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The Importance of Having an Open Heart
(by Wynn Free, as written for The Messenger,

All of us are aware by now that something is up big time on Planet Earth. It's pretty easy to reside in a little fear and anticipation. I've had the unusual experience over the past 11 years of having ongoing conversations with 2 group intelligences that are a main part of the "inter-dimensional management team" for our planet. I've had the opportunity to ask them a myriad of questions concerning what's up on our planet. Their answers are far more complex than I can go into in this article, but I'd like to focus on the connection between DNA, chakras, soul evolution and the "shift".

Science recognizes DNA as the basic building block of a human. It is coded to program the growth and functioning of our bodies. There's 12 strands of DNA and according to science, only 2 strands are active and the rest are termed "junk DNA".  Except the junk DNA is not really junk.

Our DNA is a microcosm for the universe. The strands are like receiving stations for the greater hologram and ultimately God Source. The first seven strands roughly correspond to the first 7 chakras. The chakras are energy centers in our body going from the base of our spine to the top of our head, usually referred to as the root chakra and the crown chakra. For the purpose of this article, we're going to talk about the first four chakras, but the others operate in a similar manner.  This is not meant to be an article on chakras , but rather to explain the incredible importance of opening your fourth chakra in this particular lifetime.

The Root Chakra   - at the base of the spine - connected with survival

The Sex Chakra   - our genitals - connected with sex and creativity

The Power Chakra   - our solar plexis or stomach area - connected with power

The Heart Chakra   - located at our heart - connected with compassion and empathy

Those four chakras connect with the first four strands of DNA. Most humans operate with 2 and part of the third activated. i.e. survival, sex, and power.  
We usually associate with people who are activated in the same areas we are. The way we evolve is to be in the energy field which is activated at a higher level than us. For example, someone who is developing their power chakra might have a job where someone is bossing them around and they keep taking in that energy, activating their chakra and their 3rd strand of DNA until they master it and they are now qualified to boss someone else around.

To activate the 4th strand of DNA you would need to be around the energy field of someone, a group, or even a lover, where you learn to integrate the qualities of compassion and empathy. This is not something you can do on a mental level by being "nice". The old idea of having a guru, took advantage of this principle. If your guru was activated in his fourth chakra, after a certain period, you would integrate those qualities, your fourth strand of DNA would open and you could hold the energy on your own.

When you are able to hold that energy of the 4th chakra, you radiate it into your space. People feel uplifted around you. You share energy easily with others.  
In this period of "shift" it's very important to activate your 4th chakra. According to my information, we are at the end of a 75,000 year cycle. The instreaming energies from the greater universe, are at their greatest amplitude in 75,000 years. All our intentions can be amplified many times as a result of these energies. Everything we think, do, or intend is amplified and it's a great time to intend to open your fourth chakra. Here's why:

Some of you may be familiar with the idea that the Earth is alive and aware. We all exist within the energy field of the Earth. The Earth could also be said to have chakras and for the past 75,000 years the earth was operating as a third chakra planet. Because of this "shift" and these high instreaming energies, the Earth is right now becoming a fourth chakra planet. This is the real import of the Mayan Calendar end date.

This has great ramifications for our future lifetimes. According to my understandings, we've all had many lifetimes on earth -thousands - and each time we carry forth our energy body and DNA imprint to our next lifetime, with no memory of our previous existences. But our talents, potentials, character, and other traits are stored in our energy bodies, like a computer. There's a great tendency to repeat the same patterns over many lifetimes.

Because the Earth is moving into the fourth chakra, there is an unusual stipulation regarding our future lifetimes. If we are to reincarnate on this upgraded earth, we need to have our fourth chakra/fourth strand of DNA open at least 51%. Otherwise our energy field won't fit into this "new Earth". If we don't fit, the universe has a way of handling this. Our Souls get moved to a new planet in another star system still in it's 3rd chakra evolutionary phase and we are now cycle repeaters going through hundreds of thousands of years of repeating the lessons of the third chakra.

Since those people with open hearts won't be on this planet, it's not going to be a fun place. You might call it the hell planet. In fact, this explanation I've just given has a lot of similarities to the prophecies of Jesus - "one will be taken and one will be left behind", "the meek will inherit the Earth". Jesus was working with the same management team, attempting to prepare humankind for this shift.

Now that i've got some of you anxious, I'd like to give some guidance on opening your heart and your fourth DNA strand. Having a great relationship is one way. Congratulations if you have one, but they're not always so easy to find. Alternatively, find groups who hold a hearted energy - a meditation group, a Church Group (just ignore the dogma), etc. I suspect you can find some great groups if you explore the offerings in this magazine. I know Anita and Alan Burns are very active in working with groups. I haven't experienced them directly, but I suspect you'll find a hearted energy present in their environment. Check it out carefully. When you find the right group, your heart will have an automatic response and lift. That's the sign.

Here's a couple photos of myself and Terry at a workshop. There's always amazing energies in the room, projected from our Sources. You can see the blue orb on my elbow and see what Terry looks like when she's channeling.


Many of the ideas I've shared in this article first came into my awareness as I was writing The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce, about and with David Wilcock. David was channeling a Source that was part of the "management team" and it was very important for them to explain all this and give us humans some pure guidance and wisdom from the higher realms, on how to get our hearts open  in this special time we're in.

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Our Sources as they describe themselves:

The Elohim Group - the original Creators of the Physical Universe
The Ra Group - a Soul Group comprised of billions of graduates of this realm (got off the wheel of reincarnation) and act as an inter-dimensional team helping planetary populations (like ours) still stuck in reincarnation to evolve and graduate.
Ra'An - The Source that currently answers our questions on our conference lines goes by this name which they say is a conglomerate of the two group souls above.

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