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January 2016

Sun_Gridhealing_2016-01-03.mp3 - Sunday Planetary Healing:Help is On the Way, How to overcome Karma

Mon BBS Call_2016-01-04.mp3 - Extra Curricular Activities

Wed Q/A Call_2016-01-06.mp3 - You've Got Questions

Sun_Gridhealing_2016-01-10.mp3 - Sunday Planetary Healing:Planetary Healing Session

Mon BBS Call_2016-01-11.mp3 - BBS call

Wed Q/A Call_2016-01-13.mp3 - You've Got Questions

Sun_Gridhealing_2016-01-17.mp3 - Sunday Planetary Healing:Grace

Mon BBS Call_2016-01-18.mp3 - New Info on Jesus from Carla's work

Wed Q/A Call_2016-01-20.mp3 - You've Got Questions

Sun_Gridhealing_2016-01-24.mp3 - Sunday Planetary Healing:Planetary Healing Session

Mon BBS Call_2016-01-25.mp3 - Something New - Marilyn interviews Gijs

Wed Q/A Call_2016-01-27.mp3 - You've Got Questions

Sun_Gridhealing_2016-01-31.mp3 - Sunday Planetary Healing:Something Interesting About the Shift

February 2016

Mon BBS Call_2016-02-01.mp3 - Detachment

Wed Q/A Call_2016-02-03.mp3 - You've Got Questions

Sun_Gridhealing_2016-02-07.mp3 - Sunday Planetary Healing:Methane in the Light

Mon BBS Call_2016-02-08.mp3 - Grace and the Elohim

Wed Q/A Call_2016-02-10.mp3 - You've Got Questions

Sun_Gridhealing_2016-02-14.mp3 - Sunday Planetary Healing:More Grace

Mon BBS Call_2016-02-15.mp3 - Elohim - Keepers of Time

Wed Q/A Call_2016-02-17.mp3 - You've Got Questions

Sun_Gridhealing_2016-02-21.mp3 - Sunday Planetary Healing:Wind Beneath My Wings

Mon BBS Call_2016-02-22.mp3 - BBS call

Wed Q/A Call_2016-02-24.mp3 - You've got Questions!

Sun_Gridhealing_2016-02-28.mp3 - Sunday Planetary Healing:Almost Time

Mon BBS Call_2016-02-29.mp3 - Books

March 2016

Wed Q/A Call_2016-03-02.mp3 - You've got Questions!

Sun_Gridhealing_2016-03-06.mp3 - Sunday Planetary Healing:Almost Timeless

Mon BBS Call_2016-03-07.mp3 - Books and More

Wed Q/A Call_2016-03-09.mp3 - You've got Questions!

Sun_Gridhealing_2016-03-13.mp3 - Sunday Planetary Healing:More Grace

Mon BBS Call_2016-03-14.mp3 - Replay- Historic - The Reincarnation of Matthew?

Wed Q/A Call_2016-03-16.mp3 - You've got Questions!

Sun_Gridhealing_2016-03-20.mp3 - Sunday Planetary Healing:Energy Exchange

Mon BBS Call_2016-03-21.mp3 - Open Mike?

Wed Q/A Call_2016-03-23.mp3 - You've got Questions!

Sun_Gridhealing_2016-03-27.mp3 - Sunday Planetary Healing:Happy Easter!

Mon BBS Call_2016-03-28.mp3 - Open Mike?

Wed Q/A Call_2016-03-30.mp3 - You've got Questions!

April 2016

Sun_Gridhealing_2016-04-03.mp3 - Sunday Planetary Healing:Here we Go Again

Mon BBS Call_2016-04-04.mp3 - Are You Getting Ditzy?

Wed Q/A Call_2016-04-06.mp3 - New People, Opportunity to Put in a Question

Sun_Gridhealing_2016-04-10.mp3 - Sunday Planetary Healing:Spiritual Warriors

Mon BBS Call_2016-04-11.mp3 - More on Spiritual Warrior

Wed Q/A Call_2016-04-13.mp3 - You've Got Questions?

Sun_Gridhealing_2016-04-17.mp3 - Sunday Planetary Healing:Gonna Take a Lot of Love

Mon BBS Call_2016-04-18.mp3 - Was Terry Really an Angel?

Wed Q/A Call_2016-04-20.mp3 - Priority for Questions from those Who never Asked

Sun_Gridhealing_2016-04-24.mp3 - Sunday Planetary Healing:Processing

Mon BBS Call_2016-04-25.mp3 - 4th Monday - Marilyn interviews Edna

Wed Q/A Call_2016-04-27.mp3 - You've Got Questions?

May 2016

Sun_Gridhealing_2016-05-01.mp3 - Sunday Planetary Healing:Discernment

Mon BBS Call_2016-05-02.mp3 - BBS call

Wed Q/A Call_2016-05-04.mp3 - Mourning the Death of Our Friend

Sun_Gridhealing_2016-05-08.mp3 - Sunday Planetary Healing:Planetary Healing Session

Mon BBS Call_2016-05-09.mp3 - Graduating this Realm with Jim Mcarty

Wed Q/A Call_2016-05-11.mp3 - You've Got Questions

Sun_Gridhealing_2016-05-15.mp3 - Sunday Planetary Healing:Getting Over Guilt

Mon BBS Call_2016-05-16.mp3 - Is Fred Brooks Crazy?

