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January 2009

Mon BBS Call_2009-01-05.mp3 - Wynn discusses what are belief systems, why we have them, and why we don't challenge them. He also explains by analogy the concept of who or what is God.

Mon BBS Call_2009-01-12.mp3 - Wynn talks about the experience of living in a body, who you are right now. How aptitude in our life reveals the programs in our soul matrix.

Mon BBS Call_2009-01-19.mp3 - Wynn takes caller questions. One caller asks "Would they (Elohim) direct some of their energy to balance the issue of GMO seeds on the planet."

Mon BBS Call_2009-01-26.mp3 - Wynn talks about the dialogues between God and St. Catherine and her connection to Terry Brown. He also talks about the Elohim and how to detect their presence.

February 2009

Mon BBS Call_2009-02-02.mp3 - How to tune our antenna to receive the positive frequencies and energy of our sources. Wynn also interviews special guest Ariel who was Sacagawea in her prevoius life.

Mon BBS Call_2009-02-09.mp3 - How to expand your matrix and not get bitten.

Mon BBS Call_2009-02-16.mp3 - Wynn helps the callers understand why are we here, how to prepare for the economic collapse, and what to do after it happens? **Highly recommended!!**

Mon BBS Call_2009-02-23.mp3 - Wynn interviews Carla Rueckert about how she started channeling.

March 2009

Mon BBS Call_2009-03-02.mp3 - Wynn explains the Law of One.

Mon BBS Call_2009-03-09.mp3 - Wynn talks about the energy that can be felt and can sometimes be seen during a conference call.

Mon BBS Call_2009-03-16.mp3 - Wynn discusses the energy shift people feel during the call and in their lives. He also talks about the law of one.

Mon BBS Call_2009-03-23.mp3 - Wynn interviews Carla Rueckert about the Ra material, channeling, and the Law of One.

Mon BBS Call_2009-03-30.mp3 - Callers talk about their past lives.

April 2009

Wed Q/A Call_2009-04-01.mp3 -

Mon BBS Call_2009-04-06.mp3 - Wynn takes several questions from callers. A caller asks are there any other way the Elohim talk to us besides channeling, like signs?

Wed Q/A Call_2009-04-08.mp3 -

Mon BBS Call_2009-04-13.mp3 - Wynn asks if men and women understand each other.

Wed Q/A Call_2009-04-15.mp3 -

Mon BBS Call_2009-04-20.mp3 - Wynn interviews Carla Rueckert about her new book "Living the Law of One - 101, The Choice".

Wed Q/A Call_2009-04-22.mp3 -

Mon BBS Call_2009-04-27.mp3 - Explanation of how the negative works.

Wed Q/A Call_2009-04-29.mp3 -

May 2009

Mon BBS Call_2009-05-11.mp3 - Wynn talks about Sacred Geometry, how a positive channel works, the Elohim.

Wed Q/A Call_2009-05-13.mp3 - Introductory message about growth
How do I heal my bursitis?
I need to know if it would be most beneficial for my spiritual progress to remain here or move?
I truly wish to know why I made the decision, two months ago, to return to the city of my birth..is there a higher purpose?
am I an empath and is my daugher a rainbow child?

Mon BBS Call_2009-05-18.mp3 - Wynn and Carla Rueckert discuss the Law of One and the Ra material.

Wed Q/A Call_2009-05-20.mp3 - Introductory message about clearing of the negative space
Question about illnes and keeping a high vibration(+follow up questions)
Where there a past karmic incident regarding my health problem(+ follow up questions)?
Is there past life information or tracks, that knowing about, would help me in the present..if so what?
Is there a way to enhance my psychic or empathing abilities?
Can I fulfill my highest purpose with a proffesional music career?

Mon BBS Call_2009-05-25.mp3 - Wynn asks callers to tell a joke or a story. What are holograms or the matrix? How the Elohim and the Ra group view us.

Wed Q/A Call_2009-05-27.mp3 -

June 2009

Mon BBS Call_2009-06-01.mp3 - Guest Michael Stevens does a healing process of people.

Wed Q/A Call_2009-06-03.mp3 -

Mon BBS Call_2009-06-08.mp3 - How to go from here to there.

Wed Q/A Call_2009-06-10.mp3 -

Mon BBS Call_2009-06-15.mp3 - Wynn explains how channeling with a group soul works, making a loving connection with a group energy, releasing blocked energy. Terry/the group energy answers questions.

Wed Q/A Call_2009-06-17.mp3 -

Mon BBS Call_2009-06-22.mp3 - How do our sources feel when they connect to us?

