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January 2018

Mon BBS Call_2018-01-01.mp3 - BBS Call

Wed Q/A Call_2018-01-03.mp3 - Questions+++Whole Planet Healing

Sun_Gridhealing_2018-01-07.mp3 - Sunday Planetary Healing:How the Elohim Created the universe? (Continued)

Mon BBS Call_2018-01-08.mp3 - Dr. Ron Drucker alternative expert

Wed Q/A Call_2018-01-10.mp3 - Questions+++Whole Planet Healing

Sun_Gridhealing_2018-01-14.mp3 - Sunday Planetary Healing:A Conversation with the Elohim on Dimensions

Mon BBS Call_2018-01-15.mp3 - BBS Call

Wed Q/A Call_2018-01-17.mp3 - Questions+++Whole Planet Healing

Sun_Gridhealing_2018-01-21.mp3 - Sunday Planetary Healing:Conversation with Elohim on Light Bodies, Souls, Higher Self (Continued)

Mon BBS Call_2018-01-22.mp3 - BBS Call

Wed Q/A Call_2018-01-24.mp3 - Questions+++Whole Planet Healing

Sun_Gridhealing_2018-01-28.mp3 - Sunday Planetary Healing:More on: How the Elohim Created the universe?

Mon BBS Call_2018-01-29.mp3 - Encore Dr. Ron Drucker Alternative Expert

Wed Q/A Call_2018-01-31.mp3 - Questions+++Whole Planet Healing

February 2018

Sun_Gridhealing_2018-02-04.mp3 - Sunday Planetary Healing:Ongoing Sunday Conversations with Elohim

Mon BBS Call_2018-02-05.mp3 - BBS Call

Wed Q/A Call_2018-02-07.mp3 - Questions+++Whole Planet Healing

Sun_Gridhealing_2018-02-11.mp3 - Sunday Planetary Healing:Ongoing Sunday Conversations with Elohim

Mon BBS Call_2018-02-12.mp3 - BBS Call

Wed Q/A Call_2018-02-14.mp3 - Tonight! Submit a question to the Elohim

Sun_Gridhealing_2018-02-18.mp3 - Sunday Planetary Healing:What's In It For You

Mon BBS Call_2018-02-19.mp3 - BBS Call

Wed Q/A Call_2018-02-21.mp3 - Tonight! Another Chance to ask a question

Sun_Gridhealing_2018-02-25.mp3 - Sunday Planetary Healing:Elohim on Faith

Mon BBS Call_2018-02-26.mp3 - BBS Call

Wed Q/A Call_2018-02-28.mp3 - Questions+++Whole Planet Healing

March 2018

Sun_Gridhealing_2018-03-04.mp3 - Sunday Planetary Healing:Elohim on Faith 2nd try

Mon BBS Call_2018-03-05.mp3 - BBS Call

Wed Q/A Call_2018-03-07.mp3 - Questions+++Whole Planet Healing

Sun_Gridhealing_2018-03-11.mp3 - Sunday Planetary Healing:What Happens to Your Soul in a Nuclear Blast

Mon BBS Call_2018-03-12.mp3 - When Two or More are Gathered - A Mystical Understand

Wed Q/A Call_2018-03-14.mp3 - Questions+++Whole Planet Healing

Sun_Gridhealing_2018-03-18.mp3 - Sunday Planetary Healing:Sunday Grid Healing

Mon BBS Call_2018-03-19.mp3 - BBS Call

Wed Q/A Call_2018-03-21.mp3 - Questions+++Whole Planet Healing

Sun_Gridhealing_2018-03-25.mp3 - Sunday Planetary Healing:Building Your Spiritual Muscle with Prayer

Mon BBS Call_2018-03-26.mp3 - BBS Call

Wed Q/A Call_2018-03-28.mp3 - Questions+++Whole Planet Healing

April 2018

Sun_Gridhealing_2018-04-01.mp3 - Sunday Planetary Healing:Sunday Grid Healing

Mon BBS Call_2018-04-02.mp3 - BBS Call

Wed Q/A Call_2018-04-04.mp3 - Questions+++Whole Planet Healing

Sun_Gridhealing_2018-04-08.mp3 - Sunday Planetary Healing:Sunday Grid Healing

Mon BBS Call_2018-04-09.mp3 - BBS Call

Wed Q/A Call_2018-04-11.mp3 - Questions+++Whole Planet Healing

Sun_Gridhealing_2018-04-15.mp3 - Sunday Planetary Healing:Do We really Have to Reincarnate?

