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January 2012


Mon BBS Call_2012-01-02.mp3 - The Difference Between the Ra Group and the Elohim Group

Wed Q/A Call_2012-01-04.mp3 - The miraculous story of Wynn's sister and Lupus.
How can we help with our son's depression and choice of friends?
Why do I keep finding money?
What is the Negative's vibration?
How can my wife be protected from Negative attack?
My friend, who used to be very active, is now suffering from mobility issues, can you help?
What can you tell us about the stone figures on Easter Island?


Mon BBS Call_2012-01-09.mp3 - The Difference Between Wisdom and Information

Wed Q/A Call_2012-01-11.mp3 - I have voices talking to me. How can I tell if they're positive?


Mon BBS Call_2012-01-16.mp3 - with special guest Suzanne Hayes

Wed Q/A Call_2012-01-18.mp3 - To Stay Positive, Use Only Information that Resonates with You


Mon BBS Call_2012-01-23.mp3 - Is Terry really the reincarnation of St. Catherine of Sienna?

Wed Q/A Call_2012-01-25.mp3 - Are We On the Verge of Something?
Wynn's rationale for his being the "Iron Hammer" in conducting the calls.
Wynn and Terry describe how they actually "feel" the questioner when they do a personal reading.
How can I fend off Negative attacks?
How can one prepare for "shifts" such as graduation to higher realms?
Is my nausea related to my appendix? Will colon cleansing help?
What is the Order of Melchizedek
I sense new energy pulsing through my body, how do I use it for healing and for doing good?
In my dreams, I feel like I am a part of a group doing energy grid work on the planet, am I correct?
Does my feeling of an impending event of great sadness have any basis?


Mon BBS Call_2012-01-30.mp3 - Carla's Back!

February 2012

Wed Q/A Call_2012-02-01.mp3 - Why does my daughter hate me?

Sun_Gridhealing_2012-02-05.mp3 - You Are Each Valued

Mon BBS Call_2012-02-06.mp3 - The Sources Talk about Terry and Saint Catherine

Wed Q/A Call_2012-02-08.mp3 - Short Calling in of the Light


Mon BBS Call_2012-02-13.mp3 - Getting Into the Zone

Wed Q/A Call_2012-02-15.mp3 - With our Sources, Our Group is Enough for Change


Mon BBS Call_2012-02-20.mp3 - How do "they" decide who they're going to talk to?

Wed Q/A Call_2012-02-22.mp3 - The Secret


Mon BBS Call_2012-02-27.mp3 - with special guests -Carla Rueckert and Jim McCartey

Wed Q/A Call_2012-02-29.mp3 - Why does the Creator allow such poverty?

March 2012


Mon BBS Call_2012-03-05.mp3 - A Special Group Healing Session

Wed Q/A Call_2012-03-07.mp3 - Does God Have A Problem With Homosexuality?
Wynn's comment on how relationships and sex can play a role in our evolution.
Wynn's comment on why he is never ready, he just 'shows up'.
How do we differentiate between divine guidance and wishful thinking?
Would the Elohim or the Ra group explain homosexuality.
If everything is happening in the Now, does current actions affects our past lives?
How did Jesus heal others?


Mon BBS Call_2012-03-12.mp3 - The Evolution of Man

Wed Q/A Call_2012-03-14.mp3 - Can I Get Help With A Stalker?
Wynn explains how our energies blend together to build a bridge on these calls.
Wynn's comments on the difference between intent and prayer.
Do cell phone protectors work? How about a Bluetooth headset?
What is Morgellon's disease? Is there a cure?
I felt overwhelmed in trying to make some big decisions about life. How can I tell if I am following divine guidance?
What can I do to stop being stalked and harassed?


Mon BBS Call_2012-03-19.mp3 - By what process does growth and evolution take place?

Wed Q/A Call_2012-03-21.mp3 - How Can the Solfeggio Frequencies Assist Our Transformation?
What's the right diet for human beings?
Do the Solfeggio frequencies have psychological, spiritual, and healing benefits?
If you leave a relationship how do you avoid karma?
What can I do for my infected, swollen tooth?
Why do I see pictures of violence and tragedy, car crashes, and fires?
If everything is playing out just as the Divine has intended why try to change it?


