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January 2011


Mon BBS Call_2011-01-03.mp3 - What does it mean to be a Human?

Wed Q/A Call_2011-01-05.mp3 - Why are the birds and fish dying?


Mon BBS Call_2011-01-10.mp3 - More on the evolution of DNA and it's connection to graduation

Wed Q/A Call_2011-01-12.mp3 - How can we know what to believe with so much channelled information out there?


Mon BBS Call_2011-01-17.mp3 - Wynn, Terry and Carla Swap Paranormal Stories

Wed Q/A Call_2011-01-19.mp3 - How do i find my soul?


Mon BBS Call_2011-01-24.mp3 - Karma

Wed Q/A Call_2011-01-26.mp3 - What's Really Going to Happen?


Mon BBS Call_2011-01-31.mp3 - How to have a successful death

February 2011

Wed Q/A Call_2011-02-02.mp3 - Surprise, one of Ra Group, manifested a body in Egypt 10,000 BC shares experience


Mon BBS Call_2011-02-07.mp3 - Continuation of what happens at death

Wed Q/A Call_2011-02-09.mp3 - Do your belief patterns impact your passing over experience?


Mon BBS Call_2011-02-14.mp3 - Positive and Negative Aspects of the Internet

Wed Q/A Call_2011-02-16.mp3 - Why is Australia getting flooded?


Mon BBS Call_2011-02-21.mp3 - Carla Rueckert, Wynn and Terry live on BBS

Wed Q/A Call_2011-02-23.mp3 - This time we ask: Why is Australia getting flooded?


Mon BBS Call_2011-02-28.mp3 - Breaking through the frequency fence

March 2011

Wed Q/A Call_2011-03-02.mp3 - Why do electronic things keep breaking around me?


Mon BBS Call_2011-03-07.mp3 - Entrainment, entrapment, and resonance

Wed Q/A Call_2011-03-09.mp3 - Why would one choose to be in a family where no one is interested in spirituality than myself?

Sun_Gridhealing_2011-03-13.mp3 - Focus on Japan

Mon BBS Call_2011-03-14.mp3 - Why do we have earthquakes?

Wed Q/A Call_2011-03-16.mp3 - Special healing meditation for Japan


Mon BBS Call_2011-03-21.mp3 - with guest Carla Rueckert -Prayer and how that works

Wed Q/A Call_2011-03-23.mp3 - What's the real meaning of dreams?


Mon BBS Call_2011-03-28.mp3 - Why is there light and dark? Positive and Negative?

Wed Q/A Call_2011-03-30.mp3 - Is California due for an earthquake or tsunami?

April 2011


Mon BBS Call_2011-04-04.mp3 - Healing of past life traumas.

Wed Q/A Call_2011-04-06.mp3 - What about May 21st?


Mon BBS Call_2011-04-11.mp3 - How do you recognise the Bogeyman?

Wed Q/A Call_2011-04-13.mp3 - Is there time to pass on vital information to future generations?


Mon BBS Call_2011-04-18.mp3 - Miracles, healings, phenomena, synchronicities and transformations

Wed Q/A Call_2011-04-20.mp3 - How can you tell if your DNA strands have opened?


Mon BBS Call_2011-04-25.mp3 - How is radiation going to impact our planet?

Wed Q/A Call_2011-04-27.mp3 - If dreams are so important, why can't we remember them?

May 2011


Mon BBS Call_2011-05-02.mp3 - How to Change the World

Wed Q/A Call_2011-05-04.mp3 - What choices did we make before we incarnated?


Mon BBS Call_2011-05-09.mp3 - What really happens when we have an orgasm?

Wed Q/A Call_2011-05-11.mp3 - How do you know when it's time to leave an abusive relationship?


Mon BBS Call_2011-05-16.mp3 - Summing up DNA as a cosmic blueprint

Wed Q/A Call_2011-05-18.mp3 - Is there a way to protect ourselves from routers/mobile phones, etc?


Mon BBS Call_2011-05-23.mp3 - One size doesn't fit all

Wed Q/A Call_2011-05-25.mp3 - Why are we having storms in the middle of our country?


Mon BBS Call_2011-05-30.mp3 - Tapping into the divine power inside you

June 2011

Wed Q/A Call_2011-06-01.mp3 - Why are the prison systems like concentration camps?


Mon BBS Call_2011-06-06.mp3 - Are you from another dimension?

Wed Q/A Call_2011-06-08.mp3 - could you explain more about the 51% opening of the heart chakra and how it relates to graduation of this realm?


Mon BBS Call_2011-06-13.mp3 - Continuation of Are you from another dimension?

Wed Q/A Call_2011-06-15.mp3 - How can you tell if your heart is 51% open?


Mon BBS Call_2011-06-20.mp3 - Wanderers, Starseeds - continued. How do you implement this knowledge?

Wed Q/A Call_2011-06-22.mp3 - How can we help Terry from being so tired after our sessions?


Mon BBS Call_2011-06-27.mp3 - Health Issues with guest(s) Larry and Joanne

Wed Q/A Call_2011-06-29.mp3 - How can you draw on latent talents from other lifetimes?

July 2011


Mon BBS Call_2011-07-04.mp3 - Why does the Declaration of Independence sound like the Law of One?

