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Message a Day presents
Saturday Telephone Workshop March 21

Saturday Telephone Workshop
Date: March 21th
Time: 1 pm Pacific





I am in the unusual position to have an understanding of this period we are in the midst of, which my sources are calling a dimensional shift. As a result of my deep study of David Wilcock's work, Carla Rueckert's Ra channelings and my own ongoing dialogues and connection with the Council of Elohim I am able to impart a perspective on earthly events from a cosmic perspective, not normally available to someone in this realm.

Many of you who are attracted to this kind of work would fall under the category of "starseeds" and "wanderers". You are entities who have volunteered to take incarnations on this planet who have originated from higher dimensions and chosen to take a series of lifetimes to be of service in this realm. Once you are here, you become subject to the veil of forgetfulness and lose the memory of your original intent and get caught up once again in the cycle of reincarnation.

According to Carla Rueckert's work, 90% of those who incarnate from higher dimensions get lost. Here's a few indicators of "wanderers" who got lost:

1. Feelings of alienation

2. Interest in sci-fi

3. Interest in spirituality

4. Boredom with mundane topics

5. Inability to concentrate on typical human goals, like making money, having power and sexual conquest.

6. You feel you have an undiscovered sense of purpose.

7. New age diseases like Epstein Barr or Fiber Myalgia.

8. Many of the younger people incarnated are very high souls, sometimes called indigos or crystal children. They end up with ADD or using drugs as a way to cope with their difficulties of fitting into normal human activity.

It is not neccessary to understand all this at a conscious level to "awaken". Many wanderers end up as nurses, artists, muscians, concierges, waitresses, even bartenders. You don't need to have some glorified role to fulfill your mission.

But you do need to rise above the illusions of consensus reality. You do need to overcome your fears, your feelings of unworthiness, your doubt. I have watched the work I am doing help many people do this.

If you are resonating with "message a day", I urge you to delve deeper into this work to see if it can assist you in expanding your own hologram. This is not just mental understanding. It is an awakening to your own greater potentials. If you've had a series of lifetimes on this planet, regardlesss of whether you are a "starseed" or "wanderer", you're energies are very likely contracted and you have the potential to accelerate you evolution through this work.

I have watched many people go through great and miraculous expansions as a result of reading my materials and attending my workshops. As a result of my extensive interactions with group intelligences in other realms, I am able to share a perspective that a human could not figure out on their own.

Plus, the group intelligences who have been communicating with me, say they are paying close attention to what I am doing and the people who are reaching back. I have many reasons to believe they will actually be energetically present on the line during this workshop, paying attention to those who attend, and giving you the opportunity to make or enhance your own direct connection. Here's some comments from people who have responded to my work:


"Completely changed my life. Now I understand what I've always felt and understood but couldn't articulate. I understand my purpose here now. Everything finally makes sense."---------------------------------------------------------- "I have almost finished reading your book and am so blown away ...it is the most informative and enlightening book I've read so far on human evolution and planetary changes."-------------------------------------- "..people do need to know these things and I'm sure you'll deal and have dealt with much skepticism which is okay cuz it gives more chances for proof that you're not fake or crazy."------------------------------------------------------------"Thank you so sincerely for the workshop you held. So many doubts and confusions were cleared up for me yesterday. Sometimes from the information you gave which rang so true to me during the workshop...sometimes later as an insight that would pop into my head about something I may have thought about for years! What a gift yesterday to get a resonance experience first and then my mind getting it...in that order. (It's a lot less work!) I slept so well last night! I am so looking forward to the continuation of this "learning process". Thank you again for your tenacity in getting this information out."

This workshop is available at no charge to all of you who purchased the Platinum Package or "the Platinum Package without book".

It will go for 2-3 hours. There will be the opportunity to ask questions. If you purchased the book - The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce? somewhere other than this website, you can purchase the "Platinum Package without book" for only $20.90 and still qualify to attend.  (or if your funds are tight). If you attended a previous workshop and would like to "audit" this one, you can do so for a ten dollar suggested donation.

To purchase the Platinum Package, please click on the link below.

  Purchase Platinum Package  
to qualify for telephone workshop.

After you've made your purchase (or if you've previously purchased), fill out the form below to register for the workshop .

Please fill out the form below to register for this workshop and confirm you've purchased the Platinum Package. You should receive a reply email within 5 minutes. Check your spam folder if you don't see it in your Inbox:








When Wynn first started doing public appearances, he didn't talk  about his own experience with the Elohim channelings. . He thought he would seriously damage his credibility as the author of a book already controversial, about the reincarnation of Edgar Cayce? He did put up a website and left everyone anonymous - www.conversationswithmygirlfriend.com.

The first time he told the story of what was happening to him publically was at a talk hosted by Roy Gibons at the Shumai Center in Pasaadena. He did so at Roy's encouragement. This was sometime in 2004 and it was well received. He did it again in the living room of some long time friends -  Sam and Pauline.

Wynn was invited to speak at the Holistic Living Expo in San Diego produced by Dean Price. Dean supported the work Wynn was doing and created a very safe environment. Terry was sitting at a table at the end of the talk and people were lining up to purchase books and she monitored their conversations and overhead comments like, "I could see people's auras for the first time" or "I could see a light in the room". Wynn inquired about this phenomena in a channelling and "they" said it was them beaming "love/light" into the room. This has become an anticipated phenomena whenever Wynn does a public presentation.

Although it was a bit scarey  to talk about these things so directly to a public audience, Dean invited Wynn to show up anytime to his expos, which were being held all over California. Sometimes Wynn would drive up to an expo and sleep as there were not enough funds to cover a motel. Wynn grew more confidant and realized, for many people, he was sharing information that they hungered for.

About two years later, Wynn returned to San Diego and Daphne was with him. Daphne actually did a public address of the Elohim at the workshop, which was videotaped. At some point we'll post the video.

A year later, Wynn was doing an expo in Santa Barbara and Terry did a live channeling to the workshop. Click on this link and listen to the recording of that channeling,   which was the first time Terry did a public channeling. She's extremely shy.




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