Mon BBS Call_2012-03-26.mp3 - Wynn Carla Terry - It's the simple things

Wed Q/A Call_2012-03-28.mp3 - How do I stop my mind from making me sick?

April 2012


Mon BBS Call_2012-04-02.mp3 - Flowing with the Shift

Wed Q/A Call_2012-04-04.mp3 - How does Astrology affect our soul contract?


Mon BBS Call_2012-04-09.mp3 - Should We Focus on Planetary Evolution or Personal Evolution?

Wed Q/A Call_2012-04-11.mp3 - Take Action to Affect Your World


Mon BBS Call_2012-04-16.mp3 - Cropcircles

Wed Q/A Call_2012-04-18.mp3 - What can our sources tell us about our dreams?


Mon BBS Call_2012-04-23.mp3 - with special guest Carla Rueckert

Wed Q/A Call_2012-04-25.mp3 - Do circumcisions impact male/female connections?


Mon BBS Call_2012-04-30.mp3 - with special guest Rebecca Jernigan

May 2012

Wed Q/A Call_2012-05-02.mp3 - Do the Replays Have the Same Connective Energetic Quality as the Actual Live Calls?
What's the best way to help someone transition over when they're dying?
Why did I choose to be born into a family that has so many negative patterns?
Do replays and transcripts have the same connective energetic quality as actual live calls?
Can we ask for help to open the heart of someone we love so they are more receptive to us?
Is there a spiritual benefit in staying in a marriage with someone who is not open to spirituality?
Are castor oil packs beneficial to my health? How can one help heal the body?
Are my dogs able to sense the presences around me and are these entities positive?
How do I deal with my son's detachment and how do I create a better connection with him?
How do I help my husband deal with the death of his father and subsequent sibling rivalry?
Does meditating in groups help bring about more change in the world?
How do you see the future potentials unfolding within the context of the work we're doing?


Mon BBS Call_2012-05-07.mp3 - with Don Newsome and others

Wed Q/A Call_2012-05-09.mp3 - How are Solar Flares Going to Impact Humanity?


Mon BBS Call_2012-05-14.mp3 - Has the positive really won?

Wed Q/A Call_2012-05-16.mp3 - How is the Universe both a shared illusion and a hologram?


Mon BBS Call_2012-05-21.mp3 - Is the Positive Winning? continued

Wed Q/A Call_2012-05-23.mp3 - What are Orbs?


Mon BBS Call_2012-05-28.mp3 - Angel Talk with Carla and Terry

Wed Q/A Call_2012-05-30.mp3 - How Can I Lift My Spirits when Times are Tough?

June 2012


Mon BBS Call_2012-06-04.mp3 - How Connecting with the Elohim is Like Riding a bicycle

Wed Q/A Call_2012-06-06.mp3 - What's the updated story on ascension?


Mon BBS Call_2012-06-11.mp3 - Wild Card Call

Wed Q/A Call_2012-06-13.mp3 - How do you program crystals?


Mon BBS Call_2012-06-18.mp3 - Overcoming Limitations and Obstacles

Wed Q/A Call_2012-06-20.mp3 - How can I overcome feeling left out?


Mon BBS Call_2012-06-25.mp3 - Call From Denver

Wed Q/A Call_2012-06-27.mp3 - How can i tell if my heart is 51% open?
Who was the angel that came when my grandmother passed?
How do we know if our hearts are open at least 51%?
Helpful things in helping a person move into having more of an open-hearted experience?
Can things like orgonite drive negativity away?
If our unconscious mind is blocking a healing, what are some of the guidelines by which we can come to understand the blockage and then remove it or let it go?
If we do let it go, does that allow the healing to take place?
Will you put my back in the light again?

July 2012


Mon BBS Call_2012-07-02.mp3 - Intergrating the Energies

Wed Q/A Call_2012-07-04.mp3 - You are Archangels In Training
Wynn's introduction to Team Shift.
Callers shared their experiences on asking for help and assistance from our Sources.
How can I continue to receive healing and blessing for my injured wrist?
Message from the Council of Elohim that we are celestial archangels in training.
What do we need to do in order to ask for healing?


