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The Egyptian Connection Workshop - The ancient history of Egypt was intrinsically connected with an early life of Edgar Cayce, and an early life of Wynn and Daphne as well. Many people attracted to this work had lifetimes in Egypt during those periods. If you are attracted to Egypt, the pyramids, Akhnaton, and or Nefertiti, this workshop will be invaluable.
This is an advanced niche workshop and the cost is 19.00 .
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Introductory Workshop- Are You from Another Dimension? This was recorded on a phone conference shortly after after Wynn's first appearance on George Noory, in June of 2012, for all the people newly being introduced to Wynn's work. This is a recommended place to start. This workshop is 4.5 hours long and divided into 3 sections. The cost is nineteen dollars ,but there are options to get it on a donation basis. Click here for more information 

Damien Senn Interview with Wynn - Damien has an internet radio show called "People You Should Meet"  ( . This is a very good, high energy, informative one hour interview. It's an excellent introduction for yourself or to share with others. Damien has interviewed hundreds of people and this particular show got more Facebook recommends than any show he had ever done. It might still hold the record.
Three dollars, pick your own price or FREE

The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce? - If you're into Edgar Cayce, David Wilcock, Egypt, the dimensional shift, 2012, the prophecies of Jesus, or Wynn Free, this book is a MUST read. It's been an international best seller since its release and is translated into 4 languages.This links to a page dedicated to the book. There's an option to link through and purchase it from Amazon, or get an autographed copy with a 45 minute mp3 channeling with Wynn interviewing Wilcock's Source in 2003 over the telephone on questions related to the "Shift". 

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The add to cart button on the right, includes a 45 minute channeling with
Wynn and  Wilcock over the phone conducted in 2003 and
an autographed book directly from Wynn for 25.00

The Creator Gods of the Physical Universe Want to Talk to You - This is our free book downloadable on the home page of this website. If you somehow missed getting it, click on the link below and fill out the form. You will be on our mailing list and get notifications of our conference calls. Od course you can unsubscribe at any time and your email will always be kept confidential .  

Wynn's Music- For many years Wynn identified with expressing as a singer songwriter. e's been compared to Randy Newman and Leonard Cohen. Here's a free link to one of Wynn's songs and 2 poems:
Song - The Reason is to Love You                                                      
Poem - Inner Virgin
Poem -A Vendor's Bird's Eye View (from the days of street fairs)

And here's a song you can purchase for 2.00
Everything You Touch Becomes a Part of You
(I wrote this some 30 years ago)

The Very First Live Channeling Terry did at a workshop in Santa Barbara, I think in 2007.- Terry was very shy and this was unplanned. Wynn called her up and this is what came out - a very loving message to the assembled group from the Elohim. Remember, the shopping cart will say 3.00 but you can change the amount to zero or more.

Three dollars donation, pick your own price, or FREE


How the Elohim Created the Universe - This is a recording of a classic live session we held on our Monday night Internet Broadcast with Terry channeling (You can listen in every Monday on 6PM Pacific ). It's about an hour long with amazing information being brought forth, I believe, for the first time in the history of mankind. It was in 2012. If you'd like to learn how the universe started, check this out.

Three dollars donation, pick your own price, or FREE.

Elohim First Intro on a Conference Call Line - I began holding conference calls in 2006 for a small group of people. There were never any live channelings at that time. I would either read or play audios of some of the channelings we did in private. I was living in LA and Daphne was living in Cape Cod and I invited Daphne to listen in on a conference call to see how what she had started was influencing people. In the middle of the call, she announced "they" wanted to say something. This was a big deal for the Elohim. There message starts with "We've waited a long time for this moment......" 

Three dollars donation, pick your own price, or FREE

Daphne's Music - Daphne recorded an album entitled Chiron Wind of improvisational original compositions, playing harp, piano and flute. In her channelings, it was indicated that her music carried Elohim frequencies and listening could help one tune in. There are 7 selections and the cost is ten dollars .
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to listen to some free samples


We offer many things at no charge. You need to make your own discovery as to whether this resonates with you and  there's lots to explore without spending any money. On the other hand, we are expanding dramatically and we need to be able to fund this expansion.  Purchasing and reading/listening to items on this page, not only might you speed up your own process of connection, but you will be supporting our work.

There are a number of items at the bottom of the list which, although we ask a suggested donation (in most cases 3.00), you can fill in your own amount or get it for free. When you click the "add to cart" button on these items, just delete the 3.00 and fill in whatever amount you would choose including 0.00. Please take advantage and don't be proud if you're tight on money. Our greatest joy comes from the people who change their lives as a result of our offerings, not from the monies we make.

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Our philosophy on selling -  I am in the awareness that the material we are sharing has an element of sacredness to it and the ability to contribute, transform, and change lives. The overall mission is to present a new view of how the universe works and introduce those Sources, who we believe are positive and have the best interests of humanity at heart. Plus the ability to help each of you, who are interested, to expand your own horizons, open your hearts, and transcend the limitations and negativity that are so prevalent in the Earth realm.