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January 2010


Mon BBS Call_2010-01-04.mp3 - How the Elohim Created this Realm.

Wed Q/A Call_2010-01-06.mp3


Mon BBS Call_2010-01-11.mp3 - How this realm was created (continued).

Wed Q/A Call_2010-01-13.mp3


Mon BBS Call_2010-01-18.mp3 - Carla discusses how Ra is a group energy or a group soul that had been looking for 200 years for someone who could actually channel their words.
Carla and Wynn take caller questions.

Wed Q/A Call_2010-01-20.mp3


Mon BBS Call_2010-01-25.mp3 - How did DNA get created?

Wed Q/A Call_2010-01-27.mp3 - How do synchronicites occur?
Does a human cause a miracle by their own intention or do the group souls always come in to help?


February 2010

Mon BBS Call_2010-02-01.mp3 - Wynn discusses how DNA affects us in this realm and other realms.

Wed Q/A Call_2010-02-03.mp3 - Are our deaths (and our entire lives) preordained or is everything transpiring and evolving according to free will?
Did the Elohim really tell Moses to kill the Midianites?


Mon BBS Call_2010-02-08.mp3 - This is our continuing dialog on how the Elohim created this realm...Awesome!

Wed Q/A Call_2010-02-10.mp3


Mon BBS Call_2010-02-15.mp3 - Interview with Carla Ruekert on Channeling, Free will and more..

Wed Q/A Call_2010-02-17.mp3


Mon BBS Call_2010-02-22.mp3 - This is part of a series of "How the Elohim created the universe."

Wed Q/A Call_2010-02-24.mp3 - Are we going to graduate this realm as a group or individually
What is a vortex and how were they created?


March 2010

Mon BBS Call_2010-03-01.mp3 - The Creation of the Universe (continued).

Wed Q/A Call_2010-03-03.mp3 - Does discontent lead to good in the end?

Mon BBS Call_2010-03-08.mp3

Wed Q/A Call_2010-03-10.mp3 - What can I do to focus on a positive attitude which will contribute to attract the results needed to transform my current life situation when so many things are falling apart?


Mon BBS Call_2010-03-15.mp3 - Daphne State of the Planet Message.

Wed Q/A Call_2010-03-17.mp3 - A special group healing.


Mon BBS Call_2010-03-22.mp3 - How portals of energy are being vied for by both the postive and negative energies in other realms.

Wed Q/A Call_2010-03-24.mp3 - Was the Buddha Communicating with the Ra or Elohim groups?


Mon BBS Call_2010-03-29.mp3 - Wynn has a discussion about sex.

Wed Q/A Call_2010-03-31.mp3 - What is ectoplasm?
How will the 4th dimension feel compared to the 3rd dimension and will one keep their memories?
How does network chiropractic (network spinal analysis) work?
If we are all going to reincarnate into the 4th dimension as children, where are the adults?
Can dolphins and whales bi-locate?
Can anyone channel?

April 2010


Mon BBS Call_2010-04-05.mp3 - Open mike - callers respond to Daphne's chanelling yesterday of how things are breaking down and what are the best ways to handle them.

Wed Q/A Call_2010-04-07.mp3


Mon BBS Call_2010-04-12.mp3 - How to keep it together in world that's falling apart?

Wed Q/A Call_2010-04-14.mp3 - What does Adonai mean?
How can I decalcify my pineal gland?
How do we know Ra and/or Elohim are hearing us?
Can crystals be used by both the positive and the negative?
If I am following my true spiritual path, why is my husband still sick?


Mon BBS Call_2010-04-19.mp3 - Why do we have to ask for help?

Wed Q/A Call_2010-04-21.mp3 - What is the difference between Christed light and non Christed light?
Is there astrological imprinting at the time of birth?
Could you explain how this works?
What can people do to connect to your energies longer and more regularly?
How can you protect yourself from negative entities?
What does it mean when a person sees purple light?


Mon BBS Call_2010-04-26.mp3 - Romantic love, Personal love, Tribal love, and Unconditional love?

Wed Q/A Call_2010-04-28.mp3 - Can you share something about detox foot patches and foot baths?
Do they work?

May 2010


Mon BBS Call_2010-05-03.mp3 - Open mike - callers explain how the calls and the material have affected them.

