Chronology (this section is still undergoing revision)

1999 - Wynn is a staff writer for the Spirit of Ma'at  web magazine. He discovers the website of David Wilcock and petitions his editor to assign him the project of interviewing David. Wynn discovers that Uri Geller, the famous spoon bender and psychic of the 60's has endorsed the David Wilcock/Edgar Cayce connection on his website. (Read Uri's entry on his website "Return of the Prophet")

2000 - The interview of David Wilcock for Drunvalo Malchezadik's Spirit of Ma'at is published. Wynn makes the decision to author the book - The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce? after receiving a reading from David Wilcock and encouragement from the editor of Spirit of Ma'at.  Wynn decide to focus the book on the readings coming through David rather than than David's scientific research on the dimensional shift.

2000-2002 - Wynn is conducting an intense study of Wilcock and his readings. Although Wynn is certain of the case tying Wilcock to Cayce and the wisdom coming through Wilcock from his source, he is a bit incredulous about the circumstances of the dimensional shift and ascension being presented through Wilcock, although he realizes that he must include it in the book. He decides to let the reader make up their own mind.

2002, April - Wynn commences a new personal relationship (Relationship X).  One month later, that person begins channeling a voice which identified itself as the Council of Elohim.  For the next 6 months, Wynn is invited to ask questions. During this period there are two very specific and extra-ordinary phenomenal events which occurred. The Council of Elohim predicted a newspaper headline two weeks in advance and they created a medical miracle of healing for Wynn's sister.  (see  which was put up in 2003) 

2002, September - Relationship "X", after undergoing a period of doubt and fear related to the channelings, leaves and a few weeks later, a close friend of Wynn's spontaneously begins to channel a voice which identifies itself as the same Council of Elohim.

2004 - The Release of The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce?  Sophisticated people are taking it quite seriously and it's receiving great reviews

2004 - Wynn and David address the UFO Congress in Laughlin, Nevada.            
           Wynn and David interviewed by George Noory, Coast to Coast AM with 20 million listeners.

2005 -  The Inside Edge - Wynn gives a public talk to a sophisticated new age group, where he shares for the first time his own personal experiences with the Elohim as well as the book. Prior to this, his public talks centered around the the book.  (click here to hear the talk)

2006 - Wynn speaks at the New Living Expo San Francisco

2006 - The Don and Wynn Show. Wynn cohosts with Don Newsome - live on BBS radio. Wynn interviews his sister where she shares her miracle. He also interviews Carla Rueckert and "Girlfriend X".  Girlfriend X unexpectedly does a live channeling on the show.

Within the context of the work presented on this website,  there are many thought provoking and controversial premises. When one is dealing with information allegedly coming from "other dimensions", one should carefully evaluate the veracity and the intent of the sources. You are urged not to take any of the channelled information on this website at face value,  but to apply your own scrutiny and discernment. On this page, we will give a quick outline of some of the circumstances which caused Wynn to come to the conclusion that these sources were real and positive.