Wed Q/A Call_2016-05-18.mp3 - You've Got Questions

Sun_Gridhealing_2016-05-22.mp3 - Sunday Planetary Healing:Uncle Terry Spoke to Us!!!(from the other side)

Mon BBS Call_2016-05-23.mp3 - Meditation/Tuning and Live Channeling

Wed Q/A Call_2016-05-25.mp3 - You've Got Questions

Sun_Gridhealing_2016-05-29.mp3 - Sunday Planetary Healing:God is Behind the Rose Bush

Mon BBS Call_2016-05-30.mp3 - Talking to Dead People - Open to Find Out Who

June 2016

Wed Q/A Call_2016-06-01.mp3 - You've Got Questions

Sun_Gridhealing_2016-06-05.mp3 - Sunday Planetary Healing:Sunday Grid Healing

Mon BBS Call_2016-06-06.mp3 - How to Make it All Work

Wed Q/A Call_2016-06-08.mp3 - You've Got Questions

Sun_Gridhealing_2016-06-12.mp3 - Sunday Planetary Healing:Sunday Grid Healing

Mon BBS Call_2016-06-13.mp3 - How the Elohim Created the Universe - Ongoing

Wed Q/A Call_2016-06-15.mp3 - You've Got Questions

Sun_Gridhealing_2016-06-19.mp3 - Sunday Planetary Healing:Sunday Grid Healing

Mon BBS Call_2016-06-20.mp3 - Open Mike

Wed Q/A Call_2016-06-22.mp3 - You've Got Questions

Sun_Gridhealing_2016-06-26.mp3 - Sunday Planetary Healing:Breakthrough on Understanding Christ Consciousness

Mon BBS Call_2016-06-27.mp3 - Marilyn Lawrence substitutes for Wynn
She discusses readings from the introduction of the RA material as it refers to meditation.

Wed Q/A Call_2016-06-29.mp3 - You've Got Questions

July 2016

Sun_Gridhealing_2016-07-03.mp3 - Sunday Planetary Healing:News from Wynn's Sister

Mon BBS Call_2016-07-04.mp3 - Guilt, Shame, Attachments, and how to get Over Them

Wed Q/A Call_2016-07-06.mp3 - You've Got Questions

Sun_Gridhealing_2016-07-10.mp3 - Sunday Planetary Healing:Sunday Grid Healing

Mon BBS Call_2016-07-11.mp3 - Wynn interview Terry Friedmann's Caregiver

Wed Q/A Call_2016-07-13.mp3 - You've Got Questions

Sun_Gridhealing_2016-07-17.mp3 - Sunday Planetary Healing:Fluctuations in the Quantum Field

Mon BBS Call_2016-07-18.mp3 - Elohim Session tonight! Fluctuations in the Quantum Field

Wed Q/A Call_2016-07-20.mp3 - You've Got Questions

Sun_Gridhealing_2016-07-24.mp3 - Sunday Planetary Healing:Demons and the Christ Consciousness

Mon BBS Call_2016-07-25.mp3 - Marilyn interviews Caroline from Uganda

Wed Q/A Call_2016-07-27.mp3 - You've Got Questions

Sun_Gridhealing_2016-07-31.mp3 - Sunday Planetary Healing:Group Energy and Sovereignty

August 2016

Mon BBS Call_2016-08-01.mp3 - Did the Elohim really Talk Politics Yesterday?

Wed Q/A Call_2016-08-03.mp3 - You've Got Questions

Sun_Gridhealing_2016-08-07.mp3 - Sunday Planetary Healing:Discernment

Mon BBS Call_2016-08-08.mp3 - Jim McCarty guest

Wed Q/A Call_2016-08-10.mp3 - You've Got Questions

Sun_Gridhealing_2016-08-14.mp3 - Sunday Planetary Healing:DNA

Mon BBS Call_2016-08-15.mp3 - Live Session Elohim on DNA

Wed Q/A Call_2016-08-17.mp3 - You've Got Questions

Sun_Gridhealing_2016-08-21.mp3 - Sunday Planetary Healing:Free Will: Do we really have it?

Mon BBS Call_2016-08-22.mp3 - Your Life is Like Circus Ring

Wed Q/A Call_2016-08-24.mp3 - You've Got Questions

Sun_Gridhealing_2016-08-28.mp3 - Sunday Planetary Healing:Taking care of yourself, Clarissa's Angels

Mon BBS Call_2016-08-29.mp3 - Urgent! - Emergency Preparedness!

Wed Q/A Call_2016-08-31.mp3 - You've Got Questions

September 2016

Sun_Gridhealing_2016-09-04.mp3 - Sunday Planetary Healing:Happy Labor Day

Mon BBS Call_2016-09-05.mp3 - Timelines, Dimensions and the Elohim

Wed Q/A Call_2016-09-07.mp3 - You've Got Questions

Sun_Gridhealing_2016-09-11.mp3 - Sunday Planetary Healing:Prayer.. It works!

