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January 2014

Wed Q/A Call_2014-01-01.mp3 - Questions and Answers

Sun_Gridhealing_2014-01-05.mp3 - Fukishima Updates and Planetary Healing

Mon BBS Call_2014-01-06.mp3 - Listen to the Elohim Live

Wed Q/A Call_2014-01-08.mp3 - What is Comet Ison and How Will it Influence Us?

Sun_Gridhealing_2014-01-12.mp3 - You are Your Own Home

Mon BBS Call_2014-01-13.mp3 - Terry Brown and Carla Rueckert are interviewed

Wed Q/A Call_2014-01-15.mp3 - Questions and Answers

Sun_Gridhealing_2014-01-19.mp3 - Sunday Grid Healing

Mon BBS Call_2014-01-20.mp3 - Listen in - Conversation with Elohim probably

Wed Q/A Call_2014-01-22.mp3 - Wednesday Questions and Answers call

Sun_Gridhealing_2014-01-26.mp3 - Sunday Planetary Healing with guest Carla Rueckert

Mon BBS Call_2014-01-27.mp3 - How the Elohim Created the Universe Continued

Wed Q/A Call_2014-01-29.mp3 - Questions From You - How Do I heal My Physical Pain?

February 2014

Sun_Gridhealing_2014-02-02.mp3 - Sunday Planetary Healing

Mon BBS Call_2014-02-03.mp3 - How the Elohim Created the Universe Ongoing series

Wed Q/A Call_2014-02-05.mp3 - Questions From You - Does Past Life Regression Work?

Sun_Gridhealing_2014-02-09.mp3 - Sunday Planetary Healing

Mon BBS Call_2014-02-10.mp3 - What is DNA Activation?

Wed Q/A Call_2014-02-12.mp3 - Asking the Elohim questions LIVE?

Sun_Gridhealing_2014-02-16.mp3 - A Super Personal/Planetary Healing Session

Mon BBS Call_2014-02-17.mp3 - Some older sessions you never heard

Wed Q/A Call_2014-02-19.mp3 - Questions - Why do I feel sad?

Sun_Gridhealing_2014-02-23.mp3 - Sunday Morning Personal and Planetary Healing Session

Mon BBS Call_2014-02-24.mp3 - Wynn open mike

Wed Q/A Call_2014-02-26.mp3 - What's Going on With the Economy?

March 2014

Sun_Gridhealing_2014-03-02.mp3 - Sunday Morning Personal and Planetary Healing Session

Mon BBS Call_2014-03-03.mp3 - Everybody Loves You When Everybody Loves You

Wed Q/A Call_2014-03-05.mp3 - Why do I feel sad?

Sun_Gridhealing_2014-03-09.mp3 - Sunday Morning Personal and Planetary Healing Session

Mon BBS Call_2014-03-10.mp3 - Monday bbs call

Wed Q/A Call_2014-03-12.mp3 - Questions - Why do I pick up symptoms from people I heal?

Sun_Gridhealing_2014-03-16.mp3 - The Breaking Down of the Collective

Mon BBS Call_2014-03-17.mp3 - Are You Grounded?

Wed Q/A Call_2014-03-19.mp3 - There's room for a couple questions tonight

Sun_Gridhealing_2014-03-23.mp3 - Change

Mon BBS Call_2014-03-24.mp3 - Group Discussion - The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce

Wed Q/A Call_2014-03-26.mp3 - Wednesday call

Sun_Gridhealing_2014-03-30.mp3 - Perspective

Mon BBS Call_2014-03-31.mp3 - Open Mike

April 2014

Wed Q/A Call_2014-04-02.mp3 - Are goods from Japan dangerous?

Sun_Gridhealing_2014-04-06.mp3 - Sunday Planetary Healing Session

Mon BBS Call_2014-04-07.mp3 - Monday BBS call

Wed Q/A Call_2014-04-09.mp3 - Wednesday BBS call

Sun_Gridhealing_2014-04-13.mp3 - Sunday Planetary Healing- Theme: Acceptance

Mon BBS Call_2014-04-14.mp3 - Monday BBS Call

Wed Q/A Call_2014-04-16.mp3 - Lunar Eclipse. What the Significance?

Sun_Gridhealing_2014-04-20.mp3 - Sunday Planetary Healing

Mon BBS Call_2014-04-21.mp3 - Very Special - A non traditional Jesus/Terry Friedman, Carla Rueckert, Alan Steinfield and more

Wed Q/A Call_2014-04-23.mp3 - Wednesday call

Sun_Gridhealing_2014-04-27.mp3 - Sunday Planetary Healing

Mon BBS Call_2014-04-28.mp3 - Monday BBS Call

Wed Q/A Call_2014-04-30.mp3 - Wednesday Questions and Answers

May 2014

Sun_Gridhealing_2014-05-04.mp3 - Sunday Planetary Healing

Mon BBS Call_2014-05-05.mp3 - Monday BBS Call

Wed Q/A Call_2014-05-07.mp3 - Wynn on Art Bell's network tonight

Sun_Gridhealing_2014-05-11.mp3 - Acceptance - planetary healing session

Mon BBS Call_2014-05-12.mp3 - The Veil and How to Get through It

Wed Q/A Call_2014-05-14.mp3 - Questions - Are Dark Forces Blocking me?

