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January 2017

Sun_Gridhealing_2017-01-01.mp3 - Sunday Planetary Healing:Sunday Grid Healing

Mon BBS Call_2017-01-02.mp3 - How the Elohim Created the Universe - continued

Wed Q/A Call_2017-01-04.mp3 - Questions+++Whole Planet Healing

Sun_Gridhealing_2017-01-08.mp3 - Sunday Planetary Healing:Pride

Mon BBS Call_2017-01-09.mp3 - Getting Detached

Wed Q/A Call_2017-01-11.mp3 - Questions+++Whole Planet Healing

Sun_Gridhealing_2017-01-15.mp3 - Sunday Planetary Healing:Anyone Can Be an Angel

Mon BBS Call_2017-01-16.mp3 - Current Events

Wed Q/A Call_2017-01-18.mp3 - Questions+++Whole Planet Healing

Sun_Gridhealing_2017-01-22.mp3 - Sunday Planetary Healing:Playing by Ear

Mon BBS Call_2017-01-23.mp3 - Whole Planet Healing Discussion

Wed Q/A Call_2017-01-25.mp3 - Questions+++Whole Planet Healing

Sun_Gridhealing_2017-01-29.mp3 - Sunday Planetary Healing:Cinch by the Inch /Programming the Collective

Mon BBS Call_2017-01-30.mp3 - Famous Science Fiction Writer Talks to Elohim

February 2017

Wed Q/A Call_2017-02-01.mp3 - Questions+++Whole Planet Healing

Sun_Gridhealing_2017-02-05.mp3 - Sunday Planetary Healing:Everything You Touch Becomes a Part of You

Mon BBS Call_2017-02-06.mp3 - Trans Species Soul Migration

Wed Q/A Call_2017-02-08.mp3 - Questions+++Whole Planet Healing

Sun_Gridhealing_2017-02-12.mp3 - Sunday Planetary Healing:Response-Ability

Mon BBS Call_2017-02-13.mp3 - Replay Carla 2010

Wed Q/A Call_2017-02-15.mp3 - Questions+++Whole Planet Healing

Sun_Gridhealing_2017-02-19.mp3 - Sunday Planetary Healing:Experiences with Deceased

Mon BBS Call_2017-02-20.mp3 - BBS call

Wed Q/A Call_2017-02-22.mp3 - Questions+++Whole Planet Healing

Sun_Gridhealing_2017-02-26.mp3 - Sunday Planetary Healing:Slave Species

Mon BBS Call_2017-02-27.mp3 - BBS call

March 2017

Wed Q/A Call_2017-03-01.mp3 - Questions+++Whole Planet Healing

Sun_Gridhealing_2017-03-05.mp3 - Sunday Planetary Healing:Going Deeper Law of One

Mon BBS Call_2017-03-06.mp3 - How the Elohim Created the Universe; replay from 1/4/2010

Wed Q/A Call_2017-03-08.mp3 - Questions+++Whole Planet Healing

Sun_Gridhealing_2017-03-12.mp3 - Sunday Planetary Healing:More on Slave Species

Mon BBS Call_2017-03-13.mp3 - Channeling on St. Catherine/Terry

Wed Q/A Call_2017-03-15.mp3 - Questions+++Whole Planet Healing

Sun_Gridhealing_2017-03-19.mp3 - Sunday Planetary Healing:Sunday Grid Healing

Mon BBS Call_2017-03-20.mp3 - Can the Elohim Stop an earthquake?

