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                                     Shadow Hills, Ca.
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Wynn Free : Wynn is the principal author of the best selling critically acclaimed book The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce? which highlights the channelings of David Wilcock and presents the compelling case tying Wilcock to Cayce. For many people, the book links together missing pieces of a great cosmic puzzle, linking the manifestation of Jesus to the readings of Cayce and his current incarnate. Many people have responded to the cosmology being presented with new cognitions and expansions of awareness and some are even making their own energetic connections with the group soul who allegedly spoke through Wilcock.

"I have almost finished reading your book and am so blown away is the most informative and enlightening book I've read so far on human evolution and planetary changes."

"It has expanded my knowledge and comprehension of the makeup of Creation."

"Thank you so sincerely for the workshop you held. So many doubts and confusions were cleared up for me yesterday. Sometimes from the information you gave which rang so true to me during the workshop...sometimes later as an insight that would pop into my head about something I may have thought about for years! What a gift yesterday to get a resonance experience first and then my mind getting that order. (It's a lot less work!) I slept so well last night! I am so looking forward to the continuation of this "learning process". Thank you again for your tenacity in getting this information out."

"Not only has the book clearly answered questions such as why we are here, and what we are to do while we are here; it has also quenched and fulfilled an age old thirst and unfathomable hunger that has been with me since I can first remember, asking my mother at four years of age, "If God made us, who made God?".........Ten stars for author Wynn Free on The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce as this book has removed this reviewer's fear of death and has opened her heart to the most profound source of love and light she has ever experienced. May it do this and more for all who open it's pages".

As part of the workshop, Wynn will be going into some of the fine points of this new cosmology, including:

**What is the real understanding of the dimensional shift and how the choices you are making right now are going to impact your future lifetimes in ways that have never happened in previous lifetimes.

**Making the direct energetic connections with the two group souls - the Elohim and the Ra - who mankind has recognized as God. If you can make these connections,  we believe that the affiliations will endure even after you would die and greatly increase the probabilities of better future lifetimes as well as keeping you above fear in this lifetime.



















































Terry Brown:   Terry is Wynn's close associate who spontaneously began channelling a voice which identified itself as the Council of Elohim during the time Wynn was authoring the Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce? We can say that, most likely, the Elohim will be speaking to the group via Terry and this is a rare opportunity to make a connection and ask questions. (The Elohim say they are the original break away from the "one infinite creator" and actually created the physical Universe) . There is an incredible energy when the Elohim/Ra come through. You can download Wynn's new book Questions and Answers with the Elohim and insert the discount code "peace" and get an immediate five dollar discount.

Making friends with the Two Group Souls who Mankind has Identified as God!!!








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When Wynn first started doing public appearances, he didn't talk  about his own experience with the Elohim channeling through his personal friends. He thought he would seriously damage his credibility as the author of a book already controversial, about the reincarnation of Edgar Cayce?

The first time he told the story of what was happening to him personally was at a talk hosted by Roy Gibons at the Shumai Center in Pasaadena. He did so at Roy's encouragement. This was sometime in 2004 and it was well received.

Wynn was invited to speak at the Holistic Living Expo in San Diego produced by Dean Price. Dean supported the work Wynn was doing and created a very safe environment. Terry was sitting at a table at the end of the talk and people were lining up to purchase books and she monitored their conversations and overhead comments like, "I could see people's auras for the first time" or "I could see a light in the room". Wynn inquired about this phenomena in a channelling and "they" said it was them beaming "love/light" into the room. This has become an anticipated phenomena whenever Wynn does a public presentation.

Although it was a bit scarey to talk about these things so directly to a public audience, Dean invited Wynn to show up anytime to his expos, which were being held all over California. Sometimes Wynn would drive up to an expo and sleep in his car as there was not enough funds to made to cover a motel. Wynn grew more confidant and realized, for many people, he was sharing information that they hungered for.

About two years later, Wynn returned to San Diego and Daphne was with him. Daphne actually did a public address of the Elohim at the workshop, which was videotaped. At some point we'll post the video.

A year later, Wynn was doing an expo in Santa Barbara and Terry did a live channeling to the workshop. Click on this link and listen to the recording of that channeling,  which was the first time Terry did a public channeling. She's extremely shy.

Bushwillows: Bushwillows is probably the most beautiful place in the greater Los Angeles area to hold a retreat/workshop. It is the home of Deborah and Steve who have dedicated themselves and their environment to the service of connecting those seeking spiritual support and communion and those offering it. Bushwillows holds a resevoir of peaceful and loving energy.

Workshop cost: $25.00
Sunday 1pm-6pm
light refreshments will be served
Pay by Paypal using the "Purchase Workshop" link below:



If you would like to pay at the door, please email Wynn and notify him of your intention:


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