Mon BBS Call_2018-04-16.mp3 - BBS Call

Wed Q/A Call_2018-04-18.mp3 - Questions+++Whole Planet Healing

Sun_Gridhealing_2018-04-22.mp3 - Sunday Planetary Healing:Special Healing Event - Sunday Morning with Kimberly Meredith

Mon BBS Call_2018-04-23.mp3 - Open Mike

Wed Q/A Call_2018-04-25.mp3 - Yea~North Korea is Stopping Nuclear Tests

Sun_Gridhealing_2018-04-29.mp3 - Sunday Planetary Healing:Sunday Grid Healing

Mon BBS Call_2018-04-30.mp3 - BBS Call

May 2018

Wed Q/A Call_2018-05-02.mp3 - Questions+++Whole Planet Healing

Sun_Gridhealing_2018-05-06.mp3 - Sunday Planetary Healing:Karma - A discussion with the Elohim

Mon BBS Call_2018-05-07.mp3 - BBS Call

Wed Q/A Call_2018-05-09.mp3 - Questions+++Whole Planet Healing

Sun_Gridhealing_2018-05-13.mp3 - Sunday Planetary Healing:Accessing the Christ Consciousness- A discussion with the Elohim

Mon BBS Call_2018-05-14.mp3 - BBS Call

Wed Q/A Call_2018-05-16.mp3 - Questions+++Whole Planet Healing

Sun_Gridhealing_2018-05-20.mp3 - Sunday Planetary Healing:Overcoming Duality- A discussion with the Elohim

Mon BBS Call_2018-05-21.mp3 - Special... something we've never done

Wed Q/A Call_2018-05-23.mp3 - Questions+++Whole Planet Healing

Sun_Gridhealing_2018-05-27.mp3 - Sunday Planetary Healing:Sunday Grid Healing

Mon BBS Call_2018-05-28.mp3 - BBS Call

Wed Q/A Call_2018-05-30.mp3 - Questions+++Whole Planet Healing

June 2018

Sun_Gridhealing_2018-06-03.mp3 - Sunday Planetary Healing:More on DNA Activation - Elohim

Mon BBS Call_2018-06-04.mp3 - Open mike discussion

Wed Q/A Call_2018-06-06.mp3 - Questions+++Whole Planet Healing

Sun_Gridhealing_2018-06-10.mp3 - Sunday Planetary Healing:Spinningness - Elohim

Mon BBS Call_2018-06-11.mp3 - BBS Call

Wed Q/A Call_2018-06-13.mp3 - Questions+++Whole Planet Healing

Sun_Gridhealing_2018-06-17.mp3 - Sunday Planetary Healing:The Importance of Community - Elohim

Mon BBS Call_2018-06-18.mp3 - BBS Call

Wed Q/A Call_2018-06-20.mp3 - Questions+++Whole Planet Healing

Sun_Gridhealing_2018-06-24.mp3 - Sunday Planetary Healing:How did Species Come About? - Elohim

Mon BBS Call_2018-06-25.mp3 - BBS Call

Wed Q/A Call_2018-06-27.mp3 - Questions+++Whole Planet Healing

July 2018

Sun_Gridhealing_2018-07-01.mp3 - Sunday Planetary Healing:How did Species Come About? 2 - Elohim

Mon BBS Call_2018-07-02.mp3 - BBS Call

Wed Q/A Call_2018-07-04.mp3 - Questions+++Whole Planet Healing

Sun_Gridhealing_2018-07-08.mp3 - Sunday Planetary Healing:How did Species Come About? 3 - Elohim