Wed Q/A Call_2017-03-22.mp3 - Questions+++Whole Planet Healing

Sun_Gridhealing_2017-03-26.mp3 - Sunday Planetary Healing:The Evolution of Group Consciousness

Mon BBS Call_2017-03-27.mp3 - BBS Call

Wed Q/A Call_2017-03-29.mp3 - Questions+++Whole Planet Healing

April 2017

Sun_Gridhealing_2017-04-02.mp3 - Sunday Planetary Healing:Terry Healing

Mon BBS Call_2017-04-03.mp3 - Cancer, Arthritis, Diabetes. LISTEN TONIGHT

Wed Q/A Call_2017-04-05.mp3 - Questions+++Whole Planet Healing

Sun_Gridhealing_2017-04-09.mp3 - Sunday Planetary Healing:Sunday Grid Healing

Mon BBS Call_2017-04-10.mp3 - Replay from April 15, 2013

Wed Q/A Call_2017-04-12.mp3 - Questions+++Whole Planet Healing

Sun_Gridhealing_2017-04-16.mp3 - Sunday Planetary Healing:Sunday Grid Healing

Mon BBS Call_2017-04-17.mp3 - Replay from November 26, 2012

Wed Q/A Call_2017-04-19.mp3 - Questions+++Whole Planet Healing

Sun_Gridhealing_2017-04-23.mp3 - Sunday Planetary Healing:Sunday Grid Healing

Mon BBS Call_2017-04-24.mp3 - Correspondances St. Catherine/Terry

Wed Q/A Call_2017-04-26.mp3 - Questions+++Whole Planet Healing

Sun_Gridhealing_2017-04-30.mp3 - Sunday Planetary Healing:Sunday Grid Healing

May 2017

Mon BBS Call_2017-05-01.mp3 - BBS Call

Wed Q/A Call_2017-05-03.mp3 - Questions+++Whole Planet Healing

Sun_Gridhealing_2017-05-07.mp3 - Sunday Planetary Healing:More on Wynn's Story and Updates on Terry

Mon BBS Call_2017-05-08.mp3 - BBS Call

Wed Q/A Call_2017-05-10.mp3 - Questions+++Whole Planet Healing

Sun_Gridhealing_2017-05-14.mp3 - Sunday Planetary Healing:Wynn Continues His Story and Happy Mother's Day

Mon BBS Call_2017-05-15.mp3 - How Co-Creation Works!

Wed Q/A Call_2017-05-17.mp3 - Questions+++Whole Planet Healing

Sun_Gridhealing_2017-05-21.mp3 - Sunday Planetary Healing:Sunday Grid Healing

Mon BBS Call_2017-05-22.mp3 - BBS Call

Wed Q/A Call_2017-05-24.mp3 - Questions+++Whole Planet Healing


Sun_Gridhealing_2017-05-28.mp3 - Sunday Planetary Healing:Sunday Grid Healing

Mon BBS Call_2017-05-29.mp3 - Did this Woman Help Heal Terry? Tonight's Guest:Kimberly Meridith, Healer/Medical Intuitive par excellence

Wed Q/A Call_2017-05-31.mp3 - Questions+++Whole Planet Healing

June 2017

Sun_Gridhealing_2017-06-04.mp3 - Sunday Planetary Healing:Sunday Grid Healing

Mon BBS Call_2017-06-05.mp3 - BBS Call

Wed Q/A Call_2017-06-07.mp3 - Questions+++Whole Planet Healing

Sun_Gridhealing_2017-06-11.mp3 - Sunday Planetary Healing:Sunday Grid Healing

Mon BBS Call_2017-06-12.mp3 - How the Elohim Created the universe (cont)

Wed Q/A Call_2017-06-14.mp3 - Questions+++Whole Planet Healing

Sun_Gridhealing_2017-06-18.mp3 - Sunday Planetary Healing:Sunday Grid Healing

Mon BBS Call_2017-06-19.mp3 - BBS Call

Wed Q/A Call_2017-06-21.mp3 - Questions+++Whole Planet Healing

Sun_Gridhealing_2017-06-25.mp3 - Sunday Planetary Healing:Wynn Continues His Story; How he met Daphne

Mon BBS Call_2017-06-26.mp3 - BBS Call

Wed Q/A Call_2017-06-28.mp3 - Questions+++Whole Planet Healing

July 2017

Sun_Gridhealing_2017-07-02.mp3 - Sunday Planetary Healing:Wynn Continues His Story Daphne Leaves!

