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Light Body Activation














This started out as an experimental program in 2008 at the request of my sources - the Ra Group and the Elohim group. They wanted to enable those who would reach for a deeper affiliation with them to provide a means to do so. They agreed to a biweekly special audio message for subscribers who wanted to be hold a more consistent energetic connection. Plus there would be a monthly workshop where subscibers could ask questions directly to our sources regarding their own life issues.

We started this with a small group and almost everyone had great gains as a result of their participation.

We have a free introduction to this program with an audio of the first workshop and an audio of the first activation. To receive the downloads of these audios, where the program is explained in detail, send an email to:

LIGHTBODYINTRO@MESSAGEADAY.NET and you will automatically trigger a response delivered to your inbox with the requisite downloads.

Listening to these free audios is a good way to tell if this program will work for you.

Making an energetic connection with the group souls can be extremely valuable to your souls evolution as well as enhancing your present life experience. These are connections that, I believe, will continue beyond death and will insure a better experience inbetween realms and in future lifetimes.  









*A comment on the pictures on this page. The picture at the top with me in the white sweater, is a before and after picture. I was In Ventura and wanted to take a promo picture of myself. I didn't like the way it came out (the picture on the left) and I suggested to Terry who was the photographer, that we call in the light (invoke the Elohim) and take another picture, which is the one on the right. When we looked at the pictures later, I noticed this pinkish glow around my chest area. We did a channeling and the Elohim said the pinkish glow was them "beaming" into this realm.  The same thing occurred in downtown Philadelphia during a Grid Healing as we were driving towards City Hall.