Is Edgar Cayce back in a body? Is the same Source that spoke through Cayce giving us their  current  guidance on what's really happening on planet Earth. If so, this is an epoch event for spiritual seekers everywhere. We invite you to subscribe to Message a Day and receive a series of emails which are excerpted from the book and other relevant /sources. If you happen to be a current fan of David Wilcock, this is information which Wilcock does not usually share publicly. We urge you to Read these messages and draw your own conclusions .This is a free service sponsored by Wynn Free,  the principal author of The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce?  























































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"David Wilcock is Edgar Cayce!" - Uri Geller

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The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce?
  by Wynn Free with David Wilcock










The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce? is the name of a book published by Frog/North Atlantic and distributed by Random House, available from Amazon, most book stores, and directly from this webpage. The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce? has been been listed on Amazon's top 100 best selling  metaphysical books since it's release in 2004. It's been critically reviewed many times, translated into German, and positively impacting the lives of thousands of readers.

The book presents the case linking scientific intuitive David Wilcock to Edgar Cayce with statistical probabilities of billions to one. Part One of the book shares the story of the connection between Wilcock and Cayce. Part 2 of the book is dedicated to the current messages coming through Wilcock and a celestial view of the period humankind is passing, which "they" call a dimensional shift and related to the 2012 end date of the Mayan Calendar and the prophecies of Jesus. The book has been endorsed by New Thought Ministers, doctors, professors,authors, Cayce group leaders,spiritual teachers, and readers everywhere. You can read some of their comments at the top of the page

If you're trying to understand what's happening on planet Earth right now,

If you've ever wondered about the real significance of the Mayan Calendar end date and the prophecies of Jesus,

If you think we might be in the "end times",

This book offers some "out of this world" explanations from who, we  are convinced, is the same Source who spoke through Cayce, as channelled by the individual who, we believe, is the current incarnate of Cayce in a physical body. Whether you purchase the book or not at this time, please sign up for our free emailing of excerpts from the book and other relevant Sources on the form below . Those who are on our list will receive invitations to participate in some very special conference call events.

If you've been influenced by Edgar Cayce, we urge you to expose yourself to this material and make up your own mind. The case is extremely compelling and most readers believe the case is made. Plus the wisdoms and cosmologies in the book stand on their own regardless of the Cayce/Wilcock connection.