Sun_Gridhealing_2014-05-18.mp3 - Duality - planetary healing session

Mon BBS Call_2014-05-19.mp3 - playing it by ear

Wed Q/A Call_2014-05-21.mp3 - Questions - How Can I get My Motivation Back?

Sun_Gridhealing_2014-05-25.mp3 - Walking Your Talk

Mon BBS Call_2014-05-26.mp3 - Is the New Age Philosophy Positive?

Wed Q/A Call_2014-05-28.mp3 - Questions: Why do the Elohim Allow Such Injustices on Planet Earth?

June 2014

Sun_Gridhealing_2014-06-01.mp3 - Seeing through your box

Mon BBS Call_2014-06-02.mp3 - Why I'm not a lightworker anymore (Continued)

Wed Q/A Call_2014-06-04.mp3 - Questions - What is an inner child from a higher perspective?

Sun_Gridhealing_2014-06-08.mp3 - friends

Mon BBS Call_2014-06-09.mp3 - Open Mike

Wed Q/A Call_2014-06-11.mp3 - Questions - Should we expect others to love us?

Sun_Gridhealing_2014-06-15.mp3 - Symptoms

Mon BBS Call_2014-06-16.mp3 - Important Disinfo Notification

Wed Q/A Call_2014-06-18.mp3 - Questions - Do the Elohim and Ra groups do Interventions without taking credit?

Sun_Gridhealing_2014-06-22.mp3 - The Flow is Here

Mon BBS Call_2014-06-23.mp3 - Monday BBS Call

Wed Q/A Call_2014-06-25.mp3 - Terry and Wynn on the road

Sun_Gridhealing_2014-06-29.mp3 - Denver

Mon BBS Call_2014-06-30.mp3 - Monday Night BBS Call

July 2014

Wed Q/A Call_2014-07-02.mp3 - Questions What does the kingdom of heaven lie within mean?

Sun_Gridhealing_2014-07-06.mp3 - Blending

Mon BBS Call_2014-07-07.mp3 - Annunaki, Old Testament, Egypt and Jesus

Wed Q/A Call_2014-07-09.mp3 - Questions - Why is My Throat Chakra Blocked?

Sun_Gridhealing_2014-07-13.mp3 - Moving Timelines

Mon BBS Call_2014-07-14.mp3 - Monday BBS Call and Questions

Wed Q/A Call_2014-07-16.mp3 - How Can You Tell an Inter-dimensional Trickster?

Sun_Gridhealing_2014-07-20.mp3 - Reaching for the Stars

Mon BBS Call_2014-07-21.mp3 - How Does Astrology Fit?

Wed Q/A Call_2014-07-23.mp3 - Questions - Is the White Brotherhood Racist?

Sun_Gridhealing_2014-07-27.mp3 - Are you an Effect or a Cause

Mon BBS Call_2014-07-28.mp3 - Breakthrough!!!!

Wed Q/A Call_2014-07-30.mp3 - When is Force Appropriate?

August 2014

Sun_Gridhealing_2014-08-03.mp3 - Today

Mon BBS Call_2014-08-04.mp3 - Open Mike

Wed Q/A Call_2014-08-06.mp3 - Questions - Has Terry Learned anything in This Realm?

Sun_Gridhealing_2014-08-10.mp3 - Sunday Planetary Healing

Mon BBS Call_2014-08-11.mp3 - Meet Dr. Terry

Wed Q/A Call_2014-08-13.mp3 - Who is God?

Sun_Gridhealing_2014-08-17.mp3 - Sunday Planetary Healing-Egypt

Mon BBS Call_2014-08-18.mp3 - Egypt-Solving the Mysteries

Wed Q/A Call_2014-08-20.mp3 - Questions - Can a deceased soul help an embodied soul?

Sun_Gridhealing_2014-08-24.mp3 - You Have to Believe We are Magic

Mon BBS Call_2014-08-25.mp3 - Important Things to Pay Attention to

Wed Q/A Call_2014-08-27.mp3 - What's Going on with Robin Williams?

Sun_Gridhealing_2014-08-31.mp3 - When 2 or More are Gathered

September 2014

Mon BBS Call_2014-09-01.mp3 - Carla Wynn Book 5 Law of one

Wed Q/A Call_2014-09-03.mp3 - What's a Grid Healing?

Sun_Gridhealing_2014-09-07.mp3 - Creating Without Consequence

Mon BBS Call_2014-09-08.mp3 - How the Elohim Created the Universe? (Continued)

Wed Q/A Call_2014-09-10.mp3 - Is there a ghost in my husband's truck?