Mon BBS Call_2016-09-12.mp3 - Special guest - Sasha studied under Zacharia Sitchen

Wed Q/A Call_2016-09-14.mp3 - You've Got Questions

Sun_Gridhealing_2016-09-18.mp3 - Sunday Planetary Healing:Ying Yang

Mon BBS Call_2016-09-19.mp3 - Replay: Terry Friedman the reincarnation of Matthew?

Wed Q/A Call_2016-09-21.mp3 - You've Got Questions

Sun_Gridhealing_2016-09-25.mp3 - Sunday Planetary Healing:Healing

Mon BBS Call_2016-09-26.mp3 - Jim McCarty Guest/Marilyn Lorance discussion

Wed Q/A Call_2016-09-28.mp3 - Questions and Help Robynne

October 2016

Sun_Gridhealing_2016-10-02.mp3 - Sunday Planetary Healing:The Collective

Mon BBS Call_2016-10-03.mp3 - Wynn Vettes Himself

Wed Q/A Call_2016-10-05.mp3 - You've Got Questions

Sun_Gridhealing_2016-10-09.mp3 - Sunday Planetary Healing:Group Energy

Mon BBS Call_2016-10-10.mp3 - ET's New World Order and Hillary

Wed Q/A Call_2016-10-12.mp3 - You've Got Questions

Sun_Gridhealing_2016-10-16.mp3 - Sunday Planetary Healing:Sunday Grid Healing

Mon BBS Call_2016-10-17.mp3 - Open Mike - The Election and Whatever

Wed Q/A Call_2016-10-19.mp3 - You've Got Questions

Sun_Gridhealing_2016-10-23.mp3 - Sunday Planetary Healing:Family

Mon BBS Call_2016-10-24.mp3 - State of Planet and Special Planetary Healing Session

Wed Q/A Call_2016-10-26.mp3 - You've got Questions and special short planetary healing

Sun_Gridhealing_2016-10-30.mp3 - Sunday Planetary Healing:Sunday Grid Healing

Mon BBS Call_2016-10-31.mp3 - Talking to Morley Safer on the Other Side

November 2016

Wed Q/A Call_2016-11-02.mp3 - You've got Questions

Sun_Gridhealing_2016-11-06.mp3 - Sunday Planetary Healing:Time Change

Mon BBS Call_2016-11-07.mp3 - Bruce Edwin guest/Hollywood Publisher and PR with a Positive Slant

Wed Q/A Call_2016-11-09.mp3 - Questions and Whole Planet Healing

Sun_Gridhealing_2016-11-13.mp3 - Sunday Planetary Healing:Anchor Points and the Nature of reality

Mon BBS Call_2016-11-14.mp3 - White Hats, Black Hats

Wed Q/A Call_2016-11-16.mp3 - Questions+++Whole Planet Healing

Sun_Gridhealing_2016-11-20.mp3 - Sunday Planetary Healing:Edgar Cayce Predictions

Mon BBS Call_2016-11-21.mp3 - Elohim Live...Understanding Christ Consciousness

Wed Q/A Call_2016-11-23.mp3 - Questions+++Whole Planet Healing

Sun_Gridhealing_2016-11-27.mp3 - Sunday Planetary Helaing:Group Energy and Transformation

Mon BBS Call_2016-11-28.mp3 - BBS Call

Wed Q/A Call_2016-11-30.mp3 - Questions+++Whole Planet Healing

December 2016

Sun_Gridhealing_2016-12-04.mp3 - Sunday Planetary Healing:Wild Card

Mon BBS Call_2016-12-05.mp3 - BBS Call

Wed Q/A Call_2016-12-07.mp3 - Questions+++Whole Planet Healing

Sun_Gridhealing_2016-12-11.mp3 - Sunday Planetary Healing:Creativity

Mon BBS Call_2016-12-12.mp3 - BBS Call

Wed Q/A Call_2016-12-14.mp3 - Questions+++Whole Planet Healing

Sun_Gridhealing_2016-12-18.mp3 - Sunday Planetary Healing:Inner Work

Mon BBS Call_2016-12-19.mp3 - BBS Call

Wed Q/A Call_2016-12-21.mp3 - Psychic Tracks and Manifestation

Sun_Gridhealing_2016-12-25.mp3 - Sunday Planetary Healing:Sunday Grid Healing

Mon BBS Call_2016-12-26.mp3 - BBS Call

Wed Q/A Call_2016-12-28.mp3 - questions+++Whole Planet Healing


Channeled information is not meant to be believed blindly. Sometimes information may bleed through from the conscious mind of the channel. It is possible that a negative Source may interfere. Apply your own discernment, take only what resonates and discard the rest. An answer to a question is meant for the person asking the question and you have the privilege of listening in because sometimes you can gain insights from the answer. However, even though the circumstances may be similar, do not merely assume the answer applies to you. This is not meant to replace seeing your doctor, dentist or any alternative practitioner. Some people get healings here, so you can be open to it.