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Why is the work of Wynn Free relevant to the public ?

Joyce Keller - recognized as one of the top 100 psychics in America with appearances on Oprah, Regis,and Geraldo

"You and your associates are amazing channels and sources of light..Stupendous and Super Inspired...We love your emails!...."

Area of Expertise :

Wynn has the experience of direct and ongoing communication with intelligences that purports to be in other dimensions who make the claim that they created the physical universe. This communication has taken the form of ongoing question and answer sessions which began in 2002 via two consecutive personal relationships. There have been many unusual validations that this actually might be real and "they" were who they said they were. Wynn's background as a physics major at UC Berkeley gave him the acumen to scrutinize his experience from a logical as well as a spiritual perspective.

Wynn is the principal author of the international best seller - The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce? (translated into 4 languages), where he makes the case that Cayce is back in a body. Edgar Cayce, who died in 1945, is he most documented and credible psychic/prophet in the history of mankind. 500 books have been written about Cayce's 15,000 readings and he's influenced millions of people. If Cayce is back in a body and the same Source who spoke through Cayce is now giving their current message, this is an epic event for spiritual seekers everywhere. You can look up the book on Amazon, to get an idea as to the impact it's having.







"I salute you for you courageous and important effort to bring this information to the beings of Earth at this time of importance."

"Thank you for sharing your experiences and your loving messages. It's sometimes a little difficult to not get caught up in the glue of 3D, given that we mostly exist in it, but knowing that we can consciously choose to awaken and see ourselves beyond 3D is so hopeful
and such a wonderful reminder.Love is the only transcendant thing we have."

"Wynn has the most incredible story I've ever heard" - Don Newsome, founder BBS Radio

Damien Senn has an internet show called "People You Should Meet". He's interviewed hundreds of people including various new age teachers, gurus, etc. Each show gets their own page with the opportunity for a Facebook recommend. Wynn's interview with Damien was the highest rated of Facebook recommends of all his shows.

Rayelan Alan has a website called Rumor Mill News. Her website gets over a million hits a month. She also has the very popular Rumor Mill News Radio Show. Wynn was her guest in April of 2012 and she said that "I received more emails (all positive) about Wynn's show than any other in my 12 years of broadcasting." 


An example, on this Youtube, of the
quality of information brought forth
via Wynn and his friends.

The excerpt on the
right addresses
the topic of how to
have the best death
experience, what
happens after you
leave the body, and
who greets you on
the "other side".


Contact:  booktalk11  (at)

 Click here for lists of some of the radio shows, expos, etc where Wynn has spoken

Listen to Wynn tell how his contact
got started on this short video

Wynn Free is the principal author of the international best seller - The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce (translated into German, Russian, French, and Finnish), Most people would like to know, with certainty, that there are positive and helpful Sources in other realms that have humanities best interests at heart. Wynn has a profound, compelling, and convincing story about who these Sources are and how we can connect with them. His work is influencing thousands of people all over the world. .                           

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