Mon BBS Call_2012-07-09.mp3 - A Visit with Carla Rueckert

Wed Q/A Call_2012-07-11.mp3 - How To Keep The Heart Chakra 51% Open?
Wynn explains how he create a group energy with his introductory remarks.
Wynn's comment on how to empower yourself by getting rid of your baggage.
How can we utilize this energy connection with our Sources in our own evolutionary process?
How to keep the heart chakra open slightly more than half?
Wynn's personal experience on keeping your heart open and on gratitude.
How do I prepare for the future when everything seemed to be breaking down?
How do I ease my Negative attacks?


Mon BBS Call_2012-07-16.mp3 - What's really Happening on Planet Earth NOW

Wed Q/A Call_2012-07-18.mp3 - Why Does It Feel Like Time Is Speeding Up?
Wynn's comments on the benefits of being on a conference call at home.
Wynn explains why our Sources do not appear in physical form.
Can you comment on my chronic fatigue syndrome and intense headaches?
Can you help me find my purpose in life, and any comments on relationships, jobs and where I should live?
Why does it feel like time is speeding up?
Will we move into a period of peace and harmony after December 21, 2012?
What happens to souls that are fragmented in a nuclear blast?


Mon BBS Call_2012-07-23.mp3 - Stay Centered to Handle Whatever Comes Your Way

Wed Q/A Call_2012-07-25.mp3 - Initial comments from Wynn on invocation, intention, grace, and gratitude.
When others direct negativity toward us, how should we handle that?
Why is it necessary to put things in the Light more than once?
For a person with spinal-cord injury, can energy still flows through the different chakras?
I am being negatively attacked. Can you help?
What are orbs? What is my relationship with them?
I am feeling the tremendous pain and sadness from my brother-in-law who have just passed away. Is he okay? Can you help him?
How can we have free will when we are controlled by the 'elites'?
Wynn's comments on the why both the 'positive' and the 'negative' are important in the ascension process.


Mon BBS Call_2012-07-30.mp3 - Why don't they talk to me?

August 2012

Wed Q/A Call_2012-08-01.mp3 - What is the difference between guilt and conscience? How do we deal with guilt?
How did the Elohim created the physical universe?
Did the Elohim also created negatvity? And what purpose does this serve?
Was the energy connection people have with Jesus the same as the group energy connection we are feeling on these calls?
How can we have a better connection with the Sources when we are constantly bombarded with negativity?
I am being negatively attacked, would moving to a different location help cause a shift in my experiences?


Mon BBS Call_2012-08-06.mp3 - Sacred Geometry, Art and Music, with Daphne

Wed Q/A Call_2012-08-08.mp3 - Why would God care about being worshipped? Why would God be jealous?
Have negative beings from other dimensions been removed from our planet?
Something of value was stolen, how do I deal with the loss? Does this have anything to do with karma?
Can finding the love within you able to heal the need to cheat in a relationship?
When we die, what is the tunnel of light? Is it a universal occurrence for all people?
Besides sending Love and Light, what else can we do to create a healthy future for our children?
Do we carry our skills and talents from one incarnation to the next?


Mon BBS Call_2012-08-13.mp3 - Dreams and Dreamwork

Wed Q/A Call_2012-08-15.mp3 - Introduction, How It All Started
Daphne and Terry joined Wynn in a lively discussion on how it all started.
Wynn and Daphne discussed negative attacks.
Message from our Sources on love.

Sun_Gridhealing_2012-08-19.mp3 - With a Special Opening Message

Mon BBS Call_2012-08-20.mp3 - Can the Elohim Really Stop an Earthquake?

Wed Q/A Call_2012-08-22.mp3 - How Do I Keep The Vibrations I Feel On The Calls With Me At All Times?
Do we need any special prayer to call in the Elohim or Ra group?
What is an angel?
What is the best way to protect ourselves from radiation?
How come even people of faith or higher vibrations have horrible deaths?
Can you lift my fear of dying by explaining how our souls continue to live on?
With the new shift of energy, can we start anew and leave our past, mistakes and guilt?
In any given moment, what kind of influences take precedence? Is it our intention, our soul's contract, or is it astrological?
Why do I feel tired and drained after the calls? Is there something I can do about it?
How do I keep the vibrations I feel on the calls with me at all times?


