as other people who seem to be taking high speed left-hand, alley turns of the mind/heart.


Great interview on WP!!!!


I really enjoyed your interview on World Puja.  It just makes so much sense!


I am listening to your interview on Maureen Moss and Puja from last week. I very much resonate with what and how you process information.


The interview was great and it's so wonderful that you are sharing your knowledge and experiences with  the public.


It was such a joy to hear you speak on world puja a few days ago.




That was quite a reading! I feel this buzz of energy surging through my body, and I am really enjoying it. I cannot wait to go to sleep, so that I can get more dreams :)



Grid healing - This is an excellent gathering and plan to continue to participate.
Thank you for facilitating!



It was amazing to hear it again, because of the precision of the answer. 


Its so much real to me with your skeptical, analytical and artful style. Keep up the great work Wynn...


Got in on the call tonite.Awesome!! Thank you and Please Thank Terry again…….. Please keep up your work with them it is so reaffirming for me and I am sure all those who listen and read……..Thank you again Wynn for all that you and your friends are doing for the peoples of this planet and Mother earth

I just listened to your short talk from the UFO Convention you did in Sedona.  You explained dimensions and our matrixes, and synchronicities (which I have been happening a lot lately) so clearly, and I really enjoyed listening to you.  Your voice is so gentle and so full of love.

Man, after listening to your Monday session(I think) I fell asleep
listening to the talk and had the most powerful dream. Awesome dude.


like to let you know that the information given in the recording  of Egyptian connection by you does resonate really strong with me.
I do better understand things that I experienced a long time ago concerning dark energie. I enjoy listening to your voice very much, my third eye responds to it immediately, I am very thankfull to have this opportunity.


You said you wanted feedback, so once again, I am writing to share a little something with you.  I began listening to the last recording last night, and haven't finished as yet.  During the wee hours of the morning, something made me waken for a brief period...probably not more than 2 or 3 minutes.  I heard the name, ELOHIM, as I apparently had been dreaming about them.  I tried to remember exactly what it was I had been dreaming, but apparently I wasn't ready for it.  I saw a mini vision of something that looked like pieces of grass or shattered glass splinters covering up something.  I have no idea what it was.


As I told you before, all of the information on your recordings, is very familiar to me, probably due to all of the years I read the Edgar Cayce readings.  Like you, I have a great interest in Atlantis, Ancient Egypt, the Pyramids, etc.  While in Egypt, back in 1991 (I think), a famous psychic told me I had been an assistant to Isis in the Isis Temple. 


I have just finished the audios and the pdf file of Egyption connections.  It did not take me long to listen to the audios, although the pdf file did take me a while to read.

I should say that I loved both, the audios and the pdf file are very insightful and full of valuable information, answered some question of mine but posed much more new ones.  I would not lie if I say that at times I was thinking to myself "what in the world are they talking about?"


    I don't know if this is the place to respond to the promise to send 
you a short note about how the Mp3 tapes on the Egypt connection 
affected me.
    I feel that the Mp3 gave me a bit more reality on these 
conversations with these higher beings. You are right, there is some 
feeling of unreality to the whole scene, but I happen to accept the 
premise that they are here with us and will prove to be invaluable to 
us as we get this dimensional shift. I have probably grown more in 
this area of my life than any other and do realize that the source of 
who we really are flows and we are a part of that flow.
    It does supply us with all the energy and life force that we need 
and our only action is to accept it for what it is. That is a 
reassuring fact that makes all the difference and also allows one to 
rest in peace with those around us realizing that we are all one and 
that there is no separation in terms of being "individual" entities. 
Once you attain this attitude then the puzzle begins to come together 
as a picture of the whole.
    I met you one time in the library in Prescott Arizona. You were 
giving a lecture and a number of us were sitting around on the floor 
and a few on chairs. I bought the book at that time and enjoyed the 
    I have grown in a spiritual sense by many magnitudes since that time 
several years ago and it is exciting, and knowing that we will never 
"get it all done" gives one the sense that there is a continuum to it 
    I still have to marvel at the inhumanity of man to man with the 
knowledge that we now have. You would think that by now we would have 
expanded our thinking and abilities to have learned the one aspect 
that it all points to and that is love.
    Hope this is the correct place to send this correspondence

    Charles Dockter DVM retired



Hi Wynn and all helpers!
 Just wondering if the Ra series is available in printed form?As Ive mentioned my computer sucks & Im on dialup to boot.Also regarding the email to join the volunteer staff,I would love to!Is there anything in particular you are in need of assistance in at this time?I like to write and talk and my writting is sometimes channeled if I ask.Much smoother that wayI sincerely would like to be more involved with your work as really it is all of our work indeed,Yes?!Please let me know what I can do to help.I already have been spreading the mesages I have been reading and have been "lucky" enough to have a basically instant connection.AWESOME! I love it all!While reading the Reincarnation of... and the Q&A of the Elohim  I came across some interesting and exciting messages from them, that I myself beleive it or not ,had received months prior to reading these materials.WOW! This material so validates my own connections and is really giving me more confidence to be more open with others about what I channel.THANKYOU SO SO SO much for publishing all of this PLEASE doNOT stop!!Its answering all my questions that some would say,there are no answers to.And I say Ask and you shall receive.YEAH!! Love ya Wynn and all your efforts along with those who are involved with all these processes.Again Thank you Thankyou!! And please let me know what it is I can help with. Love and Light Tracy{Wisconsin}    


The information was great - it was wonderful to connect again with that energy.  So thanks for putting yourself out there and helping us reconnect! 


I read Elisabeth Haich's book "Initiation" in the mid-80's before going to PAT I with J-R.  He recommended we read that before taking the Egyptian journey.  (We took a boat up the Nile and went to all the Temples.)  It was really wonderful to hear you read from that - I haven't got that book out for a long time.

I began listening to the last recording last night, and haven't finished as yet.  During the wee hours of the morning, something made me waken for a brief period...probably not more than 2 or 3 minutes.  I heard the name, ELOHIM, as I apparently had been dreaming about them.  I tried to remember exactly what it was I had been dreaming, but apparently I wasn't ready for it.  I saw a mini vision of something that looked like pieces of grass or shattered glass splinters covering up something.  I have no idea what it was.


As I told you before, all of the information on your recordings, is very familiar to me, probably due to all of the years I read the Edgar Cayce readings.  Like you, I have a great interest in Atlantis, Ancient Egypt, the Pyramids, etc.  While in Egypt, back in 1991 (I think), a famous psychic told me I had been an assistant to Isis in the Isis Temple. 

I LOVED your poem!!   How insightful it is!!  WE all need to think about what you said- sometimes we hide behind layers to protect ourselves from thoughts of unworthiness- due to many reasons in our lives.  You put it extremely well!!!