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Reader's responses to an emailed query: Has The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce? changed your life in any way? (these are answers received from people who purchased the book on our website - www.caycesback.com )                                            __________________________________________________

"It made me aware of what was important in life. I think we live and work towards goals that do not address our spirituality. I see myself in a completely different way than I have in the past. I now know that I have a purpose which was unclear to me before."

"Your email got me thinking a lot about your book again. How do I order another copy? I DID read 75% of the book before passing it on. I skipped around different sections. It is an excellent book!"

"It reinspired me. It helped to put me back in touch with a source I had "way back then". It's hard to explain what I'm trying to say. Not that I thought I ever lost the connection because I have seriously meditated and touched base on a daily basis for over 35 years. I know it has truly sustained me and I'm grateful."

"I do recognize truth when I see it and I am somewhat intuitive. I tell you this for whatever it's worth, because it does feels to me like this young man is the soul who was Edgar Cayce."

"I have been a seeker for 14 years now, have read many books, and your book made me realize that some of this 'stuff' may just be true! Sometimes one wonders as one seeks....Sometimes the world seems so nuts that one begins to wonder if there is ANY truth out there. YOUR book helped me in that arena."

"Completely changed my life. Now I understand what I've always felt and understood but couldn't articulate. I understand my purpose here now. Everything finally makes sense."

"I found the book you refer to excellent. I am one of those lucky people who was introduced to the metaphysical world when someone gave me "There is a River " which was aout Edgar and his life. As far as I can tell David is certainly being guided by Cayce even if you don't want to accept that he is truly the reincarnation of him. The book for me stands on its' own as far as the information is concerned."

"It gave me better focus on what's likely to come."

"I haven't finished it yet because I am savoring it, so I am going to keep your email in a special file and answer it when I am finished
! the subject matter is absolutely fascinating to me and I think it's a great service you have done for all of us!"

"Yes. It connected me to the reality that I am not alone with the answers I have found and the things I have come to believe in my heart as true and that my enlightenment must have been channeled as well...not surprising really, truth is truth."

"It has expanded my knowledge and comprehension of the makeup of Creation."
"I LOVE this book. The book is written clearly and follows along the path of the Cayce readings that I have been studying since the 60's and 70's when I first read "The Sleeping Prophet". I would give it a 10!"

"Some of the most lucid and loving spiritual advice wisdom I have ever read."

More Reader's Responses to The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce?

"The true mastery of "The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce: Interdimensional Communication and Global Transformation" lies in the skill with which author Wynn Free weaves the disparate threads of Cayce's readings and life, David Wilcock's biography and channelings (including the revelation, from Ra himself, that he is Cayce reborn), and Rueckert's Law of One material into a single, tight braid that convincingly intertwines to reveal behind the many faces a single voice, the voice of Ra, calling Humanity to awaken." - Chris Tannalund

"I really couldn't put the book down, it is really well written by the way. The more I read the wisdom contained within the book, the more I realized that whether or not David Wilcock was Edgar Cayce had little relevance to anything. The setup of the book is just perfect as it has a little bit of everything summed up quite nicely." - Nathen. (17 years old)

"I have almost finished reading your book and am so blown away ...it is the most informative and enlightening book I've read so far on human evolution and planetary changes." -. Sabina

"The Book is thoughtful and precise, it sticks to the job of convincing and does it well. It is filled with good scientific facts backed up by modern academic research from a wide international field of the highest calibre and the way the story is told he brings a new dimension to Darwins Theory of Evolution on a Spiritual level."

"I just finished the book the reincarnation of Edgar cayce.Great book. when I read the words "I am Ra" my whole body felt tingles. When i do Qi Gong and Cho Wa, I receive tingles thru out the day. In your book I now know what to do with this energy, send it to Ra!"  

Participants Comments on Message a day and Conference calls
"At the last moment i was literally pulled into the call for the first time (from Rhinebeck NY) and felt alot of positive energy from it. "

"Also the next day, on Sunday, my energy felt catapulted and was able to focus on and do many things that i had no energy for the prior day."

