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Wellness  Wand

It looks like a stainless steel pen. But it's much more.

It's a cosmic repeater station. It focusses the energy of "the field" through the tip and reinforces the biofield of the body with striking results like pain relief, chakra activation, spontaneous healings, and more. 

We have had numerous testimonials from Reiki Therapists, Chiropracters, Chi Gong Masters, etc. As you scroll down you can read some of these testimonials. The people who have used it in conjunction with Reiki, believe that it makes their Reiki transmissions stronger. 

We also have an aura video where you can watch the colors change as the wand approaches the person's head. 


Thanks for taking the time to check us out. You'll be glad you did! 

Acupuncturist Uses Wellness Wand
in His Practice

"As an acupuncturist I am always looking for new ways to help my patients. There are sometimes occasions where I am unable to use needles. In these situations a tool like the Wellness Wand is invaluable. I have been experimenting with it in the last week with folks having chronic pain and have been very impressed. It produces very rapid results. I have used it successfully to treat hip pain, knee pain, and headaches. In addition, the Wellness Wand very efficiently cleanses itself of any negative or congested energy it picks up in the process of doing its work. I wholeheartedly recommend the wellness wand to healthcare professionals as well as the general public."

Esly Caldwell III MSOM, LAc, East West Fitness & Health LLC, Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, Serving Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky 

How It Works...

There are proprietary process in the making of a Wellness Wand which even we don't understand, but it general it goes something like this. Inside the stainless steel casing there is a blend of crystals and magnets. The complete Wand is put in a chamber where it is inundated with freqencies. It starts a process where the wand picks up the frequencies and holds them. The frequencies match the frequencies of the body, so when it is brought into proximity to the body, it creates a resonance helps to activate the energy meridians. It might be compared to the way acupuncture stimulates the body's energy field. 


The discs became aligned and pain subsided considerably!
"The wand has been like a miracle for my significant other's back. He has 3 bad discs and was in horrible pain last weekend, and I gave him a couple of treatments for about 1 hour and soon he was in alignment again and the pain had subsided considerably. Gave him several more treatments this week and his pain is better than it has been"…..Judy Bowden, Sedona. Arizona

It Helped My Toothache!
“I have used the healing wand on my toothache and it helped. I will be using the device in my healing practice" –Charles Lightwalker - Intuitive Healer

More Testimonials!

Her Eyesight is Better!
"Moira, my beloved wife felt the value of it instantly for the pain she has with her knees. At 87 years young Moira also says it helps her with other pains and her eyesight is better with regular use." .... Dr. Raja Merk

The discs became aligned and pain subsided considerable!
"The wand has been like a miracle for my significant other's back. He has 3 bad discs and was in horrible pain last weekend, and I gave him a couple of treatments for about 1 hour and soon he was in alignment again and the pain had subsided considerably. Gave him several more treatments this week and his pain is better than it has been"…..Judy Bowden, Sedona. Arizona

My Cat Started Eating Again!
My cat wouldn't eat even after I gave her a pepsid and a gas remedy. Then I remembered the wand. I wanded her for two minutes and all the gurgling in her stomach stopped and she started eating. It was amazing!" - Terry Jay, Pet lover, Reno


A Growth On My Eye Shrunk 90%
"I had a growth near my eye, and the wand has shrunk it 90%” –David Ackerman, Chiropracter, Cornville, Arizona

Knot on my tendon going away
" Some kind of a knot on the tendon of my hand that went away or is going away. It's a lot smaller only in just two days. Then I've got a problem with my head, that's painful, that's cleared up, it's getting better. So I'm sold, man it works."
Jeff K., California entrepreneur

Nasty Bug Bites Healed
"I'm happy to report the Wellness Wand works just as well as the more costly item and I have had great results with it. This past weekend I was camping and got several nasty insect bites. The Wellness Wand soothed the bites and they cleared up surprisingly fast! A skeptical friend had shoulder pain and the Wellness Wand cleared that up too!
Thank you Wellness
Tory Az.

Wellness Wand Aura Video

It has to be more than placebo. Watch this video.

This video was taken by Guy Coggins who invented the Aura Camera and was down the aisle from our booth at an expo.  We had no idea what he would come up with when he took a Wellness Wand to check out with his camera. He returned to our booth with a DVD of this video. 


1. Touch the tip to a point on your body and rotate clockwise. For example, for a headache, touch your temples and the back of your neck. Touch the point on your heart and stomach to balance the energies. Do this anywhere there is pain. 

2. Hold the wand near your body, about 8 inches away, and make clockwise circles in the air.

3. Do the same procedures in working on someone else. 

4. Energize water by putting the wand in a glass and stirring. 

Chi Gong Master Fixes His
Son's Sprained Ankle

"Last Week (12/10/2010) my son hurt his ankle in basketball practice around 6PM. I teach Qigong on Friday nights, so I didn't get home until 8:30 and found him hobbling around with a sore limp. My wife told me "do your weird energy stuff and fix him up!" Normally in these types of circumstances, I would just use my Qigong training to heal the injury as I have fixed many serious physical and health conditions with chi. Then I remembered that my Wellness Wand had arrived and this was a perfect opportunity to give it a test run. If it didn't work, I could always fall back on my other training to fix the injury. I simply began moving the wand around his injury in both linear as well as circular patterns for approximately 3-minutes and then I asked my son how his ankle felt afterwards. He replied: "Wow, it feels great!" and began walking around the room without any signs of pain or discomfort. His team had a game the next day and he was fine. The wand works."--- Dan Ferrera, Chigong Master

Resurrected Bird Video/Wellness Wand

A bird flew into Pam's window in Indiana and lay unconscious. Pam went out and "wanded" it. She videoed the entire event, and as you can see, after a few minutes the bird took off into a tree.  OK, it could have been coincidence, but it makes a great video. Pam also shares the personal benefits she got for herself with the Wellness Pendant.


