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Our Sources as they describe themselves:

The Elohim Group - the original Creators of the Physical Universe
The Ra Group - a Soul Group comprised of billions of graduates of this realm (got off the wheel of reincarnation) and act as an inter-dimensional team helping planetary populations (like ours) still stuck in reincarnation to evolve and graduate.
Ra'An - The Source that currently answers our questions on our conference lines goes by this name which they say is a conglomerate of the two group souls above.

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About Wynn

I was born and raised in Philadelphia and upon graduating high
school, left for Berkeley, California to study physics and become a
physics professor.

I quickly became bored with attending classes and found I had
an aptitude for writing lyrics and songs. My first real girlfriend, Gillian,
in college became a fan of my songs and we started a rock and roll band
together. I dropped out of school. It was a very special time in that period -
the Free Speech Movement, the student political movement and Hippies.

Gillian was also deeply into metaphysics and although I was skeptical,
I started reading some of the books she had laying about on various
"out there" topics and her bohemian metaphysical leanings started rubbing off on me.
In particular,I was first introduced to Edgar Cayce via Gillian. There was an
about Cayce that was convincing what was left of my logical physics major mind that
there was something more to life than met the eye.Our rock and roll band eventually
broke up, and Gillian and I started performing as a duo. I had a blue VW camper
and we set out across the country, dropping in at local hangouts and performing
inbetween the bands.We were warmly greeted as representatives of the hippy
movement, just gaining popular recognition all over the country.

If you check out my pictures in the Photo Gallery section, you'll see I looked the
part, with hair almost down to my waste. You'll also see a great picture of me
performing at my sister's wedding to the great embarassment of my family who
were slowly coming to the realization that I was not going to be the physics professor
they hoped me to be.

Eventually, I decided that there was something I was supposed to learn in life that
I would never learn living with Gillian, so I decided to take a hitch hiking trip, leaving
Gillian in Berkeley. I took my guitar and my astrology books and remember standing
on University Avenue in Berkeley, waiting for my first ride to points still to be determined.

I was thinking that if there was a God, I would discover him on this trip. Or else
I would end up dead in a ditch somewhere.

Without going into all the details (I'll save that for an autobiography) I spent the next 4 years
on the road, crashing in peoples living rooms and playing music at small coffee shops,
colleges lunchrooms, and even a discotec. And yes, I did discover God. On this adventure,
I had synchronicity after synchronicity - impossible coincidences that could not have happened
by chance and although I didn't understand it, I knew I was tapping into patterns of how
the universe operated beyond my wildest imagination.

My goal in song writing, at the time, was to try and put my on the road experiences into words and music. I had gotten quite good and decided to go to Los Angeles and become successful. My synchronicities continued and an impossible series of events drew me into the circle of one
of the most famous song writers in the world - Brian Holland. Brian was part of the legendary Motown songwriting team Holland Dozier Holland who wrote all the songs for the Supremes and the Four Tops including classics like Baby Love, How Sweet it Is to Be Loved by You, Please Mr. Postman, Reach Out and many more. We never had a contract. He gave me the key to his office
and permission to use his stationary to send my songs out. We agreed that if anything got recorded his company would get 10%. There was a great love between us and I was certain
I was on the road to success.  

I'll give you an idea of the intensity of the synchronicities that brought me into the sphere of Brian. I was living a Bohemian life style and had a part time business that just paid the bills. A few times a week I would take a walk up and down the beach in Venice, which was the arty community in Los Angeles. I had already met Brian and he like my lyrics but he didn't like my music, so he was going to write some melodies for the lyrics. We were at the beginning stages of getting aquainted.

On one particularly hot day, after my Venice stroll, I stopped into a bar and ordered a beer to quench my thirst. I very rarely drank beer or hung out in bars. I struck up a conversation with a woman named Pat who was sitting next to me and getting soused. Pat ended up taking me home with her and I continued seeing her. Meeting someone at a bar like this was very unusual for me. In fact it never happened before or since.