Sun_Gridhealing_2009-06-28.mp3 -

Mon BBS Call_2009-06-29.mp3 - Rituals, Mantras, Magic vs Co-Creation and Intention

July 2009

Wed Q/A Call_2009-07-01.mp3 - Did I learned something when I was on the other side?
Questions about Animal Souls and their evolution.
Question about Substances for accessing the spiritual realm.
Spiritual Tourettes syndrome.
What about 11:11 ?

Sun_Gridhealing_2009-07-05.mp3 - Cropcircles

Mon BBS Call_2009-07-06.mp3 - How do we deal with oneness vs the feeling of separateness

Wed Q/A Call_2009-07-08.mp3 - Why is it easier to connect to our Sources on the conference calls?
Why did we connect with Michael Jackson?
Why do I keep losing my job?
How do I raise my vibration to create intentions and manifestations to a constant positive fate?
Is it possible to not be deceptable by negative attacks..if my intention would only be to interact with a postive source?
Is there an ideal number of hours before the disposal of a corpse?
Cremation vs. burial is there a better choice?
Consciousness of transplanted organs?
Is there side effects of donating a body part?
Realms beyond the Heaven realm?


Mon BBS Call_2009-07-13.mp3 - What makes a person restless?
How to find a partner?
How to create a sacred place?
How to maintain the connection to our sources?
How is it that the energy is on the call..and how does it travel when you play it on the mp3?
If you go into a negative situation, how do you purify it as suppose to letting it corrupt you(the last lesson in a lightbody)?

Wed Q/A Call_2009-07-15.mp3 - Can 'they' give any comment about 'First Contact'?
What is my Purpose In Life?
How can one get initiated to self love?
Can we request help for souls that crached in a plane?
What is the best mindset to have if you are in a tought situation and you know you are going to die?
What can I do to help my mother to recover?
What can I do to improve my self healing work?
How do I release my energy stucknes?


Mon BBS Call_2009-07-20.mp3 - Wynn reads from a book about St. Catherine of Siena. Terry comment's & answers Wynn's question's. What source was connecting with St. Catherine?

Wed Q/A Call_2009-07-22.mp3 - an Introductory message about the crystalisation of time and how we as a group can change it.
Do we pick the time of death?
What if we tired of life...or want to continue and get sick, how do we change that?
How can I found a place that I can call home?
Can 'they' interpret a dream message?
Can 'they' give information about a vanished soldier in Afghanistan?
Everything is meant to be vs. everything can be Changed.


Mon BBS Call_2009-07-27.mp3 - Information about individuals with open hearts and new energies affecting chakras
Our Sources shares information about the connection with St. Catherine
A guided meditation and more about Terry and St. Catherine

Wed Q/A Call_2009-07-29.mp3 - Questions about the young/adult Indigos and the Crystal children.
What is the real value of monatomic gold?
Elephants in the Tar Pits.

August 2009


Mon BBS Call_2009-08-03.mp3 - More on St. Catherine

Wed Q/A Call_2009-08-05.mp3 - How Can I stop someone from reading my thoughts?
Is there a way to distinguish my thoughts from someone trying to feed me thoughts?
If one is creating a spiritual fellowship/closeness with other people..does that help create a protected energy to keep unwanted thought-forms out of your space?
Am I on the right path and do I work with the right people with the water project(influenced by Dr. Emoto's work)?
When will I connect with the co-creator investor of the spa and holistic-center I will create?
Can 'they' give a comment about the source of one's dream messages?


Mon BBS Call_2009-08-10.mp3 - How to keep your heart open in a world that's falling apart and inspiring fear? Our connection to the Sun. Ra/Sun/ambassador Egyptian connection.

Wed Q/A Call_2009-08-12.mp3 - Is it important for people who ask about health issues to be live on the call?
Is it accurate to say that as the new energies of our dimensional shift are taking hold we will no longer need the contrast of polarity to create an energetic charge to it's postivite service to others or negative service to self..if so is this new dimensional energy created without polarity?
Is my eye problems more of a spiritual nature than a physical?
How can Israel and Palestine coexist with each other...and what can we do to help?
Swine flu and inoculations.
Why is it that if the world is ending and money will be useless...why don't give your books away for free?
Does Terry has any reason to be concered about an earthquake in LA?


Mon BBS Call_2009-08-17.mp3 - Why are we so disconnected on this planet? Who is Ra'an?