Mon BBS Call_2012-08-27.mp3 - Wynn discusses Edgar Cayce, David Wilcock, reincarnation, and Ra

Wed Q/A Call_2012-08-29.mp3 - You've Got Questions, We've Got Answers
If we are in union, is defense necessary?
What is the difference between densities, dimensions and timelines?
How can I rapidly connect with the Elohim and/or the Ra group aside from listening to the calls?
My dog just passed away, can you help me release my grief? Is she OK?
Can you tell me if my departed spiritual teacher is teaching on the other side? How is she doing?
If someone comes from a bloodline that has a curse upon it, how does one free one's self from it?
Is it possible to save our country, or should we prepare for troubled times ahead?
People, especially children, have disappeared from the wilderness areas in the national parks. How can we keep them safe?
Why doesn't Terry or Daphne require rigorous and elaborate tuning in preparation for channeling, like in the case of Carla Rueckert channeling Ra?
Do you see large population migration out of Southern California due to environmental disasters?

September 2012


Mon BBS Call_2012-09-03.mp3 - Wild Card

Wed Q/A Call_2012-09-05.mp3 - Can we send Love-Light to an individual who is no longer in the physical realm? Is this beneficial?
How should I interpret my dream sign?
In Ra-An's terms, what exactly is vibrating in a very high frequency? Is this vibration in the electro-magnetic field, the etheric field, the quantum string, or something else?
How can an Elohim soul be trapped in this realm? How about sexual relationships with beings on this realm?
Is there sadness on the part of the celestial Elohim group when Elohim souls are trapped here?
Should we worship the One Infinite Creator?
How did the idea of worship came about?
Did the 'Negative' create worship as a way to disempower people?
How, and at what level, do Gurus do their work?
How do we make connections with the higher realms?
Do we have physical bodies in the 4th density? How do our bodies feel in 4D?

Sun_Gridhealing_2012-09-09.mp3 - The Training Wheels Are Coming Off

Mon BBS Call_2012-09-10.mp3 - So what is free will anyway?

Wed Q/A Call_2012-09-12.mp3 - Does Music Resonate Soul Harmonics
Is fear the opposite of love? And is love the opposite of fear?
Are deceased loved ones still connected to each other and are they happy?
When is it appropriate to use tools of divination (e.g. Tarot, Astrology)?
How can one resolve issues with departed loved ones?
Is there a place call 'Hell'? Why do people end up in 'hell' and can they get out?
Is it a good practice to send out love light to all we people we meet and come to our thoughts during the day?
Why can music touch people beyond the level of their conscious mind?


Mon BBS Call_2012-09-17.mp3 - Unconditional Love and How to Express It

Wed Q/A Call_2012-09-19.mp3 - How Will We Know if We are Graduating to the Fourth Dimension
My Christian upbringing is preventing me from totally embracing the Ra material. How do I deal with the nagging guilt of leaving and the fear of going to Hell?
When we meet someone for the first time and felt a strong connection, what kind of a connection is it?
How will we know if we are graduating to the Fourth Dimension?
Will my financial condition expand in order to start a new product line in my business?
Can you help me understand why I chose to be born to a mother who blames me for her deafness?

Sun_Gridhealing_2012-09-23.mp3 - Your Chakras Vibrate to Musical Notes

Mon BBS Call_2012-09-24.mp3 - with special guest Carla Rueckert. Was Terry the wife of Socrates?

Wed Q/A Call_2012-09-26.mp3 - Are there different positive group souls interfacing with our realm and what are their functions?
What is the origin of the moon and its functions?
Are we going to have three days of darkness as told by the Mayan Elders?
What is deja-vu?
Can you comment on if I am making progress on my feelings of being haunted or occupied.
I am being visited by non-physical beings at night, can our Sources help?
Is there a metaphysical reason for my severe physical pain and recurring car thefts in my area?

Sun_Gridhealing_2012-09-30.mp3 - A Message From Home

October 2012

Mon BBS Call_2012-10-01.mp3 - Microcosm/Macrocosm

Wed Q/A Call_2012-10-03.mp3 - Are there any differences connecting with our Sources via the phone, the internet, or in a congregation?
Who are the Greek Gods and Goddess?
Can our Sources negate the effects of Chemtrails?
After death, do the 'good' and the 'bad' go to the same 'place'?
Is it possible for "Service to Self" entities to do actions and avoid karmic consequences?
Does eating meat or killing animals lower your frequency?
How can we protect ourselves from negative or psychic attacks, such as in Voodoo?
Is the tsunami disaster in my dream a flashback or a foreshadowing?

