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Questions and Answers with the Elohim - Wynn questions the Elohim via Terry and gets answers for how life works, with information never made available to the public. This is the beginning a new book: The current chapters are: Meet the Elohim-- Connecting with the Elohim and extricating oneself from the darkside--Creation-- A Cosmic View of Money and Sex--Earth Changes--Passing Over--Prayers and Miracles--Ascension and the Dimensional Shift.

Wynn had queried the Elohim whether Terry had done anything like this kind of channeling in a previous life and they suggested that Wynn research St. Catherine of Sienna. When Wynn looked up St Catherine on Google, he found a striking resemblance between St Catherine and Terry. He also learned that St Catherine was recognized by the Catholic Church for her "dialogues with God" which are recognized as part of official Catholic literature - i.e. St. Catherine was a channel.

The Ra Material - These are the original Ra books channelled by Carla Rueckert ( during the period from 1981-1985. Ra is a huge group soul comprised of billions of individual souls who have graduated from this density and now acts as a helper and guide for entities at lower levels of evolution.

The Dialogues of St Catherine of Sienna (1370 ad) - These are the original "channelings" of St Catherine as translated by Algar Thorold. Although the format is still within a religious context, the wisdom and mystical understanding are self evident. Terry says that when she reads it, she sees the places where it needs editing.