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A Multi Media History of this Work

If you've been paying attention to the work I'm putting out, there's an aspect to it which can seem unreal or impossible. That was the case for myself as well for a few years. It felt like a sci-fi movie and I had to pinch myself more than once to see if I would wake up from a dream. I remember my father looking at things which were "far out" and suggesting that there had to be an angle, usually concerning money. That doesn't mean that money isn't very helpful and you're welcome to make a donation ( www.donationbox.net ) But I'm putting up this page as a credibility page. Nothing I ever share is ever exaggerated or embellished. This is a history since 1998 to the present with links to events, audio files, Youtube videos, etc, so if you approach my work with skepticism, this may help you take it more seriously.

Prior to 1999 Wynn identified with being a
singer/songwriter and poet.

From the period 1998 - 2001, Wynn began writing articles for The Messenger , a monthly tabloid distributed to various locations in Southern California.

1999 - Wynn started sending his poems out to various internet sources including The Spirit of Ma'at is a web magazine published by Drunvalo. The editor invited Wynn to write for them on assignment. During this stint, Wynn interviewed Greg Braden, Uri Geller , and others.

2001 - Wynn discovered the website of David Wilcock and petitioned the editor to let him interview David. She looked at David's website and initially thought him to be a"whacko". Wynn persisted and she yielded but wou;dn't promise to publish anything until after she reviewed it.  Once she read the article she immediately called Wynn and exclaimed - "you're right, he has to be Edgar Cayce!! I think you're the person to write the book about it." Wynn also wrote a companion article - The Universe according to Ra.

2001 - Wynn received a reading from David and was further convinced that writing a book would be the most important thing he could ever do in his life. David was reluctant, but eventually agreed with Wynn that if the Cayce connection brought more people into an awareness of his work it would be a positive thing. Wynn had never attempted to write a book, wasn't sure he could actually do it, and didn't know if it would ever get published. He spent the next 4 years working with a somewhat resistant Wilcock until the book was finally finished and accepted for publication by North Atlantic Books in Berkeley.

2002, April - Wynn attended The Prophet's Conference in Pacific Grove to interview some of the speakers for The Spirit of Ma'at, the metaphysical magazine he was writing for. He met Daphne here. Thirty days later Wynn and Daphne were together and subsequently began the experience of Daphne channeling the voice which identified itself as the Elohim.

2002 April - Wynn was introduced to Barry Morrow, the Academy Award screenwriter of the movie Rain Man. He met with Barry in Santa Barbara and pitched him on the idea of doing a movie based on the book he was writing. He actually met Barry on the way backfrom the Pacific Grove conference where he had just met Daphne.

2002 July - A few months after their initial meeting, Wynn had a telephone conversation with Barry and shared with him the story of Daphne's Elohim channelings. Barry exclaimed "That's a much better movie story than your book. Wynn and Barry met for lunch over the next 5 years working out a story. Initially Barry thought Wynn might be delusional, but as he became more immersed in the details and met Terry and Daphne and talked to Wynn's sister, who had the miracle healing, he began to realize that it was real.  This movie is still out there in the realm of possibilities. If you have connections or 8 million dollars, please contact Wynn.

2002 May through August - Daphne and Wynn had established residence in Pomona, California. She would unexpectedly announce "Those guys want to talk to you" and Wynn would tape a series of dialogues with various beings and group intelligences in other realms, the most frequent being the Council of Elohim. It was during these dialogues, that a newspaper headline was predicted in advance and Wynn's sister had a miracle of healing.

2002 August - Daphne was very unhappy and suffering daily panic attacks. The channelings indicated she was under attack from negative sources in other realms who didn't want the work we were doing to continue. Wynn suspected she was going to leave. He wanted someone to witness what was happening and he invited his long time friend Terry to their apartment where he would conduct a live channeling. Audio of original channeling with Daphne and Terry present and asking questions to the Elohim

2002 September - Daphne left while Wynn was in the middle of interviewing Greg Braden for Spirit of Ma'at . After a few weeks of suffering, he invited Terry over. In the middle of the night she woke him and asked him to get the tape recorder out. "They" were coming through her and wanted to talk to Wynn. An incredulous Wynn couldn't believe it was real.  (I take the liberty here of sharing details of my private life because it is extremely relevant to the credibility of the story. I do this with the permission of both women)

2002 - The Spirit of Ma'at was running a special edition on prophetic information for 2003. David allowed Wynn to interview his Source over the phone for this article . The link goes to a ten minute excerpt from the interview. The full audio is available elsewhere on the site. Wynn also interviewed Carla Rueckert and her Source Q'uo for this issue.