Sun_Gridhealing_2012-10-07.mp3 - *

Wed Q/A Call_2012-10-10.mp3 - What Question Would our Sources ask us as a Group?
Can you explain the questioning process in terms of how it works, why it works, when it works and importantly �“ if you were to ask us as a group one important question �“ what would you ask us?
It seems that the vibratory rate of the planet has been changing as we move towards the fourth density. The change has been gradual but steady as I perceive it. Will the gradual change in vibratory rate of the planet continue until the shift completes, or will there be a sudden, major shift?
What is the potential for destabilizing events to occur as of this moment?
Why do we have such horrible murders of dolphins, whales and other animals? Why is there not something done to protect them?
Are souls who choose to end their own lives put through the same after-life process - or a different after-life process - as those who do not take their own life after they have transitioned over?
How can Lisa help her husband with his rage and shame issues?
What could be going on when I walk under street lights and they go out, and does this mean anything or signify anything about me �“ or, is it just nothing?
Why do I feel an imperative response to become a martyr?
Why don’t the Elohim materialize in bodies and make themselves visible to some of us who would like to see them in solid, 3-D form?
Why can’t you speak openly to people, and why must they communicate through the voice of a person?


Mon BBS Call_2012-10-15.mp3 - Intro and Replay of 04/16/2012 Call "Cropcircles"

Wed Q/A Call_2012-10-17.mp3 - Why do our physical bodies weaken and develop pain as we age? Are we designed to age?
Are making donations always a good thing?
Did the Founding Fathers of the United States choose to incarnate into earth? What are their purposes?
Sometimes the Sources do not identify themselves, how do we know who is answering our questions?

Sun_Gridhealing_2012-10-21.mp3 - 2012.12.21 Date Explained

Mon BBS Call_2012-10-22.mp3 - Intro and Replay of 12/5/2011 Call “Stay Positive with Discernment: Love Trumps Fear”

Wed Q/A Call_2012-10-24.mp3 - Do inspired texts have an effect on us by their mere physical presence around us?
How can we know what karmic tracks we may have and how can we transmute them?
What is the power of living in the Now and how one can hold that awareness?
How can we borrow energy from our Sources timeline so we can get more things done?
What should our focus be on in the coming months?
A comment from our Sources about intention.


Mon BBS Call_2012-10-29.mp3 - The Law of One Material on 2012

Wed Q/A Call_2012-10-31.mp3 - What are Twin Flames?
How is it that my mother can see these 'figures' when she is blind?
Can they explain Twinflames?
Strange sounds coming from underground and flying saucers.

November 2012

Sun_Gridhealing_2012-11-04.mp3 - Hold the Vision of Your Goals

Mon BBS Call_2012-11-05.mp3 - Carla Rueckert and Wynn Discuss the Ra Material

Wed Q/A Call_2012-11-07.mp3 - How do I deal with these new 4d feelings?
New Different Irritation Energies affecting people's mood and the Planet.
How to avoid a future injury?
Soul Fragmentation.


Mon BBS Call_2012-11-12.mp3 - Carla Rueckert and Wynn Discuss the Ra Material

Wed Q/A Call_2012-11-14.mp3 - Why are so many children being born now autistic?
Why is it that when I listen to your calls and hear the words of Elohim and Ra, I start to spontaneously cry?
Is it possible for someone to take on part of someone else's health issues to make it easier for them?
Can someone who has a condition use 'black magic' to send it to someone else to alleviate their own condition?
When I walk under street lights they tend go out, do I have healing powers?
What really happens when you wake up in the middle of the night and can't move and are paralysed?
Is there laughter in the higher realms(and more questions on this topic)?

Sun_Gridhealing_2012-11-18.mp3 - Concentrate on Your Ability to Make Things Go Right

Mon BBS Call_2012-11-19.mp3 - How the Elohim Created the Universe - continued

Wed Q/A Call_2012-11-21.mp3 - Does it help to pray for a diseased body that now is in their soul?
Why don't people deal with their issues?
How does a person deal with the expression of rage and anger?
Will The Space Brotherhood show themself soon?
When will the new abundant economy manifest?
Why are some people instantly and completely healed, whether they believe or don't even reallize someone is praying for them. Others may be healed partially or gradually over time. Still others receive nothing. Aside from those who are choosing the secondary gain from illness, what makes the difference?


