A very important message to those who have been touched by the work of Edgar Cayce and/or who are concerned with the present state of our planet and the real significance of 2012..  

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Thank you for checking into our site. If you are open to the possibility that there is positive intelligence in other realms that can be aware of us and even help us, we are going to introduce you to one of the most amazing stories in modern times and make an introduction to Sources, with an explanation that has never been offered to a public audience.

I am the principle author of the book - The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce? When I began my initial study of this story, I was dazzled as to what I was uncovering. My incredulousness has never ceased, even to the present time, as I learned the true nature of the intelligence who spoke through Cayce  and the real significance of the Mayan Calendar end date of 2012. 

I've watched the impact my work has had on others, and I decided to learn internet technology so I can share with you what I've uncovered, in a way that you don't have to spend any money to check it out. When you click on the button below or fill out the form,you will receive my 35 page e-book entitled Primer for a Dimensional Shift and a subscription to Message a Day, where I've put together a series of emails with short transcripts of  messages from inter-dimensional Sources with my comments.

The material we're presenting is not easily available anywhere else on the planet. It is changing the lives of many of those who study it. It is an explanation and connection to the greater universe beyond the veil. It is not typical "new age" or metaphysical.

Even if you're skeptical, sign up and check it out. What do you have to lose? My work has withstood the scrutiny of some very sophisticated and intelligent people . You can read the amazing testimonials below..... Warmest regards ......Wynn Free, principal author, The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce?

2012 - Primer for a Dimensional Shift
A 35 page free ebook introduction to this material based on the true story of Edgar Cayce being back in a body, the current messages,  and the personal experiences of author Wynn Free!
Message a Day
A series of excerpts from the channelings and an unfoldment of the amazing story of what transpired for the author of the book, while he was writing it (starting in 2002) and up to the present.
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Do people tend to look like their past lives? Does the DNA transfer from one life to the next. Do we meet the same people from one lifetime to another?

The pictures above are comparisons of David Wilcock and Edgar Cayce, David's father and Cayce's father, and David's friend and Cayce's wife. There are numerous other parallels brought forth in the book, making  an incredible case tying Cayce and Wilcock together, with statistical probabilities of billions to one, that it has to be more than  just be random coincidence. You can read about these in our free e-book -Primer for a Dimensional Shift - which you download on this page.

If Wilcock was Cayce, then our material may explain what's happening on planet Earth in present time from the same Source who spoke through Cayce!....WITH THE WISDOM AND GUIDANCE TO GET THROUGH IT!!!

Message a Day

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The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce?

If you'd like to get a quick start on this material, here's some purchase options: 

Option One (recommended) -  The 2012 Primer Package is a compilation of books and audios based on the materials referred to in the Primer.   Includes a personally autographed book from by the author. It actually includes 4 books, all with vitally important information. This material connects the dots of the evolution of mankind into the present and brings the verbatim messages from those Sources on the other side who have been intrinsically connected with the spiritual evolution of the human race. It is absolutely invaluable with regards to understanding and coping with the unusual period we are in.  

Option Two - Purchase The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce? on Amazon for only $12.89.  (Suggest you read the primer first, so you understand all the materials in the Primer Package, which is a far greater value)

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Does DNA transfer from one lifetime to another?