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Wynn Live

March 13-15
Los Angeles 
Quantum Leap
2012 Conference

March 21st
Saturday 1pm pst
Telephone Workshop

March 22
1 PM
Bushwillows Live
in Los Angeles

March 29th
Carlsbad, Ca.
Public Lecture
Windmill 7pm

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link.. others are pending...



* Responses to this work

*The Reincarnation of
   Edgar Cayce?

*Questions and Answers with 
 the Council of Elohim

*The Egyptian Connection  

  Audios and videos of
  media presentations 

* Conference calls

* Light Body Activation

*Daphne Music

  Wynn Music

  Wynn Movie




Factoids - At the
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webpage there is a
section called factoids
with tidbits of relevant
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