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The Burn Didn't Blister as reported by Clarissa B., Winnepeg, (Clariss is an intuitive and astrologer. She has many celebrities as clients. She has been on Coast to Coast radio a number of times and she has been blown away by all of our products.) 

I was impressively amazed at what happened, when late one night after 'boiling' water from an electric kettle and attempting to pour it into a tea mug,..... The water in the kettle shifted as it was poured, changing the position of the kettle and it simply missed going into the tea mug I was holding. As a result the boiling water, cascaded downward from the kettle spout, instantly landing directly all over the top of my right foot.

I had no time to acknowledge the searing pain that occurred. I knew I had to take immediate action. I grabbed a household first-aid spray in the cabinet area; it was easy to apply to the scalded area of my foot, which was turning bright pink from the kettle's boiling water . The pain seemed to be increasing....I had to do something quickly...!!! This was an emergency calling for immediate action, I couldn't waste a moment.... I must admit I was greatly concerned and becoming quite frightened. .... 

Having recently received the Wellness Wand, I had packed it carefully into my suitcase, to be sure to take it with me on my visit to family in Kentucky. In spite of the pain, I dashed to my suitcase and grabbed the Wellness Wand...Taking a deep breath I held the wand over my foot as I started to follow the instructions applying the Wand to see what would occur.... 

I remember thinking..if this didn't help I would call 911 emergency for medical help. Now all this took place within an actually short time of just a couple of minutes. ...Well I decided to use the "Wellness Wand" a bit more than suggested because of the intensity of the pain and concern of the burn. I used the "wellness Wand" with 36 circles around and over the top area of my foot; while making an effort to direct healing to my scalded foot thru the wand energy combined.

I carefully counted the circles as directed in the instructions, to be sure to hopefully do everything correctly...and then having made about 16 circles the pain was suddenly starting to noticeably ease....and I noticed that the foot was no longer the pink burn colour that it had appeared that it was quickly becoming normal...I continued to concentrate to do 36 circles with the Wellness Wand around the burned area of the top of my foot. And, at that point I was very conscious that now I was feeling "No Pain" at all in that area.......I was so impressed that it was a seeming miraculous type of occurrence...something very positive seemed to be taking place and it certainly seemed the "Wellness Wand" was performing great! 

I was so thankful and amazed........ about an hour later I noticed a red area of irritation started to re-occur on one part of my foot so I then treated that again with the wand as well as the entire foot area..

I had no more problem nor have I since. There was never any blisters , the skin did not peel....and I got to the airport on time. That was a personal experience that I felt was a good demonstration of the Wellness wands' ability. .... 

But that wasn't all...

Arriving at my son's and during conversations I shared my experience with the family about the "Wellness Wand" and my experience regarding the healing of my foot from the scalding water accident just before I flew there..

Of course they were happy that I was okay and were trying to be open minded about what I had shared. Interestingly, a friend of theirs just happened to stop by to visit for a few minutes and was quite distraught and uncomfortable because she expressed to them that she had a very painful sinus headache that she just couldn't seem to get rid of that day as she had taken medication and nothing had seemed to help it. . So naturally I told her about the "Wellness Wand" I and she was eager to see if it could possibly benefit her.

What happened was wonderful...she used the "Wellness Wand" according to directions. Within fifteen minutes after the treatment, she joyfully expressed to me and those there...that her "headache had completely left and she had no sign of sinus at all. She was thrilled and two weeks later when I was leaving she let me know that 'the wellness wand' had apparently benefited her to have relief from her sinus headaches. 

So these were my experiences and another person's of benefits from the "Wellness Wand" and others will have their own. I certainly am thankful and 'know' that I benefited from the "Wellness Wand" ..I have no doubts .

I think it is important to explore the potentials and possibilities which it seems to offer However the Wellness Wand works, in its own ability or combined with positive expectation, it seems to definitely make an important difference certainly it did for me........Sincerely , Clarissa B. , Winnipeg, Canada

About Us

Wellness Energy Products is a division of BookTalk. BookTalk began as a marketing arm for best selling author -Wynn Free with his long time friend Terry Brown. Wynn and Terry are using the profits from the sales to help support their spiritual work which is reaching thousands of people around the world via 3 conference calls/internet broadcasts every week. Wynn has been a popular guest eight times on the late night paranormal talk show, Coast to Coast with  George Noory. Every Sunday morning, Wynn and Terry host a live planetary healing session over the internet. Everyone is invited. 

“I am in the process of reading your book (actually on the last chapters) and it all makes sense to me. All my life I've been asking who is God, how did everything begin, what was the creation process, who are the angels, how does reincarnation work. Everything has been answered plus more. I always felt alone and misunderstood because I was always searching for truth where others were content with what they were taught at school or at church. And your conference calls are a blessing."

Wellness Energy Products/aka Booktalk is located in Sedona, Az. You can check out The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce? (non-fiction) at or on Amazon. 

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