Sun_Gridhealing_2014-09-14.mp3 - Sunday Planetary Healing

Mon BBS Call_2014-09-15.mp3 - Open Mike?

Wed Q/A Call_2014-09-17.mp3 - Where Did the One Infinite Creator Come From?

Sun_Gridhealing_2014-09-21.mp3 - Sacredness

Mon BBS Call_2014-09-22.mp3 - What Did Edgar Cayce Say About the Times We're In?

Wed Q/A Call_2014-09-24.mp3 - What is Love/Light?

Sun_Gridhealing_2014-09-28.mp3 - Unworthiness and Fear

Mon BBS Call_2014-09-29.mp3 - Continuation; Edgar Cayce - the Times We're In?

October 2014

Wed Q/A Call_2014-10-01.mp3 - Wednesday Questions and answers

Sun_Gridhealing_2014-10-05.mp3 - The Perils of Intelligence

Mon BBS Call_2014-10-06.mp3 - Elohim session; The Mathematics of the Universe

Wed Q/A Call_2014-10-08.mp3 - Why Don't I have Friends?

Sun_Gridhealing_2014-10-12.mp3 - Sunday Healing Session - To Be or Not to Be

Mon BBS Call_2014-10-13.mp3 - Wild Card

Wed Q/A Call_2014-10-15.mp3 - Why Do I have a Hard Time Keeping My Chakras Open?
Is there a prioritization for reincarnation?

Sun_Gridhealing_2014-10-19.mp3 - Sunday Healing Session - The Process

Mon BBS Call_2014-10-20.mp3 - Law of One Made Simple Series with Wynn and Carla

Wed Q/A Call_2014-10-22.mp3 - Did the Elohim Really Talk to Me?

Sun_Gridhealing_2014-10-26.mp3 - Can you Feel it?

Mon BBS Call_2014-10-27.mp3 - World Renowned Health Expert Tonight

Wed Q/A Call_2014-10-29.mp3 - Are Ouiji Boards Dangerous?

November 2014

Sun_Gridhealing_2014-11-02.mp3 - Sunday Planetary Healing

Mon BBS Call_2014-11-03.mp3 - Open Mike

Wed Q/A Call_2014-11-05.mp3 - Questions and Answers

Sun_Gridhealing_2014-11-09.mp3 - Sunday Planetary Helaing + A Great Dog Story!

Mon BBS Call_2014-11-10.mp3 - Amazing! Rewriting the Old Testament

Wed Q/A Call_2014-11-12.mp3 - Questions and Answers

Sun_Gridhealing_2014-11-16.mp3 - Sunday Healing Session - Dishonesty Forfeits Divine Intervention?

Mon BBS Call_2014-11-17.mp3 - Wild Card!

Wed Q/A Call_2014-11-19.mp3 - Questions and Answers

Sun_Gridhealing_2014-11-23.mp3 - Sunday Planetary Healing- Detachment and Passion

Mon BBS Call_2014-11-24.mp3 - The Secret of DNA

Wed Q/A Call_2014-11-26.mp3 - Was I contacted by ET's?

Sun_Gridhealing_2014-11-30.mp3 - Sunday Healing Session - Already There

December 2014

Mon BBS Call_2014-12-01.mp3 - Did We Talk to Michael Jackson?

Wed Q/A Call_2014-12-03.mp3 - How is my wife?

Sun_Gridhealing_2014-12-07.mp3 - Personal and Planetary Healing Session

Mon BBS Call_2014-12-08.mp3 - Aliens in the Pentagon & the Ra Material

Wed Q/A Call_2014-12-10.mp3 - My Dad Just Died. Is he OK?

Sun_Gridhealing_2014-12-14.mp3 - Service to self/service to others

Mon BBS Call_2014-12-15.mp3 - Monday BBS Call

Wed Q/A Call_2014-12-17.mp3 - Would You Like to ask a question?

Sun_Gridhealing_2014-12-21.mp3 - Sunday Planetary Healing; We get Letters!

Mon BBS Call_2014-12-22.mp3 - Open Mike and Questions

Wed Q/A Call_2014-12-24.mp3 - Christmas Eve Meditation with Terry Friedmann

Sun_Gridhealing_2014-12-28.mp3 - Sunday Planetary Healing: Chaos and Structure

Mon BBS Call_2014-12-29.mp3 - How the Elohim Created the Universe

Wed Q/A Call_2014-12-31.mp3 - Questions


Channeled information is not meant to be believed blindly. Sometimes information may bleed through from the conscious mind of the channel. It is possible that a negative Source may interfere. Apply your own discernment, take only what resonates and discard the rest. An answer to a question is meant for the person asking the question and you have the privilege of listening in because sometimes you can gain insights from the answer. However, even though the circumstances may be similar, do not merely assume the answer applies to you. This is not meant to replace seeing your doctor, dentist or any alternative practitioner. Some people get healings here, so you can be open to it.