Wed Q/A Call_2009-08-19.mp3 - What do we have to do to acquire a new way of thinking?
What consciousness does the majority have to hold to be free from the belief that there are negative forces?
What level of thinking does the majority need to hold; 1) to allow for people to experience divine love?,
2) to have the source of love flood their hearts and mind of every individual on this planet so that they each see and feel all their experiences from the eyes and the heart of their divine self?
How do I help an entity in a haunted home to move on?


Mon BBS Call_2009-08-24.mp3 - How to Change Your Destiny? Part One

Wed Q/A Call_2009-08-26.mp3 - How can I tell if my dream messages are coming from Ra?
I want a new job, can you help me?
Is it possible to die and crossover to the other side..and come back as a walk-in?
If a spirit does takes over a body of someone else, would there be a preposition of service to other spirits doing this or could it be mixed..and in what cases percentage wise is it positive and or negative?
Can a service to self entity take over a body without the permission of the host(and more questions on this topic)?
Is it possible for an entity to inseminate a woman or say use the man's sperm and then supply the egg from another entity to crossbreed on Earth so that a mixed baby would arrive..half ET half Human?
If the woman has passed menopause can they implant the baby in her womb from using their egg and the sperm of the husbands?
What miracles can take place now that we are entering a dimensional shift?
Is ET's looking for ways to intentionally use earthlifes to integrate as starseeds children or act as normal people..is this taking place now?
Is 'this' the right company for my invention?
(>>call is resumed at the 41 minute mark)
Does general anesthesia only affect the physical body or does it interrupt your energy frequencies/the energetic bodies?
Question about the date 9/9/9.


Mon BBS Call_2009-08-31.mp3 - How to Change Your Destiny? Part Two

September 2009

Wed Q/A Call_2009-09-02.mp3 - an Introductory message about Wanderers and lessons of growth
Was I (Betul) connected to you in a previous lifetime?
Question about the innocence of palm reading and psychic manipulations.
Is the two partners of mine in the Church trustworthy and are their intentions pure...or are they causing me problems even though I have left the Church?


Mon BBS Call_2009-09-07.mp3 - Ra-An unexpectedly talks about Daphne through Terry and Wynn explains a bit of how the negative works. Teamshift.

Wed Q/A Call_2009-09-09.mp3 - Should I share the more sophisticated understanding of the dimensional shift with my son?
My 19 year old son hear voices can 'you' share anything about it?
Can you give any guidence or visdom to my friend that ended her relationship with her violent boyfriend?
How important is the state of your consciousness at the moment you transition compared with all the states of consciousness you have experienced prior to that?
If I a Wanderer...what I am suppose to do with that?


Mon BBS Call_2009-09-14.mp3 - 'Transient Questions'. Ascension & questions about it.

Wed Q/A Call_2009-09-16.mp3 - an Introductory message about time
Can you give me guidance what to do next?
I am totally disabled and not sure why I am alive..Can you help?
Would having a pyramid be helpful to me?
Is My home still haunted?


Mon BBS Call_2009-09-21.mp3 - With Guest Carla Rueckert, 'Tuning & Negative attacks'.

Wed Q/A Call_2009-09-23.mp3 - A message about 'Attention'


Mon BBS Call_2009-09-28.mp3 - Patience - Making a Choice and Making a Connection and being a Cocreator with the Universe. How does it feel to be Ra'an?

Wed Q/A Call_2009-09-30.mp3 - Where you aware that the Tsunami was coming and is it part of the earth changes?
Do you see the San Andreas Fault having an Earthquake in the future?
Is the ocean level going to increase by 22 feet..and what is the timeline for the rise of the ocean?
Can you give advice how To Lose Excess Body Weight?
Can you share the benefit a person might have participating in 'TeamShift'?

October 2009


Mon BBS Call_2009-10-05.mp3 - An extraordinary Monday night call - Elohim - The Keepers of Time

Wed Q/A Call_2009-10-07.mp3 - an Introductory message about higher incoming Energies and unfurling of DNA..affecting our lightbody and our future self.
When one is using the Lord's prayer, who is one actually praying to?
Can 'they' share their experience when 'they' are talkin to us vs not talkin to us?
a question about the law of attraction/the secret
If someone is not able to change their belief system..would coming in to a teamshift-call help?
What is the obstacles that my friend has to cross to heal himselfe physically, emotionally & spiritually?
What is causing the increase of autism in children & what can be done to help/fix them?
Is Terry's concinusess bleeding through when she brings up Dr. Marshall?
Is the shroud of turin a fake or not?