Mon BBS Call_2017-07-03.mp3 - BBS Call

Wed Q/A Call_2017-07-05.mp3 - Questions+++Whole Planet Healing

Sun_Gridhealing_2017-07-09.mp3 - Sunday Planetary Healing:The Maharishi Effect

Mon BBS Call_2017-07-10.mp3 - Miracle Healer Kimberly Meredith

Wed Q/A Call_2017-07-12.mp3 - Questions+++Whole Planet Healing

Sun_Gridhealing_2017-07-16.mp3 - Sunday Planetary Healing:Sunday Grid Healing

Mon BBS Call_2017-07-17.mp3 - Rewriting the Old Testament; Epic Replay

Wed Q/A Call_2017-07-19.mp3 - Questions+++Whole Planet Healing

Sun_Gridhealing_2017-07-23.mp3 - Sunday Planetary Healing:Sunday Grid Healing

Mon BBS Call_2017-07-24.mp3 - BBS Call

Wed Q/A Call_2017-07-26.mp3 - Questions+++Whole Planet Healing

Sun_Gridhealing_2017-07-30.mp3 - Sunday Planetary Healing:Sunday Grid Healing

Mon BBS Call_2017-07-31.mp3 - Part 2/ Carla Rueckert interview 2005

August 2017

Wed Q/A Call_2017-08-02.mp3 - Questions+++Whole Planet Healing

Sun_Gridhealing_2017-08-06.mp3 - Sunday Planetary Healing:Sunday Grid Healing

Mon BBS Call_2017-08-07.mp3 - Discussion of the Kimberly Call yesterday

Wed Q/A Call_2017-08-09.mp3 - Questions+++Whole Planet Healing

Sun_Gridhealing_2017-08-13.mp3 - Sunday Planetary Healing:Overcoming Patterns

Mon BBS Call_2017-08-14.mp3 - BBS Call

Wed Q/A Call_2017-08-16.mp3 - Questions+++Whole Planet Healing

Sun_Gridhealing_2017-08-20.mp3 - Sunday Planetary Healing:Sunday Grid Healing

Mon BBS Call_2017-08-21.mp3 - Elohim Talk About What It's like When You die!

Wed Q/A Call_2017-08-23.mp3 - Questions+++Whole Planet Healing

Sun_Gridhealing_2017-08-27.mp3 - Sunday Planetary Healing:Sunday Grid Healing

Mon BBS Call_2017-08-28.mp3 - Elohim Talk About What It's like When You die!(continued)

Wed Q/A Call_2017-08-30.mp3 - Questions+++Whole Planet Healing

September 2017

Sun_Gridhealing_2017-09-03.mp3 - Sunday Planetary Healing:Sunday Grid Healing

Mon BBS Call_2017-09-04.mp3 - BBS Call

Wed Q/A Call_2017-09-06.mp3 - Questions+++Whole Planet Healing

Sun_Gridhealing_2017-09-10.mp3 - Sunday Planetary Healing:Sunday Grid Healing:Hurricanes

Mon BBS Call_2017-09-11.mp3 - More on Hurricanes with the Elohim

Wed Q/A Call_2017-09-13.mp3 - Questions+++Whole Planet Healing

Sun_Gridhealing_2017-09-17.mp3 - Sunday Planetary Healing:All in the Family

Mon BBS Call_2017-09-18.mp3 - BBS Call

Wed Q/A Call_2017-09-20.mp3 - Questions+++Whole Planet Healing

Sun_Gridhealing_2017-09-24.mp3 - Sunday Planetary Healing:Your Personal Team

Mon BBS Call_2017-09-25.mp3 - Your Personal Team (Continution of yesterday's call)

Wed Q/A Call_2017-09-27.mp3 - Questions+++Whole Planet Healing

October 2017

Sun_Gridhealing_2017-10-01.mp3 - Sunday Planetary Healing:Tricksters

Mon BBS Call_2017-10-02.mp3 - How the Elohim Created the Universe? Where did all the species come from?

Wed Q/A Call_2017-10-04.mp3 - Prudence Has a Miracle with Kimberly!

