The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce?
  by Wynn Free with David Wilcock


The Story Behind the Book

Wynn Free had been very influenced by Edgar Cayce in the 70's and 80's. He read about 20 of the books about Cayce and his readings during the period Wynn was an agnostic physics major at UC Berkeley. His exposure to the Cayce material opened him up to the possibilities of intelligence in other dimensions. For many years of his life, he became a serious student of metaphysics, being influenced by such people as Yogananda, Krishnamurti, Ram Das, Carlow Castanada and others,

He was first exposed to the David Wilcock when he followed a link in an email which led to David's website in 1999. At the time, David's site was disorganized and unprofessional. He had a number of his readings posted and a link to the "Wilcock/Cayce connection". He never claimed to be the reincarnation of Cayce but said he and Cayce had a "resonance".  Wynn was riveted to this section of Wilcock's site, and studied it intently. There were numerous circumstances tying Wilcock to Cayce with odds of billions to one linking the two. It was quickly obvious to Wynn that if Wilcock was telling the truth, he had to be Cayce reincarnated.

During this period, circa 2000, Wynn was a staff writer for a metaphysical web magazine - The Spirit of Ma'at - published by Drunvalo Malchazadek. He was interviewing people like Greg Braden and Uri Geller. When he became certain that Wilcock was the reincarnation of Cayce, he petitioned his editor - Susan Barber - to let him interview Wilcock. Susan looked at his website and promptly called Wynn back and pronounced David to be a kook. She was not interested in an interview, but Wynn was relentless and pursuaded her to let him interview Wilcock and she could make the decision of whether she wanted to run the interview or not, after she read it.

Shortly after Wynn sent her the transcript of the interview, she called Wynn, almost gasping, and proclaimed -"You're right! He has to be Cayce. And I think you're the one to write a book about it."

Wynn had never thought of writing a book. He identified with being a poet, songwriter, and metaphysical journalist. But Susan planted the idea of a book and  he began an intense study of Wilcock's channeings. He got a reading from Wilcock. If he had a trace of doubt, it was being removed. Wilcock was Cayce.

But of far greater import, Wilcock's Source was Cayce's Source. And they were attempting to use Wilcock to deliver the most important message in the history of humankind. Wynn knew that writing the book was going to be the most important thing he would ever do in his life.

For the next 3 years, he lived in his RV, everyday hanging out at the local Starbucks or Denny's, tapping away at his computor. He was haunting LA's biggest metaphysical book store - The Bodhi Tree - searching for every old book on Cayce he could find, researching background material for the book he was writing.

David was very reluctant to do this book. He was afraid of going public with such a  wild claim. Almost everyone in his personal sphere was disparaging and unsupportive about his Cayce connection. Wynn convinced him that doing this book could be a great service to the planet. David reluctantly agreed and gave Wynn the go ahead to begin. Wynn would write the book and David would be co-writer contributing his channelings and 2 chapters of his scientific research. David would have editing and veto power over Wynn's writing.

The relationship between David and Wynn at it's best was difficult and at it's worst combative. David fired Wynn at least a couple of times. Wynn was working morning to night many days and never knew if the book would get published and if it did, whether anyone would read it.

The book was published in early 2004. The relationship between David and Wynn was strained and after the book was released, they essentially went their separate ways. They both had different visions as to how they should manifest. David took the public role as a scientific intuitive rather than as a channel. But the book helped open a huge highway of interest in his work and helped propel him into public prominence. David's become a popular expo speaker and media figure and has a movie in the works.

While Wynn was in the midst of writing the book, he became a direct contactee of interdimenional Sources, when two consecutive personal relationships began channeling a voice that identified itself as the Council of Elohim. He holds conference calls 3 times a week and created a service called  - Message a Day - where he shares the interdimensional messages, he's been privy to. You can subscribe to Message a Day for no charge on the form below. Every day Wynn receives emails from some of his thousands of subscribers who are being postively impacted by their participation in Message a Day and his conference calls.