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i listened to the grid healing yesterday, monday dec. 8th. it was very compelling and i joined in with the meditation. i closed my eyes and i could see a soft light behind my eyelids. as you carried the meditation and asked for changes and i did them in my mind, i could actually feel my body respond. it was so powerful wynn. the most compelling part of this is leaving my body and meeting everyone high above me and telling them i love them. i went to the store today to have people saying hi to me, smiling at me, passing me and making cute comments and it was easy for me (something that hasn't been this way for me for a long time) to smile back genuinely and feel connected to them. people i don't even know. i've only gotten to hear the first hour of the grid healing call, so i'm going back to it now to finish up the call.
"Thank you for facilitating the grid healing service today. I asked for and feel that I received a healing of some past hurts in my heart today. I think I felt the ENERGY as I never have before. It may seem small written here, however, for me it could mean that I will have a much more fulfilling life, although I have just turned 63. I also am open to finding a purpose for my life. I also thank Terry for her unselfish sharing of her time. I really look forward to the MESSAGE.
Again thank you for the marvelous work you do with the personal and grid healing."
"When I was on Sunday's call (our grid healing 10am sun morning) I was meditating with the group, I went to the planet where they reside and many, many (millions of lights, which were beings of some sort) of the 'lights' that I saw began to celebrate, as if I had returned or something...like I knew them, well. Can you tell me more about this?"

"This was my first time I got to listen and I had a feeling of togetherness, even though I missed a big portion of it due to my phone connection.
As I feel that today's session had important information I have to ask if you if I could obtain a recording for this session, I am most anxious to hear about this project."


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