There is an aspect of the conference calls which is non-linear, i.e. beyond words, something which you must experience for yourself. The calls are now being held 7 days a week and on a linear level, here are some of the different things which happen on each night:

Monday 6:30-7:30 pm Pacific Time - Wynn is the moderator and he takes a fairly liberal approach as to how he conducts the call. Sometimes he reads a channeling. Sometimes he plays a tape of a channeling. And occasionally there's a live channeling on the phone. If there are new people, he might do an introductory talk. At the conclusion, there is a "calling in of the light" and each person has an opportunity to make a contribution of they so choose. This call is being broadcast live on the internet as well as over the telephone lines. (thanks to Don Newsome of BBS Radio for making this broadcast possible): For internet access, please visit:


Tuesday 6:00-7:00 pm Pacific Time
Wayne and Karen are the moderators of this session where a Q'uo channeling is read. These readings convey an incredible understanding of the dimensional shift and interdimensional workings. W'uo is a group subset of the Ra social memory complex. They were originally channelled by Carla Rueckert at At the end there is a "calling in of the light.

Wednesday - Sunday 7:00-7:30 PST - Various moderators. This a "prayer only" session with a calling in of the light and and a "sending of the light" for indiviual healing and planetary healings. The energy of these sessions are very high and many participants have experienced amazing tranformations for themselves and those around them.

Please email Suzanne for the access number for the above calls.




Conference Call Formats