Mon BBS Call_2018-07-09.mp3 - Carla, Wynn and Terry Swap Stories

Wed Q/A Call_2018-07-11.mp3 - Questions+++Whole Planet Healing

Sun_Gridhealing_2018-07-15.mp3 - Sunday Planetary Healing:What exactly is Consciousness - Elohim

Mon BBS Call_2018-07-16.mp3 - BBS Call

Wed Q/A Call_2018-07-18.mp3 - Questions+++Whole Planet Healing

Sun_Gridhealing_2018-07-22.mp3 - Sunday Planetary Healing:Discussion about Terry Friedman

Mon BBS Call_2018-07-23.mp3 - BBS Call

Wed Q/A Call_2018-07-25.mp3 - Questions+++Whole Planet Healing

Sun_Gridhealing_2018-07-29.mp3 - Sunday Planetary Healing:Terry's back from the hospital

Mon BBS Call_2018-07-30.mp3 - BBS Call

August 2018

Wed Q/A Call_2018-08-01.mp3 - Questions+++Whole Planet Healing

Sun_Gridhealing_2018-08-05.mp3 - Sunday Planetary Healing:Sunday Grid Healing

Mon BBS Call_2018-08-06.mp3 - BBS Call

Wed Q/A Call_2018-08-08.mp3 - Replay - Did the Elohim help on Fukashima?

Sun_Gridhealing_2018-08-12.mp3 - Sunday Planetary Healing:Sunday Grid Healing

Mon BBS Call_2018-08-13.mp3 - Replay of 9/1/2014 with Carla Rueckert

Wed Q/A Call_2018-08-15.mp3 - Questions+++Whole Planet Healing

Sun_Gridhealing_2018-08-19.mp3 - Sunday Planetary Healing:Manifestation/Implementation

Mon BBS Call_2018-08-20.mp3 - Open Mike Health

Wed Q/A Call_2018-08-22.mp3 - Questions+++Whole Planet Healing

Sun_Gridhealing_2018-08-26.mp3 - Sunday Planetary Healing:How Interventions Occur

Mon BBS Call_2018-08-27.mp3 - Special Guest Stacey Hentschel

Wed Q/A Call_2018-08-29.mp3 - Questions+++Whole Planet Healing

September 2018

Sun_Gridhealing_2018-09-02.mp3 - Sunday Planetary Healing:Sunday Grid Healing

Mon BBS Call_2018-09-03.mp3 - BBS Call

Wed Q/A Call_2018-09-05.mp3 - Live... Terry's Back, Ask a question

Sun_Gridhealing_2018-09-09.mp3 - Sunday Planetary Healing:A Live Channeling from Terry

Mon BBS Call_2018-09-10.mp3 - BBS Call

Wed Q/A Call_2018-09-12.mp3 - Questions+++Whole Planet Healing

Sun_Gridhealing_2018-09-16.mp3 - Sunday Planetary Healing:Sunday Grid Healing

Mon BBS Call_2018-09-17.mp3 - BBS Call

Wed Q/A Call_2018-09-19.mp3 - Questions+++Whole Planet Healing

Sun_Gridhealing_2018-09-23.mp3 - Sunday Planetary Healing:What's Up On Planet Earth . Live Elohim!

Mon BBS Call_2018-09-24.mp3 - Saint catherine of Sienna Revisted

Wed Q/A Call_2018-09-26.mp3 - Questions+++Whole Planet Healing

Sun_Gridhealing_2018-09-30.mp3 - Sunday Planetary Healing:Sunday Grid Healing

October 2018

Mon BBS Call_2018-10-01.mp3 - BBS Call

Wed Q/A Call_2018-10-03.mp3 - Questions+++Whole Planet Healing

Sun_Gridhealing_2018-10-07.mp3 - Sunday Planetary Healing:Sunday Grid Healing

Mon BBS Call_2018-10-08.mp3 - BBS Call

Wed Q/A Call_2018-10-10.mp3 - Questions+++Whole Planet Healing

Sun_Gridhealing_2018-10-14.mp3 - Sunday Planetary Healing:Sunday Grid Healing

Mon BBS Call_2018-10-15.mp3 - BBS Call

Wed Q/A Call_2018-10-17.mp3 - Questions+++Whole Planet Healing

Sun_Gridhealing_2018-10-21.mp3 - Sunday Planetary Healing:How Our Vibrations Affect the Universe