A month later, Pat was moving into a luxury apartment building in Marina Del Rey. Her girlfriend had rented her a room. I continued seeing her and one day I left her apartment and glanced at the door of the apartment next store to hers and saw an envelope taped to it. I looked at the envelope and it was addressed to Brian Holland.

My heart skipped a beat. She had moved next store to an apartment that Brian had rented in the
Marina City Club. I knew that I was in the middle of a great synchronicity and "God" must be guiding me. When Brian found out I had a girl friend next store to him, he had the same idea and felt it was his divine mission to help me get my songs out.

Part 2 of Wynn's Bio - summary, more detail later... Wynn's song gets stolen and becomes a huge hit (not by Brian. Brian and Wynn are still friends). Wynn drops out of music, initially temporarily, but his life falls completely apart for the next 25 years. He was very frustrated and his dream of being a successful singer/songwriter was out of reach. He starts writing poems, sending them out on the internet, and people began posting them with good responses. Finally, a metaphysical internet magazine, after receiving a poem, asks Wynn if he'd like to write on assignment. He's not sure why they offerred that to him since he's just a poet, but of course he agrees and starts interviewing well known new age luminaries like Greg Bradon. They're even paying him. He discovers David Wilcock's web site and convinces his editor to let him interview Wilcock. Initially skeptical, she agrees but won't agree to publish the interview until she reads it. Wynn completes the interview and she immediately calls him and affirms he was right - that Wilcock had to have been Cayce and Wynn is the person who's meant to write the book about it. This is about year 2000. Wynn convinces a reluctant Wilcock that the book would cause his work to reach many more people. The book is published and released in 2004.

Part 3 of Wynn's Bio -  Going back to 2002, Wynn is in the middle of writing the Wilcock book and goes on a journalistic assignment to interview speakers at the Prophet's Conference in Pacific Grove California, about a 400 mile drive from Los Angeles. When he walks in the room a beautiful woman is staring at him, who says he reminds her of an author she had a crush on. They meet in the lobby of the hotel. She's a musician. He's a musician. She's an astrologer. He's an astrologer. She writes poetry. He writes poetry. After the conference they began an email exchange of poems and a month later, she leaves her well to do Silicon Valley husband and shows up in Los Angeles. They're contemplating the idea of publishing their poetic exchange with the name  EMale/Female. Of course that's Daphne. You can watch the video - The Strange Story of Wynn Free - to learn what happened next as an intelligence that identified itself as the Council of Elohim began a series of question and answer sessions with Wynn via Daphne. Wynn asks questions about the Wilcock book he's writing and gets the same answers as were coming through the channelings of Wilcock via this Elohim source via Daphne. Wynn's sister Joanne has a miracle of healing when her lupus disappears and the Elohim take credit.

Part 4, Wynn's Bio - Daphne and Wynn are living together in Pomona, California, about 30 miles from Los Angeles. To call Daphne "high maintanance" would be an understatement. Daphne is
undergoing extreme panic attacks which she connects with her channelings. She is thinking that the channelings might have something negative connected with them.  In September of 2002, Daphne drives off to stay with her aunt in Atlanta. A heart broken Wynn calls his long time friend Terry and asks her if she'd consider coming over. She does and in the middle of the night she wakes Wynn up and asks him to get out the tape recorder. A voice comes through Terry that identifies itself as the same Elohim that came through Daphne. They tell Wynn that the connection with him is very important and they will continue the dialogs via Terry.

Part 6 - Daphne talks to David Wilcock who is staying at the home of Carla Rueckert in Louisville, Kentucky. She plays some music over the phone and David invites Daphne to come to Louisville to record some music with him. Daphne agrees and they record an album together of Daphne's improvosational compositions with David backing her up on drums and flute. You can hear some of the Wilcock/Daphne work on our videos.

For the rest of my story plus a bevy of transcripts of my communications with the Elohim in this period, you are invited to read "The Creator Gods of the Physical Universe Want to Talk to You" available as a free download.