Sun_Gridhealing_2017-10-08.mp3 - Sunday Planetary Healing:Sunday Grid Healing

Mon BBS Call_2017-10-09.mp3 - Changes

Wed Q/A Call_2017-10-11.mp3 - Questions+++Whole Planet Healing

Sun_Gridhealing_2017-10-15.mp3 - Sunday Planetary Healing:Sunday Grid Healing

Mon BBS Call_2017-10-16.mp3 - BBS Call

Wed Q/A Call_2017-10-18.mp3 - Questions+++Whole Planet Healing

Sun_Gridhealing_2017-10-22.mp3 - Sunday Planetary Healing:Report Kimberly in SF

Mon BBS Call_2017-10-23.mp3 - BBS Call

Wed Q/A Call_2017-10-25.mp3 - Questions+++Whole Planet Healing

Sun_Gridhealing_2017-10-29.mp3 - Sunday Planetary Healing:Sunday Grid Healing

Mon BBS Call_2017-10-30.mp3 - Wynn counsels a new person on the line on how to relate to the calls

November 2017

Wed Q/A Call_2017-11-01.mp3 - Questions+++Whole Planet Healing

Sun_Gridhealing_2017-11-05.mp3 - Sunday Planetary Healing:Sunday Grid Healing

Mon BBS Call_2017-11-06.mp3 - Manifestation-Beyond the Law of Attraction

Wed Q/A Call_2017-11-08.mp3 - Questions++ Whole Planet Healing

Sun_Gridhealing_2017-11-12.mp3 - Sunday Planetary Healing:Sunday Grid Healing

Mon BBS Call_2017-11-13.mp3 - BBS Call

Wed Q/A Call_2017-11-15.mp3 - Questions+++Whole Planet Healing

Sun_Gridhealing_2017-11-19.mp3 - Sunday Planetary Helaing:Journey of a Soul - Elohim Session

Mon BBS Call_2017-11-20.mp3 - BBS Call

Wed Q/A Call_2017-11-22.mp3 - Questions+++Whole Planet Healing

Sun_Gridhealing_2017-11-26.mp3 - Sunday Planetary Healing:Lemuria - Elohim Session

Mon BBS Call_2017-11-27.mp3 - BBS Call

Wed Q/A Call_2017-11-29.mp3 - Questions+++Whole Planet Healing

December 2017

Sun_Gridhealing_2017-12-03.mp3 - Sunday Planetary Healing:Sunday Grid Healing

Mon BBS Call_2017-12-04.mp3 - BBS Call

Wed Q/A Call_2017-12-06.mp3 - Questions+++Whole Planet Healing

Sun_Gridhealing_2017-12-10.mp3 - Sunday Planetary Healing:Lemuria - Atlantis Elohim Session

Mon BBS Call_2017-12-11.mp3 - BBS Call

Wed Q/A Call_2017-12-13.mp3 - Live... Ask the Elohim Your Question

Sun_Gridhealing_2017-12-17.mp3 - Sunday Planetary Healing:To Create or To Follow

Mon BBS Call_2017-12-18.mp3 - BBS Call

Wed Q/A Call_2017-12-20.mp3 - Questions+++Whole Planet Healing

Sun_Gridhealing_2017-12-24.mp3 - Sunday Planetary Healing:Sunday Grid Healing

Mon BBS Call_2017-12-25.mp3 - BBS Call

Wed Q/A Call_2017-12-27.mp3 - questions+++Whole Planet Healing

Sun_Gridhealing_2017-12-31.mp3 - Sunday Planetary Healing:Sunday Grid Healing


Channeled information is not meant to be believed blindly. Sometimes information may bleed through from the conscious mind of the channel. It is possible that a negative Source may interfere. Apply your own discernment, take only what resonates and discard the rest. An answer to a question is meant for the person asking the question and you have the privilege of listening in because sometimes you can gain insights from the answer. However, even though the circumstances may be similar, do not merely assume the answer applies to you. This is not meant to replace seeing your doctor, dentist or any alternative practitioner. Some people get healings here, so you can be open to it.