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Message a day is a free service founded by Wynn Free in October of 2009. From the period starting in 2000 until the present time, Wynn has been in the middle of an extremely unusual experience with regards to communications with other realms. He began researching David Wilcock (The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce) in 2000 after interviewing David for a magazine Wynn was writing for.

Two years into the write, Wynn was contacted by a voice which identified itself as the Council of Elohim. He spent the next couple of years attempting to validate and trust the information which was being presented to him. During this period, there were many ways in which credibility was established including a miracle of healing.

Wynn believes he's uncovered a new cosmology for the manner in which the universe regulates itself via the introduction of two group souls who have made numerous interventions on this planet in their attemts to evolve humanity. Their interventions often resulted in new religions, prophecies, and prophets, like Edgar Cayce, who was channeling one of these group souls.

This view of the greater reality is very challenging to the consensus, except the consensus is breaking down and the securities which people have clung on to are slipping away. Within this new cosmology are explanations and guidance for the period we are passing which "they" term a dimensional shift and how it all relates to 2012, the Mayan calendar, the prophecies of Jesus, the Hopis and more. If Wynn's cosmologies are true, we are all making huge decisions about the dispensation of our future lifetimes in ways we couldn't understand without the perspective of these  intelligences who are outside of this dimension and can see the long view of evolution.

Message a Day was started as a way for Wynn to share what he's learned and his connections with these groups souls, including the one speaking through David Wilcock/Edgar Cayce to give you the opportunity to consider this radical view of reality and if it resonates, to integrate it into your own life. It's not something to be believed blindly. It's a matter of applying one's own scrutiny and drawing ones own conclusions. People can wonder where is God during this period of tribulation. This series of messages may offer a new way of understanding and connecting with those consciousnesses we have identified as God in a unique and yet very personal way and transcend the potentials for fear and help you hold a loving uplifted conciousness for yourself and and those who you touch. 


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