Wed Q/A Call_2010-05-05.mp3 - Do numbers communicate with us?
Is there another dimension under the water on Earth, particularly in Hawaii?
Are there starlight beings that reside under the water?
How does spiritual development differ from when we are in a body and on the astral plane?
How can I heal my panic attacks and depression?


Mon BBS Call_2010-05-10.mp3 - How do you notice patterns and grow?

Wed Q/A Call_2010-05-12.mp3 - Who were Allah, Father (Jesus), Yahweh and Jehovah?


Mon BBS Call_2010-05-17.mp3 - Wynn discusses planetary history.

Wed Q/A Call_2010-05-19.mp3 - How long have people been on earth in terms of years, the earth plane in terms of years?
What do the Elohim and the Ra groups say about the gospel?
What is Mercury retrograde?
Where did the Romanian people come from?
If all this is illusion anyway and in reality there is only One, why do we have to ascend to fourth dimension and then fifth and sixth, why not just go back to the Source and be done with all of this play?
How does the idea of heaven, which Terry refers to, correspond to the eighth density which the Carla Ruckert's channelings refer to and what density would heaven be in?
Do the Elohim/ Ra groups believe that our world with it's political strife, with wars and economic failures plus the destruction of the environment that our world is beyond repair and will therefore not make it into the next dimensional shift and let alone that it will be destroyed?
How can one access their Akashic records?


Mon BBS Call_2010-05-24.mp3 - How does human consciousness affect earth changes?

Wed Q/A Call_2010-05-26.mp3


Mon BBS Call_2010-05-31.mp3 - How does human consciousness affect our planet?

June 2010

Wed Q/A Call_2010-06-02.mp3 - Are there other dimensions under the ocean and are they sixth and seventh dimensions or what dimensions are they?


Mon BBS Call_2010-06-07.mp3 - The ineraction between higher realms and this realm and how interventions occur.

Wed Q/A Call_2010-06-09.mp3 - You describe yourselves as messengers from the One Creator.
What caused the One Creator to be?
What is the original creation of the One Infinite Creator?


Mon BBS Call_2010-06-14.mp3 - How do interventions occur?

Wed Q/A Call_2010-06-16.mp3 - Is Jesus currently in a body on Earth?


Mon BBS Call_2010-06-21.mp3 - Carla Rueckert is back!

Wed Q/A Call_2010-06-23.mp3 - How can we protect ourselves from the Gulf oil spill?


Mon BBS Call_2010-06-28.mp3

Wed Q/A Call_2010-06-30.mp3 - When the consensus reality of humans believed that the world was flat, was it?
Is the whole universe a grand collection of essentially uncontrolled experiments of consciousness?

July 2010


Mon BBS Call_2010-07-05.mp3 - Why is the world going topsy turvey and how you can make a difference?

Wed Q/A Call_2010-07-07.mp3 - Are the people of BP getting karma for their gulf oil spill?
Is time speeding up like the revolutions of a vortexas as you go deeper into the vortex?


Mon BBS Call_2010-07-12.mp3 - Taking Chances, Something Different.

Wed Q/A Call_2010-07-14.mp3 - How to avoid jealousy, cunning, and selfishness.


Mon BBS Call_2010-07-19.mp3 - Terry, Wynn, and Carla Rueckert discuss who they were thirty years ago, how they got where they are now, the creator of the universe, and the Ra material.

Wed Q/A Call_2010-07-21.mp3 - Purpose of Cockroaches, and 'Ask and ye shall receive' meaning.


Mon BBS Call_2010-07-26.mp3 - Terry's background, Wynn on technical issues. What's most important now.

Wed Q/A Call_2010-07-28.mp3 - Details of Graduation from 3D.

August 2010


Mon BBS Call_2010-08-02.mp3 - How to keep your heart open.

Wed Q/A Call_2010-08-04.mp3 - Predicting future? Prophecy.


Mon BBS Call_2010-08-09.mp3 - Keeping your heart open.

Wed Q/A Call_2010-08-11.mp3 - Do animals reincarnate? Was Einstein a wanderer? Wealth and spirituality.


Mon BBS Call_2010-08-16.mp3 - Significance of dreams.

Wed Q/A Call_2010-08-18.mp3 - Is sex spiritual?


Mon BBS Call_2010-08-23.mp3 - Wynn wings it.

Wed Q/A Call_2010-08-25.mp3 - Astral Projection, Intention, Wanderers among us.


