Is David Wilcock an Incarnation of the "Sleeping Prophet", Edgar Cayce?






The book of which I was the principle author - The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce - was released In 2004.and lots has happened since that time. Wilcock has become a public figure with millions of hits to his website and videos and New York Times best selling author.

At the time of writing the book, from 2000-2003, Wilcock's web presentation was divided between expressing as a "channeler" and a scientist. At present time, he leans more towards being an "intuitive scientist" and a scholar of ancient civilizations. As someone who had deeply studied Edgar Cayce, I became certain that Wilcock was a current incarnation of Cayce and I was most interested in studying the channelled communications coming through him.

I would like to clearly point out that every life is a new and unique creation, even when it carries the soul stream of a previous life. In the Wilcock/Cayce situation, In 1997, Wilcock was living in upstate New York and was receiving "messages" in his twilight sleep which were giving him wise counsel and sometimes prophetic predictions. His dream voice requested that he move to Virginia Beach which was the location of the Cayce Foundation. Wilcock followed their suggestion and after he moved, people would stop him and remark on the incredible similarity between himself and Cayce.

Wilcock then queried his Source who he referred to at the time (circa 1998) as his "dream voice" whether his Cayce resemblance was indicative that he was the incarnation of Cayce. They answered, "In short David, the answer is yes; you will need to review the whole life and see the parallels."

David then began studying Cayce, looking for correpondances. Here's some of the things he found:

1. He had a group of people in his life who closely resembled people who were closely affiliated with Cayce.You'll see below Wilcock's father and Cayce's father and Wilcock's friend and Cayce's wife.







2. Cayce made a prediction in his own readings that he would return in
1998 and may be a liberater of the world. And then he had a dream where it was indicated that he would be living in Virginia Beach. David's "dream voice" asked him to go (return) to Virginia Beach, which he did in November of 1997. Was David being guided to fulfill Cayce's prophecy when his dream voice asked him to move to Virginia Beach?  

3. David did an astrological comparison betweens his birth chart and Cayce's birth chart and found that his five personal planets were in the same signs as Cayce's. Statistically, this was one chance in 260,000.

4. David's readings were very wise and, from my point of view, there was a lot of congruency with the readings of Cayce.

If we put all those items together, it makes a huge case of statistical connection between Wilcock and Cayce. And then when we add the phantasmagoric personal experience I encountered in the middle of writing the book (2002) where I found myself in my own personal channeling experience with this source that identified itself as the Council of Elohim, and I had the opportunity to question my Sources concerning the Wilcock material, I had exactly the same answers as were coming through Wilcock concerning the shift, et al, I was pretty overwhelmed with the veracity of the channeled data coming through Wilcock that now had a "second confirmation".
So who was speaking through Wilcock and what were they saying?

Wilcock's Source

I wrote The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce? because I was convinced of the importance of Wilcock's messages and the nature of his Source and their messages. Half the book is a compilation of some of Wilcock's best channelings at the time.They explained themselves to be a group soul comprised of individual entities that had gone through a series of lifetimes and graduated (got off the wheel of reincarnation) this realm. There were multi millions of them
They acted as a team and were helpers and guides for planetary populations still going through periods of reincarnation, like us, and in the history of mankind had done a number of interventions/intercessions in this realm. 

Their communications with someone here, oftentimes resulted in a new religion or spiritual movement. They indicated a connection with Jesus:

"Because of the damage we sustained in our religion, namely Christianity, we often come to you without ever speaking in those exact terms."  

We've put a section up on this website where you can read some excerpts of their communications through Wilcock and determine your own resonance.

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