2003 - Still in the midst of writing his book with David, Wynn was afraid to publically talk about the experience he was in the midst of with Daphne and Terry. He put up a website and told the story, but left everyone anonymous. - www.conversationswithmy girlfriend.com

2003 - David is living in Lousville Kentucky in the home of Carla Rueckert (the pioneer channel of The Ra Material). He hears some of Daphne's harp playing and invites her to visit him and record some of her music.

2003-2004 - Daphne was living with her aunt in Atlanta. Wynn and Daphne continued connecting over the telephone and they make another attempt at living together in Flagstaff, Arizona. Daphne's negative attacks begin again and a few months later she left, but not after an amazing series of channelings.

2004 - The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce? was released by North Atlantic Books in Berkeley. George Noory, of 'Coast to Coast AM", invites Wynn to be on his late night talk show. George was a long time fan of Cayce's and took the premises of the book seriously. David has become a regular on Noory's show since that initial broadcast.

2004 - Wynn and David did a couple of public and media events together including a public access TV show in San Diego and a talk at a Religious Science Church in La Crescenta, California. They were both speakers at the Conscious Life Expo in Los Angeles. Wynn introduced David to veteran movie producer Billy Blake who had been very touched by The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce? and Wynn's personal story. Billy had asked David and Wynn to come up with a movie story. Wynn bowed out of this project shortly thereafter after David had expressed his own creative need to do this on his own. Billy now is acting as David's manager. At this point, Wynn and David went their separate ways.

2004-2005 - Wynn does various public speaking engagements on his book at expos, churches, radio shows , etc. He experiments in weaving in some of the details of his personal story during these public events. He's very guarded, concerned that it's all so far out that he'll lose credibility.  He is staying in Los Angeles with Terry.

2005 - Wynn is introduced to Don Newsome who is just starting an internet radio network. Don invites Wynn to submit an audio of his experiences to play on his network. Don and Wynn engage in a series of creative phone conversations. Wynn records one and suggests that Don put it on the air and call it The Don and Wynn Show . This becomes a regular weekly event every Saturday night for about 2 years. The archives are still up on BBS Radio.

2005 - Wynn invites Daphne to be a guest on the Don and Wynn show. In the middle of being interviewed, she announces "they want to say something" and there is an amazing live impromtu channeling with the Council of 12 making their first live address in history to a public audience. The Council of 12 is an oversoul group connected with the Elohim. 

2006 - Wynn is invited to give a talk at the Holistic Living Expo in San Diego produced by Dean Price. Wynn gives the talk and notices an extremely high energy in the room. Terry is selling books at the end of the talk and as people line up to purchase books, she hears comments like: "I could see the light energy in the room. I never saw that before." or "I could see auras." Wynn asks the Elohim about this phenomena and they said that they were beaming energy into the room during his talk.

2006-2007 - Dean gives Wynn a carte blanche to speak at his events. Dean does expos almost every weekend at different cities in California. Wynn goes to many of the events, sometimes sleeping in his car because there was not enough profit to cover a hotel room. Dean supports Wynn's work and knows the entire story. Wynn learns to share and integrate his personal experiences into the Wilcock/Cayce story. The Elohim continue to beam love/light into the room whenever he talks.  Occasionally Terry accompanies Wynn. At an event in Santa Barbara, Wynn does a special workshop and Wynn asks Terry if the Elohim have anything they'd like to say to the group. A reticent shy Terry does her first public channeling.

