Q. Is the 2012 date an accurate date for the culmination of the ascension process?

X. We would give a more precise date of 2017 though there are those who will leave much sooner, as early as

Q. Will life on the planet be destroyed?

X. This is indeterminate in nature as of yet. There must be a preponderance of negative choice for this to

Q. Where do the third density beings go who are still attached to needing further experience in the third density?

X. We do not see venus as hosting at the current time. We see transportation out of the solar system to a
system 3000 light years away .

Q. When this transportation takes place, will the soul energy follow the dna automatically or is there some other
exercise required to move the soul energy into this new planet?

X. The planet will reawaken as an etheric envelope. The contents of souls and bodies contained therein similar
to a carpet being rolled up with fabric and paper cutouts arranged on it.

Q. Will the first bodies on the planet have to go through a long period of evolution

X. It is the choice of the entity contained within. For many yes. 70 million years or so.

Q: Could you tell me what the process of ascension would feel like to a physical body?

X: This question would best be continued at a further session, as the answer is somewhat involved and depends
upon the physical, emotional and psychological preparation of the particular vehicle to which we are ascribing
the said experience...however, we may say, it does involve a feeling of the "melting away" of the current
localized physical space, and a birthing into a silvery-white light of gold

Q. Is there information that is valuable for some to know so they can understand the nature of the choice they
are making. It seems if someone doesn't understand the nature of the choice, they might make a lesser choice.

X. As they release the negativity and the misasmic impedence in the body, the soul naturally hungers towards
love. This process of ascension is the natural choice of love.

Q. In the process of ascension, are the majority of people going to enter inter-dimensional spaceships who are
going to ascend.

X. We would not say spaceships. We would say inter-dimensional portals. They may appear to some people as
spaceships making it easier for them to understand what they are doing.

Q. Would one expect the negative forces to also be having portals?

X. This is a possibility.

Q. Is it possible for someone to be fooled if they are not prepared with prior knowledge or discernment?

X. Yes

Q. So this knowledge and discernment could be very important.

X. Ultimately all roads lead to god but in the short run yes.

Q. I want to ask some questions about the ascension process . How important is the mental awareness of the
person regarding the ascension process as opposed to the opening of the chakras?

X. The mental faculty is but one aspect of the total energization of transference which takes place. It is not
necessarily definitely needed that the intellectual faculties comprehend the process taking place. However there
must be a willingness on the part of the participant to move with the various incoming levels of energy. Thus
providing a jumping off place for the participants mind to explore the new realms of possibility introduced by the
energization of the frequencies present in his own charkas and vortexes. There is a new field being developed
within him or her and the exploration of that field is left to the individual discernment of that being whether to
participate consciously mentally or not and how far in which to do so.

Q So if a person is mentally prepared they have more chance of making a positive choice. Could we say that?

X. We would not term it positive or negative choice. It is simply choice. All roads lead to God whether sooner
or later.

W So to ask the question in another way. A person may have the energetic openness, the chakra vortices open
and choose not to take the ascending path?

X. This is a free will zone.

Q. But they may not understand the choice if they haven't had a preliminary exposure to the concept? Is that

X. It is not something that exposure would not necessarily induce a person to choose differently or not. It is
rather an internal willingness on the part of self to leave behind a playground, a school ground of third
dimensional energy and move into a higher vibratory field. It is more a question is the participant ready to stop
playing and experiencing the games of the third dimension. Is she willing to let them go. And there is no
punishment if the person is not ready..

Q. What will happen to a person who chooses to keep reexperiencing the third dimension?

X.They will play out the third dimension where they are able to do it. Not in this solar system as this is slated for
ascension but perhaps in another, light years from here.

Q. There was a discussion in one book about two parallel earths, one of them called terra that ascended beings
would go to terra. Is there any truth in that?

X. We would say that terra is the oversoul harmonic of your present earth. She does not exist separately but
inter-dimensionally in the future ahead of this present third density.

Q. At the present time are there beings on terra?

X. The question as you have phrased it, we cannot respond to. We say that terra exists as an over-dimensional
aspect of the present earth. And beings would exist within that framework.

Q. Is the ascension process which is coming about on this planet something which is unusual on the galactic
circuit? Why is it that people, as I understand it, release their bodies in the physical and move on, rather than
dying and move on? What is the reason that it has to operate in that manner if that's so?

X. There are no prescribed protocols for this particular ascension process. It is somewhat experimental in
nature and the individualized experience of the entites choosing to undergo it will be as many and varied as there
are individuals currently incarnate on the planet. Indeed, many will die, many will chose to drop the body. Some
say as many as two thirds of your current population. And there are those who would shed the body for other
reasons.. The great experiment is to be able to consciously ascend, thus keeping certain dna patterns and
crystalline blood coatings intact in a way that is a fairly rare one for this sector of the galaxy. This in and of itself
is part of a grand experiment, the outcome of which is greatly anticipated by those who would wait and see
what happens.

Q. Who initiated this experiment?

X. You did.

Q. How?

X. This is a free will zone. The earth is what you would call a wild card. Where the laws of like vibrational
attraction have been rather suspended. If you notice, there are many, many discontiguous and disharmonious
levels of consciousness vying for superiority and influence on your planet. Normally, this is not the case. It is an
experiment to bring about a sort of amalgamation and kind of bringing together of very different kinds of
consciousness and birthing it in a particular way. A good analogy might be, you have in your refrigerator left
overs and no particular recipe and you just want to see what can come out with what you have in there because
you don't want it to go to waste.

Q. So we're the leftovers so to speak?

X. Not leftovers in terms of better or worse but leftovers in terms of remnants, remnants meaning populations or
parts of populations for whom their home planet was no longer a place of refuge, for whom for various reasons,
accelerated karmas were to be worked off. This was a choosing place for profound giving of the self of what
would have to become unconditional love. Otherwise it is a very hard place.

Q. What is the process by which our dna is transforming and how did we come about to have many more
spirals than have been activated?

X. Simplify the question.

Q. It is my understanding that as we move into the energetic field of the foton belt, that there is a transformation
taking place on our dna and strings are being activated that were previously latent. How is it that the dna was
designed with these extra strings?

X. Oh the dna that you carry within your blood right now was at least 70 million years in the making. Do you
think that all the potentialities would be released automatically? It is a matter of choosing choosing choosing
again. There is a period of dormancy, as a seedling lays dormant for hundreds of years before the growth,
before the sprouting can make itself known. Human beings in there own way have been experimented on and
now want to experiment on others. It is a natural outgrowth of the process of curiosity, just as humans wonder
what is outside of their solar system, equally vast solar systems exist inside of the cells.

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