Mon BBS Call_2010-08-30.mp3 - Carla Rueckert, discernment. If ETs land, will it be positive?

September 2010

Wed Q/A Call_2010-09-01.mp3 - Eating microwaved food, Soul Mates, The Beginning.


Mon BBS Call_2010-09-06.mp3 - Why it is important to be grounded.

Wed Q/A Call_2010-09-08.mp3 - Egyptian mystery schools, fear of astral projection.


Mon BBS Call_2010-09-13.mp3 - Jealousy, greed, gratitude, grace, time...

Wed Q/A Call_2010-09-15.mp3 - Liars, headaches, languages, Dao, Akashic records, more.


Mon BBS Call_2010-09-20.mp3 - Channeling and the Way it Impacts People and the Way People are Benefited, guest Carla Rueckert.

Wed Q/A Call_2010-09-22.mp3 - What's it like in Ra'An's world? Lupus, Drug addiction, Bible codes.


Mon BBS Call_2010-09-27.mp3 - How did things on earth get so screwed up?

Wed Q/A Call_2010-09-29.mp3 - Soul age, Unconditional Love, Affirmations, Ark of the Covenant

October 2010


Mon BBS Call_2010-10-04.mp3 - Intentions, transformations, and DNA activation.

Wed Q/A Call_2010-10-06.mp3 - Significance of 10/10/10, many interesting questions.


Mon BBS Call_2010-10-11.mp3 - Part 2 - The connection between intention, transformation, and DNA.

Wed Q/A Call_2010-10-13.mp3 - Tiredness, Disabled and the shift, Suicide a viable option? and more.


Mon BBS Call_2010-10-18.mp3 - Guest: Carla Rueckert about channeling.

Wed Q/A Call_2010-10-20.mp3 - Vaccinations, genetically altered food.


Mon BBS Call_2010-10-25.mp3 - DNA strands, chakras, and graduation from this realm.

Wed Q/A Call_2010-10-27.mp3 - Recognize and communicate w/o bodies? Alzheimers and coma, Male/Female energy.


November 2010

Mon BBS Call_2010-11-01.mp3 - You Speak Up, human-talk. Group discussion on coping with the shift.

Wed Q/A Call_2010-11-03.mp3 - Is number 13 really unlucky? Attitudes? Focus on prophesies?


Mon BBS Call_2010-11-08.mp3 - Feeling Energies.

Wed Q/A Call_2010-11-10.mp3 - What was 3D like for Ra on Venus?
Why is it so hard to support my family?


Mon BBS Call_2010-11-15.mp3 - Terry and Carla. Who really greets you when you die?
Wynn and Terry discuss graduation and how densities work.

Wed Q/A Call_2010-11-17.mp3 - The pros and cons of celibacy.


Mon BBS Call_2010-11-22.mp3 - How does intention rearrange reality?

Wed Q/A Call_2010-11-24.mp3 - Being alone, Dealing with feelings of anger. Tonight an experiment.


Mon BBS Call_2010-11-29.mp3 - Do you have implants?

December 2010

Wed Q/A Call_2010-12-01.mp3 - What about homosexuality? Is it OK to be gay?


Mon BBS Call_2010-12-06.mp3 - Time, Black Holes, Matter and Anti Matter.

Wed Q/A Call_2010-12-08.mp3 - Where did Nostradamus get his information?


Mon BBS Call_2010-12-13.mp3 - Implants continued.

Wed Q/A Call_2010-12-15.mp3 - What is bipolar and how can you fix it?


Mon BBS Call_2010-12-20.mp3 - The real significance of Christmas.

Wed Q/A Call_2010-12-22.mp3 - Crystals in Atlantis, Walk-ins, Earth Grids, Heart 50% open.


Mon BBS Call_2010-12-27.mp3 - How did sex get started?

Wed Q/A Call_2010-12-29.mp3 - What is the difference between the Gregorian Calendar and the Lunar Calendar?


Channeled information is not meant to be believed blindly. Sometimes information may bleed through from the conscious mind of the channel. It is possible that a negative Source may interfere. Apply your own discernment, take only what resonates and discard the rest. An answer to a question is meant for the person asking the question and you have the privilege of listening in because sometimes you can gain insights from the answer. However, even though the circumstances may be similar, do not merely assume the answer applies to you. This is not meant to replace seeing your doctor, dentist or any alternative practitioner. Some people get healings here, so you can be open to it.