Mon BBS Call_2009-10-12.mp3 - Earth Changes Part One

Wed Q/A Call_2009-10-14.mp3 - How do I know when I've connected to Source energy?
Do people have this experience of Source energy when they have a near death experience?
Things keep disappearing, where are they going?
How does a non physical entity move physical objects?
Why do I have trouble getting off of drugs?
On the teamshift calls..Is it possible to pick up energies from other poeple and processing them without knowing it?
Can 'they' give me coaching into an area of work?
If ET's land, can we expect them to be service to self or service to others?


Mon BBS Call_2009-10-19.mp3 - Wynn and Carla Rueckert answer Maya's question - How do I connect with the Silence?

Wed Q/A Call_2009-10-21.mp3 - How much impact does we as an individual have on the collective consciousness?
Question about duality and a negative experience providing growth
What happens to our energy fields when we have sex with our partners? I am fully aware that I take on my partners energies for a couple of days afterwards and have to work to clear them out. If I bring true love into the lovemaking with me, can I transmute any of those less appealing energies. Is there anyway to still enjoy the love making while still maintaining my own energy field and not taking on his?
When we are doing the teamshift calls or are on the calls..Do we stop our individual aging processs, when we are all conected, while we are calling in the light with 'you'?
I heard we can reverse the aging process..is that true?
When people come on to the lines repeatedly and can experience a group energy, does that contributing to the evolution of their DNA?
If I moved..would I carry the same patterns with me? and is there another location that would be more vibrationally attuned for me?


Mon BBS Call_2009-10-26.mp3 - Earth Changes Part Two

Wed Q/A Call_2009-10-28.mp3 - Why would 'they' choose to talk to us?
Question about ringing in the ears
Question about time travel into the center of the galaxy
When I enter public places I take on all the energies in that space and when I leave I start to work to clear and heal them with much effort. Is there anything I can do?
Can one transmute energies without getting them stuck in one's field(+follow up question's)?
Can they give any informaton about Blue Ray beeings?
What is the most powerfull thing in the Universe?

November 2009


Mon BBS Call_2009-11-02.mp3 - Call re Earth Changes - In particular we spoke about the coast lines and melting polar packs.

Wed Q/A Call_2009-11-04.mp3 - I would like to know the higher purpose of why I can feel Earthquakes before they happen and how do I release the energies my body feels?
Do spirits arrive in 4d, and do they have a birth experience like in our current dimension..and do they have animals and will there be pets?
Why do anyone want to ascend with their body when there are better bodies waiting for us..and does the ones ascending with their body have to undergo transcisions
Would it be better to leave the body behind?
What causes my menstrual cycles to have such profuse bleeding and can this be helped?
I would like to know how to be more of service to others who are searching for a deeper spiritual meaning and path.


Mon BBS Call_2009-11-09.mp3 - How to cope in a world that is in between dimensions and speed up your process. Ra'an interact with a Hurricane/Tropical storm.

Wed Q/A Call_2009-11-11.mp3 - Introductory message about how Ra'An can tell if people are listening to these calls in the present/future and the postive effects in doing so
My daughters house is being haunted, is there anything that can be done or should they move?
I am reading about Elohim, is it selfish to ask if they can heal me?
If somebody was sick and kept coming in to these calls..does that give them more connection to Elohim that could encourage a healing?
Can they explain the significance of 11:11 and November 11?
Am I a Walk-In?
Have I done a good job with my prayers regarding Earth?


Mon BBS Call_2009-11-16.mp3 - How did religions got started? Of course, if we have it right, we're talking to the Source that played a big part in the founding of most religions, now explaining to us how things went astray...Highly recommended

Wed Q/A Call_2009-11-18.mp3 - Introductory message about bi-locating
Could you explain the expansive shimmering energy I feel during my own healing calls?
I have a weaker energy experience when new people come on my calls..can you explain why?
Question about charging/not charging for something and karma balance
I have no place to stay and move around living at different homes. Should I get in contact with my father that has not acknowledge me as his daughter?
Does each extra person that joins in my meditations add to my strength in a linear or non linear way(+ follow up question)?
Why was free will chosen for Earth?
If outside this realm time is of no essence..why was there a rush for evolution putting cycle repeaters on Earth?
In the decision to bring various cycle repeaters to Earth..who made that decision..Ra?..Elohim?
How can I overcome the feeling of meaningless?

Sun_Gridhealing_2009-11-22.mp3 - There was an extremely good personal healing session on this call

Mon BBS Call_2009-11-23.mp3 - Wynn and Carla have their once a month discussion.