Mon BBS Call_2018-10-22.mp3 - BBS Call

Wed Q/A Call_2018-10-24.mp3 - Questions+++Whole Planet Healing

Sun_Gridhealing_2018-10-28.mp3 - Sunday Planetary Healing:Sunday Grid Healing

Mon BBS Call_2018-10-29.mp3 - BBS Call

Wed Q/A Call_2018-10-31.mp3 - Questions+++Whole Planet Healing

November 2018

Sun_Gridhealing_2018-11-04.mp3 - Sunday Planetary Healing:Getting Into the Now

Mon BBS Call_2018-11-05.mp3 - Replay of Feb 2 2015

Wed Q/A Call_2018-11-07.mp3 - Questions+++Whole Planet Healing

Sun_Gridhealing_2018-11-11.mp3 - Sunday Planetary Healing:Get On the Healing List

Mon BBS Call_2018-11-12.mp3 - BBS Call

Sun_Gridhealing_2018-11-18.mp3 - Sunday Planetary Helaing:Sunday Grid Healing

Mon BBS Call_2018-11-19.mp3 - BBS Call

Wed Q/A Call_2018-11-21.mp3 - Questions+++Whole Planet Healing

Sun_Gridhealing_2018-11-25.mp3 - Sunday Planetary Healing:Sunday Grid Healing

Mon BBS Call_2018-11-26.mp3 - BBS Call

Wed Q/A Call_2018-11-28.mp3 - Questions+++Whole Planet Healing

December 2018

Sun_Gridhealing_2018-12-02.mp3 - Sunday Planetary Healing:Sunday Grid Healing

Mon BBS Call_2018-12-03.mp3 - BBS Call

Wed Q/A Call_2018-12-05.mp3 - Questions+++Whole Planet Healing

Sun_Gridhealing_2018-12-09.mp3 - Sunday Planetary Healing:Sunday Grid Healing

Mon BBS Call_2018-12-10.mp3 - Wynn and Carla Arguing, replay

Wed Q/A Call_2018-12-12.mp3 - Questions+++Whole Planet Healing

Sun_Gridhealing_2018-12-16.mp3 - Sunday Planetary Healing:Sunday Grid Healing

Mon BBS Call_2018-12-17.mp3 - Rewriting the Old Testament

Wed Q/A Call_2018-12-19.mp3 - Questions+++Whole Planet Healing

Sun_Gridhealing_2018-12-23.mp3 - Sunday Planetary Healing:Solving Some of the Mysteries of Ancient Egypt

Mon BBS Call_2018-12-24.mp3 - Replay of call on Earth Changes

Wed Q/A Call_2018-12-26.mp3 - questions+++Whole Planet Healing

Sun_Gridhealing_2018-12-30.mp3 - Sunday Planetary Healing:Sunday Grid Healing

Mon BBS Call_2018-12-31.mp3 - How to Fix Your Karma!! A New Years Resolution for Everybody


Channeled information is not meant to be believed blindly. Sometimes information may bleed through from the conscious mind of the channel. It is possible that a negative Source may interfere. Apply your own discernment, take only what resonates and discard the rest. An answer to a question is meant for the person asking the question and you have the privilege of listening in because sometimes you can gain insights from the answer. However, even though the circumstances may be similar, do not merely assume the answer applies to you. This is not meant to replace seeing your doctor, dentist or any alternative practitioner. Some people get healings here, so you can be open to it.