2006 - Some of the attendees at Wynn's Holisitic Living events become endeared to Wynn's work. Wynn initiates a conference call every Monday evening and invites them to attend. He had asked the Elohim if they culd beam into people's homes over a conference call in the same manner that they beamed into his live talks. They said they could do that. Wynn reads excerpts from some of the channelings and people report that they can feel the energy. A small community builds amongst the people who were participating these initial conference calls. We decideto name the community Higher Vision.  The link goes to a page from the website I put up for that original conference call group. Some of those original people are still connected with this work. I give thanks and gratitude for the continued support from the following people:

Wayne Smallridge - South Carilina
Suzanne - Concho Arizona
Marianne Peters - Chula Vista
Kathy Thurmer - Tennesee
Maryel Mckinley - Los Angeles
Jackie Kresman - San Diego
Carol - Ohio
You can find out about the conference calls they are currently moderating at this link

2006 - Daphne is living in Cape Cod and starts attending the conference calls. After a few times, she announces that the Elohim wanted to say something and the Elohim give their first public presentation to the conference call group

2007 - Daphne and Wynn are still having ongoing phone conversations. A friend in San Diego, who has connected with Wynn's work, offers free rent in a basement apartment. Wynn flys back to Cape Cod where Daphne is living near her mother and giving music lessons.  

2007 - Daphne and Terry do a rare channeling together over the telephone conference call workshop. "They" suggest that we put together a program entitled "Light Body Activation" where we would offer a series of special channelings and a workshop once a month for those people who wanted to work more closely with the energies of the the "groups". They said I needed to charge for this. It would help support the work and by giving participants the opportunity to reach back they would get more benefit. This program is still ongoing. Initially Daphne and Terry would alternate but eventually Daphne withdrew and Terry is doing the activations.

2007 - While on the East Coast Wynn arranges an appearance on Mitchell Rabin's public access TV show. Wynn and Daphne go to New York City to do the show. While in New York, they decide to go to the site of the World Trade Center to call in the light. The negative energies there are too overwhelming. Wynn asks if going to the site with the people on the conference call on the phone would help. The answer was yes, so they make another trip to the WTS and call in the light and it succeeds. The Elohim suggest a few other locations like the United Nations and the Brooklyn Bridge. Wynn and Daphne spend a few hours driving around New York in the pouring rain with the conference call group on the phone. This was actually the inspiration for our Sunday Grid Healing held every week. (send an email to
grid@messageaday.net to get the acess number and time. You're invited!!!! We've had many miracles both planetary and personal as a result of this event) Here's a page of pictures of this first Grid Healing.

2007 - Wynn is invited to do a public access TV show in Los Angeles hosted by Mattie Klare called Welcome to the Vortex. He brings Daphne with him and Mattie is very impressed and over the next couple of months, she records a series of shows, including live channelings with both Daphne and Terry. The shows are posted on Youtube.

2007-2008 - Daphne is very unhappy with the basement apartment in San Diego. They move out and stay at a hotel in El SEgundo, California. Wynn is invited to speak to a Noetic Science Group in Las Vegas. They leave Las Vegas headed towards Sedona where Terry has a home. They pass through Boulder City, which is a quaint town 20 miles outside Vegas near Boulder Dam. Daphne falls in love with Boulder City and wants to move there. They stay a few days and rent a house.

2008 - August - Once again, Daphne is in the midst of the worst negative attacks. She's staying in bed all day. Wynn is feeling the urgency of getting his work out, but he's totally disabled. He gets the idea that the negative is using Daphne to block him. She's too sensitive and she can't resist their psychic impulsing.  Wynn can't leave to do any speaking engagements. Daphne is needing his constant attention. Frustrated, he starts contemplating ways of using the internet to reach people. He learns about auto responders and comes up with the idea of Message a Day and spends about a month putting the first sequence together. Daphne goes to visit her sister in Alaska and doesn't return. After 2 months, Wynn packs up the house and moves to Sedona.

2009 February - Wynn is in Sedona and books The Sedona Creative Life Center for a public event. A local newspaper runs an article based on the Wilcock/Cayce connection and 125 people show up for the event.

2009 June - Interest in Wynn's work is growing. He has 1200 subscribers to message a day and he's getting emails everyday from people who are having cognitions regarding this new view of the cosmos he's puting forth. Some people are having miraculous healings as a result of his work. He's put together programs of telephone conference call workshops as further support systems for those who are finding value. More people are checking into the conference calls.

June 2009 - Wynn is invited to introduce the Elohim at the Live H20 Festival in Sedona. This is the first time he's been invited somewhere to do that!

November 2009 - About 1900 peoploe subscribed to Message a Day and almost 500 subscribed to The Spirit Channel.