Intelligent  Infinity

Our Sources, as they describe themselves :

The Elohim Group - the original Creators of the Physical Universe
The Ra Group - a Soul Group comprised of billions of graduates of this realm (got off the wheel of reincarnation) and act as an inter-dimensional team helping planetary populations (like ours) still stuck in reincarnation to evolve and graduate.
Ra'An - The Source that currently answers our questions on our conference lines goes by this name which they say is a conglomerate of the two group souls above.

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Video Medley - Zen Wisdom from Other Dimensions

This page is a new experiment on how to do an opening introduction on the incredible experiences I've been having since my first query in the car with Daphne in 2002 when I asked, "Does Anybody Want to Talk to Me?"

At this juncture of time, there are thousands of people paying attention to this work. We are doing 3 live conference calls a week with impropromptu conversations with our Sources. People lives are changing. People are having miracles of healing and epiphanies as we are bringing forth new wisdoms every week. Daphne and Terry are both participating.

One way of evaluating this for yourself is to read some of their answers to the kinds of questions most of us have. We are in the process of producing more videos similar to the ones on this page and you can experience  their words and wisdoms directly and gauge how it reaches you. 

Look over the titles/ topics on the videos below and just click on that particar icon and the words will scroll down the screen. As you read their words you may feel energy. Please entertain the possibility that it might be them. They say their energy is in their words. "As you study us, we study you."

The Strange Story of Wynn Free - is our intro video which explains how these communications began in 2002. If you haven't viewed it, we suggest you do that before exploring these other videos. It will help put it in context. Thanks for visiting..........Wynn


Each of the thumbnails below opens up  a short video (about 5 minutes) on the topic indicated. The message on the video is a direct transcript from the Sources whom we are in communication with and is taken from one of our live public conference calls.