Wed Q/A Call_2011-07-06.mp3 - Experiment with some alternative ways of approaching out Weds night session


Mon BBS Call_2011-07-11.mp3 - What is the Planetary Grid System?

Wed Q/A Call_2011-07-13.mp3 - How do I ask Elohim and Ra for help?


Mon BBS Call_2011-07-18.mp3 - How to cope in a tough economy

Wed Q/A Call_2011-07-20.mp3 - What about comet Elenin?


Mon BBS Call_2011-07-25.mp3 - How does the Ra group interface

Wed Q/A Call_2011-07-27.mp3 - What exactly was Jesus referring to by the name Holy Ghost?


August 2011

Mon BBS Call_2011-08-01.mp3 - How to tap into the quantum field

Wed Q/A Call_2011-08-03.mp3 - Does it matter if we work hard for an outcome of spiritual advancement?


Mon BBS Call_2011-08-08.mp3 - If the financial system breaks down, are you ready?

Wed Q/A Call_2011-08-10.mp3 - Why are there tunnels under Bavaria?


Mon BBS Call_2011-08-15.mp3 - How to manifest

Wed Q/A Call_2011-08-17.mp3 - How do we get grace to help us?


Mon BBS Call_2011-08-22.mp3 - You Are Part Of Divine Creation

Wed Q/A Call_2011-08-24.mp3 - What might we expect over the next 2 months?

Sat_Special_Call_2011-08-27.mp3 - Special Saturday Grid Healing, Hurricane Irene


Mon BBS Call_2011-08-29.mp3 - Dolphins and Whales - Who are they and where do they come from?

Wed Q/A Call_2011-08-31.mp3 - How can you tell if someone is really channeling Jesus?

September 2011


Mon BBS Call_2011-09-05.mp3 - How do we stop creating more karma?

Wed Q/A Call_2011-09-07.mp3 - Adam, Eve and The Forbidden Fruit


Mon BBS Call_2011-09-12.mp3 - The Creation of Hu-Mans

Wed Q/A Call_2011-09-14.mp3 - Negative Attacks


Mon BBS Call_2011-09-19.mp3 - How to Spiritualize Money

Wed Q/A Call_2011-09-21.mp3 - Special Planetary Healing Call with both Daphne and Terry


Mon BBS Call_2011-09-26.mp3 - Humanity is Specialized for Earth Habitation

Wed Q/A Call_2011-09-28.mp3 - The Galactic Dark Night

October 2011


Mon BBS Call_2011-10-03.mp3 - Who is also Present When Two or More are Gathered in His Name?

Wed Q/A Call_2011-10-05.mp3 - Our Intentions Support Positive Outcomes


Mon BBS Call_2011-10-10.mp3 - with guest Antonia Lau

Wed Q/A Call_2011-10-12.mp3 - Your Connection to the Higher Realms Helps Harmonize Your Planet


Mon BBS Call_2011-10-17.mp3 - Ra’An Talks about Building Humanity

Wed Q/A Call_2011-10-19.mp3 - Are Positive ETs Planning an Overt Return to Earth Soon?


Mon BBS Call_2011-10-24.mp3 - Where do Atoms and Molecules Come From?

Wed Q/A Call_2011-10-26.mp3 - What's the Spiritual Significance of the Protesters on Wall Street?


Mon BBS Call_2011-10-31.mp3 - You are Creators in Your Own Light

November 2011

Wed Q/A Call_2011-11-02.mp3 - What are Elementals?


Mon BBS Call_2011-11-07.mp3 - Miracles in the "Field"

Wed Q/A Call_2011-11-09.mp3 - Winging It..


Mon BBS Call_2011-11-14.mp3 - The Value of Persistence

Wed Q/A Call_2011-11-16.mp3 - How Can I help someone in their spiritual awakening?


Mon BBS Call_2011-11-21.mp3 - Prayer

Wed Q/A Call_2011-11-23.mp3 - questions....


Mon BBS Call_2011-11-28.mp3 - What's Wynn Got to Do With It?

Wed Q/A Call_2011-11-30.mp3 - Things that have shifted when listening to these calls

December 2011


Mon BBS Call_2011-12-05.mp3 - Stay Positive with Discernment: Love Trumps Fear

Wed Q/A Call_2011-12-07.mp3 - What were the "Mystery Schools"?


Mon BBS Call_2011-12-12.mp3 - Do you have guilt?

Wed Q/A Call_2011-12-14.mp3 - How Can I know You're there?


Mon BBS Call_2011-12-19.mp3 - Were All Going to Die Sooner or Later


Mon BBS Call_2011-12-26.mp3 - What's My Next Step?

Wed Q/A Call_2011-12-28.mp3 - How can we shift the 1%


Channeled information is not meant to be believed blindly. Sometimes information may bleed through from the conscious mind of the channel. It is possible that a negative Source may interfere. Apply your own discernment, take only what resonates and discard the rest. An answer to a question is meant for the person asking the question and you have the privilege of listening in because sometimes you can gain insights from the answer. However, even though the circumstances may be similar, do not merely assume the answer applies to you. This is not meant to replace seeing your doctor, dentist or any alternative practitioner. Some people get healings here, so you can be open to it.