Wed Q/A Call_2009-11-25.mp3 - Introductory message about ascension, one's memories and future track..answering the question;
...When you graduate this realm, do you retain memory of your past?
How do I open up all my chakras(for a physical body ascension)?
How does one deal with the sexual expression/chakra if one has no partner?
How to deal with the separation from loved ones that will not graduate?
Question about paying attention to the negative and finding the balance to learn from it
For those who would be graduating..would they still be able to help those in 3d that are still stuck here?
Question about people gathering in a group and disappearing from this realm.


Mon BBS Call_2009-11-30.mp3 - Wynn and Terry and our channelled Source discuss how to vision yourself into your potential...Highly recommended.

December 2009

Wed Q/A Call_2009-12-02.mp3 - Introductory message about power
Where is my part in the cosmic plan..is that too selfish?
How does one eliminate the unconscious blocking of ones own desired outcomes / how can I get in touch with unblocking the energy part manifestations that I consciously desire?
What density does the Wanderers end up after they are done with their service on Earth this cycle(+ follow up question)?
Question about the battle of the portals on Earth and the significance of the Sunday Grid Healing.


Mon BBS Call_2009-12-07.mp3 - Wynn and Terry and our channelled Source discuss how to overcome the fear of death

Wed Q/A Call_2009-12-09.mp3 - Introductory message about further information on power
Can our sources share anything about the experience I had on the Sunday Grid healing?
Do the Elohim see a purpose for Me and My company..If so, can they elaborate on that purpose and if not what direction do they see us taking?
Where did Jesus really come from?
Knowing that a high vibration among lower energies can affect the lower energies or vice versa, is it just Earth who is ascending, or is it the entire solar system or the galaxy?
Why do I keep seeing these numbers? 1111, 111, 222, 444 and sometimes 555, 777. Is this angelic? Is there anything I need to do or learn as a result of this?


Mon BBS Call_2009-12-14.mp3 - Wynn and Terry and our channelled Source discuss how the Elohim created this realm

Wed Q/A Call_2009-12-16.mp3 - When the soul or individual is transmuted or ascended..does the subsconscious, that they have lived on with Earth, go with them?
We assume our universe is the only one in existence, but are there other universes? If so are they different from this one?(+follow up)
Could you explain the difference in quality between a Ra soul individual energy form and an Elohim soul?
What will the ascension process be like? Will we experience physical death and have to go through reincarnation again or will we just wake up and it's just another day?
Question about Mt. Shasta portals and the function of these portals
What was the strange blue light over Norway?


Mon BBS Call_2009-12-21.mp3 - Wynn, Carla Rueckert and Terry in a "spirited" discussion.

Wed Q/A Call_2009-12-23.mp3 - Introductory message about densities
Is there a person or astral entity causing me harm or negativity..if so what can I do to end it?
What is the criteria for a miracle?
Why was this 3rd density established..and for whom?
Were the Atlantians 3rd density? or did their 'fall' create a need for it...?
What was achieved in Lemuria and what casued it's downfall?
Question about Tiger Woods and how to deal with the fame and the lessons therein.


Mon BBS Call_2009-12-28.mp3 - How did the Elohim Create the Universe?

Wed Q/A Call_2009-12-30.mp3 - Question about illusion and ones given name
When we reincarnate could we go back to ancient times?
Question about Montauk and the Philadelphia experiment
Question about the Milton Tregger phrase 'hook-up with the force' and other techniques making connection to healing energies(+follow up)
In this realm, the Elohim is one of the prime or only first essenses or first downloads of All That Is, or first translations of that. Is that true?
How much of global warming is related to the shift the earth is going through and how much is man made?
What should we concentrate on most to give the earth the atmosphere it needs to thrive?
In terms of global warming..could we possibly reach a point where it could be extremely harmful to life on this planet?
Can you help with my fathers Alzheimer's and my mothers shingles?
Question about the disappearance of a thousand sea lions in the In San Francisco Bay and the connection to an earthquake
Was the cloud over Russia really a UFO(+follow up question)?


Channeled information is not meant to be believed blindly. Sometimes information may bleed through from the conscious mind of the channel. It is possible that a negative Source may interfere. Apply your own discernment, take only what resonates and discard the rest. An answer to a question is meant for the person asking the question and you have the privilege of listening in because sometimes you can gain insights from the answer. However, even though the circumstances may be similar, do not merely assume the answer applies to you. This is not meant to replace seeing your doctor, dentist or any alternative practitioner. Some people get healings here, so you can be open to it.