Mon BBS Call_2012-11-26.mp3 - How the Elohim Created the Universe - continued

Wed Q/A Call_2012-11-28.mp3 - What's the best thing to be focusing on right now?
Does one get karma for casting magic spells?
Where am I going when I space out?
Was the rainbow I saw a sign from the higher Sources?
What was the dark figure I saw, and was it negative?
Question about racism, stereotyping and cyberbullying
Is there any new information concerning updates on Decemeber 21, 2012?
Are the prayers of people helping Earth to reduce the magnitude of the earthquakes?

December 2012


Mon BBS Call_2012-12-03.mp3 - The Ra Group and Edgar Cayce

Wed Q/A Call_2012-12-05.mp3 - Could you explain to us, from your point of view, what a higher self is?
What is the connection between the higher self and the soul?
+ follow up questions about the higher self
Do Angels communicate with people using numbers?
Could you explain what these high frequency tones people are hearing in their ears are?
Can someone have negative energies around them..that are projected from somewhere else..and which block them from fully realizating their higher connections?
Does the effect of THC, in the brain, put a person to a better connection with their higher self?
If one is using a substance like THC, LSD or others..could it also open them up to the entry of a negative influence into their psychic space?
am I actually touching another density..and if so..what is causing the fear I feel?
Is December 22, 2012 the date of the birth of a new level of humanity in its evolution?

Sun_Gridhealing_2012-12-09.mp3 - You Can Allow Yourself to Feel the Love

Mon BBS Call_2012-12-10.mp3 - Wynn Seat of the Pants

Wed Q/A Call_2012-12-12.mp3 - What is the meaning of 12-12-12?
When you pass over to the other side do you know and understand everything?
Question about the second Sun and why everyone can't see it
If the Elohim want's to speak with you/me..why do not they do so directly rather than through external channels?
Can Elohim explain the word God?
What is JOY and why should EVERYTHING'S existence be dependent on having JOY?


Mon BBS Call_2012-12-17.mp3 - So How Do you Apply all of This to Your Life?

Wed Q/A Call_2012-12-19.mp3 - Will I meet my relatives that I didn't like on the other side when I pass?
Can a vendetta continue in the afterlife?
Why don't Elohim show them self on Earth and communicate directly with us?
When people see angels are they seeing visions in their mind or are the angels visible to the physical eye?
Why are the Indian/Hindu Gods depicted as blue in color(+follow up question)?
My "guides" were giving good indications about an operation for my agina but it got worse. Was I being mislead?

Fri_Special_Call_2012-12-21.mp3 - Mayan calendar end date, Reincarnation. Special Healing call With Daphne, Terry and Wynn. Messages from our sources via both Terry and Daphne.

Sun_Gridhealing_2012-12-23.mp3 - Communication Opens You Up

Mon BBS Call_2012-12-24.mp3 - Christmas call with Daphne, Terry and Wynn + replay (2009.12.24 with guests Joanne and Larry)

Wed Q/A Call_2012-12-26.mp3 - Could you explain why certain people have the experience of vertigo or dizziness when listening to the calls?
Does people come into this realm volunteering to be a victim?
Are events like mass shootings predestined or do they come about decisions that various entities has made within the timelines?
According to history, Jesus did some amazing miracles. We have seen a number of miracles in our group, but it never seems to be as on-demand as the record indicates happened for Jesus. Is this because of the choices of the higher realms not to do obvious miracles in this realm or is there another explanation?


Mon BBS Call_2012-12-31.mp3 - Carla Rueckert and Wynn Discuss the Ra Material


Channeled information is not meant to be believed blindly. Sometimes information may bleed through from the conscious mind of the channel. It is possible that a negative Source may interfere. Apply your own discernment, take only what resonates and discard the rest. An answer to a question is meant for the person asking the question and you have the privilege of listening in because sometimes you can gain insights from the answer. However, even though the circumstances may be similar, do not merely assume the answer applies to you. This is not meant to replace seeing your doctor, dentist or any alternative practitioner. Some people get healings here, so you can be open to it.