"Now working with energy myself and being sensitive - i was aware of a positive vibratory rate in my body, which is still here. To me it is the energy of a healing session or an attunement. Also happened to do a healing session the next day on my neighbor and Im sure the receiver felt that energy. She was delightfully rested and cheerful afterwards. As such, I would like to know more about the energy transmitted and the clearing i felt occur on the call. It was so quick and transforming."

"Thanks for these messages, Wynn. This one especially touched me deeply and brings me back into remembrance of the way it really is. It's so easy to get tangled up in 3D and forget the Greater Reality and the magnificence of it all. So thank you for keeping these going"
"Hi Wynn,
I keep this one in my inbox to read every day. I'm beginning to realize this oneness of all things more deeply, more constantly. Thank you!"
"It's clear wynn why you've been chosen to do this. your intelligence, clearity, love and passion has made you such a wonderful choice. i just want you to know how much i appreciate everything your doing."

"I am continually guided to follow your work...
Keep on going Brother...you are doing an exqusite job on behalf of the Elohim."
"On this day, Independence Day...'the Universe' or whomever we
call 'this Great Source/ Help/ Guidance' has conspired to 'use You',
thru you're poetry, To give Me, a big thumbs Up ! You're poem on
Worthiness just Added confirmation, about an email i "Just"...sent
to my daughter and son-in-law (detail's not important), but my
message to them was... I Am Worthy, to recieve the Respect and
Love..i so freely give to Them and Others..."
"I just experienced this call with you and I feel wonderful that with all the fear that is being planted right now you are replacing it with LOVE and an intention to heal the earth and all beings on earth. WOW!!!!! You truly are a blessing for this planet. I also feel that these words I am sending do not even express all the love energies, healing and the great good that are coming as the result of this experience."
"I must thank you again for the wonderful Sunday morning sharing with you and Terry. I truly feel connected to all there is and there truly is power in numbers. I feel inspired and much more energized after the calls to say the least. I feel that you are assisting many in expanding our spirituality." - Marilyn
"You help me to stay connected with your message a day, poems, songs. Your book The return of Edgar is so full of good news. Please do keep on keeping on."
From a lady in Turkey who was listening in to a live channeling on a conference line:
"I transcribed part of the channeling where they say my name, and exactly as it is said: Betul ("Be" is like in Beth, "tul" is read as tool)"

"Making connection to those who that desire it in the audience. We are making connections at this time. We are mindful and experience any connection within Betul's on this time, the love and gentleness of the connection and the very essence of the treasure you each are...."

I resonated so much with you guys since I first listened to you on Linda Panell.
Betul, Turkey

From a Religious Science Minister (re: The Reinbcarnation of Edgar Cayce?

From the first sentence on, I was intrigued by the information that author, Wynn Free had included in this dynamic, leading edge treatise. Not only did he include well documented information to support his hypothesis of David Wilcock as the reincarnation of Edgar Cayce, he also included believable information about the ongoing evolution of human spirituality, as well.

I couldn't put the book down! The information resonated as Truth deep within my being as the explanation was given for the rather unique period in the history of humankind we are in. The book explains via both current science and the wise words of David Wilcock's source, the real reason why opening our hearts to unconditional love and compassion is so important in this current period and why it's so important to put our power struggles behind us, and strive for the understanding that "we're all in this together," which is a simple way of expressing the Principle of Oneness.

This important book validates the quest of Divine Emissaries throughout all of Planet Earth's spiritual traditions - that of uplifting humanity to a higher vibration that will guarantee "peace on earth, goodwill toward all planetary citizens."

I invite and encourage you to read Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce? and integrate the astounding information it contains into your own evolving spiritual path. The book may be the most important work in contemporary spirituality explaining how to maintain one's connections to divinity on a planet in transition. - Beverly Craig. Senior Minister , Church of Religious Science, La Crescenta, ca.